1918 Flu & COVID-19: Medical Symposium

Part 4

4. Self-Restraint and Sleep - Keys to Reopening the Globe


Daily we are inundated with the question of when and how we should “Reopen” America and the globe. Cities, States, and Countries differ on their preferred approach to the matter and no one is quite sure how to proceed. As individuals, how do we approach the issue? How do we protect ourselves, families, patients and the community we reside in? Evaluating the past and comparing it to today the current Pandemic the answer that we have routinely seen established is the need to “Optimize the immunity”. Over the past 4 weeks we have examined 6 historical methods from the 1918 Pandemic and found them to be scientifically applicable to us today. This Sunday’s final Medical Symposium, “Proper Sleep and Self-Restraint Keys to Re-Opening the Globe” will address two additional methods and investigate their validity to today’s COVID-19 crisis. Proper sleep is well known to have immune modulating effects. This week our expert panel of physicians will address the issue of sleep and the immunity. In addition, world renown physicians will also examine the relationship of certain common substances and their effect on the innate and learned immunity.

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1918 Flu & COVID-19: Medical Symposium


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May 3, 2020, 11:30 AM

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