Ukraine Live Reports

Part 15

OCI Ukraine Live Report 15


Friends, it has been a blessing to be at the General Conference meetings this week and see some of our brothers and sisters from Ukraine. Their lives have been very difficult, and things are still in extreme conflict within the country.

We continue to seek for your prayers and encouragement as the conflict continues.

There are several needs right now that need our continued support;

1. Institutions hosting displaced people and making sure they can continue to supply these folks with the basics of life,

2. Getting the mobile emergency hospital units furnished and operational near the front lines,

3. Helping to complete the Your Camp Orphanage project and operational so that the orphans have the proper bathroom and laundry facilities to accommodate them.

In addition, as always, if you are looking for an opportunity to serve in this situation, please get in touch with OCI or the mentioned ministry for details.

Your prayers and support are critical, please continue to share these needs with your friends and families.

Donate to the Ukraine Emergency Relief Fund here:

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June 13, 2022, 11:00 AM

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