Starting a Market Garden

Part 8

How to Manage Nitrogen, In Just 15 minutes, with an On-Farm Test


Nitro­gen. It’s the king of all ele­ments. It’s the N in N‑P-K. Yet for many market gar­den­ers they strug­gle to know what this most impor­tant element level is in real time. Not any more. Learn how to perform an on-farm test to give you an accu­rate nitro­gen reading. No more pulling soil samples to mail off to get results back in a few days. Get your nitro­gen results in 15 minutes to help make your plants happy.

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Starting a Market Garden

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AdAgrA 2023: Digging Deeper


AdAgrA: Adventist Agriculture Association


January 19, 2023, 10:45 AM

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