Reflect and Renew February 2023

Part 2

God Cares for Elijah


This week we talk about hospitality. Showing kindness to others in our home! Feeding them, fellowshiping with them. We have a beautiful example of the widow who put all on the line to feed Prophet Elijah! So often we are afraid to invite people to our own houses because they don’t look nice, or we don’t have special food, or some other insecurity. But people are craving connection, it doesn’t matter what our homes look like or even what we serve for lunch, if we are warm and loving, that’s what people will remember

This week we hear from one mom and grandma who has learned that there may not be much to eat, it may not be fancy, your home might not be ideal for hosting, but all is overlooked when seeing the joy that people feel in being included. The fellowship with one another, makes up for everything that might be lacking. You will want to get a pen/paper to write down some tips that will be shared to make hospitality easier.

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Reflect and Renew February 2023


Starting with Jesus


February 14, 2023, 6:00 AM

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