Reflect and Renew March 2023

Part 1

Blessings From Heaven


The Shunammite woman was hospitable, there is no doubt about that! She saw a way that she could be a blessing to Prophet Elisha and she poured her time, energy, and resources into building a room, just for him! In return for her kindness, Prophet Elisha said that within a year, she would hold a baby boy. Sure enough... it came true. But just a few years later, her son is dead. Yet even in her distress, she is able to say, “It Is Well.” What led her to be able to say those three words of faith? Join us today as we talk and discuss this incredible Bible story!

Contributor: Karen Nicola shares with us a dark time in her life when her 3 year old son died of leukemia. She expected to see or feel God right there with her beside his hospital bed, but everything was silent. It wasn’t until later, that she was able to look back and see how God had led. She is now a grief coach, has written a book, “Comfort for the Day - Living Through the Seasons of Grief”, and has a website. To learn more - visit it at:

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Reflect and Renew March 2023


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March 7, 2023, 6:51 AM

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