AudioVerse is able to provide its services for free only through the generous support of users like you.  Your financial partnership is needed to continue the mission of spreading the Bible truth to the entire world.  Consider supporting the needs below.

If you wish to designate your gift to go toward a specific project, simply note it in the memo of your check or in the “Comments” section in PayPal.  If you would like to sign up to be a recurring donor or would like to know how to help AudioVerse financially every time you shop at Amazon, please visit our Donate Page for more information.

Sponsoring Downloads

AudioVerse’s most important need is the operating expenses of getting messages online and delivered to the users.  This involves the media editing and processing, the network costs, bandwidth expenses, hardware and software needs, and more.  As of 2013, each download costs only 3 cents.  So for the price of purchasing a $1 song on iTunes or Amazon, you can sponsor over 33 downloads!  A $10 pizza would be 330 downloads!  Just think, each of those downloads equals one (potentially many more) souls.  Your gift of any amount will go a long way in reaching the world for Christ. 

Consider sponsoring life-changing downloads today. 

Event Recording

Each year, AudioVerse travels to record many events and conferences around the US for you so that you can benefit from the messages from the comfort of your earphones.  Because most of the sponsors of these events have limited budgets, AudioVerse is not paid to attend and record these events. Travel, shipping of equipment, and many hours of time are just a portion of the expenses that result in an event costing a few hundred to several thousands of dollars of AudioVerse’s financial resources. 

Your gift will ensure continued quality content on AudioVerse.

International Growth

There are a growing number of AudioVerse users outside of the US and in non-English-speaking countries.  Not only would AudioVerse like to increase international awareness of the website, but we would like to expand to provide content in more languages. This, however, involves a huge investment of effort and resources. If you would like to be part of this exciting, global project, your donation will provide the “gift of tongues” so that non-English speakers can also be reached with the truths for these times.

Change the world with your gift now!

Technology Development

AudioVerse operates a ministry in the rapid-moving Internet environment.  In order for the ministry to not become outdated by new technologies, continual investment must be made in innovative research, development, and upgrading equipment.  It is our belief that technology can be harnessed to enhance the work of the Gospel but this involves forward thinking.  There are many ideas to improve the AudioVerse platform in order to reach more people, but to do so more effectively your help is needed.

Please consider giving to help AudioVerse invest for the future.


There are many people who could be blessed by AudioVerse but are unaware of this free resource.  We want to share AudioVerse with as many people as we can and also share the stories of how God is using AudioVerse to change lives around the world.  This is one of our biggest opportunities and is crucial for future growth and sustainability.

Your donation will help spread the word and change lives for eternity.

GC Session 2020

The General Conference Session is coming up in July 2020 and AudioVerse is already planning for it!  The GC Session is a tremendous opportunity to reach tens of thousands of Adventists from around the globe to let them know about the incredible resource of AudioVerse and how it can be a blessing in their home countries.  But a 10-day congress like the GC Session is not free, and we need your help to fund the production of materials and make the most of this opportunity which comes only every 5 years.

Send AudioVerse to the General Conference Session with your gift today!

For more information on how to be a recurring donor and to find out how you can support AudioVerse financially every time you shop at Amazon, visit our Donate Page.



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