Spring has sprung and that means gardening season is upon us!

Whether you are a beginner without a green thumb, an experienced gardener with years of experience, or just someone looking to grow your own nutritious food for the health of your family, we have great news for you!  AudioVerse has teamed up with Bob Gregory of Berea Gardens to bring you an online gardening course, Food Grower's Guidelines, that is sure to improve your food growing efforts.

With over 40 years of professional agricultural experience as a certified crop consultant, agronomist, and farmer, Bob will teach you the absolute essentials for how to obtain the greatest success in your garden.  You will learn how to develop a rich soil capable of providing the best nutritional value for your crops and your body, how to accomplish pest, disease and weed control without the use of chemicals, how to save your own seed, how to build a “soil bank” of nutrition that will not require inputs from off your property yet produce for many years, and much more. You will learn things that you do not know that you need to learn, with many practical principles that you will not find in any gardening book.  This course contains over 10 hours of instruction--both in the classroom and in the field.

However, more important than simply the practical knowledge of how to work the soil is what the Lord promises to give us when we tend to our gardens: 

It was the design of God that man should find happiness in the employment of tending the things He had created, and that his wants should be met with the fruits of the trees of the garden. - Adventist Home, p. 27.1

He who taught Adam and Eve in Eden how to tend the garden would instruct men today. There is wisdom for him who holds the plow and plants and sows the seed. - Adventist Home, p. 143.1

Take this course to learn how to grow nutritious food for you and your family and gain wisdom from the Creator of Nature at the same time!  Ready to get your hands dirty?

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