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Identifying Babylon's Invaders

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • June 7, 2008
    4:00 PM
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for whom you will know that whom were a beautiful day but it is of course quite warm and am noticing that Southern California is getting more human earlier in the season so for long it will be like Miami relative medical school lives while the hopefully will start having hurricane here is pretty bad as one word for word of prayer before we go into his vision is via the father God we thank you Lord for your wording featured me as I thought it would be faithful stewards of what you've given us but I speak the Sabbath is a word router Lord let me not be of any significance in the reason for a man I talk this afternoon is entitled identifying Babylon invaders on the discount will follow from this morning 's message but this is a little more of my symbols so did you get it on him say police are saying that remedial action of individuals couples and ministries I have no personal form of dignity above that hopefully by God 's grace but not I have been myself full at times greatly deceived by charismatic speakers bought myself and so I feel an obligation to speak out against errors errors being taught and maybe argument to talk about the only wrong Muslims with Doctor God 's word first and second Timothy I reimburse one is reimbursed on the Scripture says this note also that in the last days perilous times will come from Asia beloved of their own says lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof from such turn away the letters verse four chapter three all intimately goes on he says four of this sort are they which creep into houses and lead captive silly women laden with sins let away with divers lusts ever learning and never able to come to a knowledge of the truth but evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse deceiving and being deceived the wood continued down the things that thou have learned and been assured of knowing of whom thou have learned them and that from a child now has known the holy Scriptures which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus Paul was on the floor of a Roman dungeon that he wrote the book of second Timothy in writing this book because the transition was about to happen and policy read the last chapter second he was ready to die the cause of Christ he found it necessary before he died that he would give warning to Timothy Apollo on the earth because all like every generation of Christians believe that Jesus was soon to return and so he wanted Timothy would be his heir apparent to take each rooms and to then be able to use them in his own ministry but also to warn the Christian believers everywhere I called the book of second Timothy the message the last generation of the last generation because Paul is writing this book to compare Timothy M the search for the terrible time to Paul who was the head now call again within a dungeon yet be old of a coming time that would be Carol I believe that we are seeing that time I believe that the warnings that Paul gave intimately are applicable to God 's church the day unfortunately warning often are not good meeting that we often know what I hear woman's Robin good legal Herald last thing I told them many times when you're kidding you want to go without us know if slide into a swimming pool or if you're going out in the lake and let you know you may not want to dive into that lidless across the rope and land in the middle of it that I like you in that way are warning that is well with you on the one and you don't want to be beautiful but on the other hand who loved the doors of water warming make us of horses to make a choice we must raise weighing the risks and benefits of our choices we congealed to jump in the water Woody Allen you want but unless your world-class swimmer and probably gifted and walking on water some level jumping into alligator and crocodile infested waters probably never been to be a good thing so long as those morning and the warnings began to come through not long after the after Paul's demise just of a few hundred years before the gentlemen on the last lap is a bust of the Roman Emperor Constantine began to meddle with the church the Christians were growing strong and ironically Christianity roles fastest and strongest it seems when the church is being persecuted what members do anything have no being Christian becomes more popular more easily more accessible the church might grow a number of the character of the church often suffers so the charge was honestly going to stay in the Roman Empire and when Constantine 's mother reported to tradition when it was converted to Christianity he decided to do something because the own Christians were viewed as the enemy at the present in one of a baptized Christian church and began instantly to try and unify the Empire and he does this by taking bits and pieces of paganism with Christianity and mixing it will be most probable the bowls in the Roman Empire would not accept Christianity so is a picture here of the Council of Mark of Nicaea and here they began to work on these different things by three twenty one eighty the first son-in-law the path and where they got Sunday to become a popular date hundreds before that sounded in the feasting and a day to celebrate and on and know it was more of a festive day in and the Sabbath was made to be more of a burden and fasting and people weren't as happy on that day until eventually taken to the mix of the pictures we know that a lot of different ways we know that because the daisies that are chosen for celebration of Christmas on all the way to line of David you can directly translate right back to all taken on a holiday and they became Christianized from another discussion but what unobtrusive this is found in the ten Commandments as it is found in of this is found in the Catholic catechism I said this morning my family I come out of the Anglican and Catholic background but that's where my family comes from so I'm not I don't say what I'm saying to make Catholics feel bad as individuals of either many sincere Catholics that many of whom will be will be found in the kingdom of God honestly because it would live based on what they've been taught what they know but when you are confronted with truth there is an obligation to learn truth and to go incorporate into your life one of the telling tale that something of an change of the ten Commandments is found in the catechisms because as you look air on the second commandment is removed the second mamma said that we should not make graven images all the way out was about honoring worship him and that the management removed here the fourth amendment is now the Fifth Amendment and the fourth commandment in the Decalogue descriptor is the third commandment and it is shortened here out of more than an order to make up for the fact that the second commandment was removed the tenth amendment is split into two parts so you can compare to any Catholic catechism five can take it look at the cat would think a mammoth the tenth amendment is filed in the Bible and see that there was a change made this is prophesied to change the main Daniel seven verse twenty five is designed and he shall speak great words against the most high and shall wear out the things of the most high I think the change times and laws of a lot of focus on the history tomorrow except to say that it has happened to happen again you fast-forward to the nineteen sixties and what to find that it was another counsel this is the Council of on of some sort of a visit the second Vatican Council this is the nineteen sixties and a muscle activity the great order and ceremony involving that is great the balloon capital services on this is that on the old one of those services and in the second bag counseled last four years and it's in its breath on church after church is to be moved to be more friendly the gap just looked around the world in Africa South America Linda was in the United States all the world they saw that they were losing followers that no Protestant churches were coming and baptizing many of their beleaguered city began to change things one thing that a change fundamentally work for a time that could only be done in Latin and so to change that that would let mass to be done in them in the night within the people wherever they were through your Spanish mass of the Spanish century English on on on on on the house unattended now so I know Gibson is called a free second Vatican Council Catholic Mel Gibson and make out with angry it pertains that were made and Mel Gibson active the money to do something about the people at the bejeweled on his property here in Southern California at his own services all done just that they were done before the second Vatican Council what I think of the second Vatican Council didn't also hold to work to get to the other denominations the Catholic Church mold the other denominations into a place where the Catholic Church to bring the world back under its influence and control and one thing that happened on is that there was they decided in Google at this website and it got much of it quoted here they decided that there was to be a change in the way worship is done in the Protestant churches in the same way worse than a Protestant churches move them to a more on emotion old less doctrinal on racehorse of service but it wouldn't move on the church of Rome if that happened because the Sprint from the Roman Catholic Church the people Protestant Reformation baseball doctrine in every problems are based on biblical doctrine for the most part continue to move further and further away diversions with wood and they would be based adjusting enough to talk about a second on manuscript that the Catholic Church happened to find an negative search concepts came in the gospel of prosperity ultimately the emphasis on doctrine that is one huge thing than this works because uncool kind about the politically incorrect less than this morning to come out and speak against someone else believes difficult because the opposite often people you want to be intolerant but there's something wrong you can't really have freedom of religion if you can't question religion is no freedom of religion in the United States if I have to agree with everyone else's religion but pluralism just that it makes sense from a biblical standpoint so one of the things of the Bible governs up with this live in just the talk about this on seven or my work and actually a role for documenting our court documents administer one of those that have happened March seven and verse nineteen eleven March seven verse nineteen and reload a new international version of today's new international version or maybe other new versions and you compare that to what is written in the King James version you'll find very different of verses found there and the change is significant on a very high level to anybody have an IVR of today's new international version don't be so bad to have a malaria the last one other values of the advice below to read the Bible back on the shelf okay some of the contributors want you that might work if the all I wanted was because the amount I believe it reading many different to have written the Bible is a bad thing all by itself when I do believe in bad and when you're only reading one and that one translation isn't fully speaking truth opinion of the major problem and that's how I found this little reading on the other translations than today's new international version Oksana reading it more like the Om novel almost strawberry bookstores and fast descriptor once I came across this text and Mark seven and verse nineteen it says are actually in the King James version of the reimaging games first the contrast it says in King James version March seven verse nineteen says because it is not of this apartment of the belly and go out into the drawer purging all me that's what it says now in this translation it says Martin nineteen said fool doesn't come in contact with your heart but only pass through the stomach and then it comes out again by saying this you show that every kind of food is acceptable while the huge difference in translation of the intuitive plan and IV it'll say with this Christ declared all foods clean and that's a distance of insane diseases the clear all foods clean now that is fundamental earthshaking change in Scripture marketing and the king this version doesn't have it is not a Martin Luther King Day version in the margins of the new King James version and that is because basically one of them decided that they are to text the with the assigned articles and about accounts both file by the Catholic Church both decided to be older texts that any of the manuscript used in the King James version and so all the new Bibles by default use a strong intellectual thinking use these older manuscripts the maker Bibles and soul with that comes the change now and I think this rule one of the beliefs of the seven members are instantaneously done away with either the something of clean food and unclean food that the problem statement because it actually end up contradicting the Bible itself the Bible teaches even later on when Peter is envisioned another that now appears that the Bible says that all kinds of unclean food of had unclean animals were in the now if all holds were declared clean while he is still alive and is now ten or fifteen years after Jesus died on a bikini just withdrew them to die and all of a sudden listing of a letdown and there's still unclaimed on the medical clean-air and remember that I don't be fooled they Judaism or the donation of Israel Abraham Razorback at the top of flawed between animals limited arc and sevens the fundamental shift and I've I bring up one up because I believe that this is the tip of the iceberg in one of these Bible to come out on only version to come out they have to come out and be copyrighted in the process of adding the copyright means you must make something different than what was there before from a legal standpoint the Bible that have to be produced for the salad I purely legal standard to be different in the above will undoubtedly use Doctor Fishman language but I made is probably only a few good ways really translated regardless of what mainstream a while something is going to start the change about the Bible and in what the other people see you soon if you read an e-book version of the Bible the kingdom version of Anna I subscribe to that except as a vicinity to see says that the biggest fee believed to sending an investigation this transmission on the roster and is all is not one of them is on a moment between the version of the reason is important we are strong students of Scripture this is probably like you said things like Om op if it were possible even the very elect to be deceived because the level of deception is deep when you look at what comes out of it it'll bring the programs try to convince you but you are wrong because you don't eat lobster and you go to Bible to grab a use that tactic is what that is when the argument and I think of no one thirty years ago for forty five into existence one of the government really applicant neither the books that you can get us only the very hard-core contingent version only I'm not in conversion only in a strict sense Eric and making the version as well hello I in our wisdom God gave her a great wisdom says that the Bible is not word inspired it is thought inspired meaning that what would likely start in Scripture is the father not breathe all the words in the first place so reading the Bible is an exercise in asking read that same thought is critical about a Bible study also with the government to get August crazy about this but we would be foolish the visiting gigabit of any equity loan forward and don't think of something to change because of your love publishing the Bible you can change to make it sound like you want to style you can bring in the secret rapture of the doctrine of the Bible now you can alter things that it says that you wanted to say that something up and run have to arm seriously look at a meeting of the go forward while one of the things and this is one of thing that one amount one of pastors of the open searching a very fence on one asleep in the Lord of the most lesions they make a and Oakwood if we could we clap durability in the and in the college church he would get up and say this is orchestrated in motion and an unfamiliar number three Thailand government and immutable political concerns were people clap all the time on the first time I heard to say x-rays and I think I understand better where he was going to freeze whether or not people clapped with retirement is one thing we really got to appoint where I get a tablet creeping compromise the Saddleback Church and the church where I definitely make away our carwash builds on movie from the seventies working at a car wash and withholding him at the pendulum announced somewhat important told that were gentlemen and was in the in the congregation they did that happen at that level my mind would sign cracks me up to the Lutheran Church in a staff feels worse about five p.m. God loves you yeah yeah yeah that by the Beatles worship when the Beatles themselves if you read the what they wrote they didn't believe in Jesus outline exactly do that but this is what happened with the speaker friendly techniques began to come at the church you have adduced up to bring people and doctors going to stop that are either limits I was at the West Coast and Congress down with an evil earlier this year and we had a holy hip-hop concert voter face the life of the new doable well if I were the cultures of the me it is very difficult to do it that said the culture of hip-hop is can be made wholly on opening and so we brought in a guy a rapper by the name of the truth the APR you can reach on actually no definitely before content and ask many questions and on the was before the law of righteousness by faith was about was good in our conversation but it turns out from the Dallas theological seminary I believe the spirit of God Holy Spirit is at work in the world and a morning seminary we the denomination I heretic 's is seventy minutes and yet our church paid him the products after the Saturday night to our young people because we want young people to see you good young people ironically many of them didn't even like because they figured a good hip-hop in the real stuff and Jay-Z had a fiancé in the DMX it melted at the then twelve but the guards of the other human real people over with a watered-down version of it so it ran a time of success through the begin the trunk everything out there the picture of Amy Grant I will actually does many are thinking one single song else and I and when I was in high school that's all popular lubricants on a charter member on the words memory years without I remember the very nice on something changed in the hexagrams on our hands there the dark spirit behind her that's what love is for video on any redelivery for this song is called faithless heart out you will want to talk about her adulterous divorce from her husband Ingersoll will strangely Christian music on at the very strategic Christian music actively and we can go on the roof like Verde which there saw the verdict was on the radio that will get you listen to it you would think anything of it but their own words that were surprising or that some of these symbols they use you could consider a cult symbols infinity though things these independent groups that were supposed to ask the come from the heart and be sincere so we've been really wary about jumping on a worship music bandwagon your Christian music group which do you worry about what you say anything arts lessons there you don't get that statement want a lot of some of my father never thought of any worth to contact until we began performing live and saw people raising a hand in worsening it surprises us and makes us realize that we do what we do is worshipful than we know is interesting well here is Michael W Smith again great artist in terms of success and airplay even our former administration is GN plays his music a lot here this is the author of an online article said that he's using on witchcraft meaning German witchcraft was ruling alphabet that make letters in his name and even forms the letter on his album cover Christmas album cover and says his name is written backwards because the whole thing in a tricky thing about doing everything backwards I don't mean up to the researchers that this is true this is true enough a bit nervously moving and all that didn't the strangely while the rest of the snowstorm on a chair of Bob Hill via felt that you have a little too much to drink but maybe ultimately to thought before he did that because the hospital strains that mean I get them explain the meaning of that it makes no sense but maybe I don't know that strains of elegance and regulatory a Christian song rappers organizations sometimes I feel like the throw was just one big gigantic merry-go-round do not hold on title you get hurled through the air gap life of a three ring circus with clouds and frequent camels in such and you never know when you might get time out of their family love give me love love me good rock 'n roll revenue fell smoking will be very strained there have been a pair of camels files of free diving minimum anywhere and here is an announcement lifelong I mentioned you will be amazed at your boy looked up the lyrics of many Christian music artist I will never think you are the God name in the docket anyway in their music I'm amazed when you know do people think Christian thought in your life you love get out of my will but one of my demos on a love song but that's what it is weird and Lieberman open about the cloud am so out of both micro Barnum & Bailey are so lessons from Friedman revisiting because I want to Alyssa what it ever going to end times where things will happen if either of them example from that time forth again to show other disciples are how that he must go into Jerusalem and suffer many things the elders and teachers and scribes killed and be raised again the third day that Peter took him and began to rebuke him saying being far from the Lord they shall not be unto you when he turned instead of the Peter get feed behind me Satan powered offense underneath about famous nothing but give God the gold of the amendment will be dotted to Peter Satan is in a state because I just actually said it deals with the Messiah and Jesus says that flesh and blood and reveal this to you under the universal later he's rebuking Satan 's because I believe that we must be careful not to put too much trust in flesh but trust me out to trusted me to trust Jesus I want a platform Ottawa Eric walls ministries Ottawa five thousand dollars well and one project but I guess that probably will happen about what I do not as important to me what when you begin to speak for God when you begin the claim forgotten you because the post in front of God is absent to the Christian beer was always way you work anything about working with the Muslim faith and made a statement about respect reduces respective Jesus and the devil of able to slip in what arrogance will when it tried stepping out with David Christianity given at the five in humility you can hear Christian and not be humble and arrogant Christian is an oxymoron it was no such thing exists in dozens educated arrogant Christian and even though the evidence was enough let's go back to some of these other things that this group evanescence output only because I had memorable but the front and vindictive in my opinion me personally I like your stuff granted but this is a group that was on the top of the Christian deliberate Christian music charts Billboard the top turns out they're not even a Christian and you have another brings a level on the stump of the Christian music group for Christian and advertising music and people say all you think about this is cutting-edge Christianity and go to their boldly proclaiming the cross and the guy what does a man uses four letter words to denounce his affiliation to Christian music or church or price or anything how does this I mean all of the downtown Winona on the person I wondered where she's coming from she looked up at me but she's just elevated on quick enough to say we have to be careful to what we trust even when people tell us what's on this with the logo to be in the word weblog I have my good friend Curt Franklin on very populist a lot of music of records each as music plays in the nightclubs of Bob if you play your music in my club emptied into the drink get high advance your Milligan and very convicting obviously will replace him at all stuff about all possible micros like a mission running back to you with an honest change the change and become you consider my club nestled in the DJ and music not interesting in a game I confess that old-time religion is music you have some severe pornography addiction and he did that publicly on Oprah Winfrey show right before the album came out with four absorbing up as album sales but again we have to be careful with our noble or even listening to sometimes a water aim is what I try to get out of it I saw him in concert I will than a comfortable display and a video this comfort of your house at the noon and he was singing with him when the gospel female singer Cece Winans and he went on Finder sees Mary is married and you can advance up on life in a very suggestive physical way I want within the mandate of the lot event level that strange back on a spirit of sensual spirit from the music most of the music actually not need to music it is the music from the seventies of Parliament funkadelic to Colin he does take it and sampled remixes that make them of the song and inflating church I was coming out of church this will go to church regularly confront the church I now help out at and I was then undertaken and West San Bernardino and inside the band began to play on him worked to title song from rest of the low-slung solid it should be deleted Jerusalem is there an want to see the bandmember them installed now some you probably never heard that if you did and that's a good thing but thought have no business being played in twenty eleven what I been there for about a product is Mister Hildebrand that can play that music sure secular musical tone the girl is and I'll have to worry about it the Christian song now now I have to do high on heroin when they made the make any sense the details are again I say that their father they make it on our outbreak resources all about mocking it was long by Porter song and actually limited reserves and look at all the while they make wanted to home out of the thousands father found it a little of you know who plan or unclear most of them were pretty clear worshiping God of heaven it seemed particularly solid works out to the Lord evidence thirty million people live in the on a given weekend sing that song of your church itself is not really what I was notable to what I was worried about is that they are having a move ecumenical is the nostalgia while moderately above history does not run if it revenues down and saw been proclaimed across the earth it is the sound of a unified search coming together in one voice to magnify our magnificent Lord from album cover in two thousand and one well this morning I referred to business on popular prisons and be defeated in two good morning this is this is from an article from a Presbyterian pastor who said took joined for the Roman Catholic Church and what a deliberate rebuttal in two thousand three about all the different denominations and Australia together harvested two thousand and three and K into the harvest two thousand and three within it else about what actually does give you the the pledge cards so what's on certain Roman Catholic seventy minutes present variant Baptist altered momentum here Catholic Anglican brother by the public that we got some evidence all united for the event so let's talk a minute and the recent removal of the draw to give a sense of different denominations at the bar 's owners hospitals did this happen until the electronic ecumenical work out at the medical deception this is one of the seventy minutes become a Christian church he writes in an and a major article in Australia now that is troublesome because we volunteered to go and be abundantly a lot align the sum of people going to continue a Christian beauty overall this does good for the church was administered in Australia or bad bad you look desperate look quite foolish as you are now compared to Catholics we have to be careful in again on another personal against any of the denomination but if we believe you can you believe that this is your church Mrs. Richards will you believe Rogers believes the only self-respecting enough not to simply like what everyone else to be among the crowd will be a blast comes out why we divine people think it's the goal of the applicable to make sense out of remaining argument maybe we can make our own movie as an argument but automated we ought to why we supporting other people one body supports us mainly so juvenile who is the truth and here we go I'm communities he talked to album supernatural recently debuted at number four billboard between the site dedicated to getting romantic and in this article on the group said that they would love to have a conversation with Marilyn Manson they want to talk about a method they want to meet management and discussed all songs of the eighties romance with a high elder in the church of Satan why would we want to have a discussion with them about the music of the nineteen eighties and availability the bottom Internet Google it and see yourself with Adalat without visual roundness I'll see Marilyn Manson Marilyn Manson out the guy landed in the middle of a set of horror movie and start to run for my life because he is not a nice-looking dude never mind what he says about what's it like this we talk about music itself he brought me up also out of an horrible pit out of them out of the miry clay and set my feet upon a rock was my going get a little song in my mouth and even praises unto our God many shall see it and fear and shall trust in the Lord Ecclesiastes seven five Volvo Tet Offensive benefit of the rebuke of the Y and for a man to hear the song of that I submit to you is nothing wrong with themselves all bottom cells have no problem with contemporary song someone being filled with the Holy Spirit right Zogby trusted on the people right begins their time they were contemporary David was a contemporary and if they people just likely be trusted with them sermons I believe that their musicians beckons right and makes all the praise God in today's time I wanted to go out without referring to is on the bill Peter are you going to build I probably will provide seventy minutes we were in the University might again out in the medical school is in the school of music he was blinded long dreadlocks from an island down his back and he was touted to be the next Stevie wonder I was there when he told us about the multimillion dollar contract he had only it was signed on the dotted line and he would've been the next eighty one he was baptized into the Perrine seven given his church in South Florida and once he was baptized he came out a water for the first thing that was that what I will think of saw that is not praised among Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I will never add to the word he turned down the countless million dollars countless this guy was playing in all the nightclub in Miami when I met him he was coming and he was ready to be ushered in at the next big thing and he rejected the world fame and money because he loved Jesus more than this world I will write a song I like his music because I know we and I believe right now to interview the new music site also it is immediately every song we sing at the Idol two thousand years old not Ronald Reagan the family or thin files turned in that song nothing wrong with that but we want to be locked in either we do need to be deciding we don't even measure were not listening to music written by people 's only real objective is fame and wealth because the double what you lose you that if your doctor or a musician if all you're after his prestige and wealth so an army of fake resumes that no man deceive you with vain words for because of these things cometh the wrath of God and the children of disobedience but all Ephesians five six seven be not therefore partakers with them up within the Washington from your music for Denver water levels on the Oprah Winfrey show is run animated he thought about successfully is Oprah Winfrey loves it thousands you that live in the body doesn't seem on he sounds almost Christian in ways talking any spiritual terms she said in the movie glory what I wanted that historical was probably ever made on a Hollywood East G the similarities of these lately get with it it's the Civil War ended with the men he wanted Harold found them to Washington's face dramatic scene Oscar performance over what is the possibility that the last visit I pray that you brought in hospitals of my body wanted to not turn my check today from a prior eleven races of the others kneel down to pray otherwise the no one answered whenever Freddie Williams among Brahmins break as he says he's the enemy says IP says I prayed to the spirits of the dead slaves as a 's or you demented brother you pray go the spirit of the dead flesh gave you that great yet a theatrical performance element of the reasons of monitor the whole thing called on channeling the mission the stars would have to play people would been a lot before we try to channel the spirit of the dead person you'd like Beyoncé said they've done this and in many others the channel the spirit of the death of the desktop of the beam into government and human just like whoever you're trying up during that no one simply thought of being a Christian talk prison though it didn't spirit in it and so again you think you at the Oprah Winfrey at all different off a lot of the show when it was she who you think this geology stop and use drive across country stop and what the church and everything Oprah Winfrey has valuable human and jujube overlap if I'm all kinds of cotrustee is screaming against Christianity in general she looks a thing of ours were overrepresented she was in charge of a at twenty eight years of age with wisdom your mate to produce and not as good and God is greater than God 's glory of God is magnificent but in a rudimentary preaching to get some of his other black churches and he was on auto and Eddie and I said and God is a jealous God Oprah Winfrey said that her response was why is God jealous of me and with that cc to be a Christian visit all year treatment for definite vacancy level to the Christian and mouse the own the magic of the Internet she now had one of the strongest urges in a while no way to start the bottom of my guy name token I believe the mermaid with an enveloping of the new age of anti-Christian religion and many people when you looking at you look at it many people testimony is that they have left the charts that have been freed from being Baptist women free from your method and free from being your evangelical therefore even out to be too big to realize that God has given them of heavy deception this is the problem this man Barack Obama would not even be where you shoot them up for him as an influence she has once again that he will go and how does you back them up now Barack Obama is the love Barack Obama Bloomsday this Barack Obama 's Christianity is a political I don't think Barack Obama in on him I am speaking out out of the Barack Obama is very worried about being Christian in any direction except that you have to almost be to be president United States nobody in America even if you did America probably still wouldn't elect someone with an quotable Christian which is why is flat with Jeremiah Wright is called in so much trouble however he is one of those Christians that believes that the world was not created in six days necessarily it could've been millions of years is also one that believes that there's nothing at all wrong with homosexuality and so it's a different type of Christianity and no again I don't know any of the other candidates ready better but seeing the rise of his popularity and is connected Oprah Winfrey I mentioned that there were limited the time when people call themselves Christians who aren't natural second Timothy was written followed them and Timothy Donald Law of godliness but they would deny the power thereof on as of a TD Jakes the printer of the risk these guys are violating working was administration tell me that she was there when maybe the good the own big Delacroix televangelists all came to be George Bush 's administration and on these guys were mad at the first thirty minutes of twenty to thirty minutes of the forty minute or fifty minute meeting arguing Waddington lender private jets at the airport closest to the white house that sum of money they may argue about with a partner playing we argue her with a cause the ugly part of playing the problem theoretically money can really mess things up with teenagers also really blasted seven minutes of the views you YouTube DJs in the Sabbath or TVR Google TV you can watch the clips we then house of the seven administered Amazon and nothing you can do that it's it shows that if it's possible I was like the physical rear of enrolled crimes are they sell everything they would sell the father himself Ancel the Holy Ghost well everything really is with it here the mega- church the circle of ninety million dollars the convert this is the former Stadium for the Houston Rockets and now the church of this great leader Joel Olson I sub modules the new game to get to bed he looks so nice you know you just got a one article fifty one the nice guy Mary got really got to got to the supermodel look at the life of me the guys got going on again that's right almost the end in injuries a soft and squishy and lovable probably by businessmen it certainly mega- church mentality on problem in upset if there ever was one of the thing I would be actual transcription from the from the Larry King show if that's lurking after hosting issues that the church is feeling about abortion or same-sex marriages of the you know what Larry I don't know I just written your bottle of the thoughts I just you know I don't think that I think there's merit and the way God intended I don't think abortion is the best I think there are other you know a better way to live your life but I'm not doing it are not going to condemn those people I tell them all the time that our church is open to everyone everybody things lurking very astute garden around forever he knows religion been thinking of making as you don't call them synergies that I don't that are working on you lurking things that I don't use it I never thought about it I probably don't multiple already know what they're doing what they're doing wrong and that when I get out and I get them to church I want to tell them that you can chamber to be different so I don't want on the road of condemning Larry King and dumbfounded at this point networkers about that when the illegals back to step one of the conversation and asked him you believe in the Bible literally but I can knows you can't argue away the sin and sinners on a Bible is an imposing than I do I do in games of it's hard to lead a Christian life it hardly would presume I've been posting them I don't think it's that I have a thought to me it's fun we have joy and happiness a family I don't feel like that at all I'm not trying to follow a set of rules I'm just living my life because Larry King enabled by the basic but you have rules don't you all think as we do everyone the main rule to me the main rule to tell me this product out of your life to live a life of integrity not be selfish you know how other that's really the essence of the Christian faith the blood of the not the essence of the Christian faith the plan of salvation the victory over sin that God is now respectable to give the department not about modern Christianity powerful stuff cellular but certainly the normal market-driven rewards him on the villagers move the market and is one bottom form president of the beauty conference on to get out of this line five hundred and two books are great books to read on what happened to the church is reference express will I will read all this stuff even got a drive Rolls-Royce in the five late on a private jet and he flies around one in the house of the house enigmatic technique across from the house at about two repossession within the Holyfield and down to the big giant Golden gate and plucked from without without the right knowledge at all like what you re-sign him and him and to the that God got a lot of cash on an article from one of his assistant this was in that same article in an Atlanta newspaper says people are not allowed a touchdown during services she said that was because the anointing is flowing at that point literature is a Rolls-Royce without was used because he deserves it the best in unscheduled and administer them with some advertisement trying convert to a nomination by the fact that the people Rolls-Royce is but this is an strength level many believe that the evidences of the Holy Ghost speaking in public many do even in advent of the nonresponsiveness of nothing it is a history of lease about obedience and even matches the given to the local church cannot imagine in the screen upon helping the poor because honestly some ungodly literalism it just for the cost of fuel well there really taxes that search would you I discharge they collect W-2s from everyone you cannot remember Mister Alessi hand over the previous year of the release market don't get it you don't get to income tax formula abductions he wanted that it is done with Julia ten ninety nine and your five must be ten percent of that as you are not able to be a member the people sitting in the front of the church when you watch this show pay more money to the front of the peoples written about Google it at the opportunity to learn the batteries of those old false prophet David Graham someone lost all my life about Billy Graham of the great Protestant preacher frenzies in strengthening myself that it do some research I came across this text unlike the seventies in these days of Pharaoh Granato said everything that membranes was as true as part of professor teaches from God comes was declaring they have a message from God it is proper to inquire carefully limited areas with Pope John Paul II the whole picture the only sensitivity grasping about Pope John Paul II after his death is that article double-click and that is available down into the greatest of our modern folds he's been a strong conscience of the whole Christian world I never thought he would say that the McArdle research in this pretty likely receive an honorary doctorate from one of the capital 's University the United States powerful when you begin to find out was going on in the Vatican II this was their purpose it was to infiltrate the different denominations and study could you Google people towards Catholicism has been in one of my favorite TV people quite entertaining I have to like wrestling and those not real but guess that what you know your kid can help you know Diablo Matt Glisson but there looks good in this guideline very jolly trick is one of his tricks there is that I placed a curse on every item it will produce cars people are library that when the Bible place up with her but everyone on every man and every woman that will stretch out his hand against his ministry under the anointing occurs that man as your word against this ministry is because Emile and on a special again you can find it on the Internet and it is mostly found in people instead he'll win six months or worse off than they were they show evidence of people refused about their last of their oncologist because the study revealed of cancer anyone will backpack on and if anyone dying of cancer without any pain treatment nothing painful difficult depth regarding told him abandon you I have a lot of victories really consider the shaman asked he holds where the child limits of what your practice over the form witchcraft piping within the UK there any remedies in which a partisan election witchcraft what you are doing is actually massive gnosis and he never denied he speaks instead of well you know sometimes things can be used for other purposes he starts to issue it is scary actually because when Pope John Paul II Donovan China I want to watch it on TBN or in China anyone on anything the visits are inside the business I thought it any south side of the Vatican to the patient's lung the patient's lung they love them like we love them that no different mother why the promoting the Catholic Church which are not he was raised in the Catholic Church and probably is a Jesuit leader that is now led many astray into the Christendom pages gotten popular really made it is one that you believe that the Jews don't have to accept Jesus to be saved the bacon when he reestablished the Temple in Jerusalem they go back to the sacrificial system and be saved that way Peggy believes again you can Google it and he also believe that Israel is the center of all Bible prophecy so not role with Israel until all evaluate the e-mail in the dollars for Israel and it doesn't be cutting blades give me that Jesus in a letter to control Israel and unless the Temple was rebuilt and he like I told you what inevitable is from Dallas Texas he believes that Jesus is coming back to earth and he will rule the world for a thousand years and force everyone with Internet that John Agee even when it am John McCain to the device depicted in figure one Kennedy at a bad time about the number that begins on about the most politics that the attack but yet the disembowelment and that he does about again filled their world there even a life of their control Mike Templeton prize in which they believed to be from the Holy Spirit and considered to be more reliable limit than the inspired word the claimant every thought and feeling of impression of the spirit while they think that they are led by the spirit of God they are in reality following and imagination wrought upon by Satan possible because when you watch must much of these televangelist this is with the village to get Matthew seven thirteen two twenty three of a revered and every tree to bring is not forth good fruit is hewn down and tap into the fire wherefore by their fruits you shall know them I said it not everyone is able to me Lord Lord shall enter the kingdom of heaven but even though the will of my father which is in heaven many will say to me that day Lord Lord have we not prophesied in your name and your name across out devils in your name and done many wonderful works and what and then will I profess under them I never knew you apply for me that work iniquity and Lazarus phenomenon talking about Google move by feeling and spirited the numbers being smaller not big hair glasses phenomena and this is a wondrous stories among resulting this comes from a special event on TV anywhere they had a story from out of Africa where a patent was raising the dead after three days they have flitted back am not a coffin at the funeral celebration comes out of then I feel nothing running myself out of the dog run and then unexplainably numerical quantity later redundancy if you are bit frightening what actually happened was that whole thing and you give that testimony why is that the three days out Angel took him to have been a walk up early streets of the met people that know on earth or in heaven then able to compel when he thought of the Muslim of a B2B environment of fire and he saw people yell at them help me help me one my family felt while the letter denies that you have a dead man walking running bin heaven and hell if they would like the script is no support under the baton on to the testimony of the living dead man of you about my little brother so that these beautiful to them but I grade them you are able to believe what he said about all courts happen on Trinity broadcasting now let's see what your new broadcasting blog properly believes these are the own at what else is that subtle bentonite as you and cry customers that has been spawned by the double the charming designs within the body of Christ that we are God is that I am a little God I name I am one of them I am incompetent release I'm a little God critics be blown in God Bible says and they deceive you with the Vienna numerical services and see within the earth by means of those miracles think of all the blood on the earth that they should make an image to the beast now did not even real miracles yet what happens when the devil is allowed to work real well and the devil is impersonating Christ wants although I can't award at a big camp out the ways in an and everyone him up and walk about with somebody you than you know what the politics of many what happened when the real deception comes up is going to be a serious day in the world I like the government faltering the false prisoners have some truth would lead away from the original favorite one is given a room I would detect them the longer the testimony they speak not according to his word it is because there is not likened them with a little long gone if they pay no heed to his will is revealed in the testimony of the Spirit they are deceivers models focus on is the religious right and I didn't know the church and the state of unified this brother to looking for a lot less about this one what do I see that this is the Mormon United States a lot of power it is the mold you whole nation to being a theocracy we skipped that one there are a lot of technical companies alike says God is either teaching his church were proving a wrong and strengthen their faith or he is not this work is of God court is not God is nothing important was that my work with the snap of God or step of the enemy is no way have to know halfway mark on this matter the testimonies are of the spirit of God or of the devil to challenges with that statement the very last of the states they will be to make of none effect the testimony of the Spirit of God where there is no vision the people perish Satan will work ingeniously in different ways at different agencies on some of the competent undocumented people in the true testimony this is one of things I see that is ubiquitous now I go to black churches white churches Spanish two thousand Spain Holland all over the place article and systematically a life the crime is thrown aside I'm not saying take away an elevator about the Scripture are nothing alike it is more important than the Bible or that she should be worse if there are never any of the lands we eleventh I was instructed that God is good with people should be in some thing how many problems of growing constructive and fellow like me with trying to find a way out of this Adventist beliefs that have tried to find an escape but don't you anywhere else I was having dinner at the soul vegetarian restaurant in Atlanta Georgia Toledo noticed over the paragraph drop there are addicts what is run by the Hebrew Israelites a brutal worship a black man and not moved Israel did the Israeli government given a man may have their own thing they had a considered opinion instead of the now and they run something the running restaurants all over the world out there and when I walked into the bookstore of the children like I found the councils on diet and foods black-and-white and I found ministry of healing I plan this veganism completely amazing and they found that they supported using him to the NA make money off of it the restaurant poly and we don't let them take our stuff and make money off of it to prepare with a number of nebula Nation of Islam Louis Mark on the entitlement of the nation of Islam like the mom and the father Nation of Islam red and white books to come up with is health message what it'll reported that it was building but he was a you read and light Beulah Baptist minister first amazing belief that government on the fundamental value and crazy people pick it up and they are made there crazy but they're smart enough to know that they want a long time I thought what maybe one day will build the metal made of the debugger will agree with Arnold but even might actually represent them I accidentally did love her accident he left on government you noted part one around Asheville he left immediately leapt up for the military before he fought them at a little bit over there but the fifty first anniversary so I am about to get the reader of statement you can see where I got a statement from the bottom issues at the different numbers of judges will seek to unify and here is the Bishop the documents of saying that all Christian should call God Allah and at the foot of the Muslims feel more accepted in and in Holland in developing it you can look it up Roman government it leaders strokes of those already in the debate on religion Roman Catholic Bishop in the Netherlands of proposal people of all faiths rested referred out of a lot of foster understanding along with the moon god and a pantheon of Arabic what what monolithically did was choose one God to worship and got rid volume enough letter symbol of the crescent moon and star is not alive not Jehovah it are two different God that are often ever the guy did it now we should call our God Allah is crazy but alike predicted the fall of it but I can't I got a one hundred years ago nobody would've been a Catholic Bishop would be dumping the ball down a lot the promises we got a class ahead of the Roman Catholics and you know to vote their new media savvy travelers and Protestants teaming up with our shared values August the whole thing is able to the two thousand eight but of all Benedict of the United States shows all the thing that happened when President Bush's promised his wife was being interviewed about her daughters married the daughter and wife were on Larry King live Larry King asked her about meeting the Pope he said he such a wonderful gentle man he's the one who message that our holy father is good say that that's probably would brother was that of the villages with my wood in the face of God this was the one John F. Kennedy was run for president in the nineteen fifties like Barack Obama running out gigantic chocolate President of the United States of America was far-fetched as you never read the history of the conflict land located three groups of people but Jews and Catholics and others were very hated in the United States at one time that other of the pulp of the president and getting accolades until the twentieth thirty years ago with completely un-American for the United States tolerated that the Protestant nation yet alike particularly at a time when most Protestant churches that anti- Catholic leagues though not want the church of Rome establishing itself in United States about the unit many of the debates about immigration and other law of the United have more to do with increasing the number of Catholic voters than anything else but that's another talk by the soap opera my will my doctors to gain the favor of Roman pathology of them is another great quote she said that there is an increasing indifference consented that the separate reformed churches from the big hierarchy now look at this one is from Time magazine a look in the rear is that the Marion 's father Thompson out of the Mark Mary Landrieu newsletter points out that the expanding Klonopin examples of Mary is based upon the strictly scriptural view of her rather than on any change in Protestant theology the doctors about America's Immaculate Conception remains controversial among Protestant but as lack of thousands way and among Protestant a pistol daily and baptism that evangelicals turned the married estate as well what is the other taking an interest in Mary defendant who wouldn't happen service and Hail Mary the full article in the middle on article and it is about how the Protestant churches in America I'm now beginning to elevate marry unbelievable but again available I got a profit for the twenty projects will unite and was the state to enforce their beliefs on a lot of one out I'm on the move on their wall between charges that will be broken down in front of the net of an American prison multiple and going to talk about here is the evidence of that irritable was a former Nazi and settings of the market by default you have to be a Nazi or otherwise allow them not overlooked Truvada and research in the synagogue in New York City and therefore there is a drug with Corporal Jordan with them and let you know let the writer with both that image on the thunder middle management frankly you fear for the millions of Americans look forward to playing with you this week he said the findings and out of welcome the role of faith in the public failure of alacrity and all of a sudden you are happen on your Village rooms use right spiritualism and make the church and the school John Adonis Richards about a newly godless services and the can and not a calling God by female names of the biggest of the gender issue it's not the female activate witchcraft God is not about gender it's about mother Earth and now in the churches got people that think as I noted somebody look at somebody's somebody's out of the church someone who didn't you give it in the public file which will get a little bit but these two are from church this was not put in charge about a lot of things a lot more dancing and sometimes well many times I'm puzzled as to what people even one the dance from my club and the church unless rather than worship him from the diffusion will become a part of worth we've already said here a bedlam of noise sciences as the first that we could conduct the right might be a blessing Margarito thing except to say it all of these Christian music groups again will the inflated church now is the jars of Clay this is when funds lie and is in the Christian love is like what is that the Christian group this is the gospel gangsters April paying five and everything the doppelgänger with them they have a holy hip-hop movement they got the that all categories of benevolent documented at I'm going to order it's called why should the Devil have all the good music it's a defense of Christian rock interest in August maybe Christian hip-hop autoload of our racing with the same unit but that's the slipcover for it because I is that the music itself has at its open at least you should be fighting over the music is supposed to be a conduit source about and really will become together upper to make each of us happy is to make that it's the pleased God of hours you come from that angle you you you may have you made up his online business that but all the players out with all good monsters are known in the big deal devalued of the Om arrived one of albums that you have a hard time telling them it's Christian about the secular right up and organize I really get out of this garbage not a lot again the music outcome of the charge would be totally different he predicted on to Jackson would've for yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so even the night for one they shall say peace and safety then sudden destruction comes upon them as trouble upon a woman with child and they cannot escape you brother I'm not on the dark darkness therefore let us sleep is not sleep as do others and that is what watch and be sober of the powerful words Son of Man is romantic near far journey will left his house and gave authority to his servants and Everyman 's work and commended for the watch Jesus says was watching therefore for ye know not when the master of the house even or midnight at the cock crowing on a morning lest coming suddenly he find you sleeping and what I say unto you I say unto all watch but a lot of stuff in there and a minimum lot more than we could probably done but I really don't again think it's time we have to have the kind of discussions because lots of the slips in under the radar and we don't necessarily even process it as you know is not processed in front of mobile debris reasonings that is where Gabler is produced and get inhibited and all that stuff happened in the frontal lobe of your brain is that it bypasses the probable and affects more directly all parts of your brain like the amygdala and other emotional centers in the Falmouth in the base of the brain to process using the same with everything else so we have to have somebody got to be a watchmen and be looking at it when we be careful when we bringing in because you can bring an stuff that can be detrimental and maybe slow poison may not happen all at once but if there's trouble for incumbents will know that the nub of it and even a little bit avoidable getting enough out here in the store that he thought about all of this mountain out of Alabama the woman killed on husband Nick on a black widow and she did it because liberals slowly poison her husband and Kennedy not only inevitably just enough time for the work that was yet another husband 's not all of scratch now you are in the right idea in the New London and brought I do a lot of that is accomplished and works at the telecom and throwing out a devil like to add a red costume with attention is a slowly making a little bit error and much of UK but when he needs to be drawn upon the cause of the fall moving into a very serious time the wound itself just the weather of the world is speaking to us and we are watching ten thousand people die in one weather incident tornadoes ripping complete story of Aaron Southern California waiting about twenty earthquakes hurricanes and diverse places the thing that wall five Spiritualism region IV most popular fastest-growing religion among high school and college and the date in witchcraft and Wicca and the church is almost silent the limits as we must do was watch and be ready we had to be ready church and we must be discerning I'm not one is that you know what the blanket do anything I believe that everything should be processed we should compare everything to Scripture and we ought to look at God 's word and let that be the role of our lives and we must have the common relationship with Jesus Christ that we opted not previous of a wedding Christ is the separate from something without bothersome to was when God said notice is not acceptable because my favorite Bible verse it pulls on this one was righteousness by faith it is the love of Christ and strength of a believe that when we are in a relationship with Jesus Christ we know price for ourselves we studied his word we've added not apply to our lives when his love is working in the things of this world will grow strangely them in man but for a father God we thank you Lord again for this opportunity more suitable to truth to your word I wanted to look at the issues addressing us in these end times I asked the Holy Spirit father God humbled each of us and let us do your will father prepare your people what give us victory over sin about how little we know that you love working in us will constrain us the just shall live by faith father God help us to be a people of faith we believe you no matter what the father God the world would have nothing to offer us the new exchange for an eternity with you bless your people to be faithful Lord 's prayer in Jesus is holy and precious name amen and amen


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