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Will The Real Gospel Please Stand Up?

Dennis Priebe




  • August 30, 2008
    10:00 AM
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you a copy of the little outlined were going to be using this morning so we want to do that as quickly as possible there should be plenty for everyone and so we want every one of you to have one now our brother Randy Steve asked us to do a favor last night and I'm asking you to do a favor for me this morning listen carefully please do not believe what I say because I say it because if you do you will listen to someone a week from now a month from now or six months from now that is much more charismatic and much more persuasive than I am and you will believe what he or she says for the same reason the only reason to believe in anything that I say this morning is because the word of God says so and you know it for yourself not because I say and I say that particularly because this morning we're going to do an overview I am not going to open the Bible one time during the next hour I'm going to share with you some concepts that I want you to think about and then I'm going to ask you to read and study from the word of God whether these things are so that's what were going to be doing this afternoon we will have outlines this afternoon we will have we would go into the word of God this afternoon but the only reason to believe what I'm going to say is because the word of God supports it not because of any human words that we speak so that is the favor of going to ask of you now we are told that we must take the three Angels messages and the everlasting gospel to the world are we very very sure that we know what the everlasting gospel is because if we do not share the everlasting gospel we are not bringing people out of the world we are leaving them in the world and comfortable in the world so the real question that I want to ask this morning is what is special what is unique what is different about seven day Adventism and it is not the same and it is not the state of man and that and it is not what we teach about the soon coming of Christ I believe in I submit to you that what is unique and different than what we are offering that no one else in the world is offering is an understanding of the everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ and without that we have no message to share so I want us to think about those things this morning and let us ask God be with us father in heaven direct our minds to you this morning help us by your Holy Spirit working on our hearts to understand the beautiful gospel of grace and peace in Jesus name I ask it a net of right righteous articles outlines that you have in front of you two Gospels two different understandings of salvation they both start with an understanding of sin because the gospel is about deliverance from sin so what is this thing that condemns us and the real question is very precise now what is the nature of that sin for which I stand condemned and lost for all eternity if it is not taken away from me I will end up in the fires of hell what is the nature of that sin look at the tree the gospel tree on the left side of your page we will start with that gospel this gospel says that sin the sin for which we are lost and condemned is not what we say not what we do not even what we think but it is the sin of being born with a defective major because Adam made a horrible decision six thousand years ago and because he made that decision we are lost and condemned by nature by the defective equipment that resides within us that is our condemnation that's what this gospel teaches that this is our condemnation now this morning I'm going to be reading little things as we go along remember one thing as I read them every statement that I'm going to read will be from a Seventh-day Adventist of one kind or another a rider the teacher administer a layperson whatever all the statements will be from various Seventh-day Adventist ear is one who believes what I just told you a baby is born a sinner before it has ever committed one sinful that is the teaching of sin as nature a baby is born a sinner before it is ever committed one sinful act now what is the implication of that here's another author this sinful state that you inherit just like you inherit the color of your hair and your eyes this sinful state means that if a baby dies a few hours after birth DC is subject to the second death even though he she has never broken any commandment that is the implication of this teaching that sin is the nature we are born with and of course most Christians have solved this problem by infant baptism to remove the guilt and the condemnation from that baby who is subject to the second that so that's the first point of this very important gospel tree on the left side of your page what is the second point when it's obvious isn't it if our nature makes us a center before we never done or said anything wrong if are able make social center and Christ is our sinless Savior then what that tries to have our nature because then he would be a sinner to and he couldn't save anybody so if Christ is to be our Savior he must be exempted from our equipment he must not have the same tendencies the same emotions the same drives the same feelings that you and I have library you must be exempted and he takes a sinless nature goes to go right together now these two points are so basic to this gospel that were describing right here that I want to go back and look at them carefully again the first one sin is nature so here I am I'm born as a child a baby into this world I am born under the condemnation of God 's law because I have a fallen nature bad equipment inside all right so when then will I no longer be under condemnation because of this nature when will I no longer be condemned by my nature when I baptized what happens my nature stays underwater doesn't it while I come up out of it out of the water and we don't have that nature anymore right or totally wrong even you still have that nature within you that you were born with and it still pulls and tugs at your heart what it didn't disappear all that happened at baptism to that nature is that it was forgiven and you are now forgiven for that nature but the nature still condemn us according to this gospel well is dry tougher question at the closing probation when we receive the seal of God and from that time forth the Bible says he that is holy shall be holy still does that fallen nature with all its pools and impulses and drives that we inherit the number of the disappeared and is removed out of us so that there is no longer any time from within the wrong doesn't go away at the seal of God I'm glad to hear you say no we had a problem in that area about a hundred years ago on the Seventh-day Adventist church and some people were teaching that that's why we wouldn't send again is because there would be no more pulls from within at all and therefore we would have freedom from sending in our lives is called holy flesh it's coming back my friends know we do not lose our natures at the seal of God will one do we lose these fallen natures that we inherited when do they go away when Jesus comes and this mortal is made immortal and this corruptible is turned that into incorruption are so watch carefully I am condemned by nature at my birth I am still condemned but forgiven when I am born again after the seal of God and the clothes of probation my nature is still the same nature it was when I was born therefore I'm still condemned by nature I am still sitting by nature after the close of probation and now I will continue to be forgiven until Jesus comes and therefore I am always sending from birth to death or translation by nature until Jesus comes that's what this gospel is teaching in other words sin is as constant as breathing as long as you have your nature you are sending only when you will no longer have that nature within you will you no longer be sending forgiveness is necessary from birth to death or translation always constantly that's what this gospel teaches that of the second point Christ and his nature you see it really isn't about his mate all this about how he was tempted always Christ tempted what were the rules in the Garden of Eden our adamant he attempted could Satan run around after them and harassed them and give them a lot of trouble everywhere they went the Rosemary Strickland day one tree just one tree not just in the garden but in the entire world where Satan could access the minds of Adam did not form inside not when they were getting up not when they were sitting down to eat but one tree off the air somewhere would you like those rules today up our way to northern California we have some beautiful redwood trees I know you've seen them let's just say the tallest of those redwood trees was the tempting treat of our time today when that be nice for you folks on here about their dumbbell and you won't be tempted but hindsight is gratis and that if I were advising Adam from hindsight I would've said I would say to him build a wall around that tree building high no doors no Windows just ignore that tree as it were never there and you'll be safe from temptation for the rest of eternity those were the rules that those rules stay the same anatomy exam ordered all of a sudden the rules change where was the tempting tree now everywhere and anywhere but particularly within my nature as I used to tell my students I don't need the devil to tempt me I do a great job all by myself the tempting tree is within now we are pulled from within we are old when we get up when we sleep when we get when we sit down when we sleep at night we're tempted the polls are there all the time so the question is very simple how is Christ and was exempted like Adam from outside only or was it like leave him outside and inside what were the rules for Christ and his Gospel that we are discussing right now the left-hand side of your page says it was like Adam not like us because he was not tempted to be angry he was not tempted to be proud he was not tempted to overeat he was not tempted to be selfish low things come from within he was only tempted from the great temptation to abandon his mission and go back to heaven and and not carried out what God said to do only from outside three times basically in his life the wilderness the Garden of Gethsemane and the cross and in all three he went out there to find temptation and then he met the devil on the Devils round that's what this gospel is teaching Christ was not tempted in the ways that we are tempted now we move are there going now the rubber begins to hit the road justification is God 's way of forgiving us for our sin but you notice that it says justification only why would we share with you why justification is one hundred percent Christ's work sanctification is the work done by us aided by the indwelling Christ is work done by us of any value in the salvation process for that merit anything to give us anything well then if sanctification is the work done by us with a little aid of the indwelling Christ then it is obvious that sanctification cannot be part of the saving process it is only a result of being say is only an aftereffect of being justified or being say that's why justification only now that's theological language let's break it down into practical terms there is way one person says doing wrong or even believing wrong does not necessarily imply rejection of Jesus okay with them he lets that I've been keeping the Sabbath and I just decide that I can maintain my family I can't keep my mind my income level of a high enough level with her keeping that my business closed on Sabbath I got to open my business because it is a man's duty to take care of his family so I must open my business and we do so will that having made my commitment to keep the Sabbath now having broken will that cost me my salvation in this Gospels is wait a minute where you saved by keeping the Sabbath that get you salvation no you were saved by the grace of Jesus Christ and believing in him as your Savior warns you well then not keeping the Sabbath can cost you your salvation either Sabbath keeping didn't bring you in Sabbath breaking had take you out to see this gospel that I'm describing here is very simple there is one way in the salvation and only one way out the one way it is believing in Jesus as your personal savior and accepting him as your Lord and Master and that is the way you are say the only way you can lose that salvation is to turn your back on Jesus Christ and say I don't want you in my life anymore and yes you can lose your saving relationship with the Lord the Gospels but as long as you believe in Jesus Sabbath breaking withholding five or whatever the issue may be will not cost you your salvation let me read you just a few thoughts from someone who believes this gospel since right behavior is never the ground of our acceptance with God wrong behavior cannot keep a person out of heaven one is not lost by not keeping the above or giving up the Sabbath one is saved because one chooses to enter into a saving relationship with Jesus the only way to lose that salvation is if a person chooses to reject that saving relationship there you have it be only way you can lose your relationship with Christ and salvation is to walk away from Christ doing wrong or even believing wrong and we are told does not mean you are rejecting Jesus Christ and that leads easily to the fourth point doesn't it because we are born with a fallen nature because we sin is constantly as we breathe because we can only hope to be forgiven because we can never overcome completely the word perfection becomes a miss use the word and it becomes a work that we need to drop out of our vocabulary we need to abandon the concept because it will lead us into fanaticism and extremism there you have the gospel but what gospel of I just described to you my friends this is the gospel of Christianity that I just described to you this is the Christian gospel that is proclaimed throughout the Christian world this has been the Christian gospel for seventeen centuries of the Christian era this is the gospel that is preached at the great Christian rallies in which thousands come down to the altar to give their hearts to Jesus Christ this is mainstream Orthodox Christianity that I've just described to you it is no Johnny-come-lately it is not something late on the scene and just by the way this is the gospel that my colleague Doctor Desmond Ford was bringing to America thirty years ago and you say what we took care of that problem that problem got settled yes who is a featured speaker one week from today that the Loma Linda campus Hill church someone from Australia wrote this and we need to think very carefully pastors from Australia the church today believes in essentially the same as it has almost very contentious issues for which he was dismissed subsequent Adventist thinking in North America seems to have moved closer to his position and further away from those from that of those who dismissed him why do I keep talking about the subject matter talking about it for over twenty years now because it's bigger today and more crucial today than it was thirty years ago when Desmond Ford was in North America it is a more dominating issue today in the Seventh-day Adventist church than ever before that's what this gospel is it is the gospel of Christianity it is the gospel that Christianity has been teaching for a long long time now you notice there are fruits in the branches of history what fruits are borne by this tree well judgment is there any need for a judgment weight I just sat escaping type pain of course not those are not relevant to salvation all this gospel needs is a good recording Angel secretary who can record saved January twenty five nineteen ninety four check down the list never rejected Christ will say but judgment is superfluous irrelevant unnecessary and that's why he denied it thirty years ago not because Daniel is so hard to figure out but because this Gospel needs no judgment it just needs a recording of accepting or rejecting Jesus Christ and so the judgment becomes a question what else does what Ellen G White becomes a question as well the regional letter that was sent from my parents of young people to Andrews University how do we keep our teenagers in touch with Christ for starters the six messages to young people and all other compilations there is not a shred of gospel in the law number two listen carefully stop publishing steps to Christ which is simply another works approach to salvation now why would good Seventh-day Adventist parents take that approach to how we save our young people and particularly to the book steps to Christ all take it back now sixty years to a gentleman who was an evangelical Christian in nineteen fifty you published a magazine called eternity magazine any review of the book steps to Christ and he said the book is false in all its parts but why is that because my friends book steps to Christ does not teach the gospel it just gone over with you in the last twenty minutes is totally opposite it has words like surrender and commitment and believing and obedience that dreaded word and that is totally foreign to this gospel this gospel hates those concepts they like them for witnessing and they like them for community living but not for salvation not for our relationship with Christ and that's why these parents thought that would be a good idea to stop publishing the book steps to Christ's questions about Ellen why questions about the law if it is true that we are breaking the law constantly and sin is the transgression of the law him we talk about the lobbying and is you at the end of time whenever a law keeper is a lawbreaker constantly and every Sabbath keeper is a Sabbath breaker constantly by nature if not by conscious joints and these issues become questions as well and so another letter comes into the Adventist review far too long we were taught that in order to be saved we must keep the Sabbath and all the other things associated with legalism far too long and we move higher on that tree those much disputed areas of standards and health they raise them and interesting discussion every time we bring them up now obviously obviously those are areas other sites syndication and the gospel salvation is about justification this gospel says so clearly we should put those in a secondary category things good things helpful but not relevant to salvation not necessary for our relationship with Christ they just come along they come later to a degree so let's not make a big fuss over these issues there is a way one author put it God salvation is so extravagant so comprehensive that it can be increased or diminished by what we eat drink or where increased or diminished notes exercise and a good diet contribute to a long and useful life but they don't add to our salvation in other words non- salvation will issues productive helpful useful but not salvation another person said this we have administered oral traditions thou shalt not go to movies in a movie house thou shalt not dance socially even thou shalt not drink coffee these extra doctrinal and lifestyle tradition are added by individual church members by subgroups within the church or by the force of tradition please notice the Bible as their skirt atrocities there it is my tradition or subgroups or individual church members that these various things are part of our church teachings another person said it this way members give assent to various standards and rules as a condition of membership in the organization we need to keep in mind that this assent is not related to their salvation only to be a member of the Seventh-day Adventist church so why do we tell people they shouldn't smoke and drink when they come into the Adventist church not because it's a salvation issue but because that's the rule of the church this is the way the church said it standards way back under fifty years ago and if you want to be a part of our little club you give up smoking and drinking all the smoke and drink astilbe say that's not the point you just remember that every club has its rules and you and you want to be part of us these are our rules though I believe something to be correct from a religious perspective it is not a matter of salvation may be right but is not salvation will there you have the way the gospel of Christianity has impacted doctrines and lifestyle issues of the Seventh-day Adventist church questions have been raised on every issue and you please notice that the bottom of old tree is another word what's that word way back when this Gospel was first developed in the third and fourth centuries everyone believed in predestination there was no other option God decided if you are to be saved or lost and that was it don't question of who are you to question God and for centuries that was the way of Christianity it is strange I think that while predestination is slipped out from under the foundation of this gospel you Gospel itself is still believed by most of Christianity now I think I will get all of you to agree in what I'm going to say next I believe the Bible teaches that God does not decide for us who say them lost we make that decision free choices the bottom line of the entire great controversy in the record of Scripture based on free choice my friends and I believe a completely different gospel develops and is on the other side of your page what is sin in this gospel sin is not an accident of birth sin is not being born on the wrong side of heaven is railroad tracks sin is not being in a situation that you have no control over and can do nothing about in this gospel sin is always always a decision of the will a choice of the mind it is never a state without first being chosen then it becomes the states that you live in but the other gospel says you are born a sinner before you ever made a choice anyway one way or the other this gospel says sin a sin for which we are laws the sin for which we are condemned is always a decision of the will we make sure space on that Jesus Christ our Savior can actually accept the working of the great law of heredity believe it or not he doesn't have to be exempted from heredity to somehow protect him from touching sin was Christ contaminated when he touched the leper my friends but yet Christianity believes he was contaminated by taking humanity upon himself that he took humanity the way it is now today in his time and since the time of Adam he would've been a contaminated center that's what Christianity teaches ideally and again remembering what I said don't believe it because I say so we most this afternoon from the word of God and we will have outlines for you to read and a Goldman study for yourself I believe that Jesus Christ took whatever heredity handed to every human being and with that very very defective brand of humanity he showed the power of God and he showed what God could do as our brother said last night through Christ only is power and there is no other pop moving to the third point justification you notice the word sanctification is included there in this gospel both are critically important to the salvation process it is not just one or the other because you see sanctification is just one part one aspect of God 's saving process is not being saved and then something it is all one part about God save the center and transforms that sooner they both grow together on let's put it this way let's say you see a person ensures it will marvelous testimony for Jesus Christ all the Lord has done some great things it is likely just praise the Lord for sins forgiven and four victories gained and for jobs acquired and for help in all manner of online and say what that's a great testimony I want to know more about this man he has something that I'd like to have a decide the following home from church one day and you notice a strange thing is he gets out of his car with his family apparently there's been a little something brewing in the car on the way from church because the moment he gets out of the car these yelling at a guess they must've done something in the car and all the way up the walkway begets more strident and yelling at his kids and his wife steps into the picture to try to protect the wrath of the father for most kids and all of a sudden he starts yelling at her and by the time they opened the door you meeting is why what you think is something wrong with that testimonial justification by faith is there something lacking in what Batman 's experience seems to be is inside the vacation perhaps the Holy Spirit within him let's turn it around let's say a person is a very careful Sabbath keeper a very faithful type they are very careful in his church activities living and upright life living by all the standards of the church when you talk to that person face-to-face there is no joy there is no peace there is no happiness is all about the terrible things that is going through and I can never find peace and happiness and everything is going wrong all the time that's all he talks about is there something wrong with that experience is justification somehow be missed from that picture the piece of guilt forgiven taken away remove both of them are like two currents in the ocean they better flow together or we're in trouble they must be in harmony with each other now if you forget everything else I've said this morning listen carefully for what I'm going to say right now the difference between these two gospels were describing what would be one word the one word that would summarize the whole Christian gospel on the left-hand side of your page what is the word that tells you you are a saved individual justification which means forgiving it's if you are forgiven you are saying end of discussion forgiveness equals salvation forgiveness is the key word in that gospel and again I want to share with you why again reading from someone who believes that gospel justification is one hundred percent Christ's own perfect meritorious work done for us follow through the movie as a cooperative work I work and God works justification is God 's work sanctification is my work fifty percent at least and got bitches in a little bit the other fifty percent therefore obviously justification is the only part of salvation that matter that's the first gospel when God justifies us the singular hundred percent the same we are completely forgiven one hundred percent free from our guilt I agree God justifies us one hundred percent but you see God is somewhat limited he can justify a five hundred percent but you know we can't sanctify us a hundred percent maybe sixty percent is all I can really do the other forty percent are too hard even for God if you believe God can justify you one hundred percent the next question becomes do you believe God can sanctify you one hundred percent in please notice I did not say can you sanctify yourselves even fifty percent yet we have this great problem with God sanctifying us completely how powerful is our God how much can you do in a human experience can you do what you say but don't we do most of the work inside the vacation head in justification when you are forgiven do you have to do something to be forgiven thee and I have to believe in Jesus Christ is that not a condition do not have to surrender your life to him and say Lord I'm yours you have to make that decision you not have to say Lord I'm sorry for what I did last week last month is that unnecessary repentance of those are not meritorious but are they conditions to receiving God 's gracious meritorious gift of justification so you do something don't you to be justify but in sanctification well let's look at that how many sabbaths can you keep by good intentions and good resolutions all you can keep a lot of Saturdays you can keep them for the rest of your life the greatest Saturday keepers in the Bible were the Pharisees of course they were they had every rule for every situation you had no questions about any particular situation you might come up against vacant Saturday very well but what Jesus think of their Sabbath keeping he spent a good share of his life trying to teach those Pharisees to become Sabbath keepers for the first time in their lives because my friend Sabbath keeping is a result of a holy life inwardly expressed in a holy Sabbath they outwork that Sabbath keeping and we cannot keep the Sabbath day not even one without experience of the Holy Spirit living in our lives so who does the Sabbath keeping bottom line friends if the Holy Spirit and God I make the decision I choose to keep the Sabbath from Friday night sundown Saturday night Sunday I make that decision just like I make the decision to accept Jesus as my Savior and then I say Lord I'm absolutely helpless even keep the first Sabbath in my life please enter my life and make me a holy person and then we can keep the Sabbath day so sanctification is one hundred percent God 's work my friends I just choose to make certain decisions that allow God to help make that happen in my life so justification the vacation together now if God can set justify the hundred percent entity can sanctify me a hundred percent can he possibly just made me perfect to me one hundred percent all know we can talk about back in way but you see that for we are thank God doesn't have quite enough power to do what he did in Jesus Christ in my life I want to share with you something right here that I think you'll enjoy God works like an infinitely skillful physician he can save and heal anyone trust them she is not at all satisfied when we come to his office just to be forgiven the purpose is to bring us to the place where we would have to ask for forgiveness anymore he offers to feel that place where people do their thinking then they won't violate those rules anymore because they don't even want to cut all the bad habits are gone the sound that sounds ominously like perfection too many servant believers that is the ultimately burdensome requirement but servants are different than friends she says friends CDs this as a promise friends don't want God to settle for anything less would you ask a physician not to heal you completely would you say seventy five percent healing will be quite sufficient thank you to servants who think of salvation is dealing with their legal problems perfection is yet another requirement to friends who think of salvation is healing the damage sin has done perfection is an incredibly generous offer servants want to be completely forgiven friends want to be completely healed about that matter perfection the heavily position my call after us as we walk away from his office don't worry about that I so designed my universe that it's a law people become like the person they worship and admire if you really stay my trusting friends perfection will come I'm not saying you won't struggle anymore but the struggle won't be the same servant struggle to overcome sin by trying to stamp it out friends know they can only get rid of sin by crowding it out with the truth if there's any hope my friends of that word that scares us to death perfection it is there that it is a gift from God it is the ultimate the bulk most beautiful gift he has ever offered throughout six thousand years of human history all right this gospel that I just gone through with you someone said very nicely we can summarize this gospel with one word remember the summary of the other gospel forgiveness we can summarize the gospel with the word restoration and that was the next words this is my former general conference president by the way this emphasis what emphasis restoration this emphasis makes Seventh-day Adventist theology unique there is the everlasting gospel my friends that Adventism has been called to proclaim to the world because no one else is doing it they are proclaiming forgiveness very well they are not proclaiming healing and restoration very well at all and Adventism has been called to give this message the everlasting gospel to the world and then he said marrying strange theology with Adventist theology can justifiably be described as patchwork feel and my friends we've been patching together with the Christian understanding of the unique yet that is understanding and it's a mishmash remember ten new wine be held in old wineskins on up the tree do we need a judgment doesn't need to be settled before all the universe why some people are there that we don't think should've been there and why other people aren't there that we think should of been there because God needs to read the intents of the heart and their expressions in the life you need to be clear for all beings everywhere and what about Ellen G White I found this from Dwight Nelson pastor of the Andrews University church if you've been in the Seventh-day Adventist church very long at all you've been tempted to not believe in this profit stuff in today's religious environment it's embarrassing to be different it's embarrassing to have a profit in your movement your considered it off a little strange and so we had gone quiet about Ellen why without any fanfare or apology we simply gone silent don't quarter from the pulpit we admonish each other just read the word didn't she get some counsel to that effect the time has come this close to the end of her civilization to re-examine reflect restudy and recommit ourselves to the mission and message of that woman the most prolific female author in the history of the human rights it's time to stop apologizing for ministry both in our own movement at outside of the room then he really really stepped on our toes I was liking it so much we shouldn't call these the red books there really the unread books why would he go and do that to us does it make much difference if we hold a bonfire in the back of our yards and burn those books so they don't trouble us anymore or if we leave them all in pristine condition on our bookshelves doesn't make much difference in my friends that we ignore them while saying we believe that God is sent a messenger for the Adventist movement and setter aside on everything that matters we have rejected God 's voice to a host of the well what about the law how many of us feel good on our lofty being there is something I have kind of regularly is anyone willing to volunteer for me to follow them home with a video camera and videotape everything that you say or do for a period of one month and at the end of that month you will be my exhibit a that a person with a fallen nature can keep God 's law perfectly I don't usually get many volunteers on that so how can we say in the Seventh-day Adventist churches of the law can be capped when none of us are willing to stand up and say here's how to do it watch me where is our proof that fallen nature but costs can obediently keep God 's law all the time where is our proof Jesus Christ is our only probe because no human being has demonstrated that has a proven reality we just pitch in and on along for the ride on partial levels but the one person who has proved that the law can be kept all during one's life is Jesus Christ but what one of the Dugan unfallen nature or even partially fallen nature what would that improve that a person with a unfallen nature the Angels could keep God 's law it wouldn't prove a thing about us today and that promise of the hundred forty four thousand would become empty words because no one in the history of this Earth has ever kept a log up perfectly in a fallen nature unless Jesus Christ you is not just a theological issue my friends it's a matter of whether the Adventist church succeeds or fails in its mission and becomes the last generation or forty four thousand all right up to the top of the tree almost if we are not saved by health reform vegetarianism whatever then what's the point of it all let's say find a person in the streets of your town not in good shape and you bring that person your home because he is willing to learn a better way and you teach them the principles of health reform the right diet the right spirit the right attitude water everything in only eight laws of health and that person follows exactly what you've been telling him or her to do and you know what that person statistically will probably live seven to nine years longer than his or her next-door neighbor if he follows your advice and then the man dies of old age and he wakes up in the wrong resurrection at the end of the thousand years outside the city of God have we done that man any good we gave them freedom from cancer is not what health reform is all about and I have a heart attack resolve our art we get our mission my friends is that what health reform law is not about that at all the mind and the body are one unit what affects the mind will affect the body what affects the body will affect the mind where's the place that God does his saving work in the mine one of the body is all clogged up with all kinds of bad blood and bad things that you're putting into your body what is happening to that precious mind that you have is getting clogged up to you know what health reform is all about getting the body cleaned up so God is a fighting chance to save our souls end of discussion that's what it's all about anything else is a side benefit if you get seven more years of life that society benefits getting the body cleaned out so God is a fighting chance to say the soul so his health reform important or unimportant about standards of the church obviously again they don't say this whenever not talk about all the standards put together what we want our entertainment are reading our music even what we wear all of those things what purpose did I have for my friends if you were to listen to your pastor and do what your pastor said seventy five percent of the time and then listen to your favorite TV personality and do what he or she says twenty five percent of the time who will win that little battle that tug-of-war your pastor doesn't have a chance beside up his fallen nature remember that just takes a little time for me right on over we had two voices communicating with us all the time don't wait are they both good communicators do they know very effective ways of reaching the mind you know what standards are all about to close down as far as humanly possible the avenues by which they can speak freely to the soul straight again to close down as far as humanly possible the avenues by which Satan can communicate with our minds and fill our minds with his version of right and wrong if we can close down a few those channels is that open a few more for God and a second got a better chance to save our souls it got us more communication time with our minds that's what standards are all about giving God a fighting chance to save our souls for Jesus Christ I like what was suggested by someone it is sad to see the illusion popularized that such lifestyle issues as diet and adornment come from a quote religious perspective but our quote not a matter of salvation if the written counsel of God addresses a subject it must be salvation related or God were will there is a good principle to follow if the written counsel of God addresses the subject it must be salvation related or God would've left alone so I want to close with a little suggestion for messages to young people page three fifty seven I would ask the youth of today who profess to believe present truth wherein they deny self for the truth say when they really desire and article address or some ornament or convenience do they lay the matter before the Lord in prayer to know if his spirit would sanction this expenditure of me in the preparation of their clothing are they careful not to dishonor their profession of faith it is one thing to join the church and quite another thing to be united to Christ and that's a decision that comes close to the hearts of everyone of us is we want to be united with Christ so we've looked this morning at two Gospels remember not with any Bible evidence not with any proof but only for our thought and reflection I believe that the devil is trying to derail the Seventh-day Adventist church not on the basis of the immortality of the soul of Sunday sacredness but on the basis of false gospel I believe this is the biggest counterfeit that Satan is ever developed in the history of mankind entity can only get Seventh-day Adventist to drop this unique special gospel that is called the everlasting Gospel and the three Angels messages that he will have that one last group in his hands and he continues to run this earth for another how many years the only way he gets kicked off this planet is that God 's children decide that they will live and share God 's true gospel to the entire world and not be ashamed of it and Satan knows that very well that if that ever happens his time is very sure and I want us desperately to be the last generation that will ever face things onslaught I want to be voting Satan out of office in this election time every sin we commit is a vote for Satan to keep on going every act of obedience is a vote for Christ in Satan 's rule on this plan and that's what it is all about the abuse Seventh-day Adventists we have something you need we have something special don't trade it away for a method by which don't get away for something that will cause us to be more liked by other churches or other even Seventh-day Adventists this is something that needs to be the heart and soul of everything we stand for and everything we are so I will ask you to think seriously about the subject I think it is the most important subject we will ever consider as Seventh-day Adventists and again remember don't believe it because I set up this morning study it for yourself we will continue our study this afternoon make sure you know from the word of God what is a very unpopular teaching today throughout the Christian world if you're going to believe it because as we were told earlier today you will take some some acts of crucifying if you choose to believe this gospel from those who believe you are going down a very dangerous path May God bless us May God help us to be seventh day Adventist once and for all and for all eternity


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