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The Coming Oil Crisis

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church




  • September 17, 2008
    7:30 PM
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him we are in need of your race we are in need of your Holy Spirit and I are not I especially come down as a father his angels seek their place in his home for good and I may need your angels demonstrate the story is not a gourmet some soul who came into this room nonchalantly not expecting anything serious happened in his or her life may that person come face-to-face with you tonight prepare therefore prepare off hiding behind your cross Jesus and his name we pray amen while I would like to thank at CYC for the invitation to speak to you and I pray that this will be a blessing to you my little five -year-old girl certainly prays that this will be a blessing to you see I got here today and she said okay that he can come home now I said I discount for these and then I'll be back before you know it and so I will pray that God will really speech was over these next few days through his work how many of you are looking forward to being regenerated a man prays a lot you know we are living in an incredible five you realize how incredible things are happening all around us this weekend big events over the last couple of weeks and months things have been unfolding that are sending Seventh-day Adventists back to the Bible and the spirit of prophecy this evening I like to talk to you about what I've entitled the coming oil crisis the coming oil crisis and I believe the mother that the oil crisis coming to realize when all prices are in the coming oil crisis will I believe ultimately affect everyone about and we'll read some will be many on planet earth and of receiving the market to be such an eyewear that you apart this saw this oil prices that will show you a couple of thoughts I found interesting there are ninety eight oil-producing countries how many knew that good I didn't know it events on the United States oil producing countries in the world although the liability sixty of them have reached their geological peak in other words they are now scientists believe that takes the other ninety countries are running out of oil was seconded to him I am the fact that when demand exceeds one supply chaos discovery coming to believe that a couple of interesting things when when this takes place when when oil gets more and more scarce it drives the price of the regular meeting of the fire and one thing that increases his crime I had one of my members parked in the parking lot of our church ensemble at a full tank of gas and after the service one outside car wouldn't start someone had siphoned the stolen is people are getting desperate enough everything else is going on and when prices go up crime lawlessness increases travel is also becoming more difficult because of the oil crisis on my way here had three bad with me they will not charge me a hundred and forty dollars for the three that you don't look surprised by coated with us all the time that airlines are charging for everything water is about the hospice money on that on the same but oil prices aren't hard-driving it is causing travel to be more difficult up on prices like this on the going out people are reverting to drive beginning and even that is becoming more and more strenuous because of oh or the we know that because of this there many people are looking for one alternative forms of energy alternative sources of energy that I believe that this oil prices that is causing crime to increase as causing travel to become more difficult that is leading people to look for different alternative sources all things anonymously a major role in bringing about the final events we've often spoken about the Bible actually tells us and has spoken a long logo upon in all price in case you thought tonight I was in a bore you with the oil crisis that is taking place in the Middle East and in here in this country unless you open your Bibles if you have them to the book of Matthew chapter twenty five Matthew chapter twenty five please notice with me verse one then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins which took how I hope you are ready tonight and went forth to meet the bridegroom and five of them were wise and five were sold as date net worth so they stood there and took no just kidding them in the fact that some children on with men rest for both alive him while on the article in their vessels with their lamps while the bridegroom they all slumbered and slept and neither was a cry made behold the bridegroom cometh go ye out to meet him then all buzzwords as I will trim down my and the foolish said unto the wise GMS on your audio fatherland had gone out I didn't have a CD supply I believe that the oil prices that is going on in the physical world today is simply didn't be distracting or different in God 's people the mind of God 's people from the real oil crisis that we are facing and not as an oil crisis that is happening in the very midst of God 's church today .com only Christ the Bible says continuing on in verse nine but the wise answered and said not so they're not be enough of us and you will will e-mail them to sell and buy for yourselves and while they went to buy the bridegroom came and they that were ready went in with him to the knowledge and the door was shut working most of the greatest things on or about the last many hours offender is sent to you I know you not watch therefore for you know neither the day nor the hour that the son of man cometh beloved we are looking at a person is describing the church in the last days and not versatile the time is coming where we will find ourselves in an oil price what do I want to be concerned with me to the book of Exodus chapter twenty seven very quickly Exodus twenty seven Exodus chapter him I want to notice with me first twenty Exodus twenty seven verse twenty the Bible says there and also command the children of Israel that they bring the VPR while on your army uniform not like the constellation to burn how following we see are from the first of August that the purpose of audio in God 's mind was the constellations to burn how are we continually done on Linux would never go for the purpose five on the field with five forties writings did not have enough audio and therefore there now went out but noise again with me the book of Zechariah chapter four Zechariah the fourth chapter Zechariah chapter four notice with me first for rabbit was the first to seventy centimeter by CSI set out and I said I looked in the holy candlestick of gold with a ball on the top of the seven lamps thereon seven five zero seven lands which were upon the top thereof and to all native trees bonded one upon the right side of the pool the unemployment is slanted stick to the angel that talked with me think where these my lord then the angel that talked with me accidents Anthony Nolan not with BB and I said no my Lord they say consented to me this is the word of the Lord of the Zerubbabel saying not by my normal high-power five nine one everything that was what he was seeing their was that I wasn't writing and it was the audio cause the lamp to burn he says what he is an angel tells him that Burns not by might nor by power but by God 's want Sarasota Ohio represents everyone the holy spirit there is a crisis in Doster 's will try music pastor I don't understand this in the Bible tells of the book of John Jesus is the time is coming where they gotten worse in the most immersive me in one spirit and in truth the purpose God has given the Holy Spirit to us is to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ they want everyone personal relationship therefore when the Bible tells us that these five foolish virgins were unprepared it is simply another website these I was married and did not have a personal relationship with Jesus cry some of the times October thirty first nineteen hundred otherwise of this for all who desire to follow him his example is left on record programming error sanctified his ministry what's and found his ministry crater strength and vigor for the twenty billion are derived from worshiping God in the beauty of holiness those must be the with the holy oil before its light can shine amid the moral darkness how do I get oil to fill my life I've got to pray there is in Christ in God 's sure today is a constant I don't see any Christ and listen fact many reef design real estate six thirty six everything in the world is in agitation we just noted probably by the way that each chaos hits when supply I him exceeds what supply what we are looking forward looking for no holy spirit led me ask you is there as sardines on the spirit of Ghana and are fitting me really for you the silent signs are ominous coming events cast their Southeast forth the Spirit of God is with you all I mean from your the crisis you feeling gradually upon the other because of the harness of men's hearts the Spirit of God is being moved as a way of being with you on some planet are our weekend in oil price the Bible tells Isaiah fifty five or six see the unborn while he now is the time for us to love is to get a personal relationship with Christ so number one we know the crisis because the Spirit of God is being removed from planner because men are hardened their hearts number two we also said that crime increases when ever there is a oil prices is an beloved there is a reason why there was so much riding and gossiping and fingering and anger and hatred in the discharge it is a sign that we are again and are priced because iniquity so on the Bible says love of many will want on your door prizes beloved whenever you just talk to someone else in the church at hitting that we are in an oil price so we see a lot of that not only are we finding on that him him him or him when he is increasing in the short hour of this while Christ is also affecting child as a pastor how one lives in the Bible tells us that God sends three Angels one three Angels messages and where are these angels to know into all the while child trial is on a while but I have not gone into all the more because God 's people are running out of fuel and out of your life you can see reason good good good okay guys people are running out of fuel and therefore they are how inside a method has been the name given to the ball around the world we still have a lot of work to do shine the floor that we had an oil prices when we do we realize that people are beginning to look for alternative man treats alternative farms of energy he said actually what can we substitute for genuine prayer what can we substitute tomatoes peeled and about our relationship with Jesus Christ I will use musing will use much she also will use cheap priced ad nauseam about what you will use whatever we can enter autocephalous and there are no alternative to this form of power in fact Ellen tells us try here him all away it is no secret of spiritual power all their means of grace can be thought into it in person and I have the soul be preserved prayer brings a hard immediate contact with the wellspring of life concern is the thing you went on muscle of the religious experience if you want to read Jenna may send there's only one way to gain Paris Paris even after we went into this new neglect the exercise of prayer or engage in prayer that my room now and then asking convenient and he recommends convenient don't need to and you will lose your hall on God 's spiritual faculties lose their vitality to the religious garments that help in figuring it is all a happy altar of God we can kindle our tape was within my five trainer what is the solution when you what is the solution the author come on somebody get no judicial meet in the words are looking for in the cellulose NCR crisis somebody tell me playing down to around you now you can get or shall all your civilians in Lima will be earned in him and him and try around we must both be with God the problem is we are we are not really where the oil is we are not going to even we are having a shallow trainer estimates a shallow religious experience and become another Vietnam going to end up in a very scary place the Bible tells us that the spirit started the he the one he gone if I cannot emphasize why journaling there are strong temptations before sorry that everything is in C forty seven the commandment keeping people gone on to prepare for this time of trial obtaining a key error a one and gave her a spearmint and the things I'm gone I called knowledge of the righteousness of Christ and him and the difference between the five Y and the five is the five Y decided to Drew the five police saw no need to dress this in the needle one here Jesus as our example for our panel the major battle that Jesus fought was where on a hill called Salama recallable golf club in Jesus and win the battle of will gospel was on hold onto no where was the it was just seven easy access Jesus won the battle of goal .com English sanity in other words Jesus will heal for Christ this is an beloved there are many of us are waiting for some major religion that Sunday law or some anti- announcement that sentiment about the Sundays phone and then click okay five minutes writing eleven this is exactly what the five owners birds and big and they waited around when the crisis hit I had always and only how many are in this room tonight when I you are being for Ms. right now you are to be honest with razor handle and razor but how many of us are sitting waiting watching for certain events before we said okay you know what on the Sunday law how can I bring the Sunday Christians rapture is our Sunday law eating cat for many people have faith when I see the ratchet in place that allow Donna Sears and are bound in writing from you when we see that you are not a son-in-law is to both the rapture is fictional so I'm not going to do now think they may but when we see the something off then on January the eleventh is exactly what the five virgins the Sun Tzu military strategists from things from the sixth century A.D. wrote this the victorious warrior means first and then goes to battle defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win you can catch that him falling off victorious war years when first told about defeated warriors going to battle and then seek to win beloved Jesus before he steps foot on the battlefield the whole Gospel one victory in Gethsemane that's why I like how does all she says the greatest victories to the church for Christ is what the church of Christ want to the individual Christian aren't not go that again or education on hold for the favor men they are those victories are gained an audience chamber with God when Ernest Adam faith is whole upon the mighty arm off the reason why there is an oil crisis in our church is because God 's people are not serious means you really so the question is the solution is to join the question is where do we do not want one in my backyard and start drilling people come I would be doing them to draw went on I thought you know you got a drill in the right place you've got to find the right location consult the Bible tell us where that place is one location as the reasonableness of this chapter twenty seven Exodus chapter twenty seven that this is so exciting then you should probably just say amen before I even say in the day I listened at this moment is twenty seven verse twenty the Bible says here and also also command the children of Israel that they bring VPR audio while on the D line will burn all we were relating the oil from the office but just the only be on the line beach some translations read the rules and any China help you out here you see I think of fifty three verse five speaks of Jesus Christ in excess of him that he was one who he was want to use for our work in which he he was bruised she was forced for hard-working but these do not want to understand something in Jesus founded in nineteen twenty six who can tell me where was Jesus blues and bruising beginning where it again where you come in nervous not one answer yes or if they can in your nominee you'll remember that Jesus as he prayed in the skews me in the garden began to walk great drops of blood that's where he's proposing they can but Bartlett is where a Gethsemane the bruising beginning where was the name of me him the him and him I Caesar's crash Arlene that would prove I already found that crews on some wherewithal will you rose this is amazing youth instructor September one eighteen seventy three my fifth visit the all new roles were his sanctuary for prayer there is secluded from every human eye he communed with his heavenly father is more of our first strengthen and buy his medication communion with God I love it if you want to all you you got to drill in Gethsemane you have your Gethsemane experience in the outcomes from facilities again starting at seven thirty four the blogs also act in the best on his one hundred temples all down his face and beard were the plants obvious unknowing seeing the art of glass that slow down his face he says with the place of the anointing when you're not going only if they will pass the house of the blood in order to thinking this revelation formers and then told us they overcame him I don't want to on the dynamite a word of their testimony the question is what is not relied on the lab are you ready for this enormity is when ACI is once you accept a man eat my are you talking about the you talking about the word of God this is what is is the word of God so the question is is it possible to get your life and yet have no life in you yes I live on the flask is in England so I can know I was always understand Revelation and Daniel gave a breakdown and still have no life in the usually does I is that everything that the blog is amazing that after things I very question and even the famed in the life of Jesus while he was there on our it was his prayer life in communion with God God moves in a cycle and the body 's natural log of the heart pumps the blood circulates around the body Jesus said Communion is life like the wireless I speak to you he said that Eric and they are like imagine this with me Jesus when he was speaking to his father will be like the blood brain are on her life on to everyone and it was speeding at the time it would be like the smell coming in Baghdad this morning and some inaccuracies as his father they are confusing you won't want I will communion which explains why kindergarten Gethsemane when Jesus began to speak to his father the wires were going up but nothing was coming down and the white horses and began to sweat great drops of blood because the communion was being broken half will when someone says football is in my blood boiling they need to immediately different in these laughable and possibly while I when we say when we talk about a lot on the lamb was given it was just come kneeling in with his father do you have got away using the first of because you feel that the father is not here in your prayers anymore what do you go about your day like do you have I I I I I I I Berry 's theory on Jesus Christ as Lord is it was not sold necessarily you understand now that the doubles gold job is to cut off the blood flow on all the oil supply between you and God so here's a question for anyone and I was very on hand and that one up but not exactly what he told his regular nobody was okay that is all he wanted how did the wise marriages become my the Bible tells them from one person and that the theater on the north is why the beginning of the five wise virgins and they fear the Lord it means that were willing to do whatever the Lord 's supper and then you will understand that solitary time and try here the five wise virgins stay in solitary time they were pressed him I also found also on women to deny self to have memorized before not to pray long and earnestly for his blessing me on obtaining wrestling with how do you know what it is and how you have ever had is so strong that gone with intensity and desire until every power was on display what is your Victorian when you read the Bible in your surface reading that God is calling us to go deeper the reason that the five wise will find the money is because anything is the day when school is trying to live because they enter into the school of Christ this is seated on their teacher and time in the timeline from depending on the line library of any is the mind of Christ that's why my being Angel was also in Christ Jesus and the teacher are properly attired facility and I don't have proper attire for school right Jesus the Bible tells us that it was put on the low Jesus Christ at prayer it is not and was sitting in the storm of crimes drilling deeper and deeper Jesus becoming more and more a personal and to then the five wise virgins didn't skip class you just didn't him skipping class in the morning it had been gone for the roll call me Johnny you Tina sleeping how many class did the foolish virgins did not come on class today I'm not benefit if either the teacher today they are having fun now this is boring on the more important thing to do a skit class a few more one on one to Mark Haslam stayed in school or else he will be eighty boy but my eye this is what they learn from them after they may get a personal relationship with you ever thought that unclassified minute and then left don't really do this camera here while you possibly learn from our class that you entered in and stayed there for five minutes and then left you can learn what anything of any grades of evidence to prepare you for the finals coming up the finals coming up the human quality and cost of almost any class on campus that last woman was gathering forty five minutes to an hour some wanted blood and listen to it if the earthly subjects take on art doll on Tomei forty five minutes to an hour to get the picture comes easy we should be giving to God as we him many of us enter the classroom we check here and then we disappear not realizing that I know is coming to find why were in school every day and because they were in school everyday they were prepared for the graduation ceremony they were prepared for their graduation pictures you sent my graduation pictures crime is sitting for his poetry in every best site and longing desire for the manifestation of himself in his charts and art of Christ sake perfectly reproduced in his people that he will come to clean them as his own desire Davis PhD twenty six and will be ready for you graduation pictures you realize when the Bible says that the mice were seen standing on the sea of glass mingled with fire Dino at the graduation ceremony when I want to take their crowns and leaned to the feet of Jesus loving you don't want to be left back for summer school these will be the most terrifying summer school you won't ever go to no summer school graduate I think of you I saw the finalize online because they went to school based in the classroom of Christ the White House again prayers will take the form of a conversation with my I will talk with a friend he was speaking ministries and also personally I will come to office suite Zweifel sent to the present of Jesus often our hearts brown there are women as he draws not to commune with us and indeed we need the five why you Jesus personally what about the five promised flavors for turning Whitney quickly problems Chapter twenty verse four Proverbs chapter twenty and verse for this is what the Bible says he is not heard will not want to buy reason of therefore shall she walked in a in heart and have those who refuse to follow the work of their you know what Israel because they were too lazy because I didn't want to put forth the effort that it will happen either see the motherboard it so that they will pay in the harvest time will be begging for a relationship with Jesus Christ it will be to me in fact I want to notice something would make this while Christ is actually pulls all the way back to having notice of the Isaiah chapter fourteen verse thirteen Isaiah chapter fourteen verse thirteen I know you know the Jays are things in there that I will say about the color how reading that you're reading now that fourteen birth eleven twelve around is that I want to thank the clown on meaningful work for cloud is actually a singular word and found it in some privacy translated now these I will send oh wow now why is that significant what is interesting when he said I was offhand but listen honey remember that God manifested himself in a cloud when the children of Israel through engaging as well say I will then compile I is not anything I will ascend above the other five percent is something else that I represented I come England on your men and God called more than opting to pay cloud to community the high priest must enter into the most holy place with a cloud of anything representing one everyone to pray your complaint the high priest could not entertain you with how this cloud in other words it was playing at the high priest had a connection with Christ Jesus himself except to enter into the artist presents with a come out he was setting an example for each run into the presence of God with not having personal communion with him what will happen to me will be one distraught consumed and Sullivan say what I can and I can thought myself without having a personal connection when John on April the ninth exile himself anything I can send hiking biking boating why I can be better than I can get better without being connected with God you know what many of us to think of it I can ascend into heaven I found such a deep deep deep prayer life in order to him I on Meet the Press I can send all know is in Ezekiel the Bible says is unwilling to shower up one of the white anointed me shine upon him anointing is not the anointing causes one to shy news of earth began to trust in the lives and forget about what do the five dates shall indemnify I know the truth about the same unlimited long to eat unclean from Andy thinking about the only thing she's the only one burning this we getting ready to close the time is coming where there would be no more oil available remedies in seven one four Choctaw to find where the four angels will stand on the one for corners of the earth and at that point in time there will be no more one oil available when they let go those four wins the crises he publishes something with you that's going to terrify off that's going to shop it shocked me when I heard her father from the Scripture something amazing the Bible says when the five foolish virgins went to the five live at the five whys told them what do they tell them call and want by for your self was not good in my novel you say why optional because I know that point exclamation mark will some time now and which honestly listen in and buy for yourselves by probation and all information goals anyone who wants to buy or sell monster receives who is in for his part seemed now all thoughts of why the problem is no more audio is on family not sure that everyone is to get a price small relationship with Jesus Christ the problem is that I am going to buy quality will they realize that the only one available is already consolidating all that much people and when a man who you can and so they go out into the dark Seventh-day Adventist I think a lot of you are going to hear will try I love being on the parents will come upon you and that will put in the darkness each in chief because the one we had a personal Jesus seven p.m. because they are not gone will not be able to tell the difference between a counterfeit Christ and Jesus Christ himself and his crew know the truth and is well-known for signing up at the sanctuary because they fail to secure the oil before the crisis they will pray father giveth nice theory and Satan will breathe upon them and on who will be infinitely in which there is life but no sleep the joy or peace because of his race here Matthew twenty five Matthew twenty five past ten once you notice this not try five firsthand the Bible says here while they went to buy the bridegroom came what is the bridegroom comes that's what second coming I him were ready went in with him to the national door was shut father what everyone second what second coming after word came also the other virgins when it's afterward when is it when an afterword at the other virgins column today to the geese it's after the one one thousand years or so five is versus what is resurrection when my husband in his resurrection and it will react and said very there that sound to you I know you know you that I just painted a picture for you on the oil price that is a God who is so loving that he would be in picture form rests from his one or is there a need to go down this route I believe everything you need to be prepared Mrs. Hatch never be deceived I know this stuff on it with no less than the wider can see her someone is in regards tonight you realize you realize you are being overly cards are a challenge like the same Lord is known in him him him him him we will teach me trim to Camille and I have come down and from one this is your practice I stay right where you are going on in some of you that want training I'm talking about those our new Homeland I abuse her upcoming second appeal the Mills and Boon nor my hairspray and wanting to save you time and have an ending is something that is what I is mind-boggling you need to read in my life that is in harmony mean that like razor reasoning I can see so how does I have to ask you as you raise your hand and leaves leaders in NYC until then I want that made my decision with a razor hen night as I myself is my magazine he is to you same thought is that I find them on and off what am I waiting for you know the devil says says what he had tonight you're saying now is the time not him I mean I saw an old durable minions and become me why I first the razor he really nice and free nice passing through to the own is not a bad thing to have to during rush he says you're young you have time or another this don't happen and we really know what happened this past week she mourns as good as you want and to remain as I will not sign up for what he is saying that he is the only national and now was why we reason and pain a heavenly father the devil he is going home she and the Martin's findings rain tonight that we might all in his own least amount five striking him in the oil of your sigh is the devil he will this were the only team that is on her and she is saying is what you are doing is the sound of trailing trailing things in Jesus name we pray amen


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