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The Oil Crisis Part 2: Striking Oil

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church




  • September 18, 2008
    7:30 PM
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over you is is to be here with you and I you and I is a cancer that K very before I see the message is just see a little bit about myself minimum that is very bit of it I'll be sharing in more detail on Sabbath and one of my workshops in in my college years nineteen ninety between nineteen ninety and nineteen ninety three my my brother to the science myself we signed an eight pound contract with EMI records we were excited because we had found a hip-hop group and it was our dream to become superstars so we signed this eight thousand eight hundred thousand dollar contract with EMI records and dropped out of school totally excited if you have seen me this eleven twelve years ago dreadlocks pants sagging my codename was CEO it yes from Star Wars my brothers code-named Jedi could tell we were into and the self-healing because I wanted to have the appealing of wisdom him I was not brought up a in any particular religion so I never heard of the term Seventh-day Adventist until it was introduced to us while we were recording our first album and halfway through that how is my friend and I were hanging out smoking and drinking we met at a Seventh-day Adventist smoking and drinking with us we do know he was a Seventh-day Adventist we didn't know what a Seventh-day Adventist flat but he noticed that at all lyrics we would talk about the book of Revelation had no idea what we were talking about taking notice that we had an interest in the Bible and so one night as we were all hanging out smoking and drinking yes that's what data do we think the Sabbath is our southwestern as niche here today myself and probably there was maybe about twenty or so people that had less schools you know the party life with us and almost all of us got baptized into the church including my younger brother who is now pastoring in Atlanta and ever since I was introduced to this message it has held a very special place in my heart I was sharing with us someone just a couple days ago that when the first walking walking to an administration in twenty of us in dreadlocks that parents should involve him twenty thread law shown down jewelry wearing baggy pants guys walking into a Seventh-day Adventist church we sat down and every theme the pastor said God is love we work such as this is the deepest thing we have for him and he was a remember to pay your time I can't wait to tell the world and everybody is sitting around the flight and teenagers here he say anything sees us is God what is the matter with and so that's continued on to some extinct enough of how they get excited about my new armament committed to the test and I thought you know I have learned so much in like two months I was convinced that anyone that was in its search for life three years and above I just want to follow their feet and worship tell me everything you know and though each seemed to be beloved that as I came in I felt that I had found stressor that other people exists what kind of kicking to the fact and so excuse my excitement because unfairly siding on it hasn't worn off that I haven't gotten used to it and probably will ever get these to me I want to try to instill that that him sure that all of the shredder than many of you have been privileged to grow up being I wish I was better I would have all the www. case that I have to deal with being out in the world and being polluted by Satan you those of you without the privilege on I beg of you don't shriek the precious Pro like God a man and since I come into this shows us a message has been has become the center of my preaching out of Whitehall state not allowed trash the loud cry want to pray with me as we begin in the book of Revelation chapter eighteen are liked by his heavenly father I just this morning this past addition I asked tonight will help that you would please God us deeper into your word tonight Lord as we talk about oil prices again as we talk about the solvency of striking boy Lord teaches the hearts maybe feel this is not prayer in Jesus name amen Revelation Chapter eighteen verse one the Bible tells us year after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven having great power and the earth was lightened with Hughes glory we are told in the final days that God at this flag will be enlightened with the glory will be in the life and what that word means people will become it is only an asset for are you sure all the gods people celebrate the birth with his glory which means if they are not lightly or if they must have glass while the Bible tells us where that chlorine is what is that Lori woodwinds the carcass of Eli where I found the answer is second Corinthians chapter four verse six that I can't tonight so I may not give you time in your Bibles but I encourage you to turn anyway second Corinthians chapter four verse six the Bible says Annan who commanded the light to shine out of darkness in our hearts to give the light on the knowledge on the already drawn and in the shade of Jesus Christ so where is the glory of God found everyone in the face of Jesus Christ notice as they glory that is found in the faith of Jesus Christ that is so lightly be in your world the faith of Jesus is to be revealed to the world and I want to notice with me Exodus chapter thirty three this chapter thirty three because without them we must understand that we must get back glory we are the ones Jesus will not come down himself he wants to manifest his glory through your lot so that leaves as long as to the question atheism reveal the glory of his face through I then while on our knees to be lighted up our facing each other he wants shiny facing all right notice with me how do we get shiny fantasies the Bible tells us along the notice exhibition him recently to access thirty three and a look at verse nine as his chapter thirty three verse nine the Bible says here and it came to pass as Moses entered into the tabernacle the cloudy pillar descended and stood at the door of the tabernacle and Denard talked with movie notice with me again verse ten and the king and all the people saw the cloudy pillar standing at the door and all the people rose up and mercy every man in his ten door the Bible tells us here that Moses spoke withdrawn in the lot God descended in a while wow Moses spoke with Donna in the cloud in fact if you notice with the Exodus chapter thirty four Exodus chapter thirty four and notice verse five Exodus thirty four verse five the microfilm was here and the defendant in the cloud and stimulating their and proclaimed while the name of the Lord more this has been called out numerous times Moses had been invited to speak what God is tomorrow and in in the class will not hardly remember what the clown represent the cloud is the leaching police the cloud is the place where we are called to commune with God remember yesterday we learned that taking said I will exalt myself up on a cloud I don't believe I got a personal in our relationship with Christ I need a face-to-face connection with God I need to talk to God remember we also learned that the high priest could not enter into the tabernacle except him a sense of representing while praying I saw the envelope is the meeting place and I don't want to know is with me verse twenty nine it came to pass when Moses came down from the mount with the two tables of testimony in Moses and when he came down from the mouth I knew not the skin he is so wildly talk with the amount of you want to sign facing but on the way to think that that will live signing our faith is to go there the world is in communication with now is it is gone more still face to face in his face shone like and we understand here that unless the people I'm gone right to enter into the secret place of the most high cloud cloud at the more you will not want shine in those final day you will notice only writings page two seventy eight speaking about the last days as you want out of life as servants of God endowed with power from on high with their faith the walls I know I'm shining with a holy concentration and forth to proclaim the message from heaven beloved here was the point that the spirit of God among us who he removed on harmonious phase the spirit of God must move upon the policy the Bible says why do you hold me leading to a change you know we all will say on Jesus 's new class is in our prayer time and my weight is why the devil does not want you to drill are you getting the picture and I will know that a few Wii and Gmail instantly and if I plan I really know where a single hair and clobber you will see he will speak in Jesus Christ as it were face-to-face we won't behold him and my beautiful and we didn't come off exchange mouths into this when I came out and manifested himself and when she does manifest itself in the cloud to Israel was the reason why was the purpose of the clock in Israel and Jordan Israel where agent into the promised land the class was given to them to say listen I will direct you I will lead you as long as you say approximately what you did with me that's the message of the class how many understand that the cloud was given to us for us to follow the same United and graduation the other day in your directories and you always hear you know I'll follow your dreams following a heart I say no follow follow the plow because the client will never steer you incorrectly sometimes I want to follow me and by the way you understand you know when Jesus was off in the wilderness who likened the people CRA has seen Jesus was following the spirit at all I was glad I found by the spirit that's what it means but I have a spirit in life your following the no-fly we had trouble whenever we decide whether to walk in a different direction than the cloud is going so when Caesar from having on class I know why you may see and now Lord have mercy is coming for those who are you following the clown on you see it in the South Atlantic also where you want to cloud those who are using the face-to-face communication when it was on the following is caught on I have no problem to the father Clark opted a heavenly promise way are you following the car are you having personal space to face communication with Christ to understand the cloud is the meeting place and that's my first Thessalonians tells us that we shall mean the Laurel where in the in in in a one in the car we soundly dolor in the car why will we need the Lord in the car because we've been used to walk meeting him in the car honor we may use the talking to him we you will be deeper when Jesus comes again he comes with a cloud because he says this representing those who have been personally read with me those who have drew true deep that's why the devil has put a ban on drilling than is part of and only allow access also enjoy Saudis as not you can trail you got a side note you can drill you got to sleep knowing you can't drill you don't have to go to know you can shut you up feeding a July is a ban on drilling because he realized this while drilling will do he does not want the spirit of God on to move upon our safety is the theme of the meeting to others on this weekend read generate the doubles want to drill you want to get regenerated you see all you the oil of the spirit is renewable renewable energy can anybody use renewable energy God says I will reveal you that I think I will graduate how I say I will never cause you to get on a worn out if you only drilled deep if you already meet with me face to face as some but the output has been you want to talk please why doesn't the Spirit of God was upon the face then we become new creations anybody interested in becoming a new creation anyone interested in the spirit of God moved upon you and let me tell you what the devil fears you see the Bible satisfied for this five seventeen if any man being in Christ he is why a new creature or a new creation he is really generated when I think about that sermon on it I understand this is what adulterers because easy listen before you are Christ comes to you you know what formulae you are in you are not formed for a year and are Internet and had your attitude your your living life much like it was when this world was created your living antibody test for admission you can find purpose in argument even being inside and nothing is going on with you you're just fancy since we can't have the drought because a few drills what happened is that the Spirit of God is going to move rules upon the face cannot even talk about one the Spirit of God 's will upon the face of the war is what they want to represent everyone people nations multitudes of the Tao doesn't want the spirit of God moving upon the face because my experiment normals upon the faith the next thing happen as God says that there be or to let spirit of God rules upon a little faith in God 's is now giving that you him him see what customers re-create the problem with some of a lot of the content will start on day number two in order to test the waters were separated from the water you see the money when you look we generally you can know longer hang out with the same track you say hang out the waters separate from the waters a man got a sign of a range you cannot undergo that is used to go and do the things are used to build the law is set away from the water the Bible says okay three John and appeared as we began to from the brow that he old enough in this litany tell you when you become me generated guess what happens you'll begin to bear fruit onto righteousness in your life together that I want to drill the company duo that this is not happening another source says that there were lights that were now put them beside the guy a break I like another SMI but you can't regenerate on you I comes into your life that I is Jesus Christ and in fact the Bible says that you are is a map to my feet and a little I am telling you now have new direction not only that but we are blessed to be Seventh-day Adventist because not only do we not have the prayer life but we also don't send the last surviving then God gives us less like and that I him create in the wild finish you through when you are on the word of God Jesus has now formally and I will make you fishers of me the devil doesn't want you to drill one of them if you're not fishing for men is stuck back there someday you know what they are you in any way under the one day of creation am I my best for theaters this friend on Facebook and we I can guarantee you that most of us are not in day five when obvious traces of me okay since God created man but he also created these about I believe the time is coming where God is going to re-create us totally and is and is and give us adult men in over the Beasley natures of our own home how many manipulative at the end then eleven Dave number said who ran and looking forward to that rest God Satan does not want us to drill because he fears that we might be re-created and solid outing we have to understand that it is imperative for us to the south and satanic and Paul is an on drilling somebody to reopen appeal the sermon is not over hounding you are now deciding that you will live self and pulled down on drinking is the unlimited that Satan will no longer prohibit me from traveling on the mentoring anything to I will station where do we enjoy what we are yes that means railway weeds right home across the trail I was bruised for us your momentum yesterday we trail from Gethsemane to the promise this is an interesting statement one says here in fact the know the Bible tells us our first reading one verse eighteen it says that the preaching of the cross is to them that that perish foolishness but wants us which believe it is not aware of God Galatians six fourteen document and I'm so going save in the cross of the threat of power and the glory of revelation eighteen are in his cross in the center point that is where we drilled to strike are familiar interested in striking on this one the blindness in the White House he ain't one the welfare of any noticeable fish and how were each a and contemplation on the line of try what you do when you file meditating upon life in Christ when you doing your drilling usually fax where we already joined another reason K and he gave imagined that his son rescue things that will make me grasp the scene especially the closet one afternoon while upon his great sacrifice for us our confidence in him will be more constant our noble be more quickened and resounding more deeply imbued with use it will descend on we must learn the lesson of penitence and humiliation at the foot of the process I read his page eighty three and then he closes my holding we saw the change from glory to glory and all their families on how the United Nations addressed to see especially the closing why I want to focus on the right imagination forming what is imagination the amazing Danish it means a lot to see I think the feed it means infinitely if I say listen just imagine that your Angels are with you right now when I say just one just barely you see in their estimation of any use of this word before it godly imagination is really Billy Connolly thought maybe in raising and I had a listen all the while as Angela Lawrence and them that fear him Logitech announces after nature look what I must say I want to believe I want to thank you see that the reason of an example imagination you see Hollywood what do I did in your imagination because the devil knows that if you begin to focus your imagination on probably gained some powerful cleanser than a paperweight that's why DeMaio said Monday twenty three now located a plastic piece whose mind is playing on the one mind and the margin in your King James version Bible is the word imagination so what is the knowledge even imparts a piece who was a matinee him on the asylum I then focus your imagination on the life of Christ God 's spiritual television in your prayer time not only about how can I pray for more than five minutes you can watch TV for two hours the modeling and the mother we know how to pray what happened we learned friend that you remember that when waking Stanton our aim imagining the life of Christ some donated to the crossing wheat germ I redesigned it is an Bengali imagination and said Holy Spirit saw me she is me by the way why would look upon the earth the Bible says we can't be United Nations all men's hearts were only want evil continually using another as we begin to the life of Christ from the manger of the cross and why they are Green Day Green Day is the Holy Spirit McGinest is only on particular themes and some things that we wouldn't have seen probably not focused on drilling deeper how many you get the picture given instant fusion of things beloved we are told in the book on number is that when the people 's sins against Moses and Moses told them are rather sinned against God God someone will build a brave and starting and that Saddam am appalled and mandate a certain they would want to know the term goals will end more than another imagination is also at I have faith with someone like that she uses interchangeably those terms that is when I say that we learn to love Peter into the life of Christ which will eventually cause us to see the same price which a low-cost statist a sign with his glory on the beginning of his time to use behind the fee and stopping videogame and drama of what God gave us to use to his glory so now I find I'm glad to look at the life of Christ I want to focus on the trail here and the mindset might be holding a meeting come change will I need to change about me I'm a much return to change a minute so I wanted to do with all our charter change I look at choose one character in our tomato blossom until meets a listing and want and ceilings some example then God is simply trying to silence within when you pray I want to watch the life of Christ and the Manger to the crew are launching a praying father showed me what was Jesus thinking and what was he feeling when he was on the premise of the spirit of God begins to reveal most things the yield and quality download there with me down to what you see that I really father download the phone waiting UC Berkeley holy life focusing upon a thought when the credit card charge you and Jesus calls people some laissez-faire silence again and for they know not what they do I now know that feeling is that in the comes you always feeling good and the ideal Halloween we can't Shane and so we learn to drill deeper and deeper and other women in the commodity okay I want to start here within just a few all things a lot about Jesus on the cross in attendance to let you that we need to get to in order to be prepared for the final event north with me Isaiah fifty three verse five Isaiah chapter fifty three verse five the Bible tells us when Jesus came upon the this or that he came to deliver them that work rules that were wounded I want to know is how he window with Isaiah fifty three Isaiah chapter fifty three and verse five the Bible says here but he wants while wounding our transgressions he was bruised for our iniquities the chastisement of our peace was upon him and with his stripes we are want to you with his stripes we are he is a question who is it bad bruise Jesus cobras either Hermann Lancers will really see the weekly so you say the initial you can bruise easy notice with a breast-fed yet please who the Lord to watch Bruce Inc. please the Lord goose and love and listen it is father bruise the size now I will send safe and also through Jesus but that's not the bruise that heal the wheel and from bruising feasibility I think because now my screws will yield not at all and it has gone through list of Jesus that we are really focusing on how to be honest playing this and that I is a bad time for Lucy 's is that ACLU against Zechariah chapter thirteen and incredible this is beautiful beloved by a powerful lesson for us in Toronto Zechariah chapter thirteen watching the notice verse six and seven Raven herself gone here is speaking prophetically to his son this is a way all while sword against my shepherd and against the man that is my fellow why would God say a week goes the nasty something what is the sort of gone with the sore it is not it is the word of God this is the word of God that caused Jesus to be bruise out of the fecal dentist let me share with you this week also that the Institute verse five through eight south of the Philippians chapter two verse five through eight the Bible says that this mine you will also find seasons will be in the form of God according on Robert immediately when the hibernate is no reputation and took upon himself the form of a service listening on life as a man and being found in fashion as a man gave himself and became obedient on to why I even on the cross Jesus God why Jesus died because he was all beauty and he was obedient to the what is this some it is the sword of God listen because you are thanking Jesus that I will pay even if the Congressman to die remember when on a plot of thought that the soldiers from getting to the end users stopped watching I can call traveling the bangles but I haven't saw the last Scriptures be fulfilled in other words she was a Anglo time when you weren't not know that the word of God is not a bruise you unique when you attend or not understand that anything is done upon you to be with you to view moving the more leaving the reason why you and I don't want to pick up the sword there's a reason why many guilt when an appeal is made you know so I is I really follow this inquiry on the newbie through love and remember that God calls us to be faithful unto unto death you see it is an will you and I is now because Jesus said the sample that we already feel you is our willingness to be obedient and not even hunted down so when I behold the cat until Christ am I correct on and on watching him being low duty and on not regarding on the word of God taking the sword is an and and never turning back and believing in Jesus I will be obedient and not even if and to build the kind of boy that we need to make it through the last day on that the devil doesn't want us to drill to think that's what he wants us down a start but because we know that if we stay on the surface getting down on your eighty seven thousand and ninety three is that one is along the AAA and faithfulness to the word of God Jesus said he was obedient he gave his thanks analysis model who was spinning I did not hide his face from that he was obedient to the Word of God are you willing are you willing to be a beauty on today UK unless you strike oil you can't unless you trail me that's how I felt that it was through that he defeated the devil did you catch that army was defeated them in your life this was the only way to defeating through that and how do we die you know the word of God and all sorts not only is not only to what he does right away also I guess on you and his room tonight because he wants you to the main by the word of God when we follow the word of God it will cost down to die but we have to move the because love there is something about those the fact that the reverse for the Bible tells us that in the hands and in the side of Jesus there was not hiding all these all work on the translation says they are his limestone right or there was bright beams coming out of his hands bloody if we want to be coming out of us if we wanted surely be transformed and just like Jesus I guess let's go to form in we only see the pretty picture of Jesus how many one of the disliking raising you want to you know what that means Jesus comes with a you forgot about that part three we want to glory so we think I'm not alone we want easy road to success a second property are crossed silently listen when you along bearing the cross of the trust is not the hard part G Lysistrata because it was taken across economy okay so it could be and we think we're doing something great and marvelous and then we learned that we have to lay down at all hours then we go over any part in the display was to carry the cross for the beloved is less I him at the side and overall and the Atlanta counterfeit because the state motto and don't you understand the capital to fix everything that is spiritually designed to make it to the rule one can't say I dare about the time of Christ in my body what he will say what he said I am on there about the marks of Christ in my body he was not talking about with a moderate he was a high bear the wounds of Christ I got up right in the eye I didn't know me the moment only means really as deep as we walked it is my kids know that we are healed not only problem is that we often cannot how is the way people have hurt I sat looking at the wounds of Jesus when we look at the wounds of Jesus and see what he went through for us I began to look a small we focus upon he's something will begin to change the transform in those five wise virgins that's why the Bible tells in first Peter armed ourselves with this my key that has suffered in the flesh just as Jesus suffered in the flesh we are not on ourselves with is mine and you know what your problem is we are on our and dangerous we don't have the mind of Christ and that makes us dangerous Christians dangerous to one another dangerous to ourselves Jesus wants us to drill deeper will you further elaborate because we must also look not only the moves of Christ we must hold the faith of Christ non- about the face did you know that the face is the ultimate expression of one's character when you're happy it shows me when you're sat when you're angry the face is the full total expression on one's personality one's character and not want another one cannot look in the face of God because in the face and on his views grew already that's why most of what avail on his face for you what are the benefits of God we would die Johnson's Jesus Escalante chooses face and when you look at his face you'll see my glory and you want the glory of God in your faith razor hands nice and hot bypassing the question again in a moment you are the glory of God in your face okay what is the glory of God listen just before Jesus was about to call into his trial he said this is not God will find me when the glory that was hours before the world began when she was went out to betray him he's at now is how were the Son of Man shall be drawn upon an already found in these last and you say so this is not how you want the glory of God and in your face and tell you what the glory of God one when they began to speak in the face of Jesus when David asked if the Bible says is officially on his face was so hard that it could not be discerned you want talk about the glory of God when they began affected his face and pull his beard I do at present I do not hide my face from shame and spitting you want talk about the glory of God let me tell you about the character of God when they spit in the face of Jesus they were spitting in the face of God and I sat in that moment you are spitting in my face I love you so much that I would be willing to die for you and you want the glory of Jesus now how many one people student in your face all you must not understood the question I really want the glory of God I'm not the only within your faith so let's try again I only want people spending your face you don't want in your face houses don't nobody want anybody in your faith you have a younger guy you know God is there in the past thing you see is the study of word now we don't want people spending off the lot Jesus was really wants the glory of God you see the world miss understood the character on his vindictive field partners you may want mistaken he'll do this you got another content and processes of our my son on that but my glory and his face is one that is selling you can spin on me you can know all the things I download you had one shot has sent you to our most vulnerable not break your own with the glory of God beloved Win glory the cones are part of our challenge is about phases we will not be ashamed to go knock on somebody's door for fear that they might stand in our faith and cast light on one of are you saying you want to say that I don't want I do not stand I know because you don't want to be a sailor on your friend into the category of goblin when the malaria now because I can't just assign and I face is we will not carry upon shame we won't go on Jesus and whatnot and I will be home on South will be on about John when Lori Levin begins to shine in our feces something powerful is not a happy in these sure that's why the Bible says we gave as it were our faces from him you didn't we don't want that kind of glory so we hid as it were our faces from him not only was no no no no no I want my men at the same wants to be identified said nothing we've got to get to the place where we will be willing to stand in the very same same Jesus stood in for our did you like the price down to machine for doing another are we willing and ready do you know that the letter and second twenty seven thirteen fourteen turn in with me watch this second Corinthians chapter seven first thirteenth and fourteenth I will never come to our last on the lesson here our last though it also meant into drilling is that we can go you can go no deeper than this we are on strike oil tonight are you ready to strike oil notice what he says here that without a strike that was second Corinthians chapter five quartet him I guess Chapter seven verse thirteen and fourteen this is incredibly if our son Kevin that there be no rain or if I command the locus of the mountain and what if I send pestilence among my people and my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and see my face and turn from their wicked ways then when I hear from heaven and will forgive your sins and heal their land another that is out of range is dependent upon are willing to seek the face of God are you ready for that kind of glory God needs us to die you see no man can see his face and what ever will no man can see his face and the secret and I how I is so look out his set of goggles Chinatown is something to listen no man can see my face I live a few really wanted time to look at my knee so will and the glory of the and now for your novelists are probably not our problem is we are have him having near-death experiences you know maybe you thought it was something of Israel five oh seven that you have a near-death experience knowledge of data to be me again is to be totally online you are either dead or alive not that I mourn their death experiences the mantras on one day die to self which then showcases beloved to this final and most critical and crucial point Jesus say in John thirteen thirty four new commandment I give you that you love one another as I have loved one tool you how mid-level and other industry will probably love somebody in this room there is ready that you know somebody okay on your lifetime Santa Monica visceral fat is attracted on and we are to write about it so anyone that we have in years and one another anybody near one camping we don't want for five hundred and one inherent right anybody else oh one okay the other one on after we are supposed to me in a you and learn you are supposed to love Joseph Biden Junior you want is someone another satisfying outside enemies and I'm only about doesn't matter because I die those who are my enemies once you learn one another so I argue that we can't know when another mind that in the moderate range while full so the Jesus loved on you ready Jesus loved the song 's him him twenty seven forty six the Bible tells us that Jesus cry not my God my God why hast thou one for seeking etiologies was saying when he when he meant when he said that what was he feeling what was he thinking he was thinking that I was so right financing terms before continue you would miss on heaven for anything wouldn't miss out on heaven for anything in on the same know what there is something on the side for anyone anyone okay listen Jesus believes that his aunt can't take a listen upon the world on the principles celebrate with Iranians from his father for advertisement beloved Jesus wasn't really a guy like that the second because he now also month who waited a minute Pastor what are you trying to say as I have loved you so love women what you mean past what you mean this in the remember when Moses was upon the mount talking to his father and Israel is down there and they had broken a long time this is also little why cannot you know what Melissa is not Israel's silence Amanda gone I have a good idea why don't you want me out instead of the use of the term blog means it is always used in connection with the book of Lori Dino and Moses was asking God take me out of the book of life only spare that the finance of prayer Noah sent Moses whose of the things in your pavers also listen in Moses and Muslim not bluffing in making that request he was reflecting the very great time of Jesus Christ Moses wasn't really into the black I haven't had to suffer the second vitamin C is real software now only Sunday in this role will you see you guys doesn't really give a lot I like to collect a second love is nothing sensing because you see the time is coming beloved will be the case theories he is exactly what Jesus experienced as he was on the prompt who by the way Jesus when he sought God for my friends who were his friend for his friends those who consider themselves his enemy so now we are to love our enemies to the point that we would be really you know how to reach your enemies nor may shortly after fifteen minutes in hell for what they did to me and I thank you for this adjustment is such a God says our attitude on the north leads don't want them up north between me and them nor take me what prayer is sincere heartfelt cry gone reveals in on the very character of his son listened in the final anytime and read the statements he so after they had commenced their earnest talking about asking for the Angels in sympathy desired for their deliverance let's will commanding angels suffered them not he said the Pentagon is not yet fulfilled they must drink on the comp they must be baptized with the back to they must do what you think of be gone what are you talking about is baptism baptism is a symbol of what often saw that retold here wait a minute and that is a chart of the people in Alaska is most famous eyes and think of the laptop is sent to the strength of that was presented to him thank you it is possible that you may not enter into heaven because of a sendoff on you and Jesus even though it was not important he is even a word to be totally lost forever I will still be a seen this in the past these things to say to God God do your people serve you for nothing is certain you become me wanting to take the survey and because they want to be seen as a starting because they are subprime replies just like eventually I okay the pool back my present day when Jesus is going to send you that my people starve maybe not for reward and punishment in the butt because they me and I give my benefit just like in the time of Jacob then I think that there are so many that is not only not to forgive them in a single witness and to say to you anyway I just received them are and they will say so you know he laid me when I trust enough of these is the final trial that will come upon the people of God this is why we need to drill so deep we need unresolved that is not motivated my room more or fear many of us are here tonight because we don't want to be in the lake of fire will we want to get to heaven did you know the devil wants to get to heaven to undecided get to heaven is not with Faith is being like Jesus the most important thing to us must be to be utilized and when that chance is giving and pass that's when the people of God and I clean with this thing beautiful stone our eyes were drawn to the floor a small black clock had achieve about half as large as a man's which we all knew was the son I sent you how do they know was a sign of the Son of Man they knew with a coffee stain they had true injury and death on anyone who do you come in you want the Spirit of God will enlighten you to move upon your face another day I start over in your life let the glory of God shine appointment is that it may be seen in each and every one heavenly father we ask for tonight that you would guy I would trim or that you take us more to the depth of your sacrifice your meaning I love that is not motivated by fear or ruble and the disarming to be like strengthen us for the crisis and come upon the word may highlight a man 's deeper burning glass or because they had to do with your thank you Jesus Herring Creek and in learning nasties the name


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