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More Than Rhythm, Melody, and Harmony

Karl Tsatalbasidis

Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.



  • December 18, 2008
    2:45 PM
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our gracious and loving heavenly father Lord music is at the heart of the great controversy and we pray that you will illuminate our minds as we compare and contrast these two different worship services help us to see that the worship forms are not just cosmetic are not just incidental but they are connected to things that are foundational and so father we thank you for sending your Holy Spirit now and Lord we pray also that you might not only inform our minds that that you may change our hearts and our practices we pray in Jesus name I met these are some questions that were going to consider as we go through this part of the seminar is music morally neutral are we free to use any style or form of worship music in order to give praise to God as long as the heart is sincere as a very important quality that will let alone work what about the role of culture the loser use barn dance tunes to proclaim the gospel what about the drum set when you have referred that in the next not in the next session tomorrow session and what about dancing that will be also tomorrow's session is music morally neutral how we can answer this woman will explore the connection between the forms of worship and theology and philosophy were going to look also which we will not get a chance to do in the session but another session about the psychophysiological effects of music were basically rhythmic beatings and so how does this really impact us on the psychophysiological level and moving to take a look at the language of music just to make it a little more practical and tangible to me music biz is a lot like a house and I don't well I do all my house for the bank owns most of it but what else am about to buy the house everyone was telling me that the most important part of the house is what guests than the foundation I mean you could have everything else looking great but if there is real problems they are then value he's got you got some serious issues with your house so Jesus said the wise man built his house upon the rock and we call it the foundation well if you were to drive by look at some areas and some properties what would be the most visible part of any house I can tell you it wouldn't be in us was up on the screen is not the foundation saw a lot in order to check the foundation you can just check in driving by a certain community you have to get out of the car and do some real exploring and you should never concluded the foundation doesn't exist because you can't see it all we should never evaluate a house without considering the importance of the rocksolid foundation now what's the most visible part of music like this I got up on the screen and give you a chance but when you hear it this is what you're hearing your hearing rhythm melody and harmony that sets what you hear all that's what if you are taking a drive by the community without seriously evaluating it that's what you hear that's what comes out at you when you're just easy listening and you can compare this to the roof the bricks the siding windows but what then does them the foundation of our musical House of Representatives well it's not rhythm melody and harmony that's not the me the foundation of your musical house it's really ideas about God who he is and how he acts that will all be expressed in the worship service pack its value systems and beliefs the sociology of music said this they said musical style philosophy and theology are interrelated just like when God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul we are told three sold spiritual physical laws social we are all integrated that way and so is musical style philosophy and theology to listen to this incredible statement is found in the book the great controversy now give you the reference in just a minute it integrates everything that I've just been trying to say it says it is Satan 's constant effort to misrepresent the character of God the nature of sin and the real issues at stake in the great controversy his sophistry lessens the obligation of the divine law and gives men a license to sin now notice this year at the same time he causes them to cherish what false conceptions of God starting point so that they regard him with fear and hate rather than with lots of cruelty inherent in his own character is attributed to the creator now listen to this it is a reference to the cruelty inherent in the zone for character and everything we just talked about her appearance the most anyway here it is and why in systems of religion and what expressed in modes of worship do you see the connection this doesn't come out of a vacuum okay like the illustration I shared you know God created traditional seeds whole are forgot to create the land this always assumes this for this they always assume something about God or false conceptions of God molds of worshiping different styles of worship so all these things are expressed in molds of worship the point here is its integrated if you move this block it's going to have a corresponding effect on the rest of the structure SMS the point the anatomy of worship in music guy here just like building a house in the bottom you have our understanding of God then you have his actions and then you have how it used to be worshiped and ethics and lifestyle this is all one integrated package right here you cannot say that changing this or this will not have any effects on this and vice versa they're all interrelated for instance we have a call to worship assembly of medicine revolution chapter fourteen verse six and seven assists fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment has come and worship him that made heaven and earth the sea and the fountains of waters now elastase is other worship the beast worship the creator the point is everyone's going to be worshiping your your your worship structure will either be based on what Jesus is doing right now in the heavenly sanctuary or it will be based on the Roman Catholic evangelical Greek philosophical structure that we have talked about earlier but it will be based on one of those too there's no question about it so fear God our concepts of God the hour of his judgment has come now how many believe that Jesus is that in the most holy place of safety forty four doing the work of investigative judgment other than Seventh-day Adventists notably also believes in the seven-day Baptists they don't believe that you have others that keep the Sabbath but they don't believe that my point here is this is part of the plan of salvation salvation in a you can't lift across high enough amen I mean you can't lift what you can't lift that are pioneers but if your theological understanding of the process separated from the date of atonement then you have a distorted picture of what happened at the cross sell the investigative judgment is this is part of the plan of salvation as was his death upon the cross of some of the paraphrasing the great controversy is currently seen only we always want to pick one thing based another one I mean which is more important in the formula H2O the hydrogen are the oxygen you just don't have it if you don't have it all that's it so if you change the plan of salvation guess what you are changing how you express that in your worship service so our unique understanding of the plan of salvation must be expressed in as I said earlier not in a previous size the previous session all one of the pastors that started the one of the celebration churches all not too far from here said that he had a lot of problems with this while it's no big mystery that what is your worship service going to be like if you have problems with the investigative judgment this can be a celebration of what Jesus is not on the cross that's it stay it now signed give glory to him without it we are glorified in everything we do our a list connect music and theology time with me your Bibles to Exodus chapter thirty two Exodus chapter thirty two this is the famous chapter on the golden calf incident God sent ten devastating plagues on the nation of Egypt it was really a judgment on their God 's he rendered them powerless and brought his people through the Red Sea and they were encamped at the base of Mount Sinai now what I want to do first is describe the worship service and then I want to backtrack to uncover the theological framework that the worship service was built on our right because that's what we've been discovering this is all integrated package and so look at Exodus chapter thirteen versus Tom açai F thirty two thank you Exodus thirty two versus saw the sea verse seventeen and eighteen Exodus thirty two versus seventeen and eighteen says and when Joshua heard the noise of the people as they shouted the seventh and Moses there is a noise of what worn the cat okay so he doesn't exactly see what's going on but he's evaluating based on what he is hearing and he says is a noise of Lorna K and Hesiod verse eighteen Moses said it is not the voice of them that shout for mastery like for victory North is the voice of them that Christ for being overcome these is my son Josh or you don't quite have it right but it says it's the noise of them that saying do I hear see Moses was raised in the court of the Pharaoh any remaining new this style of music when he heard Joshua perhaps in a nice shelter some of them in a song didn't realize eyes of man as a nozzle warned him or anything like that started the war the music but that's exactly what Moses is not the sound of them the same here not just from that text you can draw certain implications about the style of music war is not soft it's loud it doesn't proceed in a harmonious fashion it states chaotic it shocks the census are just talking with the Lulu Torres and he showed me an article about how but this is not what was stated in the article but the more and more the military is using some really extreme forms of rock music in order to try in order to break down the resistance of people like Noriega not too many years ago I made they couldn't take that homeland impounding an day in day out what drove them absolutely bananas so it was loud it was chaotic first twenty five same chapter mounting gain this is among Moses saw that the people were naked if you have an NAS or in an IV it simply means out of control so the barriers of restraint had been broken down there was no longer anything no longer they were no longer held back they were free to express themselves in what ever way they wanted and so they were out of control this is for Aaron had made them that way onto the shame among their enemies and Summers is actually safe they became a laughingstock among there and and then in verse nineteen of course it came to pass as soon as he came near unto the camp he saw the calf and dancing and Moses anger waxed hot and he cast the tables out of his hands and brought them beneath the mouse in other words symbolically stating that every principle of the ten Commandments and broke by this worship service and so you have the dancing that what we think the square dancing with the review swing your partner around the room absolutely not if it's if it's if the decibel level is and if it's chaotic and if the people are out of control you can imagine what is happening for six actually is another very good indicator it says and the people rose up early on the morrow and offered burnt offerings and brought peace offerings and the people sat down to eat and drink and rolls up to play okay this was an entertaining worship service this was a worship service that minister for the lusts of the flesh that wordplay is the same word that his unit was use when Isaac told Abimelech about Rebecca and said what she's really not my wife and I don't know what Abimelech was doing was thinking Tom or something but all of a sudden he looks out and he saw Isaac with his wife met with this with Rebecca doing things that were reserved only between a husband and what a reasonable in a minute not I you can be sure you cannot be brother and sister because I don't interact outweigh some other words the wordplay than can be very sensual the wordplay was also used in the justice you number one Samsung was finally chained up and the Philistines said Brenda Sanderson out that we may make sport with him same word as the wordplay in Exodus thirty two for six water that was Sampson out a they wanted to be entertained so this was an entertaining form of worship this was a worship that that that the minister to the lusts of the flesh this was a form of worship where when things happened being brought down below on the walls of self-control they were completely eradicated now what we wanted to as we have been discovering these worship forms don't come without a certain theological foundation and if you search in the story is there are now verse one theological foundations Sumner read up diversified again in the movement to backtrack and talk a little bit more about the relationship between both theological foundations and the worship service exodus thirty two verse one says when the people saw that Moses delayed to come down out of the mouth the people gathered themselves together unto Aaron and said unto him knowest this off make us gods which shall go before us for us for this Moses the man that brought us about a land of Egypt you do not know what is become of him verse four we just finished up a little bit and Aaron makes an appeal and the people give them all the jewelry and he he received their hands fastened it with engraving tool after he had made a molten calf and they said these be thy gods O Israel which brought thee up out of the land of Egypt and when Aaron saw he built an altar before it and Aaron made a proclamation in such a moral is a feast of the Lord they rose up early they sat on the drink and rose up to play back to verse one for a minute now there is a fundamental change in the concept of God in verse one did you catch that it set up make us God 's which will go before us the plan was to bring them all the way to the promised land but their visible leader was gone Moses was gone and so they needed something doesn't make us a God now they violated certain principles in order to do that if you check the context in Exodus thirty one the last eight versus talk about the South very interesting in verse seventeen it talks about the Sabbath it is a sign between me and the children of Israel for ever four in six days the Lord made heaven and earth and on the seventh day he rested and was refreshed and then in the next verse it talks about God giving Moses the two tables of testimony tables of stone written with the finger of God it's interesting to me that the Sabbath preceded this incident on the golden calf and why what is the Sabbath made out of is made out of any material object all it's made out of time why why time ever thought about what time is visit a thing you get it rested the Sabbath would remind us to see if you got it made things if he had made the thought of the Sabbath out of any material object what would immediately happen to our concept of him lowered right you actually get to the point will we no longer see a distinction between the creator and the creation of one-stop distinction is gone you still have to be religious so where are you going to get your concept of God from you going to get it from nature and that's exactly what began to happen it's all the Sabbath reminds us that there is for ever a distinction between the creator and the creation and the two should never be confused never ever be confused God is not in everything he is transcendent to the creation he walks with us he talks about studies not ontologically in us it's his work that needs to be innocents as principles that need to be in us but his divine stuff is not in us and we should not confuse God with the creation and that way so you have to violate the status once the Sabbath is gone that's it God and creation are now confused so now you need a concept of God and they sit up make us docs in Exodus chapter twenty five verse eight and nine this is let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them make it all according to the pattern the proper interpretation of the nature of God comes from the sanctuary the Sabbath the great controversy see once that is ditched your almost year almost the panties you're almost that pantheism not too long before you get there right so they discarded the sanctuary they discarded the Sabbath this was their philosophical foundation in verse one make us God 's which will go before us when that shift began to take place notice verse four faces vis-à-vis thy gods in the middle of the personal oh Israel which have brought the out of the land of Egypt does that remind you of something Exodus twenty versus wanted to buy and Lord thy God which brought thee out of the land of Egypt out of the house of bondage and then he says thou shall have no other gods before me so when it says these be the God which brought thee out of the land of Egypt it's like wait a minute now there's confusion about how God works in safes now faces these be thy gods O Israel which brought get in the land of Egypt but in the next verse it says tomorrow is a feast of the Cavs is what is now a system or was a feast of the Lord because who wants to admit that their worshiping idols now we worship the Lord our God we want to do it through the tasks it's a cast that help us understand DNS we want to see him and feeling and action and I was expressing their worship service no doubt about that so the holiness aspect is totally gone once the sanctuary and the Sabbath goal by the way that it is chapter sixteen the word holy is mentioned about nine times in that chapter that's the chapter on the day of atonement and the Sabbath is a holy day as well once those bills and that's it that's it we can build the downward stretch but it's interesting to me in this chapter how the Lord lays it out one step at a time he can begin just by talking about their worship service and leave it there now he wants us to see the whole integrated package once they laid down make us gods the next step was confusion about salvation the next step was the worship service and then the final step you know it was in verse seven cases and the Lord sent them to Moses go get cleaned down for the high people which thou brought us out of the land of Egypt have corrupted them also the end result was corruption that was the end result of changing these forms of worship and God said you know what Moses they're not my people you brought a month sign it was that indeed this is like it is on president is my people don't act that way so we need to view this as a as a package deal so you have a nexus thirty two you have a false view of God confused with the creation make us thoughts where they get this idea from well from the things that were made you have a false view of salvation you have a false worship service you have the music which is loud and appeals to the lusts of the flesh that's right in the passage because when it happened the people were out of control they were dancing they were out of control the let's see it was the noise of the missing we covered that the end result was corruption now can you think of the music that is loud that appeals to the lusts of the flesh that is corrupting stop that hard to figure that ministers to the lusts of the flesh sure there's a saying in the music industry sex and drugs and rock 'n roll I mean they make no mistake about it they know entirely what it's about about the performers found the musicians themselves and I'm picking on rock because it's really universal and get into that but if you have a music that is loud and appeals to the lust of the flesh my question now is what foundation have you built on what foundation have you built again nobody lays a six-inch foundation and builds a skyscraper on you cannot same as between the foundation and the structure every builder knows that that is true neither do you set up a two hundred fifty foot foundation and put it in my tent pole barn on whatever you lay down is what you end up building upon what however what what what you doing your worship service expresses what you really believe about God and belief may clash with the one you have in your mind but this is the reality of it all suggests tinkering in this area down here about the worship service and thinking that our theological structure will remain intact is really naïve because the Bible says here that it really isn't so let's summarize it here again this is the foundation up make us gods to go before us vis-à-vis thy God brought thee about a land of Egypt tomorrow's a feast of the Lord Moses talked about this is the most of them that's singing and dancing the end result five people have corrupted themselves so that's the integrated package deal now this is what the devil ultimately wants right up here but he knows most of us are too smart for that and so he tinkers down here because hey that's for the pastors and theologians animals are supposed to understand that stuff and so he figures down here oriented brassieres is a really doesn't matter but when it's integrated that's exactly what happens it really doesn't matter this is an interesting quote from someone who used to be a Seventh-day Adventist he said as I began to visit other churches in the ten Christian concerts I was blessed tremendously by contemporary music in praise and worship music as a something wrong with something being written today well nobody has an ax to grind about something this written today this is contemporary quite often though it's just a euphemism for the rock in a new dress that's all it is I tried what will the church I pastor by changing the music is not how revival and reformation comes he read the book the great controversy read many of the revivals that happened in the Old Testament they came this way it was prayer and the word last limited this is artificial most just sat back and criticize an understatement I found interesting I still had not realized that their theology left and incapable of celebrating a notice how he links the word celebration with atonement and and and salvation celebration can only happen when a person is since you are in Christ's finished work and by that he meant the cross and that's it there is no investigative judgment there is no eighteen forty four its that's why he was clashing with the congregation who thought wait a minute there's something that's not right about this they were intuitively doing the math they might not of been able to express it but they were intuitively doing and saying there's something that is not right about this and he picked it up he said that was her theology that's what prevented them from doing it see you first got it chopped our theology and the and our plan of salvation before you can introduce us in mind that a lot of a lot of Seventh-day Adventist churches but there are some people are not fight you tooth and nail on that because that's the pillars you know how I said just the wall to the person that moves one block or one from these fillers housing Angel talking there as well as well but this is what is really happening is when we introduce the style of worship what we're doing is turning our backs on the sanctuary turning our backs on what Jesus is doing I'm not saying that people are purposely doing it but this is what the Bible is bringing out they don't have the intention to do that would I believe everyone wants people to be safe all of our young people but this is what the Bible is bringing out all okay numbers twenty five versus one three just for you Revelation five twenty five this is a very important incident if you read on first Corinthians chapter ten the apostle Paul says that we should be careful the littlest that are living in the last days and he mentions three or four historical incidents that we need to be careful of one of them we just saw hoodlums the golden calf this is another one at Bilby or so numbers chapter twenty five it says now that that there on the banks of the Jordan are almost ready to cross over this is in Israel abode in shittim and the people began to commit toward him with the daughters of Moab and they called the people unto the sacrifices of their gods and the people did eat and bow down to their gods and Israel joined himself on the BLP or any anger of the Lord was kindled against Israel what are the implications of the apostle Paul said look you need to be careful about what happened back then because just as God 's people were led to the physical Jordan back then he's leaving all people to the spirit of Jordan and if the devil redoubled his efforts just as they were about the clouds to go into the promised land easy to use the same tactics there was a strange infatuation with the daughters of Moab the daughters of Moab the music for Dale and try to do first you try to first person the Israelites right but it wouldn't work off as a were faithful to him and every course turned into a blessing but he wanted that that that prestige and money so badly he was willing to sell his soul for it and so he hooked up with the Moabites and he's got just the plan to make the Israelites fall he concocted the whole thing has sold these beautiful mold by women stole into the Israelite camp under a professor off friendship nobody really thought anything of it and today you know we want we want to look at all these other women in the book of Revelation we got a strange infatuation with some of them are how do they do church all is phone copy them you know let's don't download their worship server to download anything from the Internet gotten a virus visit to talk about the program when the virus is eaten out the program and your whole hard drive and we think okay if we download the worship service it's not can affect their theology you know and so we go around what makes this church successful beyond Deuteronomy chapter twelve and twenty and over and over what was listed in the research before I got here God says the underwater and inquire after their gods about how they worshiped Deuteronomy chapter twelve is owned and that but that's what were doing and how and we've come to the point theologically what we don't see the consequences so just like they had a strange infatuation with the daughters of Moab some within our ranks of a strange infatuation with the daughters of Babylon and we look at some other churches and it is a church in Lansing Michigan and they may have all these flags to indicate that their international Jan and I didn't bother 's me a little bit of Seventh-day Adventists be intimidated by that are of the church 's international but not in every country materialize look structures we could build if we kept the time Holly at me when we make the Crystal Cathedral at the shack but that's not horrible horrible breach of the gospel and soul of a swarm we have a strange infatuation I can just imagine what the conversation might've been like because you know the Moabites and the Israelites a related note if you go back far enough they might've said okay we get this straight you Israelites were related you know we are laughing thank you you got sacrifices right and we got sacrifices by now you got this strange idea called Dave atonement but you know we should let that get in the way just in one week and then we can discard that and we can all unite around the sacrifice were all Christian brothers sisters whereas essentially what the devil is doing today are the same hate don't we all believe in Jesus are we all in all anybody who confesses the name of Jesus but it's a Jesus that's been gutted out of meaning you like the taxidermy thing I shared this is not a real moose upstairs it's the most has no meaning and that's exactly what is happened with the name of Jesus Norris all sacrifices are not the same on the altar was not to go outside of the sanctuary there was a reason for that knife I think the reasons of biblical and theological in addition to that if you daughter with me to some chapter one oh six verse twenty eight this is the divine commentary by the solemnized on the incidents that fail to your Psalm one oh six verse twenty eight Psalm one oh six verse twenty eight says they join themselves also unto BLP or an date the sacrifices of the day that means they ate the sacrifices that were offered to the dead this is a spiritualistic worship service think about it today I mean who believes that the debtor or sleep over the many other people and ourselves this immortality of the soul thing is at the basis of a lot of false theology and a lot of false worship so it was an ecumenical worship service that means everybody got everybody go along get along and it was a spiritualistic worship service the same as in Phelan suggests in a grand festival in honor of their box was appointed by the king of Moab they ventured upon the forbidden ground and more entangled in the snare of Satan being filed with music do you know that music has a beguiling bewitching power and people that are not aware usually have their brains turned off when they're listening to certain the others are not aware that they're being manipulated they're not aware that their being beguiled but that's exactly what can happen beguiled with music and dancing and allure by the beauty of human vessels they cast off their fealty to Jehovah I had the privilege of going to the great controversy through the summer and you know some people think that the Roman Catholic worship services the dry boring dull ceremonial that you live in some little little church perhaps that may be but if you visit some of these big cathedrals it cannot fail to impress you read in the chapter the great controversy liberty of conscience threatened about Roman Catholic worship it is an awesome display okay there's no question about that what if say here it says they were allured by what the beauty of his investments and many of us are begot by the experience of worship and we haven't really thought the thing through so they ate me they were called to the sacrifices of their gods not Israelite on the wall by God sacrifices and Liza plan of salvation they bowed down to their gods a form of worship music was involved the final result Israel divorced God and married Bill PR no mere creature say when they really marry someone what God has joined together let no man put asunder while they divorced God and Mary Bale is what happened him tell the rest of the author the rest of the the religious world understands this relationship between philosophy and I worship forms for instance in the Hindu religion Ravi Shankar he says we are taught that one of the fundamental goals into work stored in his lifetime is the knowledge of the true meaning of the universe is unchanging eternal assets are and this is realized first by a complete knowledge of oneself and one's own nature what we would disagree with that you know we would say now that's a methodological error we cannot find out ultimate truth by looking to us into the creation not by divine revelation that is in the point anyhow the highest aim of our music is to reveal the essence of the universe it reflects the guest the highest aim of our music is to reveal the essence of the universe it reflects and the right dazzles her Indian scales are among the means by which this essence can be apprehended loss through music one can reach God so if you want to really improvise and play Hindu music won't get the study first the music or the philosophy that the study of philosophy because your own native genius and creativity could be trusted unless it was philosophically grounded what is philosophically grounded then you can express that same thing with thought Islam the Muslim artists sought to express the non- representable nests vegan express ability of the divine now that is true about God right there is a part of his nature that is totally incomprehensible amen there is no searching of his understanding of many he defies all but that's not the complete picture Mrs. the word was made what and walk among us so the Muslim artists often express a number of result is the accessibility of the divine and in this pursuit Lasorda says he created structure this visual arts music and literature to suggest infinity so again you must start with philosophy and then you create the structures which express that all all art fumbles philosophy what about rock music I give her worker the fact they were living in the postmodern world in the modern world people believed that there was such a thing as absolute truth but the past absolute truth is without reason and Manhattan as science well as this is biblical Christians we would disagree with that aspect of it there is such a thing as absolute truth whether you and I believe it or not it exists the past due it is not reason and logic and science are right but now we live in the postmodern world where there is no such thing as absolute truth or God is not defined from above or out there okay there is very true this peoples and cultures there's no such thing as an all-encompassing truth is universally valid for everyone now think about this for a minute if there is no such thing as absolute truth what would our worship service be like is there anything is such thing as false worship now that's simply how you see in the end where I should when all is said and done what the time of the Judges know the last verse in the book of Judges since every man did that which was right in his own eyes so that's our philosophy this is our foundation so and if this is our philosophy this is our foundation here to film may have made postmodern popular culture possible and television may have disseminated that culture but rock music is probably the most representative form of postmodern culture rock music embodies essential hallmark of postmodernity is dual focus on the global and the local and the offerings of the big stars in the small town bands like Rob reflects a plurality of styles borrowed from local and ethnic musical forms this is trustingly grants is a as a theologian and not wholeheartedly a think God is with this the pop-culture of our day reflects the center less pluralism of postmodernity and gives expression to the anti- rationalism of postmodernism now notice this as evidence in the clothes they wear and the music they listen to else moderns are no longer convinced of their world has what there is also there is no one thing that unites everything else there is no heavenly sanctuary the word of God is basically been gutted of its meaning were not there we are developing over at its back to the jungle and might makes right that's basically where were at or whoever's got the almighty dollar they went and that's how we make decisions rock music is the ideal ecumenical weapon it draws together people that talk contradictory views about God it's rhythmically related to rhythms found in the world and its influence is universal it's got a language all its own rock music and pantheism this is interesting some rock like the sums of soft cell is overtly Christian all the rock light feeders feeders Jesus entering from the rear is blasphemous and still other rock like the music of the police is arguably Christian and atheistic all at once how can something be Christian and atheist the column wants that make any sense that doesn't make any sense to me is that it rocks and rock Rastafarian rock morning and rock never born rock even Jewish rock rocks pantheism happily accommodates the room the varieties of religious experience care less of what ever contradiction arises it will communicate at all every belief system can be community is wrong and we just can't put Christian words that rocks relatives what you can hear soul and Latin music almost anywhere in Africa you can hear African was the new music on the radio in various times and most large cities in the United States you can sit in a bar and on October the Ivory Coast in your music from Zaire the Congo from Nigeria from South Africa from Jamaica Puerto Rico Colombia and the United States great drummers aficionados and scholars conference the rhythms of Latin vassals of the New York acumen and Brazilian calls and then to West Africa John Miller Chernoff spent ten years studying rest these are things that most people most people know and I don't even tell you the worldwide influence of rock but it's it's absolutely everywhere this is interesting today musicians and listeners the world over are plugged into the Internet plugged into one another via the Internet TV and ubiquitous recordings the result is a vast electronic bazaar bought through which South African Cueto music and make pulses pounded Sweden or pop our Brazilian pulse model can set the dancing in Tokyo cultures are boring the sounds of other cultures creating vibrant hybrids that are then instantly disseminated around the globe to begin the blending process all over again musically to an unprecedented degree of the United States as part of the world and the world is part of our experience what contribution is the United States made us this is where it all began this is where the backbeat that the rhythm and blues the jazz began this is the contribution of the United States makes off no question about it all lyrics are important but they don't have to matter even when Bob Dylan arguably arguably America's finest lyricist mumbles to number the boardroom 's words comes out in the freezing how does it yield dealers famously has to like a Rolling Stone we made out of known exactly what he meant but we knew how it felt I like I like this one Tom your British then Radiohead wrote some songs resolve them today by cutting up lyric sheets and pulling lines on the top zest salad a Shakespearean sonnet Steve Mann fellas we really got to craft these words right we really got to take our time and think about this the cost is the message that we are going to convey to the people who listen to our music yeah right I listen the thousands of hours of rock music nobody listens to it because the words on this be bold and make a statement nobody doubts now I've got the words all memorized if you listen some thousand five you to memorize submarket and pay when you go to the part where I really want to get to write here before we go most downloaded around one okay door you got you got nine tenths of its you got you got nine tenths of it okay would not appear high helps if I read the directions on the go to Revelation chapters four and five right now and I want you to think about what we talked about it the golden calf and and then Morgan a contrast this as we close with Revelation chapters four and five so if you have your Bibles they are go to Revelation chapters four and five this is a heavenly sanctuary setting there's no doubt about that revelation chapter four verse one says this this isn't after this I looked and beheld the door was opened in heaven and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me which said paper and I will shall be these things which must be here after so there's an open door in Revelation chapter four verse one and you know that there's a door that those that was open in Revelation chapter three versus seventy the experience of the Philadelphian church says to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write these things saith he that is holy he that is true team that has the key of David he then opens and no man's Jonathan shot at the nomad opener I know my works behold I have set before the and open door and no man can shut it for thou hast a little strength and this kept my word and is not denied my name my connection the street these two texts which were with Revelation eleven nineteen excess in the temple of God was opened in heaven there we talked about an open door but now it's as the temple of God was opened in heaven and there was seen in his temple the art of his testament there were lightnings voices ponderings and earthquake and great hail back to Revelation chapter four verses this is immediately I was in the spirit and behold a throne was set in heaven and one sat upon the throne this is taking place obviously and have it in the great temple that is there we read this text and some Chapter 11 verse verse four if the foundations be destroyed what can the righteous do the Lord is in his holy temple as for we were directed the Lord 's throne is in heaven and in Revelation chapter four verse eight you have the four living creatures and that roughneck can take us back to Isaiah and it can also take us back to some other biblical backgrounds and non- in the book of the chronicles where in Solomon 's Temple you had not just to cherubim that you had for around the most holy place in Revelation chapter four verse five yeah the lamps that appeared in these texts even before the most holy place interest now I may be introducing something new to some of you here I just want you to just give it some consideration this is not something that I made up this a little bit of the Burgess opinion on this and I will explain why I think is relevant the position that high-end others have chosen is this a holy place setting or a most holy place setting I want to give you several reasons for why I believe that it's a most holy place setting the parallels between Revelation four and five found in Daniel Ezekiel one to ten and Isaiah six all speak of the judgment there is a relationship between Revelation five and the David Tolman say there was only one being in the entire universe in Revelation five that was that had that had the authority to take the sealed book and to open it only want in Deuteronomy chapter thirty one on the day of atonement only the high priest could goal into the most holy place of the sanctuary and have access to that book another reason in Jeremiah chapter thirty two versus eight and ten Jeremiah is about to buy a field now he's about to buy the field when another country is going to be taking over his country now what person would do that for me notice I want to buy this property of the Babylonians can accommodate his enemy with anything what he did it as a statement of faith that God 's people would ultimately be relocated back in the land but there was two copies of the book in the transaction there was a sealed copy and there was an open copy this saw the sealed copy of course was not tampered with the open copy was there in case there was any dispute someone could say okay well what part of the landed you get it all here to his right ear but how I know it hasn't been tampered with well if you if you suspect that the open copies is been tampered with were you going to ask you go to the sealed copy and if it still hasn't sealed you break the seals open and then it verifies the open copy him so there is a relationship there as well Jesus is an opening this sealed book verifying the experience of God 's people revelation for one as we read three four seven eight and eleven nineteen are all linked together by Ellen White is talking about this most holy Place seam now I want you to notice something interesting revelation chapter four verse four it says in Revelation for first four races and all round about the throne were twenty four seats so all around the throne were twenty four seats for six and before the throne was a sea of glass liquid crystal and in the midst of the throne and our round about the throne were four beasts full of eyes before my chapter five verse six and I beheld and low in the midst of the throne of the four beasts and in the midst of the elders still have verse eleven and I beheld and I heard the voice of many of her Angels are around about the throne now that word around suggests to me that something was in the center if this is indeed the heavenly sanctuary one article of furniture was placed in the center you don't find that in the holy place the only find it in the most holy Place the Ark of the covenant now how should we interpret some of these symbols you have the seven spirits should it be holier most holy well the seven spirits are not restricted to the sending of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost also be applied to the kids of the latter rain in Revelation chapter eighteen as well again the size of the system that you have must accommodate all the data is it really true that the lamb and the and the imagery of the land must be restricted to what happened in eighty thirty one no because if you read Leviticus sixteen love it and the lab were also required on the day of atonement okay so why is this significant if this is a holding a most holy place setting notice the historical context in eighteen forty four Darwin had written the origin of the species that would knock out to God as being the transcendent one it would now confuse God with the creation now you have two minutes instead of transcendence God is not transcendent but he's confused with the creation Genesis one to eleven is not historical you have theistic evolution the Sabbath has no relevance whatsoever that's why there's a call to worship in Revelation chapters four five God is holy he is separate and distinct that's what it means to be holy is not to be confused with the creation he is worthy of worship because he's the creator Darwinism also destroys any out at that any system of ethics as if I came out of an amoeba are out of thought of some some earlier primate why are you bothering me for acting like one so there is a call to ethical holiness this is holy holy holy Lord God Almighty holiness is mentioned nine times in Leviticus sixteen there is a there are flashes of lightning that's a solemn experience the instruments are associated with the Hebrew Temple service you have the trumpet you have the heart you have the new song you had incest there are falling down and worship me they are saying amen there clothed in white they have golden crowns the elders are prostrating themselves God is defined within the context of the sanctuary and the great controversy theme it's a day of atonement setting Jesus is about to be crowned King of Kings and Lord of lords worship must lead us to Christ work in heaven the harp is the only company has the pattern for worship comes from the sanctuary there is the proper blend of reference entering this in the setting right so those are the two different worship services one orderly respectful reference VA mends our loud they do it with a loud voice were not were not talking about a dead worship service there's a proper blend of reference in praise it's built upon the sanctuary is the philosophical structure with the Golden calf is entirely different built on a different system built on a different different structure RA but several were a prayer our heavenly father again we asked that you would help us to worship you in spirit and truth teach us Lord to guide us that we might render you an offering that will be pleasing in your sight in Jesus name or this is my audio receivers generating the rewrite rule you would like to learn more about G1 legalism another one right back on the Word like this is for an online survey www. dot on your person on one


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