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Chariots, Horses, Drums, and the Name of the Lord

Karl Tsatalbasidis

Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.



  • December 18, 2008
    3:45 PM
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our Lord and our God I just want to thank you for the privilege and the opportunity that you are giving to us in order to come apart here in order to delve into the deep things of your word why because we want to be like Jesus we want to worship as he would have us to pencil father as we look at this Biblical study on the use of chariots and horses help us to understand that the ends never justify the means give us clarity of thought and Lord we pray that you will work in a way to not only illuminate our minds and give us the strength and the courage to make decisions in Jesus name we pray amen again it's not it's really been a privilege to be here with you how many of you are here for the first session okay so there's there's quite a few of you all right we're going to get more specific as we move on this is session for admin especially sessions five and six tomorrow really get more specific but we've been trying to lay down a certain foundation we've been trying to integrate theology and doxology theology and worship forms and so on this is a little biblical study on the whole issue of those the and really justify the means and doesn't does it really work as I mentioned for those of you were here all last night I said you know a Seventh-day Adventist were clear about the day but were coming from becoming confused about the way well I'll talk a little bit about that in this session because confusion about the way leads to confusion about the day I sold my appeal this afternoon is to consider what I say like also to send Timothy and the Lord give thee understanding and all things must turn to first Chronicles chapter nineteen verses six and seven first Chronicles chapter nineteen verses six and seven David has always been a magnanimous kind of individual all large hearted and soul when he found out in the first one that they has to think of the children of Ammon died he thought to himself on medicines in the massacres there in order to comfort the king and given the message of goodwill well when the messengers Doctor and the ambassadors got there their motives were completely impugned they could these are these idol worshiping ammonites could not conceive of the fact that King David would send his ambassadors to this country simply to express some good well this is not only been sent here to spy out the land in December the weakness of the land and so they greatly missed treated those massacres in verse forces have hunted David's servants and shaved them and cut off their garments in the midst hard by their buttocks and sent them away and they were the laughingstock of the Ammonite people walking all the way back to Israel now when you treat an ambassador like that that's like slapping the King and the president in the face and so this was definitely an act of war and so you find in verse six when the children of Ammon saw that they had made themselves odious to David Panama and the children of Ammon sent a thousand talents of silver to hire them chariots and horsemen so what do they send them the higher does want to make sure in the afternoon together wake he sent them to hire what an okay good and it mentions on all the places from which they were set in verse seven is so so they hired thirty two thousand chariots of mock and is not and the king and his people who came and fixed before metabolic and the children of Ammon gathered themselves together from their cities and came to battle and so there about the law Horn Sarah Paulson close into Mortal Kombat and Joab gives a resounding speech he gets all of the fellows together and he says in verse thirteen he says be of good courage and let us behave ourselves down before our people and for the cities of our God and let the Lord be with that which is good in his sight so they locked horns and the children of Israel with God on their side really put them to shame well these people came back here later in this time David himself took charge of the Bible in verse seventeen it says it was told David and he gathered all Israel and passed over Jordan and came upon them and set the battle in array against them so when David put the battle in array against the Syrians they fought with them but the Syrians fled before Israel and David Sloan of the Syrians seven thousand men which filed in what chariots and forty thousand footmen and social back the captain of the host verse nineteen and one assortments of how to resist although they were put to the worse before Israel they made peace with David and became his sermons neither would the Syrians help the children of Ammon anymore I want to go to one text just for a minute I should introduce this is the subject of this text could you keep your finger here Psalm Chapter twenty four seven is cut or the title comes from solemn Chapter twenty in verse seven and I can just imagine David C know-how and we do not pass out tracts and all that and you know you do your missionary work for the Lord probably the best part is when you come back and that everybody gives a report of what's happened like a seed David having that kind report with his generals and the leaders of the thousands of the five hundreds of fifties the fence and he probably said something like this in Psalm twenty four seven is that you know fellas some trust that you Arius is some in horses but we will remember the name of the Lord our God is a was of the chariots and horses that won the battle for them it was the name of the Lord our God EC David was a good Bible student as well as a good student of history and he read in Deuteronomy seventeen versus fourteen to sixty he read the king should not multiply horses to himself so he decided that he us with the Bible says other women do and he also remembered what happened at the Red Sea I mean DOS people were slaves they were not trained in warfare was leading them out of Egypt and he brought them to the Red Sea mountains on either side Egyptians behind but Moses said Bill Ford and it says in Exodus fifteen verse one it says I will sing unto the Lord for he has triumphed gloriously the horse and his rider as he thrown into the same verse four Pharaoh 's chariots and horses and his holes as he cast into the city Council David remembered all of this stuff MS lighting can say in my minds eye some trust in chariots and some in horses but we will remember the name of the Lord our God hours internalizing a chapter thirty one ago to take a look at this theme in a few different places this idea of chariots and horses of how this whole thing plays out before we make applications Isaiah chapter thirty one verses one to four which is beginning verse one I like this if you find assemblies that are being law marching off in a wrong direction this is a good word at least in the King James assist wall to put the brakes are this is vaulted them that go down to what country agent for help and stay on horses and trust in chariots does they are many and horses because they are very strong so the Bible to say I you know what these things do work these things are strong these things can get the job done but notice all the rest of the first plays out it says but knows better watch out for that word but they look not unto the holy one of Israel neither seek the Lord it's clear to me as I read the text that you cannot do both at once a second look if you're going down to Egypt first of all if you're an Israelite why would you do that I do not read Exodus fifteen has you read what God did to Pharaoh 's chariots and horses he doesn't need that so why are you going down there to purchase those things in order to create this kind of warfare so you either option or you're looking onto the holy one of Israel that's the only option that there is in verse four it says for bus has the Lord spoken to me like as the lion and the young lion roaring on his prey when a multitude of shepherds is called forth against him he will not be afraid of their voice nor abase himself for the noise of them social the Lord of hosts come down to fight for Mount Zion and for the hill thereof friends we either got ourselves and our own abilities with chariots and horses or we have our trust in God Nielsen God knows how to wield the sword a whole lot better than we do the related Joshua chapter eleven another scenario the children of Israel have just entered into in the legions with the men of Judea they were deceived but they should check with God they didn't and they were deceived into this alliance with them and these minute video were not as people within today's they were not whence these were mighty valiant man surrendered to the Israelites but the rest of the nations looked on and said hey if these men of Judea do that anymore Alden and I so they got together into a huge Confederacy in order to life out to be a busy were so upset in the first four it talks about all the Canaanites you can mute and then the parasites that are mentioned in first in verse three but in verse four says they went out say and all their host with them much people even as the sand that is upon the seashore a multitude with horses and what known the King James it just says very many no wonder so much you know you need quick County he does say a lot as it so that gives you some idea of of of the opposition that they were facing well not told him to do something in verse six it says and the Lord Senator Joshua be not afraid because of them for tomorrow about this time will I deliver them up all slain before Israel and you will blame their horses and burned their chariots with fire and in verse nine Joshua did under them as the Lord made in healing their horses and burned their chariots with fire very interesting commentary in the book picture of some profits on page five ten this is what it says it's his commenting on this the chariots and the horses that had been the pride and boasting the Canaanites were not to be appropriated by Israel at the command of God the chariots were burned and the horses lame and also rendered unfit for use in battle the Israelites were not to put their trust in chariots and horses but in the name of the Lord their God saw in Chapter twenty versus seven and eight were to take a look at this text and just a little bit but second Kings twenty verse eleven is the and incredible revival of the place and when you look at that in just a minute but what did the chariots and horses represent and what do they represent today all they were instruments of warfare primarily used by God 's people but by God 's enemies in order to cock her territory and they were very effective in battle and struck fear into many as eyes as they came I think the Assyrian army for example they were an incredible war machine their charioteers one of the most dreaded units of the Syrian army and their thunder from afar struck terror into many a nation God said this in Deuteronomy chapter twenty one twenty verse one he said when you block to battle against your enemies and you see horses and chariots and people more than you be not afraid of that for the Lord thy God is with the which brought the out of the land of Egypt I will be doing some outreach Sabbath morning and some of us are good and behave myself included and is a big city and allowing them to this but God said you know when you see all that don't be afraid someone be right there with you bill today the church no longer fight a physical war were not conquering physical territory forgot what are annexing different nations and so forth and so on it's a spiritual battle that we fight for instance if you read Ephesians chapter six verses ten to seven it talks about the armor of God it possible to breastplate of righteousness in the shield of faith and year your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace in the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God and his second seventy chapter two verse three for the yes second Timothy chapter two verses three and four and chapter four verse seven ten Paul exhorts Timothy he says they endure hardness like a good soldier and he was not talking about enlisting in the armed forces say what is full they were in the Armed Forces and some of the work we do as fast as his is very challenging almost as challenging as what the others do and so this is not this is not a time for for those of us to get soft this is this is a time for us to have courage and stand in instead of conquering and dispossessing nations the church is to conquer by the preaching of the gospel revelation chapter six verse two the church is pictured as as the rider riding on a white horse has says that horse went forth conquering and to conquer the apostle Paul said in Colossians chapter one verse twenty three that the gospel is preached to every creature under heaven not having the sophisticated equipment that we had all friends asked about the love we need is met that's the kind of power that we need Jesus Adobe therefore teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the father the son of the Holy Ghost teaching them to remember or to observe all things whatsoever I command you and I'm with you always even to the end now the mission given to literal Israel was clear no copper these nations but they were not left free to devise any means in order to accomplish the objective that is really the point here so God says look I've given you all the slang but no chariots no horses you want to rely upon me and upon the strengths that I can give and there are two major reasons for why God did not want them these chariots and horses the first is that they would trust more in what they can do and less in what God can do and they would ultimately come to the point where they are going to be taking on some real major major opposition and if you're training yourself down confidence in yourself presented in others always somebody out for the new amino you can be pretty bad there's always somebody is this Saturday new messenger to get to the point that when he gets there but if you are in the trust in God then that's all you need to worry about that he can wield the sword so again the first the first reason is that now they would begin to trust in themselves more than two the second reason is very interesting father to me look with me I should say in second Kings chapter twenty three second Kings chapter twenty three moving a look at verse eleven just a little bit of the context here because the book of the law had been discovered and wants the book of the law was discovered the young king then got together all the elders and everybody and he made an appeal in second Kings twenty three verse three and he made a covenant with them that they would keep all of God 's commandments and his testimonies and his statutes with all their heart and all their soul to perform the words of this covenant that were written in this book and all the people stood to the company on all been providing a lot of information here but we need to make a decision if the Holy Spirit has been convicting us in this area then we need we really need to make a decision this can be just information based this is not to be a transforming experience soul I would encourage you and challenge you to do that to make it a transforming experience you know I read a quote not too long ago that said that the pastor wanted to bring revival in the church by introducing a different form of of of music abortion well that's not what were brought revival into Josias Reformation it was the rediscovery of the book of the law and when they rediscover that I tell you what it's the work of God that has power to transform and to change a person 's life and I'd say if this church wasn't drinking the three angels message as our probably just walked in and walked out as they did all this you know fancy mumbo-jumbo phrase often all lattices may not appear for that I was taking all kinds of philosophy classes as a person that was searching for meaning I wanted something rocksolid and I was in the saddle for less just to the church said so this is the way we do things absolutely not like I had a family to go back to and friends to go back to an explained why I was doing away at what I was doing and an emotional experience and an altar call wouldn't justify it for me not all needed something rocksolid is the word of God that brings revival is the word of God brings Reformation and so it brought a revival when the word was red and notice what happened in verse eleven this is the second reason for why God did not want them to use chariots and horses for celeb in excess and he took away the horses that the kings of Judah had given to the sun now some versions say and dedicated to the sun at the entering in of the house of the Lord by the chamber of the family the Chamberlain which was in the suburbs and he burned the chariots of the sun or in some versions that were dedicated to the sun with fire so God didn't want them to use the chariots and horses because they were dedicated to the sun and whatever is dedicated to the sun will end up ultimately worshiping the sun and the chariots and the horses could not be called Christianized and adopted into Israel's military without seriously compromising the message and mission of God 's people so two reasons we depend on us less on God and these things have been dedicated to the sun forces were no longer in a physical war what could these chariots and horses represent today and yes these were instruments of warfare back then primarily used by God 's enemies in order to gain new territory now they represent the spiritual chariots and horses represent methods which are not sanctioned by God 's word used primarily by Babylon in order to attract members of our churches given her to the type antitank principle is basically what am working with the literal and then you have spiritual yet literal horses what were they used for literal chariots and now we have emissions of a mission in a message as well so these represent methods primarily used by God 's enemies to enlarge their churches and so someone advocate using in order to conquer territory and especially the youth you know clowns magic drawings music of the theatrical nature praise and worship teams that are really laying rock music and calling a praise and worship I can only tell you what my reaction would of been at the time if I saw that I would as well I can get that down at the bar plus they're not a good lot better than you guys don't like to ask him to it on Irene and that's really what you're trying to get me with this matter nor can hope is on disability George's spaghetti factory where they really know how to play it at all listens of the blade there when the economy charts you come because he and your hungering and thirsting for something you want the truth and that's what I was therefore I want to the truth and I was twenty two years old when I came that so I was there was a really fabulous fabulous experience now since one Jesus ever use these facets you know that Jesus lived in a Greco-Roman culture bring final summing a little bit about free culture when I was going to church I did go to church often it was Christmas Easter weddings funerals so forth and so on and the church was always attached to a big cultural Center so we would you know we would drink and and dance all that that that the cultural center and so the Greeks are people of art there are people of literature there are people of dance that all existed in Jesus day that was all available to him but he didn't use any of that in Mark chapter three verse fourteen this is he invited twelve to come to him and he called them any gate and then there were two things that he wanted to call them that they might be with him number one and that he might send them forth to preach because if or not with him then we don't really have anything say amen that was the method that he used it was the foolishness of preaching and he had all of that in his command in other words he had the Greco-Roman art and culture that he could've usually didn't do that because he knew that that it wouldn't really restart it would not transform and convict the soul and amazing development has happened in some Sabbath keeping churches just what is happened to some of the congregations of adopted these church growth methods borrowed from places like Willow Creek at Saddleback another churches it sits incredible friends what has happened at its height and I read this whole dissertation on the cold celebration church had more than a thousand numbers of people flocking to the however with the passing of time some interesting developments took place not that I'm not impugning anybody's motives I'm distraught educators to think theologically here for a minute it's leading pastor develop an independent spirit at the time this led to internal problems in the congregation this coupled with an almost as a councilman conference leadership let him to leaving the ministry today he's joined forces with those or most bitterly attacking the Adventist church this fundamental doctrines binding the same spirit one of his leading elders left the church and started his own Sunday keeping church the church went from one sentence to another the two new fast as a replace the founding pastor were dismissed over doctrinal issues as a result of all this turmoil the church went through several splits decline in attendance and membership followed they could no longer keep up the payments on their large and facility the conference kindly assume the payments while it was being sold this series of sorrows finally led the group that was left to merge with another congregation from the South Pacific division is his latest reports show that the five new contemporary churches which were in the author puts planted in the South Pacific division between nineteen eighty five and nineteen ninety seven and experienced similar disasters and tragedies as those reported of the celebrations urges North American division which they were pattern many members of these churches were lost and sometimes their pastors with them only one of the five is still in the sisterhood of some day Adventist churches when I done that research there's been a disastrous losses that everyday judges chapter two verse three the Lord said their gods shall be a snare unto you and this is indeed what has happened and as you look at the South Pacific division of things that have gone on in this division it demonstrates to me beyond a shadow of the doubt that changing the forms of worship does not bring souls in the church people are still dissatisfied and you have to go from one form of entertainment to another just to be able to keep them and you know what were not trained that way and we can compete with Hollywood no no way time and experience of shown that it does does not work however this is something interesting time magazine October thirty one two thousand six this is been going on in the evangelical world notice were time magazine said since youth ministers admit on a long and frustrating quest of their own over the past two decades or so believing that a message wrapped in pop-culture packaging was the way to attract teens to their flocks pastor 's water down the religious content and boosted the entertainment now because they know entertainment when they seated them you can call it religion but they look at it safe but we know what that is as we know what we do but in recent years churches have begun offering their young people the style of religious instruction grounded in Bible studies and teachings about the doctrines of their denomination their conversion talking about the use of asterisk has been sparked by the recognition that sugarcoated Christianity popular in the nineteen eighties and early nineteen nineties has caused growing numbers of Jews to turn away not just from attending youth fellowship activities but also from practicing their faith at all time magazine October thirty first two thousand six and I'm not sure whether I have it in my notes here but Willow Creek up in the upper Chicago has basically all issued a statement saying you know what what we've been doing hasn't really worked what we instituted twenty years ago about attracting seekers to the church has that have not progressed there are still the same he then worshiping people that they were going to walk down twenty years later so yeah they attracted the seekers but they stayed there because what you were none left is what you win them to pits that was an amazing statement that they may several years ago two of our churches started using their own chariots and horses one in Colorado inspired by the methods of Willow Creek was featured in one of our leading nomination papers however in the midst of the success of attention the pastor in the church broke away from the conference they wanted the freedom to do their own follow the money and other wanted to keep the size of the fund their mega- church dream as I stated earlier we could build in some of our big city churches were those wealthy people we can make the crystal growth original cathedral look like a shack if we want to me but what would possess a Methodist minister to one keep the time in his local church is about the system that God gave us so that we can preach the gospel to the entire world why would we want a horse that is that really glorifying God now there's a glorification of self facilities God is given us that wonderful system they said they were going to keep the Sabbath by just a little bit distant from us another church near Washington DC do something very similar these limits each as helping relevant would help us to grow as if the three Angels messages are not relevant can't believe that I just they are the most that the three Angels messages counteract every user that you can think off the antidote to all of them and we really got to like the young lady priest about we really got to be in the word and discover why they were administered at study and there is not a church like this church probably be a Seventh-day Adventist they were good teachers how we could be relevant well guess what the wood these would be administered just discovered you couldn't get a community crowd on sabbaths so they opted for relevancy because that was the principle that they were working from along and just like to see all that needed to do was be developed in his mission catalyst network their mission to do whatever it takes to equip local churches to accomplish the great commission and a mean whatever it this is it doesn't matter the ends justify the means but friends the facts are that no matter how many times it's been tried is really not a successful copycat of any one of these churches within the Seventh-day Adventist church there is a really theologically incompatible something interesting happens all when these things are downloaded into the Seventh-day Adventist church according to Roman Catholic God are all structure it does not matter when Vatican II came in in the nineteen sixties it blew the whole liturgical thing why don't for four hundred years the Roman Catholic Church had been saying the liturgy then in nineteen sixty seven all of a sudden now in every language and it opened up the floodgates and they realize they needed to do something very theological structure allows them to change whatever worship forms they want without affecting it but when it's downloaded into Adventism it shuts us down it is not compatible with our theology and what it is adopted it works like a virus to destroy us the first house lists shall not so chariots and horses are dedicated to sun worship in some trust in chariots and some in horses but I leave my but I believe those of us that are here today we want to remember the name of the Lord our God and trust in his methods in his ways what was often the downfall when it came to worship her by the way I wanted we started we started three thirty three forty five okay good what was often the downfall of the of of thought it am Israel when it came to worship renewal and you need to pray for us as preachers in Exodus thirty two they were through Ehrenreich they were through somebody that wasn't quite right also see him they were able to work through him because Erin wanted to be popular with the people and so he knew it was wrong and he really didn't thought up a few enough struggle with the people and they overtook and so friends we need to have you need to pray for us there will be one understands take the unpopular approach and believe that something like UIC can really take off and be just the beginning it was weak leadership because I favorite preachers got one weak spot among others is that we want to be liked and who doesn't want to be like and and you get tired of going against the grain and stepping on people 's tolls you get tired of that so keep us in prayer in first Kings chapter twelve verse twenty five twenty eight which we just discussed they took counsel but it wasn't with the law of Moses when Jeroboam set up those two worship centers the one and that Dan and the other in Bethel they took counsel with a student studying the law of Moses on the subject they gave them a worship based on their needs it's too much for you to go up to Jerusalem so will do it your way it was ultimately a worship of self and friends and where is all this worship renewal heading while seconding Chapter twenty three verse eleven whatever is dedicated to the song will lead to its worship if we adopt the philosophy that anything and everything will do them will be swept away in the early church I said that if we confused about they way will be confused about the day read the earlier chapters of the great controversy the Sabbath didn't change overnight it was when they started tampering with the second commandment the commandment not to worship idols and images him the way for tampering with the fourth combat it led directly to that because the fourth commandment is in direct opposition to that second one it says there's a difference between God and the creation the second one confuses God with the creation and so once you go along that track the Sabbath is no longer relevant it's no longer one of the systems or foundations upon which worship should be built it's gone it's discarded people are doing something a little different today if you look at the difference between the first two commandments the first one says now still have no other gods before me the second one says Nasional best to not make unto thee any graven image or any likeness of anything in heaven above the earth beneath the waters of your question about down myself to them nor serve them what's the difference between the two the first commandment makes a prohibition against false God 's no bail not etc. the second commandment prohibits us from worshiping the true God with false forms okay the first commandment says no false docs mobile blaster of the Second Amendment says it places a limit on our creativity this is there is a way in there is not a way the second commandment says we cannot worship the true God with false forms and information is live on my fun to drive to California I can't hop on eighty East L and if the police officer stops me and says were you going ongoing California where you're heading in the wrong direction you're going east you should be going West less all right I'll make it there anyway office unfortunately we begin to reason like that when it comes to spiritual matters him down when it comes to how to worship God hey it's all about what I think and feel you as having this conversation with the guy on the place and found out really found out what I was doing and so easy express the usual adage that you were all different people arriving at the same place going in different directions in essence you know that's pretty interesting because I've never seen that philosophy applied in medicine for for law or in his field computer programming I is I never try that in your field bought makes us think that it works the same way in spiritual things so when we tamper with the second commandment the fourth commandment is about to go confusion about the way is going to lead to confusion about the day now what's happening is they were all using our creativity when we allow our creativity to run rampant without controls we are essentially violating the second commandment okay that's what were doing and so when creativity is in theology goes out now not saying we shouldn't be created but if we don't have a philosophical base there are no parameters for a creativity it runs while and it will lead us in the wrong direction there is an amazing statement and second side selected messages volume two page thirty six to thirty nine on the holy flesh movement if you've ever heard about it in the Indiana cat meetings around nineteen oh one this is what the servant of the Lord said she said the things you have described is taking place in Indiana the Lord has shown me with take place just before the close of probation every uncouth thing will be demonstrated there will be shouting from this music and dancing the senses of rational beings will become so confused that they cannot be trusted to make right decisions and this is called the moving of the Holy Spirit she says no encouragement should be given to this kind of worship those things which had been in the past it she didn't say might be but one will be in the future Satan will make music a snare by the way in which it is conducted now our church is called the seventh day Adventist church because we believe that the something is the Sabbath of the Lord our God and we believe that Jesus is coming again now if we want to preach and continue to preach the narrowness of the Lord 's return the statement says that just before the polls of probation would just got a be pretty close to the Lord 's return this is what is going to happen so is this an issue that we can certainly than sweep under the rock and pretend that it's going to go away now will do it to our detriment and to the detriment of money so this is something that we must give attention to what to share with you little bit of my own my own testimony at this time as I is I make an appeal for today but as I mentioned before those of you that were not here I was raised in Toronto Canada loving family great family yet the apartment and we would go to church just a few times a year in us all but if there's one thing I really wanted to do and that is I was playing them drops out always known those Greek dances and the drummer was right there shall study that thing in light of the highest quality will pay about my own drum set I worked for a tactical lessons and went to York University where I studied jazz performances studied under that to the best jazz drummers in Canada at the time and I ultimately made it to the third works are the top workshop so why the first one I got in I was in workshop number eight as Jazz was a little new for me I had moved from rock which was beginning to be a little unsatisfying and move from rock to blues when I saw just played I thought wow these guys are good and there's no question about it they are good they are really good musicians and so hats off to them aesthetically no question about it and so I got to the jazz program I really I really practice hard played hard finally got to the finally got to the top shop while it was there that I met my wife and so we were in some music classes together and she would then not begin to talk to me about spiritual things I'm about twenty one years old right now and so I said well that might be good for people that are ready to dive but him not me and got plan on doing this for a while so she began to think of both what am I getting myself into she was raised in the Philippines she was raised by her grandmother and in that culture you know grandma had to sit her down and say you know what you can America God has given you these gifts and that's what you going to do you're going to marry a pastor and you know what it you know what it's like when people tell you what you're going to do in that area and you rub it but in that culture you know you don't disagree with grandma you just go ahead and quietly do what you do as so as that's exactly what she began to do so they see an even wanted to any Christian guys because you know nothing was lurking in the background you can America pastor Christian nor to close we can go there so when she saw me had a lot more hair lot of it write down the shoulders there were no chains and all that she looked she looked at me she said that brother safe is that brother is safe but as it says another story with the fellow with Samuel Idol and the Lord can read the heart she could I didn't even know what I was all about but we started to grow little closer and she started to share a little bit more with me she gave me a Bible December of eighty nine and I began to read that there was like a living Bible so I went ahead and read the New Testament and of course you know what you read Daniel and Revelation then though you like while I wonder what this is talking about and as I said I was studying philosophy I was studying about my grandparents Plato and Aristotle and all these guys try to make sense of what's going on in the world and all that kind of stuff you know because it's kind of cool to be intellectual when you're a drummer enough so you got to does everybody think you know what the drummer on the hangs out with musicians is not really a musician fiancé so it all had to take something that could convince people that I deny I could do something other than just beats and drops but really I was searching for something I didn't really know it and if you were to tell me that the Bible was it I wouldn't believe you because some image of my education was influenced by evolutionism and science in the Latin I really thought it was a book written by men and that was it and so she got to pray unbeknownst to me of course console all that was intrigued she invited me to church a SoCal although but don't leave my side I don't understand what it looks like from a world of birth you going to use Tony Church don't link my son because somebody might come up to me and asked me when the last time I send wasn't it I really don't want to get into why I does want to hear what the man has to say I'm in there and a lot of their side began to make the motions and go to church and she gave me the great controversy after she was reading cosmic conflict that he ever seen the old cosmic conflict it looks like a sci-fi book passage I know her well enough it's not like her to read sci-fi some of his victory and most you have around a lot and she said while on what you read these chapters it's based on some of the things you have questions about I said okay uncle Henry cell United States and prophecy snares of Satan so forth and so on I read a house in my room with a little light in my room just wide enough to see the pages my sister would come in what you doing I am reading a book couple of days later this is over like at Christmas or Easter break would what what are you doing this it wasn't like me to read a book like this was a six hundred page law drummer such as what are you doing I said you know since I really cannot tell you now I've been almost halfway through the book and I couldn't believe what I was reading a first look at the Bible out a sale chemistry descriptors out in all seen this person this while while after about fifty or a hundred pages of said Matt they got my confidence I began to trust the book I read the whole book and then about two weeks I was an Adventist health question about it I was an Adventist but she was thinking in on end and then the call is made to be baptized for cycle a go forward and so she had some muscle in her side of the family whose of who the other ladies married down fellas that were not Seventh-day Adventists in the him just to get the ladies you know so that was lurking in her mind why is this brother doing this but you know I mean I had that it walked out of a Greek Orthodox family kinases not an easy thing I've met to re- brothers that are here it is probably only I would guess it was probably only five of us and maybe not even finalists of this whole convention one night when I first became anathema solid like Elijah Lord I know I got to be the only one there is no other way I've got to be the only one I'm sorry I can remember you know when I first decided not to do any more drinking because my dad and I would drink a little bit just socially it is a meal and sold you have a beer non- you have some more known than some more wives are doing that as the owner comes as since I began to explain to him and that was it I'm in they are manipulating you they are brainwashing you you watch when you get to the top you'll see how the whole thing operates on me they are like they got me to talk to to Greek Orthodox priests try to convince me to change my ways but it was very difficult once you read the great controversy when she begin to mark your Bibles of the evangelist told me how to do I I chain reference to every single subject so I may I was ready I have whatever he asked all at the grapple with the word don't let him lead so that's what it was like but tell you what when I left home I mean you can ask my wife they then cried like it was my funeral when I was about to go from Toronto the Andrew University they just wept like I was like I they had lost her son and he was not coming back it was it was really something that told me don't you ever talk to your brother and sister about this him later you can help yourself when you get the truth saw my sister now is married to and administer him so still working on my brother but some and I have a cousin as well but they really did a really wept for me like I was like I was gone and I was always out of their console while my wife's journey is a wife is a journey of faith as well because I see you don't look really bluster with a lot of musical ability all she's able to do a lot of things are member this law one program on three again we were in the Knoxville Tennessee and though they had little debriefing in the back but they didn't invite my wife back there she had no idea she was going to blame and so all of a sudden Donald McCain comes up and do not treat avian music roles sheesh time in our and your needle lies in front of a billion people and all the sudden John Loman Tang 's eyes go like this to my wife shingles and she's like all of us I never see her muscle sushi AC slid right on that piano she had no idea with their midlake and he said that any seduces the handle and cannot constitute an slow as matter-of-fact when she left your university some of the professors said never heard of vendors University before this person could probably go to Juilliard all so long but she knew that if she stayed in that kind of an environment she would lose her Christianity she would lose that experience and so she adopted to go to Andrews University she didn't know I was coming had no idea and so on I said well I'll see you there Nolan Salwa so anyway but a year or so after that we were married and we had little Sophia and I have a son now named Dino as well and I was so hoping you know what I want down on the drums finally and I said okay am the Lord I'm done with this I was so hoping that he could give me another musical talent you know like like the gift of tongues will send his staff and I'm these able sit down on the channel of the guitar or something like that and decide music amount I mean I do miss the the idea of playing in an ensemble and if you've ever played an ensemble that way there's a certain communication and that happens when you do that it's really an enjoyable experience I really wanted that but I sent novices in all this this is no way I can remember the first time I made a stand for the Sabbath lesson you know fellas attempting this Friday night or not it's the Sabbath what is that as well from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday you need to rest some what about next Friday night Bobbie gave him not keeping the Sabbath and to that was the death sentence my musical career soul and when I finally lay that aside is why Lord of the nicest singer nice to do something that but seventeen years of marriage and thirteen years with my kids have convinced them and me that it's not possible for me to say him so I simply leave that to my wife and Sofia Andino and I just want to challenge you with the fact that the Lord will not withhold any good thing from you and if he ever asked for something he will give you back a hundred fold fold and so if you're being challenged in this area my advice of my counsel to you is to step out and obey God and called it the best gifts I got was a dry sat behind the drums I did like talking the people I couldn't talk to people 's lives is no way but whatever he asked us to give up he will replace with something else and just you know it's just a reward for me just to hear Sophia say I just love thank you Lord for house are not of my loins I know himself will father the pride of sorry cannot myself pray for her and for me a minute so you know that the devil would obviously want to derail that console peoples and providers want to challenge you in this area that the Lord will supply all of your needs whatever you thought you needed from this music he will supply through the word through other avenues pencils I pray just now I want to pray for you and I want to ask that you just surrender yourself to Jesus let's pray our father in heaven Lord thank you for this privilege and opportunity and I just ask that you would be with every young person that is here and those of us that are not so young that are strongly help us to know the EU can give us the mind of Christ help us to know that you can change appetites and then passions and tastes and that you can educate us Lord you promised that you would not withhold any good thing from goals to walk upright with you and I pray that that promise will be fulfilled in the life of every person that is listening today whether they're here are whether they're listening perhaps in the future through through multimedia I just asked that you would fulfill that promise let us delight ourselves in the Lord for he will give us the desires of our hearts so father please take away the love for this world and in our hearts the love for Jesus 's name we pray amen and this movie was used by audio or is anyone I read you would like to learn more about Jim I think this is a done life that God is working like this is an online seminar please visit www. volume versus nonwork


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