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Form, Style, and the Problem of the Drum Set

Karl Tsatalbasidis

Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.



  • December 19, 2008
    9:30 AM
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gracious and loving heavenly father we are thankful that every good and perfect gift comes from the father of all it is you who have created music to be a joy and a blessing to remind us of who you are and how you would've acted in ages past and how you will act to save your people but father we understand also that the enemy of souls realizes what a power this is any seeks to pervert it for his own purposes and so Lord I just asked that you would please send your Holy Spirit now that you just to lead us and guide us so that we can render you an offering that would be pleasing in your sight we pray in Jesus they payment we primarily dealt with one line of evidence just one line of evidence when it comes to making a musical choices and that as we've been concentrating on the theological and philosophical things and the reason for that while I'm going to switch gears right now and moved to another line of reasoning and the other line of reasoning can also be biblically grounded and it could be grounded in the third Angels message in Revelation chapter fourteen verse twelve it says here are they that she the Commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus Revelation chapter fourteen verse twelve calls for opening all of God 's commandments now that's just not book amendments that regulate the moral law but but those commandments as we began the study is a denomination in the in the eighteen sixties we began to understand that the Commandments not only applied to the moral law but also to all natural and physical flaw did you know that we are all under natural and physical law so I guess the correct of God the question to ask now is as always certain forms of ESA impact us on a psychophysiological level so since we are really primarily rhythmic beatings when we breathe is our heartbeats in a certain rhythm on our auditory nerves are connected I have two audiologists in the congregation are are are auditory nerves are connected to almost every part of our body and soul are how then does certain how the new certain forms of music impact us on a cycle physiological level well let's take on rock music it says rock music involves a narrow psychological conditioning in connotation or felt meeting linking aggression and sexuality knife you've been immersed in it for a long long time that's not really any news to you and us just the way it is and the music industry knows that it's called sex and drugs and rock 'n roll they understand that when I was in Toronto growing up in Toronto Canada there were two primary music and while not worship music Center 's I would say if you want to Maple leaf Gardens where they usually play hockey in the Navy notice you have the rock processor not whenever you come out of Maple leaf Gardens in using one of these rock groups perform your ready to turn the place up twenty one you have anger you have a motion you are spirited you are banking on cars you are out of control but when we go to Roy Thompson Hall and we see his Symphony we walked out the same way we gain I've never seen anybody walked out of Roy Thompson Hall safe just a children's Angel Brahms Brahms is never happened him the same guys that were in the jazz performance you've was when we had to go see Handel 's Messiah all right I was at Roy Thompson Hall is another hall but even without even when we walked our look at those goods to gossip I we were not affected that way anybody that is been in the industry knows that these things are very much linked together that's from the book pop goes the gospel same book the rhythm for which drums provide or generate the basic beat produce measurable responses in the body 's muscular system brainwave patterns and hormone levels as a result muscle coordination and control become synchronized with the basic visa what happens when the music plays muscle coordination and control become synchronized with the basic wheat and I will try to demonstrate that but not for too long because I know what happens so was that muscle control and coordination will become synchronized with the basic beat so if I keep that up for long enough to transform the way some you walk him enough to be walking like this now I can't do that I've never been able to dance and there's a good reason for that whenever I hear music the neural connections don't go like a dancer Douglas is my full feed in both hands are engaged in Seoul in archaic do that is subtle but I know someone who can do it used to do it hopefully not doing it anymore but him I will half and even if you never once children even in worship setting when they play the kind of music just watch the kids that don't know any better I mean they haven't processed all this stuff just watch what happens to them they all of a sudden go nuts and the parents are trying to do anything and everything to try to control them as so many in all our kids in my some original we don't lose this book whenever here's a news I hear him since direct physiological muscle coordination and control become synchronized with the basic beat brainwave activity itself aligns with the rhythm so generated and various hormone specifically opiates and sex hormones are released as a result of electrophysiological synchronization with the rhythm and there's not a thing you can do about it does not matter if additional respecter of persons it doesn't matter how old you are are young you are whether you like it or whether you don't like it it will have that effect on you there's no question about it the only thing you can do is recognize it if you're in that presence and for some reason if you're shopping in their playing that's often you got a counter it with something else otherwise it takes over is there any musicological scientific evidence that shows us why the rhythm and most modern forms of meat music has a certain effect on the human organism gap medical from the professionals rock music in particular has been demonstrated to be both powerful and addictive I can testify to the addictive part two as well as capable of producing a subtle form of hypnosis in which the subject though not completely under transfer still in a highly suggestive state you basically turn your brains off because this kind of music is meant to be experienced is not meant to be we analyzed this nothing really to analyze most of the time except if you are listening to perhaps nineteen seventies or eighties rock and not a lease jihad groups there that knew how to play now everything is techno enough push the button there is the drummer there is a bass player there is everything in our community that you are willing to learn learn how to play or not but at least they did at that point in time Bob when I was studying jazz performance of York University at the time I thought this was cool because saw the instructor the classes you know good performances like when it's not really you play but something else is playing through you you just move along with us and when can I get to that level but it's a for a slight spiritualism we should always be in control I wish you have something controlling costs but that's the effect perhaps the most important defining quality of rock 'n roll is the beach rock 'n roll is different from other music primarily because of the beach there is no question about that it's got nothing to do with the melody and harmony absolutely not if you read isn't fair it just doesn't cut it I don't care if you can say I don't care if you can play I don't care if you're a Paganini or your virtual self if it does not have that it doesn't make the grade not even entertain it is with our bodies that we first respond to the rhythm of music the music within you musical therapist others of great feel for music therapy and people understand how that works in itself is a legitimate science the sexuality of music is usually referred to in terms of its rhythm it is the and stay directly physical response now some you're probably been a be confused because you see the word beat will is there something wrong with the beat well how many of you heard the song before set up as a music support of solace this is not a song you can have music without rhythm were talking about a specific form of rhythm and we'll talk a little bit more about this term syncopation is remove on fizzy on the psychology of music the perception of revenue involves the whole organist again this is grounded in Revelation fourteen twelve which is here are they to keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus and so we ought to look at natural law how does this impact natural law and since we are under law then this is relevant when Paul station and syncopation are the rhythmic foundations of the music and dance all the movements of the dancers can invariably be seen to become very sensual now okay what is this word syncopation of humor that were before syncopation what is it what what is syncopated well when you break it down into two separate avenues are in the Baroque classical you have some forms of block that are syncopated syncopation means that you are stressing what is called the weaker beats and most music is in four four time you are stressing the weaker beats and for four-time the strongest B is the one and then the three the weakest these are beats two and four so when you stress anything that's other than beats one and three and an even block would create patterns that would be no that would not always be emphasizing those things some people would call that syncopated do you know when an anachronism this is an anachronism is when you take something that's modern and you injected into the past that never existed there before our right now when we say that block was syncopated outdoing me that he was plain rock rhythms there were invented but it may remove found back there now there is an entirely different form of music like rock jazz rhythm and blues and you want to call it country most countries just rock today anyhow musically it's got the back feelings and that it's it's it's rock and that's a debated as so and then they and and and rock music emphasizes beats two and four usually by the snare drum by hitting a rim shot most rimshot so some are just a bit like this and others you hit with the rim and the skin at the same time I used to be avoided at nine and a half times that attend back then that I don't know if I can even do that anymore and so it really gives a nice pop and for those of you on the front row it's been a curl your hair straightener defending him from here you got soul of but in a one two three four on and when you emphasize that it has a direct physiological that you know the next you know major rhythm and when I was studying the drum set Shiite I trained under to the best jazz drummers in Canada and one of them said look you can distill all rhythms found to that state just to your basic rock beat and then you thought it was just the basics you know distantly suggested him and him to so are all rooms can be distilled everything that you hear can be distilled under one of those two forms that's it and we talk about the origin of the drums a little later on that's what the traps that was designed to do so we talk about syncopation were emphasizing the weaker parts of the beef and pain in the rock and especially jazz is entirely sympathetic you do not hit the downbeat in all you don't hit the one and a enough you're playing in a bebop band or something like that that would just kill it and didn't didn't didn't didn't didn't didn't didn't didn't ask like you just destroyed so it strives for for anything but regularity and it has a direct physiological response musical rhythms affects both our hearts in our brains one of one row to arousing a range of agitated feelings tends excited sometimes sexual is to pronounce an insistent rhythms artfully used to heighten the sexual tension drumming may produce these powerful effects but actually driving the brain 's electrical rhythm psychology today those the opinion of the music industry to support the historical and scientific evidence you don't do Gilland Dennis Seaburg Duke Ellington all right well this is from the delicate rhythm came from Africa to America you know what it does to you exactly what it's supposed no punches pulled Mrs. this is a professional in the field I give her literature are my true beliefs about rock 'n roll and there had been a lot of phrases attributed to me over the years is this I believe that this kind of music is demonic eye on a lot of beats and music today are taken from food from the voodoo drums if you studied music and rhythms like I have you'll see that is true hi I'm possibly can hope to you not my opinion the people who are in the professional music industry I R a C hip-hop now I didn't know that term is in the nineteen nineties basically parted ways with with with music so well but Rabbi understood to me musically there's not much difference between the two hip-hop rap is the most powerful form of music and communication it's very what spiritual missing a lot of these musicians really while it's really a spiritual thing to be able to do this to be able to play that's what it's about now notice what it says is that so many messages and that its words are you reading along as so many messages with vivid storylines within the drumbeats as well as its works people don't realize how powerful hip-hop is musically music is the most powerful form of communication Sinead O'Connor the Bible is more than aware of the physical effects of music of chapter sixteen you remember what happened with King Saul he rejected the word of the Lord and because he rejected the word of the Lord the devil came in and he tormented him and Saul was looking for some way to relieve this kind of stress and so David came in they sought David out and he wrote his name and length are using this with relaxing some but see page just stops him to think that would be too relaxing enough if you're stressed out like that buying something soothing and something a little melodic yet you know that's not to do it how powerful his music while in Exodus thirty two will cover this just the thought of ten devastating plagues on the nation of Egypt does that happen everyday does the Red Sea park every day now but yet when they were at the Golden tax the music and the dance and cause them to forget that was it like a little kid meanness it was just you see it now you don't see it it's not why the slightest reason for the way it does the spoken word must pastor the master brain out to be interpreted translated and screened for moral conduct not so with music especially with rock music such pounding fury can bypass this protective screening calls a person to make no value judgment whatsoever on what he is listening by five listen to hundreds of thousands of hours of this and like I said no I just daresay nobody really listens to it because of the words I've got the words memorized simply because if you listen the sum so long in a memorizing but that's not really why why why was listening to it when I went back years later and just a note just looked at some of the words I said to hell and how utterly demonic and spiritualistic I was in the East but at that point I didn't even care it didn't matter what the word said not one bit and that doesn't change when you just put Christian words to your still experiencing up on that level now music is a language with me to first Corinthians chapter fourteen verses six to eight the apostle Paul uses an illustration here first Corinthians chapter fourteen versus sixty first reviews chapter fourteen verse six eight it says now brethren if I come unto you speaking with tongues what shall it profit you except I shall speak to you either by revelation my knowledge of prophesying for my doctrine and even sings with our life giving sound weather type or harp except they give for the sake of distinction in the sounds you follow that except to give a distinction in the sounds how shall it be known what is piped or what is heart for if the trumpet give an uncertain sound who shall prepare himself to the battle if they're charming to get you ready for war will any current music were come on now you guys are much more intelligent than that you want to know that we can do anything we want with it music is in the eye of the beholder it doesn't really not her there is no direct psychophysiological impact all now just to demonstrate this just to demonstrate this I want you to pretend that I'm about six foot five three hundred pounds I know it's hard I want to mention and now you give me give upset me among not only after you master your family etc. etc. and I'm foaming at the mouth and I'm chasing you and when you look at me you're dead I saw Matthew right now and I'm puffin puffin minimum amount just enter your thesis so let's just just just another hit the music not just for a little bit of effect just as in all forget it must be friends and him you all got that will never make you afraid do you put your baby to sleep by this is him and my she says I I know see the entertainment industry knows this thing they've been doing experiments on you they know how to make you laugh they know how to make you cry there is no auto scare you to death and the enemy is and is what's the scariest I know you guys don't watch this was the steer is part of any scary movie and I miss him here the court decided that nothing happened to me just because there is making a killing and also want to justify this kind of music site Holt is no relationship whatsoever at least make the horse Revelation fourteen forty room and keep the Peninsula is a direct psychophysiological response and it doesn't change when you put Jesus loves me do it what about the first time you told your special one-day you let them know for those of you .net and you go back to resting no probably didn't like this is to just try to muster up the courage and I wonder was the so go ahead and give it a shot say I know him and him and now the words of the most important right this is the actual content of what you said that's the most important part is that ladies live and what difference does it make once accompanied with it it has no effect on the message whatsoever just a little bit review are all styles and forms neutral first and second Commandments is a difference the First Amendment says us to have no other gods before me this little bit of her review here that means is a prohibition against false dots the second commandment thou shall not make under the any graven image or likeness of anything in heaven above you need the waters under the earth not some about down thyself to them nor serve them the second commandment says we cannot worship the true God with false forms big difference between the two so the Second Amendment actually puts the regulation on our creativity in the worship service this is there are limits either big and once you transgress those limits bosses I am no longer the one you are worshiping and we covered that point extensively in the first three sessions all styles and forms neutral what about Cain and Abel did not indicate that he accepted it if Cain was sincere and it looked to me like he was very sincere but let's imagine that he was would that make his worship acceptable to both would it would sincerity make it acceptable by traveling eighty East when I should be going eighty West the matrix California now sincerity is an important part but it will not get you there you've got to have worship him in spirit and in truth both of whom have to be combined they are all styles and forms new will not access the golden calf Moses came down and he broke the ten Commandments all on that tax choral styles and forms neutral you know the story of Madonna by your limited instructors and they happened to be drinking them when they were drinking they got to the point where they thought well all fire is the same what difference does it make whether it starts fire this fire this burns as hot as the others same chemical properties want to use this one will God reacted to that and he set fire from heaven and those two young men were devoured that's because sin in the Bible there's a difference between the holy and the unholy and it's the sanctuary in the Sabbath that provides meaning and once we lose that and the connection between the sanctuary the Sabbath the great controversy and worship forms in our worship forms come from other sources then we lose the distinction between the holy and unholy again you've heard were living in the postmodern world in the postmodern world there is no such thing as absolute truth truth is in the eye of the beholder and when I die truth dies with me it might be all right for me to steal but it's not all right for you so you make up your own rules when it doesn't change anything France that's a good theory is not even a good theory it's a theory but it does not correspond to reality no correspondence to reality whatsoever you can believe it if you want but it does not correspond to reality if there is no absolute truth there is no such thing as false worship and if there is no such thing as absolute truth then the idea that God would choose one people Israel in the Old Testament and spiritual is Serio in the New Testament not believe vessel some of the evidence church that's ludicrous to a postmodern my necessary that's ethnocentric casino folding that's not much also people think in the postmodern generation but friends of five out of ten numbers the right answers are there how many different ways can you put a computer program together I mean there's not an unlimited variety of right ways to do things and God says there is a way and another Scripture says there is a way that seems right unto a man but the end thereof are the ways of death so you the devil is dividing us among culture alliance is dividing us along cultural lines and instead of us studying the Bible the company works with the pillars of our faith and use that as the materials in order to build a theology of worship featured every one of us are digging into our own culture and safe less than what we do all of us are guilty of that and I think this approach would free us off and in my culture I would say is a great person what a minute there's some things are not butterflied here in a worship service in some things that may be perfectly in harmony with so what about culture what did God think of grounding worship certain worship service on Egyptian culture culture of the golden calf he wasn't too impressed what a dog think of grounding Warsaw the theology of worship on multi- culture in numbers chapter twenty five he wasn't very impressed there either what about Babylonian culture in Daniel chapter three you're familiar with that chapter this is at the sound of the music now people concentrate on always financing is where that really is amazing the focus this system are all different kinds of music it was an international setting what kind of music do they use when they want to raise money in order to provide aid for you know all people that are not as fortunate as we are what kind of music do they use they use all these different forms of rock music I mean live a Band-Aid what everyone called that's what they do and they'll start and the melodies and harmonies will be sprinkled with what you find from every culture like I'm Greek and some he gave me a Yanni CD right now when I listen the Yanni I'm familiar with all of those great melodies except now they're being accompanied by that you don't buy the trap set here and that's what is happening what about the Samaritan woman you know she said you know our fathers worshiped on this now Jesus said you know not what you worship salvation is of the Jews some people say will did Martin Luther use barn dance tunes to proclaim the gospel while the new Grove dictionary of music and musicians says the difference in style between sacred and secular music hardly existed in Luke Thursday the punch on the sacred station in the secular station while this is not indifferent there another off another musicologist said down and professor said the secular music of our day in the secular music of Luther 's day is as different as night is from day of the thirty seven corrals only one soon came directly from a secular folk song even that one can borrow from a folksong which appeared a loop a single of fifteen thirty five was later replaced by another melody in the fifteen thirty nine songbook historians believe that Luther discarded it because people associated with its previous secular text the other thing that Luther would do is that keyword that compels it in four-part harmony the rock group sing in four-part harmony clean Genesis this all the British Gas is yes but that was like in the seventies when you actually had to know something about music no more most rock music is not and that today's is not in four-part harmony and probably from the sum of Iraqis is is that is fun because someone capable of doing it now about the drum set now when you mention the subject drums and percussion are insufferable in the minds of most people which leads to great confusion but the separation is a distinction that every drummer and percussionist knows and understands a good drummer does not necessarily make a good percussionist and especially vice versa because percussionists usually don't have to use their feet and their standing up and they did great things you know what the snare drum in all drivers had a sitdown with it it at all everything 's engaged since the Bible mentions top roots Timberwolves and all types of symbols like in Psalm one fifty why not use them the drum set up a sort of try to give an answer to this this question especially if you read Psalm one forty nine and Psalm one fifty it talks about symbols it talks about everything that has breath praise the Lord so then we go ahead and we run and we jump with that Olbermann noted some biblical principles of the data interpretation when we worry about that it just doesn't select using while you save and contradict himself because the same David who wrote that the blueprints from God about the heavenly sanctuary and about the musical instruments that were to be played within that sanctuary now there were different times and places in which other forms of music to be played before talking about Sabbath worship Sabbath in Sabbath out and were making a distinction between that and some of the other social functions and even perhaps some of the major festivals okay but David is not contradicting himself but yet people want to use that and injected into the Sabbath worship services I put the same David through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit there was only four estimates that were allowed in the Temple service the trumpets the symbols and use out how symbols will get to that in a minute the liar and the heart stringed instruments and those of the text we covered those by the way and I apologize for this most of this is in my book drums rocking worship amazing facts .org you can get in there it's been out for about five years now I thought I would have copies with me but I do not so this restriction on instruments as the Temple service was meant to be binding three hundred years after David Hezekiah had a marvelous Reformation anybody here from the first two seminars let's see how well I did where did Hezekiah begin sanctuary yes that's where he began first he told the priest get all this stuff out of the holy place clean it up get it right that's where he began the next corresponding effect was in worship forms second Chronicles twenty nine verse twenty five any mentions of same for instruments that we talked about in the previous screen up there and it says that this was commanded by Gad and Nathan and another prophet foresaw was the commandment of the Lord by his prophets this was a divine arrangement which has some more included and some were excluded I can get into the wise right now we are to cover that previously the first three sessions but it was based on the relationship between theology and worship forms that were integrated in the sanctuary three hundred years after Hezekiah when Nehemiah had built the wall again they went back to the same instruments now when gospel he spoke in a particular time and place he included some instruments and he restricted the use of others again melody and harmony our primary with these instruments in a summer you're thinking okay so now go to bring back our suppliers soldiers on no what we ought to do is extract the principle that is there all right we don't extract the principal and so there are many other instruments that have a great capability when it comes to melody and harmony use that power the symbols used in the Temple services the symbols were not used by the protector this is a doctoral dissertation the symbols were not used by the protector to conduct the singing is like beating out the rhythm of the song or stands in the song but rather to announce the beginning of a song or stands and the song since they were used to introduce the song they were wielded by the head of wire on ordinary occasions or by the three heads of the guilds on extraordinary occasions since the trumpets and the symbols were played together to announce the beginning of the song the players of both are called the sounder in first Chronicles sixteen forty two that's the John findings dissertation are now I spent a whole lot of time and a whole lot of money but I didn't spend it to do this him and I can teach you to do that two seconds that's obviously not the way a rock drummer places no more jazz drummer him and drive so there is a simple do what you jump on the bandwagon and is an anachronism that's when you inject the meaning of something that exists that was way into the future a new plug-in into the past that you say all that's what they did just because the same word is used the following talk bringing the Arctic Jerusalem Univest story it was a wonderful occasion I mean David wanted to bring the ark to Jerusalem to find this in first Chronicles thirteen foot they brought it on a new car over to get that idea from you find that the first five books of the Bible they got it from the Philistines friends they got it from the Philistines in all more so busy watching the Philistines a safe and liberal their churches why don't we do it like that this is what begins to happen so they put it on a new car tendrils were used percussive instruments and the oxen got to a place the Bible says whether the ground was not as level as it should've been and the oxen stumbled and also thought he would help God out and reach out and touch the ark the sacred ark of God which no one was able to touch that was it that was it but this judgment had its effect on King David he did some Bible study and still in first Chronicles chapter fifteen and first to first Chronicles chapter fifteen in verse two assess him in first Chronicles it says then David said none are to carry the ark of God but the Levites for them has the Lord chosen to carry the ark of God and to minister unto him for ever anyone supposed to put on they are supposed to areas like this verses eleven to thirteen now thinking of the experience of first Chronicles thirteen could you say that the people work or joyous yes I just say that they were sincere yes they were but their sincerity did not atone for a direct breach in the word of God verse eleven in chapter fifteen this is David called Sadock NABA and all the rest of the priests in the middle of verse twelve as the adhesive to the members twelve you are the chief of the fathers of the Levites sanctified your selves both he and your brethren that you may bring up the ark of the Lord God of Israel unto the place that I have prepared for it verse thirteen for because you did not at the first the Lord our God made a breach upon us for that we sought him not after the due order so although they were sincere although they were genuine they did not seek and after the news and after the due order and also perished misery something very interesting in first Chronicles fifteen as well when they did it again the second time you will find if you read this Scripture is no temples you will find if you read verse twenty eight of first Chronicles chapter five chapter fifteen there were only the instruments of David that were used this time the tendrils were left behind I is about time we leave behind the tendrils if they were not important they be there in Revelation four five and that worship service not to him amnesia and forget about all the other ways that you could use musical instruments no he received that pattern from the pattern that was given him through the culture they ought through the coordination of the earthly and heavenly sanctuaries and we ought to follow that is there a distinction between the drum set of percussion most definitely come from two different families they differ in the way they are playing every drummer and percussionist knows that even one the drums that is used to accompanying orchestra the music has been transformed Iraq this is a testimony from a professional drummer on sure we're all familiar with the trap set through its use in jazz and rock music even though the traps as this are the new kids on the block the track drum sets an important thinking of this this is not been around for very long enough I take this off and hold it in front of me here while we've had that around for a long long time but this construction here is new and unique as the traps are not only unique in their construction but also in how they are played each truck drivers required to be virtually a one-man band also sounds and this demands of him being able to split his attention evenly between both feet and hands as well as the music of which is a part of this alone is a skill in itself not found among most percussionists and usually takes years of training to develop you can play this overnight you got the coordination of forelimbs going arm of the first times that I looking article my foot enacted by soul the drum set is unique and is solely designed to play rock for Jack 's that's it could you imagine how ridiculous this would sound if I want to the bill at the local music store where they sell all the stuff and I said you know I would like to buy a drum set okay what kind of music do you play well I played I type I will accompany the holy chorus so the man will immediately know that I've lost my mind is he will immediately know that I am not from the right planet when it comes to this nobody does that now can it be done let's demonstrate there is a new ice ice ice I didn't quite play like a percussionist but yes now if you are not watching what I did could you conclude on the basis of what you heard that I was playing the trap set you understand the question you saw me do this nobody does this on that absolutely no one asking those guys are there they can't see what I'm doing you cannot conclude on the basis of what you heard alone that I was playing a trap set you cannot make that conclusion because any percussionist for the .net this was solely designed to play rock and Jess you can see the pig all the veggie links you want and it's still a pig okay there is a difference between the drum set and percussion there's nothing intrinsically wrong with the drum or a single nothing wrong if the music is primarily or primarily composed of melody and harmony if that's what's driving the music you can add on oh MS would you find in most symphonies and orchestras according to Mickey Hart the origin and development of the traps that rivals that of the model T the first production car the point is that it's a unique instrument not to be confused with other drops now little bit of history here from Greek and I got some history has anybody ever heard was a deeply to one hundred gentlemen in the audience yes okay now when you went when you're greeting you hear the boos of the delay you are impelled by a force to go on the dance floor okay you just assess you going to do that not never heard the music and played in any other way than that and it's hard for me to conceive of it really are and so on brief Thessaly my father 's worship and by golly want to bring up something in here possess the way we do it increase now that is some of the things that it will work just fine so I'm not talking about throwing out the baby with the bathwater now again these are quotes from professionals in the field that don't necessarily have an ax to grind religiously does when the stations began plying the waters between the New World in West Africa everyone thought that they carry just strong expendable bodies but they were also carrying the counter player culture maybe even the mother Goddess culture preserved in the form of drum rhythms that the call down the old reshot from their time to ours who are the original the Arisia our ancestor spirits the worship of the dead basically that's it Mickey Hart's book drumming at the edge of magic a journey into the spirit of percussion as also in my book as well in the Caribbean and South America slaves were allowed to keep their drums and thus preserve their vital connection with people reshot though the sudden mingling of so many different tribes produce new variations like contemplate sensory and voodoo but in North America was were not allowed to their drums and they lost the means by which to keep the rhythms of their spirit world alive and out of this suffering came just the blues the backbeat rhythm and blues rock 'n roll some of the most powerful rhythms on the planet voles rhythms are directly connected to feel Risha at this point it appears as if the spirits I does not have anything to do with jazz blues and rock because it is a severing however is African-American drummer Greg Wilson notes but no drumming laws were powerless to stop the spirit the only place in the West for it was decreed that Africans did not play hand drums was the one place where they came up with the drums tap dancing that is into dancing and drumming all-in-one the way playing trap drums is being a traditional drum ensemble all by yourself what does that mean to the people it means that into the sea is where the spirit the African vocabulary of spirit calling one to spirit for Easter keep that in mind ask your elders on this side of the Atlantic the one moron the old-time jazz drummers work they got the rhythms and the answer will be as from any other African musician they watch the people carrying the spirit the dancers and played what they saw coming out of external circumstances combust at any drum but no one can break up the spirit that makes you dance the drummer staff moving the spear with virtual and traditional drumming so worded it all began it was directly through the revelation of the Spirit which was used to call down the oration and when they couldn't do that anymore the spirit was still come upon the people the dancers and when the dancers dance the drummers watch and they simply transferred what was on the feet to that right over there Wilson him asks why the drum set development of such polyrhythmic instrument is not the European way poly rhythmic many rhythms traditional euro drumming is identical twenty people blame this on the same parental pom-pom or another scenario just but one vibrator top or player me Mrs. this is euro drumming and why have a drum set if you do this is him and him and him and you don't need this for that that's the point the man's try to make but this kind of movies that are rhythms are polyrhythmic that means many different things going on at the same time and you should and you shouldn't interpret this as primitive we had an African-American not enough depth on African drummer from New York University was studying jazz performance and then I forgot drums are used for many occasions not just the original but his his knowledge of rhythms were so complex that none of us could follow them we say okay when I do this than you do this and when I switch to this when you dance like this I think we can follow him criminal way too complex way too complex African drums playing parts they combined to make a melody just like the trap drums are played you got no important Wilson it was the spirit working for African-American drummers like baby .sys set the standard for drumming in the United States as the industrial revolution took hold in a new soundscape was born the auditory chaos of industrial urban noise and it was out of this soundscape that the backbeat emerged its first manifestations appearing in those New Orleans brass bands African rhythms and African sensibility channel through the unfamiliar instruments of the American marching band as syncopated right Scott Joplin the frontline of these bands consisted of trumpet clarinet and trombone was sitting in the back propelling this newbie was an invention into my mind rivals those of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison I speak of course of the drum set Mickey Hart is the longtime drummer for the group the Grateful Dead sullies a visa professional resume writer is a researcher so this is what he's saying now again let's not throw out the baby with the bathwater there are there is a whole history of the Negro spiritual 's which are wonderful off forms of music unfortunately as I was just talking with with with one of the brethren they've been corrupted with blues rhythm and blues and just and in my mind they are not the same it's not the same as you age you want to hear all some real excellent African American Negro spirituals I recommend that you would listen the aliens from from Oakwood know Oakwood College University am sorry so you don't once we settle on the principles of the melody and harmony are you know we cannot we can then have the dictation from all the cultural backgrounds and every one of those that can contribute something that makes us who we are we are because of how God made us but when we stick our feet in the ground and say they are meant to do this I don't care what anybody says then we veer away and we may not be worshiping God at all according to Mickey Hart the backbeat which is your basic rock rhythm grew out of African rhythms and African sensibility thus there's not only a family tie between rock jazz and African rhythms but there's a spiritual unity that pervades all three rhythms as well Mickey Hart says again the specifics of the West African rhythmic loss or suffering the secret societies is still full of food all that remained was an verge that once free satisfied itself by creating something totally new a polyrhythmic instrument that one person could play handling is referring to how the drum set originated and what it's really designed the play again I sure the statement earlier you can see you can hear soul and Latin music almost anywhere in Africa you can hear African was the new music on the radio at various times in the large cities in the United States you can sit in a bar in Ghana toward the articles in your music from Zaire and Congo from Nigeria from South Africa from Jamaica Puerto Rico Colombia and the United States great drummers aficionados installers three groups of people can trace the rhythms of Latin damsels of New York to Cuban Brazilian calls and then to West Africa so these things of Artie been documented under sharing with you what others are saying this is an incredible testimony of the other young man that came from Africa to the United States he said the most important rhythms in your ruble and are those that communicate with who and where they are reserved the ancestor spirits is the worship of the dead and the Bible says the dead know not anything so bowls of the most important rhythms was that communicate with your ration he says when I got to college and first turned on the radio and heard when I love my baby every time it rains I think of you and I feel blue I was so stunned what was the man stunned about I remember thinking hey that's African music but the man had never been here before it sounds like once at home and the same thing happened when I heard the hospital means unfortunately much gospel music is nothing more than rhythm and blues no assistance five South say but it's a eighties nothing might think you listen to some gospel music and you go to the nightclub for you here rhythm and blues there is no difference very little difference and we often be different so I joined the campus just humble so the man never been here before this is déjà vu that's the possible so what I'm presenting to you I did make up income from my church didn't come from even religious phone these are all drummers scholars that have traced these things and were not throwing out the baby with the bathwater thus the same rhythms that were used to communicate with the Ori shall cannot be found in jazz blues and fifties music which is the beginning of rock music and sold the spirit lives on and is a vital part of rock music today and of the traps in particular this is clear and Mickey Hart's testimony not notice the spiritual side of this he says it's hard to pinpoint the exact moment when I awoke to the fact that my tradition rock 'n roll did have a spirit side that there was a branch of the family that had maintained the ancient connection between the drama and the bots I suppose it was like meeting some long-lost cousins and realizing with the stark biddies are your relatives that you are arithmetic Lee related and drumming that's the same as blood that's why I didn't realize me I only this quote I found out years later that's why I moved from rock to blues to just much more complex rhythmically the more you move up so what he's saying or Laurel rhythmically related him most countries they know punches pulled about the spiritual side of it but one rock God here we lost the connection to what many are saying is that the connection is always been there it's always been there and so what spirit are we responding to it what is it that were responding to our brother Steve talked about last night something the church status and in a notice on Sunday to get the spirit on you being done is all that's happened to you is that you've been manipulated emotionally that's all this happened the your heart rate is increased a little bit and you've interpreted that as the Holy Spirit that's all the and unfortunately many people who do that it's like a drunk fix I got to go to get my fix now I got it and were the same he then as we were there we walked into the church will transformation apartment of my whatsoever we just gone there to get the fix that's all the time so my Lord bless May the Lord continue as you and I make decisions for him minion at UIC is a time to make decisions we talked about the theological grounding in this session we've grounded it's a revelation fourteen here are they the people Commandments of God we've grounded in their what you and I need to do is to make an inventory of our musical library because if we really love Jesus if we really want to be ready for his return we want to listen to the kind of music that will glorify him we want to join in the anthems that will be up there when all the people will be surrounding the throne and praising God and am not talking about a lifeless form of music okay I'm not talking about drudgery we need life there's no question about it we need to train a company is to know how to accompany people who know how to accompany the congregation as a law start of an immunoglobulin challenge to some of our institutions because were so busy trying to be like Juilliard and always other schools that are not all these professionals and we don't know how to accompany accommodations in learning how to sing and teaching them how to sing so what really is our purpose that we submit to you that you cannot compete with Juilliard you're not going to be able to do that as so we really need to refocus and do what we can to make our worship meaningful and if we haven't experienced with Jesus what water condensate by final at first and it was it was all for now when the Lord began to change my heart I tell you what if the music has actually like a wife says acuity and power and pathos it will not fail to move you by men so let's everyone of us check our musical inventory check our philosophy and have the courage to reorder our homes our churches and our schools along with this philosophy so that we can really praise the Lord let's pray our heavenly father thank you Lord for having been with us may you continue to lead and guide us I know some of things that have been set of challenging I know how I felt when I studied and heard them and so father I pray that you would be with every struggling soul to help them all to understand that you have so much more that you would like to give to that old Lord God bless everyone who was going to make a decision my faith to separate themselves from this form of music Lord give them wisdom in your words give them abilities that they've never had before give them a joy and peace they've never had before and we thank you for hearing our prayers and Jesus will this is my audio or words generating the right you like to learn more about you might learn you I'm not having done like that will work like this is an online seminar please visit www. audio versus nonwork


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