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1. The Missing Ingredient

Gregory Jackson


Gregory Jackson

President/CEO of Surrender Ministries Inc.



  • December 31, 2015
    8:45 AM
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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty fifteen conference called other resources like this is it us online at W W W G Y C Well. Over Gene we're going to get started. Good to have you. Good to see this morning. My name is Gregory Jackson. And this is session number one. And it is the breakout session call the missing ingredient. As we go wrong I'm in each. Each one of my seminars will build on the next. And each one will bring aspect that. That is a little different from maybe from what you heard because you know. There as I as I introduce the session. Yes. Yesterday evening. The question that has always for plex me. Being fourth generation Adventists is. Why hasn't Jesus come yet. And you know I'm really tired of preaching about it. I want to do something that has it in and. I believe that God has given me the missing ingredient because something is missing. Because a lot wants to come is waiting on something and. And I believe that the Lord is give it to me as I share. You decide. It will be a little different because insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. We have to have something different but not so different that it changes the pillars of truth. But as we have this you're going to find out that this is the key. I believe with all my heart and. I have I have done thirty six years of ministry. As one of my members there. And the Lord has impressed me to come on that and to transition into this phase where I can go wherever. Needed to spread this as well so. But. But let's get into it I don't want to talk about I want you to hear it engendered for yourself. Ask it bled. If it Bessie Sheen's bread the word because I'm convinced that this is a folk and ready to go home. The missing ingredient. What is it. Now let me over there hold far for get there let me ask you. Don't worry about the answer. Because I want you to just give me the traditional answer so that one for the body in jeopardy. What have you been told that what we when we ask what is Jesus waiting for. What do you tell. What do you think that that's the right answer. That's the ransom we don't move from that. But I'm glad you least had at bases dismissed Good I'm glad because most times people say. He's waiting for us to take the Gospel into all the world. And that's the wrong answer. That's a result. The calls he is reproducing his character. Then it will go. But even though you. We say that we focus on getting the message out. Evangelism. And really our van them is based on the Laodicean attitude. We are rich in increase with goods we are OK. And we need to straighten the world out when the church is die. And we need to first get our house in order. Then this move will spread so quickly it were blow our mind. It's so here's what we're told here's what we told him in in first second Peter three nine your very quick. The law is not slack uncertain his promise. As some men counts flatness. But as long suffering to us would not willing that initial prayers but that all should come to repentance. But the day of the law will come as a thief in the night. In the wish to heaven shall pass away with great noise in the elements are met with fervent heat the earth also. And the works that are of that. Are there in shall be burned up now here we're coming to the reason seeing the end and all these things shall be dissolved. What manner of persons or each to be in all holy conversation and garden is looking for and hasting until the coming of a day of God. Where in the heavens being on fire. Shall be dissolved in the elements. Shall Not with fervent heat and then hear this and Nevertheless we according to this promise. Look for new heavens a new earth where indwell with what wherefore beloved seeing that you look for such things. Be diligent. That she may be found. Of him in peace without spot and blameless. Now here's a question. Without spot and blindness. That's a secure if in to say sometimes it's because people have taken man and gone all kind of direction. But Nestle look at it and see because what is it that keeps us from being. When I spotted by humans or. What is it. That will make us. Without spot and going. Here it is when the fruit is more for food is the answer you gave immediately. She put it in the second because the harvest is come. Cries to is waiting with longing desire for the manifestation of himself in a church. When the character of cries Shelby what perfectly reproduce. In his people then. Then. He will come to claim them as his own. Now that tells me that the key to his thing is coming. Is now working on getting the gospel out. Is working on getting the character. Reproduce in my life. When that happens. When that happens then God will work. My Tele. And there's gospel will go around the world so quickly. We're always measuring where we have preached the gospel. So we're we still have to get it here we still have to give their level we're in there in a won't change anything. We have gone. We have it right here in the United States in our churches and look at the state of our churches. Something different something is missing. What is it. What is it. When the character of Christ. Shall be perfectly reduced How is it. Repressed agree we produce. That's a key question. How are we here what all the time we need more the how. Here it is a McHugh Carolyn there's a lot further. It is a prism every Christian. Now only to look for but to hasten the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Where all were all who for fesses name bearing fruit. To his glory. How quickly the whole world will be sown with the seed of the Gospel quickly the last great how this will be ripe and and Christ would come to gather the precious grain Christ in me. Equals G Y C. That's the key to this generation. Doing what your goal is ushering in his coming soon. And very soon. But it's Christ in me now. Let's growth growth we're going to tell you this is not all be done in a session this thing. It won in. And we're going to go further and further into this truth. And each time each day with each call session is going to get a little deeper. And I'm telling you going to see why the Sabbath is the seal. At the end. But the each block has to be built on the next block. On the next block now. We see that we've always said that we are showing allies and preaching done the preaching. Is this lets us know. The preaching is not done with our lives. Is done more so with our lives. And that's why the Gospel hasn't really gone around the world I can't go around the world until we reproduce this character in our eyes and then when people see Jesus in us. They will see the Gospel. Walking in living. Live in a living cover. That's what the world is waiting for. We talk about God and then we act like the devil. Let me ask you something. If somebody was selling you a beauty product. And they looked it's probably a sin. Would you buy it. They're looking to see the Gospel. They're looking to see Jesus. And they ought to see it in those who claim to be his remain a church are so how does that happen. That's a key ha. And I don't talk about just what I'm going to what right now. But as we get further in the race is going to get more and more the how and the last session will be a practical thing where I'm going to really get into the how and way into my into Think questions. Here's what Jesus say it here is because we're going to see the story the rich young ruler. What is the. What is the missing ingredient Jesus going to give it to us in the store here is. The needy where make sure Montagnard toe. You can remind me of five minutes with somebody. Remind me when I'm about fifteen minutes because I get Kono But I want to go I want to bring some certain three. Yes yes. OK. I His Jesus letter I wrote on his eases and behold one king to him said in him good master. What. What good thing. Show who to share ideas that I may have eternal life never as he said. What I have to do to earn. Eternal life. Now he's not just talking about living forever he's talking about the quality of life. Because living forever. And you have no quality is eternal hell which we know is now. But that's what it is you. If you want internalize is talking about the quantity as well as the time. ESSENCE. And so he sent. What can I do to find the peace and joy that is promised in God's world. I you know. And do know what the meaning missing with the I'm young I have hello. I have good looks. I have influence because I'm a ruler. I have power because I have money. Process. I haven't listened because I'm in a room because I'm in awe. I have anything that has moved I have but there's something missing. What is it. Now. Jesus has to work with him because the first thing Jesus has a telling and that's with this session this was just established is. We have to change our definition of what is good. Have to do it. As long as we stay with the old definition we could talk about Christ in us. But until we change the definition. We'll go right back to works in or be about us. Doing it instead of Christ in me what God has so here it is and he thinks this is what good thing. He thinks goodness is in doing good things. Jesus going to show him that goodness. Is in a B.. And that being is not being or me. That being is God. But here's how he has to meet him where he is and so he tells him this. And he said to him was the me good. There is nothing good that here that Jesus said it so you can argue with him. There is none good but one that is God. I don't spell my name G'day neither do you are right. But if that were. But now. Since you think like that. Let me meet you where you are. And then lead you where I need you to be. But is that our enter into life. The life you're talking about keep the commandments or seed ever we hear you say that's right. Damn I added as without till you have to keep the come. Well. This look at it. Here's what he said Young man said and him all reason things have accept from my youth of I was in a time getting there because we actually think that we keep in the Commandments. There's never been anybody ever other than Jesus. That has kept the commandments. Perfectly. You can keep your with my you can say you keep them. Is because of Christ. Any of the net. What will go let's go about so I don't want to go. He says. And then this for months I'm a little you know that with this he's come a legalism letter. I may Summa shoes or shine before sunset. I'm a close one hung up and. When when when Sabbath came in I'll sit still in him praising the Lord and how in this. After all I have to say I was there. And when I had Governor of the every all the. Let me just say this much. In a lot of home. The Sabbath. From sundown finding sundown sanity is a hectic time. Which I make sure the things cost up to get it put it's up. That's good of us who want to get to church on can't go home again get to September the Red River. Hustle and bustle and then we making sure we don't think any thoughts that are often sit around where we don't want to sunset with who've knacker lacking real. And we call in and right now I'm saying I mean not you may not have to struggle in Maine and new but I'm to act at the end. And I'm turning to true. Ave the watch. As a pastor is ascending own hand yet. Cannot Manson see our senses and. If you really understand where I'm coming from. That's where you are too. You may not know it. But anyway. Let's go let's go. So he said in him. If that will be perfect as now he's asking the right question. You say what do I have to do. But now he says what do I lack. Once Jesus told him the definition of good. There's only one good. It's not you. So there's nothing I can tell you that is good that you can do to be holy because the one who is good is God and not you but nevertheless. Since you don't think like that yet. Let me meet you where you are keep the commandments that. What's wrong with me now I can talk to you last night young lady say we need to understand our need of God. We don't understand I need a god because of the way we have been taught and think. And that's why we're still here on the Lord. You know. I don't need I'm like what is because I'm pretty good. I need to straighten the world out. So let me be busy Intel and. When we tore up from the floor. Now do you say. If you want to be perfect. Go and say all that the half and give to the poor. And you should have treasure in heaven and come and follow me all over him here move on this. Kids answer. Now if you're in the works looking at the first part. Go and sell let their hair. Oh my goodness me. The good thing is I got to get rid of their thing and just become poor and. Oh I don't think I can do that. That's what the original really thought. And that's why I would say I was when I read that before when I even have to say Lord please go instead to me because our fail to please don't ask me to be there to get rid of everything I'm already poor give to myself because I am the Paul. Is that all right how do you know know. He said in order follow me. You have to surrender all. I'm a get to that and we're going to get deeper and deeper and deeper into and then we say surrender. But very few of us understand it to the debt. Of what Jesus would call. Where it's not I but Christ. No I know I was a cheese. Now how do we get there. How do we get there. OK. Who Ansel. All you have stuck with their remember because I'm all relieved from one stepped in at this one is the go on sale. Go in Sale. Is really the Fourth Commandment I'm jumping way here I hadn't planned on telling you this one turn you are here to town. When you wondering what does he mean. We're going to see. It's going to follow the laws. Starts With go and say oh that's the crux of it and you want to see that that falls into the law of the spirit of life. That's in Christ. Then that's going to fall into the law of service. And the law of service is going to fall into the law for God which is the fourth commandment. The Sabbath. That will seal. Us. And that's what each session is going to lead to. And I encourage you as far as you possibly can attend the meeting. You will never be the same after you apply here which you here in this meeting. Trust me. OK. Jesus said and him. If you come and follow me. That is now let me move on I got to move because he says but when the young ruler heard that say he want to use software for had great possession. Now when you went away he didn't stop serving God he still thought he was serving God only on his righteousness. He said What do I have to do all that. I'm good because I'm doing all the right things OK maybe I want to lose some extra. Because I don't have the joy in the piece I have to be to see it's about there. But who you know that I could bear my cross to earn a crime. I'm not concerned. I'm not one have joy here on Earth. I'm going to have the VAM across well. The Lord says in me. You Joe will be complete better than the joy of a son. Because you don't know Joy. He only knows excitement. But now. So really what is really not asking us to give up anything. He's asking us to receive. Everything in here. For in him twelve. All the fullness of a god here. Body and in here on All My goodness. We are complete There's so many times we defy there because of our flesh. I'm jumping to here but because I want to really get some things into you to let you see him if you don't. If you don't make make another one at least get to switch. So here's one of the things we say. What are the hair and find your meat so you can be complete. And we all feel like that. That's the way we feel. Because we're born incomplete why. Because we're disconnected from God. And we try to feel that God SAS whole with people places and things of this earth because that's how the fish. Understands and operate. The flesh and you got to hear this deeper and deeper and deeper. Does not trust God. I don't care how many times you bat as it. I don't care how many a seminar you were to the flesh will be the flesh. And it has to die. And the only one who can kill it is Jesus. But when the young heard that he went away to solve for Y.. For he had great possessions. Why do you need possessions. If you have God. You know why you need possessions. Because the flesh. Wants to be God. And the flesh needs money. The god of this world. Mammon. In order to have false power. Because money is power in this world is the devil's kingdom. And if we don't have money. We can live. Independent of God. But if we have money. We can pray and act like we depend on God. But we write a check. Because we have the power. The world has given it to us. And the test is going to be. When you no longer have the power. And all you have is God Who will you serve. It doesn't matter what you know intellectually or feel logically is how you've been practicing in your lie in there are certain things that we have been doing in is built into our system and our teachings that. Keep us walking in the flesh. And it doesn't mind if you talk about keeping the Sabbath holy because he no the devil knows that this flesh cannot please God. And as long as we were in our flesh and don't do the one thing. I don't care what we do our holy We do know what good thing we come up with next. That's why we always adding that's why we mess with the pills. Because we're doing all the right things and we still go ahead a joy. We stay here. So we start messing with the troops in the well something's got to change. Yes you. Not to truth. OK Here we go. Let's move now let's go back this is yet the so the key is in come and follow me. Because the saying. If you want to follow me. There's a first step in member that this will come back to it for step first step is not following me. The first step is surrendering to me Go see the end want to show you what that means. First step. We can see that and profit which I call the inspired commentary. It's not the Bible. But it is the inspired commentary on the Bible so when I go to that. I know that what it say is about the Bible is one hundred percent truth. Now if you have a problem with that you have a problem with me. I don't believe in the Bible come use the Bible text first. Then I'm a show the commentary goes right along with it. Are so. Now. And then another SCO. Help me Jesus help me help me. So says Come on now Jesus tells harder. In another one of Matthew nine one one says Jesus said unto him. If that were privileged said that come follow me. Now look at nine twenty three his and Jesus said. And he said unto them Thomas cycles to them all. If any man will come after me. Are Here it is less can deny himself and take was called going on now. And we. And we go quickly in this. When we usually when we talk about denying ourselves we talk about Britain on T.V. in them and they see it as a medium. T.T.C. Amma. IMO stop. I'm not going to get it just say no because if you know to do right. Oh oh here's another scripture say. When you understand all everything changes all. Everything becomes new. This is well. To him the not to do good and do with of not to miss in what is doing good. I hope you listen to the definition of good first and. So we've They force commander. Kevin Savage we have to make sure we get to the Sabbath. After a good thing I know that's a vengeance I'm rich and reason. Well you got to. You see the good thing is I'm a given example I did or similar was we got revealed it's of me. Are not going to has always been working me through this ministry and help me to. As I was doing it to say. I'm have to teach differently from what you've learned through the same but the waiver just way who have approached him his memo hears he says and now though it's obvious. I had an. I did a seminar. And there was a couple that passed the salivate over there were young there like result. They were young professional London or good looking couple. I say Oh my goodness Lord fact is I'm Condesa asset to the church and build on that kind of thing. The younger. You go to have children in on training. Oh yes yes yes they were because they love the Lord in their church. They know they were friends they woke up with a and well they don't know the law I guess they do God said. And when I call when I when I when I call them. Not when you playing or sick with section or whatever you may just plant see it and want to stop worrying about increase that's my business but guess what our business with measure in our attachment with message six S.. But in a God told me there are it's a great success is not in number success is doing what I told you to do. You might not get one solo but as long as you do what I had told you to do. Jonah. Then a successful. If we take this to I'm going to see where he bet that one hundred twenty sold not one person became a Jew had baptize one hundred twenty sound so. Nobody came. That's my job was my hair. He like us. Is it I did evangelism. And I don't give a soul and that's not good at five thousand under a tree. And that's how we are and so here we are is if the when I told him of the get a sample to say. Pastor. We want to talk to you and I will eat it up love and he said we've learned more in this and it's not what I'd say. We've learned more in this session we've learned through our entire whatever he said but here's one question. We have you are you telling us that if we don't start keeping the Sabbath now that we heard it there we're in sin. Now I asked the many leader after this. What should I have told him. And every last one of them saying you know the scripture. To him the not to do good and do that and the humanising. Now folk. If we applied it to ourselves nobody would make it. Because none of y'all are doing everything you know to be good even if you think what is a good thing here is what I told you this with the Lord told him he gave me inspiration. And that's when I came in the clarity hour but he made it crystal as he gave an answer on the spot. I said. No not turning into Here's what I am telling you that what I have told you everything after olds. Is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The second thing you need to understand that ever did lead God wanted you to hear it because he said in here. Now here is the good thing. I can tell him and say this is a good thing. I just see it and here's a. But this is a good thing. Now what you need to do with that is you go home. You fall prostrate before your god because you dealing with eternal salvation. And you ask him. What do you want me to do with what happened and what ever he tells you do it. They didn't get baptized a massive risk but I believe I'm going to see mimicking. But that's between them and God. I did not beat them over here and make them feel that if they didn't start doing what I think they ought to do. When I think the order do it that they were in sin and make them walk away feeling guilty. Because they were kind they had a connection. And they want to see it. You are a liar. I don't believe what you say because I know I have a connection with Garcon somebody told me because I have a walking so my Tell me. If you don't do. If you start speaking in tongues. You have a lazy we're gonna say Ah bah bah. I want to hear from you again. You came to a minute thing. I don't trust you. That's what we do. And it's built on a promise. The fresh. Because it makes us feel good when we can say how many souls we baptize. And most of us follow the good girl Rue how many saw it that task of thousand. Holiness hear him. What about you. You on evangelist. You can have just as much power as I can here because you serve the same God in the Holy Spirit in you is just as powerful. And once you understand is. You going to do evangelism twenty four seven in a motion. And we can get of adding here. We don't get about here. We're dependent on a main meat system. Too much. It's time to let God take control of the brain. And in order to control the reins. He has it taken troll. Of our lives because you have the power the power was not in me one man preaches the power was in the church coming alive and being about God been a twenty seven and with shrooms. You can do it practically. Please hear me OK. Ha. Where my a chance in my head because I have got me to twenty five pretty good OK here's a city. Now one of the nine So they're not talk much of green achieve. You can from the know it here it is he tells you right here. Take up your cross there and this is how you deny yourself. Take up your cross daily with what happens when you do this. Lose your life for my sake. When you check out the cross is not about barren birds or going to care Mark crown and one day I'm a went to America and Caremark cross and one day. Are more earn a crown what good thing must do you know the cross is not for carrying the cross is for die in the way you die is with Christ because you cannot kill yourself. If less kills flesh flesh is still in control. So when you did not know I'm does not call you a couldn't know our religion the health message that I should need to do it now God will give you the strength to do that so when is Crisis five but most of us are doing. And they do what you can tell I'm sure the in in the next session with the in how you can hear you doing the right work. How you can tail. But you know most of us are doing about willpower. Human willpower not God's power. Now by my. No by but Burma. Say of the law if you want August and I are with me. I would heal. He said. I'm just a messenger. So he says did and every day every day every day every day. Not just one time in one thousand own to. I gave my life to the law well what about not two thousand and fifteen. Just today. Tells morning. Every day. And you won't find. That's the only thing I can do every day. The only thing. This one thing I see with him. When I got to make a lot of decisions you have to make one decision. ARE YOU GOING TO JESUS TAKE CONTROL YOUR LIFE TODAY that's what you make that known Christ in you will do the rest. It won't be you and you won't take to go and so when somebody ask you there are no by your speech. You'll start talking about Jesus. They said him poke a Christian because all a talk about his Jesus Jesus say that's the gospel Jesus saves. And if you come up with anything other than that it's anti truth and time. Gospel. If I can do any one thing to say myself and I don't do any one thing they help the Lord save me. It's a law. I hear listen when people say hear what you have to do in my essay because a Viking anything other than surrender your life for it to Christ and I'm a talk about how to do there. And if you are going to say what you have to study every day. That's a result. If you focus on the result. Just one who does it. You can. And then we for you even if it's just across us that he more in you ask been and not just to one hour has been for you wasting your time. The first sees did that they did it so well like a chair and they know when you still call a scripture. And you can put on the that over the as they said your lack of are NO to underestimate the well. Didn't polls at the right place. And they same people killed Jesus. Because they didn't know him. Why isn't Jesus come yet. Because his people don't know one year. And he did lazy because he's not willing that any should perish. Especially my people. I love in time. I got to work with him. I'm a bring their troops so they can get it because they don't have a chip. They rejected it. Back in one thousand nine hundred eight when I travel show to. I'm going back patient with him because there's going to be a remnant that we're here to stay. I'm passionate about this. It's time to hold the sky. Here it is. I'm crucified with Christ. Nevertheless I live. Yet. Not I but Christ lives in me. He lives in me and the life which I now live in the flesh. Yes I'm walking. You see me in the fresh. But I am gone by its power. Because Jesus. I'm giving him permission to do his work. I'm doing the one thing I can do every day and say Lord. Fitz say me from myself. Save me from myself. Because I'm full I'm full of sin. My flesh. Wants to be God. Crucify Him and don't let him come up again it makes me sick. I'm sick of myself. I want only you Lord. Only you and the closer you get to on the more that crowd will increase because the more sinful you will see yourself to be. Because now your eyes are clear. Listen to this because this is a key phrase. And you want to get into that when I deal with number five. Or how to be C.E.O. by God and that we see the mark of the beast. Because they keep the commandments and have the faith of Jesus. Not just faith in Jesus. Faith. Since. That's the only way you keep the commandments in you can find that out. That would require in the fourth commandment. That's wild seals. We call Cyrano. And if you saw what i'm an element of course or OK. I'm cool that I and the live which are now in live in France I live by the faith of the Son of God his faith and my his rights is not mine. His power not my hearers he is he is not me who loves me in games of. Now listen to this. I do not frustrate the grace of God. For every right is this combat in Christ is day. In vain. How do you think righteousness comes by obedience to law or surrender to Jesus. That's what you have to live here we teach. Well you have to get what it was we got to keep commandments. That's a result. That's a result. You have to surrender to Jesus. And as a result in may not be in your time. But if they if they do that Jesus will lead them. All the way. You are not the savior. He is. You just the messenger. And the solution to all of our problems is Christ in me. And that's what makes us gee why I see Christ in me. And it's always and only about him. This one thing. Now for you know you've been taught to do a whole lot of things and make a whole lot of decisions. Every time you get. Why God Made a decision. But no. You have to say Lord help me and make a decision in the morning. I'm a deal with them or practically. And you will end guess what you have to worry about making a friend to wrestle a you do it in the morning like Jesus survey. It's like being hooked up to you know. We like battery religion. Better right. Church get charged up and then run it. Apart from God. Then when your wound up with are going to come from within I probably get pumped up again why can't you come pumped up. So when you start testifying to get awesome in the place in the Holy Spirit moves and falls all over again. That would have happened. We drank Game seven then I do not make it. I get wound up getting better he then runs a sap and I keep on top of the evil you go every day. Are you going to get pumped up. Are you going because your way toward Why. And a wire and say let's go to church today. Talk about a good summary our. Fifteen Oh wow. OK OK OK. I can see there's no less an organism HAHA of this man this is something this why I know this is inspired of God. You will never see a definition like this anywhere else but it right on target. I am not quite all of it is a given you have to hand out. Most of the handouts have the fullness of all these quotes so you got the quotes there. The first step that I mentioned this stuff is team photo it's people use Spirit prophecy. To come up with all kind of little istic stuff. Because they really don't deal with that they you see what you've got the way you think. They don't see the surrender quotient in it. But it's how through it once you get into it used to us see it wouldn't consider any wrongdoing here look at this. The first step. The first step in what the path of maybe it's is to do what surrender the will to God other work. You can do anything until you do that then the rest of it in the rest of it in the next day becomes even cause god. All the way through it and I snatch him in a be at his place. And that's why you can be in Christ in be holy is guaranteed. Because once you in Christ jump and he goes he was saying I'm not completed. But in a way. The first step is a path of obedience is to surrender the will to God. Then it's Christ in not you. And France has passed by now. Now let's go to the next of the wolf again self. I'm quite sure. This is a review of how October nine eight hundred ninety four Paragraph six I gotta remember to say those things. So I can be in the take place of I don't do. If I don't tell you the source remind me to to quote the source. He has just taken a step to Christ paid forty three paragraph three. The warfare against self the greatest battle. That was ever for you time of fighting you don't fight scene you fight. And the way you fight self. Is it is right here. Here's how you fight it. The you'll bring us. Surrendering all. To the will of God we're choir's a struggle but the SO must submit to God. With a word. It can be renewed in holiness. And your speech where we're trying because of crisis doing. You say it. So when you say. When people say well what do I have to do. To. The first day. You start talking bodies and you're tell people how to give themselves over to Jesus. Not what they have to do to be right because it's give yourself over to Jesus he will renew your right is less only step we can make it is say this much. Your faith in my faith is always mustard seed. It's enough faith to get to Jesus. Once you get to Jesus did you have the faith of a cock of the world because your faith enough faith is not sufficient to do that you and I have a measure of faith that's in every main. It's enough to get to Jesus and that's all you need to do the rest. Once you take that step in and you've got enough to do there. Then Jesus. His pay. So now you stand out how Kerry. I love him. I love him. I love him. OK. Now let me say this We are fed. Because people say. I don't know how to surrender all. They think that's ringing all means you don't give a bit if you don't know everything to give you go is a growing process. When you surrender you on the last AM A Given what you have I mean things I've yet to tell you but you're not able to bear them. But when you let the Spirit to come here guiding surrendering all the way as a mentor all is I give him permission to take control of my wheel that's my control center. We have my wheel he has everything of me. But you know what your wheel has all kind of desires and goals and you're in. I want to be married in two years and I want to have EVERY the family home school you could do you might say is now here you my woman to be saying you're going from single I came home a miserable right now here she was why I don't have a man no because you don't have the main. I used to do this and I didn't realize until God met me to learn that I don't have time for that story. But I got a book or not have written several books and one is dealing with. How so when the makes marriage better. The single life. The single life. A blessing. If that's where you have to be. And no no no divorce. A blessing. That's it. The voice of blessing. The merits. But how marriage makes marriage better. Because if you don't win away. And as in divorce. A blessing. If you have to go through that and guess what the first. The first couple. The Lord see if indeed the Lord said indeed. The Lord said indeed in Adam didn't want to do it. And we were in this case because we said. Well it isn't the badasses. Let no man. Let no man. Yeah let no man. But God is God. He said You can decide because I am God. But I put you together for a purpose and when I see that their purpose in that can be accomplished. When I tell you to let her go let him go. Let it go. And therefore walk you need to reset. Be happy without it is moment. This gift is so good. Yes good because it came from God but want to stop serving God it would be to move. I can't do it. Lawler How can you live in Algiers woman OK. Choose a hand over me. OK I got it now you gotta is this woman or see the problem she did it to other lovers of God. I love a selfish. Sister say last night we have to learn how to love God Bless me. You can try. You can travel. You want grateful to God is love. If you don't know him you don't know now you know suffer love but not self-less far away you don't love like you should love do the first step. That's our own he can give you say well I'm going to love the Lord. Well she would have heard that story but I'm going to do it. Yeah right. The Lord say you won't deny me three time for a cock crows months. And you will are right now. Come on Greg. Let's go man. OK. The Lord said this is a vital principle it hears which in the supreme love itself must be surrendered must be surrounded that examine the family nine hundred four. I don't have time to read all. He said this one thing lack. But that was a vital principle here but look at this. This is the key folks to those who lack the rich young ruler inhabit this new trust and have great possession. It may seem too great a sacrifice to give up all that surrendering if you we are in conduct. No to four. But look at this. This is the rule of conduct for how many. So he's saying the same thing you. And to me. Same standard. Strain. Who would become his disciples. Not things shown obedience and is talking about the first step is the winners we've got nothing short of obedience can be accepted. This is what we didn't see is self-surrender. Listen to this. And this is what the same not going be all about and you will see it go make shoes that we've heard of players will soon understand become new. Specially when it comes to recommend for Command. See when it is the substance get the substance. Oh the teaching all the teachings of Christ. It is the substance of all teaching and. If you understand it did you can understand it E.G. if you don't you go ball. And that's what happened to the church. And Jesus is talking to the church. He's saying. I know you think you are rich an increase good. You don't even know your condition. You wretched. You think because you keep the commandments in honor that she you say numbers increase good I don't have need another are needed. I mean young man and I can do it I am not a true value. I'm a keeper although I'm a do this summer finish the work. I got get this got a mama mama and he stand outside and knock. Can I get in my church. Can I get in and as and his message to us is. We tend to have been keeping the Sabbath. I do dissipate. Rippin a self-righteous. I never knew you because you don't come to me. Substance of my teachers often is presented in and John in language that seems authoritative. Go and sell all you have get rid of it all. But is talking about surrender folks. Give it to Jesus is the substance of all his teachings. Is the gospel. The cusp. Until we practice it. We don't know the truth for the truth is a man called Jesus. We may know the facts. Same day of the Sabbath that's a fact. Truth is Jesus rest. And you don't have rest until you know him. That's the truth. I. Often it was in an adjoining language the scene without a doubt but there is no other way to say man. Than to cut away those things which entertain would be more lies the whole being. And all the way to cut it off. Is to surrender. So he can do his work. Save sentence. Like me like you. And when he does your speech was saved. And you talk about it. OK. How women women get in school that is designed ages. Page five twenty three Paragraph three then we wrote here. So Christ in you the hope of glory. Now says to whom it is not going to say ya know it no more. I want to resent it and so it was deep in impressing whom God will make known. When the riches of His growth to of this mystery. Among the Gentiles. Which is Christ in you the hope of God as on waiting for this is gospel. That's why is waiting. Christ in you not about you on your lips. Christ in you. The hope of glory a sound hope this is who we preach and it tells you have a point. The only way we can reach a warning every man and teaching every man and on wisdom that we may present. Man have perfect. Where are in cries. Gees else. And then notice what I say is where and through I also lay by that see we do it with all of us it is the work. This is the work here that we're really good because we can deal with work. All the work with what we do in doing a six days a week what kind of work is it is holy work on how it where we don't get there. OK. But so does a building to it where so I leave our work. Striving according to who is working and nobody work in met today but Jesus. I'm not doing in a word. Catch these things because I'm among them back our who work and when we preach Christ. When crisis in you math but he's working. And he works my jelly. And when I pitch in when I talk about is our Because the power is not human. It's God. Striving according to his working. Which workers in me might tell you why because I take the first step. Every day and that's all I do for he will finish the work Romans eight nine twenty four he will finish the work and cut it short ha. Because a short work. Will the law. Make. Upon the earth when I'm in time I can wind it up I can stop it here I can just eight minutes. He is one of the tail. Unlike Paul Paul was about a lot of things he said. I can everything else down there on my when cries. I just want to know him the power of the rest I'm determined in no nothing. Among you save Jesus Christ and Him crucified because that's where the Gospel is. We don't have that you don't have the gospel. You may have some facts. But you don't have the truth in what he said. For Crescent me not to baptize. But to preach. What our focus is on baptism his purpose is on preaching the costs of Christ. Why. Because in it is the gospel. This is how we spread the gospel. Not by teaching people that they have to keep the Sabbath and convincing them that they have to come out of their church which is Babylon and come into the true. That's true physically. But spiritually they're not in bad and they are in Christ in Christ a demand. I just need to get in the. They already got the truth. Or has he given some facts. Seven day the Sabbath. And when I call him when I convince someone is time for them to come. And sometimes in underlay said my church and right yet. You just hold on I get over it right time right now you don't go because if you go. You be so turned off you never come. Just whole I'll get you when it time is right because you mine. When I call you when you hear them teaching me and lifting me up when I when you see me and you know me you will know you know me. Is a. I hear him. I'm coming. Because all I need is some facts. Now if you don't know the truth now you can be in a church. And don't know the True but you get the facts and this at a fact. Now notice through a lot of my life I have been into direct some days of working it out. So when you see. You can work it out no more you go wrong. But those who know me. When they hear the truth and they see me. They will come. You don't know the truth. I don't care how many facts you know. You know twenty four hundred they even know you've noted twenty seven believes in and still be lost because you can do it and Ukraine methane a way to do it is a will or a you make of some kind of cities where you think you still seem like a rich uncle but your walk away. Anyway. So for the preaching of the crowd here is that. So listen I am a day now with the words of wisdom of words. All the eloquent words left the cross of Christ. Should be made another fact that's one of our years. For the preaching of the cross. Not give this man it and keep them where I am in my way in which across something to cross the when we do move we deal emotionally in this true EMEA. We say does that he did. But guess who was going to die with you do we go there. That's where power is not just Jesus on the cross must Jesus better cross alone and all the world go free on the cross for you. And as across for me and until I get there. I don't know him for the preaching of the cross into them that parish for us but which are saved. It is the power of GOD I'M IN don't there know they have no father. We just were sinners. Born that way and will die that way. If Jesus doesn't take control of our lives we are desperate lot because you are only a hole of glory. We have no other options. There is not one thing we can do. There is not money human free in your righteousness. Father. If we don't have Jesus. We cannot be say. We as a people lot have not understood that fully. You told us we are the male and see inchers to live the good news about legacy is that we are your people. And you will straightness us. We don't have to go out you want to spew out. Those who will not hear this thing. There is no movement to move to. This is the last one feeble and defective though it may be. It's yours and you can straighten it out. And the trouble will do it because those that really don't know you I don't care what they know intellectually it they were fleeing they were get a pass and the church will roll on help us Father. Help us father to be in the number. That's on God's. And speak to one of the series. So that we will never be the same. Indeed we provide this message was recorded at the Jew I see twenty fifteen conference called shows and they fall in love all Kentucky. Q I see the supporting Ministry of a Seventh Day Adventist Church. Seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and soul winning Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web.


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