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5. Addicted to Purity in a Pornographic World, Part 3

Scott Ritsema


Scott Ritsema

Founder and Speaker for Belt of Truth Ministries



  • January 1, 2016
    8:45 AM
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This message was presented at the Jew I see twenty fifteen come from an old chosen for other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web. Other And Heaven we come before you now just asking for your blessing in your presence upon this meeting. We ask that angels would be in our midst. That they would be encamped around about us and that. Satan's temptations and Satan's deceptions would not be welcome here. We just ask only for truth the Spirit of truth that your Holy Spirit would govern and lead mines to Jesus today in Jesus' name amen. I want to start with some hope. Tremendous tremendous hope. Because I showed you some very scary brain scans. The other day that are going. You're going. Wow. You remember the one. For those who weren't here you see it on the D.V.D.'s but the brain scan of a pornography addicted brain looks actually worse than a cocaine addicted brain. In terms of the holes in areas of non functionality in that brain. And then I showed you this skin right here. This is a normal human brain and the pleasure centers are nice and bright and deep. Orange there with lots of activity. A normal person experiences lots of pleasure in life. But somebody who is addicted to drugs and pornography it functions exactly like a drug within the brain. We have numerous quotes from scientists on that. In fact even more potent. In many ways. This drug abusers. Pleasure centers are kind of numb aren't they to see how it's that they're just not enjoying life is much. The normal everyday pleasures to somebody who is addicted to hyperstimulation. Don't please they don't stimulate this kind of like that statement from spirit of prophecy that says that those who have trained their tastes to love worldly things. If they were to go to heaven they would find it. They would find it an interesting The word is the music of the harps of the angels and the voices of the angels would not satisfy them. So basically there will be a lot of people who. If they were to go to heaven. Would find it an interesting and boring they're in God's not going to torture them with that they're not going to be there if they wouldn't want to be there. Right. And so this time this probationary time is a time period where we learn to develop our tastes and interests upon spiritual things and not worldly things. So that we become the kind of people. That would love it in heaven. Now here's the hope OK. Brain damaged pleasure centers from hyper stimulating addictions like drugs. After just one month. Of abstaining from drugs look at starting the comeback. You're starting to find pleasure in life. Again. And not needing that drug. To stimulate Check this out after fourteen months of abstinence. There you have tremendous activity in the nucleus accumbens in the pleasure centers of the brain just like a normal human brain. So if you're flat out addicted to pornography and engaging in self abuse in these things we've been talking about. There is tremendous hope from science not to mention from the Bible what does it say in Romans twelve years to it says you can be transformed by the renewing of your what your mind so God said it's all those holes in areas of damage and non-functioning in the brain that we saw in your dislike to my brain by engaging in these behaviors. God has promised you could have a renewed mind so there's the actual brain I'm not going to even show you the one with the holes in it again because we don't even want to dwell on that. The old has gone. The new has come. And so here you are moving forward with that kind of mind. The Mind of Christ. So I wanted to begin this session with hope because I know so many people are in the pit of despair. In the darkness of isolation and shame. When it comes to this issue of the addiction. And this session is not just for the poor not addict. This is for anybody who wants greater victories in their lives because that's every single one of us right. Yesterday we went into this issue. If the brain is powerful enough to get you addicted to a behavior then here's the exciting news. It's powerful it's just as powerful to get you. Addicted to a new behavior. And we went to the Scriptures and saw that overcoming a habit is not the practice. It's not it's not the exercise of letting something go. And then just having. Vacancy in the mind. No Jesus said that if a demon is cast out. And you just clean the house and put in an order what's that demon going to go do get seven more more wicked than himself and come in and occupy that house. So the process of overcoming is becoming quote addicted to a new behavior. A holy behavior. What it says and I say I do not remember the former things. Nor consider the things of old. Behold I would do a what a new thing. And so we talked yesterday about the process of rewriting and over writing and rerouting the pathways in our brains. That were so how big your willy. Compulsively going down the path of lust. Were even just taking a second look at that attractive. Image or woman is something that can be totally overcome in our lives. So what is our mental brain map filled with. We looked at this statement from Roman six sixteen. Do you not know that who do that to whom you present yourself slaves to obey you are that ones slaves. Whom you obey. Whether of sin. So you can be a slave of sin. Leading to death or of obedience you can be a slave to obedience. Leading to righteousness. And that's the kind of addiction we want we want a compulsive obedience. We want to be addicted to purity in a pornographic world. And we talked a little bit about some practical aspects of that this was at the end of session for after a long day. Clumsily sort of walking through this and we were all the little bit tired so I want to read in a rate this. Just a deep breath. When you're hit with a temptation just a deep breath actually helps. Because there's a nerve in the back of the upper neck area that links into the limbic system where all the last happens. And if you breathe. A deep breath it calms that nerve. So whatever the temptation. Just a deep breath. How about the statement from Spirit of Prophecy a good respiration souse the nerves. How it suits that nerve literally. Did she know. In ministry of healing page two seventy two. Of course. And so you get more oxygen to the prefrontal cortex which is where you have your executive centers of self control. And so that's going to help you in this battle. Now none of these individual. Things. Is the solution in itself. Just breathing properly is not going to be the solution the new agers will tell you that emptying your mind and just having meditation and breathing is going to solve all your problems that's not the case we're going to get into the ultimate solution. But we also talked about this concept of bouncing into holiness where say throws you the temptation. And you say I'm going to actually use this bad situation. God says I work together for good for all those who love me. And we can draw ourselves into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. Because of the temptations and challenges we face in our lives that God is using these to develop our character. And so that means that when that temptation comes. You remember oh yes God has created me with a sexual nature. And that means that that was intended to be used for my future spouse or my current spouse. And so you do well upon the fact that marriage is a reflection of God's relationship with the church. And the the male female relationship is an image bearing relationship. Of God because God is relational three. Father Son Holy Spirit in a relationship. Male female in a relationship. And so all of a sudden you're thinking of high holy theological things. Instead of the debasing channels. In the brain that we're used to going down. So it's sort of a judo move on say you actually end up defeating him. Instead of just being neutral. So more electrical energy. This is new information today. More electrical energy is needed in the brain. To reroute the circuit the brain is created for habit. Because it just makes life easier Can you imagine. Tying your shoes every day. As if it was the first time you ever tie your shoes do remember how torture is that was when you're a small child like figuring out old the boat there it is like I magine if you had to tie your shoes like that every day. God made it so that we have habits and the brain remembers things that it has done. But the flip side of that is if you have a bad habit. It takes a lot of energy to end that bad habit and go down a new neural pathway. A new circuit in the brain to to forge a new path that's kind of like taking a machete and going into the jungle and you've got to be like working really hard to get through and create a path. If it's a well worn path that people have walked for years and years. As you go down without any effort whatsoever. So what do we do to get more energy in the brain. Yes I do need to talk about health. Because this is not just some optional thing that's like add more or less it doesn't really matter. I come from churches where health didn't matter at all and I never considered it a moral issue and maybe you've never really considered. Your health and your diet to be a moral issue but I'll tell you something. The more you are eating. Of unhealthy foods. And you name it go down the whole list. The more that's going to cause your brain to be foggy. To be not able to have as much power and energy in this battle. OK. And so the more you're eating up. Healthy. Whole Foods. Your fruits grains vegetables nuts. Legumes all of these players based foods. These are super good for brain energy. They release slowly over time high fiber foods really slowly over time the energy that your body needs a set of like a. You know drinking a Red Bull ice to be addicted a Mountain Dew No You've got energy right away or a donut or whatever. You know refined foods. After there's a crash after that you're much more likely to have brain fatigue have situations where your brain just can't think and operate right and make good choices. Effectively. I find personally I did this once actually that when I was just becoming quote healthy. I had given up meat. OK. But I was still eating any and everything I mean you can have like a super unhealthy vegan diet right you can subsist on French fries and Mountain Dew. That's of the. So I think I got up in the morning skipped breakfast because I was like work focus on work focus on work. And then it was about noon and I was kind of hungry. And it went to do not do this OK this is I've learned a lot since this time early in my experience. I went a little Caesar's. And I picked up. Just crazy bread because you know. Jesus Holy unfit for food and I didn't want to eat the cheese I still don't eat cheese. But the crazy bread that's OK right. Yeah that's a really healthy option crazy bread just totally completely refined. White flour just like bathed in all this I don't even know what's on there but you know I've got all that now to go back to work OK. My wife got back home a little while later and. I remember just being totally like irritable everything she said was just like you know I'm trying to focus on I work an hour which is whatever I'm like I was being rude I'm like What's up with that. Eight no nutrients all morning. And then just hit myself with this. Just intense dose of highly refined white flour which is no nutrient list it's everything. Been stripped of its. So just a just a little anecdote from my experience that's what woke me up to the fact that diet really does matter when it comes to the brain. So how about this. Are you getting enough Vitamin D. in the winter. Where you live. OK if you live in the northern latitudes especially or if you're indoors. A lot. And you have to live in the in the Deep South the outdoors all the time in the winter in order to be getting enough vitamin D.. So I put an image of a little the vitamin D three Vigen vitamin D three supplement on because I think there are times where it's appropriate to supplement we should use that as an excuse to never go outside things like that but you know make sure D three is important for brain health. There is linked with you know higher levels of depression. Lower immunity and all of these things if you're V three deficient. I would also mention vitamin B twelve. This is something if you're not working in the soil you know the old ways of living we got enough of these these microbes in our body. But you know most people get that these days from eating meat and that's not a good way to do it. So you know consider supplementing with that. And how about this one. This is a very powerful brain. Nutrient that your body is getting good. What they're called essential fatty acids when you eat walnuts when you eat. Flax seeds. And there are different types of essential fatty acids and omega three fatty acids being the key one that many people are deficient. On. And if you're eating those those walnuts flax seeds it cetera. You're doing a good job of filling your body with the A L. A type of essential fatty acids and of the omega three heading. But there are other. Fatty Acids called the D.H. in the E.P.A.. And you need to be eating like see vegetables for that and a lot of us don't eat a lot of see vegetables so anyway. This is just my personal experience these are my only three like go to things that I supplement with kids system way. Just to make sure. I'm going above and beyond and we shouldn't lean on supplements I'm not a big supplement guy but anyway the main thing is the diet. The main thing is removing the refined foods. The Fairy foods. The dairy the meat. Getting focusing on the fruits and vegetables and then just go over the top. With these as well. So the health is key. You know speaking of health. It's not just food and diet nutrition. There's more to health than that to keep our brains functioning in peak performance so that we can make decisions for Jesus Christ in those moments of temptation. Here you have a issue of sleep. Now notice this. So the FEX of sleep deprivation include irritability cognitive impairment. You want that when you're trying to fight this brain battle game victory memory lapses or loss or impaired This is a secular site OK. Impaired. Moral judgment. That would not be something we want. So we've got to be sleeping. Sufficiently and a lot of young people in here if you're in the upper teens. Age group. Eighteen nineteen I remember seeing a study a research report that upper teens eight hundred nineteen. Actually need. Over nine hours of sleep. Nine and a quarter. OK. So probably didn't happen last night if you're very good at the New Year with prayer and then up for the breakfast at six thirty. But get back on this because we absolutely need to be getting enough sleep. It is crucial it is essential. We should not have screens they produce. They they they they lower. Melatonin suppress melatonin. Production in the brain melatonin is that sleep or moan. If you're watching. Screens viewing screens got your phone until right before you go to bed working on your computer or whatever need at least an hour before you go to bed. Of screen free time. And that could be. You know in the word that could be you know not don't have to be a heavy intellectual lifting you know just just be soothing into bed in that last hour. And that's going to help you have better melatonin better quality sleep. Also you get better quality sleep if you go to bed early. If you go to bed at midnight and sleep till nine versus if you go to bed at nine and sleep till six those to nine hour periods are not created equal. The earlier sleep. Is higher quality sleep because melatonin is being produced in the brain. After the sun goes down early in the night and then it starts to fall off as you enter through the morning hours. So be sure if you're if you're trying to. Audion cram for an exemption cram but if you're studying for an exam or whatever. Be sure to be getting up early. You know go to bed really early get to get up really early and study instead of staying up till two or three in the morning study because we're going to get better sleep. And this will help you in this victory over every temptation. And just helping you be a better person having a closer walk with Jesus Christ and hearing the voices from have been from the Holy Spirit. And from the Lord's Angeles as he seeks to lead us in his path now speaking of past ever get outside on a path and go for a walk. I'm not talking about necessarily vigorous exercise and having to have a. You know program of. I'm jogging every day. Literally just walking walking. Has a huge positive effect on the health and yet more vigorous things are great. But what they found is they don't even have to actually add that much more value. If you're doing like you know have a workout program. Walking takes you like ninety percent of the way to health in terms of exercise. Very important for the brain health. And by the way the ninety percent that's not a not a technical scientific I just like approximately I'm just throwing that out there. From what I've read. What they're saying is the walking is by far the vast majority of the battle. In terms of trying to get exercise. Not sitting in for long periods of time. Day after day after day. Do you remember this Twinkie analogy from the other day where it goes beyond just physical health. The Twinkie as an analogy force. Emotional health. For emotional healing. Because what they found is people are much more prone to lust addictions. To these habits of self abuse etc If they came from homes that were emotionally disengaged. If their intimacy starved in their lives meaning they haven't had close connections particularly with their father. Then they have this this this whole this this wombs this deep. You know pain that you may not even recognize an insecurity a chronic feeling of stress or depression. And even if just just in a small way God wants to heal us completely. Of all of our mental and emotional. Brokenness which every single one of us has to a certain extent. He wants to fill us up with his love. And he wants also to have to have us have connection with human beings. If we have close friendships. If we have close relationships with our family. It's kind of like you've just eaten a really good big salad. And then you go into that gas station and see the Twinkie. Right now let's say a big salad and a good nutritious meal of your favorite whole food plant based foods OK so you're full. Is the Twinkie as tempting. When your full house not is it. So when you're full with the love of Jesus Christ. You have a great relationship with him. You have deep intimacy with your Father in heaven. And with your best friends. And with your family. Then there's not as much of a draw to the counterfeit intimacy of the alluring woman who advertises herself to the brain. As the brain sees that as potential intimacy potential partner in marriage. Spouse in marriage and of course it's so twisted in degraded it's nothing like that it's just a picture. And so it's reaching the low centers of the brain only know we can say no to that much more effectively. If we are living health. Healthy. And if we have that emotional and spiritual health and relational health in our lives. Now these things are only a small Berry small piece of what some of what I'm about to get into the much bigger. Aspect of this is the spiritual battle. OK I want to give you some quotes. And then we're going to talk about. Because he truly walked with God. We're going to look at some verses and some quotes from Spirit of Prophecy. Here's a statement from my character and personality. If Satan seeks to turn the brain. The mind to low and sensual things. Here's the here's the command Here's the admonition. What do we do. Bring it back. OK. So we don't walk around passively. We actually take action in this exercising the Will everything depends upon the right. Exercise of the will. When corrupt imaginings. Seek to gain possession of your mind. Fleet to the throne of grace and pray for strength from happen. Haven't. There's your marching orders. When corrupt imaginings are seeking to take control of the mind. Pray immediately put your thoughts on Christ by the grace of Christ it is possible for us to reject impure thoughts. Jesus will attract the mind. Purify the thoughts and cleanse the heart from every. And there is that euphemism. Secret sin. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal. But mighty through God casting down imaginings. Imaginations. And every high thing that exultant itself against the knowledge of God and bringing into captivity. Bringing him to captivate the. Every thoughts. To the obedience. Of Christ. Can we do that by God strength absolutely. Because the converting power of God changes the heart. Refining and purifying the thoughts. By the way this is not a passive act on our part. The Bible says to take every thought captive so this converting power of God is something that our Will has invited and asked for and permitted and sockets and unless a determined effort is made to keep the thought Center nine Christ. Grace cannot reveal itself in the life. The mind must be engaged in the spiritual warfare. Every thought must be brought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. Habits must be brought under God's control a couple more. The only security for any soul is right. Thinking. We are to use every means that God has placed within our reach for the government and cultivation of our thoughts. We are to bring our minds into harmony with his mind. His Truth will sanctify us. Body and Soul and Spirit. And we should be enabled to rise above temptations. So when our mind is linked with God's. Then we were be rising above all of these temptations. You know if you think about. Good the thoughts of Christ in the sanctuary blotting out our sins. You can you when you put your mind. In that place. And ask the Lord to be blotting out these sins from your heart from your life. Because we are the sanctuary right. The century in heaven the cleansing of the sanctuary and heaven is a symbolic act even of a greater cleansing. Where he is preparing and fitting us. For Heaven. The mind must be kept meditating upon pure and holy subjects'. Remember yesterday when I said everybody in the room don't think about a pink elephant right now and then everybody thought about it. Think elephant right. Because if the mine is not upon Christ. If we don't Behold the new. Then the old will slip back. The mind must be kept meditating upon pure and holy subjects in impure suggest. Suggestion. Because Satan will suggest. And that's not tempt us not sin. When that temptation comes in Jesus was tempted in all points just as we are. What did he do when Satan suggested an impure suggestion to Christ. He dismissed it at once. And we must do the same. And we must instead. Listen to this. A pure pure elevating thoughts. Holy contemplations must be entertained. Thus obtaining more and more knowledge of God by training the mind. In the contemplation of heavenly things. This doesn't happen overnight does it. This is the training of the mind. Over time to contemplate heavenly things. And that may be different for different people. What spiritual truths. Empower you. Excite you what aspects of the character of Christ. Really be. Captivate you. What Scripture verses really have spoken to you. These are the high and elevated things that need to be filling your brain map. God has simply got has a simple means. Open to every individual case every individual is saying. Sufficient to secure the great and the salvation of the soul now. I mentioned scripture memory. This is absolutely essential. Second Peter one. Three and four. Refers to those who have X. scaped. The corruption that is in the world through what lust so he specifically talking about the lustful passions. The appetites. Whether sexual food or whatever where he says Your god is your stomach for so many people they're driven by the lust of the eyes and the lust of the flesh. But there are some who can escape. The corruption everybody can but these are he's describing. Having escaped the corruption that is in the world through. Lust. How do we do it do you know the first part of the verse. I only gave you the last part. The first part I kind of have a hidden there. His Divine power as given us all things that pertain to life and godliness. Through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue. By which we have been given to us by which have been given us to us. Exceedingly great and precious What promises. Bible promises have been given to us. Inspired promises have been given to us. So that through these. You may be partakers of the divine nature. The Mind of Christ. Having his character and his nature reproduced in us. And that's how we escape the corrupt of the world through lust. So how do we escape last. We have the promises of God in our hearts. And we claim those promises. At every needed moments and there are a lot of those in the day. And then we can partake of the divine nature. So how do we have the mind of Christ. We claim Bible promises you want to say you want to memorize those. You want to have those at your disposal right away. Absolutely. This is crucial essential. Let me plug my friend Chad's website by the way. Bible. Memorization. Dot com. Jet and forty acres are with Anchor Point films have a wonderful. Whole series called The overcoming seminar. And so you want more and more on this. Even beyond what's in a greater lust. Specifically speaking about the last issues. Chat in forty you get into just overcoming in general as. As this does but much much greater and a whole nother series called transformed brain transformed life they have a booth down in the exhibit hall as well. So I would suggest those as going deeper in the overcoming the victory but. But the but with the website that they put out called Bible memorisation dot com. Really is based upon this scripture right here. That if you have the truth of God How about What does the Bible say the word have I hid in my heart that I might not what sin against the. So we have to hide the words of God in our heart. And that means. This isn't somebody else doing it for us no no no we have to be searching the scriptures my friends. We have to be in the word ourselves. Finding God specific promises to us in that quiet hour that we have with Christ. Each morning. Contemplating his life. Welling upon his character. Searching is Scriptures as were hidden treasure. Because as if our life depends upon it. Because our lives do depend upon it. Our spiritual eternal lives depend upon us governing our so. These things by the power of God. And so are you in the word daily for significant substantial periods of time. It may take an hour before that scripture just pops right off the page at you and you're like wow. That's groups are going to memorize that what I'm going to use. Consistently. In my battle against against addiction. Because the word addiction here. And it may not be again a straight up or an Aga few diction but a habit of a habit of the eyes that you want to have to from your life you know what this word addiction means. The Latin root of the word addiction means devoted are being devoted to. So let's replace our addiction with devotions. Let's be devoted to our time with the Lord and never let that slip. And that is primary number one. That is absolutely essential at least a short period. Don't do like all or nothing thinking where you go. Well it's supposed to be a thoughtful hour dwelling on the life of Christ and I only have twenty minutes. So I might as well not do it because then I'm not following that admonition. How foolish would that be right I mean just buckle down and get to it. God would rather have that twenty minutes with you the nothing. Right. So that's what addiction means it means devotion let's be have our own devotions to replace that. But also having Bible promises. And being armed with spiritual and mental health and all of this is not going to work. If we are inviting temptation into our lives. OK. We can't be making provision for the flesh as the Bible says. So we're going places and watching things that are putting our in front of our eyes. Intentionally deliberately knowingly things that are going to be drawing us from our Savior and tempting as deeply. You know. Christ as said that he will never let us be tempted Here's a good one by the way to memorize First Corinthians ten thirteen. He will never let you temp be tempted beyond what you can bear. But he will always provide a way out that you may stand up under it. But does that mean if I walk into temptation that I can presume upon him to save me from that. No that's absolutely that's that's that's not my. Right I mean he's given you a promise. But you can't presume upon that you can have trust and faith. But not presumption. Regarding that battle so it says in the Old Testament says Set yourselves. Standees still see the salvation of the Lord with you Judah and Jerusalem fear not nor be dismayed you know what it says. You shall not need to fight in this battle. So who is doing the fighting really through us is cry so I just I just get up the Lord's of my mind and get ready and put on that armor of God. Because it's the sort of the Spirit is the breastplate of righteousness. It's the belt of truth it's the helmet of salvation it's all of these things that God has provided. And then he's doing the fighting. As Israel did. But be careful by the way. This is a quick disclaimer. Important disclaimer. A lot of people are going OK I'm going to overcome my my habit. And I'm going to I'm going to think about how to overcome my habit. And I'm going to talk about how to do overcome my addiction. And I'm going to study and discuss and read about how to overcome my addiction you know what there's kind of a problem in this isn't there. You keep talking about your addiction don't you. My habit my diction my habit my addiction. Be careful that your battle against temptation. Doesn't cause you to become preoccupied with the temptation. The best way to overcome it is to have a new obsession. OK. So don't say I'm going to have the battle of overcoming it I don't think about the it. Replace that pathway with something new so we want to be focusing on as I say as said Behold I will do a new thing. Behold I will do a new thing that could be something as simple as a new hobby. A new missionary outreach. Just anything that will get you fired up. Get your brain activated and on fire for something better something that put your thoughts on other things. Then the addiction. Addictive Behaviors. So here's some scriptures that are helpful in terms of not just having the scripture memory ready to go in the memory bank. And then I kind of you know I have my morning devotions and then I kind of just move on with life. And you know if a temptation comes and I'll grab a memory scripture scripture memory. No we want to be walking with God continually listen to this. My eyes are ever. Toward the Lord for his shop like my feet out of the net. So how are our feet. Taken out of the snare. Only if I are our eyes are ever toward the Lord. So if you've gone a few minutes with no thoughts of God. If you've gone an hour. With no thoughts of Jesus Christ and your best friends walking beside you remember scriptures like this know my eyes must be ever toward the Lord. Because I said yesterday Imagine if every time seeing through you a temptation you were just thinking about Christ the moment before that. I mean that that is truly being armed for the battle isn't it. About this one. I have set the Lord. What's the next we're always before me because he is that my right hand I shall not be moved. How do we not be moved by setting the Lord always before us. Jesus says remain in me he says I'm the vine you are the branches that means remain continually let your loving kindness and your truth continually preserve me for and numerable evils have surrounded me. Isn't that our culture today. Wow. My iniquities have overtaken me. Even your own sin. Your own habits. In fact. For the addicted brain you could completely remove Satan from the equation. He doesn't even need to tempt directly. Because the brain is already in that avenue temptation. So it's the evils around you. Yes the devil and his demons doing the temptation but also your your own iniquities have overtaken you in the past. So what do we need to do have his loving kindness and his truth. Continually preserving us but then he even says this. I am not even able to look up is that an interesting. Verse. Sometimes do you feel so discouraged by your sin that you can't even look to Christ. This it in wallowing instant pity and self deprecation and shame. God does not want that. He's leaning over his purchase possession. As a man at the pool of the remember the paralytic. And Jesus looked over and some him and said. Do you want to be made well. With that kind and forgiving face. That's so important. So when he says I am not able to look up maybe you need to ask. Drink. To ask Him for forgiveness. Ask Christ. For strength to even pray to him. Just go and start talking to him. I don't even feel like I can talk to you right now. And as you start that way. He's going to embrace you like a father who embrace the protocol son. So how about this one. Here's the good news when we do remain in him. You know the scripture. I can do how many things through Christ who strengthens me. All things. All things. Here's desire of ages we may leave off. Many bad habits. But without a vital. Connection with God through the surrender of ourselves to him. Moment by moment. We shall be overcome. Isn't that a strong statement right there. That just said. If you don't have a moment by moment. Connection with Jesus Christ. You're going to be overcome. Without a personal acquaintance with Christ. And a continual communion. We are at the mercy of the enemy. And shall do his bidding in the end. Basically just at the same thing right. If we don't have a continual connection with Jesus Christ. We're going to end up sinning and following scenes path. In some way. You may not see clearly how you will obtain deliverance from sin the sins which which have been cherished. This is common for those in cycles of habits and habits and addictions. You're going to how in the world I'm going to do this. I tried and I tried and I tried again and I failed and I failed and failed again. Well it says you may not see clearly how you will obtain. Deliverance from the sins which have been cherished and strengthened with repetition. Your deliverance. Is to be found in Christ and Him alone. Now is your time. Not always the golden opportunity. You're Adji what I see. This is an opportunity where your focus for a whole week and it's a new year today. Now is the time. Now is the golden opportunity. You can walk in purity. Only by was looking. And the holding. Praying and believing in Jesus moment by moment. This is truly what it means to live the life that we're going to talk about in a moment a couple more quotes. Satan leads man to break the bands which connect him in holy happy union with his maker. Then when he is disconnected because we got busy. Or we got distracted or. We got frustrated about something as soon as we're disconnected from God. Passion obtains control over reason. Impulse over principle. And he becomes sinful in thought and action is Judge judgement is perverted his reason seems to be in feeble. If you will only watch continually watch and to prayer. If you will do everything as if you were in the immediate presence of God. You will be saved from yielding to temptation. And may hope to be kept pure spotless and undefiled and to the end. You know I remember going to conversation between a counselor and friend. And the counselor asked the friend who is struggling with self abuse and. We're not going to use. He said. Do you believe in the army presence of God. And I'm the presence means God is everywhere. And the young man said Well you have course you know God is God is all knowing is all powerful and he's all present everywhere present and the counselor said well no you don't you don't believe God is open because when you're engaging in that you're denying that and you're believing the lie that he's not there and never really thought about it that way like out wow I guess. I was believing a lie not consciously but I was totally neglecting the presence of God and pretending as if it didn't exist and it was doing it was nonexistent to me at that point. So pretty interesting insight if we truly believed and knew and experienced. The presence of God. With us at every moment. Wouldn't that help us govern ourselves by his power and his strength. Now once you've surrendered your life to God. Once you. Once you've made a decision to say. I'm all in I'll do whatever it takes. Yes. Blocking software reporting software covenant eyes type of stuff. If that's something that will help finding accountability. Throwing away things that need to be throwing away. Not going places that need to be not gone to not watching things that I shouldn't be watching. I'm willing to go all out I'm willing to start new hobbies to just totally create a new brain map with a lot of new things in my life. I'm going all out on radical. I'm ready to do this. God help me. You know what you're going to find. You're going to wake up the next morning. And a lot of the still of the same the same brain is still there. Because this is a moment by moment day by day. Experience of totally rewriting the brain. You have righteousness in Jesus Christ the moment you repent is forgiven you completely. But then there's a process of having your mind practically speaking renewed in a way that you no longer. Love those temptations and you love the things of God You hate the temptations that take some time to remember the fourteen months. Scan of that brain OK. And I've heard other counselors say that in their experience watching relapses. Of sexual addictions and sexual behaviors that a two to five year period of time is a window of time that you see much fewer relapses of people going back so we're looking at literally looking at many months of battling this with the armor of God in the strength of G.'s strength of Jesus Christ in our lives. Whether it's fourteen months or two years is no magic number. But those are just some some wet finger in the air. Figures. Remember this though. If you do have a moment of weakness and failure. Don't go oh man but this was the one where I was really committing and now I'm even bigger failure now I should be even more in despair. No no listen to Jesus voice. At the woman caught in the act of what again. Adultery. And he said to her where your accusers. Who's the accuser Seaton. He says I'm not here to condemn. But to save. I'm the loving physician. I've come to heal. He says Go and sin no more. But I'm not here to condemn. And yes he'll give you that initial guilt impulse that's important because that reminds us. Oh yeah that was wrong. But don't hang out there don't let that simmer don't let that ruminate. Because then you're just passing the brain over the very same pathways of the sin and widening those pathways in increasing the likelihood of sinning again. God wants to forgive you. His Grace is abundant. It's totally prodigal it's totally huge. It's bigger and deeper and wider than anything we could ever imagine. Don't doubt him on that. When he says. My grace is sufficient for you. It's true. OK so go right back and this claim that promise. A right just man may fall seven times. But he gets back up. Right. A righteous man. And this is not permission to sin this is not cheap grace this is not presuming upon God's kindness and I'm not going to truly seek him and I'm just going to live i want no no no no this is God making provision for the needs of fallen weak mortals which is every single one of us. We need the grace and patience that he's so abundantly offers. And he's never going to get tired of that by the way. If you're going OK. Said it right as man fall seven times but I've been eight nine ten eleven fifteen twenty now. What did Jesus say about forgiving. Seven times seventy times. So we don't need a number on this as his way of saying. I will never ever fail. I will never ever get tired of telling you I love you because that's my character. You can't deny his own character. I will never forget. I would never never get tired of of forgiving. OK And again don't use that as the even Jellicoe is doing as I did in my growing up I thought the Christian life was. Just you'll sin and you'll continue to sin and. It's permission to sin and. We're also enters and that's just where we are and gotta forgive us and then we go to heaven. And I don't know. We're going to get into in the moment but just to just as well again on the character of God's patients. His forgiving love. He is infinitely forgiving and patient. And he will continue to do that until he finishes the work in you. Just like he did in Iraq other than Christ himself. I would say Ina has to be my favorite of all of the Bible. Bible men. Because he lived such a peculiar life. A peculiar life that it brought him to the point where he literally just walked with God so closely that he ended up walking into heaven. Yet such a relationship with Jesus Christ. Such a holiness in his life. Such a love for souls. That being in heaven was a more natural place for him to be. And God just invited him right there. And he is about Will says that he was he was not. He was not for God took him. And people are gone where did he not go what they did they had an understand this peculiar man. But he being a peculiar man. What are we called in. Peter's epistle where he says you are a holy nation a royal priesthood and A What peculiar people. And I want to I want to dwell upon Iraq for a moment I have this wonderful book in my hands it's called Living the life of Iraq. It's a compilation of all the Spirit of Prophecy statements on the man in life. Having read through this is one of my favorite journeys through any book that I read with Spirit of Prophecy in it. And you know by the way that. Is it says here on page one that Iraq is a. Pattern ma'am. A pattern and that's page two rather he's a pattern man a representative man. Meaning. His life is a pattern or a type. Representation of what the lives of God's last days people will be. It says on the very first sentence the experience of Iraq represents what our experience should be far more than we do we need to study the lives of these men. So should we do that right now just told us to study the lives of these men. I want to do that if you study in the Bible. It's mentions in Iraq a number of times but very small references. You've got Genesis five. You've got Hebrews eleven. The book of Jude. It says a number of things I'm going to bullet point them for the sake of time. How Iraq is symbolic of us number one. He lived in an exceedingly. We could time. He lived right before the what the flood and. Is that what we live in an exceedingly wicked time. Jesus said as it was in the days of Noah. So it will be at the coming of the Son of Man to he preached during a time. Right before the world was destroyed. Isn't that what we're doing. Same thing. She was translated to heaven without seeing death. Isn't that what those of us who are alive and remain will see. Will experience when Jesus comes yes. He proclaimed. The judgment you know you proclaim the judgment. In the book of Judah says behold. The Lord come up with ten thousand of his saints with judgment. He also rebuked the prevailing since this is in here. Space page seven. It talks about how he was rebuking the popular sins of the day. Which we are also called to do with John the Baptist did to his well he's another type. Just like Iraq. You know he had a pretty you proclaim the coming of Christ I kind of just mentioned that in that scripture. He also had the Spirit of Prophecy. As a prophet he had the spirit of prophecy as did know as well as he was a preacher of righteousness and proclaiming the coming of the flood. So at this time the Spirit of Prophecy existed as it does throughout the totality of the Scriptures. So during that period in between the testaments where there. There was silence for for a period of time but the Spirit of Prophecy of course today. We have that. As well as did. Iraq. He also had a experience where he was there to show that Satan's argument was false. Satan's argument about you can't actually keep God's law. You can't actually live a holy life you can't actually obey the Lord God is a tyrant. He has an impossible. Commands and expectations that nobody could follow. That was a lie of Satan. In UK disproved because he lived a holy life. He also of course walked with God which we are called to do and I want to get into that that's we're going to spend the rest of the time on. Because this is the ultimate solution to the sin problem. It's old the ultimate solution to all of our. All of our struggles all of our depression all of our anxiousness all of our fear all of our broken relationships. Walking with Jesus Christ is the ultimate solution to every single problem. On the face of the earth. So let's get into this character page three. On in living the life of Enoch tells us that not a thread of course Inus or selfishness was woven into the Web that the servant of God was weaving in his daily life. How much selfishness did he have not a threat. So when I said that he lived a holy life. This is literally true. He would have been up in heaven. Had he not that he had selfishness and sin in his life so got it completely annihilated in his in his heart in his mind. All love of this world love of self. We also read. Here that holy men stood untainted perfect even arc and Elijah were holy men who stood. Untainted perfecting righteous. Characters and were accounted worthy for translation to heaven. Do they have a completely mature and righteous character. Yes yes. And that's what. Entitle them to have this unique experience. Now you might say Scott How's that possible. I mean really. Bible says we've all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God The Bible says that. You know where we're all conceived in sin and born in sin and iniquity Isn't that just a permanent condition. No crisis the healer of our sin He will heal our backsliding. He says I've come to I'm as the physician to heal and. It's not the righteous but sinners that that need to come to repentance and that I've come to heal. So it's come to heal our sin. Completely to have a renewed mind to have a mind of Christ. To have the righteousness of Jesus Christ. In our daily experience. Is it possible. Is it possible in my strength definitely I think when you have the impulse of. That's impossible. That's kind of a good impulse at first because you're thinking about as impossible for me to do. But you don't do you think are good we should take that privilege away from got to do that complete work in us to completely give us. Mature characters ready and fit for heaven. Oh that's that would be there would be blasphemous to say that the Lord. Could not or ought not do that is he willing. Is he able. Then he will do it if we permit. So let me read to you about this. It says. If we can said he will so identify himself with our thoughts and aims. So blend our hearts and minds into conformity to his will that when obeying him. We shall be but carrying out. Our own impulses. Did you hear that when we're obeying him we're just doing what we impulsively love to do. Seen will become hate. Full To us it says. I'd love to get there. That would be awesome where every thought. That is anything with even a thread of selfishness. Would be hateful. That's what it says. God will do in us. He will cause us to be impulsively obedient as I've said about this one is a little bit longer to quote be there for perfect. Even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. Do all things without murmuring and disputing that ye may be blameless. And harmless the sons of God without rebuke in the midst of a cricket and person and nation. Among whom ye shine as the lights in the world. Holding forth the Word of life that I may rejoice in the day of Christ that I may not and that I have not run in vain and neither labored in vain. The Lord appeared on the Abraham and said Walk before me and be thou perfect. In aka walked with God three hundred years. Up of for us. Who is one of you. A servant of Christ. Salute if you always laboring fervently for you in prayers that you may stand. Perfect and complete in all the will of God Christ in you. The hope of glory. Whom we preach. Warning every man and teaching every man in all its wisdom that we may present every man. Perfect in Christ Jesus. Where unto I also labor. Striving according to his working which work within me mightily. So enough said there a bunch of scriptures. Rattling off the. Absolutely liberating doctrine that I don't have to live in sin. Right up until the coming of Christ but that God is going to finish the work that he began in me and carried on to completion in the day of Christ Jesus. By the way a quick disclaimer on this because many people take this one and become fanatical and just off the mark on it's so on page fifty nine. Of the book. It points out that when we are growing more and more to be like Jesus. It. Is imperceptibly to ourselves that we are changed. We are unconsciously reflecting his image. So even the people in the time of trouble are grieving over their sins. And so you know you're never going to come to the point where you're like. I have a real reach perfection I have attained a perfect character everybody look at me I mean obviously anybody that says that is not Christ like in their lives that was like the parasite us as I am not like other men. You know although he goes and then the other ministers beating his breast and saying I'm a sinner. And that's the attitude for the Christian. So moving on how did he do this how did he pull this off. Was it through his theological theoretical intellectual knowledge of Bible truths. It says in the book we may have a knowledge of the truth. But this is not enough we must bring its living. Principles into our lives. And it must sanctify our characters and flow out to others. So knowledge of the Bible. In an intellectual sense. Is not sufficient knowledge in a relational sense to know God and know his truth. And know the spirit of truth and know his where that knowledge is a relational knowledge. That's going to be something that works on and flows into our lives where the principles of truth are are like. We've we've partaken of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ right in there with symbolically with the bread and wine. Jesus says. Eat this. And the idea is that I am the bread that has come down from heaven this is what nourishes us. Is what fills us and it's assimilated into our very being the character of Christ. Of course not literally the body about it blood of Christ but you know another way that pulled this off as is as I mentioned earlier he was be willing to be peculiar. And I know that in our age we live in a very conformist age where the media. Sets the tone and they set a cultural expectation and they say this is the way you talk this is the way you dress is the way you act and you get with your friends and you just kind of live life in a way where you're going with the stream. I love the name of the youth. My Bible first satisfy a court of it's called upstream. Are we swimming upstream or going against the grain that's what the NAACP it became very different from the world. In their plans. And their objectives in life were also very different let me ask you this also. Do you think maybe they were also different. Particularly Alijah was he different than the religious people than than than the people in the church. In many ways. Yes And in fact I would suggest that if we're not even swimming upstream and against the grain from the many the from the many tendencies and trends within the church. Then we are in a problematic situation because the church is prophesied to be in a what kind of condition in Revelation three. Laodicean condition. So we've got to be different if you'll hear from the world. Old. And even setting. Standing outside and not in a selfish way but because Christ is changing us. And he's going to change is to be different than the Laodiceans around us. Page fifty five says that Iraq did not ask himself What will my friends and relatives say. If I take this course. He never consulted. The opinions of man. He consulted. What the Lord had to say. Now how did the next day. Begin. He did not mark out his own course. Or set up his own will. As if he thought himself fully qualified to manage matters that you catch that we wake up in the morning really what am I going to do today we think about our day to day experience and we go for it right. We're not qualified to manage our own lives were dust and ashes right. And God has a will for us. We shouldn't even say I'm going to go and carry on business and go to this place so that do this tomorrow. The Apostle James says we should say. If God wills. Right so we've always got to be consulting the Lord. Like Enoch did. It also says basically that we get filled with business. We get filled with activity. And we live selfishly with reference to our own thoughts those are my terms we live we live in reference to our own thoughts in ways. Interacted not do that he always consult of the Lord and asked himself. This is the phrase in the book. He continue at every point. At every turn he asked himself. Is this the way of the Lord. And that's something I want to be asking every thought every conversation every littery place I go. Is this the way of the Lord. So what does he do. He spent much of his time in solitude. Which he devoted to reflection and prayer how much of his time is as much. I don't know exactly what that is I know he wasn't a monk. We're going to get into that but he spent much of his time in solitude which he devoted to reflection and prayer and says God's messengers. Must. TERRY LONG. With him with Jesus. If they would have success in their work. By the way. If you're a Christian. You are a messenger. And you have a work. So this applies to everybody. God's messengers must Terry how much. Long with Jesus. If we want to have success in our work. There's a lovely description of this and Page seventeen that I want to read to you and says. The eloquence of this does this experience of being alone with Christ tearing along with him being in solitude in prayer. I mean that quiet hour. It says the eloquence of silence before God is often essential. If the mind is kept in continual excitement. The ear is prevented from hearing the truth. That the Lord would communicate to his believing once. Christ takes his children from that which holds their attention that they may be whole His glory. His Glory meaning his character. So the eloquence of silence before God is necessary. And we actually need to turn our own thoughts off and let God give us thoughts. In his word. I'm not talking about emptying your mind and entering into Eastern meditation of course because then we're not filling ourselves and hiding his word in our heart. That stuff is not going to be helpful. But nonetheless we want that silence with God page forty three even says that we need to closely examine ourselves. You know that's where personal devotions are really important because their personal. Because God's going to get personal with you. He's going to cut you to the heart right where you need to hear it. And I know that many of us like to hear what our edging ears want to hear we want to hear an interesting some of the kind of keeps our attention. It is interesting we learned some things but then we go on with our merry lives. And we have a segment of religion in our lives. We don't dip the. The canvas in the in the die completely. We have a compartmentalize aspect of our daily experience that has a religious flavor to it. And we have a form of religion and deny the power there of. This is not what this is about this is about having this experience with Jesus Christ. In the morning. That bleeds into every aspect of our lives. And he will speak. Into our lives in areas where we don't want to hear it. And that's important. He loves us a nuff to say I'm going to take issue with something in your life. In fact you know what it says in Revelation three. To the Laodicean church which is us. It's amazing. We're we're a church that believes firmly in the character of God that God is love. And that's what the Bible teaches plain and simple I mean that God is a god of self sacrificing love that that this is the essence and the totality of his character that everything he does everything he is is an outflow of his central self sacrificing beneficence character seeking to blow. Lift his children. And this is who he is at its core. And you know sometimes I hear people say things like. Yes. God is love. But he is also something else. And I say wait a minute that something else must be consistent with the love not in compete in competition with it. And so for example. It says in Revelation three. It's Has that he wants to rebuke and chasten his children. Now at first I go. OK cool. I'm going to I'm going to get ready to receive this other face of God. Where OK. I like to receive the patients and grace and mercy and love of God that I need that so much. But then I'm ready to brace myself for him to come in with justice and anger and wrath and rebuke and all these unloving things. Is that accurate. That's not accurate it says in Revelation three. Those whom I love. I rebuke and chasten. So if we don't look to and look for a god. Who's going to give us messages in the morning in our personal time. That hit our areas in our lives that need to be hit. If we're not seeking rebuke in chastening from our loving Father. Then we don't have a God of love that you catch that the true character of God. Includes both aspects of love both. Both expressions of love. The patients and tenderness and forgiveness and. What I do with my children because I love them. Review can chasten. That's not any less a loving thing than the softer side and the gracious side in fact it's quite gracious for him to rebuke us as it is because he loves us. So let's not put these against each other let's not get into the illogical corner where where we were we make God's love. One thing. And then these other things they separate non-loving thing no no no this is all God's love in the in experience that we're over time are we right now. We're four minutes over. Hey how about we talk about Iraq a little bit more. Tomorrow as well because there's war in this book. And in Oxic spirits must be ours. If we want to be prepared for translation. If we want to have the righteousness of Jesus Christ. In our daily experience. Because you know what you don't gain this maturity of character by by it works. There's a statement a desire of ages that says that our title to heaven. Just as much as our fitness for have been are both alike. Found in the righteousness of Christ. So he's wrought out. A perfect character in the life he lived on this earth. And he wants to give that to us as a gift as justification of forgiveness. And as an actual experience of a renewed mind. So we'll talk more about INOX experience so we can learn how to live that life of the next you know what else we're doing tomorrow. If you have not yet. Put in your questions on the website. You go to belt of truth Ministries dot com Go to the contact page. If you have any questions about biblical masculinity overcoming lust the brain all of the stuff we've been talking about the theology the Bible anything. Ask questions and I'm going to answer questions during tomorrow's session and you know what also to do during tomorrow's session. I hope some of you haven't even checked my email been so busy yesterday. But I hope some of you have been emailing your victory stories because you may be sitting in here. And the guy right next to you is absolutely deep in the struggle of lost addictions. And you are on the other side of that fence in your Through you want to throw him a rope over and say come on climb over we can do this. Give people hope if you gain victory OK. Because I'm coming this from the standpoint not of somebody Is it got personal testimony and experience on this. Not a professional counselor on this. I can assure the science of the Bible. I'm not a. I'm not a few addiction recovery counsel learn or a former addict. So the Lord has mercifully spared me from that deep cycle. And so I want those who have been in that depths of the depths of that abyss. To speak to people. Anonymously. You can create a fake email whatever you need to do you know I get so many emails I want to knows who I was going to copy and paste the the body of the email. Put it in where Dr document. Abbreviate things please try and keep it brief so I can get through them on. And then you can bring hope to those who are struggling today. So let's pray Shelly. Father in heaven we thank you so much that you've. Accomplished in your Son Jesus Christ. The payment for the penalty of our sins on the cross as well as the bringing about a a perfect character in the human human mind that Jesus had. And we want to receive that we want to have this experience of the life of Enoch. We just pray that you would give us. Victory over every be settings and that we might truly get into your word to make a decision right now. To set aside a sacred and sanctified time. Of each morning. That we would commit to never letting our personal time with you fall by the wayside because we get too busy. What a silly ridiculous thing we have done in being too busy for communion with you which is our only hope for eternal life. And which you deserve because you're such a good God anyway. It even if we were to gain nothing out of it we want to praise you and honor you for giving us the grace and salvation that you have given to us and an infinite cost. And I just pray for each soul as we go from here that we would come back on Sabbath as well with one more session to further understand how to walk this walk with Jesus Christ and overcome the last of the flesh. Greatest in Jesus name in this message was recorded at the G Y C twenty fifteen conference cold. Chosen. They fall in love with Kentucky. You want to see the supporting Ministry of a Seventh Day Adventist Church. Seeks to inspire young people to be bible based priced centered and soul winning Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web.


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