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6. Review and Your Questions/Testimonies

Scott Ritsema


Scott Ritsema

Founder and Speaker for Belt of Truth Ministries



  • January 2, 2016
    3:15 PM
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This message was presented at the Jew I see twenty fifteen come from cold. Chosen in Louisville Kentucky. For other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web. Bother and haven't become before you now as weak as mortals. We pray that we would be able to fix our eyes upon you. Many times we feel that we cannot even look up like the Psalms but we know that you can give us. And grant us a measure of faith that you can grant repentance on to Israel and we ask for that now we ask for clarity of thought for conviction where that is needed. Manny hardened heart truly be broken through and cut to the heart by your spirits and may way. May the discouraged and despairing find hope. We pray this in Jesus' name amen. Last time we looked at how we knock. Was a pattern or rest. Representative of us. All of us. If you're living in the last days which we are right now. Then you are to live the life of Iraq. Iraq was translated to heaven without seeing death right. And even when Jesus comes. Lord willing in our lifetime. We will truly be translated to heaven also without seeing death. There are numerous things about Iraq that we pattern as well I won't repeat all of those. You can by the way. Listen to all of these sessions that we've been going through this week on audio verse or on. G Y C Web dot org Once they get that posted. And the power points also will be posted as well. But a couple of things I wanted to read. Emphasize about Iraq that were absolutely essential. This might come as a surprise to some people but enough actually perfected. A righteous character that are there was actual words. Word for word perfected a righteous. Character. And there was quote not a thread of course in this or selfishness. As page thirty three and forty one in there. How much. Of course innocent selfishness not a thread. So this man became perfectly. Mature in his character. The the kind of person that God is working in all of us to be. The Bible says that he will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. And in UK experience that. But that makes me ask the question is that even possible I mean come on whose actual experience in day to day lives certainly not mine. Would say that this is something that is real and plausible. And actually possible. Well. We read in the book and first of all numerous numerous scriptures point that out and if you missed the session on Friday do you pick that audio up make sure to listen to it. But remember the statement also in this book that said. God is going to get each one of us. If we consent. He will get each one of us to the point where. In doing his will we are carrying out. Our own. Do you remember what it was our own impulse. Wow. That would be awesome that's like being addicted to pure. The right. Dick did in quotes there being so. I have bits you really compulsively accustomed to doing what God wants us to do that we become a new creation. Fully and completely. We also saw that those who will be translated. At the close of time. Will always be representing him. In all of their life practices selfishness. Will be cut out by the roots. Isn't that a wonderful promise. So this is not only possible my friends this is necessary let me read to you from page forty one in Acts life and character. Were so holy that he was translated to heaven without seeing death. This life in character. Represents what the lives and characters of all must be. If they are to be translated when Christ shall come. So did you hear with I was just saying. Crisis going to do a work in all of us and it must happen before he returns. And that is the finishing touches upon the character that he is forming within us. And I know as soon as I start saying things like this immediately we feel a sense of fear and insecurity and. I couldn't do this. I couldn't pull that off. That's actually a good impulse right there. I couldn't. Because if we start saying. Oh yes the doctrine of sanctification I can handle that one. Then we're in big trouble. If we if we start saying. A who are wretched man that I am. Who can rescue me from this body of death. That turns our eyes upon. Jesus. And when we fix our eyes upon him. He is the author of our faith and the what. Of our faith. The finisher. Gas. So the quote goes on you can read this whole book is published by teach Services Inc wonderful living the life of Enoch. I'm not going to read the whole book to you but this is a similar one here on page fifty nine that I wanted to share with you. Just to emphasize and underscore the point. It says that when we are having this experience of sanctification if you will. It was. It was as if himself. He was a marked character. And many looked upon his life. Many look upon his life sorry. Presently we look upon his life as something above what Gen The generality of mortals can ever reach. So most people look at that OK that's that's one guy. Oh and Elijah. Two guys who really stood out in their development the relationship with Christ that they walked so closely with Jesus Christ. That they got to the point where they could just walk right into heaven. Well that's two. And that's all there is ever going to be is that what we just read. This is the experience all must have. If they will be prepared to be translated when Jesus comes. It says this here in ox life and character. Represent the lives and characters of all who will be translated. When Christ shall come now to many people this sounds like bad news because are going well that means I will make it into heaven. You know what we're focusing on at that point. Our own incapacities. You have to immediately turn the attention upon. Jesus Christ who has all the power in the universe. Do you think he's able to do that. Do you think he's willing to do it. Then why would he not write. So some pretty awesome quotes there in the book but Enoch himself. He was a peculiar man and you've got to be pretty peculiar to be able to stand out as much as he did. And he didn't. He didn't consult his own plans he didn't consult his own ideas of what to do. It says in Arkin a lodger became very different from the world in their plans. And their objectives in life or also different. What is your purpose in life. As you read G Y C. At the beginning of a new year. Thinking about the future of your life. What if somebody were to ask you what is a main purpose of your life. What motivates you every morning when you wake up. What do I do and why do I do it who am I in ox and Elijah's mindset was totally different. It wasn't about. Well I'm going to carry on business and make a living doing this and I have some friends and you know just every day run of the mill things no they had a high high. Purpose in Colling. And they surrendered submitted That's a God in our did not mark. Out his own course. Or set up his own will. As if he thought himself fully qualified to manage. Matters. But then we saw yesterday also he spent much of his time in do you remember. Solitude. Yes. Which he devoted to reflection and prayer. And we read that God's messengers must TERRY LONG with. Wait remain long with Jesus. If they would have success in their work. We read about the eloquence of your member. Silence where if you read this book. He's got the answers right there. Thank you brother. Eloquence of silence before God. And then we read not all of this was hard for me. This is hard for those of us who are active minded people who like to think in make plans and dreams dreams and do things and. We are not to keep the mind in a continual state of excitement. Slow down take a deep breath. BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM. Well that's what we talked about last time in our didn't just spend time though. Studying for the sake of studying. What did he learn. What did he pursue. As a part of his quiet time his devotional time whatever you want to call that. With Jesus. As he walked with Jesus day by day and had these special seasons of prayer. Of searching his heart in the sea. Searching gaze of God. Asking him to speak into his life. What was his focus. Says on page four. The infinite. Unfathomable love God through Christ. Became the subject of his meditations. Day and night. So it's not just during that time. And with all firmer of his soul. With all the fervor of his soul. He sought to reveal that love to people among whom he too well so what if you dwell upon the love of God. That was the ultimate meditation of in our daily. So whatever trial you're facing. Whatever temptation you're facing. Don't think about it as a battle over that thing. Just turn the attention upon Christ and while upon his love that thought will replace the impure thought. We have we've emphasized that again and again because that's the most important point. When it comes to overcoming habits of thought. It's replacing it with something different and having. As I say A. Was a worker. He was not just a monk that just kind of sat you know in solitude all the time. It says he not was an active worker he did not seek ease and comfort. He did not participate in the festivities and amusements Wasn't that a lesson for us we're going to hear about that in some of the testimonies. But do I have some testimonies for you in our walk with God and he bore a message of warning to the inhabitants of the world. That's what we're doing isn't it. So if you want to have a more empowered. Effect in your mission work in your witnessing which we all ought to walk with God. Live the life and you will have that same power he had now he mastered the most important discipline of all in the Christian life and I say the most important discipline of all. That's kind of a. That's a high status statement a strong statement right there. What would you say is the most important. Discipline of all. In the Christian life. I would say. Morning. Time with Jesus' personal time with these and that prayer time that devotional time. Is huge but you know what's even more important. We read it in desire of ages. On the screen the other day. The moment by moment. Experience of continual connection with Jesus Christ that is the ultimate meaning of what it means to be a Christian to have Jesus as our friend and companion. I want to just that's. If I could have like wave a magic wand if you will and have a the give you one thing you know. If you could have one wish you know you hear these fantastical stories when your kids about wishes and I would wish for a. You know a mansion in a garage full of you know sports cars or whatever no the ultimate thing would be to truly master. This discipline of never forgetting the presence of Jesus with me. Never having a moment where I'm disconnected from him. Because that. Always precipitates him. Remember that quote from yesterday. If you become different decision acted from Jesus. You will do the enemy's bidding. If you remain connected with Jesus. You will not. I mean that's a stark line right there. Between living the Christian life in a failing life. So he lived this moment by moment. Connection which easily reach you about it on page seventy seven. It says. The mind should be kept in a prayer for frame start the day that way and keep it that way. Looking to Jesus moment by moment. Asking. At every step. Is this the way of the Lord. This is the way. Walked with God. So every thought I have every says conversation I have every literal place I go. And I asking the question is this the way of the Lord. Consulting him at every step of the day. So he prayed continually. That's what the Bible says right pray without ceasing. You know how the thing that really trips us up though. It's like how can I really. Remain in the presence of Jesus all day. When I'm so busy. I mean I have so many things to do so many things running through my head. Listen to this on page twenty two. Of living the life of Iraq. This helps me because I tend to get myself. Very busy. It says the following. Many fail of imitating our holy pattern. Because they study so little the definite features of that character. So many are full of busy plans. Always active and there is no time or place for the precious Jesus. To be a close. Dear. Companion. They do not refer every thought and action to him asking Is this the way of the Lord. Walked with the unseen gone. In the busiest places of the earth. His companionship. Was with Christ. The men who have the most to do. So if you have a busy schedule. Lot to do. Lots of classes whatever. The men and women who have the most to do have the greatest need of keeping God ever before them. Amid all the confusion and rush of business. They will find a quiet. Resting place. That's a good one right there. To truly walk with God is our old cement. Spiritual discipline. Now you might say OK if this sounds like those kind of Christians that are like super Christians this kind of two classes of Christians the so I grew up thinking at least. There's people who are saved. They came out an altar call. They've confessed and had their sins forgiven and their Christian they believe in Jesus they believe it I for them on the cross and you kind of live an average life then there's like the ultra super Christians were like always talking about their missionary work and their. Studying their Bibles a whole lot more than I do you know. This distinction is not even Biblical at all to be a Christian means to be Christ like to be this other thing you might call Laodicean. You might call Luke warm you might call dying. You might call what Jesus said in Matthew seven. When he said. Many will say to me. Lord Lord. We were Christians weren't we we did all of these things for you. But he might say to them. I never knew you page twenty three. Sums this up really really simply when it says how did gain this sweet. Intimacy. It was by having thoughts of God. Continually the for him. The life of the soul. Depends upon which you will communion with God. So there's no other category of living the Christian life in kind of a nominal way. The life of the soul dependence upon have bit you will communion with God. So in other words we will die. That's what I was getting at a moment ago about this when the priests and rulers needed an experience as in not had meaning in Jesus' day the rabbis the chief priests teachers a lot of heresies they needed a continual sense of the presence of God. Those who have an abiding trust in Christ will like Iraq. Have a sense of the abiding presence of God. Our experience in divine things. Who this is a good one. This would be the one to memorize so far of all of them. Our experience in divine things will be in proportion to the vividness of our sense of his companionship. That you catch that. How vivid. How real to you is the presence of Jesus in your life. The more vivid that is the more positive experience you have in divine things. The more faint. The thoughts of Jesus are the weaker will be our experience in divine things. You know but many people will say but. But my students would save a mystery. I used to teach. Bible and various other subjects my students in Mr IT'S MY don't feel. I don't feel close to God I don't feel the presence of Jesus I don't feel that his real. It says for Iraq it wasn't about feeling. And Page eighty nine it says walk by faith and not by feeling. And his peace will come into our hearts. Faith not feeling. You know. I thought about this thought. This issue of feeling. Our culture tells us in the twenty first century. That unless there is some emotional feeling associated with something then it's not real Many times you will look to Christ in faith and you won't feel some elated feeling. But you will feel a sense of the constant surrender to him that peace that he brings even though it's not an overwhelming feeling. It is real trust it by faith that he is there. Has he said he will be here. Always even to the area under the age. If he said it. He is the Bible says he cannot lie. So you can take it to the bank. Well this takes some training of the mind. As we close that in our portion here. And Page twenty five This didn't come overnight to. He lived for a while and day by day. Grew into this experience. So the following. And Page twenty five. It says when in perplexity. He prayed to God to keep him. And to teach him his will. What shall I do to honor the my God was his prayer. He was submerged in God's will constantly. His meditations were upon the goodness. Upon the perfection. Upon the loveliness of the divine character. His conversation was upon heavenly things. And he trained. His mind to run in this channel. Did you hear that part. We've been talking a lot about the brain the pathways in the brain this week. When it comes to the habits of thought of lust and any addictive habit. He trained his mind to run in a holy channel. Of Thoughts of the divine character. That's the only solution ultimately to this problem of sin is having a whole new brain map. A whole new map of roads and pathways that our thoughts go down that our channel that are widened that are created to get make it. Our habit. To think upon. Christ. One more quote on this. By the way did you hear the part about his conversation was on heavenly things. I've spent a lot of time with use in. That was I was a teacher for Levon years or so and. One thing that I always challenge my students on. And this. This is youth and adults. Is you can judge. You can assess the spirituality of you and those around you. By what the conversations tend to revert to. When you're hanging out with the guys for example if you're pretty much usually just talk about sports and talk about what's going on with your friends I was going I just kind of like meaningless. Empty things vain things. Then you know that it's spiritually empty. But when we get back to those conversations of what's coming out of our hearts because I've spent this time with Christ then I want to talk about how can we advance the work of God. What are we doing to overcome sin. What can we doing. What can we be doing to bless others to do the will of God in our lives. Here's the quote day by day. Was growing. Always from his own way into Christ's way. The heavenly divine. In his thoughts and feelings. He was constantly inquiring Is this the way of the Lord as we saw earlier. But did you hear the part. Day by day. He was growing into this. So this isn't an overnight. Miraculous magical thing. Yes Christ taking my sense of the Cross and the justification and forgive us of my sins. That's immediate and instant. But then God works within the physiology of our pathways. And he says I'm going to create a new a new mind. And a right spirit. A new heart. I'm going to give you the experience of living the life. What a promise. What a wonderful gift. Now. Many have begun to receive this gift. I have in my hands. Is that sound like a thick stack of paper or a skinny one. So through all of a how many of you emailed me it's me a long time to go through them. And I enjoyed and relished every moment of it because I'm going to include all of this in the short time we have. If you're not familiar with what I'm talking about I asked folks to email me. Their victory stories of overcoming lust. And a lot of this has to do with pornography. A lot of this has to do with masturbation. Some of it just has to do with overcoming the lust of the eyes. But I want to share those with you in another thing that I need to do is answer your questions I almost forgot to do that. I'm going to answer your questions first. Then go right into the testimonies OK. First person asks. Was the feminist movement. By the way the first session we talked about the sixties and seventies one nine hundred sixty S. and seventy's feminist movement. And the agenda that had to basically deny the existence of gender differences. So the masculine in the feminine. Could be merged. Could be there's no difference between the two. Kind of idea. So the person asks Was the feminist movement partly a legitimate reaction to oppression of women in history. I am so glad that that person brought that up because absolutely when I used to teach history. To my students. We would go through the societies and cultures throughout history that have repressed and oppressed the weak. Among them. Whether that be the in slave populations. Whether that be. Child sacrifice and taking advantage of children. Whether that be the oppression of women. And where godly men. Masculinity is about protection and uplifting of others. These cultures have done the opposite in there has been a whole lot of that in history so yes yes yes the pages of history are filled with societies like this where women were mistreated where they were oppressed Absolutely. Most recent By the way. There are different waves of feminism so I was just talking about the sixty's and seventy's one where there's a lot of weirdness. A lot of wrongness. In fact there's a lot of spiritual is I'm going on. The women's movements of the sixty's and seventy's. When I record my series this year called second beast rising I was talking about that the other day basically getting into all the current events what's going on in our world in setting the stage for Revelation thirteen and how near crisis coming is I've been really emphasizing those themes lately because I want to be ready. And I want others to be ready. But as as a social scientists political scientists I want to look at this and go. OK. Time out what really happened what was really behind that movement in the sixty's and seventy's. It was a spiritualist movement. I've got a whole lot of info on that that I don't have time for right now but back to the question. Basically yeah that sixty's and seventy's feminism. Had a lot of evil aspects to it but if you go back to say first wave feminism in the one thousand nine hundred. You have statements from Spirit of Prophecy that were echoing some of those movements like remember the quote from day to was it or session two of the of the first day this week that a woman. A wife of a pastor who is doing a lot of labor for the Lord. And she's having to hire laborers and cooks and maids for her home and she's working for the Lord. She should be making equal pay. That was ultra progressive for the time in a good sense of the word. And so we come out of that movement to a great degree of one thousand nine hundred four movements. There is a lot of dietary reform there's the abolitionist movement that Adventists were excited about the freeing of the slaves and so on then the equality of the races as that developed within our church. And so this early wave of feminism. Positive some of the more stuff. More negative and not all positive it's all mixed but nonetheless I'll leave that. But here's a result. We saw the results on Thursday this week after you had the feminist movement sixty's and seventy's. Coming in slamming down masculinity and saying there's no such thing. Basically you had two reactions. One. You have the sitcoms and the advertisements all come in and create a basically dumbed down. We. Passive male are. What do you call it. Archetype. But then also there was the overreaction on the other side of the spectrum of the. The men's movements of hyper masculinity this. This fierce male this Wild at Heart concept and. And we're going to be just like the animal kingdom where the lions are ripping you know the animals apart and. We're going to watch Gladiator and we're going to watch. You know Braveheart and get into all of this. Muscular Christianity as it was called. So those two were the response of the feminist movement. Isn't it amazing to watch how everything is monopolized by say tannic influences. There's only one place that you can go for the pure truth. And that's the word of God. When you look at all the world's movements. It's all tainted at best. And that's what happened there. So we need to have a balance the local understanding that doesn't go in either of these opposite directions of basically denying all masculinity and men just become passive. Versus the hyper masculinity of muscular Christianity. These terms I'm throwing out there by the way listen to the other sessions if you've missed them. And the old get caught up to speed on some of that but here's a statement. Basically I did those two sessions at the beginning of this week because I want us men to get back to the Word of God and be given permission by the truth. In the Word of God to be men to be true. Men of God once again. Not on either of these sides of these overreactions Listen to this from education. Page fifty seven. The greatest wants of the world is the wants of men men who will not be bought or sold. Men who in their in most souls are true and honest men who do not fear to call sin by its right name. Men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole. Men who will stand for the rights. Though the heavens. Fall. Isn't that awesome that's what we need as we need to be men. But such a character is not the result of accident. It is not due to special favors or endowments of Providence. Yes we've been created with unique brains but that doesn't make us holy doesn't. Noble character is the result of self discipline of the subjects and of the lower to the higher natures that not what we're talking about with the last stuff here. If we're captive by lust we're going to be totally decomp acetate it. We're going to be totally spiritually neutered if you will in the strength and power of the Jesus Christ in our lives. So the surrender of self. For the service of love to God and man that's our ultimate aim. Another question Scott. Can lust. Also be a good thing. Very good question. The Greek word for lust. Simply means a desire. And so technically the Greek word could mean a holy desire or an unholy desire. Jesus said that he desired to eat the Passover with his disciples. And that was the same Greek word used for last. The English word tends to have obviously sinful connotations but you can have holy desires of course. You desire to go to G Y C and December you're excited to come. You desire your wife. A holy sexual attraction. You desire to go to the Passover as Jesus did. These desires can be a good thing. But I should mention this. When we use the word like it when I say a greater lust. A greater lust. Meaning the Greek version of that the Greek orientation of the word. Connotations of the word to say that it's a holy desire we do report we need to replace our base desires with a holy desire. I think the person's question was mainly getting at the question of. Is it OK to sexually desire your wife. Absolutely absolutely that's part of God's design for us. Be careful also with the excesses of the marriage relation. There is an element of that in Spirit of Prophecy but this is. It's the marriage relation she calls it the marriage privilege sometimes. The do your D.V.D.'s on lust give a solution. On how to break sexual habits. Yeah that's the whole purpose behind putting out a greater lust. I hope it does that I hope we've done that to a certain degree this week. But there are six hours on the a greater lust series. So we haven't been able to unpack all of that. But after sundown. At the booth. Make sure to pick that up by the way guys in the room who are students and so on and so forth don't let the financial aspects get in the way. OK I want every guy in here to walk away with a set of a greater loss so. All of the business aspects and funding aspects aside here on the Sabbath I'm saying to the men in the room. Come to the booth. And I want you to make sure to make sure you have a copy of that. So that you can watch all of it you know we've only scratched the surface really on principles and tips and concepts for overcoming. Next question is flag football OK. We talked about sports. Yes. That's probably been the part of the entire series that's been the most controversy Oh I thought I would be getting some flak you for being in you know politically incorrect and so on and so forth about the gender issues but a lot of people have not been at it with me about quoting Spirit of Prophecy. On Football and on sports and so on and so forth. Let me just say this on this. I'm not going to be the arbiter the guy on the mountaintop saying this is what's OK and this is what's not all pretty much all I did in the seminar and what I want to reinforce again is just go to the coach inspiration. OK I don't consult your opinion. Don't consult my opinion. Consult what the Lord has revealed to us. And it gives some very specific guidelines on the dangers and excesses of competitive sports of. You know I won't rehash all the quotes but basically they're all in session what was that that was the beginning of session three. OK. Listen to those quotes again I've collected them or they will be a power point up even better view on the Power Point. Read it for yourself and. How's that for not answering a question. I'm tempted right not is to get more into my thoughts on it. Should I say someone give me some thoughts what talk to me. Yeah. OK. The brother is testifying and WAY THIS IN think through this. He's saying. And this is been my experience soon in academies. It doesn't matter. You know. Mrs White spoke specifically against football and boxing. Because the schools of brutality. So. Football is out completely like regular football. But then the person that's what about flag football. Actually had an image of flag football on the screen is like the brother here is saying. It brings about has a tendency and that's the word Mrs White used it tendency. Meaning this is a reaction that takes place. Commonly. She always she also uses the phrase almost your results. This is a tendency for. How competitive thoughts of I'm going to be choose to come into place. I'm going to be Chu Can you imagine Jesus saying that are thinking that. I want you to lose. I'm going to be better than you. That's kind of like out of Isaiah fourteen isn't and. I will ascend above the clouds I will descend about the stars I will sit in thrown on the Most High as the Mossad that's Lucifer's upward climb. Jesus said. I will come down and be like be in found in nature as a human. And I will become obedient to death even death on a cross. So in our games in our recreation Let's find ways to reflect the principles of Jesus. Of self-sacrifice. Of cooperation. Rather than competition. So there's just some thoughts on that but be careful be very very very careful. Always err on the side of caution and ask yourself how do you interact with the sports. Concepts. So OK. Testimony's this is probably my favorite part of the whole the whole seminar. Because this is where it's very very real Eric emailed me. Fake names. Pseudonyms OK when Eric says. My folks got me a T.V. and a V.C.R. for Christmas when I was twelve. A joy at the time. I now know it was a curse. I realized that with the special spliced cable I was using I could somehow watch paper view pornography for free. Many times. A friend also showed me how to look at pornography on the Internet. Yet another very sad moment in my history. The next twelve to thirteen years of my life saw me constantly struggling with sexual sin. Mostly revolving around pornography and self abuse. Boy did Sister White get that turn right. I also found it easily easy to get involved in sexual relationships with girls because I was seriously. Over sexualized. That's so true in our culture today I mean if you're exposed to any media. You are already over sexualized just because it's being thrown at us constantly. I just saw this stuff as normal. Even after I was married and involved in marital relations with my love my wife. I continued my progress. Obsession. So young men remember. Millions of married men are still struggling with this becoming married and having the marital privilege. Does not heal your sin. He goes on this almost destroyed my marriage. My wonderful wife felt that she was constantly competing her self-image suffered greatly. And this is very true because you can't measure up to that right. Sadly though we were both from S.T.A. homes neither of us knew the Lord well nor had any idea. Meaning Sadly we neither of us knew the Lord. Well though we were some of the admin and that sounded wrong at first the way there read it anyway. Neither of us had any idea that the Lord can give us victory over sin. The stuff I've been preaching to you about a knockabout God giving us victory like. There's there are a lot of people out there who think that that does not exist that will just go on sinning and that's OK. No he had never heard this concept before he goes on and says. I wanted to be free. But I saw no way out. I loathed myself and figured that this Roman seven experience. This wretched wretched man of this body of death. I think I figured this was the norm and would be forever. Praise Jesus. For Romans eight. About six years ago I began to search my Bible. And to have a real relationship with God. I begin to see what he is capable of my eyes were drawn to one who could break. My chains and set me free from sin. I thought there would never be a last time but there was there was the last time I can't tell you the date. I don't remember it. All I can tell you is that pornography. Self-abuse and slave meant to last are no longer something Satan gets me on. He still accuses me on my past and tries to bring it up. But God reminds me. I have no unconfessed seen here. Just like any other addict I realize I'm prone to fall here. There are well worn paths in my brain that may be there until Jesus Second Coming but I don't have to fall into those routes. And by God's grace I'm standing today on the solid rock. Because God also calls us not to make provision for the flesh. I have had to make some huge and very important changes that I believe help me in this area. By the way I think that this issue right here of how radical of changes are you willing to make in your life is the stumbling block that keep many people from partial victory to total victory. Where they keep struggling. Again because there are areas in their life they don't want to surrender. They don't want to be willing to open up and be vulnerable. They don't want to be willing to throw out what needs to be thrown out of their lives. Let's read on. No T.V. in the house. Diet changes according to God's original plan. Strengthened marriage and open communication. As a safeguard. Frequent reminders of God's abilities this is Bible promises thing I was just hitting hard yesterday. Frequent reminders of God's ability to deliver and keep one from falling and to him. Was able to keep you from falling out all the sin of these theological lies out there that he can't do that even sharing this now is of great encouragement because I remember how God has worked a miracle in my life. Oh that we would remember how he has worked for us that we were understand how he can and will continue to work for our salvation. Praise God for the strength. He gives praise God for victory through Jesus Christ our Savior. And by the Bible says He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Years later now. I got involved in medical missionary work. And I'm a pastor of all things. God is so good. I really wish my testimony was one that could be shared more freely. So in other words an anonymous setting like settings like this. He can share in which was so thrilling to his hearts to be able to help others. I love hearing that you know he has a mission now right. You don't go from being a slave to sin. To being freed from sin and doing in thinking nothing. No you think of Christ and you do the Christian life. All out and that's the only replacement for the life of sin. Todd writes. Thank you for the opportunity to share my testimony on this vital spiritual matter. I do so in the hopes that it can benefit perhaps thousands of young people through your ministry. As you are aware. This is the sin of the hour. Through which the end of the enemy of souls is doing his very best to destroy the faith of millions on the border of the promised land. The heavenly Canaan as he did in the type. At Kadish Barnea in the Old Testament. I have learned from my own. The full experience as well as that of many in the news that selfishness. If left unchecked. Knows no bounds and ends in self destruction. I came very near to the point of self destruction. As a result. Only the dependable. Promises of God and His great mercy. Rescued me from programs I've watched on a D T V such as yours I have learned that the law of the enemy of truth promotes says. Do what they do as you please. Mindset. Whereas the spirit of Christ's self sacrificing love is the spirit that pervades Evan. Here are some of the principles that have helped me overcome by the way. I still have to choose to die to self. On this matter. As it always presents itself to try to get me to go down that path again. Each time I choose Jesus Christ as the Lord of my life. Number one. You shall know the truth. And the truth shall make you free. That's the principle that has helped him overcome because all sin he says is based upon lies that we believe that the world of the flesh that the devil tell us these lies lies that we either believe or tell ourselves to justify ourselves in sin. For example. Oh sexual sin. Offers. These and other lies like oh she will be she wants to be used for the for my pleasure. Well the reality is she is a human being with us and feelings of her own and nobody wants to be used to others. Hundreds of testimonies of women who have been abused who have come out of prostitution will come out of the print and history reveal this to be true. The fact is that even if she has no living relatives who care for her. God cares about what happens to her. And how she is treated and justice will prevail in the end. I don't want to be a part of that. Another lie. Sex is true. Sex is a true need like breathing. Drinking water and eating. I'll die. If I don't have a sexual release. That's a lie. I can tell you from experience that while the urge can be overwhelming. We can live quite well and perhaps better without sexual release. There are real spiritual and personal benefits to denying ourselves. While I tend to have as strong sexual desires. As anyone else. I have lived for many years without a single release. We are told that the cause of much. Illness and Spirit of Prophecy were told that the cause of much. Illness is in the ordinance and wanton sexual release. Our sexuality is only a small part of us. Modern media seems to portray that it is the most important part of us tend to agree with that. Which by the way. In situations of release nocturnally. Which is that which is which is inadvertently. It's not it's not self abuse it's not sexual infidelity so. No guilt. There. But anyway he's sharing what he's talking about here is engaging in sexual practices. Secondly he says I have noticed many instances of symbols of death. Mixed with symbols of lust on some websites. Meaning the website sees of it. Visit and on vehicles in the form of bumper stickers and the like that never I never really thought about that symbols of death mixed with symbols of lust. Satan is behind this lack of respect for the sanctity of human life. He urges his followers to be to be followers of pleasure. Based on the same principle. To be carnally minded is death. To be spiritually minded. Is life. And peace. Christians have to choose to die daily or lose our connection with God. The commitment of Baptism is the commitment to die so that we may live with Christ. Living the life of faith is like is a lot like scuba diving. We live in an environment. This is a good analogy. We live in an environment that is contrary to spiritual life. This is the god of this world the principle. Of this world are so just just saturating our culture and everything around us and we're to breathe the atmosphere of heaven. In this world. It's kind of like scuba diving. He says he says. We reply. RIP rely on our scuba device Jesus Christ as the person underwater. And we must remain constantly connected to to receive the life giving air. Can consider the experience of. Marilyn Monroe. Whom Satan used and then destroyed. Though she was often plagued by depression. When she saw that she was to be on camera. She brightened up under the power of the enemy and became seductive and supernaturally attractive. So you know this last thing is to say to Nick agenda. So this is another reason to say no to the sex crazed media and all its forms. We must feed the lamb. Star The wolf in us. Meaning the renewed nature and not the carnal mind. It is vital for us to where the whole armor of God good one. Thank you for that Todd. Steve. I have struggled struggled to overcome the print for some time and one point. I thought it was finally gone. Yet after not even two years the compulsion was back. Drawing me into the pornographic trap. By the way. I've I've heard. Sexual addiction counselor recovery counselors in. You know in the in the clinical world. Say that in their experience. They had they like to see a two to five window. Period of time. Completely pornography and masterbation free. In order to be able to start to you know breathe some sighs of relief that their that their client has is you know. Heading into a period of freedom. Like the but basically what he's saying is there's a lot of relapses in the first year or two specially the first year. So just be aware of that you don't let your guard down. OK. So he says I love movies. She say I loved movies. Of movies. Action or side fire some of my favorite genre. About two years ago I was convicted mainly from what I learned from media on the brain that I should stop with the movies entirely. My wife and I agreed when we got married that we should not. A T.V. in our house. But we would still occasionally go out to see a movie. But then we watched your seminar became convicted to stop even that for quite a while I was not obliged to view nudity. Then one day I saw this movie that I thought I had to see. And I watched it. Not even twenty four hours later I was overcome with this insatiable compulsion. It was then that I realize that I was not watching move when I was not watching movies. I no longer had the urge desire a compulsion that drew me to porn in the past. It was very easy to resist the devil and he did flee see when you become completely surrendered to God. When you say. I submit myself therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will what. Fleet James four seven eight. We can resist the devil and expect him to flee. If we're not in submission to God because he's got power in our lives he's got a foothold in our lives and we invite it we permit it. That's suicidal spiritually. If we finally surrender. Everything and submit to God then we can resist the devil he will flee from USCIS says this way he says it became Z.Z.. It became easy. And not for not everybody would it become easy one guy wrote me and he said I just prayed and it totally went away. Well. I've never heard that one before. I have a friend who was an alcoholic raging alcoholic. And he would just as it is drink him self into a stupor constantly. He took he took his last drink. He said I'm never doing this again. He prayed to God. He was converted. And he never wanted to drink again. So. Sometimes God completely removed something like that but for the most of us. This battle is going to be. The character forming experience. That gets us ready for the soon coming of Jesus. So don't view this as a why doesn't it is that your way for me is not fair. And how it's kind of like he's saying. I trust you through this. To rely on me. I trust that our relationship is going to work this out and to completion. So maybe take that as a as a compliment of what in of what Christ in you can do. If he doesn't take it away from you. Continuing on with Steve's testimony. He says. It was very easy to resist the devil and he did flee then just last week. I started being tempted by thoughts again. I had no problem resisting. But then. The idea of a movie came into mind. I had no idea of what I should watch but I thought there was bound to be something that I liked out there since I hadn't watched everything anything in such a long time. I had no intention of going to progress you have to the movie so I thought there was no harm in a movie or two. But shortly after the second movie there was no way I could resist the urge to look at pornography. I watch one more movie and then woke up to the realization that when ever I watch movies that devil has permission to enter my life. And I'm powerless to resist his temptations. So pray for. Steve and right now by the way. If you're in a situation where you've just failed. Yesterday. You just failed. With the loss of your eyes today. On the Sabbath. Don't let the accuser. Slam you and keep you down. Because God looks upon you like the prodigal sons father. Remember what the prodigal son did. He said to his father. I'm pretty much wish I wish you were dead I want the inheritance that you would give me when you're when you're dead and I'm going to ditch the family. This is one of the most offensive horrific things you could do in that culture. There are a number of instances where this recorded in these culture was where this has happened. Just like two or three times only in recorded history. One of the dads just killed over and died as soon as a sunset that because it is so unbelievable. Over the top that you would say that your father in that culture. Well. His son went off and spent all of his father's inheritance on prostitutes and and wasted money and parties. He ended up hanging out with the pigs. Totally disgusting and deprived in the unclean. Atmosphere of pig feces. And then he goes home to his father he has the actual gusto to go home to his father. And any normal human father. Probably would have some words of her. You know we're going to have to have a talk first. This is God is not a normal human father. He sees him a long way off. Has the son even repented yet. No this is God's attitude to you. Even before you repent. Is that he is running to you with open arms. OK. When you spend a twenty four hour period of time and misery. And indeed did dig degradation and depression because I'm such a failure why did I mess up. That's the enemy keeping you down God wants to lift you out right now. Out of that my RE pit. Out of that. Miree. Clay and say I'm going to put a new song in your heart. A song of praise to your god. Many will see in fear it says in the Psalms. And if we have that respect and love for God Then the angel the Lord willing camp around those that fear and love him. And we will be taken out of that of this. Because he says to you God is love. And he never gets tired of saying I forgive you. You realize that he never gets tired of that he never gets tired of being patient. Because that's what he's like. So he can't do otherwise. Mike says. The battle with lust is a battle over. Appetite. We often overlook the small ways in which God gives us the opportunity to experience victory in this conflict that we all face. It is ineffective. For us to focus. Soley on lust and ask God why He does not take this storm from our flesh. But if we continue to fail in the smaller battles over appetite. Smaller in quotes. We should not be surprised when we fail in larger ways. Our victory over lust. Begins at the dinner table. As Ellen G. White once said. The use of flesh meat. Animal lies is the nature and. If used it. It is because a depraved appetite craves it. Its use excites the animal propensities to increased activity and strengthens the animal passions. When the animal propensities or increase the intellectual and moral powers are decreased the use of flesh of flood the flesh of animals tends to cause a gross this of body and be numbs the fine sensibilities of the mind. And by the way it's not just meat and dairy in animal products that cause an increase of the animal propensities. It's any unhealthy living clouds the mind and degrees decreases the brain's ability and capacity to make sound firm decisions in a quick period of time with a prefrontal cortex that's firing on all cylinders. So absolutely living. An ultra healthy manner. Is crucial in this battle. Tyler says. I'm the oldest son I have a sister. Younger brother and thirty years old now. My father was absence most of the time of my childhood. He betrayed my mother. And he had a child outside a marriage when I was about five years old my mother forgave him and let him return to our home but he never lived up to the many second chances that were given to him. He finally left the family. In the year two thousand. I came in contact with pornography in the age of fifteen. Despite all of my efforts to completely get rid of this problem over the years I have never really found victory over the sin I had never really found victory over the sin. But a few months ago I started by taking some measures. I reached out some and to some important people in my life. And I install. Covenant. Eyes. Write that one down. Covenant is or memorize a software that tracks my every move on line and sends reports to two accountability partners. That's the kind of thing I'm saying you've got to go all out. You've got to take steps like this. I have also put aside my smartphone. And now I use a more modest one the one that can only make phone calls and send text messages. You've never heard media on the brain seminar where I talk about how we're in love with our i Phones. Neurologically the love circuits are firing off and we're thinking about our i Phones. So he had to have a divorce from his phone. His beloved phone. You might say oh you know I could never knew that folks. Jesus said. And in this is hyperbole of course don't take this literally but if your right eye causes you to sin gouge it out. Your right hand cause you to sin cut it off. It's better to end your life. Maimed. Then to go into hell with your full body intact. It's better to lead her into heaven not having had a smartphone I mean come on. This is so little eternal life forms are going about here. He says I'm and I am really trying to have a devotional life starting my days with Jesus. This is I believe the source of power to overcome this sin and every sin. Amen. I have fallen a couple times since but looking back I love this attitude. He didn't fall and then enter right back into the spiral in the in the cycle of addictive. Isolation and dark depression he says. I have fallen as a couple times. But looking back I am also grateful. I had been worse off before and I see I've won many battles through God's strength you see the hope in that you see that yes we're making progress this is the voice of God encouraging he's in your corner. If I have to sum it up. I would say that Jesus is the only answer to this problem. Amen. I must also do my part. Being on constant high alert. Separating time to be with God and prayer is so important to Matthew writes I'm twenty seven years old when I was thirteen. Oh by the way. Tyler with this. Abuse and Neglect situation from childhood and dad ditched the family and all this. If you're in a situation like that it's even more important for you than others. To get into good deep relationships friendships. Whether family or brother in Christ in the church. Because you need that intimacy cup filled if you will need to have that cumin connection human to human that you didn't have as a child. And most importantly receive that from your Heavenly Father. Ultra important because it was starved of intimacy. Than the fake phony counterfeit intimacy of a sexually alluring image. Draws us more because we don't have as much of the real thing. Kind of like our Twinkie analogy from the other day. Matthew. I'm twenty seven years old when I was thirteen my friend came over to my house and introduced me to a to pronounce on the Internet. After that I was hooked. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't stop it was a plague in my life. I just couldn't ended no matter how I prayed. I remember being angry the Lord because I wanted out of my life. And I never got victory. Eventually two years ago I had enough. I finally surrendered to Jesus. Sincerely this time he was angry at the Lord for not giving him victory. But he hadn't surrendered fully yet. For the last year of my marriage. I was come. I have been completely. Porn free. But I was completely poor then my wife found another man. I was devastated and heartbroken I remember thinking that I could never keep away from porn now that this happened. So I surrendered to Jesus again. He quickly convicted me to go on a new diet. I stopped eating meat. I went on about a three week fast of just raw nuts. Through and vegetables and water to drink. Daniel Chapter one. Taught me that this diet. Could make men wiser and I needed all the help I could get after just a few days of this diet. I felt a kind of self control and self discipline. That was on paralleled in the past. Try it. The Lord is now the master of my appetite. Jesus loves us too much to leave us in the bondage of sin. It's not only possible to overcome lust. It's easy for the Lord. There truly is victory through surrender. Dylan says I asked my girlfriend to marry me. It was sorry that when I did not have the end of so I have not read in the. Josh The Lord blessed my life by leading me to a marriage divinely appointed as the a lady. My walk in the spirit had me free from all coffee. Alcohol tobacco. All medical prescription drugs legal drugs and due to family medical history and my personal health challenges prior to being drawn to God's remnant movement. My Lord led me to his vague in raw. Two meals a day. Daily and a lifestyle. Which is dispose of all movies. Of any rating. And all other media and books as well meaning books of the world media of the world. Of course we don't want to do away with health. Holy Books and which would allow the fallen ones to enter my home. He gets it he understands that when we invite worldly things into our home. We invite the demons that are involved with those things into our home as well. Now as a pride for man who had been raised them as wealth and a father and mother who blessed me financially in their last will and testimony. My privilege was to travel and get out as day literature in numerous counties. Countries. It was my life. My wife who pointed out that my eyes were looking at women. When these eyes which ought to be only for her. And so the work of the Lord in the holy. PIERROT started another step to Christ and His righteousness this journey by faith. So he had everything together with regard to the coffee and the good diet and everything. But his eyes were the one thing he didn't have control of his wife pointed it out being especially now so this isn't a progress. Self-abuse overcoming testimony but maybe you many of you in here is just a matter of that second look that millisecond that. You know a couple that the fraction of a second. Where you enjoy in that image with that second look the Lord sees it. Even if you don't have a wife noticing. Being in especially trying in tempting situations as a part of my employment. I won't go into those but basically they galvanized my dependence upon him. And my decided goal in gauge the cooperation of the promise of Jesus in me. Not Christ in me has produced the fruit of Victory Day by day. How many people can say they have complete victory over the last of the eyes not even. Not even looking. When you see that image. Your eyes literally bounce off in your thoughts are on Christ. Your thoughts are on scripture memory. You're taking a deep breath. You are you are thinking of that woman's best eternal interest in praying that she would receive a glow tractor the next gas station she goes to or whatever I mean. Pray as the Lord leads you to pray. Holy thoughts that overwrite the sinful thoughts. Love his testimony says he has made this child a very grateful. Made this child very grateful to the freedom and relief of the stress and guilt which I as I walk in the spirit of his Living Word made flesh. Paul wrote a warning for parents. His dad let him watch movies. When he was a kid that had sex scenes in them. He says we have to be careful what we have expose or let our children be exposed to being the cool parents can ruin your child's life. This is not a victory story. He's saying Is life has been ruined by this. Neither my dad nor I knew that movie. Would open a door of sexual sins. From the moment I saw that movie. I soon became addicted to pornography sexually suggestive videos and almost ruined my marriage. Zach says. I thought looking at porn and masturbation was normal for boys. At the time. I didn't know was wrong and a sin in the side of God. I was introduced to it when I was almost sixteen I was going to school in the boys were joking around one of them looked at me and used the euphemism for masturbation started laughing. I was confused I didn't know what that meant so I laughed back and asked my friend what he meant. He explained. I began to experiment and it seemed all boys a new look at porn or sexual images. I thought it was normal. So I continued to look at them and continued in self abuse. I even thought it was something you were supposed to do. I also I always try to be an open book so I let my wife know before we got married. This is mean this is what I do. I even tried to bring it into our marriage. She didn't accept that and we argued over it a lot. She thought I was going to stop looking at it when I got it when we got married. I always told myself I could stop any time. I thought I was in control. I came to realize I was addicted in bondage. And when I was finally convicted and tried to stop by the way if you are. Maybe under that mindset of you know it's not that big a deal. Couple times a year you know. You know occasionally do this or that. Try this just for an experiment see about completely leaving it off and then see how hard that is and you'll realize how much of a true compulsion or addiction it can actually be. He goes on and says. My biggest problem. Let me back up actually says. It was like a force that made me feel like I had to do it. I know now. I was allowing myself to be under the control of Satan. I would go maybe a day without looking at anything and then I would feel a strong pull that I would never like I had never felt telling me to enjoy myself there's nothing wrong with it. I felt like a drug addict. Then I would feel so guilty after I indulged in my sexual since that's the most dark part of this scene just pushes people down in the depths of shame and depression. Rather than letting Jesus. Lift you out my biggest problem was the fact that I didn't let Jesus fight this battle for me. I was thinking I could do it in my own strength. He goes under one time I went months without any sexual sins. I can see sexual things on T.V. or that. It's not a good idea but I could see women dressed up naked in the store and. I do is look away and it didn't phase me I be in prayer and let Jesus take control. Then I ceased to do that so he sees that connection with Jesus. And he fell back into Satan's snare. And when we let our thoughts take over. They no longer become thoughts they turn into actions. As Jesus said in Matthew five. How I overcame is. Through fasting. Praying living. God's eight. Health laws have you heard this a few times. Like most of these testimonies involve health and diet. Your diet has a lot to do with lower passions. I did my job did and thirty with Job thirty one verse one I made a covenant with my eyes. I asked God to give me the strength to keep this covenant. Satan has definitely whispered to me about the so-called good times I had serving him. But through continual prayer and energetic and vigilant service of Christ. I have overcome sexual sins. The experience of others has also helped I hope their experiences are helping you to and giving you hope Did you hear what he said he just said it was through continual prayer. Through continually serving Christ. So when you have a higher mission. A higher calling a greater aim. A greater desire that just consumes your life. Then it can really replace these things. Luke. Writes my diction started when I was nine years old when a friend introduced me to secret vice and other euphemism for. Masturbation in the spirit of prophecy. From there I experienced a lot of confusion and frustration regarding my sexuality and identity. My thoughts would go from a doctor in homosexuality to bisexuality and even thinking about things I shouldn't mention which thank the Lord I never acted upon. He explains that he continued to engage. This is me me writing I had a parent that it will stay because it was long. It explains that he continued to engage in self abuse while in a sexual relationship with his girlfriend who later became his wife. And is now sadly divorced but today. God sends His Spirit. To first of all convict of sin and righteousness and judgment to come and then to comfort me. And reflect upon what triggered me to fall. This is important. I should have talked more about this yesterday. What were the circumstances that precipitated the failure. Identified. What was going on your day. What was going on emotionally what was was there stress was there. The short night of sleep was there a disconnection from Jesus Christ that's always present when we fail in sin. And so ask yourself what sort of situations are increasing the likelihood for me to enter into temptation. Maybe it's that smartphone again or whatever it is or just things. You name it triggers you have to identify your own triggers. So that you can remove them from your life. Completely to the extent possible. It also says this. With that knowledge he encourages me to encourages me to set up a plan. So when I am aware of what my triggers are I can set up a plan and a strategy. And he promises me that he will grant me grace and power to resist the temptation and overcome. He also says you don't graduate from this issue. Keep fighting it. He says Be serious and honest when you pray don't pray vaguely go directly to the Lord and say this is what I've done. I know you know what I've done just like read some fifty one. Pray. Psalm. Fifty one that's my thought. He also says. You've got to do more than praying. Identify the triggers develop a plan to stay pure. And I cannot open for over emphasize the importance of accountability. Have two to three male confidants who will hold you accountable. And again you don't go to them. Open up all the deep dark secrets but you say hey guys I want to have greater victory over lost in my life. Don't you. Hey can we start a thing where you know we're just kind of asking each other questions were saying how about this one. Your friends ask you direct questions he's suggesting that your friends just confront you on a did you did you slip up and fail this week. I don't know about that you take that to the Lord. How many times did you watch porn this week. Hopefully the answer is zero. But also a friend who will ask you encouraging questions like How was your devotional life. The so how would your devotions this morning. Tell me something to. Because if you're not all well. I wasn't in the word this week now you've got to admit to your spiritual mentor and friend. That and so that might be a little bit of a motivation for you to make sure that you guys can be walking together. Here's a model for you he says stay pure or die. I used to think this was over the top but now I know it's true. Last one Henry says I am a happily married. Grandfather and have been a serious as the a Christian for over sixty years. But after a few years. A few years ago so this is something effects you don't graduate from this issue right. He says I realize that I could hardly stop myself from clicking on ads with scantily clad females no matter what they were selling obviously my character was not where it should be especially with where I see as a going in history right now. So I entered on a campaign of praying for the Lord to create in me a clean heart. I continually asked him to help me see women not as sex object. But as the way he had to have seen them when he was here. How did Jesus look at the women in his like Mary Magdalene and the others as true. Coley citizens of the kingdom. Sons and daughters daughters of God. Sisters in Christ is the reason we use that word sister. Yes. You her like your sister. Paul says. I praise God that he has answered these prayers and now I can walk through the line at Wal-Mart. And not look at the magazine covers to see how much skin is visible. Now I want to close with faith and works. Couple of paragraphs and we're done. It's closes the whole segments. Section of segments on. Lust. Most important part of all of safer right now as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness. Even so was the son of man lifted up. That whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have eternal life. If you are conscious of your sins. Do not devote all your powers to mourning over them. But look and live. Jesus is your only savior. And although millions who who need to be healed will reject his offer of mercy. Not one who trusts in his merits. Will be left to perish. How many people are in this room. Couple hundred. Not one who trusts in his merits. Will be left to perish. Amen. Thank you Lord. While we realize our helpless condition without Christ. We must not be discouraged. We must rely upon a crucified and risen Savior. Poor sin sick discouraged soul. Look and live. Jesus has pledged his word. He will save all who come on to him. Come on to Jesus and receive rest in peace. You may have the blessing. Even now saying suggests that you are helpless and cannot bless yourself. It is true. You are helpless. But lift up Jesus before Satan. I have a risen Savior tell him I'm in Him I trust. And he will never allow me to be confounded in his name my triumph. He is my righteousness. And my crown of rejoicing. Let no one here. Feel that his case is hopeless for it is not. You may see that you are sinful and undone. But it is just on account of this that you need a savior. If you have sins. To confess. Lose no time. These moments are golden. If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. Will be filled. For Jesus has promised it. Precious Saviour. His arms are open to receive us. And his great heart of what is waiting to bless us. Some feel that they need to be. On probation and must prove to the Lord that they are reformed. Before they can claim is blessing. But these their souls may claim the blessing even now. They must have his grace. The Spirit of Christ. To help their in for many or they cannot form a Christian character. Jesus loves to have us come on to him just as we are sinful. Helpless dependence. He sees himself the sinner sees himself as incomplete. His own repentance is insufficient. His strongest faith is feebleness. His most costly sacrifice is meager. And he sinks in humility at the foot of the cross. But a voice speaks to him from the oracles of God's Word in amazement he hears the message. Hear this message. You are complete in him. Now all is at rest in his soul. Neil with me in prayer Father in heaven. We thank you for Jesus. How hopeless we would be without him without his infinite sacrifice his victory over sin at every step. We thank you that that victory can be ours and we thank you that he accepts us. In all of the muck and mire and dirt and past. Thank you that each one of us right now with full surrender and submission in our hearts can look to you and say We trust in your merits. We know that we are complete in you. Father I ask for any hardened heart who is not prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice is needed. That they know and are convicted need to be meted need to be made whether that be dietary media related. Accountability related. Whatever you're asking a soul to do in here right now I pray that you would just burst through the gates of hell. And that she would break through a hardened heart and reach every soul. With your message of grace. For we know that. Only when we are in complete surrender and submission. Offering every idol. On the altar. Will Satan truly be able to flee from us. Other I know there are many souls in this room who are discouraged as well. May they hear those precious words. Are complete in him. With all eyes closed I want to offer an opportunity. For any man in this room. Who wants greater victory and control the fruit of the spirit of self control over his eyes. To Raise your hand before God in the angels and they will count you. They will count all of these hands praise the Lord. You may put your hands down. Father for those struggling in the depths of darkness and isolation. Who need that encouraging. Open armed. Acceptance of their savior. Raise your hand before God and Father I pray that you would just love. These children that that you would say to them right now you are my beloved son and whom I am well pleased for that is the message that you gave to your son as he walked this earth. And it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me. Give us the mind of Christ we pray. Give us victory we pray. There is an individual in here who's wanting to make a firm decision right now about surrendering sacrificing something in their life that has prevented them from gain victory. Some device. Some dietary preference some media. Whatever it is that is making provision for the flesh. Maybe a relationship. Father this moment of surrender. I pray that you would impress upon that soul right now to lift his hand before you to surrender that thing that's hanging onto. Lord I thank you for the decisions that have been made for those of us who have been freed. For years. I pray that you would give them an opportunity to speak Karajan hope into the lives of those who are struggling now. And Lord give us. Each one of us. Greater control over our appetites I know there's not a soul in here. That can claim. Perfection. And we all though. Can claim the perfection of the righteousness of Jesus Christ on our behalf. Please give us the. The completely new and completely renewed mind. It was the period that he says this message was recorded at the Jew I see two thousand and fifteen conference called shows and they form in Louisville Kentucky. Q I see the supporting Ministry of a Seventh Day Adventist Church. Seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and soul winning Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web.


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