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Passion and Purity

Keala Thompson


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries


  • September 27, 2008
    11:00 AM
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you turn me Toby asked to chapter seventeen your Bibles who Matthew and the New Testament was Matthew Mark Luke chapter seventeen verse twenty eight to thirty new chapters seventeen verse twenty two thirty of the opening tech the seventeenth seventeen twenty two thirty this morning but tempting anal series of events studying as a series entitled loving you as our love to relationships by the way now we all have an idea how to have a relationship of boyfriend and girlfriend to be a husband and wife fiancé while no one ideas but this one it will take a look at what God 's way is not in my experience I've done in my way and I've learned that I made a lot of mistakes in my life and relationships and it wasn't until I discover the beauty of God 's way the things finally started going good in my relationship praise God for his word to have a direction for every aspect of our life amen that is one of any study done on the label what I have to say Alice Saito don't believe a word that is able to leave what the Bible has to say this morning I will God says and checked for you so don't believe what have to seem with the word of God says this morning the series the seventy five this morning from the series is entitled passion and purity the women studying going to a series of cyber relations the foundation you built a house you need why do you later concrete then you put up the walls and the knowing if not you cannot trust up bearing in roofing every PC also the formation of cellular markets in the foundation president of the South foundation client we looking at this sexuality first because that is the foundation of any relationship you know one each other of cheating on each other this doesn't work that way so the foundation 's sexuality we look at sexuality for men and for women they look at players in a game of the love game and I would looking at passion and purity and this is directly especially for young people this morning in the heart for young people teenagers preteen necessity and we can honestly and a little bit of unilateralism this even applied to a single analyzing apply this even in a marriage is especially focus upon young people this morning in order to have a healthy and happy love life one must first understand sexual treating the problem today is that no one is teaching anything about it anymore parents today who are primarily responsible on not for one reason or another I'm not touching the subject at all our schools even our Christian schools there is not transferring the moral values to our children anymore I checked yes in all classes in the morning and studying the work of two classes or even implement it has remained strangely very very very silent about this topic my question is this if all parents all teachers crucial to increasing out without any Christian churches here by our parents all teachers I is unlocked and calling young people about sexual purity in my questionnaires who with one learning it from this morning I'll tell you within learning from that learning all about morality and sense of clarity and integrity on their peers and their friends about you and a lot of in your life on the other mom and dad fifty nine talking about clearly for the weather got explained the principle not explaining but the reason why we believe the same week the reason why we do the things we do and tell you all about it I've done it to your children the weather so this morning as we study the icon of the last principles of sex appeared in today's world I can truly say last visible effects of critical to whether God may be open to the conviction of the Holy Spirit this morning is for a father we do how many asked for your spirit and that you may need us as we study or work in what you want to teach us this morning is prayer in Jesus name amen what was prophesied in the last phase in the Chapter seventeen verse twenty eight to thirty night before Jesus comes however the last days before Jesus can't be just like the Chapter seventeen verse twenty two thirty the Bible says likewise also as it was in a daze often lock they eat they drank a Baptist so they planted loaded with the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone for more heaven from heaven and destroyed them all this is a one hundred is a modifiable more worried with the story what they're doing back then it's just like verse thirty even him shall we say when the Son of Man is revealed on the cimetidine is is a good enough all the glory with youth comes again saw just how then in a daily condo market will be shared in the year two thousand eight any notices of America for the Hawaii the Bible says so the question is how was it then so we can go that was prophesied it would be like today while this go back and see how it was not intended Genesis at the nineteenth missing the bottom of the Bible be its own dictionary to explain itself Genesis at the nineteenth mess foreign fighters look at things that happen in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah now silent why reaches pinnacle wickedness so God sent his messengers to get as much out of the city because we destroyed by fire and brimstone to be destroyed so Genesis at the nineteenth of three things in the shop that want to point out to describe how it was in the below solid ally lot so we can apply what was it would be like today in Hawaii two thousand and eight I was informed by the three things that happen to describe the figures on and want to England I went there to to warn the city but doesn't have to do with the last house in about that but before you go to sleep the men of the city even the men of Sodom the house around having young of all the people from any quarter and examined locked set up to him now that men which came into you and this night bring them out of doing that we may know that we may sleep with them so in this one of the city when the sleeper these two men would guess in some and no more not realizing that these two men were not men but actually what Angels and not without him unto them and shut the door after him the first thing is that the first thing that happened was that each windows into the city in America Syria must awaken sexual immorality surrounding the city and the wine to sleep with the Angels as member angels of God sent to committee my message before the wickedness of Unicom nonexempt breasts seven and said I pray about it a lot think I will do so with the legal do this thing don't do it at all before now I have is the second thing to happen in the short period of time being I have two daughters which have not lamented one of virgins than me I pray you bring them out unto you and doing are you doing to them I do it to them is good in your eyes was you please only enter these men do nothing for therefore came in the shot him I also in protecting the two Angels is a delay in getting mangled individuals but as I paid my two daughters love dragons and do whatever pleases you do unto them secondly sexual immorality was Clay something Omar Loxley seconding the wickedest city whether the Denver thirty two and thirty six the same chapter and in the define escape a city lot and his two daughters with Yuba City thirty two to thirty six Cognos Minkoff drink wine industry the two daughters talking to each other about the father escaped in a mountain done them and we will live in the government must get him drunk and asleep at home father that we may preserve seed of a product they made their father drink wine that night and a firstborn went in and lay with her father and he perceived not when she lay down Lois -year-olds and he came to pass in the more than the first one said to be younger behold I and when my father this weekend John pink wine this might also again think that allowing an ally with him in the present state of our father and they made their father drink wine that night also on the younger arose early with him and he perceived not when she laid on the with you goals the hospital bed the daughters of Lot with child by the airline fun to see the thinking that happen in the days of Solomon was that the two Donna Scott billing father John and slept with him he had children from the father what is the common thread Tucson Mangalore to be the lot the prevailing sentiment is a lot guys sexual immorality of the prevailing since and the Bible predicted that the Pavilion cinema last days before Jesus comes again will be sexual immorality unlike ever before is not to today are we not living in a sexually charged atmosphere society that sex cell within the media in the movies today with Hollywood is in that suit today you see all around it within the last thing usually been twenty years I would not become up a sexually tried because the because the big business now that they know that sex sells and sex makes money noted as magazine articles what the half naked woman have to do it a nice car right what happened naked women had to do with this attend table or whatever it is and nothing to do this know that it shots attention and sex that I felt today the Bible is to related were we had become so he knew to sexual immorality such it might our generation that what we see in favor today it doesn't really save a lot of hot this morning according to Doctor Tim Clinton of American Association of Christian counselors is a sixty seven percent of women today communities one on one premarital and marital affairs in their lifetime at least one today honey Louisiana's are now having to provide no more activities and entertainment for newlyweds who says he didn't link to the Mary Burnett a time to get to the special honeymoon suite is not that I and you want to try the connectivity because they done it all before the governor to God 's people talking about this anyone are done talking I discussed people we should have higher morality and higher standards in men we shouldn't be we should be walking out the right niche actions result in a word we should be professing to be good for just like anyone else we should has to be living what we believe and what we talk this morning thinking you to sexual immorality to the Congress the suction of the people that assessment documenting chart for you wasn't he working in the right life to be sexually immoral that his protecting hand would be ceased to be over this church is an example this morning telling me to number seven twenty four percent in the Old Testament exposed Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers Numbers chapter twenty four percent King bailout with the king of Moab and what he did was he asked for the Prophet begging him to come and he hated Israel got divided on behavior they don't want to destroy Israel but is it was great at that time God him into a car says I'm not taken this diet is associated with a call to propaganda the top of the mountain and we went over this before but the car scheduled sleep out the profit and top to cause occasional three times in one happen three times those that can benefit the ambulance being that anger was handed again subtopic below his neck business again in an attempt to bailout I called you across mine enemies and behold you have altogether left them these only times three times so you hottest topic trust Charlie Crist is about the three tiny child across Israel he blessed Israel instead three times instead no what happened next numbers twenty five verse one to three five is twenty three the next chapter and usual opponents shut down and the people began to commit to start only the daughters of Moab so what happened was that you realize that if the people of faith on the matter what car city throwing God 's people it will backfire you know you try and use on which doctors of the magic of Google denies the past that was a crisis if you think what a godly visual and on the Internet was going on there continue on the business when accounting pastels of unusual weather will start dumping time to cast my natal chart around and became blessings liaisons that the media faithful to God God will protect you no matter what you will may be sent to an e-mail if your feet vertigo since realizing that this class is the spells are not working working within it was he then had a set I like the idea is certain in being of the women on this kind people Moab to go in and to seduce the men of Israel and it's a big piece a big party and then have them committed to his women each year in the lives in a saltwater that commit adultery these women and then got into one of these women idols items the more and he succeeded in the communication on the positivist one and call the people to the sacrifices of the gods and the people did eat and I'll bound to the bonds and is enjoying an something to the LPR in the anger of the Lord was kindled against Israel his plan worked the Bible says it is a committed fornication and women of more than the usual stays awake as the Kings got the thing he had was totally familiar that twenty four thousand is a lifetime by a playing that way throughout the camp with statement was not able to accomplish with the strongest of crosses against the people he was able to accomplish through sexual immorality within the church was destroyed the church has been seeing a wise wise Fijian husband wife and she and development of the GNU boyfriends fiancés cheating other people will think it was not a rock concert gave an accomplice through sexual immorality today he can't does is go the same way he knows that he can do this he would destroy God 's church what happened next will happen next usual was brought to repent that they realized it done about twenty four thousand of the best the best the finance were destroyed by outplaying what happened next in the will this take on a heaven of people and hang them up on a lot of against the sun 's angle gallantly returned from Israel nevertheless six dollars and happened to be one of the children came in a vision came and brought unto his brethren the men and women in this fight I knows this and in the side of all the congregation of the children of Israel who was waving the floor with the pecan nut knuckle of the congregation of the words they realize there was sending a sense of morality their cheating on each other and for Iran Madonna 's wives and husbands I realize what they're doing is looking and was then discharged found to repentance in this enlargement came as a new weeping and crying and asking for repentance and fun of the infinite God one person was arrogant and glass to the Mennonite woman and a fun of the leaders in a fun of the whole congregation to attend I slept with a woman in front of the whole congregation boldness and vastness what happened next when finished has seven the son any hazardous sum and besides he will supplement the conversation took a job in this had anyone after the Matabeleland to the tenth and thrust them through the nanometers on the women's doing badly so the plague was stayed on the children of vision but missed the point it wasn't often it has the spear and thrust them through the plate and today reason until the leaders those inside the spiritual leaders address and teach about sexual morality that the spiritual death that is plaguing all churches will be stop anyone's will talk about the something on viewing the issue but God wants us to follow his word to be happy the dangers of sexual immorality trip to Frisco and then chapter six in the New Testament frustrated chapters six to sixteen to twenty tonight after I than romance the first written chapter six and then sixteen to twenty wireless sexual sins sold dangerous or serious in either dominant or the reason why no this with about the same for six and twenty the Bible says what know you know that that he which is joined to a prostitute is one body for the policies put it to show beneath one but he is Jonathan Lord is one spirit Ceballos is gone as ideal is to have sex only within the marriage relationship within married sex is a beautiful tall building and creative outside of marriage is only disjunctive and dining you see when you have sex the son of Allah says you become one flesh with that person according to the Bible as a SXSW was not your spouse not only endangering us all not only understand but you also become joined with someone was trying the decision also according to the Bible and of the balances and breast-feeding free sexual immorality anything that a man does is without the body you know he's feeling you live without the body but he that cometh on occasion says against his or her own body what you know you not that your body mind your body is a temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you would you have of God and ye are not your own for you him your body and your spirit which are God 's the bottle says that our body is a jointly on a temple of the Holy Spirit to dwell in my body outline is with Scripture and the word causes our body is not only Scriptures we realize our bodies and not ours but is bought from Christ on the cross of Calvary which is expensive keep watching from the service of Satan I know my body and your new body soul we can do whatever we want to do with our bodies it is God 's body and not always amen whether because of this any fornication Turkey seizes up the five or three Galatians Ephesians chapter five verse three one three counsel concerning fornication the Bible says but fornication sexual immorality and all genius or covetousness let it not be once named among you as the comment things the word of God says that fornication or sex of Iraqis not be once named upon God 's people not a community not there in the world but not within the church because you claim to believe higher standards and morals the men and women who raise the needed federal sex outside of marriage may think that they are experiencing freedom but the opposite is true the tentacles of sin is reaching up and binding them and letting them towards death there is no excuses for this abuse of God God doesn't overlook Austin because it is not as bad as someone also said we can always find someone else while not a couple more disobedient than we are but that doesn't change the reality of following disobedience why the sad thing when we see on TV in the news where so-called Christians are being arrested for sexual immorality acts on other people and it doesn't give Chris Johnson and I mainly see the news this afternoon this person did that play Ben's business and religious leaders this sex on him are more apt that was illegal even with the government at the other rest and put them in jail he gives the hot discussion of immigration on God abandoning this morning God is not excuses sin because of who we are or how good we been in the past it doesn't matter if you are using arriving you decide to have one night of sin away from the wife the husband that one of sin is still wrong and although God loves you no matter what you do God still hates the half of sexual immorality I'll be here people knowing God wants us to be sexually pure and simplicity of dauntless is the weight unto women married in a biblical relationship circle of a relationship before we have sex without I've been all-white on that wedding night no often hear people say that the fear they have of not having it did not have physical relationships before marriage is because they don't want to have because they want to be clumsy and inexperienced on their wedding night I had a lot actually objectivity young people but beloved I think it's a disgrace is not that we were on the experience lovers when we get married without the men and women are sexual integrity and parity before God amen the net has turned sex into a sport to be scoring him away in Tennessee Alaska into the house is replaced with an obsession in the performance and what I found replacement wheelchair the viewing apartment and had authentic experience it when at the same time usually about each other you never happy if I was fighting I think we are complaining and you never will enjoy it as long as you have often experienced in the day and in humility it doesn't make sense offender to have with something done with performers to make up for what they truly laughing with you how to create joyful peaceful so that we all want below this one amen we want to have a happy peaceful laughing joyful we kindness and patience and gentleness also we wanted no holds what are the effects of sexual sin and to progress up the five for three to eleven people songs progress up to five versus three to eleven what it effects of sexual sin Proverbs chapter five verse three eleven the Bible says what the strange woman on woman who is a clear next suit get sheet and other women's husbands and so forth honestly but a lot of enthusiasm a strange woman Johnson's honeycomb and a modest one of the wireless sweet words and is good as one would sharpen the two Ensor I feel bound to death Christmas one hell that spouses ponder the path of life and do what thou that thou can run more than hearing on the children are not in the words of my mouth we morning away from her not by the diehard Opera house that I did honor to others in years into the crew listings we go to do well in your labors in the house of the stranger you don't get caught up with the woman with the man whose response he was married and wants to speak with you and I really can't than one hundred smoot is highly in excellent 's oil any a car pass on the way to hell and you live a miserable life in your years on the money is spent trying to guess that goes to someone else and their home and their marriage and so far goes on is the Bible exaggerating isn't worth it to go beyond the boundaries of the Bible committee on quality fornication is a working growing ethics of fornication before your marriage isn't worth it is my question this morning just ask Michelle for twenty two years to see you have agility for future husband she is working on the actress and as a model when she met an attractive man who determine to steal her virginity she coined with him keylogger attention and affection then one day on the top apartment college she gave into his advances only ones I was planning pleasure now he's gone and she's a single mom struggling to care for a fatherless two -year-old child wasn't worth just that the missionary Asia that I just recently I just read about he was a virgin in his early thirties than two months away from getting married just two months one ninety I have seen in this high wasabi dressing temptation and Venezuela may like to say that a lot of prostitutes were in a prostitute is only one just fifteen minutes and bin zero on the island of indulgence in years of work for the buddy left infected with AIDS two months later he unwittingly infected is why we went and sat patiently waited for him he now warns in anguish for what he did as punishment for disease now consumes that the body was it worth it to stop the colonists women who may be getting an even illegitimate children uneasy about us I was seemingly grabbed a writer named Deborah Melanie knows too many women who once required a sexual liberation as good clean fun is fun but will now read meeting the results she describes women who are now married with children who cannot have the husband symbol holds in certain ways because it reminded him brought back memories of their life back in college and in high school of sexual immorality wasn't worth it just ask that women who were infected by not due to damage the sexy transmitted diseases vitamin learned classical because his condition due to too many sexual partners we asked women like these if it was worth it while he talked of the married couples who sin before I knows and who has spent years recovering from the bitterness and distrust is so within the relationship and if all this isn't enough to make a often a sexual immorality while wanting you look into the eyes of Jesus Christ this morning do you know anyone who does the depth of the house unmercifully against sexual sin we don't sin upon him and died on the cross how are you using current facility and by his father while you send it soon was working this morning about what else what are we to do twenty publish up the floor verse twenty three promise up the floor was twenty three above all else what are we to do the Bible says keep your slides going to hearts with all diligence for I is on the issues outlined will be to do particular going to hearts but if on those flares no one up leaving used to a new study out hanging out to dry ability with you view it hurts you any relationship that is the most intimate relationship that she can have that when he can come in they can take your heart and that can hurt you mentioned along a path and it can take you and they can really hurt you this morning as most Christians don't be gullible heart-to-heart Kandahar TV affections let anyone take it and stuff upon them keep in London the palaces but to give up on the high is the issue is a likely month in other words on your site is a life of the more people take up a lot of your heart been more a part of your life is taken away your life you happiness peace and joy now giving abundantly to have a hungry you been hurt by bad relationship with the divine in the past the bouncers keep your protected you can listen anyone protected format we believe in the word of God says that one person you want to allow Cleveland married in the future vasopressin nine Dynasty because all of the world win one thousand eighty and the worst he can do is be in a relationship where he was a very hard on your emotions or feelings the character yet Fox and excuse everything your life on a new printer you wasted away to Bible says he see whenever you have sex with someone you are giving up part of your heart to the person you become intimate with him is not as an act is an emotion is a spiritual act that we need to have success on the policy you become one and always you shall you live in the present position as the hybrid you know you getting a part of your life away to that person for affected arteries of the people you are just talking this person you talked to the next person in particular person in the implement you like the way I like the way the time you finally find them not all women get dreams that you want to marry you give is silently a hauntingly again nothing to did have left against the one you'd surely find a better way I receive any Christian book about a woman who is starring in many pornographic movies porn star surprisingly this one in hi5 relating in a contract that she would never have the chance than the actors with whom she had sex before they can as a contact said I have said before without his men I will give the buyer to every form of set supervising care about what are everything and I want to the mail after a foolish you see the women as fantasies to give the body to the many men than one thing my seatbelt is not as was the one who saves you said for her boyfriend because she wanted something to him that she needed to audit readiness to get a hard Internet Africa life of ours is sourcing keep and what I thought you were thinking about things he went to the concert I don't want to give any of his male porn star by FEMA you see when we get married we want to be and to get to a spouse will be having given to anyone else that what happens when you Monday night you want to get completely a result the likely husband but he already slept with many different people walking again to her that she had been given to anyone else talking improved her that you really love her and I have not been caressed by other people 's hands already like his puzzle you give your body a heart when you are likely to so many people usually have to come up with something folders in order to make up what you can again in a lot of young people think of it the question Christians present the migration of people to say how far can I all is okay how far can I go is the question but the real question is not how far can I go on giveaway but how much of my life but I wasn't then I see and save for the ones who benefited for in the future my future husband my future what is the best question what I'm saying this for you in the mouth of my born-again minority to anyone I think this floor and give misleading because you are special and mouth immediately anyone and everyone special will you give me the Jimmy given anyone else working again but you haven't given anyone many Christian young people together not only asking this question for the office already significantly but also saving many other things that even Christian young people was things like the plus side they want to see Narnia sexuality but you also want to say that first kiss for the wedding this morning this makes a covenant before God for the remaining men and women of sexual integrity and purity Pentecost newspapering in a pink paper I would make the company challenges on the bottom of the page author this anytime and how many charges based upon God 's promises to us in other words you cannot keep these promises is impossible for you to keep but God keep them through you amen picking up how I can to keep no man is able to do this without thought content to surrender your life to Jesus every day of your life commented to save your virginity for your future husband will like young people have already lost his virginity of you have already cited has sex in your relationship company to redeem the time and when I saw you get married for covenant to E go to heart keep your heart in order to save it for your future I've been alive or any are present husband went on to opine with any other man or woman or cheating on your spouse by covenant to save as much of your heart and body for your future husband why know what the Bush and Obama encourages my doctor Harrison Attleboro boy meets girl thoughts about sexual purity also under meta- story of a boy who wanted to have Christmas every single day of his life on the young people and this is anything you want to have every single death is life and so when you wish was granted Chris is maximized parents every day of his life it was given to him and follow it was paradise that is born everyone he came also they run any luggage was talking also about another Christmas reenactors eliminate in the time the Christmas present plan to open he got excitedly went apart and look at it and he is sending a Christmas everything would be for the rest of his life but there's true story in a very short time the celebration losses joy is no longer anything special about Christmas anymore in fact he actually began to despise the presence yet often you find happiness and how this Christmas is the NL Haiti the entire holiday in the future seal bodies and our sexuality in the knowledge of him but isn't yet a present but again to the one we marry if you really get the book before how even Peter five the present window this beauty and uniqueness and immune patient is selfish to have the wedding night every night like to start a little boy really liked up why we despise the present an entire specialty this morning I was experienced you see what all finale would also house but with him was as when Augustine and this is life eternal that they say we might will be gone when the and Jesus Christ whom dollars another was the same word the same as the Bible God will be I gave birth to Seth in other words is a intimacy to God one person be so intimately close with a cameo that we are very close window that we allow him in the meantime become one with him just as Adam was one was like this is what one would why the Bible says that Carlson be so close and intimate with him the relationship that we live him and we stay connected and especially one with him this morning you want to be connected with God that you become one with him you want to be in love with him that you want to keep his commandments the wannabes also rendered to his spirit to be a beautifully for the want of feeling off things that you will be found faithful this morning this morning made alloy newsworthy alt. made a lot of fine I every day whether we live on that arena


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