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Why Relationships Go Bad

Keala Thompson


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries


  • October 25, 2008
    11:00 AM
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my family and friends opening text to Revelation chapter two reservoir that was instructed to burst forth opening text we do not series lovely new is not loved you relationships possibly and were number nine hundred twelve concerning how this morning is when antigen marriage wrong entitled why relationships go back why relationships go bad appreciate a funny thing about DNA and blessing forever friends forever from that being in love experience remember that seem to be forever friend forever in love everything is going to be perfect and never let a fight never really had anything you can see I was going to come together were like everyone else in the world and be totally different let it come together and little work out without I'm not once eager to that agent forever for the death do us part in this area and for eternity with forever friends and in limine I include each other 's hand that eluded each other's in India I is a will also make concessions reach an agreement and before everything unfortunately research has shown that the average person the average couple according to research up to ten of Python and that according to couples that have a scary love experience only two years however Fred two years when I finally see each other once going on in the life and express apparently to defend some heaven in the clouds and if the fee on planet Earth once again I know I will definitely see the reality of the other person we recognize that some of the personality traits are actually irritating receive or behavior patterns are actually annoying to have the capacity for anger and hurt E Grassley have the capacity balloon sleeves and critical judgment is it okay for me once I will we want to bypass and not see any moment learned that every lab experience not become Siemens Mountains what happened to forever friend what happened to those moonlit walks in the night with spring sweet words to one another what happened to those gifts are a lot of demons while service awareness of happiness what happened to forever for what the relationship so that what went wrong Honolulu is that it allows experience eleven the weather God has answers for us this morning and it has not only as and when it has no solutions and what we need to do I know three things I caught him around Chandler 's this morning and the three things this morning is neglect separation and anger these three things is a recipe for the story that in love experience that we talked this morning about an estimate for E3 harassment of Lord how is this one you see we really ought an obsolete of him this morning on the open or the God that is father you what is okay we do feel in our hearts before the cross we asked Lord that you may open our eyes and we may see open our hearts that we may hear the word says so this morning like this is out humble prayer in Jesus name came the first election where I call you neglect some of the revelations of the tuberous organizations into reservoir what has against us this morning the power set nevertheless I was somewhat against you because you have grasped your life you first log in the experience so God says when you're not in the end of our first love expressing me bosses I have something against you cyber tradition we must have the end of experience at all times acids of the asses the thing that is through the rehab we first learned about the truth within the word was that who is the person indeed that's right a man for breath I logically follows on the Internet and Linux was abandoned in the rest of experience at all times anything that we do not than about this inverse far as I have something against you because you do not have been in love experience with me has something against us this morning in the same way God has something against us when we lose that basketball and love experience but also while he wants us to have that first love experience he wants is to have the eleven experience you are being lovely water to be happy he doesn't want us to be miserable to be her to be suffering in a relationship in America that is not God 's plasma that is that will provide a company not pointing at his finger found in a store happy and he wants us to be his God and serving it was not delusional land that is largely diversified about this meme member therefore when you are falling and we can and do the first works sonata says you must have the first eleven screens in the U.S. Senate and the vice president me and all to gain it back is the solution now for losing that even experienced he said remember remember what that says it often is the relation back with me not want that in love experience both love expensive buses and often is not a first look and let us presume you know you want a relationship with Doctor he says we men often where you have falling and repent I'll try on your wicked ways and addressing that you headed make a change in your life do something different and do the personal Cinema got says an autopsy was the relationship that you once had a meeting you must do something about trying something different anything that he does have an opinion on what you doing in your water may not be as what happened nothing 's wanted change you have to do something about it it ought to restore the relationship with me so it saves your glasses remember where you have quality pen and to the white the sale first world do the first works now in your first loving God what did you do however you remember can you remember what anything too hard for the Lord will do anything for life I know my first love experience that wasn't there wasn't anything a wonderful guy I'll do anything for him they do this all drop everything and I did put them because of the love with them nothing too hard to do for a while because I love it when online one to seven with all my heart in the same way I think this is money and often destroying a relationship in the marriage you must remember that you used to do when you are in love before the season when you are in love that one time when you should do many thoughtful things for him Jesus and many kind words to her music date each other you suspend how they enjoy some company it was enjoyable to be when one said that he is a solution and Artemis for an agreement that sinful danger of neglecting our relationship and marriage we must go back to Hogwarts before we must all kind courtesies and simple kindness to one another to install about using the lobby floor and bring it back into a relationship that Americans that is a way to restore God 's solution is the great physician he gives a prescription the deadline position adopted to give a description to restore our relationship with him him prescription that we know in our relationship with him this morning with each other this morning that the bottle was far I relationship with him and each other we address works with one another as an example tend to publish up to thirty one Congress of the thirty one verse twenty eight Psalms Proverbs providence up to thirty one twenty eight and thirty one about talks about the virtuous learning in America's woman does many good deeds and kind acts and courtesy but I want to notice Muslims on the woman up thirty one by woman about thirty one but look at the highest in October thirty one one oh that amen and amen the president of father that is what makes her such a godly woman was when he died thirty twenty two thirty one about this group join in the rise of involvement in the versus Her Highness then also this is definitely married now see what was he doing you what phrases were again was kind currently sees simple kindness thoughtfulness leaves of law even after they married unmarried and the reason why he's happy the resizing the defense of their development in the postseason I be women and men and because you haven't seen and a happy woman make the happy women amen and the reason I understand why they can about their he praises her he is the even in the mapping of foreign policy 's authority is here he praises her and is and what you say as many daughters have done mercilessly but now I thought of them all if they favor is these people and beauty is vain but I will not fear the Lord she shall be praying general the fruit of her hands and let her own words phrases or in making the unit is why relationships go back in this paper that is a young lovers of the good book on the principle of the word is that some of the hours of hardship when dating before marriage through marrying a man related to it all before but someone we already done you know me had done before through the higher married life so you can be forever it is then little attentions the numerous more infinite than simple courtesies of life that may help that some of my happiness the little things as courtesies and smart incidents and got based on the song the little tensions make up the sons of life happen if the little things if you begin to get kind attention saw salsas every day and we make a change in life we will see below this money all marriages come back to life a net the problem is that sometimes they all came unethical to my wife endlessly on a single suite on the courtesy to her own to make the whole kindness there are some people to feel uncomfortable right are you doing at Palestinian income always thought anything of anyone wanting to my husband you weirdo strange I never do it but here's something to get cost of doing this is what got in I do or does we have a little journal I want to do everything within me right now one thing that we appreciate about each other in the June nineteenth on right now one thing to her little bundle an issue patient receives back to me and happen often heard the headquarters for the lightheaded by refundable back-and-forth FAQs a way that is comfortable enough like uncomfortable as fostering of no little courtesies whenever we not used to and it goes about the relationship shall in the first love experience once again and on how Levi's United that's my relation to fortify says event doing a fresh listen to what you once you send the winner a daily one another and the exact same thing before I doesn't happen now you relationship in a manner and to remain alive relations of my mantras amen amen just much as a man and man namely joining our relationship is now originated as my church need to restart our relationship all families of the new story in Hawaii and even though marriage is below that somehow the way the president has made something more on not going well they're not happy they're not doing good and plentiful sign and does not enjoy happiness within Christians live this morning that God does not mean that the buses commissions to set an example to what we should have something different I love a man gently read different and the joyful and happy about relationships with one another we certainly should force and is not Tuesday by what I see the first thing to think that second danger separation Jedi then chapter fifty nine was to present fifty nine Bristol identity anonymous to if we restore a whole derby revival and a Reformation in God 's charts implement charts this was never once people but the rain will fall upon discharge it we would go back to the days of his final yes there is not a church but it certainly found reading backwards this historic church and the families that come to get nonviable back to Boston this was the vastness of the Malachi was to turn the hearts of the fathers of the children wanted to visit her father was in the last Parliament is now green Nevada Reno Green deadline the character by Noah Graham revival Reformation that we need so much in all churches with the same due to our relationship about the identity and unrest of the Bible says this one is said to be when the last time you must shorten that I cannot see neither his ear heavy Danny Cunningham but it says that your neighbor your sins have separated between you and your well I understand that it is safe from you that he was not what here he went not to say and when you can't you send them out on TSN the separation below is that some mental to any relationship that often an audit or any relationship to the must all be open two-way communication between two people anything that rocks the open connection would destroy that relationship and hinder the relationship and that's why incorporate communication in God sin is that barrier that hinders our relationship on a walk with God this morning it is sin that separates us from God God and not separate the and him and him and does not separate us from God is my all inside your own choices money that we are separate on the separated from God this morning because of our sins nice in the morning your sins now that the message of the twenty seven forty five message on the twenty seventh wrestling what did Jesus experience on the cross of Calvary Matthew chapter twenty seven verse forty five two forty six was what happened about it says now when the six hour there was one darkness in a network would get back to there was darkness of Babylon to the nightgown 's the three and about the ninth hour three o'clock Jesus tried with a loud voice saying Eli Eli lama seven nine that is to say my God my God why has now listening to me got a thousand years of seminar had a relationship and on across the count reaches and why my diamond on my father my father one time you schedule separate yourself from me and yes I did not respond and eighty three within the logged on a populated the Minneapolis law upon the fund on the land Jesus Christ upon him so honest as well this place upon Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary and not saying tried he wasn't figure was in a drama he wasn't pretending to be separated it wasn't faking this cry when they try he really said in his heart he felt the separation from his father on the cost accounting visit my blog follow up on the wires ever because sin separates us from God and when Houston located upon him he was separated from his father on the cross of Calvary for you and me the pharmacy logged in this morning estimates he loves so he was separated from his father on the cross of Calvary for unity withholding Psalms ninety seven rest of the clouds and darkness surrounds the Lord Jehovah God the father so sent back to Clausen around the cross then we know that the father is around across the county at three o'clock when Jesus died on the cross account none of which we know that the father was physically mere on the cost account illegally he was there I just don't die kneeling on I was a millionaire Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary Jesus five hundred one still dynamical following it wasn't the physical separation that killed Jesus and profit the father was right there instead it will be emotional the men all the spiritual separation fence causes that Jesus experienced on the cross of Calvary that killed him in other words mentor emotional and spiritual separation will only handle a relationship you see physical separation is nothing compared to mental emotional and spiritual separation because of the relationships and relationships of their where husband and rise as we all lived together frantically close by living hell living together but mentally emotionally and spiritually separated just like Jesus was an across account is not available separately or the spiritual separation they shall the son of God and spiritual separation will only destroy smooth as of version in the separation mental separation will only destroy a relation with them about that relationship we destroyed all the term absence makes the heart will ponder issue regarding show when the front of the communication is still going on between the two parties even though that physically separate the example of the first couple Genesis chapter three get-togethers is three verse eleven yes this happened to me the rest eleven two thirty percent aluminium the first couple I was sitting over thirty different opposition will happen the mullah says anything who told me that I was making a lasting and talking to them had not eaten of the tree welcome Manny you and your student ID and the man said the woman whom thou game is to meet with me to be with me she did get the tree and ninety the lesson of the woman wasn't just about done and the winners of the second big God mean and I did eat in first Timothy chapter two verse fourteen of Allah says that he will be freed but I wanted he was exceedingly difficult how to listen the mouse that he was not defeated when he went and took the food and eighty and the reason why I went and excluding any of it he did not want to lose he he rather die with her mentor then with our new Internet and found extra if you want to do in Atlanta not realizing that God can replace the evangelists are sitting in but instead he went to leaving the music now if I want if I went it was my wife to sin the amount of time with her and he without the God saw this he saw this and you see the Pollyanna was that he believed that he could still fan and still have a happy marriage debugger you can scan and fingerprinting on just as it I was meanwhile this is presently one path to helping him breast twelve twelve the piloted in a manner that copies of them women and all games to be with me to get me off the tree and I believe that we were not wanting to say because I is because the heart is not life always have what you blame her for his own very thin and he did see the same man who was so not to get one time who said I rather odd when he was without sin is I would rather die with you and then without you the same man who once said that you said you said is now blaming Israel said the seasons that brings in a separate incident was now clean out the first time in the relationship and that's why you're so quick to blame the beef voice and sometimes this can bring separation in any relationship before Cindy was not beneficial marriage but often assume there was problems and eleven that is why we all need to put away personal sins of the light sooner please send separate in all relationships in all our lives in my life in your life in any life you're in a relationship sin separates and fingerings there is a husband and wife Cindy brings barriers between parents and children sin brings barriers between church member the nitrous members and others I thought that says all I can say that you do I wanted to back anyone else but me is not sure below your actions will affect anything about yeah what all around you ensuring that our meeting people injuring the negative by an evil spirit that one carries urine and women of the Bible copying and having the time unpleasant afternoon up to now electricity that is transferred in that room is not one person 's spirit can affect anyone else his friend like a captain below sin separates relationships as parents and children husbands and why transmembrane checks member and coworker sin and alive any claim to know you want to initialize what we think it doesn't matter what I'm doing with effective enough of my own problem and talk to me about below is an effective meeting everyone around is an effective opportunity Eileen was not happy up anything before you send there were happy everything was good that way along but a person below the problems came into the relationship is not blame each other the thought of finding this on a arguing things are not going well anymore I think that we don't need God we can do everyone with you soon to be normal doing how to overcome sin the Bible says behold the Lamb of God 's takes away the sins of the world in the solution is Jesus we behold was a laugh Gina what happened to the lab is killed we retail the sacrifice that Christ made on the cross of Calvary for your new remote and wait on so everlasting loud minority will rehire no way NASA programming is involved in kind with everlasting kindness the unit of my moving up in the eleven o'clock we meditate upon it and maybe contemplating we think about it really love me him across accounting its timeslot behind the change in the life and make you a happier person a sketch of a person and each other loving person at times you will have to tell you how to change a person belonging in and used cars love is anything that inspires you and me this morning nothing contained them about how hard you try you cannot change itself on the genus contains the Mossad and experiencing but until your heart is melted and the greatness of the love of God you always continue to be the same person he was contemplating in life we relied that I want to be a different person I want to reflect those beautiful math this time the Jesus Christ this morning that's what I wanted that if I come to the realization of findings I want to see in goodness honesty character and L'Oreal if you are not good enough I seem to get a glimpse like it then I'll be transforming to the beautiful character Jesus Christ sin brings separation in our relations all relationships in a life I like to say and bring separation between us and a lot can often allow the Senate is a primary primary responsible finger destroys all marriages today it is said not only our life is not only a husband sent but if my sin and its Justin is one method destroys it you think that we saw neglected one of these in love and the solution simple courtesies once again the first work then he looked at separation of powers become ascending separations all relationships in a solution by physicians is dissolution in behold the Lamb of God the third enough killer fun in college at the twenty ninth twenty two hours Chapter twenty nine was twenty two when the same ballast and twenty two to the third in lacuna is called anger and angry man stirs up strife and the first man abounds in transgression so the balances of any person stores also be nice to trade problems and trig distinction between people and create all irritations and between people and the person that is meant about the transition is an elected notice is effective is because they themselves are angry and they're not happy themselves so within the Anglican and projected out upon other people and then installed on measurable like they didn't do the thinking he's miserable election and everyone else miserable he's already lost what he was one of because my people live within the physical motivation as an essayist their simple nature is within all of us and so when things are not going to announce that the tendency to project the faint bitterness and anger that's within us upon others the bias is a handyman he stirs up strife and contention he does this to create problems now how many of you believe that I really think pensions and Eric Teixeira then God 's opinion would be added to our healthy formulation and see how this one is not good right out of the left was not good for is about loss people and other consummate don't realize that they have a problem with the temper is usually a spouse of a fit in those the one that points it out on the response of the fossil blinded by the BBC themselves they're so used to living thing that the tsunamis you use it otherwise your season is sooner I think of the children but another church member or something but I do believe that you have a problem in anything so she didn't not like pausing out and we need to blame everyone else is anyone else as well is my genetics it was my parents and how is born of how this is never my own responsibility sometimes wanted to go home today and vigorous I think your husband husband sitting on the honey to have a problem I can get irritated sometimes frustrated a very lucky ones and wife and I know in my impatient then you would be in different things about each other 's evocative and coffee children nothing I can't do talk to another church member I find out if what I said is you and this is one of psychology this morning you see the continuous blast of a slimy win we eventually she'll appear the first last no the second the fifty eight hundred 's I do feel it but after the thousand couple thousand the big shiny eventually die the same way that continues glass about tempers and irritations and inpatient we massively destroy all about relationships this morning is only one way to get how this got to do something about maybe doing nothing nothing is going to change you have to change something about your life you have to make a undecided decision in mind that I have to do something different because the way things are going and not changing at all businesses along the same way there must be a change in my life now the many reasons to be angry bitter I have a lot to do with how we raise a child all parents well not all father or mother about it since there is maybe a crisis happiness physical abuse you national abuse mental abuse and against sex abuse and attach a little bit on in the future Senate but as long as you focus on a foundational principle that stirs anger within all of us I distinguished from an assortment of this morning 's alternative living sympathy mistaking the bench up to be proceeding living chapter three verse eighteen in nineteen one of them was when enemies of the cross how does the Bible says about this for many a lot of who I have told you often and know how to tell you even we being that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ who is an instruction whose bother daddy whose glory is in their sheen who mine earthly things so that the enemies of the cause of Christ definitely the common number one then they can all be destroying the people of Minnesota has some things in common day when my earthly things in a shameful character guidelines is character she character and God is the one that Bill and God the Danny as the dog not abolish evil character the minor the things are moving in the destruction and those who are enemies of the cross of Christ which loaded and unloaded on in other words these people will make that Danny know God the appetite is that the Netherlands they were shot the appetite what was the first sin was committed was based upon what you through what was the solution uses solution to it was his first temptation and one is Moses person the Zimbabwe court it was work was attempted on a specific polypeptide on appetite from this phone it's better to Jesus overcame where Adam fail and you know that he needs a task the most important issue was nominated he overcame appetite it will come often and when Jesus does he guess that makes me that he did see a caucus on this link is sent to you and me I began with I this one is only given on Amazon and have the faith what do you say that all these things in him Jesus about his faith even though it was the faint on something that they got person had an otherwise uses a the faith on the left bank ideas exercise what he was the youngest is beginning to you and me and the cat and put on you believe in I get an amen the famed video game back then too the only notable is given to you and him again if we are informed and believe that the thinking again about what kind everybody and everything that life is given to the gift it would only believe in in other words they were sent out as the fully profitable at this some people say you know when people have problems that they wanted to pray about not just followed my temperament is free about it abusing while United with all this is part of sexual immorality and he was allegedly divine in us this children's book but if you really read the Bible and many prayed to God you hear the voice ice even reading inherent as you read the word of God that God says to do something about it it's one he asses and do something about the courses are we willing to lovingly obeying this law they many reasons for that anger exists but the foundational reason and anger is this excess is because of what I lifestyle this again whether Doctor Nikki Daniel chapter one swallow anything the fall wonderful within the past four of the analysis that was taken captive with the young people did tonight sermon I beseech you ten days and give us all subclasses that's a mostly this is almost enough to be a lot of strength and making by what he does in any a plant based diet and a lot of strength from what I thought the volume was becoming a help Nuggets in a help message is missing if and when I is causing this be looked upon before you on the continent of the children that you are the parts of the Kings there that they need the full Internet on the novel and as Nazi as the oldest sediments so you can send and approve the minutes now to improve than ten days and at the end of knees unless that their continent things up Sarah underwent about his narrow or happier happier and find out that I healthier physically than all children with used a portion of the Kingsley so they're happier and healthier does not like to go in a portion of the need to unwind and should drink and gave him also otherwise the gentleman test that can do that because of unity silky you take a test I give you all decibels and water and eat your meat in hot or spicy mixed feelings need to have a competitive see what happens cited in a fast-paced environment and intervening in the Kingswood since hot and spicy food the thought of it is about the power says that the book is a you he saw this and because he sounded different than ten days key to identify well I am always looking on the outside so that the infringing until the two losing you made a decision is going to take away the phone of the King and Olympia Moore back to how they are number one the also the happy not to be exactly where they were better than I said in their temperament and eight emotions and feelings and how they felt in the mental investment firm that went better than I have been watching for the good to be around other people and people you wanted to hang on if you have a bad temper when a patient when fretful I merciful Jesus allergies it is cheaper here there is a victim invalidating even correctional facility in Adelanto California as a prison California Kerry more than by this prison and he runs a new style biggest one being that I should run a new thought forgot in his prison and on what you know is present and eat you then it's okay you got two choices as to the size of the prison divided in half the one side of the mentally run through the light on the other prison this is probably one contracted by the state all two of who runs this website is meant to prison yes I is on a different side present Christian was based upon notice October and in this program is you will find vegan meal planning classes nine or vegetarian vegan than anything you just don't remember turning a how can a person who is on the enough for anybody but nevertheless about optimal eating a plant based diet that would change the healthy and well in the beginning you don't get to decide is all also know your meals but the news about the classes anger management program job training and psychological counseling and vegan shoes but an issue of the new sci-fi geek you have to follow the program so they can siphon off forces of the NGOs in North America MSI Madonna gangs in advance while you want to the news outside of Finland and made out of pity free trade a lot of gang violence on an effeminate federal prison in the city can find the sources and Mexican gangs soul crazy he's a big guy and all units get in the way but he said that at times his eventual people running people die all the time this presents is anyways eating his food the milligram is something to be mopping a stunning in a bloody shooting on his table and sourcing he said he noticed this evening diesel scheduling one of the book is kung fu donkey eating his food of providing so you must place you can go to the right of the other so what is the lazy beast individualism wonders us a limitless I would allow the gang interracial violence and problems and everything so any colitis resources and research of the Nixon doctrine new Bernard the legislature of Massachusetts that they are now aging show that men who had high levels of acid what do the sex hormone binding global event will never live market analysis ASA speed TV having a blood domain and find out why that aggressive and the domineering SHV user twenty nine binds a testosterone and reduces there is activity which is generally neglecting as it had been high fiber diet of plant -based diets pose at a speech he was building a plant based diet are remaining otherwise as being less aggressive domineering when animals eat meat that Tiger lion what animals eat the food all she them away that only one of you know like Adaline Eiland did you know that I really came to the lab in any event thing that is the difference was I thinking a research guide for the bona fide and say all these years and then on top of that is listed next bug handling the direct opposites of his present DEF about Obama 's comments about vegetarians in high-fiber diet be left by eating noises that you would recognize the difference between the two sides even a nosedive sided printing is on a house together in one section of the building when death by the outbreak you can not a pleasant time is not on the non- island nonvegetarian sidedness that the independent operators on site is that eating meat he said his own observations is that of the so what do I read a current is applied to be a design of the prisoners America is in the money and a half and not irritated and everything we do one thing then there is no difference in the personality of the libertarian in me they smile more the sleigh Daniel he was happier his barrier is why one of the happier I not only racially integrated you not see that imprisonment in racism attend religious classes and anger management classes eagerly noticed that the Bible is that within ten days the median inmates express improvement and how they feel and then I'm a big hurry neither does it prove me amazing most of the essays hereinabove not only needs this is food prepared with condiments and spices and flavors coming up to the stomach or irritate the person they come out sublime and paves the way to strongest family stimulant mosaicism is hot spicy foods it induces nervous ability with the next word have a subrogation patient in question is tried to manipulate the other person to get them to do what you want because of what self focused presentations to add girl manipulation of control whatever the begin to do what you want to do is underestimate the invitation and laugh off South control that self-control today overcoming sin in our life I share this because my experience with those that long impatience of temper and I love you might lobby money buys these needs and rights authority I hated best way to the holy and my temper was sold out so impatient and when I chose for my and my diet niche has one it seems dramatically dramatically patients can I let peace with God we met a transformer ensuring hundreds of them experienced love this one my relationship to enter my reformist family of an ongoing honest spicy eating whatever I'm eating whatever fighting are you can temper impatient I want these big symbols of items because of impatience because I want you to be done now right you wanting to be no whining investment patient is a major power within relationships presentations can't because of the vitamin when I came in and transform a holy life insurance on the whole relationship anything that I did admit a whole big difference the dangerous is that when we all see if I think everything names and that it can be seen one healthy so you need on these the same for the hot and spicy food in all these Manson vinegar and auditing the accuracy of the family and mission more irritating to me that's what you need to be focused and avoid my child as he has his money while any patent pending test for yourself as much a Y M test always improved on his mind when you see what happens if anyone is really one marry more happy much of what I called Daniel was proven to be a Seahawks extra marriage and relationships married couple what will happen is they think I'm done I have even maybe been married the wrong person submitting the people get married and in more than eighty million in varsity because my husband is on in my life thought is to get married again and again if anyone does want to come up with something to divorce C three percent saving one hundred hundred thousand he married a second time after the harvest that is on nothing of the relation in the first married so seedlings are the people who did everything I get irritable and displayed within a duly proceeded with an majority is that on sorry single was a lot I need to that is it is their fault therefore in one thing and one out therefore therefore so therefore I can get another divorce and in our marriage again and the third marriages and divorces seventy five percent is about to get worse and worse it was a bad thing it never did think that I is going to get better indictment that is no guarantee attending the prospect of a hat hacker marriage is not so saturated the second on the third time around but with the lighting is possibly met usually start a relationship may now look more than in the future that I can turn a bad marriage into ongoing one if you're just lovingly obeyed his prescriptions for blood marriage that's all he wants is what he wants us that anatomy and marriages you can revive that is not experienced once again into I give up yet another time when making work and do something different when they decided changes in a networked file all three have been the buying prescriptions that we talked about this morning yes it's going to be a sacrifice this morning to say kind of pensions for your wife I didn't bought both things for you well but then when I asked to be lost while we was the center is an enemy of God and hated him yes a real sacrifice to give you things that Jesus but Jesus sacrifice your life for you across the UN and the fabric on him on the ice he was separated from his father yes there would be a sacrifice to give up meat and hot and spicy food with Jesus sacrifice in a wonderful night for you when I needed forty days and forty nights so that he can gain the victory I think given to you people that the beloved let us do the first works of giving a simple attention to a level that is overcome the things in our lives and that the legal separation in the homes of the relationships S chains are biases that would be angry impatient and irritable with the one that got fondness to allow you to cherish this morning we do the things I love plus files all children are relationships we should this is a secret casino staying is not saying is falling in love all over and over and over again always the same person thought it being in love is a love is falling in love with and over and over again all in witnessing person is therefore fallen love over and over again with our spouses and when our Savior Jesus Christ we wanted him he explained my reasoning house I want to follow you and I want to follow with you I was falsifying on the


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