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Keala Thompson


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries


  • November 15, 2008
    11:00 AM
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right to turn the link text the second time in Chapter 11 verse four Sega Sammy Chapter 11 reservoir you know going to write a series of loving God loving you as God loves you relationship to God 's way about relationships and were gone when Dalton am eleven out of twelve to garner on a long journey here was finished today's sermon entitled the player gets the player gets three there is something fascinating about enchanted around all the forbidden is something appealing about getting getting something you know you're not supposed to get it a strange attraction of jobs people at this field allows and affections from another person 's spouse or loved one resource by Doctor Dorothy cannot be shown that the average liked the lab expanding member off-line in love experience of a couple when in love to get married the average span last the hominy year the number of athletic was to repeat on if you haven't the first two years the same reason of the stone of the additive of experience into a manual enough of the earth but reason is a stone at the averages of experience about their business welfare often a relationship with another man's wife another woman's husband actually him that then one-on-one nonbusiness relationship existing in other words according to statistics you're in love experience of last longer and is good fair many are in no one person relationship of the only missing onto something here search is having an affair actually better to us but we just don't know it did she or someone authors with someone else's wife what she was on of the father is actually good for the better person we just missing it maybe it is really beyond such an invigorating like this and then sold that once you so overflow with life at one time this morning I want to try a little bit about lots this morning you see the sin of lust life to its tricks NBC's the packaging of life is pleasing the outside but the product is anyway made of going on the offside weather is poor event on the inside this morning male eyes being like his he opened the weather gods that we may be able to penetrate the rock being the hollow wrappings of left this morning then we may be able to see clearly the deadly reality within the spray father is a holy word is open we do humbly ask for your spirit to help us understand to apply to all lines we thank you Lord Jesus and he and David this morning what is the second time in the reservoir the pilot says Wendy King David do is open about that you sent messengers and took her Bathsheba the woman you saw as she came in Venice Mary and I see was married she came in to him and he lay where he snapped with her she had purified from renting is as you return unto her house game a year and a story committed I thought he went on longer man's life King David was having a lot of them in another man's wife I almost second that he must decide what is conditioned by believing that what he was doing was not in moral I'm almost certain that while he was intoxicated with passing that he has to believe that what he was doing was not really that bad I was setting as the Dana spent time with Bathsheba that he mustn't question how something so wrong to feel so easy to buy within the heart my heart your heart is deceitful above all things about with it and desperately wicked in other words all hearts my harder your heart flaws or defects in all the time because it's very nature is the sequel a net Senator was utilized for deception all the time because your very own heart this morning is disabled by very nature of soul on the time you become BC thinking one is actually long you believe is actually right David was the scene him hard with this evil had received himself within those thoughts soon be feasibly nesting is really not that bad after all his benefits to it as good things can get out of it after all if they love among the looking later he asked to have a recently aspiring of life within you that he was a happy boy got many great benefits on the outside but on the inside his voice what happened next to diversify his will to fight even think of them is delivered with five to eleven when happiness the Bible says and the women can see that she got pregnant demon I love affair with another woman she got pregnant sin and told David and said I would child in pregnant pseudowords and the percentage lasting family you ride they hit tight and dry sense to us in your life to be with you I was Bathsheba 's husband in the front lines fighting for the country are you I was comforting and daily demand of him how do I did and how the people did and how the water prosper and innocent phonology a Houston washer feeding you ride the part of the king 's house and there followed him a mess of food from the King but you are selected and brought the king 's house and all descendents of the Lord and went not down to his house it is a goal back to home spent time with your wife and when the household David CUI was not bound to a solid Byzantine rite came as no not on your journey when they thought it is now not going on at your house a rise entity the art and Israel and Judah five intense and my Lord Joab so my lord I can't in open fields shall I didn't go to my house to eat and to drink and to sleep with my wife I'll can I spent time home okay Ms. Weber my wife pocket even daunting you see David had made a plan when he found that the one he had an affair with was now pregnant he devised a plan to cover all his tracks in joint time we dismissed just with the disease to believe in there was nothing going on again he arrived his statement is Wikimedia CNET UI were had gotten pregnant on the document on the pregnant by you are wildly balanced in those of the Bala said that his plan didn't work see below it's one thing to commit a sin and it's another to commit another thin and audit the cover-up your previous in the same way is one thing to have an affair with someone else but it's another thing to live and to see a lot of the cover of what you had done amen you see when you come inability to trust between you and your spouse has been blocking the fact is that most people will go one step further and it would be seen as either come from what they had done but what they would think with famous Folsom will often be the nail in the coffin of the remaining trust that they have that in the relationship with the David and do the converse fourteen to seventeen chapter eleven verse fourteen is in the Bible says he was even accepted that stand anywhere about says it came to pass in the morning and David went unedited Joanne spent about a half you via an e-mail to the menacing set yearly you write enough for fun of the hot him oh retire you phone him that he may recently been and die they came to pass when John observed the city that he you are until please will you knew that Valley men were in the middle of the city without appointments and felt some of the people to send the demon and you via the Hittite died also gave its time in the session they also know he needs resort to his plan be in order to cover up forties and plan B was a have you I have murdered one a sad ending to such a good UI was not willing to go home to his own house in my was a good man and he was not willing to to sleep in his life while all do anything let sewers while his fellow soldiers out there fighting for the religious and civil freedom of the nation this very man whose who love David Sundin is a must send a very mad who was now sleeping with his wife he was faithful to the king demon and is faithful to his country to his nation this man was sent out by Dana not there to be murdered to be killed can you even imagine can you feel the pain can you see the suffering that that's even less than experienced when she found out that her husband was murdered by her lover you see the pain and suffering to the agent listen to the news and you read the magazines of how a jealous husband murdered love as follows if you anger and remain a pain in Osaka now you see it as a way game it has also born on his body making that very same irrational decisions for that is what sin does to us this morning you see one of sand leaves to another which leaves to another which leads to another thing and him alive to come up Allawi that you need to come up for another line you see what you said Satan has gotten you and then he uses left-hand and auditing gets you and force you to all again and again and once again back into sin once again so you I was murdered and didn't believe that as long as URI was murdered in dead anything would be all right but wasn't determined to promise at the twenty sixth twenty seven farmers chapter twenty six verse twenty seven what happens when the role of storm out how much of the twenty sixth or twenty seventh of the principal year and we get back to a story I was in the twenty first twenty seven Obama says whosoever gains a pink will what fall therein and he then goals of stone it will return unto him without went around us so now that would have been very stolen when I got to them in other words what is once again what is around what time there was good to others will come back to write when you leave things other people in evil things come back you might allow you what you must thought we must all come right back in August on a bloodstone and come right back into a list and baby for a while it seemed that there was apparent peace and safety surrounding in the midst of this sin and everything was going just right and just perfect but it was so good to laugh or retribution was just around the corner affidavit tobacco story second Samuel chapter twelve verse one to ten thousand and one retribution was there waiting for David for what he had just gone to another man's life secretary to the farmers wanted and what retribution the Bauer says the Lord sent Nathan Nichols a prophet unto David and he came up to him and serve him there was needed telling the king in a story he said that two men in one city King David Weinrich the other poor the restaurant had exceedingly many flocks and herds but the poor man had nothing save one you know you left with you bought a nourished up in a grew up together with him and with his children and did eat of his own full enjoyment of his own copy latest buzz on it was on to him as a father that came a traveler to the right him format on the originality just come over and he spared to think of his flock and of his own hurt address whether wayfaring man that was coming to him but he talked to one of the respect to the poor man's lamb and just have fun Amanda was called to him that his rich man writing using his great object of the Wonderland eleven plotter to diplomatic doctrine lamp and appointment only Clement went and did as I do respond was made H&M against the man and effectively as the law as it has done that that has done this thing shall surely one if a nonsense sentence against the Richmond and also to the second sentence he said and he shall restore the lamb how many times on times four phone four times member that would come after because he did this thing and because he had no pity for this pronouncing judgment and Nathan said to David thou art the man referring to is about this relationship the same belladonna visualize nor did the king of Angel and I deliberately out of the hand of Saul and he gave me the analysis house another NASA's wise into thy bosom and gain in the house of Israel and Judah and that had been too little I would now have or had given into the effects of fax machines wherefore has done this by the commandment of the Lord to do e-mailing a site now has channel you want to hit line with the slide and is taking his life to be Yahweh and the slaying of the sort of the children and not therefore that's soaring so never any part well because you despise me I think you know what the right ahead night to be your wife today and will hold judgment on his Richmond the promises anything you find your limits Matt you can adjust that when you have gotten his minutes will do what they value I had with his wife you took it from him for yourself as a way the one thing you're that rich man and a sampling and gave judgment upon the rich man will come back to you and natural consequences for your sin and not some attribution but what you've done through the fourfold judgment that David announced upon the rich man and the same for all judgment came upon himself for the murder of you via the children was fulfilled as for database precious children his fourth funds will all kill Davis for a sign which came to Bathsheba through that sinful affair that they had soon died after he was born at the need to proclaim the judgment name is unassigned and then who had raped his own sister was killed by another brother Absalom and a feast second son dissecting retribution a Kimbrough the thing retribution then it's onto son Absalom where in fact in a rebuilding against King David and having successfully managing a bit out of the kingdom was killed by JoAnn Director three song that I this one thing for fun then if I thought and Elijah went in spite of the throne in the Plains on Solomon was stopped and executed after the death of David for an aching back to him he well not the sole ones is always came back to King David and divine justice and retribution for his sins method of death Davis four sons Mets it is important that you are not satisfied beloved there is always consequences for all things Internet there is always retribution for what we done you turn your car into the three way pun on Connie on oncoming traffic even and I before E Murphy Hatch on the airplane you jump out parachute you going to die there is natural consequences that is not actually happen the cost is that useful you reap what you saw the Bible says is not silly happy and consequences for actions and yes God will forgive us of our sins and he was taken away the guilt praise God but there is still also the natural consequences says that needs to be reckon with you may murder someone and ask Outlook plug-in is great evil games usually get fairness of soul and heart and guilt to get a win right elected not to praise God for the Nashville concert will coming up to you I'm putting you in prison if they all likely to happen right there is a natural consequences for what we do game he had the stone rolled back in four different times but what outside and it is not there is a fourfold judgment investigation coming back then was was is not just enough of David to expand their lead but that wasn't an alternative for a second son attempted August eleven what are the retribution was given upon David and the consequence for his sins against them in chapter twelve of them back to the starting dissemination said today that he said that they do more behold I will raise up evil against you out of your own house is fulfilled by Athlon to get them out of the kingdom overthrown in and listen to because the Westport 's I would take you why is before your eyes David and give them onto your neighbor to another Mac and he's just leverage allies in the fight I this son is doing salon Chase David honored the city and took over the throne while the game 's most trusted political advisers whose name was I hit the bell defected and joined forces with the rebel army it was if I had a fellow who advised us a line to take this all being is why as with the Middle Eastern Costa not custom of the day when a new rulers succeeded to the throne now who knows who I hit the felt was the know who he was related to I fell was that he was rather fun is in the palace belonging to a when he would get some rebounds against David that he had done to his granddaughter 's husband and I had fun and I would also want to Damon is why they are going through as long as the payments I have thought about this see he went one time is left with the white a business that doesn't one set of friends with now see how it felt like to have another man sleep with your airlines and otherwise the player got the deal was unhurt I'm not a person who won the hearts of paying the factory the anger being Chrysler models needed upon a lot of relational another married Ellen had dreams the last driver he went one diamond enemy three and Hathaway 's phone went back nodding at times in retribution for murder but then back to him so that he was in doubt whether the Haselman to continue in useful the pain and the suffering butt hurt and bitterness and anger that optimizing because of that all came as a natural result in retribution but with David has done the question again was to see the whole results obvious for us in the he went on probably not love this one if you want to see the fly regional results on the San Jose -based use of doing this morning one you still doing if you could see the future bombing from his experience with the game and eventually long for the Psalms fifty one sounds up to fifty one Chris wanted to twelve Psalm fifty one verse one to twelve Psalm fifty one verse one to twelve what did Dean even see long for the Bible says it is solid he did became to God for repentance and his first day he had had a fair realized his mistake and that the mapping is the sole good turn out to be sold in one poison with and he said his prayer to God he said have mercy upon me O God according to deny lovingkindness according to the more intuitive I tend mercies blot out my transgressions wash me thoroughly from mine iniquity and cleanse me from my sin for I acknowledge my transgressions and my sin is ever before me against the knee only have I sinned and done this evil in thy sight that thou might be just the filing speakers and me clearly God judges behold I was shaped in iniquity and in sin did my mother mother conceive me before the artist you with an inward parts I also made regional wisdom prize-winning with desktop and I shall be clean wisely asked me why German snow and we had to blather that the boards was gone he may rejoice hide that based on my favorite and brought all my iniquities creating me a clean heart O God and we know our race within the cast me not away from your presence not your Holy Spirit from me with that to me the joy of thy salvation and uphold me with knife three spear EC David only eight for forgiveness below but because he has sinned against them but because you name you sin against God himself but damning out a long thoughtful gymnasts he also long for cleansing he not only wanted to be free from the guilt and the shame of his sin but he also wanted a new heart said that he would never ever doing is sin ever again gaining I learned your lesson that the packaging of life looks shocked them on the Assad he learned his lesson through the retribution and the consequences and the results of a certain Donnie has many costless brownie she has found he went that direction because after David's sin how could he punish his children when he committed a worse sin than them right and a strong and identify the things if you can when you think you're telling me what to do up to what you did was legal David is seeing the results of a thin and therefore you learn the lesson that in the I want to do nothing is a large enough and the pilot says he can any man never ever in this cinema again you need a new high then we had victory over sin and is a thirteen and even also great for even three for mercy from the God of mercy knowing that he was the face the flu retribution is the natural consequences of his sins you see what unjust is that the net game was one of his men to die this was a follow up on maybe he was supposed to die but he pleaded with God for mercy and if that you would not die because of your prayers God in his mercy spare David also want to note is that David MSC was second son was none other than who saw them we had the honor of being the line of the Messiah out of the box retaining glory out of shame came grandeur out of Sandy came the Savior what a merciful God that we served in a manner the lobby even then we may expect the natural consequence of the bosses is one that times when we may get to experience the compassion of God 's grace is mighty men even bad meaning bad that we these judgments fastened there are times when we get to see the kindness of his mercy even though we may have done so that things are well not as strong as with any times when God so was his name and does not allow list also about you me this morning and yet even at research firm wonderful and loving and compassionate and merciful God this one even got anything that I can tell you from experience that God is a very merciful God praise God for showing mercy to meeting these three different errors he is forgiven my sins taken away my guilt and not always legitimize and allow them to give me the victory over this thing in my life and he was spanning many times over the just and natural consequences of my failure that I know I surely deserve this morning why because I serve a merciful and compassionate and all loving God this morning and these are the reasons why I love God so much this morning below but we're in the last days this morning and we as Christians ought to focus on prophecy for him these can be worn on what is soon to come upon us and make upon us in an overwhelming surprise but at the same time is a preach about prophecy we also need to be sure that we had accepted the last thing messes for all sounds ferrous before I went to give this message to the world the hockey link into the well that we ourselves have rejected and this morning it is all homes beloved truly also I eventually refer back when we have reflected on messages or not be met the real life of a Christian is a video and a whole we often preach about the wrath of God I found these artists raising them in thing this morning not a priest about the time of trouble now and raising the burial and timely travel map entries about the Senator plays no boundaries are plagued with happiness and asparagus morning map information about the peace overseas now I don't have to know please limit within us this morning sometimes we need to forget about the beast or lessee without worrying about the pieces that they are lately within you this morning and then there's a child the hunt is use it tonight it's very razor-sharp long but on a pole and if you given this knowledge the Cotswolds stick it in the snow flies of the glide on top of it lived me the wharf for this great sensing ability smelled it before comes up to it the blood is there any sizes making the razor-sharp blade of the lake at the late the cut through his conch we make a believe anymore thirsty for blood he himself he keeps licking a swarming and linking as long as making the rain SI Braves are and however and I will again until he's unbelieving and believing that so many events and music himself to death that is exactly hosting works things like I mean we think we are being satisfy seen so good not realizing that when any link with one class two other person in the follow-up insanity that is both lightning and destructive this morning if you are interested in either today or in your past is physically mentally spiritually mostly on the run blocking automatically for the most a love affair with someone else before bidding you turn this morning to the grace of God later sins on Jesus this morning and ascending allies that you need to give up and give to the high this morning you can believe that Jesus took upon himself the sins of the world in the cross of Calvary and he would take a sentence to and be all you and having the money of the singers sing this morning I lay my things and using intern all along the methods and Jesus two ninety two pages and aware that you can live your sins on Jesus why don't you let them have their sins by laying them all onto this morning


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