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Wounded Hearts Restored

Keala Thompson


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries


  • November 22, 2008
    11:00 AM
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morning swim this morning is entitled wounded high restored when it hearts restored thereby determine the Dolby Texan Matthew chapter nineteen message of the nineteen rest three to eight Matthew chapter nineteen Sonny mirth redeveloping tax within on the journey here on journey of mental relationships remember this is numbered for all and is actually a blessing to me and really all speaking to me heating and letting going to the series actually run alas seven topic was entitled wounded hearts restore how many of you have ever experienced the rounding off the heart to someone who you once scared for me to buy the razor hands I'm even willing to hurt by someone close who care for you to maybe it was her first allow breaking up with you when you own a teenager maybe it is the unceasingly euphoria so-called good friend maybe it was a secret love affair accompanied the company would always lies from the X-Files when I land in the case anathemas upon it on the searing pain Netherlands when you realize that we had been left hurt and betrayed but the real problem is not when you going to those high times of her being wounded pain-and-suffering him whom you marry the person a person by force and Mary Beth so made them talk about and then we all I had to enter into our present relationship that's literally upon you you see because we haven't heard in the past we not report up protective barriers are now all I said that we want the current again to her that before never done it before I have and when we do this to me and I'm making our current relationships all relationships but especially on artists also aborted O'Gorman or even all children so friends whatever may be the day I was due once these lying to protect that you have around the height of attack does it the same barrier with ends up hurting us missing again if anything bad to report up to protect our hearts isn't there anything there that is point out that ends up hurting us this is you and know that there is for you found only in the weather done this morning you believe that anything that phony God 's word can diagnose them back to spare to new Hope Winnie God 's word can transform us some reason for bitterness to emotional freedom or the gods like him that was fun protective detachment to deeper connection would also meet whatever may be your situation this morning your wounded heart can only be restored once again through the creative power of God 's word this morning that no spring father thank you for your word no may come alive speak to us and he let this this morning is a humble Jesus the name for unit two initiating partners look at the marriage part of part of it all is in marriage and divorce why did God even allow divorce Matthew chapter nineteen for three tables about to the Pharisees also came to him Jesus tempting him as saying a damn is it lawful on man to put away our divorce his wife for every cause it we just divorced him while wives or husbands any cause of the bounces and he answered and said to him the Bible says have you not read that he was to meet them at the beginning made them male and female and said for this cause shall a man leave father and mother shall cleave to his wife initial training be one flesh wherefore they are no more twain but one flesh what therefore God has joined together let no man put asunder soon I was married to send marriage is forever then instead of him why did Moore's this man command to give a writing of divorced women to put it away whether Moses allows to be born and she dissented more sense because all the way hardness of your hearts suffered you to put away a divorce a wise but from the beginning it was what not so subtle way that says America was meant to be a long till death do us part no matter how long their disposal and if I'm not tied to sixteen is said that God hates putting whale God hates divorce is not in God 's original design that we would to get into divorces divorce court God hates divorce in solution we met not only does it destroy and bring hurts and pain but it destroys everyone is connected children family friends everyone is affected to the chapter before messaging agent what happens in heaven when you find a lose things here in this or not if you need to know the Bible says what happens in heaven when you buying things on those things here and as I know the Bible says very essence you whatsoever you shall bind on earth shall be bound where and what you find here is bound up in heaven Dennis is here with them he shall lose unearths shall be loose in heaven is what we find on this earth is based upon biblical principles the books of heaven also recall the very same thing someone who required here in this act is required up in heaven seems to them whenever we loose so the American folks here in Missouri is based upon biblical principles you are required also abounded in the books up there in heaven maybe dog divorce and a Brookfield Missouri you also up there and have any records divorce also there have been only it is based upon biblical visible for example if you intermarry someone saying married array and then somehow he got a pass the state Department of Health and you were able to marry another person you didn't catch it the audio manager the second person while you select another president I didn't catch it all you register the new books that have been married to that second person a new person now because it goes against the will of God a marriage is one person him the state says these yet visible cannot type the message of the nineteen rest like one of the only reason I thought is of the grounds for divorce Matthew chapter nineteen wrestling with the Bible says about us is the next shop and I fancy you whosoever shall put away her divorce his wife accepted belief for life fornication mission marry another commits what that word adultery was in a marry her which is put away does commit adultery so the policy and that the only reason we do get divorced lost files is because the unfaithfulness my wife was unfaithful cheat sheet on this leopard anonymous organized shooting in the blasphemy by cheated on her by seven of another woman so the only ways because of unfaithfulness according to the word of God and Susan eight if you work to get a divorce and you or your wife in his GL you know when she least of a divorce the bosses if even one of them is the husband was American even though he got a divorce in the books in a state of Hawaii Department of Health but I was in marry someone else the boxes when I marry someone else I have committed adultery and my wife will deny someone else and the cause was not a Daughtry didn't she connectable now the Bible does say it on the ballot that it says I don't assume that ignorance God what wings in other words if you didn't know you're not held accountable for what you do not know right you know you not held accountable so it will never happen in the past and you know that's the path pray the Lord amen by now we know we do not have anything you know I decided on a God you have a common laymen and I'm held accountable so we do not know I know in Hawaii is something called a newborn that is called no-fault divorce in other words you have to have people not only no-fault insurance yet he you that any reason you have to tell the Douglas at this stage you want that you have a kilometer reason you without want to get a divorce a fight for control of the property when away significant basically this holiday is and is no reason to give a reason why he can just get a divorce to be just want a good one for library on the new net error saw been according to the Bible you can just do more for any reason I find it easy to divorce but not according to the word of God what is now the other balance if you do the artist alike is reckoned I need to hear that even the abuse either physically mentally emotionally spiritually he still can be separated is not involving separately may be separated from the rest of your gains from that person because of life-threatening heart spiritual beautiful emotion you can be separated but nevertheless acquitted of murder we are not allowed to get a divorce and to remarry are integrated on it is coherently in the yellow paper from evidence on this is a woman may be legally divorced from her husband by the laws of the land and yet not be born in the sight of God and according to the higher law so you may get passing on this law and the laws of the land here but not according to the high line Hammond is only one sin which is what a battery which can place I know why this is when you can be free from the mass following a set of God although the laws of the land may grant a divorce yet be a husband and wife still in the Bible light according to the law the gone falling with the weather God is licensing ninety liters foundation knowledge angle to the story of Hosea Tamika Hosea chapter two verse wanted to put their chapter two verse twenty two facing reality what it holds there are finally realize now that was constantly married this woman as she was unconscious woman someone who cheated on him on a timing was hurting any involvement and one for a long time that's happened to miss one to do but what if the whole of them finally have to realize and come to grips with more than about seven tumors wanted it about the possessing seder to your brother and army and uses those who besides his children Mrs. John intervened with your mother thirty four she is not my wife neither am I her husband that I never put away her hard arms on a first side and her unborn threes from between her best had the continent commits with the reality that his wife was actually having affairs with other men sometimes I meet people and their people don't come to the grips of the reality that this follows is cheating on ISU they live in a state of the Nile that is not really happening on his cannot ignore naked and this led to go on and on and on and be like a a within the marriage we knowingly betrayed you feel angry you feel crossed the three wounded he also may have lost that picture you have got perfect man the bottom of the guests also cheated on you is not the same but in the offense really had an loss that much why because we find out your spouse kids and you find that young marriage wasn't what it really appeared to be the body you have been living in a false world and had it not been for the revelation of his spouses then you might have a gaunt real life living in a false reality you are not your never experience the fullness of the land that God intended for you to express a new relationship and do not in BBO that you condition of your marriage right to be living of prosecuting a false reality thinking that he was going to really and was in and by you finding out it was a blessing that you finally met even though the revelation hurt the Lord is actually proving to you if I'm dying for you by X and Z espouse their singing and everything is in the light now you're not a lot of guessing what's going on you know exactly where you are in regards to your marriage now is the time to thank God for the revelation knowing that he will reveal that century of your files was also revealed to you that passed on estimation God is longitude wants to leave you where you are at this point in time a man but it was there learned from this whole dreadful ordeal planning is Weiss went on the men committing affairs on the Sabbath the rest one when the whole format learn what you learn me when you get all of his wife cheating on him see what it says then fit allotted to me Gloria love a woman beloved of her fan yet been unblocked dress according to the love of the Lord for the children of Israel looked on the gods and love flagons of wine hosanna learn to love and forgive the very person who had mistreated him in other words on this whole hog will experience the fulfillment through their change out José I have been blessed by the horses he became a man who was able to law but an everlasting and while you may not feel good about what has happened this e-mail could bring to you one of the most four times in your life the fact that your spouse to feel your water garbage usually a fiancée left someone out not a chance to read about the cure that all things work together for good and those who love God he meant about horrible experience in college was going to school in the nighttime had a serious girlfriend in whom were probably going to get married duty for several years she ended of cheating on me one my good friends on my best friend and I thought on this there were the many lies that accompanied accompanied her unfaithfulness on Eccles was crossed the angry I was wounded was her there many other things going on in the very same time that wonders is going on I I I just was very close to this losing in August but I guess time will experience beloved that came out good festival it was through this relationship going bad then I came to reality that this was not the woman I would like to spend the rest of my life with a man number two on top of that the suffering and pain that I went through by the West the hardest time of my life the second by piling on another point the pain that I went through the very means that God used to turn me to him and I look back I praise God that as I look back a trained dog I see D&C ninety amen and I do not realize that if she did not seem to me that I have turned to the line never gone levels what he is doing the one of the hardest times in my life have to turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to me and then I'll not be starting a preachy Earth I went through the hard times I know I would I was too caught up in myself and me in my selfishness and me is a advised the break media honeymooning twenty dollars in order to need to find when I'm done I'm able to look up see you there how human nature sometimes we have to be broken to look up sometimes reflect that people were able to look up for God wants us all of us here this morning but does it have to restoration but it was adding to even learn something but what he actually do possess empathy verse two of the next verse that says about us as a rest too so even another woman his wife who cheated on him with a positive message so I passed her to me for fifteen pieces of silver bowl wellbore the half home report Perry she has been wasted away the life of sin but here she was in the blocks of slavery selling her body with wanting her the price of a slave in those days with thirty pieces of silver but she wasn't worth that much I once he was beautiful happy joyful loving life looking Ohio voters ahead of her imagine that now this is on this block a slave not a new work half the price of one asleep is when I hear comes or husband the man said disgrace the mansion hurt the magic with someone pains and wounds upon the setting for a change in the block desolated my thinking there any where there is a kind of bidding for her you've been mining have to wear one of slavers waiting and he buys her back love is not only the mama was actually meant the wedding to love her back I was there now is a new land is what the authors show that he's not his wife but let me up himself to his wife once again even knowing there was nothing to base the trust upon even though we had no reason to trust again he still opened up his heart to her once again are you able to trust the government of the rehearsal meantime that so many people in our lives while Brown real father or mother a brother thus this does not husband them wives of boyfriends or girlfriends law that hurt and pain that we live in normally get the more uneasily accumulated over the years reflect protected areas around the hearth my question is money getting able to trust again like that what is your Christianity made up this morning behind all of those Bible studies on the church attendance and all of those potlucks you attend i.e. able to live out one of the essence of Christianity here this morning no recent sales that they can average of three to five years to heal a broken heart three to five years and sometimes even takes longer I ended with nothing funniest me a long time ago twenty one years old and thinking about five years and twenty sixty four book on this one person has had more than one relationship right to imagine Elizabeth five ten relationship as fifty years right after long time three to five years sometimes we may longer from being hurt wounded broken of eleven news for you this morning with the Lord you can heal my cloth fastened with a certificate is monumental dieting campaigns inherently faster the physics say this morning and know that his students stability why don't you live the gospel maybe 's files with someone who's been hurt a whole lives maybe as long as we missed you to achieve it on the passive blaming got married maybe less false new boyfriend open them even know what it's like to be in a trusting relationship we connect you trust the other partner 's ability why don't you may be reviewed this morning he is false what she'd probably never encountered in her life which is trust one evening a faithful person yes having never experienced the grace of God wanted me to trust worthy person that your spouse never had known what they hold them quiet of his life the Gen Xers but this is a crucial text was an attempt at the Berkeley visited since so he don't call her back and is the main lobby call you back when we envision that Hosea places upon his wife and is a nice shot of some of all thinking that I heard of philosophy many times when assuming the ballot in the box the one real way to deal with adulterous person about to an affected her as I possess it to his wife was adultery he brought back with him and he said you shall buy the remaining days you will not place a high you should not leave for another man saw will also be for the decaf was asked to go back was very quite bluntly to put away your sins him without a referendum she has to change if you want to stay with him another worth it is not biblical when we called the people we tell people to just hang back a Baptist files no matter what they do even if they continue to sin even if they are still committing adultery it is not biblical see about this false needs a second backpacking sin and chimneys to repent before you take them back you must be set up among the menu whether emitting element B at one thought is that there is a more listed them as we appeared at a time while we can prove ourselves to each other that we can be loyal and trustworthy and faithful to one another before this relationship can truly be restored yes I taken initiative to block you back to a relationship but yet you can continue on his sexual impulses of their there was a condition in holes in a place of honor she passed the test C is false this was something that was very real your trust in her own the demolished Enderby no one is such intimacy until trust returns because trust is the basis of all relationships maybe can I trust you relate your spouse there is to know through one is the relationship is envy and jealousy your any of those things no matter how desperately you want it you can x-ray trust signal to trust always requires two ingredients you need making something a drink or some kind of dish is always requires two ingredients number one you must learn to trust again you must learn to trust again at number two this follows was become trustworthy himself or herself these two things is nonnegotiable it must happen on both sides yes you may become much less worthy but you also must be willing to trust again they found those that think the bears are on your heart and trust again I guess you may become much trustee in trust again by Genghis files by fiancé must become trustworthy trust is the ultimate one you see I can choose to love my wife simply by choosing to do some amount of time training I can choose to forgive my wife in front never has to forget I can choose to commit my heart safely to my spouse is submitting the matter how doctors are hard Nagel and return but I can never fully trust her unless there is a full confidence in my spouses the singer noticing they can bring that confidence is a consistent faithful actions in my relationship with my wife I feel secure for two reasons number one God is giving me a new heart and his old heart has been wounded so many times by God relations is my past God has given me a heart of flesh and book along I'm parents set me free that I can learn that undaunted by his grace has taught me how to love freezing again up to trust all over once again but not many that by God 's grace not using taken away and none of relationship is no one controlling on being John Ensor overprotective I want to know because as often because I am married to a woman who was completely trust worthy it makes a difference below it goes both ways not only my trust in my new heart but I know that I can trust my wife because she is trust worthy and how she behaves in a what happens to come overcoming evil addiction taken Matthew L Matthew chapter twelve or forty three to forty five Matthew chapter twelve forty three forty five but addictions evil spirits and demons and addictions as the Bible says that each of the twelve of forty three to forty five when the unclean spirit and the men is gone out of a man he walks through dry places seeking rest so even delivered from addiction in the spirit of God whatever may be evil I find that he was relieved in a golden wanders around the city was forty four then he says I will return into my house from whence I came out and when he did when he is calling you find it in the sweat and garnish abilities walked around only about the Eagle entertainment addiction and the daily left he was very left and utterly below all hearts was made to be the living Temple of the house of the living God amen the very born in the chamber the ballpark and allies was mental gone to draw there for God to live in our house as well as nipple my heart was meant for God to live within your heart will nothing to hide right of all-purpose sole remedy meninges and appraisal instead they saluted the disease because I'm located in Austin he comes back to the same life and use it often what are you doing the field with blouse present or the still empty it will come his addition to the board with God when the defendant is the question because back to your house this is defined as selecting clean and entities on realizing in a minute yes you got an additional unit of Lombok to come and fill the empty void and I was to fill in his home in his heart and elicited forty five then when he takes WinInstall seven other spirits more wicked than himself and enter it and dwell there and the last day of that man is worse than the first units also be unto this wicked generation when we will also list you I'm reliving it I would come to the point that relieve the Lord and we combat it will be less walked on our state is what Boston says that it was before anybody gets worse and worse and it was said that the darkness becomes more dense than it was before the same way personal addictions in alliance with addiction he's overcome definition but we don't evidently gone spirit in his presence and we leave the house empty it will come back when he was seven what wicked spirits the combat our state would be worse off now than he was before and addictions become even worse is the most people him pain their hearts the more than impressions and then I think the pain of the life rather than broken home a A B what do relationships and medications are paying through their addictions whenever maybe some weird drug on it and I'll show you a person who comes from a broken home so we are grafted also impressive was how the abusive relationship when a spouse shall mean any person I sorry someone who went through a lot of pain and sufferings in a hardline showing a sexy promiscuous personnel shall be a person who is been deeply wounded too many bad relationships see what these people are doing the medicating their pain to some type of medicating addiction if you take away the meditating addiction then we just transferred to another meditating addiction the problem is we may look at the unlimited editions of the jaw than outlaws smoking and whether promiscuous sex addiction is really negative but as Christians we can find a very good because then we bring the reborn accommodation without they are lifestages which are affecting either medicated that socially acceptable such as not being able to overcome addictions of appetite and food will not be able to overcome inhibitions of prescription legal medication but it would overcome conditions of water may be a gluttony to Satan comes in he's doing with his addictions and then we need to realize is the reasonable cost of fact I realize that the only I will call paying her sufferings is Jesus Christ is monumental we first need to address the hurts this morning that women experience and then allowed to get in Jesus Christ was based the music the reality that yes women hurt in the past and not allow it to change all lines blood we must address all issues and allies and Billy was giving all their privacy to Jesus Christ and we haven't done their job tasks don't just pretend it never happened he was facing head-on rabbit and Jim and kneel before the cross of Calvary and put it upon the altar of sacrifice and God be taken away as he consumes it away on it the woman at the well she was addicted to bad relationships as she was jumping from relationship to relationship images after the questions in a seven minute seven minutes I live with and now the men of living was nodding my husband she was meditating a pain from the past bad relationships of wolves in our hearts by jumping from relationship to relationship overnight the relationship would meditate the pain and effort seems to be inside he can't just take it win in addition you must supply with something better and that's something that a blood this morning is Jesus Christ amen to help overcome the additional jobs is not enough to do something about the injunction is not a job of adjunct another medication pain they are jump and jump and jump until you hit the moon Apollo which is the desire of all nations which is Jesus Christ is what happened to Christ today up to fifty three up to fifty three first five to eleven five anyone about Susan Isa fifty three verse five talking among Jesus but he sees us was going to Jesus our Lord it followed transgression he was Rose for our iniquities the punishment that brought us peace was upon him and when his war wounds we are healed Christ was wounded but even though she wasn't going to piece the airways videos to stay wounded below in the same way although we may become more than it is not okay for us to say when and where we are really pick ourselves up and face reality and give the learner he may be with her and he made changes to start our trek and the pain that happen in our lives missed on a trust in the mother we made shots once again you been wounded in the past then you should do with it by facing up to her and giving it to if you've been in the family heard in the past relationship you need to do it and give the Lord that he may heal otherwise your bad experience will be carried over into your present relationships how you deal with your husband and the hurts of the pain of those involved in your marriage is caused because maybe you not give me a hard point to Lord and you can and cannot await your spouse the hurt and pain and maybe the news that happened when you're a child if father views you physically whenever may be emotionally in one of you should him them undoubtedly hurt anyone thank you all these rooms will come back and haunt you and that you do with it and hit it dead on why would he allow some heartless person who drank a hybrid chino new add-on to summon off why you are still seeing them again while you allow someone with market twenty years ago and I think person who affect you come back and hurt you again by destroying your relationship you have now which a husband with your life why we allowed as a person just don't be a numerical new relationship and I like what he did twenty years ago Sheena twenty is the liveliest allowable stain values to destroy what's prices to you right now than when a given author along the coming study may attain God 's desire for you for healthy and happy relationship healthy and a happy marriage a healthy and happy life he has the converse eleven the balances between President Obama says Jesus he shall see if it's until now the wound of his soul as so be satisfied otherwise you saw the wars he had but he wasn't thinking about himself he was thinking about you and maybe save the floodgate of satisfaction on the cross of Calvary is all you have received them across so while Jesus was wounded he was only he was not only thinking about himself you'd think an amount for now he was wounded in his hands he was only hearing format has which of the effect and the thirty pieces of silver while he was wounded in his feet he was only concerned about the Messiah was just one away when you slammed in his face is only one of other faces of the women who remain on the beyond on the value of land and intercell is only thinking about the Sabbath people across one longing for eternal life in the same way women warning we should dwell upon how we been receiving holiday in her late missile prone to doing all human but if they like crazy we should be drawing upon how we may have also been warned in a hurt in this world of sin this morning wanting to give him all of the cameras it hurts the past the Lord city whether you live and come into your heart that you may be filled with the presence of the Lord this morning when he wanted to give them everything you do things in the windows of give it all to him making a huge decision design


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