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1. How Urgent is This Message?

Vicki Griffin


Just how urgent is the message of biblical living, and how can we gain power in our lives and traction in the areas that bog us down? A look at the big picture, the big plan, and the even bigger promises.


Vicki Griffin

Author, Speaker, and Director of the Lifestyle Matters Health Intervention series



  • December 29, 2016
    9:15 AM
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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference call has been heard in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online at W W W T Y C where we are going to hopefully minister to personal as well as professional and prophetic understanding. And I want your hearts to be touched as well as your head's fair enough. So I'm going to speak to you from my heart as well as my head I'm going to tell you a little bit about my personal story as we begin. And I'm going to try not to rush. Because it's just hard to absorb the information if it comes to in a flash flood. And I have too many slides. So we will see how far I get each day but I'm going to try very hard to minister to your needs and I have a helper back here giving you a set of three twenty four health tracks and I'm going to have prayer right now people are still coming in. But I think we're about ready to get started and I like to be on time. To respect your time. So let's just fell our heads and have prayer and thank you to my helper back there. What's your name George where you're from I really appreciate that you just guard that door and I don't know at one point if at one point we're supposed to shut the door. Maybe not. I'm OK Can you hear me even though the doors open. All right. Free free stuff. For people that come in by the way. This pep particular Power Point is one of my home. Crafted ones but the ones that you will be seeing here after have been professionally developed they are scripted. They're editable they are translated pull into other languages does that sound like a good idea because one of the annoying things that the Lord gave us I am the health ministry director for the Michigan conference. My husband and I my husband passed away several years ago but the Lord. Called us to produce. So when the materials for you to use to go when souls. And I can't wait for you to see. How beautiful they are and how easy they are and we build appeals into these we deal with the twenty four topics that you have in your hand with the balance living tracks the tracks are also in a large size. This is the. This is the large size right here is not nice for him for a meeting and each one of those tracks has a scripted Power Point that is editable so if you go to Albania or Italy or France. You can put these materials in the language contextualize it to your own culture with your own statistics and if this is already being done in the Middle East and in India in various places. So I'm very grateful to let you know about this in relation to those tracks so I hope you open your little package look at all the topics we don't just deal with the standard health topics we deal with topics such as lessons on loss growth out of grief is that an important topic dealing with loss and brokenness of all kinds. What about Who can I trust in a society where we are just hacked all the time. Immune function chronic pain forty million Americans suffer from chronic pain. What are the roots is there such a thing as a. Pain prone personality. What can we do to dial down chronic pain. So this week you're going to have an opportunity to acquaint yourself with these things they're available I've brought a few that are available. We have our first sixteen available two sets of eight of these power points we're working on the third set and in the next presentation. You'll be able to get a view of what they have what they look like but this is my introductory program I'm passionate about it. So as we peek in. I would like for us to bow our heads. And ask the Lord to be with us in a very very special way. Father in heaven. Thank you so much for this time that we can spend together. Please bless and open the heart of each and every hear open my heart and mouth to speak your words because this is our moment together to seek you to find you to knock and to hear and so I pray that you will be with us and minister to our deepest needs create that desire and encouragement in our hearts that will propel us forward to your kingdom in Jesus name Amen. Show back there. Thanks. I'm a mom too. I guess. So the question that we are addressing today is how urgent is this message. Why health evangelism why personal health concerns and why now why now what we're living in a society and in a world where young children are being tutored and trained using dollars to behead their beheading their dolls in preparation to to. Reform beheadings on Christians we are living in a post modern society where we have just catapulted over the hill of despair. And so in the midst of this. Why should we be talking about health. Why should we be addressing issues of wellness. You may be asking yourself why is this woman doing this. Who does she think she is she kind of looks like a librarian. She's probably one of these people that aligns their close up according to color. True that part is true. She's probably really disciplined and it's easy for her to tell people what to do. Well it's it is easy for me to tell people what to do and I'm really praying about that but being disciplined is a gift from God isn't it. Amen. Temperance is not something I'm the health health and temperance director for the Michigan conference and have been for fifteen years offered three books and we have all these Power Points and great stuff for you to use in evangelism. And I'll never forget the time that I was introduced in a church in Alabama by the head elder I was doing a program there that we can i don't know who got me into this church but it was there was not a groundswell of excitement about me being there. The health temperance director for the Michigan conference that's enough to clear a building. So I remember the head elder standing up front and saying we're so glad he was praying. We're so glad to have sister Griffin here to talk to us about health and the congregation said a min and then he said Now health. That's important but salvation. That's the thing everybody shouted Amen. In other words please go home. You know we would just like you to leave. But here's the truth of the matter. I was not raised in this faith. I started running away from home when I was five I came from an extremely violent home. I was beaten up all the time my family was in the wine wine industry. And so my Fiala G At that time was of a God who tyrannizes and throws people to Hell for all eternity and then their blaspheming in hell continues their sentence forever and ever and ever so the combination of that belief. Plus being brutalized so severely. I was very early on I very early on lost belief in God. I started running away from home when I was five by the time I was eleven. I was a chronic runaway. I was in a lot of trouble. I was already running with bad people doing bad things already using drugs and smoking already developing severe eating disorder I developed Believe me of which I had for twenty years from age eleven to age thirty one. I was about twenty five pounds thinner than I am right now I would be throwing up about a dozen times a day I was an atheist I didn't care about living if somebody had come to me and said How would you like ticks extend your life for seven years by eating better I would have said Are you kidding. That would sound like a sentence to me and so I still to this day never use that in my meetings I just don't because not everybody really has a great idea about living a really long time and I understand from God's perspective. When you have him in your heart and his mission and his plan that looks a little different but some of you can identify with what I'm talking about I ran away for good. When I was seventeen years old. Fortunately my grades were always really good because I would hide in libraries. Because there really safe places and they're quiet nobody can yell. And maybe that's why. I'm glad I look a little bit like a librarian. I ran away for good and I didn't come back I came back a year later when I found out that my mother was dying of cancer. My father left home when I was quite young. She was extremely abusive but she was my mom I loved her so I came back to take care of her in Riverside California and one day when I was taking her to one of her doctor's appointments. We drove past a complex of buildings and the buildings weren't so hot. But the landscaping was beautiful. How many of you love beautiful landscaping and flowers and it just does it. So there's something freeing about it isn't it. So I noticed the landscaping and I mean to the extent that I mentioned it to a friend of mine and I told this friend of mine. There's this complex of buildings that has beautiful landscaping. I think it's an air conditioning and venting systems outfit that's open seven days a week because it's called Seventh Day Adventists it must have something to do with venting systems. Well my friend was a Christian Scientist and she said. I mean you're talking to the health ministry director here. What committee in heaven picked me to do this. This is the question that I would like to ask the Lord. So anyway. She said. Vicki that is not a a venting outfit a construction that is actually a college. It's a college and it's called Seventh Day Adventists and. It's a university. And so I remember as if it was yesterday. I said Well. Anybody that landscapes like that can't be all bad. I think I'll go there. I mean there was no reason I didn't have a literature evangelist there was no grandmother praying for me. There was nothing I was just a blip on the screen except Jesus ever lives to make intercession for everybody and somehow some guardian angel noticed me. And so. I remember being so startled by that revelation what a strange name and I didn't ask her what it meant. I just like the landscaping. I wanted to work on grounds. I was going to go there and she said well you know they're they're really not too too wild about atheists. You're an atheist and so she said if you want to go to this school. They'll interview you because in those days I don't know how it is today. But in those days. If you were not a Seventh Day Adventist you had to have an interview with the president of the university and she said if you tell them that the body is the temple to let you in. What she said and so. I said wow you know I didn't even ask her what that meant I didn't care I just wanted to go and so I got Sure enough I got my appointment with Dr Off months and I didn't tell him the story till I had that hot little degree in my hand you know several years later. But I went into his office and I had perfume on to hide the smoke smell and I and I said you know Dr Osman said I don't know too much about you. People but I really like the idea that the body is a temple and he put his arm around me and just gave me a big shake and he said I wish we had more young people like you on this campus and I remember thinking. Are they all this naive. That was so easy and I was in and I met my husband there who was a backslidden Encinas so he fell in love with me and God four years into our marriage got hold of a. Yes. Because the unconverted heart is miserable. And twenty for twenty eight out of our thirty two years of marriage. We were in full time ministry for God so I'm so thankful so for me this message is what. It's urgent. It's life or death. I would not be here today and and you know I do I run obesity clinics I've written three books and a lot of what we do is oriented toward the brain and brain health. And when I do research in science. I'm always looking for God. What does this tell me about God and as we learn through this series of courses that we're going to take about the brain body connection and about how God designed you and me for renewal recovery and restoration. We will learn that help that hope is the heart of health hope. You know you may not live a long time. You may not get your deliverance. But you can have victory over anything because God has planted hope in your heart hope for eternal life hope for adding value to your life hope for change. Amen. So with that little background. Let's just take a look at this from a prophetic sense. How many of you have heard of the author you miss. How many of you heard of that author. He wrote a book two books actually now it's combined into one thoughts on Daniel and thoughts on the revelation Daniel in the revelation by Smith Ellen White says that those who would read this book would have a new religious experience. Put away cheap sentiments and read that book. How many of you have a copy of that book. Well in that book. There is an amazing chapter on Revelation Chapter fourteen. And in the. He trumpets how many of you are familiar with Revelation seven trumpets the history of the fall of the Western Roman Empire is chronicled in the first four trumpets the last three trumpets. Chronicle the fall of the Southern and Eastern Roman Empire and the third trumpet is the fall of the world we are in the Seventh Trumpet we're in the seventh trumpet and so in Revelation Chapter fourteen at the beginning of this great amazing movement that God has bequeath to you and I the angels of Revelation Chapter fourteen or are depicted as flying where in the midst of heaven with what kind of voice confident. What kind of gospel. Eternal and it's a call out of error the nominal churches who had newly come into the rebel into the Reformation still had doctrinal errors that were deadly to spirituality. Deadly to it influences that would bring this to to mysticism and spiritualist them into their midst. Specifically the non immortality of the soul versus the the the immortality of the soul this this pagan platonic doctrine that I was raised with. And so God in this early time is calling the nominal churches out of this deadly error and it's an announcement that the hour of the judgment has come so it's really interesting if you look in Revelation. The Bible says in Revelation Chapter eight verse thirteen. I looked and I heard an angel flying through the midst of heaven saying with a loud voice. Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Zero to the inhabitants of the earth because of the remaining blasts of the Trumpet of the last three angels which are about to sound so how many trumpets when the at the close of the Reformation when it when everything transferred to the United States and the blooming of our three angels message how many trumpets remained how many trumpets remain That's right. And so the Bible says in Revelation Chapter ten. Verse seven it says in the days of the sounding of the seventh angel when he is about to sound the mystery of God would be finish and we are in that the Bible says in Revelation chapter eleven verse fourteen. The second lowest passed and behold the third whoa comes quickly. So the day our month and year prophecy culminated Aug eleven eighteen forty. That was the culmination of the second. Whoa trumpet Thank you Nicole. That was the culmination of the second well trumpet and the third comes when Quickly four years later the investigative judgment began you may be thinking Vicky I thought you're going to talk about peanut butter Why are you talking about this to me right now here's the reason I'm talking to you about it because at the beginning of the investigative judgment God used the most time specific prophecy in all the Bible. The Sixth Trumpet the fall of the Ottoman Empire the saber rattling of the Muslim powers to signal the opening of the investigative judgment. Are you with me. He used Muslim powers to signal the opening of the investigative judgment which began when October twenty two eighteen eight hundred forty four. Because the the movements of other powers are by stealth. This was very visible. It was documentable it was recorded and you can read about it in the great controversy. The reason that I'm telling you about this brothers and sisters this because I believe with all my heart that as we are in the Seventh Trumpet we are no longer at the beginning of this message a call out of error. We are now at the end of the investigative judgment the close of human probation and God is again in my view using the Muslim powers to signal the close of the investigative judgment the close of human probation. Are you are you tracking with me. He used a Muslim event. To signal the opening of the investigative judgment which began four years after eight hundred forty The second was passed the third is coming when Quickly eight hundred forty four and now here we are when in Revelation Chapter eighteen I believe we are at the end of this series of events we talk a lot about Revelation fourteen and the three angels message. I personally believe that we have shifted to Revelation eighteen and the end of this series of events. Do you feel the sense of urgency today in your hearts with events that are occurring and I believe thousands and thousands of Muslim people who are unhappy with their present experience will be saved. This isn't a commentary against Muslims. It's God using movements to signal where we are in history. So this in Revelation eighteen. There is a shift that occurs there's another angel that joins that through third angel it's the Fourth Angel of Revelation eighteen and he comes with what. Great Authority crying how mightily. And now what happens. The earth is a lumen a did with his glory the Bible tells you and me and I say a chapter sixty rise shy for the light is come. And the glory of the Lord is risen upon me. Wow what an opportunity we have what an opportunity and for. Back to enjoy Chapter two God's people. Our experience is likened and compared to a sun rising. You know we want everything right now don't we. We want to get fixed right now we want to think. Right Right now we want to achieve our goals right now we want to be perfect right now but the Bible compares our walk with God as the sun rising. The flesh. Is a sparkler. We want instant results right now and we get discouraged very very quickly when we operate on that basis. And that's why one of our meetings is called mindset matters how to develop a learning versus a fixed mindset it's not about when or lose. It's about when and learn. When and learn. And so the spirit is an investor. The spirit is an investor. He's investing in you did you ask God Spirit to invest in you this morning. You're making an investment in him and he's investing in you and it accrues over time but my prayer for us in our meetings is that we learn not just to have a sense of satisfaction when we reach our goal but I want you to have joy in your journey is it possible to have joy in your journey is it possible to experience joy when you're being corrected by God and learning about your mistakes and your flawed character is it possible. Well it better be because the Bible says the joy of the Lord is our strength. And do you think when I gave my heart to God that I was instantly patient nice. So we knew how to talk to people unselfish kept my mouth shut. I'm still reading books on this topic. But here's the clinch. Now this this spiritual ism has come to full corruption the Bible says that these churches are now filled with. Every falle spirit and have become a hold on a cage of every unclean and hateful bird so spiritualists i'm has put on the Garbus of sanctity you've heard of the book. Heaven is for real and nothing against the people who wrote this to the little kid that had these out of body experiences where he went to heaven but these these books are being promulgated to children. There are Sunday school lessons being taught about these heaven experiences it's in the news it's in secular news and and so are our timing for this message is very very important because when I stand up and tell you that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. It means something to you because you understand that you don't have a soul. You are a soul. There's only two kinds of souls a dead soul and a living soul but without that worldview. Me telling you that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit means very little. If you have an Indian background or a Muslim fatalism background or Krishna or Evangelical the body is just a corrupt suitcase holding the immortal soul. So do you see how urgent it is that we learn how to teach our testing truce with our message. Otherwise it just doesn't have any hold. I have a friend a Baptist preacher lives in North Carolina. Well he's probably passed away. Now he's was quite old at the time but he was a precious man a pastor of a Baptist church ran a little small machine repair shop in North Carolina a friend of mine used to get her stuff repaired there and they had a potbelly stove and in the winter they'd sit in and warm themselves and just talk things over. Well Jimmy was a heavy smoker pastor Jimmy and my friend Cindy who was an Adventist. She kept in and out of the hospice. Well and she she said to me don't you think the Lord wants you to stop smoking. And his response was well when the Lord calls my name. You know I'll be there. I'll go to glory my soul will be released from my body and I'll just go to glory. And she was a real sweet and they were good friends and she said Well Jimmy God must not like smokers very much because he seemed to call their number a lot sooner. Never. But he else's. And he got the message. And so it is it behooves us to understand that this is not just about lab tests. And getting well. If it is about adding value to our lives but we have a much greater trumpet sound to give this message and that is helping people to realize the great and grand testing truths of this time are you with me. It's a commitment. It's time to leave the ranks of the concerned. And join the committed. And God will use human suffering and woe and agony. In order to reach and touch hearts so that we can teach these amazing true sometimes we get fixated on fixing people. And then if they die or if they don't achieve their goals. They're discouraged they go away. That will come back to your meetings. Do you agree with me that we need to have meetings with such a tone that if someone knows they're going to die they still want to come and be at your meeting. Can you present a meeting like that. Do you want someone who's dying of a brain tumor to want to come to your meeting. Do you or do you only want the people that can get well. I want them all to come. I want them all to come. So the call is come out of her my danger it's my people. It's not the hour of judgment it's the end of judgment. Every indicator tells us that this is so. So on the negative side of the ledger there's increased danger risk more trials greater persecution and increased risk of death. But on the positive side God has promised to give us power. To fill us with His glory. And we will have better efficacy so what we do will be more efficient and we will have a great a reach and in the end eternal life. How many of you agree that our own salvation is wrapped up in this our own salvation is wrapped up in this kind of sharing. So let courage rise with danger. I love this. What can be a better preparation for the what for the coming of the Lord and the reception of other truth and the reception of what other trues essential to prepare a people for his coming then to arouse the people to see the evils of this age and we're going to be looking at some Ameri specific things in these classes the battle is not for the Bulge. It's for the brain. It's not about weight control. It's about appetite control and that's a brain thing. So we're going to look at that brain today. And disturb them to Reformation from self-indulgent unhealthful habits is not the world in need of being aroused on the subject of health reform. No health reform in the eighteen hundreds it meant a very positive thing. Just like in the eighty's or ninety's health revolution would be the the the phrase maybe today we would think of Health Innovation. Health revelation. I love this. This is so very important. If people see that we are what. Intelligent with regard to health. They will be more ready to believe that we are sound and Bible doctrines friends. If we were putting together a tract on the Rapture would we be careful what we put in that tract. Would we be pumped ileus to be make sure that we were accurate with the Scriptures. And yet sometimes we hold health meetings we find you know the thing about Google a thing about the Web you can believe in. A thing you want because you can find it on the web. And so what if we. And if we have meetings. That are not grounded in good science. Good physiology. That a rational and balanced and we're going to talk about this on our last meeting and we have a very special guest speaker to do this this last meeting. How many of you know Dr Charles Marcel. Dr Xeno He's amazing. He's from the General Conference and he is taking my Sabbath afternoon meeting so you are in for a real treat to get to hear him but he's going to talk to us about accuracy and balance in our message because people who know better will be repulsed and driven away from the very truths that we're supposed to be introducing just because we do something gimmicky and sensational to get people to come and they will come. But it will drive away the people that know better. That's not a good idea. I remember one time being greeted at the church door. I was there for Sabbath morning to have some meetings and a contingent met me at the door and I've never seen these people and I I got to the door they didn't even say hello to me. They met me and they said What is your position on microwaves. They said Our church is divided half the church won't come to potluck because of microwaves people are warming the food in microwaves. Well the problem that I had is I did not know which group I was talking to and so I just you know I just said well I guess it depends on if you're microwaving a sweet potato or a pop tart. Can I come in Chile. So you know we can get into all kinds of my new Shia when really the truth is if most people would just switch from Pop Tarts to Peaches. They're going to just really see some good effects. Amen. So we need to be so careful. The Bible says Have I not written to you. Excellent things and counsels and knowledge that I make that I may make you know with certainty the words of truth science true science and inspiration are in perfect harmony and they were given to us to to to display God's beautiful character and to draw people into our larger message so important. So that you may answer the words of truth to those who said for you. Ellen White says that light seekers will be brought to light bearers. One of the reasons that we've put all these materials together and research them and documented them with full index medical. Referencing but beautiful pictures and headlines so that if all someone does is really look at the pictures they're going to get the message if all they do is read the little headers. They're going to get the message. But if they want to dig deeper and look up the studies they have that as well. And my colleague Evelyn Kissinger and I are both members of the American Dietetic Association. Now called the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and we do this so that you can go out and share with others without making yourself or your church a liable to two unintended consequences and bring a lawsuit on your church and here I have a nurse here who is shaking her head. Yes You know you stick a diabetic feet in hot water and if Gang Green sets in. You know we have to we have to study we can pray and we can feel that zeal in our hearts but we have to learn. We have to add value to our lives and when we had value to our own lives through discipline and study then we are equipped to add value to other people's lives. It's a slow process. It's boring and it's monotonous. But it brings great results. Paul this is not a new message Paul reasoned with Felix. Concerning what righteousness by faith the health message biblical living and. And time prophecies judgment to come. I think it's so interesting because Felix struggled with this for two and a half years. It wasn't just a immediate response he struggled over this. It was so powerful and the neat thing about the way this is positioned is that right. Just in the spy faith leads to two biblical living principles in our from our heart. We start to live differently. And when we are living differently then we can step into the larger prosthetic message because we have the faculties to understand. And the interesting thing is I have a statement of my Bible. Here is if I can find it. Real quickly. We're told in inspiration. I don't have it right here in front of me. But we're told an inspiration that when our brains are clogged. Through in order to diet. The sacred special truths for this time. Become as idle tales. That the mind cannot even absorb or comprehend. So I work with pastors to help them understand that if the participants at our meetings are not being educated to two more healthy habits there as much as they may love what they're hearing. It's really not going to have much of an effect. Ellen White says Satan can easily snatch away the good See that was planted. Because the brain cannot comprehend these truths and that some will not understand the importance of this message until the plagues are falling on their shelterless heads. May that not be any of us may we not get discouraged if we have a food addiction or problems of like that. I can't even imagine where I was and what my brain looked like under imaging. When I was seventeen eighteen one. Versus what it looks like now and what it will look like maybe later hopefully better how many of you would like to have a more beautiful brain under imaging more beautiful. Three people put your hand up if you want to more beautiful brain. The Bible says the father's name is going to be written in our foreheads. All right. What does that mean. What it means is that your brain is going to look more like a healthy brain. Because there's no other place that God can speak and the brain is constantly remodelling itself according to what it learns and we're going to talk about the brain in another session. Intemperance lies at the foundation of how much evil in our world. All of it and it alone is the foundation of all the graces that come from God. And all the victories to be gained. I carry. I carry a little seed packet with me. This is one I created myself. My nephew is a seed scientist. My nephew Michael he lives in Santa Barbara. And I love I love botany I love landscaping. I love. You know when I get really overwhelmed I'll say God don't you just really want me to work at a nursery and transplant mom's Isn't it like time for me to do this and he has not said yes that it's time to do that yet. That's something that I would love to do. So when I go out to see Michael we go out for walks together and I'll say Michael look at this in Santa Barbara look at this look at this grass is it a fescue What is it. How does it reproduce is it a weed is it a flower and he'll say and Vicky I don't know I'd have to see the seed. If I saw the sea. I could tell you if it's alive or dead or sick or even what kind of plant it is and not say Michael have you ever even picked up a spade in your life and planted anything. No no I. I mean the world needs people like that. But the Bible says that when we receive Christ. We receive him in his fullness of his. Fullness. You have received it doesn't feel like it doesn't. I mean we just strip and stumble and have character flaws and the work has just begun. Well here's why it doesn't feel like it because we receive it in the form of. Seed. And we've got to nurture that seed we've got to grow that seed how many of you have bought old seed from last year. It's always discounted at least fifty percent why. Because when it stays in the packet what happens to it. It loses its viability the germinating principle just dies. And it dies in the packet. So we can receive the fullness of Jesus Christ we receive it in the form of seed. It's in you love joy peace longsuffering goodness gentleness meekness I had to look that one up that did not seem useful to me. Temperance temperance is not something that you do. It is a character trait of God that he implants in the heart. And if it wasn't I'd be sunk. And I received it in the form of seed. But if I need collect. If I need to let nurturing and watering that seed it starts to die. So are you motivated now to start cultivating that seed the way you would cultivate your garden. The relation that exists between the mind and the body is what it is very intimate when one is affected the other sympathises. The mind is seriously affected by what we eat and drink. Erroneous eating and drinking results in erroneous thinking and acting. Now. I am not an enemy of having a cookie. So just get that out of your mind right now. But here's the thing. These cookies look like cup caps. And we're not having an occasional little something as a culture. We're having a birthday party for breakfast Christmas for lunch. Thanksgiving for dinner Fourth of July before we go to bed. Lots of fireworks lots of fireworks but not the kind that we want we have now. Hit a record in sugar consumption one hundred pounds a year per person. When I first put my information on this together. It was sixty it's gained by forty pounds a year one hundred pounds a year we're going to learn more about how that affects depression risk and addictions later on. This is from nutrition reviews can what you eat influence what mental function the answer is certainly what. Affirmative now from a science journal. That's that's a hard phrase to find as if it may be associated more studies are needed. It's not abundantly clear this was a small cohort they go on and on and on and on this one says absolutely. And there are scores of others that say the same. This is an interesting statement repeated poor food choices set fundamental patterns in the production of brain chemicals that regulate appetite and what. Mood what drives us to the chips chops of lollipops mood. Often it's mood. So that you become a victim of mood swings food cravings and poor sleep habits and other. Emotional problems because of poor eating habits so it's not about a single food. It's not about. And the limitation as much as it is about filling and being full with those good things and it displaces those addictive substances are you with me. So to make Man whole what do we do what is our approach. What is the paradigm that we operate operate from this is the purpose of this first meeting is to pull that camera back and take a look at the big picture of how we approach people how we approach the topic. We don't use any one thing as a bully pulpit because people are not just made up of what they eat or a habit or lab tests. They're human beings with challenges and problems and needs and genetics so. Health the heart of health is what it's hope. Because without hope. Knowledge crushes. Mencius the Chinese sage said Knowledge imparts information but not the power to execute. Have you ever left a meeting with so much information. And it wasn't given wings. And you're just crushed under it. Have you ever had that happen where you're actually discouraged with so much information. So that the question is is information. Are you consuming information or is information consuming you. The most important thing is that we combine information with education motivation and inspiration. If we don't come but if we don't add motivation and inspiration to education. It becomes a weapon that the enemy uses to hurt and destroy and cut and discourage. So God gives us hope in our habits the Bible says he's able to subdue all things hope in our hindrances Paul said I forget those things which are behind and I'm stretching forth with every power pressing on to. To a greater knowledge of Jesus Christ the Lord wants to teach us how to press into Christ press through the trouble press on to victory perseverance wins the day it's the badge of saints and it's the thing that we do most poorly. I was a quitter and a runaway and I still tend to have that to tends to be my default and when Dan and I were first married if we'd have problems at a church something would happen somebody would say something that would hurt my feelings I say OK then that's it. You know let's just move and we just got to get out of here. And he came up from a really nice family nice dinner without throwing their plates at each other and stuff so the really nice people. And he didn't even couldn't comprehend my reaction to problems and he'd say Vicky you know there's a problem. These nests of people are everywhere. You know we're just not going to get away from it. They're all over the place and in addition we're people and we're a problem too. And so he just dug down. We wouldn't move every time I told him we needed to pull up stakes and move. So I was very thankful for his influence. I hope in our heartaches Jesus is the comforter and we are his hands to comfort others as well. And hope for heaven that's the Bible says that that is where our citizenship is and if you read that third trumpet the very next verse says and now it's come to come to dominion and power and glory of our Lord forever and ever and ever amen. We are citizens of another land things don't square up in this world. It's not fair it's not right stuff happens. God told job. You know you can't even domesticated donkey. Go ahead and solve the sin problem the suffering problem put a hook in leviathans nose do you think I don't get this job about evil when I lost my husband to. Very very rare cancer that kills only twelve hundred people a year he was pleading as he was dying Lord one more project for that cause the most godly man love the health message people would wait in line. I remember a lady waiting in line after I finally got up enough courage to have a meeting after going through this devastation of this amazing man this loss of my my soul mate for life. She waited in line after I did a meeting to ask me what did he do to get this. Another person said well God knows what you need. And I remember saying. Couldn't he have started by breaking my nose. You know and if that didn't work then let's go to the next thing. So we have to be so very careful because the book of Job tells us that with this evil situation we're in in this world. Cause and effect patterns fall apart. Now having said that can we reduce unnecessary suffering. But do we need to qualify what we say. So that people don't aren't just weapon lashed at our meetings they may have kidney filtration problems from their mother who had the flu at a certain stage of gestation that gives them high blood pressure. It may not have anything to do with how many vegetables they're eating. So do we need to be gentle and careful and qualify what we say. You know Jesus prayed for deliverance. From his father from the cross with strong prayers and crying and tears and the Bible says and he preached after five that God heard him in that he feared. Now did Jesus go to the cross. The Bible says in Psalms many are the afflictions of the right. Which is but the Lord delivers them out of them all. The very next verse says not a bone of his was broken. That was a prophecy about Jesus. So the juxtaposition of that scripture is so unusual. It made I thought about it for a long time. It's an audacious claim with a little prophecy next to it. What does it mean. Well Jesus prayed for deliverance the father heard him he was not delivered from his cross but he had victory over it. You may not be delivered from cancer. You may not get that instant job you may not be delivered from that pesky relative. But you can have victory over it. That's the promise. What the Lord doesn't deliver you from he'll give you strength. Here's a prayer that God always answers. He's either going to solve your problem. So that you can enjoy for me it's a bubble bath. He's going to solve your problem. So you can enjoy your day or he'll make you bigger to meet it. Now where we are in earth's history which option which option do we want. What's the one we want we want to fix things so that we just can you know have a life smooth as grease. But what's the one we're going to get more often. He's going to make you bigger to meet it to meet it. And to trust your heavenly Father when you don't understand what a Precious Gift that is. The very essence of the Gospel is restoration and the Savior would have a bit of the sick the hopeless and the afflicted take hold upon his strength. We need to have a wider definition of what restoration means it's a whole person experience. The Savior went from. House to house healing the sick comforting the mourners soothing be afflicted speaking peace to the disconsolately. He took the little children in his arms and blessed them and spoke words of what hope and comfort to weary mothers with unfailing tenderness and gentleness he met every form of human woe. And affliction the Bible says that he has carried our griefs you know we grieve over maybe a child that's in rebellion we grieve over a loss. We grew. I've a friend who has grieved for years over the loss of a leg from an accident she was hit by a drunk driver. She has constant pain she's a pastor's wife she said. Vicki that man she said I spent more time in the hospital than he spent in jail and he was never sorry. What a journey she's had in her life. We can't write the script in life. But he carries our griefs even our emotional resources belong to God and we can only grieve so much for so long and if we don't put a barrier around even our grief. Our battery life gets so short that we will that we will just die out ourselves. So we've got to guard that he carries that grief. It was his meat and drink to bring hope and strength to all with whom he came in contact really are to learn his method of laboring. I want to introduce you to Jerry she'll he's going to be at our camp meeting in Michigan this year I was doing a training is it time for me to quit. Is this what time are we supposed to be done. I've ten minutes great Jerry I did this we created this program called Living Free This is the book Living Free finding freedom from habits that hurt is a beautiful and it's it covers all kinds of addictions including food addiction it's a lifestyle book and we have a whole box of it's a six session seminar with power. Points and D.V.D.'s. So that you can hold an addictions program living free program in your church well I was doing a training at an idea in Florida and Jerry shows up with a van full of Canadians he's Canadian he comes into my class. I'm supposed to do fifteen hours of training and he introduces him self and he says you know I'd like to to share in your class I would like some time to share. Well I've never seen this guy in my life. He walks in. Just like that and wants to take my class. So I started to backpedal a little bit. Well I'm so glad you're here look at this van full of people how nice you know it's a tight schedule. Lots to accomplish. Maybe we can get squeeze three to four minutes in for you. I thought how much damage can he do in three to four minutes. So he stands up and starts to talk and when he gets going I just sit down. And I said. I think I wrote the whole thing for you just finished the class. He's never been through a training. Here's his story. He was a bad boy when he was a little kid and his first crime was taking money out of the offering plate. And he was just downhill from there. Very very brilliant kind of A.T.T. kind of guy. Created some software program left the church created some kind of elite software program for athletes for physical therapy went to Hollywood was making a lot of money he was a model partied with all these people he got addicted to everything in his words everything. So he finally is tired of being in the pig pen. He goes to a pastor in Canada. And I had just held a program there. And the are living free program see the box. It's a box. So this pastor he goes to this pastor and he says I'm addicted to every. Thing I want to be free with a pastor was just what do I do with this guy so he picks up the box which is meant to hold the succession program. And he says. I have this box and if you take this box home and do what's in this box you'll be free. Well it's not meant to be used that way but Jerry took the box home. He went through all the D.V.D.'s he went through the handouts he went through the power points he read the book he did the answer sheets and guess what happened. He got free. He got free. This is ten years ago. So now he comes back to Canada and he's working with a homeless guy and the homeless guy says you know Jerry you're amazing with people you love God you love people. You're free. You need to be in ministry. Jerry decides to start doing living free programs. Full time. And doing some construction on the side to facilitate that if you if he does a program in a rich church he charges some if he's in a poor church he doesn't charge them. He's doing this at non administers as he has not Adventists leaders from other denominations coming to his back door to go through the living free program. And I have pictures on my cell phone of his house filled up with people and I I talked to him recently I said Here I am so stressed the school girl is getting baptized in our church and I said you know she's lonely shop I don't think she had many friends I said Bring your little friends over we'll have a celebration lunch thirty people she invites thirty people to my house to eat. I said I don't even know what to do. I'm getting a migraine just thinking about it he said. Vicki it's so easy. He said I have I run a living free program every month I have people every Sabbath. He says if they want something just tell him where to get it he said will make them feel part of the family just don't sweat it. It's just a very unique guy and I kind of did that and I did pretty good. It was fun. So Jerry. Here's Jerry he meets this man named Roger Roger is a retired Royal Air Force pilot who. Has fallen into depression and hard times. He has taken up the gin habit. This is his in part his this is his apartment. So Jerry approaches Roger when he sees his apartment and he says. Roger. Would you like to be free. This is his place. And Roger says yeah I want to be free and so Jerry says well you know what I have this box and if I go to your house. And if we go through this box. You'll be free. He says I'm in. And now if you as a nurse looking at this. What would you think the likelihood of this man actually being successful. It's you know we have too much education. To understand what God can do so. Areas they start to clean up this is his counter full of the gin bottles they start to clean up the mess. They start to purge the house of stuff there's the box. There's my colleague Evelyn talking about dietary fiber and the brain and he's going through a cereal cereal boxes making sure each serving has so many grams of fiber and and then we talk about creating an environment that calls you in a proper positive direction this is his X. Journal environment that he doesn't have a pretty ceramic bowl like I do at home but this these are his first steps they're going through this is him look look at his table back here and look at the self-respect that this man got back his kitchen. He joined a Bible study group. After a year he went to Jerry and he said Jerry you know I really need a job now I'm I'm I'm ready to work. Well this is the cab. That he used to take to the liquor stores to get his gin he. Jerry knelt down and prayed. And God gave him a job. Driving that cab. So every time he got in that cab. It reminded him of what God had done for him. Can you say amen. Is anything too hard for God God is in the business of turning messes into miracles he knew what he was getting into when he called you. The spirit of the Lord is upon you and me because he's anointed us to heal the broken hearted preach deliverance to Capt is recovering of sight to the blind and set at liberty them that are blues Now this is a stunning statement we have three minutes left. We're close on time. Look at this knowledge. Benevolence what is benevolence. What is benevolence. It's kindness selflessness knowledge but Neverland's eloquence gratitude and zeal are all what aids in the good work but with out the love of Jesus in the heart the work of the Christian minister is a failure. I want to tell you this statement brought me to my knees in tears. Search me oh god. Try my heart. Help me to really see people the way you do you know it's really easy to be humble when we're wrong but how do you behave when you're right. That's the big test. How do you feel about people that are wrong and who have wronged you. We can feel wrong and do right. So it's a body mind and spirit message and it is it is only through the grace of Christ that this work of restoration physical mental and spiritual can be accomplished but the blessing bounces back to you. Strength your own strength to resist evil is best gained by aggressive service. It doesn't say aggressive. Servants. Dated I used to be like Attila and Mrs Van hun. After I last day someone came to me several years later and she said You're saying the same things but you're saying that a lot differently. That's a piece of gold. I'm so thankful I just hope no T.V. stations get hold of some of those old programs. Here's another promise for you and me all. How many. All who consecrate soul body and spirit to God will be constantly receiving a new endowment of physical and mental power this work that we are engaged in God promises it will be highly successful. He makes himself responsible for its accomplishment. All of us need to be instructed and in courage. Many many will be rescued from physical mental and moral degeneracy through the practical influence of just caring about people showing them basic simple habits health talks will be given publications done and people will advance step by step to receive what. Here we are full circle right back. The special truths for this time we must never take our eye off the reason why we do this. This is no time to say whoa is me like as if this is time to say here I am here I am this time the true educators will have their reward now is our time now is our opportunity to do a blessed work this is no time to put a Do Not Disturb sign on the Holy Spirit in our own lives or laboring for others. Remember friends you are the light of the world and the Bible says that a bruise read and a smoking flax he will not what. Quench. You may. Your flame may be so low that it's sending smoke and it creates a stench. But the Bible says He will fan it to life through His Spirit. How many of you would like that experience today to have that flame to life and to fan it to life. In those with whom you come in contact our next meeting is God's peace plan where you lose your peace you lose your power for four parts to God's peace plan. So let's stand as we have prayer and we will meet again next time. Father in heaven how thankful we are for the wonderful promises the special the testing. The work of your spirit to comfort and guide and strengthen and reprove give us the faculties and the strength that we need you were able to strongly work with you could hardly help us to be strong for you to listen to your voice. Give us the desire to be willing to invest in the work of improving our the lives of others this message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference in Houston Texas a supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so winning Christians for other resources like this visit us online at W W W.


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