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1. The Serpent’s Whisper – Spiritualism in Our Modern World!

Eric Wilson



  • December 29, 2016
    9:15 AM
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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference went on has been heard in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online at W W W T Y C. Wed father and have we thank you for our Redeemer. And for our king and for our friend. We ask you today. Lord Jesus Christ that you will come and be with us open our eyes that we might see your glory open our ears that we might hear your voice and father. Most of all when our hearts mine included because unless the heart is one everything else is vain. I ask you Father that you will give me your words. I thank you. In Jesus' name. OK this first session is called the serpents whisper spiritualism in our modern world. We're going to energy use this idea and then we're going to begin to work it in with Eastern mysticism. But we have to store it here first. Our own. When in Texas from Romans chapter eight and this is something I want you to remember through this entire series Romans chapter eight verse nineteen. We have been told that it is the earnest expectation of all creation that is why even for the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God Now in the King James which is what I read from it says the sons of God and I always thought you know what is what is it just limit it to sons and I looked at that word up in the Greek and I was surprised at what I found the word sons literally means children that have been be gotten of God So that's girls and boys sons and daughters but it's not adopted. It's be gotten it says and in first Peter and it also tells us in the Gospel of John that we are big gotten again not by corruptible see but by incorruptible by the Word of God which Live Earth and abide for ever. Now I've got to be careful because I could I could stay right here for the next hour and we could just share just on this one verse. But there is something that is absolutely essential for us as Seventh Day Adventists Christians to recognize. Number one is the Word of God lives and it a buy for ever. Now I want to ask you something. And I do enjoy a response. How did God create this world. How did he create the universe. He spoke and it was he commanded and it stands fast. Now let me ask you a question how many people in here have ever been to a big city. And you're walking down the sidewalk and there on the asphalt there's a crack in the sidewalk and you see grass or you see some little twig pushing its way up through that ass ball. If you ever seen that before. Let me tell you why because six thousand years ago. Christ the Lord Jesus Christ spoke one sentence and he said Let the earth bring forth grass and it's still obeying Today that same word that spoke live in the darkness that spoke let this grass come forth and it obeys that same word is the word that has spoken our new birth and it abides forever. Now I want to show you the war. We're all familiar with the great controversy Korat there was war in heaven and the great dragon was cast out that old serpent called The Devil and Satan which deceived the whole world. He was cast out into the earth and is angels who were cast out with. How many people have heard this verse before me too I was raised in our church and our faith as a Christian and when I used to hear this verse even even when I was younger. Like you know two years ago. What I always thought about was in the last days there's going to be this great deception Satan is going to he's going to blind people's minds and I'm not I'm not nay gave him that yes we know that's coming. Yes we know that Satan is going to appear and proclaim himself to be Christ but there's something greater here that the Lord wants us to see it says that great dragon the old serpent the word serpent means to hear us to whisper to and chant or to cast a spell. That's what the word serpent literally means. Called the devil our adversary and hasa tahn that means the accuser which just seeing the whole world. Do you know the deception that he has deceived the entire world with let me tell you it started in Genesis chapter one. What do you think happened when God and Christ formed Adam from the dust of the ground. I mean think in your mind for a minute. I mean we're going to use sanctified a badge a nation OK sanctified we go back there and we see Christ taking his hands and forming this man that was perfect and he breathes into his model the breath of life and Adam opens is I was can you imagine what it was like for Adam he was he wasn't created as a child he was a full grown man in maturity and he opened his eyes for the. First moment and he looked up into the face of our creator what went through his mind then I mean can you imagine that. Now what do you think Christ said to him I created you you are modest son. The Bible tells us in the Gospel of Luke a believe it's in Luke in the lineage of Jesus Christ says that all the way back to Adam and there's a statement right at the end of the lineage. It says And Adam was the Son of God a man that sentence says you're not a Son of God you're not a daughter of God If you are a Son of God Why did you do that bad thing if you did yesterday. Why do you still have thoughts you're struggling with why is he accuses constantly and he deceives because if he can make you and I BELIEVE THAT WE ARE other than what the Word of God clearly declares we are sons and daughters of the Living God then he's got us and you know what will happen to us every one of us will go about with all our might like the children of Israel did and say I'm gonna fix this. I've got to fix myself and and I know if you all are like me you've probably been trying your entire life and it hasn't worked on your best day. We've all probably still failed miserably. All of our righteousness is filthy rags. So say he has tried to deceive the world. Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field and he said under the Warman this is implied yet a half God really said that was what the Hebrew implies Did God really mean that a note that's what it says protect can literally mean that those of you that are in college or in university now you're probably going to hear some professors and some textbooks that are going to say that very same thing. And I want you to know that it's not your professor that same that it's the spirit that has inspired those words. I know it says that but it can't really mean that I know it says that God created everything in six days but that's not literally six days right. Have you heard that before. How about. How about other texts of Scripture one of the ones that I used to really have trouble with was the place where Jesus said If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed you shall say did this mountain be removed and it shall I can't hear you. Everybody's still waking up. What did Jesus say would happen if we have faith as a grain of mustard seed we would say to this mountain be removed and what would happen. Do we believe that and you know I asked a pastor one time and I'm not condemning the pastor because he was just like me I was like What do you think this means he said I know it says the bow will be removed but it's talking about the mountains of. ABOL in your life and I was like OK what makes me feel better. You know that my faith is not as weak as I thought and then I went back as I got older and or read that text again and Jesus said this right after he cursed the fig tree. He looked at this big tree he said you should have fruit on you because you've got great leaves. There's no fruit. He said Let no fruit grow on you from henceforth forever and he walked away the next morning he in the disciples are walking out of Jerusalem and Peter is standing there walking beside Jesus and he looks over any sings that same tree. And it's dried up at the roots. And he's like John in Drew look at Lisa Jesus look at the church. And Jesus said Why are you surprised if you have faith in God's word. You can do the same thing. B. You just saw me do. Say and does not want us to believe that from eternal ages it was God's purpose that every created being from the bride and holy Sarah of or angels to man should be a temple for the end welling of the Creator. I want to go back. I challenge you go back and read the first two chapters of patriarchs and prophets. I just recently have begun to learn what God's word says and what he has inspired. Every created being even the angels were created to be temples for the end warning of their creator. And when you read them page sharks and prophets what happened when Lucifer of Pearl I was amazed. Satan is there in heaven and God speaks through that still small voice his spirit whispering impressing us influencing us and you know what Satan said I don't need your influence let go of my hand that you remember when your children. Well given example. Ma a son I can remember when my son and daughter were five years old. You know we go to the mall or we go out somewhere and they did not want to let go of my hand because they were nervous or we got near a big intersection. And then they had a certain age and they go to I'm a damn Lego are big enough I can do this. I don't need to hold my hand anymore. Right. Satan said I don't need your divine influence. I don't need you. Whispering in my ear. What's right and what's wrong and what's the best way to do this. Ella White tells us and patriarchs and prophets he actually told the Lord he said we were made holy just like you we can no more say in the new Could we don't need your divine in Florence. It was God's design that every created being should be a temple for the end. Well end of the Creator but because of sin humanity's seems to be a temple for God darkened and the filed by evil the heart of man. No no longer revealed. The glory of the Divine One and I've got to be careful here because like I said we could stay right here this is so important as Seventh Day Adventists Christians and the most guilty. We have gotten into such a habit of thinking that the mind and the intellect is all that God is seeking to win. I can look at the at the Ten Commandments and I go you know a lot strickly Saturdays gotta be the Sabbath. I think I'm going to just stop working on Saturday because I don't want to get the mark of the beast and I walk away and I say I'm. I'm good. That's not salvation. That's not salvation. The heart has to be one the heart has to be one it says there the heart of man this. This means your of factions in your desires. If a husband and a wife get married and the husband says you know what I understood to grit my teeth and stick it out. I'm not signing it you should do that on bad days but if that's all there it is if there was never any affection if there was never any drawing out then there will never be a sacrifice of yourself on behalf of the other we will not be able to sacrifice ourselves on behalf of our Redeemer. If all we have is head knowledge there has to be more. The deception of sin had reached its height all the agencies for depriving the souls of men had been put in operation. This is talking about Christ first coming when Satan. Saw God create mankind any new from heaven God wants to dwell in them. He said I've gotta take God's place. I'm gonna take God's throne. I have to take possession of his temple. It says the Son of God looking upon this world beheld suffering in misery and with pity he saw a helm in had become victims of satanic cruelty. He looked with compassion upon those who were being corrupted murdered and lost. They had chosen a ruler who had chained him to his car as captives bewildered and deceived they were moving on in gloomy procession toward eternal ruin to a death in which is no hope of life toward no I to which comes no morning. I want to pause here just for a moment I'm not reading these these statements to you because our read them. I'm reading these statements to you because I've been there all of us have been there but because of my involvement in the eastern martial arts and tight Shion qigong and Bhagwan I Kido in all the Eastern healing twenty five years training and teaching in that and because of that it brought me indoor bondage in my life that destroyed not only ma life but it destroyed my wife and my children and I'm not going to tell the whole story today but because of me doubting God's word and because of the influence. Of the serpent. My wife and I wound up divorced for almost five years and during those five years. She fasted and she prayed and she kept claiming God's promises like she had never prayed before and God did America not because I deserved it but because he promised and I'm going to I'm just going to highlight this when my wife and I first started struggling. We thought we were fighting against one another and a lot of times. There may be some of you in here that have issues with your mom or your dad and you feel like and why is my dad treat me that way. Why is he always on my case why is my mom always doing this and we may be parents and we're thinking why is my son and my daughter always doing this we are not wrestling against them were wrestling against the spirits of darkness that are influencing So when my wife was there and she she saw me be good in my a U.-Haul truck and drive away and abandon her and my children and she was like I don't know what to do how God I mean we're a Christian family we go to church every every week on Sabbath we're vegetarian we're we have all this knowledge. What do I do and God spoke a promise to her one promise and Matthew Chapter nineteen he said what I have joined together. Let no man put asunder and you know what people at our church they would come up to my wife and they would say. Sarah honey he has been gone for two years he's been seeing another person another woman for two years. Hears you have the judge sign the papers during wiggly divorced and my wife would hear God's Word say Let no man put asunder. That means not even the judge and if you've already been through a divorce. I'm not condemning you OK. God is not telling you to throw that one away and go back and try to make a man's what God says is this is where you are today walk in righteousness from this day forward. But let me tell you something. I remember one day when this lady came up to my wife my wife and children were there church and my son was three when I left and my daughter was six and my wife came in there with with these two little children and this lady meant well but she came over and she patted my wife on the shoulder and she said Sarah Honey we're praying for you and my wife had been wrestling with say every day twenty four hours a day listening to him whisper in her heart or mine and my wife looked at this lady and she said Ma'am. Do you believe my husband's coming home and that lady looked and she said Sarah were worried that your going to cause your children to lose faith in God because what if. Eric doesn't come home and my wife looked at her and she said you don't believe I don't want your prayers. She said Don't pray for me. If you don't believe don't pray for me I don't need prayers that people don't believe and I know that seems cold but you know Jesus did the exact same thing when he went in to raise that little girl from the dead. He put every one of his disciples out except for. Three. Do you know why they were doubting he put a long while. Because when a little leaven will leaven the whole lump satanic agencies. What's that word were an angel talk up a little bit. I know it's early incorporated what does incorporated mean to come in to union to Oneness incorporated take time to look at these words such Haneke agencies were incorporated with man. The bodies of human beings that have been made from the dwelling place of God had become the habitation of demons. How many people here have ever heard a sermon on demonic possession. That's more than most most congregations you go to New ask that question you might have one person raised her hand we typically as Christians don't talk about that. It's sort of like a taboo subject. You know what's amazing somebody that's possessed it doesn't mean that their head turns around backwards in their vomiting green stuff and they're cutting themselves all the time necessarily you know a White says that Judas was possessed with a demon of selfishness. Selfishness had gotten such a hole in his life that it controlled his life. She talked about one of the strongest demons that there was to overcome. She said was the demon of appetite. She said that was the first play. It's that Adam fell. That was the first place that Christ had to win back the census the nerves the passions the organs of men were worked by supernatural agencies in the indulgence of the violence lust. The very stamp of demons was impressed upon the countenances I'm in have you ever walked through a place and you'd see somebody and you knew something was not right inside of their horn because of what was on their face or what you saw in their eyes. I don't watch television anymore right or regular television but I can remember when I used to watch M.T.V. or when I used to watch some of the sit coms are just great and you'd see people's faces in you go. What's inside of them. Such was the prospect upon which the world's Redeemer looked what a spectacle for infinite purity to behold. Where in Christ to be hold his likeness. There we read in Isaiah how our fallen from heaven no Lucifer Howard cut down to the ground which did weaken the people do you want to know what we can us these demonic influences for the has said in mine heart. I will ascend into heaven. I will exalt my throne. I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation. I will be like the most high. Do you remember that statement we read from Sister White she said it was God's purpose that every created being should be a temple for the most high. Right. That's why. Satan said I know we may see Satan set up his throne in Rome or in Jerusalem. I have no doubt we're going to see some sort of physical manifestation of that event. But more importantly we should recognize the spiritual in Revelation Chapter eight teen births one through four The Bible tells us that before Christ returns every human being that is a long time will be either possessed completely by the spirit of the Living God or they will be the the whole of every unclean spirit and the cage of every hateful one unclean bird you're talking about demonic possession selfishness bitterness in the jealousy has a lust appetite intemperance cursing swearing blasphemy. You name it. There's a fallen angel that that's what they're there for and those that have not sought to have the temple cleansed now will be left with the temple UN clans. OK now we want to look at a statement we're going to start introducing the eastern mysticism you all are familiar with this when Protestantism stretch your hand across the Gulf to grasp the hand of the Roman power when she shall reach over the abyss to clasp hands with spiritual ism when under the influence of this three fold Union our country shall make provision for the propagation of papal false hoods. Delusions. Then we may know that the time has come for the marvelous working of Satan and that the in is near. I want to tell you something. This is not next year. It's happened. Now and I want to show you what really struck me I'm still young. I'm only forty seven and this really really got my attention. I think visually America draw pictures when I'm reading my Bible make notes and a draw. I will be able to see it and I was like OK when we reach our hands over the Gulf to grasp the Roman power. I thought. I can see Protestants grasping hands with Rome right. You all saw the video of Tony Palmer in can cope when. I'm been and we've had stuff before that but I mean you can see that you can see us grasping hands Rick Warren Purpose Driven Life and he's shaking hands with papa. But then I I had this question come to me I can't picture us shaking hands with the state of the dead and I thought you know the spiritual isms the state of the dead that's how I grew up believing and I thought how are we. Shaking hands with the doctrine of the state of the dead does it mean we're accepting what the world teaches about this. I said Lord there has to be something more. This is what I found when I looked up the word spiritual ism and Ellen whites writings I found that she used to words almost interchangeably spiritual and some and. Spira tism just take a look at how this came into the United States. The birth of spiritualism in America and I want you to think about the birth of the Advent movement. The Fox sisters how many people have ever heard of them. I grew up a mom reading there will read books to me about the wrappings and I'm a little boy and I'm thinking this is just stuff out of some little red book by some old lady that lived long ago and then when I was doing the research back in two thousand and eight to start on this series. A look up the fox's not from AD been a source as I just looked it up on Google. I was amazed at what I found. There's newspaper articles all over the country about them. There were Protestant Pastors that were condemned mean spiritual ism that weren't even of our faith huge oracles in books that were being written by Protestant men of God that were saying this is wrong. The foxes Toure's they lived from eight hundred fourteen to eight hundred ninety in that an interesting time frame the when she bored. It was a created and made popular by a man named Alija bond. It was promoted and released to the best of my memory in eight hundred ninety Parker Brothers a bully picked it up and you could go and buy that any came or more whatever shopping center spiritualism. How about H.P. blow out ski anybody familiar with her she was the founder of the Theosophical Society. If you do the research on her watch. I don't encourage you to dig too deep. All of her teaching. Came from the men the gurus she learned from in India. So she traveled to India to learn their spiritual disciplines and then do you know where she lives. She lived just a little while away from Ellen White and she was alive at the same time. So when Ellen White warned about the also fee it wasn't like some. Just some random thing she was living in the New England states where all of this new age mysticism was being brought into this country now want to show you something interesting spiritism the definition is the study of communication with spirit entities. It was introduced to the Christian west by a man named Alan Kartik who lived from eighteen zero four to eight hundred sixty nine spiritual ism is the practice of communicating with the dead. Usually through the use of a medium or channel. That's interesting to me. The media and changing channels. One of the gentleman with Light Studios Keith has got a documentary that they began working on and he found some information on this that floored me. The man that developed the television tube the man that developed radio all of these men that developed the media when you go back and you read the history. You know why they all developed it every one of them was trying to make contact with the lived one that had passed away and. A thaw through the media will be able to do this no joke. You can go on the audio verse and look at up his name is Keith. DETWEILER from little white studios. It's a powerful audio and they are working on the video for it. As we near the close of time there will be greater and still greater xterm all parade of heathen power. I first heard this quote by a pastor named Pastor David Gaines and my family. Now we're listening to him preach and he read this and I was floored. What it says it says he then deities will manifest their signal power and will exhibit themselves before the cities of the world and this delineation has already begun to be fulfilled. The word signal means I think the best way to describe it it means. The way that they manifest it was a demonstration of their power. They the way that they demonstrated their power would be through an X. terminal parade within human beings and when this was written the writer said this had already begun to be fulfilled already in the eighteen hundreds and then she said all need wisdom carefully to shirk our the big mystery of a nick Woody that figures so largely into the winding up of this earth's history. Now I want to tell you something. There's two mysteries talked about in the Bible. The mystery of the Nick witty and the mystery of godliness. Two mysteries and we're going to be examining those through this series Cheney energy. This was me when I was younger. Over on the far right. This was my best friend over on the far left. He's still in the martial arts His name is Alan I ask that you all will lift Him in prayer every day I was in it for about twenty five years he's been in it for over thirty some now the man to my left his name was C. Joe Dana Miller he was eight ten Dawn two systems of kung fu and he was a master instructor and Chinese qigong he's in his fifty's right here close to sixty when I was training with him but one of the things that struck me was when I went down to see him one time because he only taught black belts. You could be a black belt and whatever style it didn't matter. But if you were a black belt. He would train you. And he would do a lot of the training during the day but then on special occasions he would ask all of us to stay and have dinner with him that night. Then we would sit around and talk or maybe play a game or whatever and then maybe would watch a movie and then it would get really late and then he would cut everything off and start teaching us again and when I say teaching now I'm not talking about physical training he would start teaching us about Xi about energy about how do you develop this power that the black belts demonstrate and. I remember this night because he was there talking in any begin talking about conspiracy theories and I mean all kinds of just far out stuff and a lot of it. I was. Familiar with Sol wasn't bored I was listening. The other guys were there they were just like I was watching them and you could just see him and they were nodding off and they were fighting to keep their eyes awake because if you go to sleep all the grand master is teaching you that he gonna put you behind by a year or two before going up to rank again you understand. It's like you fall asleep in the professor's class. Probably not on the real good on your final grade some watching these other guys and I'm wide awake because I want rank I want to learn but I also didn't mind hearing about the conspiracy stuff. Everybody else was like really fighting to keep their eyes open and after everybody got so exhausted. I've been so exhausted to weigh him in the morning. Then he opens his mouth and he says something out of nowhere. He said you don't know what she is he said let me give you an example of she and internal power. He said Watch Jimi Hendrix watch Eric Clapton watch some of the great actors that we have in Hollywood. They're exercising. She only they call it by a different name and he said that the May and it was like I'm in here are I was a Seventh Day Adventist you know I walked away from the Lord. I've been gone from the Lord for a number of years but there were red flags that were going up and alarm bells were going off. I was like what I mean I knew about chain you know when you're breaking bricks or when you're breaking coconuts with your poems or when you're when you're moving people without touching them or when you're changing the temperature of your body you know with your mind. I knew about that kind of cheesy and now this man tells me that Eric Clapton. And Jimi Hendrix and many of the great actors in Hollywood are using the same power to do what they do a number of years after of that hour when I went to visit him and I showed up at the martial art studio by myself. And he was going to be training me one on one that day and right as we were getting ready to start one of the other black belts a younger black belt came running man and he had this big piece of our work and it was wrapped up in brown paper and he brought this our work in and he said See Joe which means founder Grand Master he said See Joe it's here it's here. It was so excited and the Grand Master said been waiting on this. He said. Thank you. But what that meant was go home and leave now. So the other young man took off and that left me in the grand master there and I asked him I said What's in it and he said let's take a look at it and he pulled that paper off and there was this beautiful piece of Chinese calligraphy that he had paid a Chinese person to paint for him and I looked at it was beautiful because the calligraphy is always it's gorgeous. You know when you see somebody that really knows how to do it but I had no idea what it meant a man was familiar with some symbols but not all I couldn't read Chinese to save my life. And I asked him. Finally I said OK see Joe us and what does it mean. And he looked down in he looked back up at me and the result a different look in his eyes and he said it means it's the devil. That's in the details. What do you say and what do you say this me and I had no doubt that he knew what he was talking about I had no doubt he knew what he was talking about. And there were chills that ran up and down my spine because I was of fifth gone and Chinese coming food. I had seven black belts in other styles. I was training heavily in Chinese internal arts of touchy Quorn and Buchwald and qigong and I Quito in all Filipino martial arts all these styles this me and knew he said it's the devil. Thats in the details. And he had paid to have that done in Chinese calligraphy. Now I want to show you what time do we have because I was fifteen more. OK And if we have to pause we'll pause and we'll just pick up on the next one. It may run over a little bit. This is a quote from Robyn Williams Are you all familiar with. Robyn Williams. Those of you that are over ten. This is what he said and I think. I feel so sorry for this man because he took his own life because of what he's about to say he says Yeah literally it's like possession all of the sudden you're in and because it's in front of a live audience because they used to be a law professor as a comedian. Because it's in front of a live audience you just get this energy that just starts going. But there's also that thing. It's possession in the old days you'd be burned for it. But there is something empowering about it being it's a place where you are totally It is Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde where you really can become this force I want you to pay attention to the words they use. Maybe that's why I don't need to play evil characters in movies because sometimes on stage you can cross that line. And then come back. Do you understand an actor is pretending. Right right. If you've ever seen somebody that's only been acting for a little while you can tell it's hard to act like something that you're not the reason why is because it's lying. It's against the nature that God put within us. That's why Ellen White said we're to have nothing to do with drama. It's a lie. Now let me tell you something else. Allister Crowley the number one I call on in rock N roll and in Hollywood said if you want to know how to become possessed the easiest path to possession is through drama and acting. That's his words. That's not a Seventh Day Adventist or Christian. That's his words and yet will argue with what the council has been given this will argue I argued and they're telling you the same thing. Oprah Winfrey. How many people have heard Oprah Winfrey Oprah Winfrey claim to be a Christian or claim to believe in God. Listen to what she says I ask God for grace and the power of. The spirits. Calling on you calling on you. I really believe I can call her this spirit up her and so many others. Oprah Winfrey calls these Her goad there are moments spiritual episodes of divine guidance that far transcend the charity X. which the chatty exchanges with her studio audience is Winfrey says that she has come to know each of them of these spirits that she calls to do or acting. She has come to know each of them personally. That's called a familiar spirit and she calls them in at will to guide her in her work that was June twenty fourth two thousand and one Time magazine an interview with Oprah Winfrey. How about Michael Landon what the show did he put on television Little House on the prayer. What That's a Christian show. Let me let you listen to his own words felt my father's presence with me in light mean my memories helping me to commit to paper the feelings I had I really heard my father speaking to me from the other dimension filling my ma and with just the right words the story came so fast and was so right in three days the script was complete. You can read interviews online with his daughter and she said he would go into a room and would hear his father telling him how to write the script and she. She said he would come out and it would be perfect it would be done in a day or two she said. Sometimes he would stay up all night and come out of that room. The next morning with the script for an entire show completed. That's impossible by human power. Now I'm on a show you a short clip. And yet to forgive me for the technology. Because I'm still learning how to get all this the way it needs to. I don't know if we have audio. That will reach it. So let me see if not I can kind of tell you again once we finish. These actors and actresses have experience with a specific agenda to for us who are doing entertains sixty minutes exactly sportsman's performance is basically what he communicating which is even. OK I apologize about that what he just said and you can find this on line. What he just said was on sixty Minutes he said this was a film he had done that got unbelievable reviews. He said I could not have acted what you just saw he said in the man that was interviewing him from sixty Minutes and that was a powerful sane and Denzel Washington said but I could not have written that down and said I'm going to act this and he asked him he said Well then how did you do this he said what was sort of like this. I got down on Mondays and I asked the spirits. That were there in that a VIN that I was portraying to come and take possession of me. Now you don't have to active anymore. You're not pretending anymore. Nicolas Cage how many people have heard of him he said the same thing. Nicolas Cage said I don't like for people to call me an actor he said acting implies that online and he said I'm not good at that. He said what I do is more a type of Sharman ism. He said I channel. The spirits and I become a very helpful for them to portray what I'm trying to show that startling. And I will work on this before we do the next one and see if we can get. The audio correct. Or. Would just fast forward for ages Satan with his evil angels had been seeking to control the bodies and the souls of men to bring upon them sin and suffering the deception of sin had reached its height by the time that Christ began his ministry. All the agencies for depriving the souls of men had been put in operation satanic agencies were incorporated with men in the bodies of human beings made for the dwelling place of God had become the habitation of demons. Satan was exalting that he had succeeded in the base in the image of God in humanity. The fact that men have been possessed with demons is clearly stated in the New Testament. The persons thus afflicted were not merely suffering with disease from natural causes. Christ had perfect understanding of that with which he was dealing and he recognized the direct presence and agency of evil spirits a minute. Mention to more people just for those of us that are a little bit older than Marilyn Monroe. How many people have heard of her. OK how about Mae West series a little bit farther back. Do you know that both of those women who were known as their extends in Hollywood they were I call on. Of immorality in Hollywood. You know they were attractive women both of those women claimed in their own words that the way that they could act the way that they could influence us was because they channeled spirits. What was so sad. Was that a soft photograph of Marilyn Monroe sort of a natural photograph when she was younger and you see this woman and she's attractive but then you look in your odds and there was an emptiness in her eyes that was so sad. I mean it was it was empty like she was desperately afraid and lonesome and struggling and did not know how to get free and then you look at her on her deathbed at what a wreck of humanity she was this woman that the world looked up to and she was just the was nothing there. I mean she was ruined. And she said something that really struck me she said. Sometimes I feel like a more than thirty different people. She said. Sometimes I wish it was just me. Those were the spirits. That it come in when we open the door hath God really said how much time we have left about two minutes OK we're going to take two minutes and then why about a fifteen minute break and we'll come back and just pick up. Martial arts nature and mysticism. This is where we're going with this and the reason that I'm wanting to show you this is because it's through these avenues of spiritual ism and Eastern mysticism that Satan is joining the hands. You saw you saw Protestantism reaching over the Gulf and grasping hands with Rome. Were they. Or were they are but then you see when White said we would take hands from spiritualism I'm spiritual ism is not simply the state of the dead. It's Eastern mysticism. Let me share something with you. If you get the Catholics and the Protestants and the Seventh Day Adventist you get all of us together right. And you say OK we all believe in Jesus. We can agree on that and we break down every other barrier. OK fine. What do you do about the Muslims. Well are we not saying the same thing happened their walls were being torn down. We were being told that they worship the same God that we do and I'm not going to take time and all lecture with that but if you look at the character of law and you look at the character of Jehovah or Yahweh it's not the same God If you read the Qur'an in the Qur'an says that all law can not have a son. Well that makes it a. Christ. According to first John. Whoever denies the Father and the only begotten Son is anti-Christ. But they're tearing this wall down so the Jew can get the Muslim faith in there with Protestantism and Catholicism. My question was What do you do about all those Buddhists and Hindus and I was there are bigger than the Catholics or the Muslims. I mean you've got billions of Hindus and Buddhists. How do you get them to come home to Rome. The only way you can get them to come home to Rome is if we agree that we're all serving the same god. So through eastern mysticism through spiritual formation through the martial arts through yoga being brought into our churches. We are introducing the eastern God which is a pantheistic god and Rome has already said that's the God we serve. Protestants now are being taught. That's the same God It's a pantheistic God So when Buddhists Now look at us. They can say we've got things in common. That's where this is leading we'll stop there and we will pick up on about fifteen minutes report to this message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference going on has been in Houston Texas. I see a supporting ministry at the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to. Inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so winning Christians for other resources like this visit us online at W.W.W. the Web dot org.


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