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3. Possession – and the Throne of the Heart?

Eric Wilson



  • December 29, 2016
    2:45 PM
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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online at W W W T Y C where if you would. Let's bow our heads together I know it's After want. I know what that's like having the meeting after launch. So let's pray that the Lord will help our food digest quickly that it will keep the blood in our minds and help us to be able to hear and and to to understand clearly. Father in heaven. I thank you so much all of us do for what you have done for us in your son father we ask for your blessing today Father you have created us to enjoy eating in fellowship in one with another. We ask for your special blessing that you will. Grant and us freedom to digest our food quickly and efficiently and that you will keep our hearts and our minds focused on the. Be with each of the speakers this week and this weekend. And we thank you for hearing and for answering in the precious in the Mahdi name of our Savior Jesus Christ all ma'am. OK. Praise the Lord they had to do some work on the camera which was good because that also gave them time to get our audio hooked up so that means that for those of you that are in arrested after. So we finish the session I'll play that audio clip where they were interviewing Denzel Washington and we're going to actually open this session with something that I would like to have opened last one with this is a short introduction to why this matters for Christians. That last picture that we just saw were showed the shell when Temple and they showed the monks coming out of the temple and. Each of the monks was holding in their hands. A golden ball a Golden Globe if you would. And I can remember when I first saw that that picture. It was in a book that I purchased from the shallow end temple. And I saw that picture and off. What are these monks doing all of them coming out of the temple holding this ball and in the back of the book. There's a section there where you can read in Chinese and then you can read in English. And it actually tells what those monks are doing. What the Shaolin temple literally says in their book and in that. Sure is that we are taking Chan Buddhism or Zen Buddhism. Into the world. Into all the world is literally what that says. And I read that and I thought that's the great commission this gospel cell shall be proclaimed in all the world and then shall the end come Jesus said. And the shall and temple is saying the same thing. One of the sessions with that we had scheduled for today we're probably going to be bumping it for a little bit until tomorrow but it's on yoga. Specifically we really deal with yoga and what was amazing to me when I first started doing the research you know I trained a little bit you know but I had never really got involved in yoga but I knew it was the same thing. It was similar to Thai Chee in the other or you know internal arts but I knew that there was a connection because everything that's in China originated in India the Shaolin temple was founded by an Indian Hindu master then was Bodhidharma and he came to China to make sure that the Chinese were teaching their religion correctly and he had to modify Hindu ism. So that the Chinese could it would fit their culture better and he called it. Chan or zen is what the Japanese word is Buddhism. That was his the nomination for Hindu ism. But anyway what I found was when I was doing the research on the yoga was is that most of the Yogo websites and I want to encourage you be careful before you do too much research because you're going to run into things that you probably will wish that you hadn't of seen. But. Most of the Hindu websites will tell you that their number one goal has been the evangelism of the world with Hindu ism and that's their word. They actually use the word evangelize and you wonder why we don't call ourselves Protestants anymore but evangelicals. Anybody can be an Evangelical the Buddhists claim to be evangelicals It just means you're trying to tell the world about your religion Protestant has a completely different meaning. But what was amazing to me was that the Hindu websites said they were shocked at how quickly and how easily the evangelism had been especially in the West. And I was going to say we've got more people looking for rooms if you have chairs. Ladies and gentlemen we have room up front if you have an empty spot a saga. If you can just kind of consolidated a little bit. Appreciate we haven't. So many pulled or interested. But what shocked me was is that the Hindu said we were so surprised at how quickly we could of vandalize the West merrily America and Europe. And they said there was one reason that had really made it easy for them to evangelize with Hindu ism. Guess what that reason was. They said we have our churches. Every street corner. It's called a yoga studio. They literally said that we have our churches on air free corner. And you know. Wow I do believe that because we'll talk about that tomorrow. I could. Going on. Yoga today in and we've still got some of the things we need to cover first. Not against flesh and blood. How many people are familiar with that verse we wrestle Mada gets flesh and blood but against the Prince of Power to use him powers and spiritual wickedness in high places the rulers of the darkness of this world. Normally we can quote those verses as as Christians especially a Seventh Day Adventist Christians but do we realize that that verse applies to you and i like we talked about last session when your ave an argument with your wife. Do you remember that you're not wrestling with flesh and blood. Now that doesn't mean you need to tell your wife. I think you have a demon because that's going to really start. I mean get understand. I mean I'm I'm being serious. I know it's good to laugh but I mean you don't say that that won't help. If you're in an argument with your boss or if a police officer pulls you over and maybe you don't feel like you deserve to be pulled over and he's aggressive and you feel like you know I'm going to put my guard up you're not going to talk to me that way I deserve better than this. If we take that approach. We believe we're wrestling with flesh and blood. And you know if we think for a moment that we're fighting with flesh and blood. We're going to use carnal weapons. And you'll never win you'll never win. You may win the argument but you will never win the peace between you and your husband your wife your son your daughter your mom your dad your boss. We have to remember that who were wrestling with is say in. And the fall when they. Jules. And I don't want to do too much of this too soon but I do want to tell you something. Normally when the devil speaks to us as Christians. He will not. And we've got room up front guys. You're welcome to come up front. Normally when Satan or one of his fallen angels speaks to a Christian he will not speak to you in your voice or in his voice. Do you know why. Because if you hear a satanic voice or something that sounds really evil speaking in your mind you're either going to call the pastor or you're going to get on your knees. I mean you're going to start seeking the Lord right. What Satan and his fallen angels normally do when they talk to us. They literally will whisper to us in our voice and they know how to mimic our voice. I mean that's easy for humans to do right. Ever see a mom or somebody the ventriloquist or some other can copy someone else's you know tone of voice their mannerisms. A man knows some people they can mimic actors sounds like you hear that actor talking. Fallen angels. It's a breeze. So they talk to us in our voice because what that does is it makes our guard come down and we think as are my thoughts and I'll give you an example. Most of us have heard this voice in our mind before and because I'm married. I'll use my wife and I I come home my wife had a rough day. I don't know what she's been through. But she's had a rough day up had a rough day and she doesn't know what I've been through and I walk in the door and I'm coming a gruff and. Shorten don't really want to talk in. My wife is like you know worse than male and I'm like and I hear this voice in my mind and I speak it. Well it's in the mailbox or do you think it would be. I mean you know if you've had a rough day you're like Well that was in your voice that was a dumb question. It's probably in the mailbox did you not check the mailbox yet. Right now that's not Kohn That's not at all kind. It's not. Christ. But what if it's not you that put that thought in your head. What if that thought passed through your mind in the devil says speak it just speak it all run the thought through your mind but it only has power if you give voice to it. There's a place in Scripture were Jesus actually said Take no thought saying in. What shall I eat what shall I drink. Just because the thought passes through your head doesn't mean you need to give it power by speaking it. God's word says that we have the power of life and death in our tongue. Therefore speak a life. That's one of the reasons why Jesus said Let your words be few. OK that's our inner duction. See if we've got. We may need a new battery for this thing. The embodied in here familiar with these. It's in the computer. It's on it's own. If you came. If you don't mind if it takes longer me I've got another one you want me just use it. Let me let me see here real quick. Let's try this one. Hopefully the battery a work. A SHIP THE said that about going back to the. The days of the apostles should I. Let's see here. Hopefully our battery will work on this one. There we go. OK praise the Lord. Finally my brother and be strong. What sensei in the Lord I want you to make note of that be strong wire in the Lord. And in the power of His might put on the whole armor of God of deity of divinity. So that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil and I want you to make note of what these words mean for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against Prince of Power these and powers forces superhuman influences with delegated rights of control. That's the great definition. Against the rulers of the darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in the heavens. In the heavens not in not in Heaven where God lives in the atmosphere. Even those spirits which now work with in the children of disobedience. That's in the chapter two. We're not wrestling against flesh and blood. That means not even our own. So if I'm battling with sin in my life and we normally try to fight sand in the strength of flesh and blood. I'm going to grit my teeth I am. Dear God I will never do this again and. Next day next week next month you find yourself back on your knees asking God. We are not wrestling with flesh and blood not even your own carnal weapons will not fix a problem. Spiritualism today. We've seen a little bit about the martial arts. You know TIME magazine. It's everywhere. The yoga spiritism blending spiritism with healing now through new age healing techniques and through Hollywood we covered the Hollywood on the last one. If you're interested in more information on the healing especially the healing. Please come see us at our booth with Light Studios. Because that session number four is is very powerful. And if you don't have access to the Internet you can get that video from us. And you can get the others with it if you just want that one. It's available online. Just type in the drive and reveal. Down Under. Now want you to look look at me in a minute there's a filmmaker named George Lucas who he and Disney just released this month. I think it's episode eight. Is that correct. But it's like the eighth film in the series. The Star Wars series. Listen to what George Lucas said in an interview of Time magazine back in one nine hundred ninety nine he said I put the force into the movie in order to try to a what a can a certain kind of spirituality in young people. More a belief in God then a belief in any particular religious system. I wanted to make it so that young people would begin to ask questions about the mystery. That's George Lucas that's why he put the force in the movies. Those of us that were in martial arts for a couple of years we knew what the force was that was cheesy or fear and I keyed out Oh it was called key or if you're in yo good it's called Pramod. There's lots of different names for that power they call it or gone in or G. in the New Age or subtle or vibrational energy some by starts talking to you about vibrational frequencies. It's new age in a call right off the bat. You know that. And they will mix scientific terminology with that. Well we have found that this oil has a resonant frequency of so many hurts and that resin the vibrational energy passes through the body and it sounds really good. Until you read a little deeper. Now let's see what the Scripture says the mystery of the NIC would be death already work. Remember what Lucas just said. He said that his purpose in the Star Wars film series was so that young people would ask questions about the mystery. There's two mysteries in the Bible the mystery of iniquity and the mystery of godliness which when do you think he's talking about. The mystery of iniquity death already work with all dust see evil boldness of unrighteousness in those that perish because they received not the love of the truth. The love of God's word that they might be saved. You know the only way for a person to be saved and if you weren't aware of this. The words say that's the definition in Hebrew and Greek are that definition. I remember and I'll never forget one day I was talking to the Lord after the Lord had pulled me out a martial arts and he was working to restore my wife and my family and I and I was still battling with certain sands in my life. There were immoral thoughts that would go through my head sometimes and I was like why are these thoughts are or memories from the past or bitterness toward other people in my family or resentment or jealousy or prod. And I was like I want to be saved from these and already have verse in Romans and it says who says. Whoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved and I was like God That seems too simple and God said Eric you don't even know what the word safe to mean almost like of course I'm talking to God out loud because I'm there at the house by myself. I mean you know we've done that. Sometimes you may not voice it but you're thinking that you're like What does that mean. And God said there you don't even know what the word saved means. So I looked it up the word saved literally means did livered rescued set free healed and made a hole and the Bible says that you can know if you've been delivered set free rescued healed and made whole. You don't have to wait for Jesus to show up to know that because if you still don't know when he arrives. It's going to be too late. We need to know that now. So that we can walk in victory and help others. The Bible says For this cause because men would not receive the love of the truth that they might be saved because they were deceived with the unrighteousness for this cause God shall send them a strong delusion that they should believe a lie and then it says that they all might be damned. That sounds scary to me and I looked at that word and I was surprised. It means that they might remain condemned. That they might remain can D.M. to believe not the truth but had pleasure and on righteousness. John Chapter three tells us this is the condemnation that lie has come into the world but man loved darkness rather. That light. Now I'm going to give you an example a secular example when I was an instructor in martial arts. I would get a beginner that would come in they had no experience and I would teach them or I would get one of the assistants to teach them or a green belt to teach them and show them how to stand correctly and how to punch correctly and how to blog how to kick and sometimes you would get somebody and they'd say you know. Oh I keep the way I did it before. And I would think you came here to this school to learn. If you if you don't like this something go back to where you learned before. Why would you come here and pay money and take all this time if you're not interested in learning a better way. Jesus came he showed us what a life of righteousness and godliness looks like and I want to I want to challenge you as something because on Sabbath we're going to be really focusing on this. When God sent his son here to save mankind. It was not merely to change our character. And Ella why even says this not just our character is to be changed. The Bible says we are to be partakers of the divine nature. And if you look that word up. It's more than just character. It's the very essence it's deity. That's why first John says now we are the sons and daughters of God and it does not yet appear what we shall be like but we know that when he appears we will be the like him and Eleanor. White says when Christ appears and the righteous are raised from the grave and we would Charlie live and remain are changed in a moment in the twinkling of an olive she said it's not your character that will then be changed. She said you're very nature. You're very nature will become like Christ. She said Adam will come forth from the grave and he will stand just a few short inches below the Son of God and all of us will grow up to be like that. That's powerful and I want to tell you something. That's what Satan is line in telling people they will achieve through martial arts and yoga and tie chee and qigong he's telling them you will attain godhood. You will be immortal. Now they don't teach that in the Taekwondo class you know the first couple of ways but once you've been in it and you reach master level. You know that's what the goal is for a way had the sentence of death and ourselves so that we would not trust in ourselves. But in God which raises the dead and call it those things which be not as if they already are and I'm going to pause right there for a moment because I want to challenge you if you don't get anything else out of this series. This is the most important slide. That we trust not in ourselves. That means for victory over sin. For achieving holiness for whatever God has promised you can not gain it by trusting in yourself you can't work really hard. To make yourself. Holy. You can surrender so that God can come in and he'll make you holy. But that's what the occult also tells you you have to do you have to yield so that those evil spirits can come in. You have to yield for a spirit to come in. You have to give them permission. How do we give permission to evil spirits to come into our lives. If you've got their stuff in your house. They've got every right to be a chair house doesn't mean they're going to come inside of you. But if I've got an old AC D.C. T. shirt hanging in the closet. Or if I've got a immoral magazine stuffed under the bed. Don't be surprised if you have demons of lust and of hate and of anger of violence of bitterness that are in your life that are influencing your thoughts. And you say but why are they here. They're not inside me but I can't make the thoughts go away if you've opened the door. They're going to come in. So what you have to do to get rid of those evil spirits is you have to take away the rights that you've you did to them. So if I'm there at the house and some young woman shows up and she knocks on the door. My wife goes to the door and she's like you know yes we're going to do for you and she's like oh I'm here to see Erik. Do you think my wife's going to say Who are you. Well we knew each other in college my wife because that's not what I asked What's her name. And she say Oh just get air for me. He'll know me. My wife's going to step outside the door. Point. She's going say young lady. What right do you have to be here. I've been married. Him for twenty four years. She'll say why don't you check his phone. He texted me yesterday. You want to ask me about what rights I have to be here. Why don't you check his little black book and see how many times he's called Money number. Why don't you check and see if he's written to me an email. Why don't you see if he's written me any letters or why don't you check that little package of that little box that's under the bed where he still keeps photographs of me and some of the letters that we passed to one another when he was in college you want to know what happens then. My wife loses her faith. Wouldn't she. All the sudden she wouldn't be so gung ho about she be like What do you understand. That's what Satan does to every human being if you allow him the right to your life. He'll take away your faith. He'll cause you to doubt who you are and what was paid for you. Upon Calvary. But I have to tell you a promise. Ellen White says the moment the sinner repents and takes hold by faith. She says That moment your sins are no longer upon you used and guiltless before the law of God clothed in the righteousness of Christ. The Rites have to be cancelled. You have Barb only say Lord I repent. I take back every right and every inch of ground that I have ever yielded in the enemy. I yield all to you. Jesus Christ. Whatever you want. I'm yours that moment the the victory is one. Now I want to look at two words before we start to study Grace. Most people like me think the word grace means unmerited favor and. Yes it does mean unmerited favor but that's not the first definition the first and most powerful definition of the word grace is the divine influence upon the heart and its reflection as it is seen in the life. You're talking about the spirit of Almighty God the next word I want you to pay attention to is the word righteousness. That's a strong word. I mean we hear about righteousness by faith in you. It's this big theological word and I don't remember asking people what is righteousness or like it's right doing. I was like well I'm doing right but I know I'm still not righteous. What am I doing wrong. What am I not doing and God was like Eric look the word oh righteousness. It means to be just innocent whole really right and righteous. And I was like OK I understand the words but I need you to show me a picture of you making somebody righteous show me one picture in the Bible and you know what Jesus showed me. Luke Chapter five a man with what we could call that full blown AIDS today his flesh is rotting he's hopeless. It's air were a couple air recoverable. There's no fixing it and he comes to Jesus. The crowd has scattered because it's contagious and he throws himself on the dirt and he says that the son of David which is a profession of faith and know who you are the son of David have. Mercy on me and I think about Jesus and this isn't indiscriminate or put this is what I see. OK. When I look at the other Scriptures I see why what Jesus did with Jake up and what Jesus did with that woman that had the little girl that was demon possessed and I see Jesus look at this man and say. You've got leprosy. Why don't you go to the priest. I've been to the church. They said this is God's judgment. They told me that the Scripture says I made my bed lie in it if you ever heard that before me. Not those words. God loves you he forgave you but you're going to have to just live with this the rest your life you made your bed lie in it. I can't find that verse in Scripture. Almost show you some verses say the opposite. So then Jesus looks at the man and he says have you been to the hospital and he said all sir yes I've been to the hospital but they said they don't they don't have any way of fixing this and they sent for me to go see the priest and the priest said God did this to me. Oh you're the only hope of God and Jesus says What do you think I'm going to be able to do. Testing this man's faith. The man said I know if thou wilt thou canst make me clean and what did Jesus do. He said I will be that Queen say that with me. Be that claim. Do you remember what Jesus said in Genesis one. Let there be light and there was Jesus now says Be ye chlorine and you are. He says that in John Chapter fifteen verse three. No you are clean through the word that I have spoken and to you. He doesn't say go on a twelve week program. He doesn't say you better repent and beach yourself up like Martin Luther did he says believe what I'm saying and stand up and walk because we don't have time for benchwarmers. The game is almost over. Our condition through sin is unnatural and the power that restores us know must be supernatural else it has no value. There is but one power that can break the hold of evil from the hearts of man and that is the power of deity in Jesus Christ. Only through the blood of the Crucified One is there cleansing from sin. Now I know it's after lunch but I want to ask you a question How does Jesus says blood cleanse mind in your sins. How I need you to make it real for me. How does that happen. How will I mean I know that's a dumb question but it's like in my mind I'm like yes I believe it but how. So how does that Clinton's me though because it can come for me it's like a dead run up a thousand dollar debt and my brother here comes along and he's wealthy and he says I'll cover is dad. But that doesn't make me not a debt or else I don't owe it anymore but I did. Oh it. How does it make it so that I never owed it. How a man I agree with you. The buy. Bible says in that he died. He died on to say in once Romans Chapter six versed in the Bible says in efficient chapter one verse for that dog shows you in Christ Jesus before the foundation of the world. That scripture. So if you do. We're an him before the foundation of the world and he came here to this earth and he wore an every victory against every temptation and then he died and cord out his life and blood unto the death against sin. And you were in him when he died. The Bible says that Romans Chapter six The lation chapter two verse twenty. I am crucified with. Nevertheless I live Romans Chapter six says We were buried with him by baptism. Where in all so we are risen with him to walk in newness of life. If I was in him. Then his death was my death his victory is my victory his righteousness is my righteousness His resurrection is Mar resurrection. And we are joint heirs with him. Not in the future to day. To day. Listen to what Ellen White says. Only through the blood of the Crucified One is there cleansing from sin his grace alone. Kemah enable us to resist and subdue the tendencies of our fallen nature that means we're not facing the temptation. It's Christ in the you that wins the victory it's not your victory. It's his victory. We have got to stop praying Lord give me victory. Lord give me your victory. I surrender I'm willing to die. You take possession of morrow aren't. The spiritualistic theories concerning God make his divine influence of no effect. Now you'll see why. Listen to George Lucas. I remember when I was ten years old. I asked my mother. If there's only one God why are there so many religions. I've been pondering that question every sense and the conclusion I've come to is that all religions are true. The man that was interviewing him Bill Moyers said is one religion as good as another Lucas replied I would say so. Do you see where this is going to we think that Hollywood in the martial arts and all this stuff is innocent entertainment. Co-exist. It's leaving the entire world to join in and to believe the same God Revelation Chapter sixteen says I saw three unclean spirits. Do you remember at the beginning of last session. You had Protestantism grabbing the hands with Rome with one hand and grabbing hands with Eastern mysticism and spiritualism with the other that's three Protestantism. I'm Roman ism and spiritual as I'm here's the same three mentioned again. I saw three unclean spirits like frogs like words like tons coming out of the mouth of the dragon that spiritual ism out of the mouth of the BE that's Rome and out of the mouth of the false prophet. That's a POS state Protestantism. These words these spirits are coming out of their mouths. For they are the spirits of devils working marigolds which go forth under the kings of the earth and to the whole world to gather them to the Battle of that great day of God Almighty in this picture. This is a Chinese picture. What's coming out of that dragon's mouth water. Do you know if you go online and type in water mouth and dragon you will find hundreds of Chinese statues showing water pouring out of a dragon's mouth. That's in Revelation. I saw the woman go into the wilderness and the dragon opened his mouth and poured out water like a flood. So that she might be carried away by the flood. It's a flood of spiritual teaching. It's a flood of words that will cause us to doubt the word of the living God the period of Christ personal ministry among men was the time of the greatest activity for the forces of the kingdom of darkness. For ages Satan with his evil angels had been seeking to control the bodies in the souls of men. But Jesus was revealing to man the character of God he was breaking Satan's power and setting his captives free. New life and love and power from heaven we're moving in upon the hearts the heart your affection the hearts of men. And the prince of evil was aroused to contend for the supremacy of his kingdom. Satan summoned all his forces and that every step he contested the work of Christ in the days of Christ and on what you to focus on this because this is talking about us in the days of Christ the leaders and teachers of biz for I all were powerless to resist the work of Satan. I cannot tell you how many people. I called for help when I was struggling to get free before I finally found someone that could help me and I can't tell you how many thousands of people have contacted my wife and I since two thousand and eight with the same problem. I'm addicted to drugs I'm addicted to pornography I'm addicted to lust. I'm angry. I'm bitter I'm rejecting was abandoned by my father I was abused and I don't know how to get free of the thoughts running through my head. Christian's Seventh Day Adventist Christians are calling this every week saying I don't know how to get free and I've asked the people at my church and they don't know what to do We don't need to go into fanaticism. But let me tell you something. Open the Scriptures open up the testimonies that we have been given and you will find how to be set free. They were neglecting the only means by which they could have withstood evil spirits. There was only one way. It was by the Word of God that Christ overcame the wicked one. The life of Christ that gives life to the world is in his words. Jesus said the words that I speak and to you. They are spirit and they are in life. It was by his word that Jesus healed disease and cast out demons. It was by his word that he still does see and raise the dead and the people bore witness that His Word was with power. Now I want to challenge you to look something up today. I want you to go to John chapter four chain. You can go after this meeting or sometime this evening go to John Chapter fourteen verse ten and eleven says said something when he was talking to the woman at the well. He said God is a Spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth. And John fourteen Jesus was telling them they were asking about the miracles he was doing. Jesus said the words that I speak. It's not me speaking them. It's gone that dwells inside of me that's doing the works. And when you read that you go oh. That's what it means that the word some speaking to you. They are spirit and they are life. It is Almighty God the Father. That was dwelling in Christ the Bible says God was in Christ reconciling the world unto itself and the new covenant promise is not only will Christ come in live inside of you but God Almighty the father wants to come and live inside of you and do you understand that if you will speak God's word. It's not you doing it it will be he. Him doing it and there is no evil angel that can stand before the Lord Jesus Christ and there is no temptation or no evil spirit that can ever possibly stand before the power of the Living God. The Savior desired to fix the faith of His followers on the word when his visible presence should be withdrawn the word must be our source of power for like our master we are to live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God One of my favorite promises is in the book of music. You'll in that book. Israel is there like we are and they actually cry out to God and they say if our sins in our iniquities be upon us and we're consumed in them it means we're we're burned up in them. How do we then live. I mean. How do I get rid of this I can't get rid of this disease you want an apple tree and all I can bear is crab apples. How do I fix that and you know what God says He answers them in the next verse. They say How shall we then live he says as I live say in the Lord of host you want to know how he lives. The just shall live by faith. When Jesus was raised from the tomb the Bible says that every sin of every human being that has ever lived. He carried into the tomb. Do you all agree there's it's clear American show you scripture for that he paid for every sin he not only paid for but he became guilty of every sin as. No he had done it himself. When God the Father raised him from the grave. What do you think Jesus did. Coming up out of the tomb knowing that I had Eric's adultery. I committed adultery I committed murder I committed. Not that he really did but he felt our guilt as if he add Ellen White said. So God raises him. How does Christ go into heaven and I have complete joy. The just shall live by faith. Christ Jesus believed in his father the father told him in eternity past and Zachariah Chapter three The father made a covenant of peace with his son he said son. They're going to fall and there's only one way they can be redeemed. That's if you take their sins upon yourself and Christ put his hand out and he said Dad Aba that I promise I'll carry every one of them even if you let me die I'll still carry them and you know what the father said he put his hand to his son's hand and he said and I Schwerin to you an oath. In my own name. I will raise you from the grave and I will forgive every sin. Every sin. Sack Araya six thirteen says the counsel of peace shall be between them both. History is repeating with the open. I will before them and professing to reverence its teachings. Many of the religious leaders of our time are destroying faith in it as the Word of God they busy. Themselves with dissecting the word and they set their own opinions above it's plain This statements in their hands God's word loses its regenerating power. Regenerating means life giving. Have you ever felt that way. Have you ever been to church on Sabbath and you felt like I needed to hear something that would raise me from the dead today. This is why infidelity runs riot and iniquity is so widespread when Satan has undermined faith in the Bible. He directs man to other sources for light and power and thus he insinuates himself. Those who turn from the playing teaching of Scripture and the convicting power of God's Holy Spirit are inviting the control of demons. Criticism and speculation concerning to scriptures have opened the way for spiritism and Theosophy those modernized forms of ancient heathenism to gain a foothold. Even in the professed churches of Barbara Lord Jesus Christ. And the serpent seven to the woman you shall not surely die. For God does know that in the day there are your odds shall be opened and use shall be as gods knowing good and evil what Satan literally was saying is you won't need a law to tell you what's right and wrong anymore. You'll know for yourself. Do you know the Christian world is telling us the same thing. You know that many Seventh Day Adventists now are doing the same thing they're saying well the law doesn't. Really Matter. It's not as important as what we once thought to the very close of the controversy and haven't the great usurper continued to justify itself when it was announced that with all his sympathizers. He must be expelled. Then the rebel leader baldly a vile of his contempt for the creator's law. He really iterated his claim that angels needed no control but they should be left to follow their own will. Which would ever guide them right. He Dean now the divine statutes as a restriction of their liberty. He declared that it was his purpose to secure the abolition of wall that from this restraint the host of heaven might interrupt on a more exalted and more glorious state of the existence. This message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas a supporting ministry at the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be five based Christ centered and so winning Christians for other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C. When and where G..


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