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5. Spiritual Formation – the Omega of a Most Startling Nature?

Eric Wilson



  • December 30, 2016
    9:15 AM
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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty six hundred conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online at W T Y C. When before we have prayer. I want to ask you a question. What is the last message that we as seventy administrations have been commissioned to give to the world. The three angels message. What else. Righteousness by faith and the everlasting Gospel that something we need to remember the three angels message. I grew up thinking yeah we need to warn the world about the Sunday law that's coming in about the pope and yes we do but there has to be a reason I can't just say I'm going to switch going to you know which there you go to church on and that's going to get me into heaven. I mean it's not the Sabbath is a sign of something that has happened inside. It's a symbol of what's taken place on the inside. So if all we do is change which day we're going to church. We've got a form of godliness. But no power and we don't want that. OK let's let's go ahead and open with prayer and we'll get started and you all pray for me as much as I am praying for you. Father in heaven. You Hova we are your children your sons and your daughters by creation and by redemption. And Father we come to you today. Not because we're worthy. But because your son is worthy and you have chosen in Him from the foundation of the world that we should be holy and without blame before you and love. Father you have also made a promise to us. You have promised that before your son returns. You will cleanse your sanctuary. And Father that sanctuary is our hearts. Your word says that we are your temple. Father we ask you today as King David did create within us a clean heart. Wash us with the washing of the water of your word. Father deliver us from every satanic bondage. We ask you. And we thank you. In Jesus name on them. Oh. The roots of that tree. We remember when he was tempted in the garden and I want to encourage you to do some reading on that go through patriarchs in profits. Look up the word. And garden and have no cysts or mesmerism. We were told that event and Adam were hypnotized doesn't mean that you're stupid. It doesn't mean that the devil got their attention and all said they didn't know what they were doing anymore. But he used words to hypnotize them and it was actually a form of an LP. And Ellen White says that Satan attempted to do the same thing with Christ in the wilderness. He attempted to engage Christ in conversation and Christ refused even being the Son of God He refused to converse or to have a conversation or to debate with Satan because he knew as our representative as a human being. The moment you begin reasoning with say you'll lose. You'll lose Christ stood on one thing the Word of God Thus saith the Lord. It says when he came to resurrect Moses on the Devil was there disputing He said The Lord rebuke me that's it didn't argue didn't condemn it just said the LORD rebuke to the Scripture to be not an equally yoked or. Are joined together with unbelievers for what fellowship path righteousness with unrighteousness. And what communion half light with darkness. What Concord hath Christ with the law and what inheritance has he that believeth with an infidel and what agreement has the temple of God with idols for we are the temple of the Living God you look at we're living up it means life giving There is no other god out there that can give wife. We are the temple of the life giving God For God has said I will dwell in them. And I will walk in there and I will be there. L O heem that means they're mighty one and they shall be my people and then the Lord goes on and tells us where four come out from among them and be separate say at the morgue and touch the unclean things and I will receive you. And I will be a father and to you and use shall be my son and my daughter. There is there is an allusion that was first introduced in the garden and it was it was actually IN AN Yone here in the States a lot of people call him then. Yang pronounced in Chinese it was human yong but that doesn't matter but what this philosophy of yin and yang teach is the foundation of error free. Eastern practice in the world. It does not matter if it's iridology or reflexology or Reiki or kung fu or karate or it doesn't or a Quito air free air free pagan Eastern practice is based on this philosophy in this philosophy. They view the entire universe as being divided into two sections UN in Yong. That are sort of basic examples they are Yong is typically typified as fire as male as active year in is typically shown to be feminine softer darker quiet more subtle They say that everything in the universe is based on this philosophy and that with out both hearts. Nothing would exist. That's what the Chinese philosophy is and whenever I talk about the Chinese or the Japanese of the Filipinos. I'm not at all prejudice trust me. From not talking about people we're talking about the pagan philosophy that came out of an ancient culture there was a reason why when Paul asked the Lord to let him go to Asia that God forbid him. It was a time. It was not time but I have to tell you the time is now there are there are men and women in China right now that are raising of the gospel and they are marching and carrying the Gospel like we've never. Seen in our country. But in this philosophy the yin and yang symbol that we see today it has a little bit of light in the darkness and a little bit of darkness in the law and that we say that everywhere now we're not was growing up as a young man you didn't see that everywhere unless you went to a more Florence goal but I want to show you something that most people are unaware of that symbol came in different forms over the years and it still takes different forms same philosophy same principle. These are some of the original on the foreign left. That's called and in so we also know it today is the oral Boris' if you have ever done any study on the cold the world Boris's actually a serpent swallowing its own tail that idea came from the Chinese from the taoist. The Taoists said that was the universe in the beginning and then they say that the universe actually split and there's a dot in the center. I don't want to get people on conspiracy theories. But you look at the books that are being published and if there's an O. and it's got a dot in the middle. It's not by X. of them. You can't you don't put something on a book and go oh I don't know. That's cute. Let's just put that on there. IT'S OWN there for a reason that circle with the dot in the center. I saw that symbol over and over and over again in the twenty five years I was in the martial arts and they didn't matter if it was in my eye Kito books or in my Chinese qigong books or in the medical qigong it didn't or Shaolin ox all that symbol. Over and over and over again but I never paid attention to it. I was like yeah that was one of the original symbols of the N N Yonge. When the Lord was bringing me out the year that he started opening my eyes he brought that symbol to my attention and talked about this on the dragon revealed the original set. But I went into my advanced class one night and I told them because I knew what I was finding but how do you tell students that have been with you for ten or fifteen years. I'm going to have become like family. I was actually spending eight to twelve hours a day every day except for Sabbath at the Dojo at my school. I saw my wife and children. Maybe for three hours a day except on Sabbaths for Sunday but I saw my students at the school much more. So I was trying to figure out how to why share with them some of these things that I am finding and the Lord gave me an idea he said Go into the advanced class and have them do some homework. Let them find what you found on their own because then they can get angry you. So I drew the circle with a dot in the middle of it and I drew it up on the chalkboard not told everybody at the beginning of that class. I said I want you all to go home this week before our high level class next week and I said I want you to look at the symbol up and find out what it means. If you guys want to come up. We still have room up here. If ya'll need a seat. So what I did was a sent them home with that with that homework assignment. Well they all came in the following week and you could have heard a pin drop in the room. Nobody wanted to talk to was no laughing. Everybody was very somber and I asked them one at a time to get up a dish share what they had found and some of them had looked in wiccan books you know white witchcraft some of looked in black magic some of looked in Tattoo books on tattoos some of looked in the martial arts some of them looked in Egypt and hieroglyphs and Babylonian tablets and they had done research that far surpassed what I thought they were going to do and air every one of them found the same answer. No matter where they looked you know what they say that symbol represents the sun god the sun god will that symbol of the circle the in so at the top in the circle of the dog. It changed until you had this one down below that same symbol is used by the Filipinos when I was studying in Filipino Cali. They used the hexagram a six pointed star. One star worn triangle is called the male and the other triangle is called the female and it's joining those two that gives you power. The end in the Yong is the same thing. It's the union of light and darkness the union of fire and water the union of male and female. And you see this Buddha over on the right you see what's on his chest a swastika when I first saw that I thought what. That's a Hitler sign. What is the Buddha doing with the swashed of God and then I saw film footage of the Shaolin temple and they were doing a big. Display back in the seventy's in front of this huge group of people thousands in China and you know how we have marching parades and they'll do little patterns and they'll make signs out on the ball field. That's what the Shalen monks were doing and they were going through making all these elaborate symbols and all the sudden out of nowhere all these bodies of these Shaolin Temple monks they formed the she washed her car and I thought I would look that up if she in an yonge it actually is a symbol for the sun god the joining or the union of male and female light and darkness good in the hot and cold. Now we're going to go through. I've got a number of slides I'm going to go through these quickly. These are some of the original or a Boris or the end. So the one on the bottom is the Japanese and so the one on the right that's in the cult or a Boris with the serpent swallowing its tail over to the left is the symbol for Madame blood vile skis Theosophy society. Now you see she has the hexagram. She also has the she washed. And she also has the aura Boris. Now I'm also I need to let you know this. I'm not anti-Semitic I'm not against Jewish people. OK but I do have to tell you after twenty five years. The Star of David cannot be found anywhere in the Scriptures. There is no star of David when you trace back to hexagram what you will find as far as they biblical reference. When Solomon went into apostasy he began worshipping Asteroth and a lot of the pagan gods because of the wives he had joy. And him self too when he went into apostasy being the wisest man that it ever been here on the earth. He became heavily involved in the occult heavily and one of the books that is credited to him was a book of magic and that symbol was one of the symbols that he said could be used to channel and control demonic spirits. Now that's what the book says the Bible doesn't give us that information. So we'll have to see I have no doubt Solomon repented the Scripture is very clear about that. So we'll be able to ask him those questions soon. This is Albert Pike. He was one of our Civil War generals he is also one of the highest and most revered Freemasons in the western world. He wrote the Bible for Freemasonry called morals and dog this quote comes from that book which is required reading for every freemason he said yes. Lucifer is God And unfortunately I don't know why or Joe Hope is also God for the U.-Turn a law is that there is no light without shade no beauty without ugliness no white without black for the absolute can only exist as to God's darkness being necessary to light. That's C.N.N. young philosophy. When you go to somebody and it doesn't matter if it's yoga. If it's tight she if it's Shaolin if. It's Okinawan karate or I Quito I have a lot of people look tell me. Well I Quito was founded on that or the founder Morial your way. Shebaa he knew about karate he had studied karate. He traveled to China and he's been a number of years training with an internal Chinese martial artist. When he came back that was when he developed I Quito and that was when all the magic started that the Japanese were amazed at what he could do. But that's where this philosophy comes from now this is why. Albert Pike said that. The absolute can only exist as two gods that God that he's talking about is actually a pagan god called Janice. It's the two faced god light on one side dark on the other. Now this is what I love God's word tells us This then is the message for the glad tidings which we have heard of him. This is what Christ came to reveal that dog in it and in Him is no darkness at all. Now you know what for me how many people here of ever look up the word darkness. I had never looked up dark a mark on the what Darkness is One day when I was doing this research God was like look that word up while looked up the word darkness and you know what it is in Greek. It means a twist. Steen of the light it means it's not clear anymore. The path is not straight. It's it's like an arrow that's been been. It's an illusion. You know one of the if you ever go to the fair which. I'm not recommending it. But if you've ever been there. They've got those mirrors and you walk by it and it makes you look really shorter makes you look really bad or makes you look really tall. That's because there be ending and twisting the reflection of light. God does not do that and God does not twist light light is pure or. Light means righteousness or righteousness means it's perfect. It's absolutely clear and perfect. That's our God and that's what he says we are to be in him. Now here's some of the yin and yang that are used today. Sprite uses it. So be drinks uses it. Pepsi has used it for forever and they only recently have changed the logo. Because if you look now at the U.N. in yonge there was actually another form of it. That was called the Tomo and it was instead of being two circles in union. It was three circles that one. They're using more now because we have come to that point in time and we'll go into that a little bit farther the recycle symbol Norton computer. I don't want to get into the computers we could talk all day about some things that are they are the purpose for this is to bring all the world together and one. Satan knows if he's going to appear as Christ which we know that he has to have everybody under his banner you have to get the Jews and the Christian. It's and the Catholics and the Muslims and you have to get the largest population the Hindus the Buddhist and the Taoists they have to be brought into a union and agreement as one of people will tell me where you're you're really digging for that and I was like well. If you want to know something in arresting the Catholic Encyclopedia has the Buddha listed as one of their Saints a look them up online on the Catholic Encyclopedia their official website. He's called Saint Joseph asked and he is the Buddha. They've already excepted him and sent it to him. The pope says we're all worshipping the same god. That's Pope John Paul do you see what's on his marker. A hexagram. Six pointed star. So the Orthodox Jews are going to say he's on our team even if I can't speak his language. He's wearing our insignia and we know what that means it's the joining of heaven and earth the joining of flesh and spirit and if you look closely it actually has a dot in the center. Babylon the Great is fallen this fall and and she has become the habitation of devils and the whole of every file spirit and the cage of every unclean and hateful bird. I know that Babylon is Rome but I also think that's a very limited view of it. We talked yesterday about there being two mysteries in the Bible. What are those two mysteries. The mystery of an. In the mystery of godliness. Tomorrow we're really going to look at those but it says here that Babel law. There's two cities mentioned in scripture over and over again as well. Jerusalem and Babel on Druce alone which is above is the mother of us all. I'm not so much worried about the one in the Middle East. I think there's going to be signs of her going to happen there are no limits no but I'm not so much concerned about that one is that one but it says Babel on. That's the capital of this world has become the habitation of devils if we are the temple of the Living God Satan says My people will be my temple and it says she is become the hold of every foul spirit and means unclean. I want to tell you before we get into this. I'm not going to show you a lot of the pictures. There's a lot of the slides it's hard to look at if you're ever doing research on yoga. I strongly encourage you pray pray pray before you start doing the research because if you type yoga in on Google you're going to find ninety percent of the images that you see in every advertisement are going to be sensual and immoral and what amazes me is I wish I could have had time to show it when you look at how yoga is portrayed here in the US. Do you know what they show you ninety nine percent of the time. They don't show you women that are trying to lose weight. They don't show you little old ladies. They show you women that are in their twenty's for. Thirty's that have this perfect figure eight and there where in skin tight clothes or very little clothing that all and. I laugh at that because if you look at yoga where it came from you. Primarily don't see the women doing it. There's a few It's primarily a man's world. And when you look at the Hindu gurus these men that the world looks up to as being the masters and grandmasters a of yoga they're nasty. I mean most of them are nasty there it's filthy in this people that I know that have gone on the mission field in India. They say if you want to know if someone has really been converted the one thing you'll be able to notice above every other is their houses clean. There's many of the Hindu people will say ah all except Jesus and they'll take Jesus a statue of him and they'll put him on the shelf with the other fifty statues they have of other gods and their house they spilt It's a filthy religion. It is filthy and nasty and unclean for all nations all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication. Fornication inmore olivine Lissett Union idolatry and listen to this. This is amazing and the merchants of the earth have grown rich through the abundance of her delicacies make a note of that and I heard another voice from heaven saying come out of horror my people that you be not partakers up. Her sins and that you receive not of her plagues for sins have bridged and I haven't and God has remembered her perversities do you know what the Bible tells us in first Corinthians. He says Don't you know that a man that is joined to a harlot becomes one flesh. One Flesh. If you are joined to a harlot you become one flesh. God said come out of her. So you don't be a partaker of her flesh of her a lot of sin. I'm going to I'm going to interject something here. We talked about this at the Michigan can't meeting. It will be our I went to a man and a woman. It doesn't matter what age. I mean now there's there's in public school systems in the north and some of the larger cities there are children in fourth grade that are being caught doing immoral things that I never even knew existed in school when a man is joined to a woman sensually and it does not have to be through the actual act you understand it can be through kissing kissing is a union. That's why the Bible or when we dig our Viles our marriage vows were the passenger side of the man you may now. Kiss the bride. You mean I haven't been kissing her for the twelve months before. NO TO KISS is a union to hold hands as a union. When a man and a woman become joined there is a soul tie that is formed between them and I know this from personal experience. I know people that have called me and they'll say I need help and I can't get any answers and I'm like what's wrong a been married for thirty years and I still have dreams about some girl in college and the first thing that I ask because I know is I say were you immoral did you participate in immorality with or did you sleep with her. Did you fool around with her and they'll go. Yeah but we didn't go all the way and I'm like it doesn't matter if you desire her in your heart. Jesus said you already committed adultery you were already joined and I'll tell you something scary. If you've lusted over someone in a picture or on the television or on the computer screen that same union can take place spiritually even though you've never talked to them or seen them in person. If that is is they are when that soul tie is formed. Let's say that the man has been with five women before he met you young ladies. OK let's say you meet this man at church and he's the greatest guy in the world or you meet him somewhere and he's nice and you really like him he treats you good and you don't know it but he's been to bed with five women before you. He's been joined to five other people that means part of him was left with them and part of them is in him and now you marry him. Guess what you were now joined to the five women that he was joined to. And if one of those women had an abortion or of one of those women was involved in witchcraft or if one of those women had a demonic spirit of lust or of anger or of hate or a bitterness those fall one angels now have legal rights to you. Say is using sensuality and him or our duty to join the whole world and what's the good news is is that it takes ONE prayer to break every time I it takes one prayer and if you've ever been there. Trust me if I could go back and redo my life because when I was young fourteen through twenty four. I didn't I didn't care about morality or God at all if I could do anything I would go back and say I wish I could have been like my wife when my wife and I got married I was the only man she had ever been with in any way and I think. Do you know what that is like when a woman who has never been with a man and a man who has never been with the woman when they come together and make a union. You will never be able to tear them apart. When he kisses that broad for the first time on their wedding day. Hey stop comparing what she kissed like to twenty other women. He's Canis. I mean you know what it felt like the first time you kissed somebody imagine if that was on your wedding day. You're like fireworks you. Couldn't pull somebody like that away from their wife. That's what God intended. Now if you're like me and you've messed up in the past. Don't let that bother you don't let it discourage you go to the board confess it and claim the blood of Christ because Christ blood does not just for give it cleanses from all on perfection the moment you believe that if you're not a virgin you become one of God's word says so. According to current demographics I want you to listen we just read where the merchants of this world have waxed rich through her delicacies what what she was giving people to eat. There are more than six hundred and fifty million practitioners of martial arts tied she and yoga worldwide. Six hundred and fifty million people that are involved in these arts. According to a recent USA Today study yoga has grown to be a twenty seven billion dollar industry with an estimated twenty million yoga practitioners in the United States alone. Twenty seven billion dollars you go to any Wal-Mart or Target and you will find almost an entire awful of yoga paraphernalia. You couldn't do that. Fifteen years ago. Why why is Satan working so hard to make this so popular yoga has become one of the fastest growing health and fitness activities in the world is there more to this off. Art than what we've been led to believe and why are we now seeing these arts being brought into Christian churches of every denomination these arts. We have Seventh Day Adventist pastors. That are fifth agree in fourth degree and seventh degree black belts teaching this and promoting it and they don't know. So how do we change that we send the information out you go online and look up the dragon revealed. We've got all of the amazing discovery series is online for free. There was a five part series we did with them last year the dragon revealed part one is online for free. Part four is online for free. Our website with all the information is there send it to your pastors send it to the church board get the church board email list send it to everybody on there just say it's food for thought. I hope you'll be blessed and considering this. Yoga has become mainstream Time magazine Y.M.C.A.'s How about Yogi teeny how many people here drink tea. I mean most of us have bought some time in our life. Have you ever turned the box over to read the Hindu proverbs and blessings that are all over it when you look on yogis block Cha I T. It's a picture of good Nash. It's a Hindu god. It looks like half may end and a half elephant. It's a God God's word said Yes ma'am. The one in the middle of God's word said don't even make mention of these pagan gods let alone buy them and bring them. Into our homes. This one on the right startled me yoga mom Buddha baby the yoga workout for new moms. What do you think happens to that child that's in its mother's womb. While she's training in yoga and that baby comes out already under the influence of evil spirits baby ohm. There's a lot of people that are wearing this jewelry now it has to skin do symbol on it. That's what the symbol means as ohm That's the sound that you hear people when they're meditating that sound is a mantra. When you use that sound. It is said that it channels the spirits of Hindu ism. When they hear that sound. It's like you ring in the bell and say doors open. Would you all please come help. We're inviting you. You're asking for them to come into your home then you have this small one down here stretching young minds for stronger bodies. They're bringing this in the schools public school systems across the world right now they're doing this. P. E. doing the M. Adventist schools as well. Now let's get to what the word yoga manes yoga literally means to yoke or to be or bring into union Yoga means the Union with Brahma or the union of the little ego self with the divine self. Hindus don't believe in just hope they do not worship Jesus Christ. So what guard. Do you think they're bringing you into union with yoga is primarily a spiritual discipline a lot of people wall will tell me they'll say well I'm just too hot for yoga. That's just where we do the poses and we stretch. According to the Hindus the gurus they say on their own websites on interviews they tell you you can not do yoga physically without invoking the spirits the moment you start doing the poses the demon show Whoa that's what the poses are they are for every one of those poses the cobra pose in the sun snake pose and the sun pose those poses are there as a a mood drama. It's like a hand symbol only You're doing a symbol with your body that is invoking spirits to come and empower you. When I was in the martial arts we did forms were kata the ancient form saying caught of that we did one of the last Grand Masters not trained under told me he said If you'll look at the ancient forms not the newer ones the ones that the Grand Masters invented the founders air very pose had nothing to do with combat. I mean I would be in a stance and you would do a block like this and you would do this and you'd think man I would never do this in a fight like why am I doing these motions and he told me he said air free pose was an end vocation for a spirit to come and empower you. That's why these men and these black belts they would go. Through and they would do in a form and it in the enough to be a fast form. I mean it could be done in three minutes. And they would get finished and they'd be sweating and full of energy quote unquote. They have been empowered by going through these motions. Now in yoga. There may be a feeling of strength but what those spirits are invoking is a spirit of peace of tranquility of people go what's wrong with that. Well the problem is that you do a lot of deep breathing. You're doing mantras you're doing these chants and what happens is it turns the frontal lobe off you go into alpha state. So for the first thirty minutes to an hour of a class. You are being primed once you go into alpha state then the instructor starts talking about philosophy and the mind is open the guard is down and you don't even realize it. This is one of the old Hindu gurus he said each soul is potentially divine. The goal is to manifest this divinity within by controlling nature xterm and internal he's talking about your nature. Remember in the Bible it says by the Word of God by his promises. We are made partakers of the divine nature. He says through controlling what's already inside you you can manifest this divinity from within do this either by work or worship or by psychic control or philosophy by one or more or all of these and be free for this is the whole of religion. This is Morrie Are you a ship by the founder by Quito listen to what he says each and every master. Regardless of the air or place heard the call and that tamed harmony with heaven and earth. There are many paths leading to the top of Mount Fuji but there is only one summit that is Love You Want some of the commercials that the current Pope is putting out right now high definition commercials you go online and type in on You Tube Roman Catholic commercials. It will bring up commercials that are being done now that are unreal high quality and they're saying the exact same thing. It doesn't matter whether you're a Buddhist or a Hindu or a Muslim or Christian or Catholic it's all about love or we know what love is this is the love of God that we keep His commandments and His commandments are not grievous. Everyone has a spirit that can be refined a body that can be trained in some manner a suitable path to follow. You are here to realize your inner divinity and to manifest your in eight. Enlightenment. That's I mean that's scary people will say no morsel or spiritual listen to what he says the art of peace that I practice has room for each of the world's eight million gods and I call whopper a with them. He was the little man told you all about yesterday that in his eighty's could barely walk. But once he started throwing people he became filled with this in. And he would stand up and do it. You see him doing there. He would raise his hand in front of an attacker and they would be flipped completely backwards off their feet. The God of peace is very great and enjoins of all that is the vine and enlightened in every land. Now listen to what he says he says the divine is not something high above us. It is in heaven. It is in earth. It is inside us. He does not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ is the only way truth and life. So how can he be correct. This is what the shallow and grandmasters text book says only opening page. The spirit of the dragon dwells deep inside each of us. No waiting to reveal itself to those who would have it come out. That's the opening page. I bought this book because the last grandmaster are trained under He had an extensive library and he was he was working with me he wanted me to be able to take that position. One day and he told the you need to buy this book I was like Yes sir I bought it and started reading through there and I was like This is amazing. What's here. And I look back now and I think what was I doing with here me. Jesus has seen how his human agencies have been blinded by the deception of the enemy and have become victims of satanic cruelty. He has seen how Satan has exalted man simply for the purpose of casting them down how he has flattered. Him in order to draw them into his net and destroy them. He looked upon the schemes by which Satan works to blot from the human soul air every trace of the likeness of God he saw human beings possessed by devils. Jesus sauce the tannic agencies incorporated with min. He saw the bodies of men become the habitations and the degrading indwelling of demons man made for the dwelling place of God became the habitation of dragons. This was written by Ellen wife in eighteen Nonny five. And look what the Shaolin temple said. After all the years that are trained in these arts and I saw what was happening and I've seen it but I did not understand it and then the Lord opened your eyes and you go. I Was Blind But Now I can see the forces of darkness listen this is future. It's Today the forces of darkness will unite with human agents who have given themselves into the control of Satan and the same scenes that were exhibited at the trial rejection and crucifixion of Christ will be revived through yielding to satanic influences men will be transformed into fiends. And those who were created in the image of God. Who were formed to Ongar and glorify their Creator will become the habitation of dragons. And say will see in an apostate race his masterpiece of evil men and women who reflect his own image and I want to pause for a minute there's something I want to share with you. When a student goes into a martial art school. I'm just going to use that as an example to begin with. And they they start training. It doesn't mean they become possessed and it doesn't happen instantly. OK. The devil has to win rights. He has to win rights. He has to get your permission either through your actions or through your words to come in. So what he does is he gets us to take small steps God's word says don't you show up at the dojo and they say you have to bow to your opponent you bow before your sins say and you say I know it says that but it doesn't really mean that the ME and so you wind up borrowing one compromise and God's word says don't take your shoes off for pagan gods and you go in there and you pull your shoes off because you're on the dojo it's funny because though the devil is good at making excuses. It's the math there. SPENCE of math we can't the match torn up. That's what we take our shoes off. OK Have you ever thought about kicking somebody without your shoe and I'd much rather have a month. Protected. It doesn't make logical sense and plus it's not like you're going down the street and come under attack and all the sudden you're like wait I got tech machines off right. But if you're used to kicking somebody barefoot. You won't. It won't feel the same you won't be able to pull your toes back so you can use the ball of the foot in a tennis shoe like you can barefoot. But you compromise. He said. I know God's word says that but it doesn't really mean that. So one more step. And then Jesus said If your enemy strikes you on the right cheek turn to Him the left and you go to the dojo or to the dollar's Zanger to the martial arts studio and the instructor says. Johnny your opponents going to swing a right hook at you like this and I want you to step back in this stance and you're going to blog and you do that over and over and over and over and then he says OK now we're going to add something you're going to step back and block and then you're going to counter and you do that over and over and over and you go to church. One day a week and for thirty five minutes little Johnny's in a class and they tell him. Jesus said turn the other cheek and he's gone for four hours a week and they are block and camera block and counter and he gets to school one day when he's twelve years old and somebody comes up and they swing. What do you think he's going to do. There'll be no conscious thought. He'll block and he'll show right back. Because he's trained his body to do that instinctively and the devil says I gotcha. I gotcha. Once you get to the point it does. Not matter what style it's in once you get to the point where you are ready to be promoted to block bell or first dawn the first to agree. That the ceremony in traditional martial arts is very different than any other even you're sure to figure out is different even your belt is different. I can remember getting a green belt and whatever in Burma bondo or in Cali or whatever you got a regular belt just regular size. When you went to get a belt that belt was normally much thicker much wider usually it had embroidery that was done on something that made it special your certificate instead of being a little piece of paper like this that came out of the copy machine. It was more likely to be more expensive paper or parchment paper and usually had a C.. That was stamped on it once the master signed that certificate. Now if I was just a second degree black belt and I was promoting somebody to first agree with you're allowed to do that you can promote to the rank lower than you I wouldn't be able to put a stamp on there because I wouldn't be a master. So what I would have to do is go to my master who is a fifth or sixth degree and I would want him to come and stamp this man's certificate. Tell me another took place and you get a certificate. Marriage. A marriage certificate a Bayard should to figure it does what it tells the world that to have become one. I'll never forget the night that I was promoted to the first black in the Kung Fu system. And when I got there to the school. The wife and family were there. My wife and I and our children we pulled up in our car and the Grand Master came out and he got me any he had some of the hiring says score my family in and my wife is looking at me as she's being escorted you know into the the building and everybody treated her like she was royalty. That night was different. And we had only had I think I was the fifth black belt promoted in thirty years so it was it took me fourteen years and that style it was not you didn't pay for our classes were I to quote Christian school. You paid a dollar a night for class they read a bible verse every night. I mean literally they did they read a bible verse every night I don't I don't doubt their intentions. OK. But what we did and what we said were two different things. And that grandmaster came out and he told me he said Eric he said. Tonight's going to be different than any other night. You've ever had in your life he said I'm going to put you in this other room by yourself your family's going to go inside. He said I want you to sit out here and just meditate until I come and get you. And I said will serve us what's going to make this night different. He said Eric he said you won't understand this. Now. He said but one day you will he said tonight is more like a marriage than a promotion. Afterward probably an hour or so later they came and got me. I was escorted in we walked through this path of fire and not real flames or walking on but they had candles and and that always struck me too because it talks about the fact that Satan walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire on that with those candles are representative of. And so I get up to the front and there's a place there on the front. There's a cross of Jesus behind us and there's all these warriors and all these other high ranking you know people there and the grandmaster sat down and I sat down across from him and he had a teapot there and just had water in it but he had a teapot there because he didn't believe in drinking alcohol Normally it would be wine but he had a teapot there and he poured from that teapot one paw he poured his cup and my cup full from the same pot and then he said you drink when I drink. I did not understand until years later what was happening. Jesus said come on to me and I'll give you living water the water spirit. When you become a black belt. You are joined in union with your instructor and he is joined to his instructor who is joined to his instructor. And if it's a style that they say is worthy or if you have got a certificate. What they want is they want to know is your lineage legitimate. Can you trace your lineage back to the founder of whatever art it is and that's very important for the Japanese and the Chinese and the Hindus. And the reason why is because the founder was possessed by a high level spirit and so if you can trace your lineage all the way back. You're guaranteed that the same Spirit that inspired him is the same one that will inspire and them. How are you. That's a union. And Jesus says a Matthew eleven twenty eight. He says come and to me all you that are laboring and heavy laden. I will give you rest take ma yoke upon you and learn of me. The only war and that we are to be joined in union with is the Lord Jesus Christ the issue or home a she. If you like the Hebrew. He's the only one we are not to be joined in union with any of these pagan gurus. I hope that this has been a blessing today. I know you guys were expecting me to go over and I was really working hard not to. If we have time I don't know. We're out on time. Or times are we want time we supposed to in a way and we did good. Praise the Lord if you have questions please come by our booth at Little Light Studios this number five o five. I should be there. Most of the afternoon today. And then tomorrow when we have time and this evening if there's time I'll be happy to sit and talk with you. But do come by and see it's over there and I encourage you. If you have an opportunity to if you want more information. Get one of the sets from the guys that will light studios. And if you can only get one set and you're more interested in what happen how I got into it. How I got out and what God did in restoring our family get the dragon revealed the two discs that if you want more information on the dangers. I would recommend probably for. The Australian version even over the A D version because the ID version. You know you can watch on You Tube But the Australian one is about three hours longer and have much more information. OK. The Lord bless and keep you and we'll look forward to seeing you guys. Hopefully later today this message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas. I see a supporting ministry at the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so winning Christians for other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web and wear jeans.


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