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What is the Medical Missionary Work and What It Is Not

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)


  • September 20, 2017
    11:00 AM
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Father in heaven. Thank you so much Lord for the wonderful opportunities to speak to your people I thank you for this privilege father for it is a privilege but Lord I also know that I have no power in and of myself to even articulate that which is needed most Therefore I commit myself into your hands and I pray that you take my life and let it be consecrated Lord to be I pray that you speak to my mind and speak through my mouth that it might minister to the heart needs of my brothers and my sisters I pray that you give them ears to hear and that as a result of our time together in the meditation of your word we will come out of this place better than when we came in and we asked these things in Jesus name Amen I have had the privilege over the past few years to go to different institutes I've been to several institutes. With thin the United States of America and then I've had the privilege to go abroad many of these institutes where I have are our you know our schools where they train gospel workers that can be things like an amazing fax or you know there's a wonderful school. You know like watch the hills Academy and college and many many others you know and then we have places that are medical missionary training institutes like pines like Wildwood like the ministry and many many others been overseas and got a chance to see some institutes over there and I found that the same problems that we're having here in many respects you also see them happening abroad because America is typically where everybody loves to look and to copy and one of the things I really notice is that there's a lot of similar weaknesses and similar challenges and you get to a place that God is really transition my mind and what has happened as of late is. I find that when I rose up on December one thousand nine hundred sixteen when I rose up from that surgical table and God spared my life and restored me etc I was really more inquiring now Lord what do you want. Like really what do you want and I love going to young people because there's a lot of buzz words in Adventism you know we got words like present truth you know when you say present truth you know that can mean something completely different to me than it is to you so these become buzzwords that we use a lot that I'm discovering we really don't know what we're talking about a lot of times then on top of that there's another real major buzz term that's used in Adventism It's called finish the work. And that that's that's a big one finish the work you know we've got to do is call finish the work and you know and and I like asking questions and some of the questions that I asked both youth and adults is what do you mean by finish the work or what work is it that needs to be finished and what do we need to do to get Jesus to come back here and take us out of this planet and a lot of times we say we need more outpost centers especially the younger generation you hear that a lot we need more outposts and as we need we need blueprints schools we need this we need that and I'm thinking to myself we had blueprints schools. We had outpost centers. We had a lot of those things before. When I was at the mountain in Mountain Mission working with to coalitions of a cent of all mention that I was working with the coal missions I used to I'm not there anymore but there was a time that I was part of to co-op missions and we were over in Harrisville New Hampshire and I remember being on Mt mission and some of you who are of the older generation you know about Mt mission and the big old mansion that was on the property there cetera and you know when I look at that Matt mansion it's desolate. It's about the glory has departed. And it's interesting because to. Emissions is not there anymore it moved on to another location and now the non-believing man who owns that very property and is using it more so for glory of self and glory for God. And we can trace back I remember when I was walking through the mansion and I mean you got to walk carefully in that mansion because the floors are all brittle and everything you can really fall through the floor and so we walk on the beams and what have you and you would go into a room and when you would go in the room there would be these boxes filled with books and we would go those boxes and open them up and there would be these old books and one of them was a directory talk about weeping when I opened up this directory you know it was it was a directory of all of the outpost centers in the United States. It was a directory that went as far back as probably about one thousand nine hundred forty something like that one hundred forty nine hundred fifty and when you look at how many outposts entries we had how many hygenic restaurants when you look at all of these things that we had. I wonder how is it that heaven holds back tears. Because when you counted today you can almost count it on one hand. And so in my mind of my father we've had outpost centers you go to where these places were and it's quote unquote Gentiles that own it now. Non-believers heathens doing whatever they want when they want how they want the remainder of these schools you go into them and you constantly see a gross level of apostasy It's like a microcosm of places where you can really find what God is looking for when I saw this this is what began to cause me to say Father what do you want what is it then that you really want because if it was just simply the work of simply be finished by establishing while posing as well should have been finished a long time ago some of us should have never been born. And I believe I know what God wants. Go to the Book of Proverbs twenty three. It's spelled out in very very clear language proverbs the twenty third chapter. In Proverbs twenty third chapter I want you to see what the Bible says and and I think that this is the most important thing yes it is true God wants more schools sanitariums various outposts areas yes the Lord can certainly benefit from having more of those some people are now you know doing it from their homes they're making little home sanitariums and they're doing home schools and home this and home that and all that's fine but the question is have we really met what God wants you know what God wants is spelled out very clearly in Proverbs twenty three The Bible says In Proverbs the twenty third chapter consider verse twenty six and the Bible says my son what does God want. Give me than heart. And let your eyes observe my ways. You see until God has your heart you will corrupt the outpost center until God has our heart we will corrupt the school. Until God has heart my brothers and sisters we will corrupt the sanitarium work we heard the good side about Kellogg but there's a bad side isn't there and unfortunately that bad side testifies to what can happen to the heart and how much havoc can take place in the movement when God does not have the reins of the heart and so when I begin to look at my own life I'm very very carefully asking God What is it about my heart you don't have. That's like like the mass assessment for doing them and I mean if anybody knows me and there's one person in here that does very well and that is my bride from my side and my wife will tell you that that is the theme of my thought processes I'm just like the Lord really have a heart you know my children right now in Kentucky we talk to them every evening and they tell us about how the Lord has blessed as they went knocking on doors going in businesses and providing truth to literature and they talk about how wonderful some of the other missionaries that they are shadowing and how they're getting the books out there etc And when it's all said and done I'm on the phone on my praise a Lord to bless and dad we went we not going to do it the person slammed the door in our face we moved on to the next person and we just started going on and you know my to my children to tell these stories and I'm just like man Amen but then when it's all said and done. In my mind I'm saying what did you behold about Jesus in these experiences today. Because it's only by beholding him that we can become change and have his heart you see it is possible to do and I'm not here to knock down the importance of working it is imperative that we work but the question is this what kind of work are you doing with your heart in the work. These are questions that we have to start asking ourselves it is good to see a husband and wife sitting next to each other but did you know that there are sometimes people who can sit next to each other who borderline hate each other they have the right title they have the right image but their hearts are not in the right position. That can happen in a marriage that can happen in a church and that can happen in a ministry. God will not be satisfied until he has your heart I don't care how many people you touch I don't care how many lies you touch all throughout your community we will simply fulfill First Corinthians nine verse twenty seven when the apostle Paul says that though I preach to others I myself may end up with cast away and that is not what God wants. And so when we begin looking at the great work that the Lord wants us to do it is imperative that we have our hearts in the right place and as we do His work for that is the best way to do is work when Brother McNulty was teaching on the third angel's message what did we learn to thirteen just message really is in verity What is it. While writing this by faith we use that term but what's what is the specific term that you use justification is not right evangelism one ninety justification by faith in verity That's the third angel's message is that correct all right now watch this because of this fact justification by faith is the third angel's message then what that tells me is is that if we are truly gospel medical missionary evangelists bringing the thirteen tools message to the world we should be masters at understanding justification by faith because the last thing you want to be is a messenger without a message would you agree with that that's the worst thing we want to do is become a messenger when we really don't have a message so we should really understand that now watch this go to the book of Colossians to the Apostle Paul when he was dealing with the today Iser is who were going in the church of colossi and sweeping the people with all sorts of rules regulations genealogies etc That was confusing the Can Paul had to come in and he had to set something straight with the brethren in the Church of. Lossy and I want you to see something that he said that's very very important and I want you to think about this because we're going to make a point right here that that's just absolutely imperative Colossians we're going to Chapter two. And when you get there you let me know by saying amen in Colossians the second chapter. Makes some very very profound points and he says this in verse six and I like this verse he says as he has therefore what I receive Christ Jesus the Lord so do what walking in Him However we received Christ is how we are to walk in Christ you understand that so if I receive Christ right I can better know how to walk right with him but if I have received Christ wrong then I'm not going to know how to rock right with him and it is possible that in my evangelistic work I might wind people to reflect more of me than Jesus this is reality this is why we're in the crisis that we're in this is why that we have to be reminded consistently can't meeting at the camp meeting we need to get to work we need to surrender our hearts we need to do this we need to do that these messages have come to us before I would imagine there's very few people more than likely in this room that can say wow there's a first time I heard this in my life. More than likely these are things that we have heard and if we are even minute Lee studious we've read. There are some churches today that call me and I say come preach I say I'm not coming back any more this is why I said because you're heard the message you had everybody come through already you had every present true preacher and teacher of righteousness in North America come to your church and now you want to come back to do what. How about you take what you already heard and get to work with it. In other words I'm not here to repeat the celebrity circle in Adventism because there's a wicked Celebrity Circle in Adventism. We have turned this thing into absolute entertainment and we are getting to present to preach is a come in because it draws crowds. Brings in big offerings etc And people are coming together and we're rehashing the same truths that we have said over and over and over again and the reason why it has to be said over and over again is because we're building more buildings. We're going into more territories we're conjuring up new ideas of evangelism but God is weeping because he's saying I still don't have their hearts. And that's the number one thing he wants. Until he gets that nothing else matters we will build we will construct and all that's going to happen is we're going to look carefully at the blueprint and we're going to see we built and constructed wrong and got a TED down and start all over again and you know how the human mind works sometimes you invest so much in something that when you discover from inspiration we did it wrong we get afraid. And we start saying we can't do that and that is when God will allow some Battle Creek Park to stay take place and a fire is going to get started that no man will put out for God himself started it God is trying to say to each and every one of us my brothers and sisters. It's high time that we get away from all the sermonizing I mean we've really got to get away from this we have to get to a place that we take heed to what we have heard and what we have learned and we start putting that thing into serious practical understanding this is what the Lord wants he wants your heart. And that's why if we're going to do faithful gospel medical missionary work then we have to imitate the great gospel medical missionary and Jesus had his heart in the right place. And the question is Where is your heart where is my heart once God has our heart my brothers and sisters he will make money appear out of nowhere. Because now he says I know I can trust you with it. But if we get money and we say let's build bigger barns Let's go ahead and do what we think is right rather than what God has laid out very clear in his blueprint if we do that God says I can trust him yet. And it frustrates the blessings you don't think you want to turn your homes into a little heaven on earth your home does not have to be hell on earth the only reason it's hell on earth is because we are frustrating God's Spirit and we're not letting him have don't minion over our minds. This is the issue and so. There's a lot of things going to change as far as how I do ministry but you know I'm weaning off some things because I'm really going back to God's words and his blueprints very carefully and I'm looking saying what is it that you really want lord and he's opening up more and still more. And it is glorious is glorious for me and my home. And it's glorious for God's people who have ears to hear. How many of you are members of the seven eleven a church because the rays are. All right now. Do you know there is nowhere in the Bible where Jesus said Go make members. There's nowhere in the Bible where Jesus said Go make members. OK So the question that I asked you it's really a non-essential question the question is not how many of your members the question is how many of you are this you remember that when Jesus gave the commission he said it very clearly go you therefore and do what teach all nations that ties in them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost that wonderful Greek word for teach is to disciple In other words the real question is not how many of you are members because that means nothing you and I all know that you can be a member somewhere and not get any of the benefits of the membership gyms. Saying sign up at a gym I am a member. But we never go there so our bodies still look the same and we don't get the benefits you understand so we understand membership means nothing what means everything is are you a disciple that's the real question so again question how many of us are disciples in the seventies church you get that now you see that difference now when we talk about disciple I hope you don't mind the Bible says Prove all things is it alright if I test you the Bible says this. John eight in verse thirty one Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on Him If you do what continue in my word then are ye my disciples indeed that means that we have to have a present experience growing in the Word of God We do not live off of yesterday's blessings. That means that you cannot say I remember when I used to study the Bible real deep I remember when I used to dig deep in the word I remember when I used to get up every single morning and having deep meditation I'm not talking about reading some simple one page morning watch I'm talking about really digging in the word Jesus makes it very clear if you're continuing in my word he says then are you my disciples indeed it's not only that it then goes on to say by this shall all men know that you are my disciples if you have what love one to another the question is how can you love me if your gossiping about me that's not love my brothers and sisters if we have love one for another that means we're kind to one another gentle towards one another willing to sacrifice and lose that another may gain. The question is do you have a kind of spirit towards each other. Because if you have a kind of spirit towards each other my brothers and sisters you can be disqualified for being a disciple. All is not just that how about this one John fifty eight here it is my father glorified that he bear much fruit so shall you be my disciples. We talking about lighting up the earth with God's glory the only people going to light up the earth with God's glory or those who bear much fruit. And the question is are you and I bearing much fruit as it relates to love joy peace longsuffering. Gentleness goodness Hey meekness and how are you doing with Temperance my brothers and sisters if we're God's disciples we should be very much fruit. How about this one. Look fourteen verse twenty seven and whosoever does not bear his cross and come after me cannot be My disciple what in the world does that mean go to Matthew sixteen notice what the Bible says in Matthew sixteen look at what the Bible says Matthew we're looking at the sixteenth chapter and we're going to consider verse twenty four Matthew sixteen and verse twenty four let's talk about it as I mean this idea of there in the cross This is a Matthew sixteen in verse twenty four if you there say amen the Bible says then said Jesus unto His disciples if any man will come after me let HIM TO NY himself take up his cross and follow me do you do that and listen you know some people do that's why that's why I love the Bible I love the Bible. Because if I ask you this how many of you deny yourself you know we start doing we start thinking back to dates. Oh yeah I remember when I denied myself on March twentieth that one Sabbath or whatever and we sometimes we lock ourselves into these dates and times of periods of what have you go to Luke nine what I've got crushes this Luke nine I'm not asking have you denied yourself at some point in time in our history that was not my question look at what it says and look in one chapter watch what the Bible says Luke nine. And notice what the Texas book the ninth chapter and look at what it says in verse twenty three same principle of Matt Matthew sixteen twenty four but look how it comes out in Luke nine and verse twenty three it says he said to them all if any man will come after me let him deny him self and take up his cross how often a day early and follow me that means if you was nice to your husband yesterday guess what you need to be nice to your husband today. If you was nice to your wife yesterday don't get caught up in your past experiences be nice to your wife today. You understand that this is this is literally what God is trying to show us because there's a whole lot of thought and it's just beautiful is beautiful so I said well let me be careful they're going to call you an apostate sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me you can call me what you want I don't care listen people say they're crazy anyhow they're people who actually say things they try to they think they're the ones that can qualify what is and what is not present truth you know those who know the least know what the loudest Let me repeat there. Those who know the least know what the loudest. They talk a lot about what they don't understand. I know for a fact that what I'm teaching is present truth you know why because we have heard over and over and over again that doctrine and understanding alone will not get anybody into the most holy place by faith with Jesus and certainly will not get us into heaven. Volume five of the testimony to the church page two hundred thirteen the prophet of God says there are many who teach the truth who will not receive the seal of God in their foreheads. She said this watch this now this vine five page two thirteen under the chapter the seal of God which was spoken of this morning she said yes there are many who had the light of truth they knew their masters will watch this third point they understood every point of our faith. So these people were seriously doctrinally sound. But they don't get the seal of God Can you imagine that. It says they understood every part of our faith but they had not corresponding works. And then the next sentence is even more shocking is these who were so familiar with prophecy. Should have understood that they should have taken command of their households. There is a connection between the home and the seal of God. You don't rule right in your home you will get no seal no matter how many people you help outside your home and no matter how much you preach the truth as it is in Jesus God is trying to make it plain family. We are who we are especially in our homes that's why God is trying to get this thing right with us you understand and so God is trying to help us understand if we are not willing to bear our cross a daily life style of denying of self when God gives a command we follow when God gives an instruction we obey when God tells us how we are to deal with one another we do it. It's only those who have this kind of mindset of Jesus. Those are the ones that God is going to be able to put that seal on them in the end now. How about this one. Go you therefore and teach all nations on other words make more disciples baptizing them in the name of the Father Son and the Holy Ghost which means that we need to get to work. If we're truly disciples then that means that we should be busy making more disciples got a question for you. How many of us are disciples do you see the see the hesitancy now. Do you see the hesitancy be fair and we will but how many remember. How many disciples. Now. We did a little qualifier how many as disciples we understand it in other there's more to think about family in two thousand and ten I went to a camp meeting it was a camp meeting that was known to teach the present truth as many of us understood it. Everything was about the Sunday law and you know and I remember that it was always Sunday last Sunday last Sunday last Sunday a lot of Sunday laws paper thin clothes we got to have victory over sin before the Sunday law etc and don't get me wrong family do we need to have victory over sin before the Sunday long no doubt absolutely should we make sure that we are in right standing with God absolutely we're told very clearly environ for barring five of the testimonies page two sixteen we're told none shall receive the seal of God until they overcome every perception. So there's no question I need a victory over sin my biggest problem was that we didn't take enough time with the people to explain what victory over sin looked like. Let alone how to get it I mean do two hours on a sermon talking about the nearest of the Sunday law and spend five minutes talking about victory over sin that's not practical. The people need to know how do I get victory over sin how does it happen how does that happen in my life that's like a parent telling a child behave yourself behave yourself behave yourself behave yourself that child sooner or later has a right to raise their hand to say Could you show me how. As bad parenthood you don't just tell somebody what to do you walk them through how to do what you're telling them to do. Two thousand and ten I was at a camp meeting the ministers did the best they could to tell everybody victory over sin definitely necessary Sunday last comment etc But the problem was this everybody came there from two thousand and six I heard that message two thousand seven hundred that message two thousand and eight heard that message two thousand nine hundred that message two thousand and ten and there were a lot of people I mean if you see people that it can't mean you can't mean it from two thousand and six to two thousand and ten. You've become family so I know these people they know me so we all see each other every year how you do always going on so two thousand tent camp meeting comes and everybody's coming along Sunday law crisis near here's all the latest current events latest facts etc No doubt Good stuff good information and then this one preacher comes up. And disrupts the whole flow this preacher comes up and gets on the pulpit. Tall stout men and he gets of that he was a medical missionary too. He got up on that pulpit. And he said I'm going to talk today about the subject of forgiveness I remember exactly what was going through my mind I said. To my wife Honey I said you know we're just finishing about Sunday law apostasies a building up in the church we're in trouble trouble trouble now his brothers come to talk about forgiveness what does that have to do. With the finishing of the work that's what I think in my mind that this is in other words this sermon is out of Florida even though I love the man who is preaching it but as I said is this is out of what is a strange but he does his whole sermon on forgiveness right he goes into history about how his dad left him as a child and he grew up with bitterness in his heart towards his dad and he starts showing all these bible verses about how if we don't forgive. We can't be forgiven in other words there's no victory over Satan. And you just go to other stuff and you get to the end of a sermon and he says if there are any of you who have been harboring on forgiveness in your heart one of my dear brothers pops out of that seat like popcorn runs up to the pulpit falls on the evangelist chest and we like a baby by the way this is a black man. Now for those of you who are black you understand I'm saying black brothers like to always keep it together hold their pride there's a thing called black pride. And so this brother loses his black pride he this is my words he's broken. He is weeping and I'm not talking about. You know that brother is like. Crying tears pouring down his face out of control broke in I was like. Next thing you know another man goes up. Another man another man another man another man another man another man another it was almost fifty men. That goes up on this pulpit. Big Gigantic group of men crying and weeping. Because they were harboring unforgiveness in their hearts and I sat there and it was like God had arrested my attention. God help me see Duane. You all are talking victory over sin. We're talking about getting rid of bad music getting rid of bad dress entering into good worship making sure that you do this right do that right and all of that was being done by a group of people who were still harboring unforgiveness in their hearts they were on their way to hell and the second resurrection while they thought they were getting ready to be translated. God got my attention and I said Lord this something missing in the present truth circles. That was when God began to start opening my eyes he began that process of opening my eyes it is not that we negate the truth that we had but I'm discovering we need to add on and emphasis to things that are not often added on in the context of present truth my brothers and sisters it is possible to knock on a man's door and say Hello my name is and give a true through a book like great controversy and still have demons in our. That's scary to me Did you know it is possible to stand at this pulpit and give a powerful straight truth message. And have demons in your heart but you don't understand my brothers and sisters that scary as a preacher that thing makes me really search my heart you talk about that song is one thirty nine twenty three twenty four search me oh God know my heart try me know my thoughts see if there be any wicked way in me and leave me in the way of a last god is serious brothers and sisters he's saying listen you think you will get the kingdom and you all harbor the unforgiveness in your heart towards your brother Gus as what if I did that would you. Talk about a woman with high blood pressure and I'm talking to her and she has all these issues I said How long ago you had it ten years ago what happened ten years ago my husband left me for another woman as a terrible thing isn't it. I said Sister. Have you forgiven him absolutely not I said is that right yes I said OK so. This consultations over that's what I said to her I just concentrated over a second helping she was always talking about this if you want to manage your disease find the nearest clinic if you want to be healed only God does that. But God has a way that he does healing. And he begins with forgiveness and if you won't forgive him this is nothing I could do for you she says but you don't understand what he did he did he did you know women have this incredible brain they know. How to record it is a most incredible memory skill. They know how to jot down the date. The time the color of the room the temperature outside I mean they remember everything. He did this it was on this day it was like this outside he was wearing these colors I was Wendy's they got the details locked in and here it is that she was going down the list and I just said Stop right there. I said Do me a favor and this is years ago I said do a favor write down everything he did that has offended you she is that easy because she's been harboring in her heart I said then I want you to write down everything that you've done to offend Jesus and then all want you to do is just take the papers and do the comparison who's the worst offender she got the message I said Are you the worst offender Yes I am so what you want God to do which you have mercy on me so then what should you do with a lesser offender I mean such a simple theology right she did it. She said I don't know how to forgive I said let me show you how we began to pray together study together do you know that she forgave her husband she let God take away Behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world including our own forgiveness he took it away she had peace in three weeks one sixteen over seventy five that's simple my brothers and sisters what I'm saying to you is that there's a lot more power of vailable than what we think but the question is Does God have my heart that's the question have I allowed him to have the heart so I began looking at this so what really is medical missionary work let's talk about it OK let's let's get into it let's let's let's study what is medical missionary work if we were to look at it just from the plain definition of the term right the plain definition of the term if we just did it from a dictionary standpoint medical missionary is a health care professional I had to highlight that one made me laugh a little bit a health care professional It says physicians nurses E M T's dentists pre-med students and more who would go on missionary church with durations lasting from one week to one year or more worldwide as a medical missionary I'm so glad that the world's definition. The testimony of Jesus says it a little differently it says the work of the gospel ministry is not to decrease in efficiency but is to increase until it becomes the great and lightening agency in our world that's almost revelation eighteen language it says everything possible should be done to send more laborers into the field no influence should be exerted to turn young men aside from qualifying themselves for ministerial missionary work OK now watch this to this we may attach the word what medical for it is essential that the Gospel minister the ho not as not to do with health care professionals. You understand that this is the gospel Minister shall have a knowledge of disease and its causes it says He should know how to give help to the sick he should be able to teach the people how to treat the house we live in this is a part of the Gospel you understand that so when we think about medical missionary work it is literally ministerial missionary laborers that also know how to minister to disease and sickness to humanity OK that's what medical missionary work is its ministering to the whole person in fact how about we take a look at the master medical missionaries focus the mass of medical missionaries focus was none other than Jesus is that right look at the words of Jesus himself and others notice what the Bible says in Matthew one of verse twenty one is a seizure bring forth a son and I shall call his name what Jesus for he shall do would save his people from their sin you see in Christ revealing the father he made more plain the way of salvation back to the father you understand aren't going on it says in John twelve in verse forty seven and if any man hear my words and believe not I judge them not for. I came not to judge the world but to save the world very good then we have Matthew nine verse six but that you may know that the Son of Man have power on earth to forgive sins then say if he to the sick of the palsy arise take a bad bed and go unto the fine house the whole purpose of Christ doing that healing work was to make it known that he has power to forgive people of their Since you understand that then we have Luke nineteen a verse ten for the Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which is lost Christ focused in his medical missionary work was to bring salvation to last humanity is that right so then if I am to be a medical missionary I need to understand that the work of the true medical missionary is largely a spiritual work. Which means that we must be more spiritual people. We need more of the mind of God God is Spirit they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth if I'm surely going to be a medical missionary then I need to understand that I must have a strong not weak spiritual foundation it has to be strong because I don't know if you understand that many a times what we call sickness is many a times demonic affliction which means that when we deal with sick people we're going to be dealing a lot with demons and you do not want to go into war with a demon if you are not spiritually built up you understand that So this is imperative because of again a lot of times we assume that medical missionary work is learning about the right poultices the right hydro treatments and the right dietary regimens et cetera which is all inclusive but my brothers and sisters if you and I are not submitted to God. If our lives are not lives that reflect the power of His Spirit in us we can end up like the sons of Schiavo. In Acts Chapter nineteen when the Bible says they went to tell that demon come out of them in the name of Paul and Jesus and that dream is a Listen Paul I know Jesus I know but I don't know you and God was still merciful to those vagabonds God was merciful to them because they could have died. Yes they left the house and they could beat up embarrassed but thank the thank the Lord they could redeem the time you understand that I mean I praise God I saw his mercy in Acts nineteen. Those brothers could have died there was a man by the name of Moses ho Moses Paul was one of the state of the dead champions in Adventism and Moses hole would know how to battle with Spiritus especially but most of all started to disregard that blessed Spirit of Prophecy started to go ahead and turn away from these things and I gave warning after warning and all the whole got a little caught up in himself and one day old the hall went to meet with a spiritist. He was warned don't go in there you are not ready for this battle. He thought I got intellectual truth. You see desired it is page two zero nine we're told the great mistake of the Pharisees is that they thought that an intellectual US sent to the truth constituted righteousness. Great Mistake of the Pharisees great mistake of Seventh Day Adventists today. And so it is that all the whole things I got this I know everywhere in the Bible that it deals with the state of the dead and all these other things and he went into battle that spirited and he left a spiritist. And died outside of the third angel's message. These things are recorded in history that we might learn from it Romans tells us and my brothers and sisters we got to pay attention to these things we must remember that true she put that there I love how well the field feed is that she doesn't put these words there for no reason she's straight to the point and she gives the proper emphasis because she's under the inspiration of Jesus the work of the true meaning there are fast medical missionaries the work of the true medical missionary is largely a spiritual work we must be a spiritual people did you know what the Bible says about spiritual people go to the lation six if you look at Galatians six you can see what the Bible says even about spiritual people and I want you to think about it because if we're not what we read in Galatians six then we can't accomplish the work look at what it says and delay sions we're looking at the sixth chapter and watch what the text says as we consider Galatians six right there in verse one this is what the Bible says the Bible says brethren if a man be overtaken in a fault. Ye which are what spiritual Reus still has such a one in the spirit of meekness considering that I self lest i also be tempted to say that the assumption that Paul is making is that the only ones who can truly restore their brethren are those who are spiritual. You understand that. And God is a Spirit and they that worship him worship Him in spirit and in truth we must have the mind of God when we approach faulting erring brethren. And if we don't have the mind of God we will mess up even the quote unquote redeeming work and so it is the true medical missionary is largely a spiritual work the work of a true medical missionary now we're told those who labor as Christ the great medical missionary labor it must be what kind of minded spiritual minded but not all who are doing medical missionary work are. Thing God and what else his truth not all are submitting to the guidance of the Holy Spirit this is what God is saying as a crisis even amongst his gospel medical missionary evangelists and so if we truly are going to effectively do medical missionary work with power we have to do it as Jesus did in other words what's really the goal in medical missionary work what's the goal what are we seeking to accomplish look at how the Bible puts it number one John five in verse fourteen the medical missionary look at what he says afterward Jesus find him in the temple and said unto him Behold the ark made what thou are made whole sin no more lest a worse thing come unto the continuing The Bible goes on to say in Matthew nine in verse twenty two it says but Jesus turned him about and when he saw her he said daughter be of good comfort that I faith have made the whole and the woman was made what whole From that hour then it says in Acts four and verse ten Be it known unto you all and to all the people of Israel that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth whom ye crucified whom God raised from the dead even by him does this man stand here before you how whole in fact I wonder where Jesus is coming back for the Bible says in first testimony in Chapter five in verse twenty three and the very God of Peace sanctify you how heavenly notice W H O L L why this is not just talk about H O L Y But it says holy completely and I pray God Your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved how blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ the goal of the medical missionary. Is to meet people in their present conditions and be an. In God's hands that people will be made whole. That means that we are not satisfied just because they came in with cancer and leave without cancer. We're not satisfied if they came in with Lyme disease and they leave without Lyme disease the question is and I an instrument that can help others to be made whole through the merits of Jesus Christ that becomes the focus of the medical missionary because that was the focus of Jesus Christ if I had to use one page in spiration to describe medical missionary work it is right here in ministry healing page seventeen Here's what it says. It says Our Lord Jesus Christ came to this world as the what kind of servant on weary and servant of man's necessity so notice that he was one who met the cities of men OK then it says he took our infirmities and bare our sicknesses that he might minister to what. Every need of humanity is there need to be on mental physical spiritual How about social How about economic. How about domestic How about academic my brothers and sisters there are many needs now guess what when it comes to social when it comes to economic and domestic do we have the Bible and do we have inspired books that can help in these areas yes we do so should we not be able to simplify these life problems you understand that So Jesus was able to minister to every need of humanity you and I should be able to know how to minister to every need of humanity the understand that that's what God wanted us to understand that's the work he laid before his gospel medical missionary evangelists continuing it says the burden what watch the threefold problem and the threefold solution the burden of disease and wretchedness and sin he came to remove did you know that that's our people who come burdened with disease wretchedness and sin God says that's the work that I've given to my medical missionary evangelists that's the work that I've called them to do is to help these things be removed now what it was his mission to bring to man what. Complete restoration how he came to give them three things what was it health and peace and perfection of character Now my brothers and sisters do you see that this is the three fold solution to the threefold problem. Think about it man has the burden of disease God came to give health man has the burden of reticence wretchedness God came to give peace man has the burden of sin God came to give perfection a character literally this is the message of the Gospel medical missionary inventiveness this is what God wants us to be a channel that when people come here with the burden of disease wretchedness and sin that we can be instruments in God's hands to bring to them health peace and perfection of character by coming in contact with the man Christ Jesus this is the great work that got to set before us so when somebody says What is a medical missionary my answer according to inspiration medical missionaries are ministers who meet the needs of humanity by bringing them to complete restoration. Providing health peace and perfection of character. This is what God in titles medical missionary work it is ministering to the whole person now you heard me the other day I talked about how a lot of times we as medical missionaries sometimes because of the term and because of our focus in that term we begin to limit what God wants to accomplish in us and that's how many a times we can end up knowing more about herbs knowing more about hydro than we understand the Word of God. Think about it. God's Word provides healing isn't it so notice what the Bible says my son attend to my what words and crime dined here and to my sayings let them not depart from the eyes keep them in the midst of them heart for they are life unto those that find them and what else health to all their flesh the words of God provide health. So what is that medical missionary should be a stooge in understanding. The Word of God. The Word of God We should be able to understand the word we should be clear on the word we should be we should know how to study the Word and how to lead others to the word and a lot of times unfortunately it's strange. But it seems like for some reason medical missionaries don't know the word as well as they could or should. And we almost think like well that belongs to the Gospel worker but that's the problem family medical missionaries are gospel workers you understand that we don't drop the ball on gospel work because we have embraced quote unquote medical missionary work how in the world are you going to help people overcome the burden of wretchedness and sin if you cannot provide them with the word. And as I stated yesterday you will not know the word as well as you could or should if you allow preachers to replace your personal devotion you gotta learn how to turn you tube off sometimes you gotta learn how to cut already a verse off sometimes family you gotta learn how to cut off and you gotta learn how to open up your Bible and you know what don't leave the verse until you understand it tax your mind Push yourself because we got to get to that place that we really understand this book because there's a great famine in the land for the Word of God. This is why one of the first things I want to encourage to all of us as gospel medical missionary evangelists I often think about how much we know how to quote spirit of prophecy and all these things and as a good family listen that's good when you when your ministry is talking to a bunch of Stas but I don't read anything of Revelation fourteen where John says and I saw another inch of fly in the seven day of ministered saying going to them in the seventy administrates fear God to give glory to Him for they are his I don't read that I read it was every nation kindred tongue and people we've got to go to Pentecostals we've got to go to Baptists we've got to go to all these different family members that's right we've got to go everywhere and we have to help them see on these points you've been right with God But on these points these areas are wrong with God and we are here to help you how to turn wrong to right. We have to know how to do that but you can't quote Ellen why. You can't quote that you cannot do that family and that's why I asked you the other day as to how many of you can prove dress reform with the Bible because dress reform is desperately needed. Desperately needed a lot of people come to these schools and they just cooperate they don't get the lesson I've seen all the time they come to the schools and they wear their long flowing skirts and everything else and as soon as they graduate from the schools that call with my tight pants and all this other stuff and it's like see you missed the lesson. You can't you just cooperating with an organization. That's not what God was trying to accomplish so if you're going to take off your pants and put on your skirt you should know biblically why you're doing that if as a brother you're going to go ahead and say it's not time for me to reveal all my muscles and this that the other I'm going to button up and I'm going to dress like a decent man I'm going to keep myself well groomed etc I'm not doing it because of what second select the message says I'm doing it because Thus saith the Lord you've got to know that and you've got to know how to articulate that to others therefore I believe that if we're truly. Going to enter into faithful true spiritual gospel medical missionary work we need to understand how to study the Bible we got to know how to go through the text you know my travels in my travels when I go from country to country state to state. I have found that a lot of people believe a lot of strange things. What was also interesting is the great grandma Dorothy the people that believe strange things called themselves medical missionaries. And that's why I said what's going on why is it that matter why is it that it seems what is it in the atmosphere that causes a lot of us as medical mission is to hold on to things sometimes that are just a bit extreme maybe erroneous or otherwise In other words there's confusion in the camp what kind of confusion this is typically what this is just personally what I've run into and then when I talk with other gospel workers this is what they run into with medical missionaries quote unquote number one of the anti Trinitarian movement you've got a whole lot of people that are denying that the Holy Spirit is a person with a personality. And they go hard at this to try to do that and I have seen articles I marvel I used to do gymnastics but boy you could see bible gymnastics the way that they just cut and paste all these verses and so on and try to tell us that the Holy Spirit is not a person and he's not a third he's at this and that the other I thought to myself as I remember us talking about Trinitarian and they went to he you know the Holy Spirit is no fair person and I said I said Do you believe in the three angels messages you say yes I said OK because they were trying to give me a white quote so I met them where they were I gave it away I called back. Do you believe in the three angels messages. I'm asking you that. Where in the Bible do you have three angels message where you see the three angels messages you see in Revelation where in Revelation fourteen of the three angels messages. Six through twelve where does it say three angels messages in there is says the first and second angel you sure about that I never read that. Yet John the Revelator says in verse six and I saw another angel So how do you know these three angels. How do you know I'm asking a question to a group of medical missionaries talk to me family. And be honest with you I expect you to answer me a little bit fast you're holding up my my my my message here what's going on Tom how do you how do you know there's three angels messages in Revelation fourteen thank you very much nine says and the. Angel said with a loud voice so if that's thirty inches that means verse eight must be second nature that means verse seven must be first angel so that term faired is what helped me say three you had that So then when I went to evangelism six one five six one six and L Y says the faired person of the Godhead I said that's the same principle if there is a fair person there must be a second person and it must be a first person that is what's called sanctified reasoning. You understand that. They and then I said Now how do you answer well you have to understand the word person. I said Just remember this whatever you explain the word person to mean it doesn't apply to just the third it applies to the second and the first you just blank you just the probation clears and then they start casting me into hell and that's what I'm saying people need to think through Scripture God wants his medical mission is to think through Scripture not just look at data that's just in your face but think through the text study through the text the Bible says consider what has been said before you. This is one of several things and Trinitarian twenty five twenty the twenty four hundred day prophecy. Coming to an apostasy near you the S.D.A. church is Babylon fanaticism and dress diet and lifestyle. How about this one. The flat earth doctrine I say to myself people have too much time on their hands for the feeling they are not getting in the field that's why we're coming up with a lot of this stuff for justification a justification that's purely declared but not experienced in the life. Devilish doctrine taught by prominent preachers no victory over sin prosperity preaching hey black and white conferences. How do you read the Bible and come up with that nonsense. You can't come up with that kind of stuff if you read the Bible the Spirit of Prophecy faith if you know how to study the Bible my brother you won't come up with this stuff but. God makes these things clear this is what's happening and it's creating a ton of confusion in the camp and this is just scratching the iceberg people got to know how to study their Bibles because after we look at this are these all not real agitations happening in the movement and they're happening from the precious truth camps as well as the present truth camps people got to know how to study their Bibles we got to get back to Bible study and that's the reason why I give you this wonderful tidbit it's beautiful. The study of the Bible look if you can just take this Jim when we're talking about how to study the Bible you will find that your bible studies will get so much more beautiful sweet and deeper. The study of the Bible demands on most diligent effort and perseverance thought as the miner digs for the golden treasure in the earth so earnestly persistently must we seek for the treasure of God's word continuing in day every study the what method the verse by verse method is often most helpful the verse by verse method what is that continuing let the student take one verse and concentrate the mind on ascertaining the fought that God has put into that verse for him then and then dwell upon the thought until it becomes is all known. One passage the study until its significance is clear is of more value than the perusal of many chapters with no definite purpose in view and no positive instruction gained my brothers and sisters that's how you want to study go verse by verse explain it and make it plain and let me give you a little practical is that our if I give you a practical Oh I loved doing this with the Saints I'm sure there's got to be a scholar in here that's going to make this plane go to Galatians chapter two Let's watch a little Bible test the Bible says and Galatians chapter two and I want you to watch this and I want you to remember what we just read from the book Education Page one eighty nine paragraph three and four I want you to watch this in Galatians chapter two watch what the Bible says in verse sixteen and pay close attention to it please the Bible says and Galatians two in verse sixteen when you get there please say amen All right it says knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law but by the faith of Jesus Christ even we have believed in Jesus Christ that we might be justified by the faith of Christ and not by the works of the law for by the works of the law shall how much flesh no flesh be justified what is that text telling us Don't be timid family what is the text telling us. Right correct. OK very good but what is the faith of Jesus doing or making plain to us in the verse What's the verse telling us is repeated like a few times in the verse was addressed telling us we're justified by faith forgiveness of sin this is true the verse is making a very plain statement especially if you understand the book of Galatians Paul is trying to make a very clear point because it was a very clear issue. What is Paul trying to teach in verse sixteen family say again there is no work obedience or doing of the law of God that can make you or make me justified. Would you agree that that's why the verse trying to tell us that's what is trying to tell us that his message OK That's his message only justified by the faith of Jesus but not by the works of the law obviously there was an issue in the church a glacier where people were trying to say by obedience to the law of God You can be made right with God So Paul wants to crush that theory and he says Listen there are no words that's why he repeats it several times then you see him repeat it in the verse OK So is it clear there is no work doing obeying of the law of God that can make us justified before God Do you agree with that or I go to Romans two. Of literally seventeen hundred missionaries only one got it right the first time. Romans chapter two. Romans chapter two. Now we just by the way who regulations who's the author Paul who's the author of ROMANS All right so Paul is not double minded. But that's not what the Bible says in Romans two if they're same and Romans two verse thirteen for not the I hear ors of the law just before God but the do wonders of the law shall be wait a minute hold up. If you ever leave the present truth bubble. And come in contact with people who don't believe anything closely to what we believe they're going to say to you it looks to me like the lation to sixteen and Romans two thirteen are a contradiction because collation two sixteen made it clear there is no work of the law that we can do that makes us justified but now Romans two thirteen says the doers of the law shall be future tense statement shall be justified I got to do the law first and then I'm justified that's the language of it according to just plain grammar as a question was asked of Martin Luther How do you answer those twelve may not necessarily answer but if you want to try it you can designated two minutes to give it to let you go ahead and make an attempt Yes my brother. I see the word justified. So my says in verse thirteen of Romans to is as justified not sanctified I have verses in the Bible that specify sanctified So the Bible does not have an issue with the term sanctification or sanctified but in Romans two thirteen is justified he says it. Justification is sanctification. But somebody may say back to us which they have a right to say both verses are speaking about justification. Because this is justified. So do I have to do I by face do the law first if I do the law by faith. Is it then I'm justified or am I justified before I even do the law by faith. Family. This is the third angel's message. Could it be. That the very present truth for this hour we don't fully understand I'm just saying you see we're all smart until we're asked the question. Listen why I'm saying it is this very true this is good lessons for us to learn as long as we're talking we are geniuses it is when we're quiet and somebody says OK based on what you said boom and then they ask you a question now all we're going to reveal how much of good or bad students of the Bible we are you understand that so this becomes seriously important there's a fundamental question now say this in advance did you know that Seventh Day Adventists should be the masters at explaining Romans two thirteen. If you really understand what Romans two thirteen is talking about S.D.H. should be able to explain it blindfolded Galatians two twenty. I'm crucified with Christ Nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ liveth them in the life that I now live in the flesh lived by the faith of the Son of God for that means to thirteen. Because he had escalations to twenty what you just was what you just saying there so Philippines to thirteen. Is For it is God which work within you to will and to do HIS good pleasure that's fine but the question is God is working in me to do the law. Before him justified or after. So as after so it's after then so then Paul says the DO is of the law shall be justified as a future tense statement that no this talk about being justified first and foremost Well that's not what the verse is saying I understand the explanation you're giving but that's not to say what the verses say that's all I'm saying is not what the verses say. All right this our last hand yes Mr. So again the person asked so I do I have to do the law first and then I'm justified see we haven't answered that question yet this is my point meditate on these things now here's the deal. I know I think what you are going to be doing during lunch now. Be thinking about a text don't do Y E S of your digestion but do it after some time the point is this family. Sometimes when we say things we have a tendency in our human nature to be like yeah I know this I got that but it's again it's when a question is thrown at us that forces you to think that's when we start discovering how little or great we know and that's the point is that I want to encourage us to follow what the counsel just said if we follow the counsel of the verse by verse method you will explain very beautifully and very clearly what Paul is talking about Romans two verses what he's not talking about. Because people have a right to know and I justify by doing works and I justified by not doing works because it looks like there's a contradiction hence why the atheist say I want to hear what you Bible people people are talking about I want to hear it. We are called to make it plain the understand that So this is why the more we know how to study the Bible and again this is one of the most powerful methods it's not the only but it's definitely powerful verse by verse now what we're asking in Romans two can be answered if you faithfully study verse by verse and remember concentrate the mind on ascertaining the thought that's been put in that verse. If you do what we're being counseled you will see the result come up without a problem. But you gotta read prayerfully and carefully now this is what Jesus the master medical missionary did that's why no matter how much the devil tried to trip him up by presenting promises Jesus would say yes it is written but Jesus would go ahead and balance out whenever Satan was getting fanatical with the word. Christ was a master at explaining scripture. Medical missionaries should be masters at explaining Scripture we should know how to walk through the text we should know how to do this this has been my prayer can I let you in on one little tidbit about me personally this is something that I've tried and I know when you're satisfied in this but I've tried to do this. Every belief that I have that I have found from the writings of Ellen White I look for where it is in the Bible. In other words don't get comfortable just saying the servant of the Lord says Baba Baba bla what I would encourage you to do is when she teaches all those blessid principles we know that the writings of the Spirit what makes us different from Mormons is the Mormon Church believes that the Book of Mormon so-called supposedly given by the engine Marone I gave the book of Mormons to complete the Bible. That is a teaching in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints that's why no matter how much you show them clearly from the Bible about the law of God they call back to you the Book of Mormons you understand that they hold as a very high level authoritative book even above the Bible we are seven they have been if we don't believe that we believe the writings of L. and why did not complete the Bible we believe the Bible's already complete. We believe that God's people just need bifocals bifocals a double lenses you understand that we already have the lens of God's word to study but some of us have become so blind sided by what God's words were saying God gave an additional lens to magnify what the word was already saying so knowing that principal that the writings of Ellen White is a magnification of what the Bible was already saying then I am asking God to train my mind but I can see it from the first lens. Because I have a lot of people that don't have respect for your prophet. And they need to be reached. And so I have sought over the years by the grace of God to find out where all these principles and elements writings where are they in the Bible. I can encourage you family if you learn to do that you will be more useful. You just simply be more useful because we're not called to just preach the stas contrary to many popular opinions I don't see that in the Bible and I marvel how people can. Well and white to say that we should be preaching that as the A's when Ellen White did not preach the only Stas even understand that that makes no sense to me. So the key is that we have to know how to study the Bible we have to look at the verses we have to think through the text and don't move until you understand it because it makes no sense to peruse a whole bunch of chapters with no definite purpose in view and no positive instruction gain it does not benefit us now in addition to this in medical missionary work this in family there's another reason for knowing the word Another reason especially in medical missionary work not only because we're going to come in can doctrine mess can false doctrine mess up the mind. Can false doctrine bring on sickness Yes you have had somebody paint a doctrinal view of God as an evil taskmaster always ready to destroy. Do you think that that can put somebody in a depressed state do you think presenting the truth of God's love and compassion and mercy and His forbearance and long suffering do you think that that could probably free somebody's mind up that it can actually have an effect on the body and help those endothelial cells going to hyper level action and actually help them feel better yes now watch this Satan is the originator of disease Satan is the originator of disease counsels unhealthy twenty four paragraph to sickness of the mind prevails everywhere. Nine tenths all of the diseases from which men suffer add their foundation here that means ninety percent of diseases are birth where in the mind that's how serious it is so if there is anything the medical missionary should know how to deal with is the up mind more than the body. Because we are a people that ascertain. You suppose to finish that word we ascertain what cause if somebody is sick because of what's going on in their mind. Then you can give all the poultices and everything else you want if you don't address the condition of the mind you're putting a Band-Aid on a gushing wound you understand that so as gospel medical missionary evangelists we should know how to deal with minds Thank God we have something called Mind character and personality book one and Book two. God has given to us what humanity needs and so it says nine tenths of the diseases from men from which men suffer have their foundation here perhaps some living home trouble is like a canker eating to the very soul and weakening the my forces remorse for sin do you know how many people come to us with that. They are sick because of remorse for sin created depression OK has an effect on the immune system now watch this it says remorse for sin sometimes undermines the Constitution and unbalances the mind there are Iranians doctrines also look at the. Iranians doctrines can play a role in making people sick and that's why true medical missionaries need to have a thorough understanding of the Bible to bring people to truth you understand that so look at what it says there are Iranians doctors also as that of an eternally burning hell and the endless torment of the wicked that by giving exaggerated and distorted views of the character of God have produced the same result upon sensitive minds and you imagine that it says infidels have made the most of these unfortunate cases achieving insanity to religion literally people who get so depressed because they see God as a cruel taskmaster that it begins making them sick and like they are losing their mind infidels heathens begin to say you see that that's what religion does to people it makes you crazy. That's what she saying. He says infidels attribute insanity to religion but this is a gross libel and one which they will not be pleased to meet by and by the religion of Christ so far from being the cause of insanity is one of its most effectual remedies for it is a potent soother of the nerves can you imagine true doctrine faithful understanding of the Bible knowing how when somebody gives you a Texas says no no the Bible says that this is how God is and we can say no let's just go up a few verses let's just look at a few verses below let's really understand what God is if you could walk them through that it can literally see take away the dark spell free of the mine Sue the nerves and have a medicinal effect on the body like we just read in Proverbs forty this is what God is trying to say that's why the Bible says the Lord God have given me the tongue of the learned that I should know how to speak a word in season to him that is weary my brothers and sisters you gotta know the word as gospel medical missionary evangelists we have to know the word so that when those people come that we can give them the word and let it do what God does best this is what God wants. My brothers and sisters when you get up in the morning Don't rush your studies. Take time in the word. Go to Mark Chapter one how about this march after one. In March have to wonder what it says in verse thirty five mark one of verse thirty five Jesus the hard worker. Hard working man in the. Hard work and gospel medical missionary adventure list. And Mark one knows what the Bible says in verse thirty five. Sabbath is over. It's sunset it's night time. Whole villages coming out to be healed and Jesus healed a whole lot of people more than likely had a late night. But it says in verse thirty five and in the morning rising up a great while before day. He went out and found and departed to a solitary place and he there parade Jesus prioritize on his devotional time he prioritized on his community you prioritize in your community. Do you prioritize in your devotional time you see it's not enough just to have deep bible study but you've got to baptize it with communion with God you've got to make sure that you take time to commune with heaven I want you to watch this this is so powerful I want to talk a bit about the blessings of communion you see the first thing I want to talk about is the privilege of praise how often these spend time praising God You see sometimes we get so sometimes we get so afraid as good old present truth as the A's. That we begin to think praise can possibly be Babylonian. And we begin to find ourselves in churches and sometimes the most praise that God will get is a simple Oh amen. But God is worthy of praise in fact God really watch how God deepens the first angels message you know to first angels message and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach and then that one upon the earth to every nation kindred tongue and people saying with a loud voice Fear God and do what give glory to him right for the obvious judgment is come worship Him that made heaven and earth the sea in the fountains of waters now. Often when we say fear God give glory to Him when we break the verse down often we talk about the glory of God and we use Exodus thirty three eighteen and nineteen Exodus thirty four five two seven and we talk about how the glory of God is God's character that is one hundred percent true but it's not the whole truth or. We need to spread more of that understanding of that truth out why because the Bible says in Psalms fifty in verse twenty three who so often with praise glorify it for me you understand that so everybody who is truly experiencing the first angels message will be a people that spend time praising God because He is worthy. Who so offer of praise glorify of me and to him that order of his conversation right will I show the salvation of God Some of the reasons why we go through the drama we go through some of the reasons why many of us look like sad Ventus is because we don't spend time in praising God at all and especially in our trials the Bible makes very clear that murmuring is sin is offensive to God We then first Corinthians ten people died because they were murmuring and complaining the first Corinthians ten read right there one to ten you literally will see it people murmur and complain and God allowed that the story to come upon is an insult. And so it is that notice what inspiration says it says enter into his gates with what Thanksgiving and into his course with praise be thankful and to him and bless his name be careful for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with what it seems like we give more attention to prayer and supplication. But it says and with Thanksgiving it's a command. With thanksgiving let your request made known to God and the peace of God which passes all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus look at the council family let us educate our hearts what that means is that we're not used to this. Because if we were used to it we would need education you understand that we need to be educated because it's foreign to us let us educate our hearts and lips to speak the praise of God for his matchless love let us educate our souls to be hopeful and to abide in the light shining from the cross of Calvary did you know that this is one of the best lessons you can give to a sick soul. When somebody is sick but you know the problem is we often this is why I said what I said earlier family we often give people the extent of our religion. You see if you don't praise God you more than likely are not going to encourage other people to praise God That's why I told you as you have received Christ so walk in Him The problem is many of us receive Christ wrong so we're producing a bunch of disciples like us that's the crisis. That's why we got to receive the instruction you can only give a man what you received. So if we don't spend time praising God away with this oh I come from a conservative religion that's nonsense if you know who God is he is worthy of praise period I'll give you black or white I'll give you come from Europe or Africa it does not matter now praising God doesn't mean being wild noisy and disruptive. That's not what God is calling us to. The Lord isn't a temple we should learn to keep signing before him there is a balance in this my brothers and sisters but some of us have become so stale and so stiff that we don't even know how to thank God. In the midst of our trials. We label it black preaching and black worship and stupid stuff like that my brother says that foolishness it's not black it's not white I live this council a couple in British Columbia and they were white. And the husband was like listen sometimes when certain songs come on he said man he says I just thank God I lift up my hands and just praise him thank you Lord thank you Jesus how lujah were the last time you see somebody do that or you. Or any were going to zation I'm I'm I'm here to pick an organization I'm just saying any quote unquote conservative circle we don't do that. Sometimes our hearts are touched to do that but immediately our minds go off from God and onto the people and we start saying they'll think funny of me so I hold it back in. Tell me I'm not being real Come on then I know I'm here real I already know this what I'm saying is you gotta learn how to say I don't care what any are think. I will not be disruptive but at the same time if it is appropriate for me to say amen hallelujah thank you Jesus There's nothing wrong with that and I know we're close to Babylon there's nothing wrong with that. The problem is that some of us have been scum so culture arise that we don't even know how to do these things and we give all these excuses for let praise and thanksgiving be expressed in song when tempted instead of giving utterance to our feelings let us by faith lift up a song of thanksgiving to God. Early writings for ninety nine song is a weapon that we can always use against discouragement ministry healing two fifty four to praise God in fullness and sincerity of heart is as much a duty as is prayer. Did you listen to that. Now you hear that listen to this to praise God in fullness and sincerity of heart is as much a duty as is prayer is a duty. Listen to this we are to show to the world and to all the heavenly intelligences that we appreciate the wonderful love of God for far humanity and that we are expecting larger and yet larger blessings from his infinite fullness. To be a life that should be. We fell into a false form of worship. We think our quietness is something that is acceptable to God Again I'm not talking about being noisy please and because I'm a black man I know that if you're not black you might misinterpret what I'm saying or he's trying to tell us to be all charismatic that's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is sometimes we're too dead and too stiff sometimes we know that God is worthy of praise in the midst of some serious stuff that happened in our lives stuff he delivered you from and everything else and the best he gets two seconds Lord we thank you for life health and strength now Lord be with us and give us this give us that give us this give us that and we we wold pass praise. And again God help us if we're going to crisis. God help us if we're going to crisis. Would praise even come out of our lives. Messages to young people Page one seventeen you can write that down in messages to young people Page one seventeen it says the trials of life are God's workman. Revealing unto us the roughness and impurity of our own characters. In John fifteen verses one and two Jesus says I am the brunt I am the vine the father is the husbandman you are the branches he says every vine in me that bears no fruit he says I cast it away he says but every vine a lot of times we miss these verses he says but every vine every bind every branch rather every branch in me that bears fruit he says I purge that means when you're doing good he purges you. That's weird because some of us say if I'm doing good why am I going to have a purging Lord. God said the reason why is because I want you to bear more fruit. That's how the verse finishes. Here and as my father glorified same book in chapter John fifteen but I say here is I'm here in this how my father's glorified that you bear much fruit so shall you be my disciples literally the Bible is saying if you're gonna give the loud cry you definitely got to get some purging Why so you can bear a lot of fruit and light up the earth with my character but how many of us praise God for the purging now praise him for the purging you understand will praise him for the purging. So we have to learn that in good times and even our bad times we can say Praise the lord thank you Father for allowing me to go through this because you're trying to teach me something. That's designed to draw me closer to your heart help me see things about myself that I've never seen before so that I can let you be the Lamb of God that can take away my sins Thank you Lord even for my crisis. It says if more praising of God were engaged in now hope and courage and faith would steadily increase profits and kings to all to praise the Lord even when you fall into darkness. Praise Him even in temptation we Jason the Lord always says the apostle and again I say rejoice Volume two page five ninety three now my brothers and sisters. This is what Jesus did. This is why he had so much power you remember that in first John two in verse six he's our example if any man abide in Christ the Bible says he himself also so to walk as Christ walked. Look at this this is right here. The Saviors life on earth was a life of what communion with nature and with God in this communion he revealed for us the what the secret of a life of power. Did you know that Jesus actually taught us how to get power. It was through his life of communion. In nature. With God Now I want you to watch this for bring out these final points which about ten more minutes watch this. Did you know. That he taught us how to pray and a lot of us missed it. Go to Luke eleven. Let me see if you catch it look at eleven and see if you catch it. I'll be proud of you if you catch it. I'll be very thankful. Luke the eleventh chapter I've learned I want to even pray like Jesus I want to sing like him. I want to praise God Like I'm certainly want to pray like. The Bible says a loopy eleven chapter right starting a verse when if you they just say I'm in now watch this is says and it came to pass that as he was praying in a certain place when he sees one of His disciples said unto him Lord teach us to pray as John also taught his disciples now watch that Christ was praying his disciples see what's going on here what's going on so now they ask Him Lord teach us how to do it so now Jesus teaches them how to do it so here's what he says in verse two and our focus is just going to be on verse to tell me if you caught it it says and he said unto them when you pray say Our Father which art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done as in heaven so in earth they want to I'm coming they want to learn how to pray. Jesus complied and is now teaching them how to pray what lesson do we see in verse to yes. Pray out loud what makes you say that sister. OK. OK OK I appreciate that thought thank you very much similar brother Centerville go ahead. Write Very good thank you sister Marie is what I'm going to say hit the nail on the head even though it's in agreement with both of the points you made look at what the verse said carefully. In verse two A says and he said unto them when ye pray think. Is that with a verse or. Did he say when he pray meditate. No he said when you pray say meaning he was teaching them to pray aloud. You understand that same point is just that it would be good to reference from the verse that's all I'm saying all right he taught them how to pray and he taught them when you pray say speak out loud OK The goal is that when we go out in nature. God wants us to spend time with him in genuine communion he wants us to pray aloud because when you read steps to Christ page ninety three it talks about how God doesn't want us to just think about his goodness towards us he wants us to say something to him the goal is that the more that we speak to God out loud the more real he becomes to us that's an imperative when you just pray thinking Number one the mind wonders Is that right when many are talking to God Next when you think about grocery shopping your mind wonders. But number two is sometimes God is still not real enough to us but when you open your mouth and you start talking to God you find that he becomes more real I feel like I'm actually talking to someone and it works with the mind to make God more real to us that's why we're told very clearly an inspiration the Bible says it the Lord God of give me the tongue of the learned that I should know how to speak a word in season to him that is weary he waken this morning by morning he wake in the mind ear to hear as the learned he wakes my ear to hear as the learned I am letting God speak to me from His Word I am talking back to him this should be our experience and then we can better bring this experience to those that we minister to. This is the key we can only give what we have received you understand that we can only give what we have received if you ever see that you're not going to give it. Well you give it in the BE NO POWER You sound like a storyteller. God wants this to be our genuine experience he says I want you to come to my word I want you to study like you never have before become acquainted with what I'm teaching and who I am then I want you to spend time in communion with me this is the secret of a life of Power family this is what empowers your work. That's what I love what God is doing between even the three speakers because everybody is giving the key relevant points but we're touching on different points at the same time that's all complimentary The key is yes we have to work brother so we've got to work we've got to get to work but remember whatever work you do you're bringing your experience into that work so you need to make sure you have the right experience. So then that is what gets duplicated in the work that we're doing to touch the lives of others does that make sense Amen tomorrow we'll come back to it. We're going to talk about Personal Evangelism and the reason why we're going to talk about this is because sometimes we begin to think that because I take care of vehicles because I take care of the farm or because I help put together herbs and different things inside of the organization sometimes we think because we're working for gospel organization that released me from Personal Evangelism that is a deception we need to be involved in Personal Evangelism you got to take time from the farm you got to take time from the yard you got to take time even from putting together all the right remedies you got to take time that you go in somebody's house and impart to them the Word of God and you'll find that God is going to do something special I believe with all of my heart. We start having real genuine communion with God. Studying as he taught us to study pray as he taught us to pray will be able to do true medical missionary work to bring to people health peace and perfection of character so great work that God wants to accomplish the question is how many of us are willing to cooperate with God while he doesn't Amen amen and with that being said let's go to our knees and let's have a word of prayer on that Father in heaven. Thank you again for helping us to see. The importance of heart for. As we prepare. To give the great message of health reform combined with the message I pray that we might enter into an experience with the very truth that we teach to so many and that we cease to be messengers without a message Lord help us that we might be firm. And knowing God in Jesus Christ. And I believe that as we know you will love you and as we love you it's easier to share that love with others. Do something special. And help us that we might be. This is. Jesus name. This media was brought to you by. 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