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The First Work in Medical Missionary Lines

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)


  • September 21, 2017
    11:00 AM
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In heaven we're very grateful for the privilege to come together as a family to study your word we thank you so much for the opportunity to meditate upon Scripture and to truly allow heaven to speak to our Lord we thank you so much for these privileges we have the freedom here in the country and just being able to embrace your words I pray that we will soak in everything that you are pouring upon us grant us your Holy Spirit for he is the only effectual teacher of truth and may he truly ignite our minds and help us to be able to understand the things that we will read and study but more importantly to apply it in our lives this is our prayer that we all ask in Jesus name Amen All right. Let's turn our Bibles to the book of first John Chapter two. First John Chapter two. You know we're told in inspiration that the preaching from the desk is the easier part of ministry. And sometimes we misquote the prophet. She never said it was easy. She said it is comparatively easier than other types of work in other words. To go into a home and to sit down with souls and to wrestle and go through the truth of God's word with them and see them go from a no to a yes for Jesus that's that's deep real gospel work OK. But preaching from the desk is easier than doing that in the home but she never said it was easy. And I don't want people to get that twisted and start thinking that preaching the Word of God from the desk is easy it is a very serious and solemn work when we stand before the people of God and present his wonderful words of life and so it is something to be taken very seriously as we go through our study year in first John Chapter two. And the Bible says in the book of first John Chapter two right there in verse six he gives a very testing statement to many. It says He that say it he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk even as he walked this is talking about Jesus if we abide in Christ then we are to walk as he walked. I wish that this text could just be accepted in its super simplicity. But it seems like we have to go through so much effort to help Christians understand if we abide in price we are to live how he lived that should get every Sunday keep it to be a Sabbath keeper you find nowhere in the Bible where he kept the first day of the week but the Bible makes it clear that it was his custom to keep the seventh day sabbath you know you would think that why would it be nice if we could just make it that simple. But we know the devil has done a tremendous work. In confusing minds all over the world and as a result of that sometimes we have to go beyond even the super simplicity and dig a little deeper My point is very simple Jesus is our excellent example. My brothers and sisters I don't know about you. I love studying the character of Jesus. Because when I look at characters to my right and to my left I constantly see disappointment. Sooner or later we're going to look at the arms of flesh and realize that they will fail us God wanted that I don't read anywhere in the Bible where Jesus tells us to put our trust in men I read in the Bible we are to respect men I read in the Bible that we are to be kind to men I read in the Bible we should be gentle toward men I read a lot of those type of things but I read nowhere in the Bible where Jesus tells us put our trust in men. In fact I read the opposite in Jeremiah seventeen in verse five the Bible says Thus saith the Lord curse it be the man that puts his trust in man and makes flesh is on but two verses down it says but bless it is the man who trusts in the Lord and whose hope the Lord is and so we are to let Jesus be our example did you know that even Moses is not your example. Did you know that Daniel is not your example did you know that Joseph Peter James and Paul none of them are example except this what I have learned about Peter James and John what I've learned about Moses and Elijah and John the Baptist and the rest is I have learned that they are all lesser lights that reflect the greater light. And oh. Only thing worthy to follow of what Elijah did is that which Jesus himself would have done do you understand that you see if somebody says doing you need to be like Alija that means one day I might stand for God and in the same day become a coward because that happened with Elijah. If somebody says Duane we got to be like John the Baptist I could say yes one day I can go before Herod and tell him that you are in sin because you took your brother's wife etc and called him to repentance but that same job one day was scratching his head and said Are you the Messiah should we look for another do does God want to reflect that side of John the Baptist does he want to reflect that side of Elijah No my brothers and sisters the only area of any patriarch prophet or apostle that we ought to reflect is that which they reflected that great light which is none other than Jesus. Jesus is our excellent example and my brothers and sisters I don't know about you I am very much a man. You understand I am a man I am one hundred percent masculine but I find Jesus to be very attractive you understand that I find Jesus to be so incredibly attractive. That I will every time I behold him I'm like Lord help me to be like you you know this and that I mean it's like you start comparing yourself and everything Lord help me to be like you. In my home towards my bride towards my children towards my fellow man that I might be like him. He is our excellent example. When Jesus walked this earth he demonstrated so much for us we talked about some of those things this week. And one of the things I thought was very interesting is that. When Jesus gave his examples he left something for me one second to do this super super super quick very very quick you won't even notice all the time that I took to do it because before you know it boom is right back on the screen all right now when Jesus left this example for us this excellent example I began studying the Bible and there was something very attractive about the way Jesus even talked to people. I realize that he didn't even speak like regular men speak. The reason I discovered this to be so is because if he spoke like regular men spoken how in the world of the Bible say this it says and look for verse thirty two and they were stunned at his doctrine his teachings why it says for his way. Was with power his words. When Jesus taught he arrested the people's attention. His words had power to the point that one day they did a comparative and they said for he taught them as one having authority and not as the scribes when Jesus taught people knew this something different about him then when I hear other preachers preach this something different about him. And they said that when he talks he has authority and you know we're told that we should meditate on the life of Christ especially the closing scenes and that we have to let the imagination go scene by scene you know step by step as we consider the life of Jesus and when I was thinking about this I thought I like to think in pictures I think in pictures when I read OK if I'm reading a story in the Bible I start imagining what that was like OK so here it is one day these brothers you know Pharisees they are very very angry at Gene. This they decide to call soldiers and tell the soldiers go find Jesus and go arrest them now in my mind my imagination kicks in if I'm thinking of a soldier I'm not thinking about somebody my size OK I'm slim alright when I think about a soldier part of the job an officer part of the job is to arrest people and when you've got to arrest folks you know you've got to have a little bit more muscle you understand that so I'm thinking that these are not some skinny scrawny guys these are you know these are buffed up guys more than likely that they're saying Go find Jesus and go arrest them and on top of that they more than likely have a weapon you know they don't have guns in those days but I'm sure they had themselves some big old sort of something like that so imagine if these guys that they're told what to do and they're like you know what we're going to do it and they go in there looking for Jesus eventually they find him. When they find Jesus they're supposed to go and grab him and arrest him but here it is they go to Jesus and when they go to Him Jesus says you will look for me. But you will not be able to find me because where I'm going you cannot go. And then here it is that these brothers are like stop in their tracks and then they just kind of look at each other and. Then they just leave. And when they leave and go back to the Pharisees and the Pharisees see them empty handed without Jesus they go to them and the Pharisees ask them why is it that you didn't arrest Jesus and these guys said to themselves never a man spake like this man. Can you imagine that we could have so much of the annoying thing of God's Spirit that even when people want to act in aggression towards us. That because of the presence of God within our hearts that we can actually say hold your peace you need to leave. And they turn around. I mean when I first read that I would pray I said Lord I pray that one day I could be so endowed with your spirit. That when men want to even come to me with aggression. That just through calm words and the annoying thing of your spirit people will turn away. Now I prayed and asked God for that blessing. And I've been in many situations I remember when I was in Australia and I was dealing with some anti Trinitarian folks and I was standing you know the sermon was over and I was standing there and entertaining questions and this man came up to me and he was like you know hey brother Lemon I got a question for you and I was like OK go ahead ask a question and he went to ask a question and he was all about the Trinity and these type of things and I said well I prefer to use the term the Godhead but nevertheless let's talk about it so we started to answer questions and I remember that every time I tried to answer he would talk over me so I was like man I thought this was a dialogue but this is turning into a monologue so you know I got to a point I said my brother. I need you to let me speak so that we can have an intelligent conversation and he was like No no you don't understand the need just kind of going at me and everything so I said OK I said well if that's the case this discussion is over and I put my Bible in my bag when I put my Bible in my bag he walked over to me said you will listen to me and he stuck his hand in my back. Now I've been trained in my past and three different disciplines of martial arts. And. Naturally the flesh at least wants to rise up and to say do you know what you're doing right now are you prepared for the kind of go into an interaction but of course the Spirit of God thank the Lord. God says Son hold your peace. Now they happen to be a wonderful lovely group of people called Tongue and it's. Groups from Tonga the island of Tonga and when I was preaching there there were some of those folks there and and one of them is this really big guy. And he was sitting watching the dialogue with me and this man and when that man stuck his hand in my bag I'm like Lord what do I do now but God sent an angel. In the form of a tongue and. That brother saw that man put his hand in my bag and he his face turned into righteous indignation and he looked at him going after the event of his Bible like that and he got up walked to that man and gave him a bear hug. Picked him up. And walked him out of the church and said get out of here don't come back near that men. From that day forward I said if I never love Tongans. I love them today is the closest I've ever had to any of this type of experience but my brothers and sisters God wants to get us to a place that we need no one from no specific island or anything God wants us to be so endowed with his spirit that even when people come to us in a Gresham we can say hold your peace and they can cease their aggressive behavior and so obviously the student of the Bible says how can I have that kind of gospel power in doing your work and so it is that we are told very clearly how to get it the officers who were sent to Jesus came back with the report that never a man spoke as he spoke why it says but the reason for this was that never a man lived as he lived. It said had his life Listen to this statement very carefully it says had his life been other than it was he could not have spoken as he did he couldn't have done it if he was living a double life I think some of us might know why we like so much power had his life been other than it was he could not have spoken as he did it says his words bore with them a convincing power isn't that what you want when you do a Bible study you want to have convincing power when you go ahead and help those who are airing with sickness and disease you would have convincing power that God is able to take charge of their lives it says his words bore with them a convincing power because they came from a heart pure and holy full of love and sympathy but Neverland's and truth Amazing Grace to seventy six paragraph five. My brothers and sisters. Jesus is our excellent example. Jesus wants us to understand that he was able to speak and to work with so much power you know that's been my focus all this week thus far or how do we get this power that we can be the type of gospel medical missionary evangelist that you are when you walk on this earth and he's shown us gems here and there throughout Scripture. And here's another one his life was consistent with his message listen carefully to what I'm saying to you his life was consistent with his message. Jesus lived his message and that's why he could talk about it without a problem. I often wondered Jesus your life was consistent with your message you are the originator of health. God has given to US laws of health. And so I began to wonder was Jesus's life consistent with the very laws I held that he gave everybody else. Started wondering about that because I get this and I got a friend and I was at a church in Tennessee. And when I was in a church in Tennessee and I was preaching there you know as a metaphor I was a preacher that I was going to see a dear brother dentist. And when I was there you know people knew who I was over the limit etc and they started to talk to me and I remember one of them said Brother Lemon there are some people from the Church of Christ. That are friends of ours they listen to your messages every single day I said is that right they said yes and they said N. they cut and paste the web web address and they sent it to their other friends in the Church of Christ. I said really they said yup they said please keep doing what you're doing etc gave some words of admonishment Then one day my wife and I we were in the middle of doing a mission in California my phone rang my phone rang and it was a gentleman all praise the Lord Doraine LEMON Yes is going on in prison what I think God and he starts thinking the Lord for different things that he heard he was a former Major League Baseball player who is part of a non-denominational church. He says I've been watching you and I've been listening to what you're saying etc etc So he starts going in he says I've been sharing your messages and so I started to realize that God has allowed my influence to go beyond Seventh Day Adventists walls and I'm thankful for that because that's what I asked for now knowing that I understood from years ago I have a way to responsibility I can't be vomiting Spirit of Prophecy quotes over everybody and not have bible is like I have to have Bible and what I found is that the what if we can learn to make the points from inspiration from the Bible first and then show them how Illinois says the same thing we just read in the Bible a lot of times that makes not Adventists more open to even Ellen right there in evangelists admitting in Maryland we would be there and we was going it every time made a point showed for great controversy point from the Bible great controversy is back this woman came up to me she said look how do I get that book great controversy I got to get it. She said I'm not I'm never heard this stuff before I mean this is and I says this right here. And she went there came to a seven have been a church we were new there we came there started to teach the Word of God talked with a sister who was newly baptized and I said to her Yes Sister Karen you know inspired spent the pen of inspiration says Ellen White says she's the author. She went like that she said I don't want to hear anything Ellen White has to say I did not join this church to hear what Ellen White has to say I join this church to hear what the Bible says now I could have said why you apostate How could you you know I could have gone that route. But thank God for wisdom I did not go that route with her I said OK I said all right went to the pastor Pastor you've got a you've got a Bible class here no that's always the first question I ask every time I join a new church. You've got a Bible class going on no can I start one show or started doing how to study the Bible started doing how to study the Bible total Bible did the class for about eight weeks sister Karen front row. When we finished doing it we gave everybody certificates of completion. And all of the church members who came We're now going to be grafted into Bible work. So Sister Karen comes up at the end of the class she has a certification over them this was such a blessing all praise a lot oh I just enjoyed this so much as this is the care and I'm glad you enjoyed it she said Brother Lemon I just got to ask you one question sure she said Where did you learn all these things I said Wait right there ran to my bag and God does nothing by accident God is so not prodigal God is not wasteful God does everything with methodology so here it is that morning he had me put a certain book in my bag to bring to church so I could just do some reading in my spare time that book was called testimonies to ministers and gospel workers so when she said when you heard all these things ran to my back grabbed it pulled it out and I said Look at this chapter right here it's called How to study the Bible how shall we search the Scriptures I said it was these principles in this book that enabled me to give the Bible study classes that we would give it she said Wait a minute Ellen White help you understand how to study the Bible Odia. She said. Well that's very interesting. And she walked away. Following Sabbath ceases to care hey were the women let's call Sister care she said guess what I said was that she says I surround my bed with the writings of Illinois. I said is that right she said Oh yes she says I got an advantage home right here I got Child Guidance right here and I got messages to young people at the foot of my bed and every chance I get I'm reading these things this simply wonderful one of them so much I said and then to scare he wins souls. Is wise. Jesus keep the laws there's a bible give any reference to such things I wonder So here it is that you know started looking at the Bible when I started looking at the Bible carefully I discovered one principle right here this principle again I like simplicity this principle should be enough notice the Bible clearly says G O shows Jesus was one hundred percent man how do we know that well first and foremost the Bible says in Hebrews ten in verse five Wherefore when he cometh into the world he say is sacrifice and offering Val what is not but a body has now prepared for me the Jesus when he came to this earth he did not come a spiritual being he came a human being he had a body that was prepared for him so when Jesus lived on this earth he lived with a human body and needed what the human body needs that should be simple enough. Of course he had to get open air of course he had to drink water of course he had to exercise etc because he was a human but you know how this world is. People always like that's not enough so of course they got to hear more see more member so I started looking fathers anything in the Bible that that even infers that Jesus follow the laws and health laws of health himself and God was like oh yeah you see Jesus had godly trust. He had it John eight verse twenty nine now for this one I'm not going to go through all these verses on the screen you can write them down you know or take a picture and stuff like that but I cannot go through all of it because it's going to absorb too much time so in John eight verse twenty nine Jesus makes it very clear he says I always do those things that please my father. I always do those things that please my father when you look at Matthew twenty six in verse forty two that is when crisis not my will but your WILL BE DONE his life was completely subservient to the father he trusted the father he put his full complete trust in His father so Jesus had got Beatrice Oh by the way I said God Beatrice Now let me let me say this real quick I'm going right now by the acronym of God's plan there is no sin in new start I just like God's plan because of the adjectives so I like the godly trust the open air the daily exercise and the proper rest you know I like those principles so I'm just using God's plan but you can apply these things to a new start as well all right let's get back to it so again Jesus had God we trust Jesus breathed in the open air in Matthew five in verse one in Matthew eight in verse one Jesus was constantly out in nature surrounded by the trees and in the mountains there is definitely not polluted air in those environments Jesus was breathing in open air on a regular basis OK in addition to that Jesus got daily exercise when you read Matthew four and verse eighteen the Bible makes it very clear that number one Jesus walked everywhere he went. Jesus walked everywhere he went that's exercise we get happy when we do ten thousand steps in our little activity trackers Jesus would embarrass us. This was a ten thousand steps all you got today and some of us don't even get that Christ was a walker he moved his body around all the time was all what's late science finding out I always say that science is soley Sagan sister that's right that's right sitting is the new smoking there are articles that show that my sis is one hundred percent correct Jesus moved around family he walked all the time he went way beyond ten thousand steps and his body was rewarded for it all so you have to remember Jesus was a carpenter's son. Jesus understood manual labor he understood working with his hands working with his legs working with his body Jesus practiced true exercise in addition to that Jesus received plenty of sunshine why Same principle the same way he got his open air was the same way he got his sunshine by the way every time Jesus went up a mountain he had to walk there was no cabs there weren't even any bicycles you understand that you know our little can be it is amazing you know sometimes we can live on a property of country property and when it's time to go ahead and go to the chapel some of us will get in our cars and drive. Rather than walk. We could do well to learn from the master. Go ahead take a walk let's not get lazy Jesus receive plenty of sunshine because this life was outdoors in the open sun Also Jesus got a proper rest mark for verse thirty eight makes a very clear that Jesus himself would sleep. Jesus himself got rest then on top of that mark one of verse thirty five we read that yesterday when we were talking about devotion devotion you remember where it says rising up a great while before day. What was he rising up from sleep Jesus was one who prioritize his rest did he have nights that he stayed up all night praying Yes And God made up the difference but Jesus lived the habit of getting proper rest on a regular basis then Jesus drank water. He is not only the creator of water but Jesus himself was one who drank water himself he knew the body needs to stay hydrated and he kept his body hydrated Jesus was always temperate how many of you know how to deny food for forty days and forty nights. Some of us struggle fasting one day a week. One day a month. Christ was the master of temperance you know I always thought about it how can a man who is God walk on this earth and have one of his creation go in his face and say you have a devil. You know how much self-control it takes to say you know I can blink my eye and turn you into dust it's kind of like a worker going to a supervisor in terms of the supervisor you're not doing your job right that supervisor gets a temptation sometimes excuse me do you know I could fire you right now. It's very easy for us to examine ourselves Jesus allowed his creation to grab his beard and rip the hair office face and he could still say Father forgive them they don't know what they're doing you're talking about a man who really understood self-control. Jesus was on the cross in agonizing pain and it's interesting in the beginning of his ministry he's tempted an appetite at the close of his ministry he's tempted on the same point in the beginning of ministry the devil is trying to get him to break his focus with God to go ahead and build appetite at the close of his ministry Do you know how many people would love to have taken that vinegar with all. My brother says if you if you hang on across the just to keep your body up was hard because naturally gravity goes wear down so if you're here and here and you've got to hear your body is nailed in but naturally you want to do this that's naturally what's going to happen so every time Jesus would have to take a breath he had that lacerated back already and here it is that with that lacerated back just to take a breath because you can't get a deep breath like this he would have to rip his back against that Rugged Cross go through the agonizing pain and when he would get there he would just and then he go back down again suffering. And here it is that in all of that pain and agonizing here it is they come and they dip the vinegar with gall they say drink it take it this will numb you up. Jesus he smells it he realizes this is going to go and he knew this will numb my mind. And I'm at the closing scene of my fight with Satan over the salvation of humanity Jesus preferred to suffer. Agonizing pain physically as well as spiritually feeling that they are between him and his father rather than to be numb his mind even for a moment of physical pleasure don't tell me Jesus is not temperate Jesus was the master of temperance and so it is that Christ was tempted in every area and that's why the Bible says that he was for fifteen he was tempted in all points yet. Did not sit. Tempted in every point tempted on appetite tempted on attitude tempted on every area yet he would not sin against his father the master of temperance then. Jesus ate food that was nutritious one of the key foods that you see Jesus eat in the Bible is bread sold out of religion in a loaf of bread. And I'm not talking about these strict grain breads I'm not even talking about these manipulated grain breads Jesus was eating what we call today ancient grain bread. He had the good stuff he didn't need to go gluten free because the gluten wasn't messed up back in those days. Jesus ate a nutritious diet and the Bible makes a clear look seven in verse thirty six Luke fourteen one and two and again John eight and verse twenty nine Jesus wouldn't put anything in his body. That would defile him. He wouldn't do it he knew my body doesn't belong to me but also my father John five in verse thirty he said Whatsoever My father tells me that's what I do. My brothers and sisters Jesus lived the very laws of health that we teach to others he is our excellent example to the point inspiration spells out the offerings presented to the Lord desired they just page fifty paragraph three the offerings presented to the Lord were to be without blemish these offerings represented Christ and from this it is evident that Jesus and. Self was free from physical deformity remember you could not bring a lamp that had a bruise or a blemish into the court yard is the same principle the earth represents the court yard is that right and so it is that in that quote you are he had to make sure that his life was completely without blemish and so it says he was free from physical deformity he was the lamb without blemish and without spot his physical structure and listen to this his physical structure was not marred by any defect his body was strong and healthy now watch this and through out his a life time he lived in conformity to nature's law. Physically as well as personally he was and what example of what God designed who managed to be through obedience to his loss Christ will not tell you to be something that he did not pave the way and be it first that's why the same way we make excuses for sin so it is many a times we make excuses for our sickness. And we don't understand that Christ lived a life that shows that we can not only be victorious over sin. But we can also be victorious over a sickness. Christ left this example for us we can have true health I thought about it one day third John verse two popular text love it I wish above all things this is God's great desire when he says above all things that down the is prosper and be in what health then watch those next two words of next two words a very important it says even as the eye so prosperous the words even as I like just as so in other words if I were to say to you do me a favor set the pews up in this room let's say there's no pews in this room and I say set the pews up in this room can you set it up any way you want. Sure you can all I said was set the pews up in the room so you could set some facing forward some face and back and some face and left and some facing right and I couldn't hold you accountable to anything because I like told you to do was set up the pews but what if I say Do me a favor set up the pews in this room just as the pews are set up in the back room over there can you now set it up any way you want no because I gave you a model you understand that so now you got to follow the model that's the way God was presenting himself to us and third John to he says Beloved I wish above all things that the army is prosper and be in health even as just as the eyes soul prosperous. So whatever God wants from me spiritually that's the same thing he wants for me physically. You understand that Matthew five forty eight God says be there for perfect even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect so what kind of help does he want us to have perfect health Jude verse twenty four now I want to him that is able to keep you from falling and to present you felt this before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy what kind of help does he want to have felt this Self. Revelation three in verse five to him that ever cometh the same shall be clothed in white Raymond and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life but how can. Yes his name before my father and before his angels what kind of health does he want to have he wants us to have ever coming health which means if I have a disease don't live with it go to God and learn by His Grace how to overcome it my brothers and sisters God wants to do more on behalf of his people than we think but there's something Jesus said that is very true. According to your faith be it unto you There are cases where God in His wisdom may not restore one to help there's only two reasons why God will not restore somebody to help that you know they're. Going to reasons if it is not for His glory or for their best he will not raise them up and we have practical examples of that if God knows if I raise you up just so you're going to go back into a life of indulgence and sin God would prefer to let you stay in a sick condition and even die as a result of that sickness saved. Rather than to be restored back to health and then go on living a rambunctious wild lifestyle. God is a healing balm to us and there's more he wants to do on behalf of his people but many times it's because of our limitation you see Jesus when he came to this earth he came to give a combined delivery and a lot of times we don't talk about it in this light but we need to learn how to do it when I read the Bible the Bible is very clear on this Bless the Lord Oh my soul and forget not all his benefits notice what he puts together who forgive me if I have bind what iniquities who hear meth and dive what diseases this is where God put in his word on purpose and paralleled them God The really says Blessed lot of muscle Don't forget his benefits and then he says who forgives all iniquities and then he says who heals all. The diseases there is nothing too hard for God In fact I again the combined delivery when Jesus came to this earth notice what he was willing to do and I thought it was very interesting all on the cross of Calvary. There's a lot more that took place than many a times the story tells when you look at what took place on the cross the Bible spells it out very clearly it says who his own self bare are or what he bare our sins in His own body on the tree that we being dead to sin should live on to righteousness by whose stripes we were healed Jesus never sinned. But he was willing to bear our sins on his body on the tree completely innocent never sin not once but he was willing to make the transaction that you and I might be delivered but it's not only our sins that he bore on the tree the Bible says in Matthew eight when the even was come they brought on to him many that were possessed with devils and he cast out the spirits with his word and healed all that. Were sick that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by science the prophet saying himself took our infirmities and he bear our sickness Jesus never sinned but he bought sins Jesus was never sick but he bore us sicknesses he came for combined delivery that's what we read yesterday and the message is ministry to healing page seventeen remember it says that he came as the unwearied servant of man really that he wanted to meet the needs of humanity's he wanted to be all of humanity's necessities then it said he came to remove three things what were the three things class that he came to remove as three things you told me one. Wretchedness was another sin was to what was the other one disease very good he came to remove disease wretchedness and sin Now watch this he came to remove that sometime up combine delivery he came to remove disease wretchedness and sin and he came to remove that by giving what would the threefold remedy. Health perfection of character and peace very good so he came to remove disease wretchedness and sin by giving the contrast health peace and perfection of character this is what we are called to offer to humanity under the power of God's Holy Spirit He calls us now to do the same. And so it is that God can keep us. You know I started really studying the Bible and diseases very it's a very interesting study to do. There are some diseases that come most diseases come as a result of violation of law OK Mr healing one twenty seven diseases an effort of nature to free the system from conditions that result from a violation of the laws of health now watch this that's not hard to find because when you read Numbers Chapter twelve you remember verses five to eleven numbers Twell has three humans and one deity the three humans Aaron Miriam and Moses. One deity god himself. Miriam an arrant our dialogue nobody each other and they're like yeah you know why should Moses have all this power and authority and lead like this and on top of that he married some Ethiopian woman you know they're going to had they get no negative about Moses and when they're doing all of that and gossiping and everything else God gets to a point where God says all right this has to stop. And then God comes in with that that that special disciplinary action God says Aaron Maria. Normally. When I talk to a prophet. God says Normally when I talk to a prophet I will speak to him in a vision maybe even a dream. But God says but it's not like that with Moses God said with Moses he's so special to me that God says with him I speak to him mouth to mouth. Then God says therefore. Were you not afraid when you spoke against my servant Moses like this. I mean that was like God unlatching his disciplinary Bill. Going to say that that was what he was doing he was literally telling them normally when I talk to a prophet I do it like this but Moses was so special to me that he says that I talked him out and therefore weren't you afraid. And God disciplined them because Apple he said that the Bible says the cloud moved back. And when that cloud moved back areas Ike Well I guess I didn't get the discipline to look at Miriam. Miriam is leprous. Miriam has of leprosy a real disease Erin goes before God and says Lord have mercy for us forgive us where we have talked foolishly forgive us for where we have seen in error and understood my sister got sick because we sin and sin brings on disease. That's why when they came to the man who was born blind they were like OK master Hussein was it was his Was it his parents it was understood in the Jewish economy that if it individual has a sickness it's because they sin now it is true sin it is true sin is the cause of all diseases but there's nothing in the Bible that says it's always your sin precious little child walking down the streets of India minding her business and just wanted to perhaps go home. A man possessed by a demon sees that young lady and decides to assault her and rape or. In that wicked process that young lady gets a disease. Was a sin the reason she got her disease Yes Was it her sin that caused the disease no you get the difference sin is foundational to disease. That's why the world doesn't need more medical practitioners the world needs more medical missionaries because I don't know the last time your medical practitioner asked you how is your life in harmony with God's law there's some sanitariums they don't even ask that question True Story Lady sixty five years old has cancer. She ate well very nutritious diet exercise drink water got good sleep at night. She said I keep going to all the help why did I get sick she's sitting down with a very wise medical missionary that medical missionary understood listen the curse cause this shall not come Proverbs twenty six to curse never comes without a cause so if you've got a disease there was a cause so you can tell me how brilliant you were all you want somewhere along the lines we need to find something else true story sixty five year old lady was in another country where I was talking about this and she started to ask that she was like Lord this person is doing all these laws to help what's going on so a lot impressed her heart. Go through the Ten Commandments with her so she started saying OK. Do you have another god in your life. And she began to explain what that means the lady said Oh no no no no I worship the One True God. Then she said OK do you have idols in your life do you take the Lord's name in vain do you violate his Sabbath and she started going down the list ladies like nope nope nope no no medical missionaries like Lord this is getting hard because if she's truly honoring your whole law then why is it that she's gone through this and then she got the commandment number seven Does anyone know Camembert number seven is. That. Not commit adultery. The woman was single single sixty five year old woman. So she's got to that also not commit adultery she said she's she says she knew Psalms one thousand nine hundred ninety six that my commandments are exceeding Brod. So what she did was she put the magnifying glass on the law of God and she said Did you know that adultery deals with all forms of sexual perversions. And therefore she began to talk about self abuse. And she began talking about self abuse the woman was sixty five years old started getting fidgety you know just started getting uncomfortable in the conversation. She said Are you well she says. Did you just say. That self-abuse is a violation of the seventh commandment she said yes. The woman said I practice self abuse six times per day sixty five year old woman. She said Sister. I think I found out what has debilitated your body and has negatively impacted your mind that probably helped invite. What you're dealing with right now. And she began to counsel her if we would start being true medical missionaries and help people understand it's not always about your lack of water it's not always about your lack of rest sometimes when you take the ten commandments and you magnify them. We will discover we have gods in our life. We have idols in our life we are taking God's name in vain you heard was it brother MCNULTY I think was rather McNulty where he said that in order for one to keep the Sabbath holy one Muslim Selbie Holy desiré just to eighty three I mean you know some of us we sometimes we think we're in right standing with God and we're not. And so it is that that woman her eyes were open just like many of us need our eyes open my brothers and sisters Jesus came to heal all that was said he came to remove disease wretchedness and sin by replacing it with health peace and perfection of character but a lot of times we are still not walking in harmony with God and his lot more here and physical the Bible makes it very clear that physical laws can make a violation of physical law can make us sick Proverbs twenty four and verse thirteen what does it say go there. Violation of physical law can make a sick question if you saw me come in this room and I start preaching the word to you right now and all of a sudden I stop preaching you see me hold my stomach and next day know you to see me holding my head and the next thing you know I'm just like and I just vomit all over this floor chances are you would say Brother Lemon is sick I agree vomiting isn't clear evidence that there's a sickness present this something going on of which the body is trying to deal with it well in Proverbs twenty four in verse three thirteen what does the Bible say my son do would. Eat that honey why because it is good and. Now the honeycomb is sweet to the taste now watch this. Is it all right honey. All right if you begins very good the egg is the only honey. That's right but God says eat it because it's good you get it. Honey is permissible by God to eat. Now watch this. Proverbs twenty five one chapter over Proverbs twenty five What is the same verse sixteen. Proverbs twenty five in verse sixteen says has now found honey what does he say eat so much as is what sufficient for the less they'll be filled with it and vomit do you see how God presents to us a very important principle even the things that he permits us to partake of that's good he says we are only to take it in sufficient amounts lest we indulge in too much of it and it makes us sick that is violation of a physical law over eating. Even that which is good do you see how simple that principle is these things are in the Bible my brothers and sisters. These things are in the Bible I'm in the middle of writing a book right now called Given the glory back to who it belongs to. And we're going to show all of these latest and greatest health principles and are going to see it right from the Bible. We don't give the glory back to God I'm thankful for Mr Bean I'm thankful for calling Campbell I'm thankful for Mr McDougal and the rest of them they're good people that doing the best they can but I'm sorry all they are doing is repeating what God has already said in the Bible. Is time God gets the credit back. My brothers and sisters. God wants us to understand violation of moral law violation of physical law makes us sick. And God does not want us to be sick. He wants us to have health peace and perfection of character now understanding this notice the creator of man has arranged the living machinery of our bodies every function is wonderfully and wisely made and God present self to keep this human machinery in healthful action please listen to the words sometimes we run wait fast to get through the words it says God pledge himself. I mean that that means I've got a partner in this. God has pledged himself I'm going to everything possible to keep you in a healthy condition you understand that he pledged himself so says God pledged himself to keep this human machinery and healthful action if and that is the key if the human agent will obey His laws and cooperate with God Now look at this and every law governing the human machinery is to be considered just as truly what divine every low every low governing the human machinery is to be considered just as truly divine in origin in character and in importance as but when I've got. A serious God takes health a lot more seriously than we do. God takes health a lot more seriously than we do every careless inattentive action any abuse put upon the Lord's wonderful mechanism by disregarding his specified laws in the human habitation is a violation of God's law it's sin. Sin. It says we may be whole then admire the work of God in the natural world but the human habitation is the most wonderful. Most wonderful thing to study is the human body most wonderful It says since the laws of nature are the laws of God It is plainly our duty to give these laws what kind of study careful study we should study their requirements in regard to our own bodies and conform to them ignorance in these things is what sin ignorance in these things is sin. Councils to the churches page two fifteen paragraph five paragraphs six my brothers and sisters. God hates murder even when we do it to ourselves and some of us we are killing ourselves. While we tell everybody doll shalt not kill we get mad when a white man kills a black boy we get mad when a black man kills a white boy we get mad when everybody is killing everybody but we don't get mad when we're killing ourselves we need to get mad about that we need to get to a place to realize that Lord forgive me for taking this you see I thought about one day how do you show somebody that the violation of physical laws a violation of moral law was very simple was commanded number eight. I'm asking these questions on purpose. Come on you. Know that's commanded number nine command ember eight is that I shall not steal all right now that's a nasty and I think about this that's not nice field taking that which belongs to another without their permission and using it as you please. That's a nasty. One day Paul and inspiration of the Holy Spirit writes What. Know you not that your body is the temple of the holy goes which is in you which he have of God and then he says these in these incredible words and ye are not your own. Then he tells us why he says because you've been backed with a price therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit which are God So the Bible makes it clear once we say I am a Christian you have lost all rights to run your life you give it up that right. Now God makes your plans now he makes you play and so it is that when ever we take this body that belongs to him and use it and many cases abuse it for our own pleasure without consulting the owner that's called stealing and so the violation of physical law is a violation of the Moral Law Philippians three verses eighteen and nineteen tells us that we can make our bellies are God when God says Thou shalt have no other gods before Me First Samuel fifteen verse twenty three The Bible says four billion is as the sin of witchcraft. And sub or near This is as iniquity and idolatry. Stubbornness you have been stubborn about something. God says that's idolatry. That's idolatry. Remember this it's very easy to see how a violation of physical law can equate to violation of moral law that I shall not kill but then I want to go ahead and eat and drink and do all sorts of things that I know is slowly but surely debilitating and draining. The vitality from my life. God says that's a sin. And so the Lord says I came to deliver you from that I came to deliver you from disease wretchedness and sin how by giving you health peace and perfection of character but he needs us to cooperate. That is a dividing line for righteousness by faith in every other doctrine and teaching you can possibly imagine that has any other benefit to humanity is one word cooperation righteousness by faith does not work without cooperation you understand that so we can talk about it that's all right but it doesn't work without cooperation health peace of perfection of character does not come to any of us without cooperation. And so that becomes a very key point for you and I and now consider this we must get this ourselves and then can you imagine we have a prosthetic work to do. You see the relevance of the Prophet at work when it comes to medical missionary work is huge when you think about it right Revelation thirteen let's go to Revelation thirteen and I want you to watch this with me revelation Oh my God I have to watch Revelation thirteen I see the time very good Revelation thirteen let's go ahead let's take a look at it in Revelation the thirteenth chapter watch the prophet it works it's a very logical work revelation we're going to a chapter we're going to Chapter thirteen Now watch what the Bible says right in Revelation thirteen versus one to three little of the Texas the Bible said this and I stood upon the sand of the sea and saw a Big East rise up out of the sea having seven heads and ten whole. And upon his horns ten crowns and upon his head is the name of blasphemy verse two and The Beast which I saw was like unto a leopard and his feet whereas the feet of a bear and his mouth as the mouth of a line and the dragon gave him three things one to give him power what else C.N.N. great authority now the first thing that the dragon gave the beast was power you cannot have seat and great authority over the world until you first have been given power all of this came from the dragon which Revelation twelve verse nine lets us know is the devil and Satan so Satan empowered the beast power that he might have power and he exercise that power that he could have a seat and great authority throughout the world and tell the world what to do when to do and how to do them it says in verse three. And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death and his deadly wound was healed and how much of the world all the world did what wonder after the Beast now my brothers and sisters that's how we started our meeting. I started opening quoting from Revelation thirteen Now here's the key. I hear the people are going to wonder after the beast after his wound is healed OK So the question is Is the wound healed yes or no. Yes How many say yes. How many say no. How many say I don't know. That's honest answer now watch this it's very simple watch my arm I always do this analogy because it just gets the point across pretty clear so here goes my arm right so watch my arm very carefully so now I want you to watch my arm see that see that see that you know I can do all of that because my arm is in a healthy state. So one day correct I break my arm. My arm is now broken question what is the clearest sign that my arm is healed. When I can do this again right once at once I can do that. Again Byron seal. The beast had power see great authority the beast had power to do whatever it wants when it wants how it wants but the beast suffered a deadly wound but the wound will be healed in the way that we know the beast wound is healed is when he can do what he did before then that makes sense let's look at what the beast was able to do when it was healthy go down to verse seven Revelation thirteen verse seven in Revelation thirteen verse and here is the image of a healthy beast the Bible says of Revelation thirteen verse of and pay attention to the words Jesus said Masha not live by bread alone but by every word so watch this every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God because seven and it was given to him to make way are with the Saints and to overcome them and what power was given him over all what kindreds and tongues and question if there is a kingdom that's what a beast is Daniel seven seventeen and verse twenty three and twenty four beast represents kingdom if a kingdom has power over all kindreds tongues and nations what kind of power is that called world power there's a very specific term for it when you leave kindreds tongues and nations is called civil power you have civil power civil governing power this is what the beast had when it was healthy over everyone but then look at verse eight in verse eight it says and that dwell upon the earth shall do what else worship Him Look who's names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world when the bees can tell every kindred nation tongue to worship who to worship when to worship how to worship what kind of power is that that is religious power OK religious civil dealing with government civil dealing with state religious dealing with church my brothers and sisters the feet of iron and clay the last days be fair they are the second coming of Jesus think about it what were the legs made out of iron What did I represent Rome did the feet have iron in it yes the feet were mixed with what iron and clay so the iron was a simple power in the leg the iron is a civil power in the feet but what profitably does Clay represent. I am the potter God says to his people you are the clay what are God's people called the church my brothers and sisters is the union of church and state is the union of civil and religious power that's the last thing we're going to see. And so it is that we know the beast won't is going to be healed when we see church and state come back together again. This is why when we have a president that says I want to amend the Johnson Amendment this is why when we have those movements taking place it's signs God is letting us know that slowly but surely yet definitely the time is getting closer and closer that we're going to see a dissolve thing of constitutional rights and we're going to see a union or shall I say reunion all of church and state. That's going to be a serious crisis. Because when the church and state come back together you know what it forms and image to the beast and when you have image to the beast it's easy to force mark of the beast. Is a prophet at work God wants us to do knowing this I wonder what it is go to verse eleven now look at verse eleven in verse eleven look at what the Bible says Revelation thirteen verse eleven watch the text very carefully. In Revelation thirteen now look at verse eleven it says and I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth had two horns like a lamb speak as a dragon he exercises where the power of the first beast before him causes the earth and then wish to other in to worship the first beast who is dead it was healed and he doing great wonders so that he make a fire come down from heaven on the earth on the side of men and deceive them that one of the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the side of the beast saying to them that one of the earth that they should make an image to the beast which had the wound by a sword and it live and he had power to give life into the image of the beast that the image of the beast speaking cause that as many as would not worship the image of the BE should be killed then he said this and he causes all both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads or seventeen together and that no man might be able to do what buy or sell save he that had the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name this is reality right now we know that things are taken place where there is a massive effort to bring a union between the powers that can influence the state. We are living in a time right now where we presently presently we have a president who very much wants to bring Christianity in a very large way back to America deeply influence in council by evangelicals etc And that's a very important thing as it relates to prophecy because we're told very clearly. When the leading churches of the. United States I want you to pay attention that watch the picture again see you notice there are lots of faces here you've got Judaism Islam Buddhism you've got a lot of different groups OK So this is a world movement. But at the same time these things are happening right here in our own country especially with a lot of evangelicals OK lots of Christian folk now understanding this again when the leading churches of the United States unite upon such points of doctrine as are held by them in common shall do what influence the state to enforce their decrees and to sustain their institutions then Protestant America will have formed an image of the Roman high arche and the inflections of civil penalties upon dissenters will inevitably result you see is through church and state that's why somebody could be burned at the stake in the dark ages for not following worship principles the church couldn't kill you but the state could. That's why they needed the union of church and state the understand that the church does not go around killing folks they just simply tell the state to do it under their leadership basically same thing. So the key is is that this is what's coming so because this is what's coming what does God want us to do about it because when the time comes that you and I are going to be forced against our will to worship in certain ways and acknowledge things in certain ways what was God's clear instruction to his people the answer is right here notice as religious aggression subverts the liberties of our nation those who stand for freedom of conscience is that what you stand for those who stand for freedom of conscience will be put in what kind of positions on favorable positions you know what one of those positions are won't be able to buy or sell well you know that means that means that you won't be able to use your medical coverage anymore people think like that. This is a very real trial. So if Right now I'm living off of Blue Cross Blue Shield I'm living off of I'm living off of signal I'm living off of any of these things a time will come in our history that we will stand before the world to stand before God and if with faith for a lot of our earthly supports as Brother Fiedler as Brother McNulty had been saying those earthly supports are going to get what cut off so God is telling us to do something about it and it's so incredibly and lovingly practical it says as religious aggression subverts the liberties of our nation those who stand for freedom of conscience will be put in unfavorable positions then it says for their own sake why are they have opportunity they should become What's that next word intelligent not aware intelligent in regard to their things disease its causes prevention and cure that is instruction from most holy place. Can you imagine that God says knowing that this time is coming I want my people to become intelligent in regard to disease its causes prevention and cure and it's a shame that should put this lie then it was like the Lord was like put in prison I kept ignoring I'd I should have did I was I would show you where our country is in the name of health care if you see where our country is in the name of health care my brothers and sisters you would be so incredibly reluctant to trust your health to such a system we are getting to a place where God wants to teach us how to take charge of our health. So notice it says there will be suffering ones Palantir of them who will need help now look at the two places they're going to need help not only among those of our all my faith but largely of those who do not know the truth to fall field to fold field who went out to help a lot of people in our own faith because the remnant have a hard time listening. So we're going to see that we're going to help a lot of our own people. But then an even larger field. Is we're going to have to work with those that know not the truth for this time. God says this is the work that I laid out for my people. So understanding this Jesus our excellent example living out those laws of health now he says to you and I want you to live out those laws of health because the laws of health are not just good they are sacred. God wants us to understand the divine in origin the divine and character the divine in importance because as we've got to take it seriously the same way that you would look at me with shock if I were to say I haven't kept Sabbath for the past two months you would say rather Lemon is everything OK how can we help etc but if somebody says I haven't drunk the amount of water my body needs for the past week we say Hear Me too. You get that difference we don't look at the laws of health as divine in origin we don't look at it as divine in character we don't look at it as divine in importance. To that of the Word of God we don't look at it like that. Guess what you know what I need to keep the Law of God The Ten Commandments you know what I need and he grace is that right all I need grace grace is power when you read actually up to four verses thirty to thirty three Grace is power I need power I need loving power from God that I can truly keep his ten commandments guess what you need to keep the law as a healthy family you need grace. You need power. We easily violate the laws of health. While we tell people it's a violation of the law. I told you the great mistake of the Pharisees desire of ages two or nine is that they thought that an intellectual assent to truth constituted righteousness they said We know that and so that was enough for them. But God says no to him than those who do good and do with it not to him it is sin. If you know you suppose exercise. You need to get out and exercise you to start knowing it is doing and listen taking a stroll on a property is not exercise so I have to go to a lot of medical missionary institutes and explain to workers strolling on the property is not limited to exercise. True exercise your heart rate has to go up a bit you need to work up a sweat. That's how a lot of things start happening bone marrow it starts producing those new cells etc you got but you got to move with a little bit more aggression. And so we have to understand at least get a brisk walk in and this is not a brisk walk yeah you know what I mean I know what you're talking about here I was reading about the of the you know we just have a casual conversation as a walk and that's not exercise exercise you've got to happen you know you don't have to get in get in get in get in brisk walking literally get your hands up move. Move. PM People people interested they think this is this is week the let me to do that for thirty minutes to an hour straight thirty minutes to an hour straight do brisk walking with you moving your arms and your body and everything like that you will see it's not as easy as some of us think. The Bible says you who say Thou shalt not commit adultery does that commit adultery you who say Thou shalt not steal steal. God is saying why are we telling people about drinking water getting proper rest in open air and sunshine some of us don't even get outside. Some of us are not taking deep aspirations when we get outside it's almost like we want to move in the country but not get the benefits of the country have we forgotten why he told us about country living. We still in buildings all the time and all this other stuff God says Get outside let the sun beam on you. Breathe in the pure fresh open air so God is very serious about this the laws that govern our being are truly as divine in Origin character and importance as the Word of God can you know that's a strong statement but guess what it's also a true statement. And so God wants us to understand that there's a tremendous work for us to do so what is it that we need to understand you remember what the Bible says a Psalms one thirty nine turn their insult on thirty nine What what is it that we need to understand to effectively do this work with power because remember Jesus spoke with power because he lived this message you will have more power when you live your message. You have it God doesn't want to just give it to us he's desperate to give it to us he wants to give you the power but he will not endorse and shrank than indolence. He can do that. So sometimes he allows the saints I don't know if you're paying attention over these past few years it seems like a lot of God's health reformers are dropping dead I'm serious. And I believe it Omar God is making a statement. Because more and still more when I talk with some of these families and stuff not in the form of gossiping because some of these people who have died thus far older than me so when I go to the the wives sometimes of these people I mean this is these are people that we really respect that we're doing good Godly work for the next you know strokes heart attacks cancer and all sorts of debilitating diseases and then they die and it's kind of like and I thank God for the testimony of the wise a lot of those wives have said they said my husband was a hard worker but he would not get proper rest. He would not keep his body hydrated he would not such a such a such as a younger generation gospel worker I need to pay attention to that you understand I praise the Lord for those testimonies because it's helping me to understand because you don't understand and any gas work in the room you know what I'm talking about you have no idea how easy it is to not get the water rest exercise or whatever in and say well I'm doing the lord's work any gospel worker knows what I'm talking about it is very easy sometimes to make an excuse for not faithfully and hearing to God's laws or health because I was busy trying to help save souls and therefore a lot of us health reforms were going to bed late night after night after night after night week in week out month in month out year in year out and God is saying because judgment against an evil work is not executed speedily is therefore the hearts of the sons of men are fully set to continue in their evil ways Ecclesiastes eight and verse eleven. We have to understand that God is merciful to us. He knows which he knows that we are preaching a message we're not living and he is trying to help us see that's why you don't have power. God says you will have more power when you live like my son but we got to take this thing far more seriously the laws of hell sacred. And so it is what do we need to understand science when thirty nine was a science on one thirty nine. In Psalms the hundred thirty ninth Division right there in verse fourteen songs one thirty nine and verse fourteen are we there amen the Bible says I will praise me for I am fearfully and wonderfully made marvelous saw Guy words that my soul know was right well it was in the Jewish economy the Jewish way of living that all of the youth studied the body. It wasn't limited for doctors and nurses and medical practitioners it was a part of true education every child who knows the true living God was supposed to be educated in understanding their physical frame that's why David could intelligently say that. I will praise the fry and fearfully and wonderfully made marvelous are by works we read earlier the most wonderful of all the creations is the body. My brothers and sisters we are told very clearly an inspiration it says a knowledge of physiology and hygiene should be the basis what's another word for basis foundation very good knowledge of physiology and hygiene should be the foundation of how much all educational effort education page one ninety five and education effort we are supposed to understand our bodies. Because then you can know better how to take care of it. We have all sorts of wonderful systems in our bodies there are books that can help teach us this one of these I saw inside of the store if you don't have it you might want to add that to your library it says right here by Dr Kellogg first book in physiology and hygiene. That book makes understanding your body's so simple I'm serious I want my teach this to our children we would do homeschool and we do physiology it's a very comprehensible book and you're learning about digestion where begins in the mouth and how it goes down and you name it all the different body parts it's fantastic then on top of that you've got this book right here understanding the body organs and the eight Laws of health by celestially excellent book they make it so clear so plain so practical. You children can understand their frame in fact that's what we're told in childhood is page one of three paragraph two and three from the first dawn of reason think about that from the first dawn of reason the human mind should become intelligent in regard to the physical structure here. Jova has given a specimen of himself for man was made in the image of God The first study of the young should be to know themselves and how to keep their bodies and health. You see that. Our young people should know these things they should be able to understand all those systems right there they should be able to say the immune system the digestive system the cardiovascular the integument Terri the respiratory the endocrine the reproductive the excretory the muscular skeletal system they can understand that it just means that maybe we're going to have to cut the T.V. off it just means that maybe we're going to have to get any type of even good innocent videogame out of the way oh by the way when I say T.V. I'm talking about even present truth T.V. I would imagine in this crowd here you know we're probably not going to have a lot of people watching Desperate Housewives even though there might be a few of us but a lot of us might have D.V.D. at the D.V.D. of even good programming even too much good programming can still make your mind dull your brains were made to imagine and to think and to reason and the problem with television is that when you're watching a program it's imagining thinking and reasoning for you so that's why you just sit there and just look at it as a switches from one scene to another to another your brain is not working as much. I'm not here to say get rid of all of that but what I'm saying is this we might want to minimize it we need to teach our children to love books to teach them to love reading and I'm not talking about reading from an electronic talk about a book get them to love books and God wants us to understand this is what we're supposed to be understanding our bodies our frame now when we understand our body and offering we can better appreciate this right here counsel healthy twenty three there are many ways of practicing the healing art but there is only how many ways one way that heaven approves it says God's remedy is obvious simple agencies of nature that will not tax or debilitate the system through their powerful properties this is speaking in the context of laws of health and is blessed laws of health how many you know about the laws of health. You know about it. You know about it and I got a question for you how many of you would like a thousand dollars right now. OK maybe not enough how many of you would like five thousand dollars and even though you raise the number of how many you like fifty thousand or fifty thousand that good all right. Brother Calvin thrash will write the check. My brother count. Will write the check if you can prove from the Bible or the spirit of prophecy that we have laws hell don't work out when your money is safe. Where in the Bible where the spirit prosecute you prove that there is only eight laws in hell Genesis one and two show some principles then show all I agree it shows a lie but does it show all and show all or in other words it shows more than eight less how let me say that it shows more than eight. You can show it but what if there's more in other words I'm here to inform you of this. And there's a reason I'm doing this. Eight Laws of Health is not existant in neither the Bible or the Spirit of Prophecy the eight laws a health is an accommodation to an acronym allow me to repeat that the eight Laws of Health is an accommodation to an acronym we have an acronym called New Start. Which is an exercise water sunshine temperance air rest trust in God It's an acronym we have God's plan God We Trust Open air daily exercise proper rest lots of water always temperate. And nutrition these acronyms of fine they serve their purpose but the truth of the matter is. There's more than eight and we need to be OK with that we need to be OK with that you know don't don't ever fight for something that's not in inspiration you understand. If any of you ever heard me. Preach or teach about you know the father son of the Holy Spirit you never see me use the term Trinity to defend it. Because it's not in the Bible is not a spirit of prophecy I'm not going to waste my time fighting for something that I can't back it up with inspiration So what's in the Bible Godhead so I will let people know I believe in the Godhead I believe in the three individual co-eternal persons of Father Son and Holy Spirit revealed as the Godhead I think a wise move is maybe a next gen conference in session maybe we get rid of the name Trinity and replace it with got it. Well be at least halfway through the battle. In other words don't ever fight for a term that is not founded in the Bible and spirit probably why would you fight for something like that you have nothing to fight with is the same principle I don't have anything that talks about eight Laws of hell OK you say that can't we just did where I said there's only one way that heaven approves Can I ask can I show you can I spell out to you what the one way is it was from councils one healthy twenty three right OK look at council three twenty three Paragraph two see it was probably one that I read here goes paragraph to notice what's highlighted and count with me. Pure air. Where. Cleanliness proper diet. Purity of life. Firm trust in God. Remedies for the want of which thousands are dying yet these remedies are going out of date because their skillful use requires work that the people do not appreciate fresh air. No you're not good students. It is not highlighted fresh air and pure air are the same God that OK listen up again the good students. All right FRESH AIR know what number do we end at six very good exercise. Pure water. Very good water's already right here clean sweet promise is eight Watch this cleanliness deals with your person clean sweep premises deals with your property. Is that different yes it is your house is not you and you are not your house you understand that cleanliness does with body clean sweep premises deals with property you get that very good now what that's how many as eight Now watch this are within the reach of all with but little expense but drugs are expensive both in the outlay of means and the effect produced upon the system now I'm a big time context a reader I do my best I don't I don't always succeed but I do my best now I want you to watch this we just counted how many eight Now watch this ministry here in one twenty seven now watch this. Pure air already there sunlight nine sunlight wasn't even mentioned in this. In this I'm now I said that's nine abstemiousness best ten abstemiousness was not mentioned here at stimulus and this is a big word for temperance Now watch this rest. Of the eleven zero zero am and. Now watched. These words carefully because that you know I'm a going to try to be a thinking man so the rest exercise proper diet the use of water trust in divine power all that was mentioned here OK So at what number eleven I here's what it says Next it says these are the. So my mind pauses and I said wait a minute why is it that she says remedies here true remedies there. It's kind of like when Paul inefficient form verse twenty four talks about true holiness I'm like well that which we hold in central in this so context in ministry one twenty seven Anybody who knows ministry hitting one twenty seven knows that this passage this this paragraph here came shortly after it just finished talking about the use of drugs and how often drugs are presented as a remedy but then those drugs end up doing more damage at a later time. So when she says true remedies she's saying that to contrast what the fast remedies through the drug medication that is often advocated You understand that that's why she said true remedies make sense OK but they're both remedies. So still have the same thing and how much are we up to eleven so it says these are the true remedies every person should have a knowledge of nature's remedial agencies and how to apply them it is essential both to understand the principles involved in the treatment of the sick and to have a practical training that will enable one to rightly use this knowledge so that is how much eleven now watch this. Knowledge must be gained in regard on how to and and so as to preserve what health sickness is the result of violating nature's law our first duty one which we owe to God to ourselves and to our fellow man is to obey the laws of God These included the laws of health so what is added in this quote that we have not calculated yet that is contributed to the laws of health dress twelve. Christian Temperance Bible hygiene page twelve paragraph three My family is very simple. If you only think eight you might neglect the other ones. I have a whole study we did a three hour dress reform class we have a whole study just on the subject of dress reform and what's interesting is you'd be amazed at how the way we dress can truly impact our health. Either for good or for bad when it comes to perfect circulation and so these are things we have to broaden our minds again if you want to say laws or health because you're just a good old traditionalist that's fine. The sin in saying a law is a hell but my concern is when we limit to eight laws to help and then we neglect other things do you know many people we do consultations with or they come to a sanitarium or some like that and we don't talk anything about their premises and so sometimes their homes are dirty and filthy and surrounded by dirt and filled and a lot of times it's not clean and it's put in pollution in the air so when we say go outside and take some deep breaths they go outside and they're breathing in their nasty compost. Or they're breathing in decaying matter that's on the ground you have to say that that's real and we say cleanliness my brothers and sisters you know how many of us will go through a whole day and sweat sweats way they will go into an AC environment and we will cool off. And then we go back outside and see what's what's what again now let's use an education that you know our skin is porous when you go outside and you get hot pores do it open that's what comes out but when you get cold or cool what are the poorest do clothes so we got waste matter that's sitting on top of our skin. Then when we go back outside and we begin to sweat again and we're outside for periods of hours then what's going to happen poor is going to open and then it can really absolve or some of that filth that was there now I would love to say this is my genius but it's not I can show you the quotations this exactly was so I was talking about that's why she would talk about people bathing frequently. You understand because a lot and we did. I don't get too specific the the point is. No need to get too specific the point is there is higher levels of attention that we would do well to give to some of these forgotten laws of health we need to give a higher attention address we need to give a higher attention of purity of life we need to give a higher attention to her nest of person and cleanliness of property that's why I can talk to somebody who comes from different parts of the Caribbean and if they are quote unquote Rastafarians that's when I can say God does not want you to have your hair matted. Where it begins to collect all that filth into your hair. Because what's in the hair goes to the top of your scalp where it is porous and the poisons in your hair the filth in your hair will get to the poorest in your scalp and get into your bloodstream and can cause disease. That's a lot easier than saying The Bible says no a lot so you know whatever and get into all of these or you can use principles of health and help our brothers and sisters in the Caribbean understand they need to make a change my for my point is very simple family. We need to study out the. Laws that help a little bit deeper. We need to pay a little bit more attention God wants us to understand that there are weightier matters of the law that we need to look at the same way that we can look at the ten commandments and we can find weighty principles there we can look at the laws of health and find where the principles there and a key example is this as we close what is a way to your law especially in the laws of health all important and important and important but some of them have a level of weight to it that can be foundational to why other ones are so challenge and you know what one of them is that I believe with all my heart. Self-control. If I say to you Do you know that you should have daily devotion every day. We're going to say yes and then I'll ask do you do that many of us will say no not every day. Or if I say do you pray evening morning and at noon like the Bible teaches many of us will say I know to do that but I don't do that I ask why you know what I answer is intemperance I don't have control over my schedule my schedule controls me if I said you know you're supposed to go outside and get open every day and do deep aspirations that help your fire your blood which promotes health in your body do you get outside and do that I know I'm supposed to do it but I don't do it why don't you do it in temperance. Do you know you're supposed to exercise daily Yes I do do you do it know why intemperance do you know you're supposed to get proper rest go to bed a certain times keep the atmosphere certain way so your body can get the restoration that it needs Yes I know that do you do it no I don't why intemperance do you drink a lot of your body needs on a daily basis no intemperance. Are you temperate no because of intemperance do you eat the things that you're supposed to eat all the time on a regular basis to make sure that your body gets the amount of nutrition that it needs or do you had that type of language of verbiage that says well you know just today. Yes I do that why in temperance I believe with all my heart temperance is a weighty law for God's people. We are very intemperate people and we're told an intemperate man cannot be a patient man which means an intemperate man cannot be a patient saint that keeps the commandments of God of the faith of Jesus and so we need to start studying. How can I get more temperate and about a dozen leave a salute to this our last text Galatians five. Commissions the fifth chapter of the Bible helps us with these things you see I think of my When I used to be Pentecostal you going to relations side what is to be Pentecostal we used to say things like I am saved sanctified filled with the Holy Ghost and fire baptized and again and when we get that a man up there and you know we used to say that same same fire filled with the Holy Ghost fire baptize and you know sounds cute sounds great but I learned something if you filled with the Holy Ghost. Then this is what the Bible says the Bible says in Galatians five twenty two and twenty three it says the fruit of the Spirit is love joy peace longsuffering gentleness goodness faith meet Miss and was the last one temperance against such there is no Law My brother says there is no way to where you don't tell me you feel with the Holy Spirit and you've got a short temper. There's no way you can tell me you feel with the Holy Spirit you can't control what you put in your mouth. There's no way that we can say we're filled with the Holy Spirit and we cannot do what God has told us to do temperance and Abel's us to say yes to that which is right and no to that which is wrong every time that's Holy Ghost power over those powers not what kind of strange languages you can speak that neither heaven or hell understand. That is not being filled with the Holy Ghost the Bible does not teach that. Temperance means that in your life you have control over your spiritual life your financial life your family life your mental cultivation your work life your social life and your physical development the Bible says If any man strives for the mastery he must be temperate in all things show me a Man Show me a woman. That knows how to properly manage their spiritual development. They manage perfectly their finances they know how to be a family man or family woman they developmental cultivation on a regular basis they are temperate in their work they know when to start and they know when to stop they are social people they cultivate social interaction and they do not neglect their physical being Show me somebody that lives like that I will show you a man or woman who is filled with the Holy Ghost you understand that because that's what God wanted. That's what God always wanted. My brothers and sisters laws of health. Are as truly divine. As the Word of God. Comes from the word. We have gotten comfortable. And it's time that. He's trying to save us and more importantly he's trying to fit us that we might be counted amongst the team that will give the Lao. Message for world and a church that is dying in sin we must cooperate with us. And my hope and my prayer is that the presence of God's Spirit was so deeply restroom in abiding your heart and mind that that excellent example of our pattern and Jesus would be lived out within us and guess what. When the devil whispers in your ear you can do it. Well the devil whispers in your ear impossible to like Jesus given back the word and the word I want you to give me eight hundred twenty seven and you let him know that which is impossible with man. Is possible with God I think God for the victory that we obtain through our Lord Jesus Christ how many of us would like to become truly temperate saying. That by God's grace we can be counted among the patients since Amen Let's go on to see that with a word of prayer. You are wonderful you are so wonderful you have things in store for your people minds could not possibly imagine if only we would cooperate with truly. Forgive us to give me we have taken our eyes off of the bigger picture. We have become satisfied with crumbs. When you want to pour out the whole bread from heaven. Or I pray in the name of Jesus take us. Help us to go higher and higher upon Jacob's Ladder. And I pray that the excellent example of Jesus. Might be lived with each and every. Receive all the praise and. Jesus. This media was brought to you by. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about you know if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit to W.W.. Or.


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