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Jesus and the Third Angel's Message

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN


  • September 22, 2017
    8:00 AM
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Father in heaven we thank you for waking us up this morning. We think you for the blessings we receive this week and I pray that you would bless us again today as we have the last week of this camp meeting and seen you to bless us through the remaining time that we have together I pray that you would speak through me now may the message be clear and mail the Jesus in a very powerful way Korean his name. So the title for the message this morning is Jesus and the third angel's message. Now. In these morning meetings we have been going through the same sure we message as seen in the Book of Revelation and if you recall from our message on Monday we saw that the seven churches the seven seals and the seven trumpets are actually following Jesus through the Holy Place into the most holy place of the sanctuary in heaven and we see that the Laodicean message applies especially to God's people. As it relates to the work of Jesus in the most holy place we see in the SEALs that the ceiling of God's people clearly takes place from the most holy place in the heavenly sanctuary we see in the trumpets that as Jesus moves into the most holy place and as the seventh trumpet sounds and the temple of God is open in heaven and we see the most holy place the Ark of the Testament that during this time the mystery of God should be finished which is Christ in you the hope of glory now another way to look at this if I haven't said this already would be to say it like this the seven churches seals and Shrum pits are just another way of showing how Jesus cleanses the sanctuary. Jesus cleanse is the sanctuary in Laodicea when after he knocks on the doors of the hearts of Laodicea we let him come in and he cleanse us. Jesus. Accomplishes the work of closing the sanctuary in the SEALs when he seals the one hundred forty four thousand with the seal of the Living God and Jesus cleanse is the sanctuary in the trumpets when the mystery of Goddess finished Christ in you the hope of glory another way of looking at it. When you look at the church as the seals in the trumpets is that when you come to the end of the churches you're almost left with the question wow this is God's last the church what is going to happen. But when you move from the churches to the SEALs you find that from God to last the church despite the fact that it was wretched miserable poor blind and naked from that last the church comes the one hundred forty four thousand and the trumpets gives us the answer that it's from the rise of the Second Advent movement that the one hundred forty four thousand. Now when you look at the first eleven chapters I made. Mention of this on Monday. You're looking at those first eleven chapters and you're like wow look at God's plan God has a plan he has a people and they are going to stand with a lamb on Mount Zion but one hundred forty four thousand are coming from the Second Advent movement God is going to win the great controversy he's going to answer the charges of Satan through the demonstration of his people but then you get to Revelation twelve which is right after all of those of them some of the churches seals and trumpets and the double says you want to. And the devil says I have a plan to. And so the double makes war with Michael limousines will in the war starts in heaven on the war comes of this earth and you look at Revelation Chapter twelve and when Christ is born the double was standing by trying to destroy him but this was Christ he was the limit and he was caught up to God and to his throne and then the persecution is directed instead of Christ choose the woman who represents the church and the woman flees into the wilderness for a thousand two hundred sixty years and at the end of time just before Jesus comes back the Dragon makes a special a check on Gaza last the church you keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ and we see that attack especially when we study Revelation thirteen. Where we have to be the first beast coming up out of the sea of us out of the populated areas of the earth it comes up out of the territory of Western Europe has been hasn't and then we have the second beast coming up out of the earth the populated area of the United States of America has that she warns it speaks like a lamb but it looks like a lamb speaks as a dragon as two forms like a lamb speaks as a dragon and those two horns represent Republicanism and Protestantism in the US is not the Republican Party I saw someone share a quote on Facebook the other there. Were Ellen White says she uses the term a republican government and she's referring to Republicanism and someone took that to mean that the Republican Party would be in power when the sun the law come on people we got to do better than the. Mom. But we see the worst shoehorns. The Republicanism and Protestantism Republicanism means that the United States has a representative form of government that protects the minority from the majority so you can't just have a fifty one percent vote to institute something that will take away constitutional civil liberties from a minority that's Republicanism. No yes we go with much a majority vote for electing leaders of the country but when it comes to the civil liberties contained in the constitution you can't just vote the minority off the map so to speak so Revelation thirteen you have these two beasts the first beast the second beast who will unite at the end of the world where the second beast makes an image to the first beast in the knee of the mark of the beast no man can buy or sell and that is all directed especially towards God's people and this is Satan doing everything that he can to stop God from accomplishing what he says he would accomplish in the first eleven chapters. So then we come to Revelation fourteen. And God has a response to the attacks of Satan and when you look at the first five Earth as a Revelation fourteen this gives us the picture of the final victory of God in the great controversy finally we see God victorious and all of the efforts of Satan to undo God's plan of being victorious in the end come to a crashing halt because God has the one hundred forty four thousand who stand on Mount Zion with the lamb having his father's name written and therefore hoods. They sing a new song which we talked about last night they follow the lamb where they are so every give They have no guile in their mouth or without fault before the throne of God and the question is Where did these people come from. And the answer is they were produced by the three angels messages. Let me tell you something friends the three Angels' messages have a not lost their relevance as a Seventh Day Adventist I will proudly say that I believe with all of my heart in the three angels messages and those messages will have force and authority because they ordered they are ordained of God and are designed by God to prepare his people to go through the last crisis of Earth's history and they will never lose their force or relevance God has given to us the three angles most of it is to prepare us for the coming of Jesus in them as contained the everlasting Gospel with the command of fear of God to give the glory to him a reminder of the judgement hour a reminder to worship Him who created the Sabbath a reminder that Babylon is fall and and that her wine or her theology will make you drunk. And if you drink her wine and become intoxicated with your drink you will receive the mark of the beast as the third angel's message says and if you receive the mark of a b's. You will receive the wrath of God. And the wrath of God as described in Revelation sixteen as the Seven Last Words and some people stop in verse eleven and worth so as the smoke of their Torm asunder thought forever and ever and that's where people end the third angel's message but the third angel's message finishes in verse twelve and I why it says in early writings page two fifty four the third angel closes most of us here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus as he repeated these words he pointed to the heavenly sanctuary the minds of all who embrace this message are directed to the most holy place where Jesus stands before the are making his final intercession for all those for whom are still lingers and for those who have ignorantly broken the law of God So the third angel's message concludes in verse twelve Ellen why also suppose in second selected messages page three eighty four the banner of the third angel has inscribed upon it the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus yes the mark of the beast this part of the third angel's message but that is not the totality of the third angel's message we talked about on Monday night how Justification by Faith is the third angel's message in verity and what is it that gives the third angel's message so much power what is a about the third angel's message that will produce the one hundred forty four thousand who will be God's answer the God's final answer after what Jesus did on the cross they will be God's answer to Satan's charges against the character of God What is it about the third angels message that will produce such a people. And as I've studied I think there's probably more than one answer but an answer that I have come up as very come up with a very convicting the ME is this. And that is. That the third angel's message has power. Because Jesus personifies the theory of will. And let me show you how Revelation fourteen twelve here is the patience of the saying. Here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus as we talked about last night Jesus is our example he left us an example that we should follow in his steps and if we look at Revelation fourteen twelve we see that this is going to be the experience of the one hundred forty four thousand when God looks to the on looking the universe and he says here they are here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus and who have the patience of a saint here they are and wouldn't be helpful because we know that's our goal. Wouldn't it be helpful to have. An example. Of how to have this experience wouldn't it be helpful to see an example of patience obedience and face that will lead us to the same experience. Turn to the research Walrus is one and. This is a famous verse. And if you didn't know it already he received twelve versus one and two is really another way of saying the three angles masses. Especially the thirteen. He says want to you were forcing We also are compasses about with so great a cloud of witnesses let us lay aside every way in the sun which just so easily be some of us and let us run with patience that word patience is the same word in the Greek as the patience of the saints in Revelation fourteen twelve so Paul is saying we can have this patience but the question is how can we have this patience as we run the race that is before us verse two tells us looking and to Jesus so that's good we look into Jesus and that's going to help us have patience but now looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith who for the joy that was set before him notice indeed you are the cross despising the shame and a sedan of the right and of the throne of God Now in the Greek it doesn't say he patients the cross but the word in the Greek is the same word as patients that's why some versions say let us run with and Durrance the race before us or here is the end Dorrance of the saints who are they that keep the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus it's the same word in to endure to have patience Jesus endured the cross so you're looking for an example of patients or how to endure Ellen White says in great conversely that as we face the time of trouble we need a faith that will endure weariness hunger and delay energies as had all of that on the cross he was kept up all night through a mock trial and he was hungry. If anybody had an excuse to demonstrate impatience Jesus could have had an excuse but he would not have been able to be our example how is it that it can be said here is the patience of the Saints Here is how out here are a group of people who have learned to look on to Jesus the author and finisher of their faith and they see that Jesus endure the cross they see that no matter what Jesus was going through in that experience that he demonstrated the character of God so that he could even say Father forgive them for they know not what they did. It could be said of him that he loved his enemy here is the patience of the saying when you look at the one hundred forty who are found. Their patients will be synonymous with the patients or the in New Orleans that Jesus demonstrated on the cross it's not just like a. Patient today you know I was running five minutes late but I didn't I didn't lose the handlers we're talking about way more than that's a good start. And if you're not even there I don't think you can endure the cross but that's the standard the Jesus up before us and if you think how could I ever get there look under Jesus if you keep your eyes on Jesus through the trials of your daily life he will give you the ability to have that kind of patients here is the patience of the saints we are running a race that has been set before us in Jesus how does he endure the cross it was for the joy that was set before him. And what was set before him was the travail of us all as I have fifty three says he saw all those who would be saved because of his sacrifice now in our case yes will have stars in our crown for the ones that will be in heaven with us but the joy that a set before us is not so much of those the will be saved through our influence but as the joy of being with Jesus in the kingdom. If you can keep your eyes on the goal for Jesus the goal was having us with him in the kingdom for us the goal is of being with him in the kingdom that will give you. The grace that you need to get through the trial that US before you so the you can get to the end point. You know a few years ago it's already been eight years ago now I climbed have to in Yosemite have any of you ever been. But often. It's a forty eight hundred foot elevation in eight miles now if you don't know how much that is that's nearly a mile of elevation. And might give you a hint don't try to do it if you're out of shape because that's what I was. But I had a diff a determination and I like I wasn't completely unprepared I had a backpack that had four liters of water and I'm sipping as I walk I'm not having to stop and drink out of these things I had healthy I want to a health food store got healthy high sodium contents that acts of I wouldn't have to stop to go to the bathroom all of those things because you retain sodium you retain water and then the water stays in your system and it keeps you going so that you don't get dehydrated so I was prepared just not in shape so I had the water in the end the concepts of them and I had a in my mind that no matter what happened I was going to get to the top of half and I did I had to go online and I kept my eye on the goal and my friend and I we started at the base very early in the morning and we got to the top several hours later and we came back down and we made it. We had our eyes on the goal and nothing was going to stop us from getting there. That's what this race. Is why you keep your eye on the goal. You keep your eye on Jesus if Jesus could endure the cross Surely you can run with patients the race that is before you. Here is the patience of the Saints Here are those that endured the way Jesus endured the cross do you see how that gives the third angel's message that much more power is not just the oh yeah other kind of patient when they're provoked these are people who have learned to endure the way Jesus endured the cross that's why they are a demonstration to the onlooking universe God can say here they are but not only that here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God go to he resumed in Hebrews and Revelation often are very closely connected speaking of Jesus those are example again he for ten verses five through seven so as Wherefore when he come out into the world he say if sacrifice and offering them would us not but a body has the prepared me him burnt offerings and succor Feiss for sin that has had no pleasure then so the ILO I come in the volume of the book it is written of me to do that I will oh God So speaking of Jesus it says when he came to this earth he offered his body as a sacrifice so we see the cross again Jesus is our example as he endured the cross He also says I offered my body as a sacrifice and then Paul who is quoting Psalms two after forty this is then so I LO I come in the volume of the book it is written to me to do the I Will of God so Jesus could say it is written of me and scripture that I have come to do the will of God What does the will of God mean in Scripture if we go to the passage that's been quoted in Psalms forty notice one of. Psalms Chapter forty. Verses seven and eight. Then said I low I come in the volume of the book it was written to me. I delight to do that I will my God Yea via law is with in my heart Here's Jesus' sacrifice and offering what is not but a body has thought prepared me in other words Jesus can offer himself as the perfect sacrifice because the law of God was written in his heart so as he's hanging on the cross as a sacrifice he is the example to us of what perfect obedience means perfect obedience Jesus is if it be possible or take this couple way from me nevertheless not my will but thine be done. I delight to do the I will oh my God gave I a law is within my heart and as Jesus hanging on the cross as our example yes he has endured the cross because of the joy that US before him but he also has rendered completely to the will of his father and that is a demonstration that the law of God is in his heart and he is living an obedient wife. So Jesus is a demonstration of patience as he is on the cross Jesus is and is a demonstration of obedience or of one who kept the commandments of God when he's hanging on the cross and I might add that says he delighted. To do God's will that is an evidence of conversion that is an evidence that your are is united with the heart of. If you are following God and seeking to. Conform your wife to the precepts of scripture in the spirit of prophecy you know I come and. Another dare if. One day closer to the coming of Jesus but. I don't enjoy the. You missed the boat. Jesus came that you might have wife and might have it more abundantly Jesus delighted in doing the will of God All of the principles of health reform dress reform medical missionary work doing the right arm of the third angel is designed to bring joy and happiness to your life and if you aren't having that you've missed the purpose of those principles. Jesus the wife had to do God's will so Jesus is our example he is one who lived an obedient wife and delighted in doing so so that when his body was offered as a sacrifice he was the perfect example of obedience and in fact interesting really when you look at the New Covenant Jesus had Gaza wall in his heart the new covenant God says I will write my law into your heart and mine and other words of Jesus to live the new covenant life on this earth and he plans to do the same for you and me by writing his law into our hearts and minds so that we can keep the commandments of God So when you look at Revelation fourteen twelve here is the patience of the Saints Here are the US who have patience or in durance the same way Jesus had patience or in the you are and on the cross. Not only that here are they that keep the commandments of God just as the law of God was in the heart of Christ and he delighted to do the will of God Here are those who keep the commandments of God because God has written his law into their hearts and minds and they delight to do God's will as well these are not sad when to us who are like a man we barely made it I'm so glad we got through the gates of heaven as the hundred forty four thousand because those commandments were killing me that's the example that Jesus gives. He endured the cross the spies and the shame he delighted to do God's will which is God's law in his heart and he designs to write his law into our hearts and minds so that we will delight to do his will as well and the example is on the cross Jesus was on the cross he offered his body as a sacrifice surrendering to the will of God and surrender is a key element to this Jesus had patience or in durance Jesus lived in obedience why. Here is the patience of the saints. Here are they that keep the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus now that's pretty easy to prove in fact you almost don't need to go to any bible verses because the faith of Jesus is the faith of Jesus he's our example. But I'll show you some examples but let me read your statement first. So what did messages Volume three page one sixty eight. The faith of Jesus has been overlooked and shredded in an different careless manner it has not occupy the prominent position in which it was revealed to John faith in Christ as the sinners only hope has been largely left out not only of the discourses given but of the religious experience of very many who claim to believe the third angel's message and I notice this is very important the faith of Jesus not just the faith of Jesus alone White says it's faith in Christ as the sinners only hope. Your only hope is in Christ saving. And of following him as your example where he gives you the grace to follow him there are some who are coming out now who are saying that faith in Christ really doesn't save us because our faith isn't perfect anyway so we're relying on our own merit to save us and we can't be saved thus not with the Bible in the Spirit of Prophecy teach Yes Jesus is faithful but our fit to every man has given him has been given a measure of faith and God designs that we make a choice to have faith in Christ and His sacrifice so that we trust in his merits to forgive us for the sons of our past and to give us grace to live an obedient life going forward. The faith of Jesus has been largely left out of our discourses. Hundred forty four thousand they keep the commandments of God have the patience of the saints and the faith of Jesus scripture says in first John Chapter five verse four in order to have faith or one of the demonstrations of having faith rather is that we overcome first John Chapter five are sources for whatsoever is born of God overcome with the world. And this is the victory that overcome with the world even our faith so in order to overcome the world we overcome through faith now Jesus says to the Laodicean church Behold I stand at the door and knock if any man hear my voice I will come into them and if we open the door I will come into them and will suffer with Him and He with Mina notice verse twenty one to him that overcome and. Will I grant to sit with me in my throne even as I also over came and I'm so down with my father and his throne now he says Jesus and you're the cross the spies the shame and then at the right hand of the throne of God So there is faith on the cross as well notice if we are to overcome as Jesus overcame first John Chapter five years four says in order to overcome we need faith and if we are to overcome as Jesus overcame we need the faith of Jesus and that is the message to the Laodicean church because of the Laodicean church that has the potential to be the one hundred forty four thousand who it will be so out of here is the patience of the Saints Here they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus now Jesus endured the cross the spy's the shame and assert down at the right hand of the throne of God revelation three twenty one says because he overcame he is down at the right hand of the throne of God So it's implied and he roost twelve that when he is enduring the cross he needs faith to overcome so that he can get to the throne of God. So we're again the cross is the illustration that we need of Jesus to have the Experian. Of the third angel Jesus demonstrates patience or in durance on the cross Jesus demonstrates obedience or keeping the commandments of God as the perfect sacrifice while hanging on the cross Jesus demonstrates faith the faith of Jesus as he overcomes on the cross and that is the example that he gives to us so that we can be part of the one hundred forty four thousand were God can say here they are here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus here are those who learned to sit at the foot of the cross every day and you see how Jesus and you are the cross so that we can run with patients the rays that US before us here are they the learned to appreciate the sacrifice of Jesus when He said Never there was not my will but thine be done and your will oh god is your law written in my heart and mind and so we learn to allow God to write his law into our hearts and minds as we surrender our lives than him and we learn to exercise faith in the impossible Jesus as he's hanging on the cross only want told us he could not see through the portals of the. Beef that not present to him or hope to not present to him coming forth from the Tomb of the con but by faith he could say it is finished father into the I hands I commend my spirit and because he was relying in his mind on the promises from the father throughout his life he could by faith see coming out of the grave but you all human appearance there was no hope. And Gaza last day people are going to go through Jacob's time of trouble where to all human appearances there will be no hope and we will need to have the faith of Jesus to get through that experience I find a very powerful that when you look at the third Angel's most of the reason why the third Angel's most a judge has so much power is because Jesus on the cross personifies the third angel's message of Revelation fourteen twelve which is the exact opposite of those who receive the mark of the beast those who receive the mark of the beast how fall on chew the deception of man that we can't overcome and we must follow man's laws rather than God's laws and we can't control or temper we can't control our character so let's just make a manmade law to overlook all over deficiencies. And we can't have faith in the promises of God So let's create a system that will take care of our human needs since apparently God can't take care of us in a crisis that's the difference between those who will receive the mark of the beast and those who have the experience of the third angels mustn't and receive the seal of it and I want to show you a couple of other things. To show how what Jesus did on the cross. Produces. The harvest known as the one hundred forty four thousand because the very next thing after verse twelve we see the concept of the special resurrection of verse thirteen Blessed are the which die in the Lord from henceforth meaning from the time of the third angel's message on word you say if a spirit that they may rest from their labors in their works to follow them there is a blessing for those who died in the third angel's message they will come up in the grave and see Jesus coming on the clouds along with the wicked who pierced Jesus but then verse fourteen through twenty describes the harvest when God has His people ready there will be a harvest and I want to show you how this harvest is produced in relation to the cross John Chapter twelve versus twenty three and twenty four. John Chapter trover says twenty three and twenty four in Jesus answered them saying. The hour risk. But the son of man should be glorified. Verily verily I see him do you accept a quart of wheat fall under the ground and it abideth alone. But if it don't. It bring a fourth one. Much fruit. Now when Jesus speaks of the hour that he should be glorified He is speaking of his death on the cross so he is saying my death is like a seed of corn that is planted in the ground and dies when I die on the cross he's speaking of the future of this moment when he says that when he speaks of his THE HE SAYS When I die I am like a seed planted in the ground you could take that seed and eat that Cornal kernel of corn and you would get some nourishment from it but you wouldn't get as much out of it as if you planted that seed in the ground and it came up as a plant and when it reaches its full maturity you have many corn kernels that you can have for a whole mill rather than just one little piece. And those kernels of corn in that much sure plant are in the like this of the seed that was planted. Jesus except the son of or the hours come of the Son of Man should be glorified except a corn of wheat fall into the ground by this alone but if it die bring a forth much fruit here's where Jesus my death will produce much fruit. My death will produce a harvest like me go to Mark for verses twenty and twenty. You see when you plant a seed it would be a core a seed of corn doesn't produce an apple tree and the seed of Jesus produces. People like Jesus. Specifically. Across the death of Jesus Mark for Troy we eat and twenty nine. For the earth bring the fourth fruit of herself first the blade than the era after that the four corn in the year one of his first twenty nine but when the fruit is brought forth mediately he put a thing in the circle because the harvest this come when the harvest is right you don't wait because it's going to go bad if you wait too long so I'm mediately when the harvest is right the farmer puts in the circle and Jesus was that my death on the cross was the seed that was planted and it's going to produce a harvest when the harvest is ripe a media only the sickle will be put forth to harvest that fruit James five seven eight we read this the other night perhaps it will make more sense to you even though it. Be patient therefore brother and under the coming of the Lord behold the husbandman this is Speaking of Christ waited for the precious fruit of the earth and a half long patience those that were patients with long patients for until he received the early and latter rain so the early rain at Pentecost begin the growth of the Christian church and so the plant started growing the early rains started the Christian church and then the Christian Church went into the wilderness because of the persecution but the early rain is still in effect and we are still receiving the blessing of the outpouring of the early rain and so then Christ raises up the Second Advent movement so that the harvest can be finished because when we've studied prophecy this whole week Adventism was raised up to be like Jesus Jesus comes then we overcome like he overcame that sounds like being like Jesus then the seals when you're when the seal of God is. Placed in your forehead thus the character of Jesus the trumpets Christ in you the hope of glory that's the character of Jesus Revelation fourteen twelve patients of the saints keep the commandments of God the faith of Jesus that's the character of Jesus that's the harvest that Jesus is trying to produce with the seed that was planted on the cross and so what he is waiting for is to pour out the latter rain to bring the harvest to fruition. Be also patient the patience of the saints establish your hearts for the coming of the Lord draw a line I am going to read to you this statement again from Christ to close ones page sixty nine. When the fruit is brought forth immediately he put a thumb the circle because the harvest is come so and what use is marked for twenty now in this. Christ is waiting with longing desire for the manifestation of himself in his church when the character of Christ shall be perfectly reproduced in this people then he will come to claim them as his own is the privilege of every Christian not only to look for but to hasten the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and she's quoting second Peter chapter three verse twelve Now let me be honest with your friends I have heard since I was at least five years old that there is no way that Jesus couldn't be here within five years and I'm forty now. Now I believe that Jesus is coming soon but I've been hearing this for at least thirty five years now. We can't go more than five years I remember when my family came to visit you cheap pines back at the end of one thousand nine hundred eighty nine and New Years was going to be nine hundred ninety and there were rumblings of the Gulf War and we were convinced that that was the end of the world then and we're still here and there was another goal for after about and there is all these saber rattling as with Trump and North Korea and all of these things and there's these hurricanes and these are signs that Jesus could come but what about his people what about the harvest. If the outer rain was poor it out would Europe with the why of the plant of your life be ready to receive that rain so that you would mature into a ripe plant ready to be harvested. Or would you still be a little blade that's barely peeked through the glass that only wants the milk of the word where you're patted on the back Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so I don't want to hear anything else and then we keep feeding milk to our people in church every Sabbath and we want to why we have a bunch of babies in church who cry like babies at every church board meeting Where's the spiritual maturity and I have been to them Where is the willingness to endure hardship as good soldiers of the cross. Oh I'll be an Adam as long as I don't have to bear the cross Jesus planted a seed. Way back in thirty one A.D. at Calvary and that seed came up through the ground and the earlier rain was poured out at Pentecost and the. Crop started to grow and then the harvest again to put Central When Jesus went to the most holy place and ever since then God has been waiting to see a people that he can pour out His law to rain upon the let me finish the statement were all who profess his name bearing fruit to His glory and that fruit we talked about earlier this week is the way she is five twenty three and twenty three of the fruits of the spirit I'm not going to repeat that but if we have the fruits of the spear and we were bearing those fruits to his glory how quickly the whole world would be sown with the seed of the Gospel quickly the last great harvest would be ripened and Christ would come to gather the precious grain don't tell me the Oyama seventh a oddness but you know so when I wasn't my thing were all who prefers his name bearing fruit in his glory how quickly the whole world would be sown with the seed of the gospel are you so on the seat of the gospel are you keeping your light under a bushel. Oh you know people wouldn't like what I believe so I'm just going to be a silent witness and you're such a silent witness they don't even know you're an admin us that's not sowing the seed of the gospel. Has the seed that Jesus planted on the cross germinated in your lie. So that it could be said of you here is the patience of the saints as seen in your life here is someone who keeps the commandments of God with the ally in their heart here is someone who has the faith of Jesus that as Jesus couldn't see through the portals of the team there are things that you can't see how God's going to put them all together in your life but you still believe that God's promises will be true even if the human circumstances don't look very hopeful Jesus personifies the third angel of message for a very special reason one Jesus was the is the first one to fully demonstrate this character to the world secondly because of my death that seed will produce much fruit and the seed that was planted will produce a harvest in the likeness of the seed and when the seed or the harvest is ripe a mediately he will harvest the grain and he will come to gather his people and so the question I have for you today is have you allowed. The cross to break you. So the seed can Germany and your why I mean what you've heard a lot this week theoretically. You don't need to hear another sermon you just need to spend time with Jesus and let him speak to your heart not by the way please come back of the wrath of the messages. Because the Lord has a word for you in those messages as well but you get my point. You're not going to become ready to meet Jesus by just listening to sermons on the not applying them but God uses the foolishness of preaching to touch your heart and God is trying to wake up a sleeping church. To the reality that in order for us to be ready to meet Jesus. We need the character of Jesus. In order and in order to have the character of Jesus we need to meet Jesus at the foot of the cross. That's why I'm wise as we would do well to spend a thoughtful hour each day meditating on the life of Christ especially the closing scene because it is in the closing scenes that we see his character most fully that will prepare us to have the character that is needed to go through Earth's final crisis and if you're spending a thoughtful thirty seconds with Jesus a reader of us nodded. But I'm busy I'm doing the medical missionary work but you're not spending time with him. So how can you represent him if you don't know. That is our message as a people the third angels most of us we have the mark of the beast and Babylon and those things but ultimately it's about being like geez So I just close now and appeal to he. Learned to see Jesus on the cross so that the seed that he planted at Calvary. Will bear fruit in your life a mom. What's the deal as we close with her. Father in heaven thank you so much for Jesus thank you that Jesus endured the cross. That he delighted to do your will. And that he overcame by faith while hanging on with her off. Thank you that he planted the seed. Through his death that will bear a harvest. Lord we are weak and sinful but you are all mighty. And the power of the Cross can change our. Hearts. So that we will be the special harvest some days. Help us to be ready for Jesus to come. You have us The Great you have your so that someday. Of Us Here they are. Here is the pay. Each one of. This media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. It you would like to listen. To Visit W W W dot. Org.


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