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Evidence-based Interventions to Tackle Dementia

Eddie Ramirez


An evidence based seminar demonstrating the amazing effect that lifestyle interventions can have on the prevention and treatment of this devastating and prevalent disease. Learn how some cases of dementia are being stopped and how the results are being reported in the scientific literature. One important step in this process is to identify the triggers of the problem and reverse them. You will learn various useful tools to apply to your practice or health education program.


1. Review the current research on mental health.
2. Outline the etiologies of dementia.
3. Identify key contributors to dementia.
4. Using peer reviewed literature, identify clinical lifestyle interventions that may 
result in reversing dementia progression.

5. Discuss published clinical cases showing how some cases of dementia were stopped.


Eddie Ramirez

Director or Research for Nedley Clinic & Weimar Institute 



  • October 27, 2017
    3:15 PM
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Well we're going to get busy if we have lots of material to cover and we'll be talking about a very hot subject in fact I want you to remember when you were younger if you remember there was not so many people with dementia the year member. And asked time is increasing you know we see more and more of that let me give you a little short intro the only disclosure I have is I don't have any disclosures. I do lots of research many of that related to mental health I don't have time to talk about this research paper side is going to mention them briefly there's more than sixty of them and this one and how we're able to decrease bends us in our ten day depression program how lavender oil is as effective as an X. regarded in anti unsolicited properties how active it charcoal anybody herbal at the charcoal how active it charcoal is actually very good for spider bites and this one that came out in the Journal of the American Heart Association how we have been able to reverse diabetes in many instances is a clinical case in which this patient in I'm A year and a half was civil to reverse diabetes hypertension or v City and this. This one how a plant based diet says one of the best strategies for weight control this all the one on how blood pressure responds very well to the intensive lifestyle interventions this other one on how plant based diets are one of the best foods to control a diabetic. Andis one that just presented this yesterday very. Interesting research on how sexual abuse tends to be much more prevalent among bisexuals homosexuals and people questioning their sexuality this will come out in the Journal of Sexual Medicine later on in the year and this other one on how doing things that go against your conscience is negative for your mental health and decide they want to know how sexual relationships outside of the context of marriage are related to higher levels of depression and anxiety this is in the Journal of Sexual Medicine and it is all the one also very interesting piece of research showing how a bisexual some a sexual and people question is sexuality tend to have depression levels that are more severe compared to those people that are straight I'm caught in the book rethink food weight Barnard and Gregor and as a steal and if you missed the American College of lifestyle medicine just a few They said Oh you met you miss meeting them you know we're very blessed that Dr George got there is a new precedent off that organization so very nice spots that they've change is happening there in that organization because of the research I do I get invited all over the place need. To know one Chinese. Is in Beijing China. Moscow Russia news Illinois or way ice and then a stray. Belgian Puerto Rico India and many more places that we are sharing about that complete message that we have. Of healing let me share with you this two resources before we go on if you want to find out the research I was sharing you and many more papers it is here in this space age and there's something that happens all the time a few They say later I'm going to get an e-mail and it's going to say Dr I couldn't find the research you were showing and I'm going to ask him did you rode the Atlas No I didn't so don't happen to be the same story you can actually Google Francisco Ramirez Research Gate just googled those three things you will find that page there Ned Lee clinic and Wiemar Institute I work with Dr Neil net and people say that actually looked like him and the Spanish version of him I guess and also I'm going to be sharing some other research studies you can find those here indeed Twitter Twitter dot com R D M D So if you're interested in some of those papers just go to that page you should be able to find them on so let us deal with our subject and before going into that i'm just want to mention to you wot I said Newton said he says if I have seen furder is my standin on the shoulders of giants So what I'm sharing to you is a composition of many I.D.'s from different universities and this is the advantage of Javi in the lie of the Inspire word you know it gives us an insight as you start analyzing some of the product being. Promoted it there is some issues there that could be improved upon so I am talking about researchers in Harvard. U.C.L.A. Massachusetts General Hospital Cornell University and some others so what I'm sharing with you this afternoon is a combination of all that knowledge on how to help people with dementia and see what happen is that our current paradigm of medicine is changing. They all part of the. You have these Cs you make that diagnosis and there is one treatment so there is some sort of linear relationship I'm not criticizing it for some D.C.'s says this works very well but for some other of this is this this simple paradigm actually could be improved. For example in our paper that we publish on the hypothesis of the pression program we use that multi-factorial. Approach to dealing with the problem and see depression doesn't come about usually just because of one thing it is our hypothesis that there are ten groups of causes and when somebody has four or more of those causes you end up with depression or anxiety or all other mental health problems so as you can see you are rive to this same disease but did trigger Casas happen to be multiple and it is our job as helper health care providers to try to identified those causes so that we can give the right type of care and this is somethin that in the literature you're going to find it under the name personalized medicine not everybody is the same you have to adapt to the. The needs of the patients so it is actually quite easy to get all Simers they mention if you want to have it take note of just the last of sugar gone sleep and knowledge of those you ever do exercise get read awfully important hormones in your body make sure your bitumen D. is quite low and you're going to end up wid what some researchers call type two all Simers and the reality is that a sign mentioned at the beginning we are seen more and more dimentia on the minutes that we have stats tells us that one out of twenty one people sixty years of age and one out of five in people that are eighty will have the mention tremendous rates now some people question well doctor what's that the French between dementia and normal aging that some very good and valid question you could summarize this by the fact that as you age and a little bit reflection and your lifestyle things start to slow down but during intelligence remains the same in other words if you were Berry bright when you were young you will continue to be very bright as you get old and I have bad news if you are not so bright when you are young unfortunately later on things will remain the same so dementia is not only at the crease in those processing of Bill it these but also this is a company by changes in personality and behavior and last time progress things get worse and worse and worst and usually would make the diagnosis of the mentioned look in a different. Matters such as problems with the memory there are some stand the right stance that you can run to find out and one of more cognitive the main such as language motor activity of recognition or of the frontal lobe usage the executive function and things get worse and worse with time now all Simers the C's stands to be the more common dementia and that's why is the more one that you hear the most if you are not in the medical world because he happens to be the most common type of the mentioned the mentioned there's many types subtypes of the mention but I'll Simers is the most popular and then dementia goes through different stages first a mild type of the mentioned many times the person may not even be aware they're having troubles but the people around them starts not isn't a there's something wrong with mother or aunt and so forth and if you do a physical exam at this level you may not find much wrong and miss you run one of these more specialized steps to find out that they're starting to have some cookie nation problems then you start going into the mother it in in which you are actually start even recognizing familiar things like your family and so forth and then the very sad state of these disease in which the person actually end up losing in complete control of their world they're completely that pendant up on the care of others and stats tells us that minority groups tend to have very higher rates of the mention such as African-Americans such as Hispanics and another subgroup of people is females research tells us that number one respect are for the men. Is age second factor for dementia unfortunately is being female so be aware off that asked you try to stop this problem and then explain to use some of these theories that are being of Ron to try to understand how to stop this problem you always need to answer the question what's causing the problem then you can do something to stop it for example in out there all sclerosis something interesting happens in your body you have some factors that help build plaque in your arteries but at the same time you have some factors that help remove some of that black Washington how come some people end up with the atherosclerosis and some done it depends which of these Spross is you're actually encouraged by the way that you live the same story happens with your bones there are so many bones that actually destroy the some cells that actually destroy your bones at the same time there are some cells that build those bones washed and how come some people end up with weak bones and some end up with strong bones it has to do with each of those processes you are actually encouraging in and mostly by the way that you live and see the change of paradigm is like this Suppose that you have never seen a forest you're probably from Arizona I imagine you know and you come to a place where they had a falling forest fire and you're trying to them best the gate How did this this asked her happen but what do you see. Is a bunch of ash everywhere so you come to the logical conclusion then ash causes tremendous damage to trees it is a logical conclusion but not necessarily correct that is the paradigm regarding the. Plaque C There are some researchers that are suggesting that that amyloid plaque is there to help you not to harm you fascinating isn't it and they're proposing as their study this plaque this amyloid plaque for example it is a test tremendous affinity for toxic metals such as mercury and copper in other words see if you are exposing yourself have believed that this things the brain will respond create eighteen plaque to try to stop this process and there's some very good research on the subject showing that not only protects against metals but also against infections such as Dr Moore very interesting research that he has show you know how many infectious agents are evil to be stopped by these amyloid plaque and he is not alone really fancy fabulous researcher on the world of all Simers he also is even describing Khalid this physio pathology could be happening he is still seen that because the brain is connected to the outside world beyond they all thought thirty nerve men need things that affect their all for three nerve can go and climb up to the brain and start causing. Aster up there but then we have our response by the amyloid plaque trying to buffer that damage now there's also some interesting research this specially. In the universities in Europe in which they try to make these sperm mental medications to try to the soul of the plaque and you know what happen patients actually get worst C Because you are removing that protection and then those stocks in scan cost even greater damage so one of the issues that start that process of the mention is directly related to the pathways of inflammation so sometimes could be somethin that is not infectious such as the wrong type of food Slike it in trans fats it in simple carbohydrates in higher levels or sometimes it could be things like microbes so in the same way that there was that balance and counter-balance with the building of the bone and destroying the bone in the same way there are mechanisms in your brain in which four mation of C. naps is are in courage and destruction of synopsis are encourage depending on the way that you are naive in and we could talk about that process it's a very interesting metabolic pathway and one of those key genes is this a gene which happens to be one of those switches that are affected by inflammation and inflammation is of very important topic I don't have much time to talk about it but. Just briefly I could summarize this that it is school this secret killer because many people can have this inflammation going on in their bodies and they don't have symptoms that's why TIME magazine use a whole shoot to talk about this subject and they made the analogy with a fire and this is the way that I like to explain it to my patients I tell him Look it is like a fireplace you have a fireplace in which you have fire inside there as long as the fire stays inside it's fine you know you get the blessing of the heat and so forth that is acute inflammation that is not harmful as long as this inside their chronic inflammation is when definer starts to get out of here and then you can get in a big trouble as that fire comes out and that encourages more fire and so forth that is chronic inflammation so this things need to be fine need to be pinpoint what is the trigger off that inflammation and then what some researchers are suggesting as we were proposing that Penn hit hypothesis for the pression regarding the mention that they are proposing that there may be three or more paths that lead to that I'll Simers and that has to do by triggering that A.P.A.P. that I mentioned to you which happens to be in the membrane of the neurons and that cascade effect starts to trigger in which those synopses start to be affected so they propose that. There are three big groups type number one is the inflammatory and this one has to do with things related to inflammation of the we're talking a minute ago and it could be infectious you know microbes and so forth or it could be sterile inflammation the source of this inflammation could be foods and so forth and there is a central switch of inflammation called the N F A Better You need to do a little bit of a genetic analysis there to find this genetic switch and when an F. kept its own it's the main switch one of the main switches of inflammation in the body and then you also have a second type called the act trophic type and this one has to do with the fact that for the brain to try it needs to have a right balance of the right things so it can progress its normal function for example you need to have good tyro at levels you need to have to stop her own females that's one of the reasons why the higher risk for the Mencia because as they go through the menopause and so for all that changes in the hormone levels can have a negative effect at the level of the brain but also Eve you have trauma you could also go also in this second pathway that will trigger at that also a traffic pathway and a third thing is Bastille or issues at the risk or old sister the brain that lock of oxygen and nutrients doesn't give that support to the brain and then that a traffic type of a curse and then there are thirty. Type called toxins and this one has to do with have variety of toxins from. A fungus that could grow you know in a home and you expose yourself to that and so forth so judicially when somebody end up with ALS Simers dementia as you start analyzing that case you were find out that usually it's not just one type that happened to triggered this but it is a combination of these and this is one of the big problems that I see with some patients that are been diagnosed with dementia see the doctor may do a wonderful job at finally understanding what is the problem and putting a label on that patient saying OK you have days this is you have the mention but then this story ends up their big decision diagnose in this dosing go the next step to try to answer that question what could be big costs of these dimensions they'd prescribe medication and says I'm sorry you know you have this disease and I'll see you next month to see how the medication is working for you but what about checking toxins what I won't. Check in the diet what I want to excise patterns what I would measuring inflammation what I want understanding which traffic factors may me missing and so forth so you have to do a thorough research to start pinpoint in what may be the cost of the problem and trying to fakes all Simers with just a one medication without further investigating is asked if your cell phone starts to still work as stops working. And you say all just give it a shake up it will work again is that simple no isn't it there are so many things that could be wrong he said the processor isn't the memory is it the glass is it because is that charge you need to find out what is the problem then you're able to fix the problem so that balance is one of those ski is to try to understand where did these problem comes from in our review of the literature has shown that from two hundred forty four clinical trials relate it to medication for all Simers two hundred and forty three of them have failed. And the one that work how pins to work for a very small patient population and it happens to work for a very short time and then that patient will become part of the other group and will continue going down and down so the solution to all of this problem does not lie with medication and I like how Dr Dale puts it puts this he says is asked you have a roof with thirty six holes and you try to plug in just one or two when the rain comes what happens it's going to get flooded inside isn't it and I see this very often you know I traveled very much I've been in thirty two countries the last two years and as I'm sitting down did their head get bumped all the time to business class you have a nice see that you can lay down and everything and I am observing the patients the passengers next to me. They will become patients isn't it for a doctor. So I see the person next to me I suppose he's very worry about the Mencia because he is very busy solving this so Dooku and crosswords and so forth you know which is good you know it's good to have some of the brain but the problem is that he is leaving too many holes on Don when the beverage cart comes he chooses the wrong thing all Kohol you know bad you know there's a hole there that is on done and then when the meal cart comes he choses the steak you know instead of some other more healthy option there's another hold there on done and then as the fly progresses even though he has the ability to make his his chair a bed here rather wasted his time watching movies the whole night long instead of rest in another a hold there been on done so can you see the problem here you know you may fall Koos very much into one or two but you are believing the rest of the holes on done and researchers suggest that there is at ten year window to stop this problem and Eve you pass a ball of that threshold this domino effect will continue will continue will continue and you will not be able to stop that process and one key gene here is this A.P. for that thank God I don't have it to do that the genetic test and I came negative to it see this gene when you see the function of the gene you're going to realize that this is very very limited to inflammation OK so in the old days when hygiene. Was not as a bell of all ss today the population of people that had that gene actually had or not bent to change but when. Parasites and things like those would infect you those people that I had the A.P. for Gene were more efficient at triggering inflammation in their body and they were able to find that worm and had an advantage over those that didn't but today's world Haskel implicitly change will leave not what they see in the very clean world are honest yes parasites still are there and so forth but it's not us macho incidence and prevalence us in the past so unfortunately those speedball that inherit those genes tend to have a very aggressive inflammatory response so therefore their brain solves so have a very negative effect of this That's why do those people if you have one copy you have very high risk and if you have both copies of these genes inherited from both sides of your parents you have an extremely high risk for a very young onset type of dementia so as we were mentioning type one we said is that inflammatory and usually there is that A P four and when you do analysis of this you will find out that they clear signals of inflammation through I L six or T.N.F. alpha or the high sensitivity Syriac the protein are going to be present and also these shows by when you underlies the patient the patient in this tends to have more fun to mess a type of the main share. And if you do an image and study you will see that there is a clear atrophy of that hyper compass so basically you have that metabolic issue then as we mentioned Type two has to do with all dose traffic factors that are supposed to nurture those synopsis and neurons and this one the patient usually says there's not there wrong with me it's my wife the problem that's what she brought me. And they were there a little bit on deny own this one happened to be a little bit all there than that type one. And then you have one that is not one but not to listen between it is big toxic and this one to common denominator is that insulin resistance OK So diabetics or even pre-diabetics again when you are doing that diagnosis of the mention you have to check those things you know how is that have a globe in A one C. and so forth and then the one with the toxins that type three this one usually doesn't have that A.P. for precedent and you this one could present as depression you diagnose the patient with depression and then a few months a few years later the same patient comes then you diagnose it with dementia and it could be many different types of toxic metals toxins or even things like bacteria and more so Dr Ashley did our wonderful job this is from Australia on trying to put that link between metals and the encouragement of amyloid plaque. In the brain so we need to remove as many of those spots civil causes we need to seal as many of those holes in that rule if we want to stop this problem and today we are so blessed with so much technology that help us pinpoint what is the costs such as searching for some of those hormones such as check in levels in the brain in the in the body for certain key nutrients such as imaging studies so that it can help us understand what kind of problem may be facing So these stakes time and it can be done in an interactive way you know you find the problem and then the patient is not responding well go ahead and check more go and find more possible causes until you have them on there some past that have been created for this or you can use in your clinical consultation the labs and so forth that you have in your range in your hand and we not only one levels normal we want them up to MN OK So for example if we're talking about a buy them in D We not only one at thirty which could be considered normal but we want a higher normal forty fifty and this is something very interesting I have been able to sit down with some of these Scott in Nature researchers on days dementia and I was checking in notes with what we do with depression we're talking to them and it is sexually a very similar protocol that we are doing with our dementia program programs in Wiemar and what some of these researchers are doing with their patients because you try to identify. Because And it is fantastic what happens once you start plug in need in those holes and start putting things on ranch and so for the clarity of the mine the bus ability of that frontal lobe function and so forth and even changes at the level off campus you can literally see that change so let us talk about some of those factors for the clinical practice what are we going to focus to help us tackled that dimension number one thing we need got diet what that diet as. A whole foods plant based diet and it's not only any type of plant based diet but it's one that is low in simple carbs it's one that is nice and rich would old those oxidants and that's going to help us deal with our live bits and help us deal with some of those factors of inflammation in this A study published in The Journal pharmaceutical research they were finding out what are some of the most common things that are causing inflammation and cancer and which is the number one there. Diet you know us important asked tobacco is the high it is actually a more important factor and look at this fascinating study this up published study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition they hacked two groups of patients were both blood groups stayed fast in overnight one group continue fast in the all other group ate what this researchers call a mixed meal which was composed of white bread with eggs and sausage and some. Hash browns remember I told you that an F. cup a bit at the main central switch for inflammation scientists in this study were following up that gene and this is what happened as soon as they ate that meal the N F kept a bed at just shoot up and you know that actually couldn T. knew for more than a day. Now if you were to eat an inflammatory meal once a year their reality is that not much is going to happen to you but inflammatory Brack face inflammatory launch inflammatory sopper what you are doing your girl I mean those logs of wood and putting them in the fireplace and put in more and more and more more what has going to happen with the fireplace that fire sooner or later it's going to start going out of work it's supposed to and you are going to get yourself in really big trouble or this other one published in the journal Science how to pollens of Charl grill steak is equivalent to smoke in six hundred cigarettes in the potential for inflammation tremendous inflammatory potential in the type of food that you are eating and they actually happened to have done a little bit of research on the subject we know very well that. Cigarettes usage is related to higher levels of both depression and anxiety which is interesting isn't it because the smoker usually does that to deal with their anxiety yet we found out that if you're able to quit smoking your anxiety actually goes no word that when you're a smoker this one is a spa Blish in the journal drug metabolism some pharmacokinetic kinetics. Eighth Day nicotine is the fact we didn't include bape in there but we assume because the baby in has that nicotine and this other one how one cigarette that juice smoke turns on that central switch that an F. kept a bed at night just for half an hour not just for one day but for two they soar more. Now this small curd doesn't smoke one cigarette isn't it so the tremendous inflammation that they are causing in their body is overwhelming and dissolve the one also that we did on alcohol and the negative effect not only on cognition but also on the mood levels so here are some of those factors of inflammation all Kohol as we mention too much sunlight OK how do you know you got too much sunlight while you start seen this in them soft information remember in medical school redness and pain and to more and so forth while it starts getting red and so for too much sun I'd be worried can be inflammatory cigarette smoke in viruses you know very common viruses today such as the popular virus. Some research is suggesting that about seventy percent of the high school students today have the populum a virus yes there's a back seen for it but it's only for six viruses and there's more than one hundred different types of them so that doesn't exclude you from them certain bacteria also is very inflammatory and how you cook and what you eat also very important factors for information and pollution you could summarize that end is so people ask well. After what about cooking oil OK this is from their researchers that just wrote a book from Loma Linda this is what they write in their in their in their book many of our patients whether coconut oil is healthy for the brain our answer is No it is rare plant that contains saturated fat it also increases L.D.L. the bad cholesterol because vascular health is so critical to cognitive health we strongly recommend plants and not fats which are packed with monitor of fats that actually decrease cholesterol levels be careful with that Michael Greger Nutrition Facts authority also just came out with another video on days subject also supporting this hypothesis be carful with that because something is popular it means is good for you OK Be aware of that and also make sure you're eating those omega three S. that have that time from a Tory a fact. So another thing that you need to do that this researchers are proposing is to switch to two meal Sunday fascinating isn't it how did this was written so long ago and finally the research on this subject is starting to become. Mainline you know and you're going to find the is under the term inter mitten fast and if you're interested in finding that there's hundreds of research papers nowadays and you need to have twelve hours between the last meal and breakfasts they don't say breakfast and the last meal between the last meal and Brack face that ketosis throughout the night is encouraging the brain for healing and so for the is not only will help you with a catharsis but also reduces the level of insulin to. Much insulin in the body can have inflammatory of facts and it actually will help you reduce that plaque and I don't have time to talk about this is something I'm very passionate about it but there's some very interesting research not only what do you eat has an effect on the internal genes that manage the clock and certain Cardium rhythms say because of this or cardio rid of them is effect that the whole body is affected so not only why do you eat but what time you eat fascinating research this is one of the things that I do to switch from time sown from one place to another one you're a mill time in is so important again I don't have time to explain you that I actually want to write a whole book about it you know what I have here the algorithm in my head on how to do that just two weeks ago I was in Perth doing some health evangelism there and I arrived to the office arriving there Porta ten went to the office worked the whole day even though I was not sleep or anything went to bed slept very good thing got woke up on and continue working you know you can do that I know if you follow that directive and this other paper very interesting how one of the bass ways of managing a diabetic patient is not with multiple meals but rather with two large meals and this is the head researcher of the. This is just Committee for Responsible Medicine nowadays she is an Adventist from Czechoslovakia and you see these very common nowadays you know New York Times and so forth talking about that importance of that intermittent fasting and remember when you went to medical school and you were learning about. Physiology of the digestive track how there is this special movement called AM AM see that it happens to occur on me when you have five to six hours so fast in that more of MEANT of cleansing in your digestive track it's not going to happen if you are Putin meals before that five to six hour window that's why I view Google multiple meals and call on cancer you're going to find multiple papers talking about that another thing is sleep and this is such an important factor and people sometimes try to negotiate with me then they go shit with me you know what I want six what I want five know you need to have enough sleep there is some very new research that is showing that there's actually a lymphatic system in your brain that happens to activate when you are sleep in and throughout the day all day is metabolic toxins are being build up and at night they need to be cleanse and Eve You are not sleeping and Knopf as this study very well puts it finish your sleep addict else your brain begins to eat to itself and it's very true because those metabolic toxins are going to send things store saying Flamma to read their reaction instead of the building up of those synthesis another one very important physical exercise and we are two seven three you know I remember my wife and I spent some time in Tanzania and the rural area of Tanzania there were no markets there to buy food so what the people eat they had to go on and work with that whole day in and day out there was no running water. Where they got the water from well you see in there was a block it's walk into the river to the lake to the to the fountain there was no electricity or gas to cook how they could use C.M. there were X. walk in for kilometers and trying to carve there are trees so they could cook their meals every single thing in their lives is exercise base and that was the same for our ancestors and you know today I tell my patients you know I want you to do fifty minutes of exercise fifty minutes if this was Africa that will be vocation time isn't it. But we are to lose seven Terry and then treat yourself one is going to go for a walk and that's it what about your upper body you know what are you doing for that all purpose so it can be balance we. Did this study is in medicine science and sports and exercise showing how your fitness scanning Crees dramatically in a matter of eighteen days as you use start doing that type of erotic exercise fitness with that market call and eat ass which actually predicts long Jabba T. and mortality OK so. As you increase that factor as you become more fit you actually the Crees the risk of disease and diet also make sure you're challenging your brain as I tell my patients one of the worst things you can do for your brain is retirement. Because you start you stop stoled the in complex problems and see this is a bell curve too much stress is very negative for the brain but not enough is SOL So very harmful to your brain so you need to find yourself to get yourself in trouble. Here or do somethin to keep that brain active in not only active but solving complex problems and that's why you have things like the Book of Proverbs that is a good exercise to do or to study prophecy and understand this things that is food in that front the law to work also among some laboratories make sure that homocysteine is under seven this is actually a very common problem as we test many of the patients many of them are actually having problems with homocysteine and you can have acted on this or not vegan diet Eve You have this out of control and this could be related to that by them in B. twelve so also make sure you have good levels people have all kinds of theories well my God make some of my God to make some of these bottom in B. twelve where I'm taking this and that well go and test your hypothesis measure yourself and see where you're at and try to see if your hypothesis is actually working OK and make sure you have those good levels of Vitamin B twelve also make sure that album in to be lovely in and those inflammatory markets are under control this is so important many of the dimensions not only the one point five but many of the dimensions have some insulin resistance at the level of the brain so in somebody that is pre-diabetic or diabetic best the reason why they are at high risk for at the mention So this is something that you yourself should be checking yourself as I show you in this study from. This patient from we marked how that diabetes was able to reverse make sure the hormones are in balance make sure you have good social support make sure you deal with stress correctly with spiritual resources and the aid be see the behavioral therapy. And also make sure that you avoid things like meditation five realist article everybody should read this article and use Google in your and your browser can meditation be bad for you and this is found in the journal the humanists just put that in your browser fabulous article and this book I'm reading at the moment the blue that peel how many of those studies that show the advantages of meditation actually are flawed they're not good studies they're not telling you the rest of the story very good book Oxford University and this one also this study just came in last week you find them in my Twitter there how mindfulness. Actually is not as solid as they make it sound like and how does this come in from Buddhism and so forth very interesting article you'll find that there in my Twitter make sure the G.I. health is correct but I'm indeed three Avoid caffeine you'll find this on my Ph D. Our editor mirrors dot com This is study this lady goes to a functional M.R.I. and take one before coffee takes one cup of coffee this is the brain before the coffee this is the brain after the coffee and this is from A.B.C. News the crease in blood flow from a forty to fifty percent of the brain make sure you're in enough antioxidants avoid all co whole Make sure you don't have sleep apnea make sure that toxic metal toxicity is not in the body it's a paper of the. Showing how fish consumption relates to mental health and by dealing with those factors you'll be able to stop this process so in closing let me share with you this paper this clinical case in the journal age in this lady com Stu consultation because she has problems forgetting she starts reading and by the end the time she gets to the end of the page she forgot what she read she has lived in the same place for years and years and years and now as she is driving home she cannot find her way she works at Sonic secular if Secretary and. Is not able to keep up with learning old those telephone numbers and so forth she gets those thirty physics factors identify and starts to do the changes and saw the knee she becomes a symptomatic or memory returns or chart of the return and so forth but then she gets on a flu a viral flu and she gets off the program and soon she starts seen that the memory problems start to come in she starts to get lost and so for that was a nuff to scare her off to get back on the program and I could share you many more of this case is another to seventy four year old problem with memory and word find in A.P.O. if for positive they tried medication did not help at all makes the lifestyle changes and in a matter off six months her his tasks for dementia went from totally negative to totally positive in the in a positive way or these early onset lady with forty nine years old problems a word find in she used to learn how she used to know a second language is. To forget that second language she has problems to recognize and faces and. She starts with that early have Knesset type of problem she starts doing their lifestyle changes and in a matter of one year Ci is completely S. in them so as you can see there is hope number one to prevent the Mencia and number two there needs to stop this process from continuing her brain as you may this pensive I've said all. This media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about how do you know if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W. Or.


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