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The Gut-Brain Connection With Happiness, Depression, and Anxiety

Chad Kreuzer Fadia Kreuzer



  • October 27, 2017
    3:15 PM
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Heavenly Father thank You for the opportunity to study. Your word and to study science I pray that your Holy Spirit would guide us in the name of Jesus Amen. We're going to start with something that many of you have heard about in we're going to talk about to begin with on the gut brain connection the in the Bible you have the first area of the gut brain connection that I know over the first place spoken of is in the Book of Daniel and you may have seen this before but there's a book called The History of epidemiologic methods and concepts and in this book is the Daniel Chapter one is possibly the first clinical trial in all of recorded history it's quite fascinating though you think and it says here this is from this is from the United States and National Library of Medicine in the National Institutes of Health the most well funded medical institution on the planet something like twenty six billion dollars budget every single year we see here talking about the evolution of clinical research a history before and beyond by James Lind and in this article it says the world's first clinical trial is recorded in the Book of Daniel in the Bible and then it talks about the experiment we're going to do a quick overview and most of you know it so we're not going into any detail but you may remember the story and end of chapter one Daniel's taken from Babylon from Jerusalem to Babylon and he goes into a three year educational system where that whereby the king gives him his best food in the kingdom which would have been probably a standard Babylonian diet you know a standard probably animal based diet with a mixture of maybe unclean foods or what the Jews would later on call common foods but Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with a portion of the king's meat nor with the wine which he drank therefore he requested of the prince of the Unix that he might not defile himself there were certain things that Daniel knew he was not to. And so he said I'm sorry I can't do this and so Daniel this is where we have the first Test in Daniel Chapter one Verse twelve where is says prove that I servants or test your servants this is that first clinical trial that we know of in all of recorded history is as proved by servants I beseech the ten days and let them give us polls to eat and water to drink and we know that polls are simply things that are grown from seed so Daniel as friends go on a plant based diet what is the result of this diet he went on in Daniel Chapter one Verse eighteen to twenty it says now at the end of the days that the king had said he should bring them in then the Prince of the UNIX and brought them in before never can as Or and the king commune with them and among them always found none like Daniel Hannan Iommi Shiela as Araya therefore still day before the king and in all matters of wisdom and understanding that they can acquire them he found them ten times better than all the magicians in astrologers that were in all his realm so what happened here is that Daniel and his friends as they change their diet what is taking place within their diet which is affecting their guts seems to be actually impacting their brain very very fascinating and who would have guessed that this is actually been replicated in our day I'm going to show you a video clip here just one second. Like. Three years not so much else. And. Three zero zero. Zero. Zero zero S. I am a guy. So it's hard to tell. If you. The. Plan. She also plans. To. Have it turned out. It. Can. Change. Their. Policies. And if. The first thing I notice. She. Said. She wasn't getting stressed. And he was paying attention it was that this was like he was being. This. Everything can pay attention. And I was. Having But the main thing this was any of your study. Showed clearly that switch that. Source. Was eliminated. For performance. Both force eliminated acts of violence solace and. So they just. Never were the circulation. Just body. And every single day said to have a mistrial the clarity continues to increase every piece. Of. Body feels like I tell. Myself for. Five years even just ten months ago and I don't know what. Else. Well say what the trigger for is there and they seem to have. Taken their they take a listen and. Have a. Small. Thing. Right. Fact oil. Pressure. Just radically changed. And so that's. Where we go from. Just so that's why we all. Want us but just the final. Touch i. Want you yes. Yes Start approach to help. All right wasn't it were you all able to hear it sorry about that. Isn't that interesting how these young people's lives were changed and that one young man that we recorded it was just five weeks five weeks is all it took and it changed his performance in school his behavior and so we're seeing this gut bring connection is really clear we saw that Chad said in the Book of Daniel it worked for Daniel and his friends and now in today's age or seeing it work also for young people today. Are not just young people but young and old alike so what is it about these gut brain connection that is so intriguing I mean we anywhere you go people are just like I want to know more about this cut brain connection what's it all about. Do you know the Bible not only in the Book of Daniel understood this connection but also in laminations one Tony says Behold old Lord for I am in distress my bowels are troubled and you know we laugh at that because I think we're so disconnected today with our our mind in our bodies that we just think that's funny but they really I think understood that they understood the connection Jeremiah for nineteen says my bowels my bowels I am pained at my very heart Wow How interesting in science is proving these things that you know that approximately ninety percent of the information that goes between the vegas nerve and the brain at the from the gut to the brain through the vegas nerve ninety percent of it is from the gut to the brain and not the opposite So whatever's going on down here has a big influence on what's going on up here and you can start to see why this is such an important connection. And look at this not only the Bible with the Spirit of Prophecy tells us something very interesting and had we read this quote a number of years ago we would have scoffed at it but today cutting edge science is showing us that it is true it says the abuses of the stomach by the gratification of the appetite are a fruitful source of why most church trials. Isn't that a wild statement. But if you look at the science today it's not that wild. If we're understanding how much the gut has influenced us people are starting to think twice about what treatment they're giving their patients due to this connection. Scientists have discovered that a high fat diet leads to depressive anxious symptoms in mice it also promotes inflammation and inflammation is one of the markers for depression right as well as other lifestyle diseases but one of them is depression so they did a study and they had some mice and they put these mice on a high fat diet and what happened to these mice after time they said they did all these tests on them to see what they can do and they realized that they'd started to have while they were on the high fat diet impaired memory. Repetitive behaviors and inflammation and these are all things that people have when they're depressed right think about it. Impaired memory inflammation and repetitive you know people think about the same thing over and over and over can't can't let it go so they notice these things in these mice that had high fat diet and then they had another group that it was on a regular fat diet. And these mice did not exhibit. Any of these behaviors but this is what's interesting what they did is they took the gut bacteria from the high fat diet mice and they transplanted into the regular fat diet my says gut and what do you think happened to their behavior then the same thing the regular diet mice the regular fat diet mice that were given those microbes this is what happened they started to have anxiety impaired memory repetitive behaviors and inflammation isn't that interesting so there's something about the micro that are in your gut that affect your behavior that affects your mind right and you saw that in this study where the mice were given that transplant but what it says hearing Child Guidance is is eating too frequently too much and of rich on wholesome food destroys the healthy action of the digestive organs but what else does it do affects the brain and perverts the judgment preventing rational calm healthy thinking and acting wow this is just amazing stuff that we're seeing this connection right that what's going on in our gut is really affecting our minds but we continue this one is really encouraging to me this next. Quote It says it cannot be too often repeated and that whatever is taken into the stomach affects not only the body but ultimately the mind as well. This is the part that I just love and that's encouraging to me and I'll tell you why it is difficult and often well nigh what impossible for one who is intemperate in diet to exercise what patience and self-control do you see the connection there. So if you are intemperate. In diet. It's hard for you to have patience and self-control you know some of us might think like all that just seems so hard but to me it's good news because when I am having a rough day or I'm cranky or or upset or easily upset this gives me hope to realize OK I need to step back pray and ask the Lord Lord what have I been doing have I been intemperate you know is there something I could do differently and I start to pray and I ask God for help because I realize I'm not doing well right but sometimes we are tempted to think well it's just me I'll never change. I just it's in my family this is how we are right sometimes are tempted to think that and then we just give up but here it's telling us that if we're intemperate Let's say you didn't get enough sleep at night right how how patient can you be the next day when you have a lack of sleep it's difficult but this is a biblical principle right second Peter one five and six it says it's the stepping ladder of faith right it says and add to your faith faith virtue and to Virtue knowledge and to knowledge temperance and what comes after temperance and to Temperance patience Exactly so it's very difficult for us to have patience when we haven't been temperate especially to our gut right especially to our guts. This is interesting this is from Scientific American and it says Think Twice how the gut second brain influences mood and wellbeing they're calling our gut the second brain. This is what it says it says the second brain informs our state of mind in other more obscure ways as well a big part of our emotions are probably influenced by the nerves in our gut but a. In the stomach signaling in in the gut as part of our physio physiological stress response Gershon says but is of but one example although G.I. turmoil Listen to this can sour one's moods every day emotional well being may rely on the messages from the brain both low to the brain above isn't that interesting they're calling it the second brain our gut and that the second brain has more influence on the brain above than we think right. Powerful and then it says it can sour your mood right look at what this says in councils on diet and foods people who have a sour stomach are very often of a sour disposition. Everything seems to be contrary to them and they are inclined to be peevish and irritable if we would have peace among ourselves we should give more thought than we do to having a peaceful stomach Wow you're going to hear how this personally has affected our lives our marriage it's just and this is why we're here today this is why you're hearing this it's because it personally has made a difference in our lives Praise be to God we're so happy that that we've gone through what we've gone through because it made us really look for answers and because of that we're here today to share with people we prayed like Lord if you want people to hear this you open up doors for us to share it and he has done that so we continue says two thirds of your immune system is found in your gut so it effects not only you know the gut brain connection but it affects your overall health right if two thirds of your immune system is found in your gut in if any of you travel you know going great distances between time zones you'll understand this we go through this quite often when we. Are traveling twelve hour changes and your stomach so upside down and your schedules upside down you really feel that you're more liable to get sick and maybe even have some stomach issues but anyway this is really neat it was a study done on c section babies. And c section babies to statistically have a higher disease of rate I mean rate of disease and this study was in the journal Pediatrics and it was a big study two million babies were studied over thirty five years OK So this is not just a little study it was a big study and what they found is that c section babies have higher rates of allergies asthma bowel disorders rheumatism and leukemia Wow Chand. It was also a C. section baby and he had all of these except the look in the appraisal or. But rheumatism I mean he wasn't diagnosed but he grew up always having eighty joints and he never understood he just thought that's part of life he's like I guess just everybody has a gay joints and never thought anything of it will praise the Lord I'll tell you he doesn't have a good joints anymore and hell tell you how that worked out but isn't it interesting. Why do you think that these babies have all these issues what happens when you have a c section. You don't go through the birth canal right. When you don't go to the birth canal What is it you're not being inoculated with mommy's bacteria. You naturally are getting that that's where you're getting inoculated with the bacteria you're getting all that healthy bacteria to get you going but guess what if you're a C. section baby what's the first bacteria getting. From the doctor's glow. Of the right from the hospital just like wow that's kind of rough so. You understand why these things you're seeing a trend here of gut bacteria has a lot to do with how life turns out in terms of not just our brain but also our our health well. Today with some some what they're doing is swapping the mom and then and then you know swapping the child in all the crevices and stuff to make sure that they're getting some of that natural bacteria from Mom So that's one of the things that they're trying to do with C. section babies so that's good news. But they also see a surprising link between gut germs and toddlers tantrums isn't this interesting and you know it's so funny after we learned this Chad and I when we're looking at kids we certainly all know that kids got good gut bacteria. That's literally what we do now because you see some kids are super social and you just a little like is it all personality you know when once you realize this you see a difference in children depending on what their diet is right some kids have a really good diet and what this study showed is that. If you have a diversity of gut bacteria you're going to have less tantrums going to be more social not as cranky just even kill kind of kid and those that had less diversity of gut bacteria they found to have more tantrums and not as happy and in Tea Social Isn't that interesting so so you see that gut bacteria plays a part in in our mental health and more Chad will come up and share more about that in just a moment but. So now the question is if you. You want a good ratio of good bacteria in your gut what should you do what should you do and to answer that chance going to come. We're going to keep moving forward so if you want to have better intestinal bacteria Why should you do well this is take this and this next article is taken from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine which is headed out by Dr Neal Barnard who's worked with the United States government and he's done studies on diabetes and various things and from Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine an article on their website from two thousand and fifteen is vegan diets lead to healthier intestinal bacteria and the question is why what the scientists have discovered is that if you look at if you look at plant foods that plant foods have each plant has its own diversity of got bacteria so they may have some similar ones but they'll have different ones that other plants do not have and so in order to get a diversity meaning you wouldn't want to just eat apricots you want to eat you know peaches plums and various things because you get a diversity of the bacteria with this and what does this do one of the things it does is it lowers inflammation in the body when you have a diversity of the got bacteria if you think about this for a moment this makes logical sense from a biblical perspective because in the Bible the Bible talks about in Genesis chapter one in the very beginning in verse twenty nine it says And God said Behold I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth and every tree in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed to you it shall be for me in the King James or food in the newer translations and so in the Garden of Eden God gave them a diversity of plant foods now if you think about this also think just for a moment the Garden of Eden Now the word even in the Hebrew language that the by. It was originally written and the word even means pleasure so it was the Garden of pleasure so you would expect that the food that God gave Adam and Eve would be the food that would actually bring true happiness and true pleasure to humanity and this is exactly what we see today in one of the components of this this is taken from the vulgar Bulgarian Journal of plant physiology and the title it's kind of hard for you to see because it's quite small but the title of this review is that animal neurotransmitter substances are found in plants animal neurotransmitter substances are found in plants and that right there is very interesting meaning obviously you know when it when we're talking to you know you know the common man stead of calling the neurotransmitter then we just call them brain chemicals to make it very simple but think about the chemicals that our brains need to help us feel good to make good decisions and to live a healthy lifestyle these things are actually found in plant based foods and especially think about it if the closer you get them to their whole form right because we can take many things components out of fruits and vegetables so then they end up not being as healthy but when they're in their whole form when they're in their natural form they can still be cooked but they have these neurotransmitters that are in there so let's think about this for a moment now within the context of what we've just seen in these babies or I should say toddlers that were more likely to have tantrums they had less diversity of got bacteria a study was now done on L Kohol ICS and bacteria within their gut their micro biome what that they discovered you could probably before you even look at it you can probably guess they found that they looked at they found alcoholics with two different kinds of make up of their microbiome of their bacteria within their gut one group had less diverse or one group at last and one group had more now one group do you think struggle to overcome the alcohol more than the other. The one with less the versa that's exactly what was known as a small study but this is the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and they revealed an imbalance of got bacteria they took sixty alcoholics and they noticed that twenty four had lower levels of bacteria in their guts and after nineteen days alcohol free those with lower levels of bacteria had higher levels of anxious feeling depression and desire for alcohol and the thirty six participants with better gut flora were doing better is a very powerful and this is just fascinating to think about so could it be that one of the components that can actually help addicts overcome addiction could be the components that are found in plant based foods especially if they were at sea eat a diversity of them you know it's interesting I was sharing this with a man who is a meth addict out in California and one of the things he said to me and I know because I have I was never a meth addict but I used to struggle smoking and drinking and one of the things he said to me which is quite fast and he says every true addict has a terrible diet. Isn't that interesting and that was just coming from an addict you know as he thought about it and let's go forward you know they're talking about you know fruit and vegetables may help combat drug addiction know if God knew these things maybe he could have just told us this that would have been helpful guess what he did check this out this is taken from councils and foods in our medical institutions clear instructions should be given in regard to Temperance the patient should be shown the evil of intoxicating liquor and the blessing of total abstinence they should be asked to discard the things that have ruined their health and the place of these or in place of things like maybe cigarettes or whatever's ruin their health in the place of these things should be supplied with an abundance of fruit oranges lemons prune speeches or many of the varieties can be obtained. For the Lord's world is productive if painstaking effort as before is that amazing that we were told these things over one hundred years ago we had no science to back it up you could only take a base of and she said whatever it is that to sions would actually teach people to eat this way it may help people who are addicts be able to better overcome their addiction and I'm going to share more about this as we go forward this is a study done in the University of Queensland in Australia and the title of the study is that fruit is a depression buster for women and what is I mean what they found is that women who ate higher levels of fruit had lower levels of depression fascinating this right here is taken from the Journal of neuropsychiatry of clinical neuroscience in the fall of two thousand and ten in the title here is that depression and fruit treatment depression and fruit treatment now these medical professionals here are talking about how the fact that there are once again these neurotransmitter substances are found in plants so they just quickly to give and you can't read it probably but is there some high content sources of Saratoga and militant trip event which can provide the body with these substances as these include plantations pineapples bananas Kiwis plums tomatoes for Sarah tone and and it goes on just giving these things and so if people were to eat a healthier diet a greater diversity of these plant based foods could it actually make them calmer and less likely to struggle depression and addiction and they go on to talk about and even potentially suicidal depression so this is very very fascinating So is there a connection between happiness and fruits not in the Garden of Eden it would seem like there was but we're going to look at this this this is the study that was done at this is in the British Journal of Health Psychology January twenty thirteen says many apples a day keep the blues away now the study was not that you have these several apples every day and then you'll be happier it was actually they just you know apple a day keeps the doctor away they were going along with that the old adage. But what they found is that the the more with each additional piece of fruit or vegetable each serving a fruit or vegetable that you lean a day actually increases your happiness but it will also foretell how happy you'll be the next day so it was actually something that could forecast the next day's happiness and so initially it was done it was a smaller study and then they actually made a larger study where they were somewhere around four or five thousand people start off small Got bit bigger and the second one of the second studies this or this might have been from the second study here from the American Journal of Public Health This is the chart that was found in there showing the level of happiness based upon how many pieces of fruit or vegetables in the day if you ate zero you were at the least happy that you could you would potentially statistically be then if you ate one you would become a tiny bit happier if you ate two you becomes you know it starts actually make a difference No three it continues up with four five six seven eight pieces of fruit or vegetable and you can actually choose how happy you're going to be tomorrow. So this is quite good news right and so you know I'm guessing they didn't really find people eating more than eight pieces of fruits or vegetables in a day my wife and I do you know we actually do it and it actually is amazingly beneficial it's totally changed our lives and give you testimony at the end but you know here are seven a day for mental health you know as we look at this going to show you something this is more per couple of preliminary studies that I found very fascinating spicy food now I'll tell you I grew up in a house where we loved spicy food and I'm not talking like kind of spicy I'm talking crazy spicy I grew up eating you know love pour love these different kinds of food and my dad to this day he loves his insanely spicy food still loves us pork and squid and whatever you but and we can sit down at a meal and I can eat my plants and he can eat his food and we can still have a good time together and we should become. To each other even if we differently Amen but regardless one of the things I found two specific studies that were done on spicy food one of them was looking at males men and what they found is that they could actually tell how spicy some men would like their food based upon a certain aspect of their character so Spice could actually affect character that's interesting another study is that they were looking at one particular spice and seeing its effect on sexual function Now notice what we would have been told some years ago one hundred years ago it says in this this once again sounds kind of crazy but with all we're seeing right here it doesn't seem so crazy notice this is a similar condition is produced under the irritating influence of fiery spices when the stomach is in such a state there is a craving for something more to me to meet demands of the appetite something stronger and still stronger Next you will find your sons out on the street learning to smoke what does that have to do with spicy food could it be that there is a gut bringing connection it says and now we know that it can affect character we already know that now it is a grievous lesson and it makes them deathly sick yet they press the matter through with the perseverance that would be praiseworthy in a better cause and she goes on to talk about the negative effects of tobacco weakens the brain and paralyzes its finds its abilities its use excites a thirst for strong drink and in very many cases lays the foundation for the liquor have it and it's so interesting this is exactly the progress that I took into becoming a heavy drinker before you know one of the smoking loved Old Spice and and you say you know that's one person no question I'm just one human I can't claim that this is proof right here but now science is beginning to show that spices actually can affect character so could it be that these things will end in the fascinating things I don't think any of these studies were done by advocates. And yet all of them are pointing out that these these things that she told us even very minute details seem to be more and more coming to pass she says spices at first irritate the tender coating of the stomach but finally destroy the natural sensitive of this delicate sensory sensitiveness of this delicate membrane the blood becomes fevered the animal propensities are aroused while the moral and intellectual powers are weak and become servants to the baser passions now my wife and I we love to just test things because when you read only once writings you realize number one she's very balanced doesn't tell people to overnight become a vegan doesn't even tell an overnight become a vegetarian it's just making progressive steps towards health and so what my wife and I have learned to do is just test things and she talks about that she says testing to see what works and so we tried this we went a couple months with zero spices Now what we discovered is if you spicy food today I noticed no difference today none the fact that I actually noticed the day after or the next day we've noticed this over and over and over what we found so we went a couple months with no spices whatsoever literally none and then then we were doing some ministry work in Michigan and we had an Indian couple who had come to some meetings we were presenting and they've invited us out to Indian food I like and if I like super spicy food but I just got away from it for a couple months I'll take in those two months our marriage actually got better to be honest but both my wife and I we can tell you that we actually we were kinder to each other we were more calm with each other both of us come from backgrounds were home is not really a word that would have been used of our family and so we came so if you come from the most happy people in the world and you're the happiest person in the world you probably won't notice the same negative effects like someone like me so I may not be as for now suppose somebody who comes from a. Different background they notice even more so so two months we haven't eaten any spicy food then we East by seafood that day Guess what nothing just like norm but the. Next day we were absolute crime Mogens and I you know I said something rude to my wife and I had to come back and say you know I'm sorry if you are what I said I'm sorry about that and then she became super angry with someone else but she was you know good enough not to say anything to them she was just silent in our harbor furious inside of her about what they had done and and then she was so troubled by she thought man I'm just about to go to church when I could why am I so angry and she began to cry thinking Lord I can't believe it I'm so angry you know and I'll tell you up so what we notice is it's not just the next day that's affected it's affected for several days I mean maybe even a week or so because it we just read about the natural sensitive to this of this delicate membrane and so then we stop again and I'll tell you think well that's one time we have tried this over and over and over and over with one hundred percent you know similar findings in every one of our experiences and literally so both my wife and I want to have a happy marriage so we just don't have spicy food really anymore unless we have to you know it really has made a difference for us but we'll tell you more in a little bit so what are some of the what are some of the potential reasons why this is happening one of the things yes and that. OK probiotics up how about this I will talk all the question answer time right at the end will mention probiotics so one of the things that they have found is that you even you probably mean if you've been in medical school you probably heard that the human body cannot digest fiber it's true our bodies can I digest fiber but we have something in our body that can digest fiber and it's actually bacteria in the further you go along in your digestive digestive track once you get to the large intestine which is where you have the majority of bacteria within the gut by the way what they have found is that certain bacteria can be. Breakdown it actually that's what it does is it breaks down the fiber and as it does it lets off a byproduct called short chain fatty acids and one of the effects of short chain fatty acids is that they hope help lower inflammation in the body which inflammation as my wife mention is a marker of many lifestyle diseases but also potentially of depression so if you want to lower your inflammation which will lower your likelihood of vacuuming joints and depression and various other health or lifestyle diseases you eat a greater diversity of whole plant food because keep in mind you could you could have you know a donut in a can of beer and be a vegetarian or vegan yes or no. Yes you can but are you going to be feeding your good bacteria the fiber that it needs by eating a diet like that no you're not so you want to learn to get in it and it is close to a whole form as possible so notice this quotation here we're talking about a dyspeptic stomach and dyspepsia is of or having indigestion or consequent irritability or depression noticed this from councils and I have foods it says for a dyspeptic stomach you may placed upon your tables fruits of different kinds but not too many at one meal so you don't have too great a diversity at one meal that's one of the things she talks about you do want to diversity but just not such a great diversity at one meal and so if you have trouble with your stomach fruit is fantastic for it and she said it would be well for us to do less cooking and eat more fruit in its natural state legacy freely fresh grapes Apple speeches oranges Black Berries and all other kinds of fruit which can be obtained so getting a diversity of these foods fruits or vegetables because the study on how eight different fruits or vegetables a day its fruit or vegetables just to make a clarification there now one of the things we talk about is resetting the stomach and this is a. Ation here once again from one eighty nine counsels nine foods it says in many cases of sickness the very best remedy is for the patient to fast for a meal or to notice it's not necessarily a week or two but to fast for a meal or two that the overworked organs of digestion may have an opportunity to rest and then why was she says a fruit diet for a few days she doesn't say do it forever but a fruit diet for a few days has often brought great relief to brain worker many times a short period of entire abstinence from food followed by simple moderate eating has led to recovery through nature's own recuperative effort and she says an abstention Yes diet for a month or two would convince many sufferers that the path of self-denial is the path to health fascinating So what are some of the things she suggests are just a quick review of it number one she says fast if you struggle and you may say well I don't feel that I have any stomach pain maybe I don't have any issue with the brain connection we found that it doesn't have to do with pain in my stomach it's not that I even feel necessarily some negative impact on my stomach but it still affects my character this is what we've discovered so to fast for a meal or two to let your stomach rest Number two eat more whole fruits now the caution we make is really not a caution that would be if you know you're a type two diabetic you might want to caution but notice some of the latest research that's actually come out this is taken from the British medical journal from a study of over one hundred thousand people and what they found is that fruit consumption actually lowers your chances of having Type two diabetes so except for potentially some people with cantaloupe and very few people strawberries but even half of those people half of people you know who eat cantaloupe just about have a lower chance as diabetes strawberries generally lower their chances of type two diabetes a little more oranges lower your chances of type two diabetes more peaches plums a. Apricots lower and even more great fruit more bananas more apples and pears more prunes notice prunes which are dried what plums lower your chances of type two diabetes more than flu fresh plums fruits can actually lower dried fruit can actually be fantastic potentially even for type two diabetic and guess what I'll show you quote later Ellen White actually says that we can eat more dried fruit than is customary with best results to health it's not interesting and what we see Same thing here so apples and pears lower your chances more prunes more grapes and raisins so even dried grapes are still I mean they're there they're fantastic for potentially even type two diabetics blueberries obviously lower and even more so fruit actually but we do say you know if your doctor tells you not to work with your doctor work your doctor so I'm not a doctor actually so let's go for. Number two so eat more for whole fruits number three eat more whole grains more whole grains that could be whole wheat bread oatmeal or other well cooked grains so you want to eat your grains well cooked. You know will go on also more whole vegetables and we say whole That doesn't mean that it has to be raw It just means that it's whole form you're not taking the sugar out of the beat you know that's where we get most of our sugar in North America today is from beets sugar beets you eat the whole beat you cook the meat eat it and enjoy it I mean if you want to RAW you can do that too but more whole that vegetables the next one is avoid it spicy food and like I said you won't notice a difference within a day or two it takes a while it takes several days to start making any impact especially as you're actually having your stomach. You know get over it and also eating a handful of nuts a day I think it's about the study that showed the neuroprotective benefits of nuts is about I think it's about forty grams a day it's right around a handful and they found that no additional like quantities of nuts added any additional benefit. And interestingly enough fellow I says to eat nuts sparingly right so you don't want to eat massive quantities of does not so fantastic for you but you just you know eat them sparingly now I'm going to close with two things this particular message before we go on to our second message and this is taken from the Victor Valley medium community Correctional Facility in Adelanto California I think they could not have thought of a longer name for a prison than this but and you know it is someone raise your hand as I mean you're from this area or you've been are you from this area. You help that place appraisal I want to talk to you let me talk to you later right now I know right now but after the after the message I want to talk to you so check this out this is so very powerful this was a five hundred inmate prison five hundred inmates in there and they allowed them they separate Now this was run by a Seventh Day Adventist businessman out of California and the California Department of Corrections invited him in because he's a successful businessman and and so he must have put a bid in saying I can run it for thus and such amount of money and they said OK do it so what they did those they split the prison prison into two sides that were physically separated me you were either on one side or on the other but you got to choose what side you went in because the guy's a seven they have Venice and some of them best believe in freedom of choice right and so that in force them say Son you're going to be a vegan from now on you actually got to choose what happened so they got to choose between a new start program of a vegan diet occupational training Bible studies in anger management classes but by the way most every prison in the United States has Bible studies yes or no yes so that's not a major difference there but what we did what they did have is they they had this new START program of health principles and of the diet what happened now the one of the people in the C.D.C. in the California Department of Corrections says these men would rather burn the place to the ground then become vacant and so but remember they gave them choice in just gas what percentage of these guys chose to become total plan B. seizures chose to become the. Take a guess that two percent what. Ten twenty whatever it was eighty five percent of them chose to become the. Because you got to understand. Prisoners Well maybe prison foods pretty bad but prisoners. Prisoners are rebels so they're willing to become bigger than right they're going to be different than the rest this is science they're willing to actually buck the trend of everybody around them that's just my own personal thought I have no idea of that's why they did it but they and they might have thought hey what's my hope in life anyway if these people think vegan food will help me out for the rest of my life why not give it a try right what if it actually help so check this out at that time in California this is insane the the receipt of his I'm rate in California recidivism is the statistical rate at which someone who goes to prison for one crime after they come out will commit another crime and go back to prison at that time in California or the recidivism recidivism rate was ninety five percent almost everybody went back to prison who went to prison one time after going on this new Star program of Bible studies in this Adventist prison it dropped from ninety five percent while that prison was was continuing under the Adventist you know. Authority or whatever when I say it dropped from ninety five percent to two percent two percent that is that is amazing isn't it this is why if what if that's actually true what if. This could actually change the world what if we could change the prison system maybe God should of told us. Guess what. He did check this out Ministry of healing one forty six wrong habits of eating and the use of unhealthful food are in no small degree responsible for the intemperance and crime and wretchedness that curse the world do you realize we were told all of these things before. And the science was written down by a person with a third grade education before any of it came out this stuff boggles my mind I wasn't raised in this faith I didn't know these things I'll be honest with the I was annoyed with the spirit of prophecy when I first became an admin us but I tested it out and when I compared it with science when I when I compare it with all of these things I mean it's the Word of God It is very powerful God has given all of us this and I'll tell you the reason why it's so important to me in closing is a personal experience so what happened in my own life I didn't know all of these things in the past I was doing ministry traveling around to travel around for the last sixteen years full time and we were working in the country of Iceland we lived in Iceland and we're doing ministry there before that we were living in Norway then in Iceland and while we were in Iceland we were we notice we had stomach trouble from the water there and not all by the way not all Icelandic water is so terrible but the house that we were in seemed to be affected and they have two sources of water in the house they have cold spring water and then they have thermal waters from geothermal activity in the earth like volcanic activity and so you're not supposed to drink the hot water we think they were actually being you know somehow fusing together in the pipes and one ended up happening as we drink a glass of water and within minutes you could just hear the rumblings in your stomach and you have to rush to the toilet and empty out at that point and but we there was there was nothing else in the country at the time there were there was bottled water but they told us this is identical to what you're getting in your tap anyway and so we actually ended up having to buy distiller from the states shipping it over because they had nothing in the country because they said we have the healthiest water in the world why would you have a trouble and the doctor that my wife went to just said I don't believe it you're just nervous from traveling but we have been traveling for years so we nerve nerves from traveling wasn't an issue for us but we could tell from the water every time we drink it you'd run to the toilet well there for the first time in my life I. Period seasonal depression. No questions multi-factorial living in Iceland the weather is horrid you know don't tell the Icelanders that if you're listening and they're good friends of mine but they love it there for us it was kind of harsh but nevertheless what happened was we had stomach I had so much on my wife it's so much trouble Nathaniel our friend who worked with us he had stomach trouble and for us we got extremely thin and our friend the Fanjul he was overweight when he came in by the time he left he looked fantastic and so it worked well for him it didn't work so well for me but long story short so come down with this depression for that time in Iceland come back to the United States and then had seasonal depression every year and even if I was over in California for the winter it was sunny all the time but would have the seasonal depression and keep in mind I was living the laws of health I was a plant I was eating a plant based I was running exercising riding bikes I mean I have exercised pretty consistently my entire life and so doing the eight Laws of Health the only one I would generally struggle in sometimes is going to bed on time which is also very serious for depression but what ended up happening was and I think all living out all the eight Laws of health. Including a plant based diet was what kept me from going worsen depression I continued working we've continued producing documentary films continue traveling the world full time but I was just totally depressed feel guilty all the time but just press forward and in the very worst point of the depression the very worst point I was sitting and I was thinking about it and I thought. If I had to live if I have to live with this for the rest of my life. I accept it. Let's have to accept it was just live this way I mean what can you do I mean and because I knew that Jesus had the words of life and there was nowhere else I could go to actually fix my problems meaning I was doing the best that I could but it just wasn't working and so but I just continued to go forward. In then I saw I for the first time heard just one of those extremely strange Ellen White comments right and that I had never heard that never noticed before and it's it's from twenty one manuscript releases page two eighty six she says we're coming to the time when recipes for cooking will not be needed for the food God gave are for Pete for God's people will learn that the food God gave Adam in his sinless state is the best for keeping the body in a sinless state that's kind of an extreme quote Don't you think the food God gave out of this quote is used twice in the words or changes a little bit on the other one it says as man seeks to regain the sinless state is the other way it's stated but either way it says that you know less cooking or whatever and so forth while I was totally depressed and if you would have told me to stand on my head for two hours a day to get rid of the depression I would have done it you know I tried all these supplements nothing made a lick of difference I mean literally no difference what so I didn't find one thing that made and maybe one I thought it did for like a week and I was like oh maybe that was in my head or something like that but didn't really help so when I saw this by the way when I saw this it was midway through December which if you're into seasonal depression nobody is into it by choice but if you have an i have it that's about the worst time of year for you right and this is what I saw this midway through December and I just thought the food god gave in his sinless state what was prefer all. Was a lot of fruit wasn't maybe fruits grains nuts seeds but not even veggies and by the way veggies are fantastic for you I still eat veggies but just go with me for a second so I thought I'm going to try this so for two weeks starting mid December I mean it's been some years back now I I begin to eat just fruits and I don't suggest anybody does it's good most people can eleven I'm an extreme person I love exercise I love to do my wife says I'm the kind of person I think if one is good ten is better but it's not always. Intemperance can even be true of a good thing right but I for two weeks a just fruit and keep in mind for the back up a moment so for the last two years ten years total of depression seasonal eight and eight in a row and then two years solid depression of the last two What happened was is I ended up getting bit by a tick and you know we're driving down the road to Tennessee and I got this big fat take on my leg you know and I know there's a tick so I put the thing out I crush it on the side of the road and then my doctor friend said here you know take some antibiotics just for safety's sake that's OK no problem so I took antibiotics and you may not know this but the did a study and they looked at for every round of depression are every round of antibiotics that you take it increases your chances of depression by right about twenty five percent for every two to five rounds of antibiotics you take it increases your chances of depression by close to fifty percent so I didn't know that and I took antibiotics and then I went to two years of solid and actually got bit by takes two years are all my friend gave me the end about it's two years and also for two years and was solid depression in then I tried this and so for two weeks I ate fruit she doesn't say two weeks she didn't say anything like that was just my extreme thinking and I didn't know what happened was it was a literally on descent January first I think was exactly January first for the first time in two years because I was constantly having I was having my devotions every single day I would I would go and spend hours seeking God out nature literally trying to confess my sins paying thousands of dollars to try to to you know say listen man I did this in the past I want to try to make this right I was doing everything I could to try to make my life right with God I mean spending hours confessing my sense calling up people trying to make my spread I'm sorry for what I what I've done or what I've said it I mean literally I was doing anything I could to try to make my life right with God reading my Bible every day reading the spirit of prophecy every day and I was just totally told. Depressed and I felt guilty and but every time I would try to make something right it never did anything for me nothing has just continued that way well after two weeks of this for the first time in two years I could choose where I would focus my thoughts I could choose what I wanted to think about it and my wife did it it actually changed her life also she wasn't living in depression all the time but she it ended up in hands on her health and a handsome and it did so many things for me so my wife and I went on basically we don't we don't just eat fruits We've plenty of greens we eat plenty of vegetable sweet potatoes and we eat a whole food plant based diet where we eat a non rich refined food diet but I had already been doing that I don't even eating a non refined foods for I don't know how long yet we had been eating for quite some time we'd be literally no refined foods I mean nothing so but what happened was as I began to do this within two weeks my mind began to clear I notice something changed and I can now choose where I focus my thoughts the Depression began to go away and I look back on it my grandfather died of a gallbladder surgery my grandmother had gallbladder surgery I had it and I was having all these pains and one of my doctor friends from Texas said listen you need to avoid even you know refined oils see if you want to get rid of this without having your gallbladder cut out and listen if I had to I would have the gall bladder but she said I said Kid Could it actually reverse and she said I hope so I don't know and so I tested it when I found out since now that there was a doctor out of Wiemar some years ago who talked about they had actually done scans on people saw that they had stones they put them on a non refined plant food diet with no oil and they scan them again and guess what no more stones and so the pain ended up going totally away I look back on all the things I had I used to have a good joints the achy joints have gone away I stopped running because of achy joints but I still worked out but I just didn't run but the icky. Joints have gone away the I used to have migraines the migraines went away I used to have hypoglycemia before meals that's completely gone away even I tons of fruit so you think you know when that make you have to go see Mick not at all once I got rid of the the high fat diet it got rid of my depression it gave me a tremendous amount of energy more energy than I've had in my entire life as I began to do this what seemed to be what seemed to be the gallbladder pain you know from eating all this high fat food we just figured that's what it was that ended up going away asthma went away and allergies went to I mean so many different things that changed my life and I'm not telling anybody to be as extreme as I was but I was you know I had gone through so many years of depression it totally changed my but one of the things I do challenge people is eat more whole foods more you know beans and more sweet potatoes and more greens and more fruit I mean if you eat you know three yesterday you can eat for today and make progressive changes and find the benefits that go along with us I share this in another country to two medical students Sande one of them one of the doctors came to me just this year we we went back to the same country one of the medical doctors he said he wanted to pick us up and he said listen I was struggling with depression he said I implemented what you said we share more about than just this we talk about the other a loss felt and so forth and he said I shared with you said and it's been he said it's been helping him out he has struggled you know I know you know I talk with friends who've you're going through so many crazy hours of working as a doctor many people struggle depression some don't praise the Lord but those who do finding something trying you know adding more fruits vegetables to your diet can be absolutely life changing now I'm going to close a prayer and then we'll have a quick question and answer time so let schools of prayer. Heavenly Father thank You for the principles you've given us. In these old books we've been given that time and time again even though even the most some of the most extreme sounding statements end up being backed by scientists who know nothing about our faith. We thank you that you've given us these health principles and one of the reasons you gave us the health message we're told is to make us happy that you care about us and you want what's best for our lives we thank you for your love Lord I pray that you would transform us all into the likeness of your Son Jesus in His name we pray Amen Now when does our second presentations there is that at four twenty zero. OK quick questions yes yes O. your me answer your question OK So so the question is now about probiotics here's the thing probiotics historically had we knew a very little side effects actually no side effects to probiotics There's one one newer study has come out and I think it was on people with Does anybody. Just maybe and people are paying for Titus who are taking probiotics it increased their mortality they were more likely to die taking pics and so I'm not saying to never take them but what I what I believe is that the vast majority of time it's just like with several vitamins like vitamin E. vitamin E. They found that people higher levels of vitamin E. higher levels of vitamin A had lower levels of certain cancer but then when they gave them in pill form and actually increased lung cancer rates of you know taking vitamin E. So getting it in the whole food form is generally the best but they have done studies that found benefits to probiotics also with women with stress levels and so forth but this is the thing you can get that bacteria or much of the bacteria from eating a whole food plant based diet and how much better if you can grow stuff on your own if you have that ability and that's even a greater opportunity somebody else yes Specter. Which right now the son scientists are doing studies on what they call interment in fasting where you go on and guess what one of the ways of doing intermittent mitten fasting is eating a short time period during the day and not eating at night did anybody ever think about before. Spirit of Prophecy she told us that right and so it can have an actual neural benefit they found when you if you have food in your gut when you should be sleeping it actually can cause a negative impact to your hippocampus so it can actually negative impact in impact your memory so yes you heard these for as we see. It free of the. Belly Yes. They're. All. OK so we belly and all of this stuff Number one there is no commercially available genetically modified wheat in the United States you can go go talk to Farmer go look into it you'll find the common idea is that wheat unless it's organic would be genetically modified Now there are foods like soya the vast majority of soy the vast majority of corn are actually G.M.O. but specifically wheat and do you know why there is no genetically modified wheat commercially available in the United States it's because no other nation wants to buy it from us so our farmers don't want to lose out on their international trade of wheat so the wheat that we have even junk white bread is not genetically modified wheat that doesn't mean junk white bread is good for you it just means that it's genetic and not genetically modified but there are some people if somebody is a literally there's about one percent of people have celiac disease and around five percent of people have some kind of. Gluten intolerance around five percent of people that's the estimate and so that means ninety four percent of people or ninety ninety four percent of people actually gluten can actually be fined for them and not be a problem at all but here's the thing if somebody actually has an intolerance or their silly act it would be better to avoid it and it probably would be I mean yes it would negatively impact them I am not a believer that there's I actually think some of that is just kind of the pop scientific idea of things that although we belly was Witten by Dr Perlmutter whatevers Amos I do not believe that there is really really good scientific. Evidence to back that up that yeah I can go on and on about it but such because resorts to anybody else have any questions before we go on but like I said if you want to avoid it you can avoid it but it's not. Yet actually can help it actually can help the got bacteria strangely enough yes. Yes. What do you get your healthy fat if you don't have oil scrape question great question you could simply you could eat. You could he. Goes and you could be nuts right. Yes yes you so you can eat and seeds flax seeds flax seeds are fantastic for you right flexi temp seeds chia seeds so you still do need good fat by the way you still do on good fat. But yes what you want to fiber with especially if you struggle depression you want the fiber with the fiber is so very very important Any other questions before we close. Yes. Comments on for food Yeah good question so for men to food that's one of the big things in the micro biome the idea is my persuasion in you'll have to study the science behind it more is L. my talks about the negative effects of what vinegar right and many people's I know having you know fermented foods that you know vinegar in these kind of things would actually be beneficial for you but the thing is vinegar can actually have a negative impact on the lining of the esophagus or on the stomach so even if there were some benefit to it if it has a negative side effect why not get all the benefits of these things from whole plant based foods rather than the I mean vinegar is a form of being rotten right you know and so you can get yes it lowers blood pressure vinegar does but if you want to whole foods plant based diet with nothing refined your blood pressure almost guaranteed drop to a level that is within the healthy zone anyway so you don't have to have it too but in general. I'm not persuaded that we should go with the. Yes yes the Biblical perspective is a whole you know it's it's the whole person instead of just taking the good with the bad so yes one more question I will cook so I products soy. I I don't know what I can say is this so like I said the vast majority of soil is G.M.O. unless you get it. Organic nothing that's organic is allowed to be Jamel that's how you know meaning because they don't have to label things but if it is organic it is non G.M.O. at least by faith we take them that they're being honest with us I mean you'd never know but so soy is beneficial we look at people say well maybe Soit has estrogen mimic hers and all rate raise levels of you know breast cancer or various cancers they actually find out that women who take soil have products have lower levels of breast cancer they look at the Japanese who eat nine times more soil than Americans do and yet they have lower levels of cancer so soit can be beneficial to but. I would just think the best ideas not to go G.M.O. Just a thought but you know somebody can have different opinions that's OK well let's close because we want you down did you have one more back there OK. Yes yes. Right. That's true that's for sure I. Think. Yes with yes with round so yes yes it is better to go that. This media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about the universe or if you would like to listen to more service leader Visit W W W dot. Org.


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