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Kellogg: So Close, So Far

Dave Fiedler


Dave Fiedler

Author and Educator



  • November 11, 2017
    3:00 PM
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Last night it was Lucifer this morning it was Christ. To day this I'm going to try and do two sessions now and let me let me tell you what I want to accomplish this session real quickly so that if I don't accomplish it you'll know what I was trying. The premise I'm working on is white assurance that the issues involved in the great Final Crisis are exactly the same issues that started with Lucifer in heaven and Christ met in his lifetime on Earth. We have however a unique. Modern day exemplification of both sides of that in the person and work of Dr John her because you can see the. Subtitle there so close so far. And that's not so far along as so close but so far away type of thing OK He was both and so this I can tell you all those materials is from a book that I'm currently writing and this one session here is going to try to cover the most ground and consequently it's going to be the most superficial sorry I started you know clearly it's not worth the time but we won't be able to go into a lot of things and I'm going to just go through what I want you to grasp is the degree of significance in the two phases of Kellogg's life and ministry just for convenience sake I refer to them as the good Kellogg and the bad OK. There was a time when he was good and he was very good. And there was a time when he was bad and he was very bad. And so I just more than anything else I'm not going to go into a lot of the details of the housing the whys in some things but I want you to at least see that his life stands as a valid representation of both sides of this struggle so make sense and get so dark you can like is without doubt the most colorful intriguing individual that Adventism is produced in a way it is in a category of wrong because of the whole prophets the Lord type of thing but beyond that there is no one that holds a candle to Kellogg for just. Interest See that's what that way OK I'm assuming that you at least know that he had something to do with cornflakes. But he had a lot to do with more than that. The guy was brilliance he just he wrote something like fifty some books in his lifetime and he set the world record for Gone all serves one hundred twenty six I believe it was without a fatality at a time when the the norm was twenty percent would die if you if you sliced the guy open in the chest and a one in five chance of dying until I one hundred twenty six or forty six or something like that if it was. He was amazing in many ways. He was raised as an Adventist. He was not always an exemplary Adventist he became a strong force for good and do complicated circumstances some of his own fault and some of the faults of others in it up being a strong force for evil so we're going to kind of zings through this and catch some of this only to grasp in the first of all the possibilities Dr Kellogg has done the work that no man I know of among us has had qualifications to do. Or that's you know this is what the other eighty eight OK eight hundred eighty S. Adventism you know we didn't have a lot of what you would call highly educated professionals in those days Kellogg was clearly the most educated they had been a song the. Face of yours. So you could look at that and just say well OK that's nice that's a very naturalistic explanation for that one. My dear brother as I have before written to you I know that the Lord has placed you in a very responsible position standing as you do as the greatest physician in our world. Now this is a fascinating comment for a number of reasons number one is this was actually written to Kellogg. And it was a very rare that she didn't think that would sound like flattery writing to him she would praise him and support him writing to his enemies OK and she would praise and support his enemies writing to him so it was unusual for her to say something like this and I would argue that Ellen White very rarely employs exaggeration as a literary technique so I think there's something significant in that comment God says of Dr Kellogg he is my physician respect him and sustain him. And the fact of the matter is unfortunately that the church by and large failed to do that which contributed to his difficulties. Dr Kellogg with Ernest untiring energy has testified by his works that he believes the Word of God that he is not content to be merely a theoretical believer he has put his believe into works he has faith in works combined his work in the medical machine line is had the appearance of being disproportionately large. But he has seen the feeble effort put forth by the churches His practice is not been proportion to like he looked like he was disproportionately large and that was really because of the thing else was disproportionately small and he has undertaken to educate his students to do service for the Lord in this is only trying to walk in the light is been doing the very work the Lord has specified should be done hell I've got a lot of comments like this there are a lot of support comments like that. This is not a fanatical and superstitious work it is the work that Christ did when he was in our world and that's the key thing to the importance of Kellogg who asked if you were a presentation that you know this morning. This combined work of Christ of preaching the truth and ministry as only put into place the combined work of Christ like ministry the body and Christ like Ministry of the soul and calligraphic that no one else was really doing that and so. It is the work that Christ did when he was in our world Dr Kellogg has not betrayed his trust the Lord has wrought with him in surgical operations giving him wisdom and success men not of our feet feel that although Dr Cohen is a some day haven't as yet he has wisdom and knowledge and a wide influence they feel that it would be the height of folly to ignore this. And there are many more of those kind of statements we will say that's enough right now. Notice this next next statement here. Or there you need to practice other form is just as consciences Dr Kellogg does I think OK so yeah you know she supported him OK that's going to now this one. If Dr Kellogg will trust him so wholly with God He capital H. will give him good wage tact and perception and skill as a practitioner that has seldom been Excel angels of God will stand by his side when human life is in peril and wisdom from above will be given Him God designs a Dr Kellogg shell still advance he has only begun to climb the ladder the Lord will give him grace that he is now ignorant of and he will be see and he and he will see as he has never seen before he will realize that there is to be an intelligent discarding of all drugs skill and knowledge is to be given him which he is in no case to keep to himself he is to educate educate educate Now to me I think this is a fascinating statement. Because what it tells me is that Helen never completed the course of action that God intended into it doesn't say that but I mean I know that from other reasons but looking at what God wanted to accomplish through him it was no accomplished. Now to me that helps resolve some. Some questions and I'm not here to pick a fight with anybody on this but you know there are some very strong statements in the spirit prophecy about not using drugs for instance this is us this is a very strong statement about that but here it's presented as something that the Lord was leading Kellogg to and would increase his knowledge understanding of this was the future it was me and. So we struggle sometimes with these hard statements and I'm not a physician is one of the struggles in with somebody else might but you know there's this strong statement about not using drugs and yet. You know there's a case we made for drugs but notice what it says. So as discussed when is it intelligent to discard the drugs that. When it's harmful. When there's a superior alternative OK So to me yeah if you've got superior alternatives for any particular. Indications for drugs uses a peer alternative what this tells me is that God wanted to give Kellogg's superior alternatives and then we would have to be saying but what about you know we could say well you could do that but there's a superior altered which would you like Plan A Plan B.. So that you know but we even go there he didn't even finish that job and that's I think why we're left in the position we're in sometimes so that helps me that the way I look at this one. A few back on facts to get started here October to number five hundred eighty eight there was a ministerial Institute and then the General Conference in eighty eight this was the Minneapolis General Conference Jones Wagner writes by faith and orders two laws that whole thing if you're familiar with that. Then here's the interesting thing. After the meeting in Minneapolis Dr Kellogg was a converted man and we all knew it he could we could see the converting power of God working in his heart and life now to me the obvious question being the cynic of humanity that I am is so what was different you know. If this was such an obvious thing everybody could see it we all knew it. Was me I said what's different. Well make a long story short what was different is the Dr called begin being nice to people. That's not real technical but it's what happens OK It turns out being nice to people is what converted people do and that's kind of a key thought. We really should not lose lose track of that one nor does the statement it talks about righteousness by feed right OK when the believer is justified because the merit of Christ is not free to work unrighteousness faith works by love and purify is the source faith buds and blossoms and bears a harvest of precious fruit where truth is good works appear the sick are visited the poor are cared for the fatherless the widows are not neglected the naked are called the destitute the Fed That's what converted people do until I was converted so they started doing that OK. Where do you find that in the Bible. Were you find that well here's an as necessary across it which it kind of gives the key direction here faith in Jesus Christ as our personal cv your rights as a by faith right the one who pardons our sins and transgressions the one who is able to keep us from sin and lead us in his footsteps is set forth in the fifteenth chapter of Isaiah I was a fifty eight as you may recall is the great medical mission. Here are presented the fruits of a feat that works by lumpier buys a source and so to speak and works out here combined as if he did since the righteousness of God before the end she says what does this mean Jesus Christ is our brightest This is the we call this a facet not you know is not this is the past and chosen to serve and to witness and do they have burned the personal free recovery Oh. You know you had read the hungry bring the poor cast out of your house called the naked eye now yourself in your flesh she says that. Is a setting forth of righteousness by faith right. Dr Kellogg was so. He came to enjoy this. You know it's just this is a really cool thing and that is that doing good can become enjoyable. You know it's one thing to do good because it was the right thing to do. It's another thing to get to the point where it's fun. And Kellogg enjoyed it. Enjoyed it so much that he won't go self-sacrifice and you can get your weird sort of ways with that but he welcomed it. In the summer of eighty nine he'd talked down white about the possibility of starting an orphanage she found out there were quite a few that this wasn't this is why should we start north just that among many other things that she said yes it's innocence of good idea so at the General Conference of federating ninety one he gave a low presentation a speech in which he made the formal call for a formal motion you know Mr Chairman I move that we started Norfolk's right. So here are some of his comments winning up in that I have given a quite a good deal of thought and study to the subject my wife and I have given considerable attention to this work for a number of years we have been planning to raise forty or fifty children ourselves just as fast as we get any money we will invest it in children I have done that for several years every single dollar that can be saved from other necessary expenses goes into the education of children. I do not believe we have any right to accumulate money I think as long as we are well and have God's blessings upon our work blessing upon our work it is our duty to spend what we earn in God's work I do not believe that in this is age any man has a right to accumulate money now. Some of these comments items in particular I think might possibly raise some eyebrows the whole forty or fifty kids thing that's interesting and the not accumulate any money thing it's easy to put those two together perhaps but. But you know those are interesting sentiments did he really mean that stuff well I can tell you that he and his wife raised forty two children. He adopted seventeen legally and the other twenty five were what we would consider like Foster. So he was serious on that much now hang on to this thought. About the money it was not something that was broadly accepted at the time but it's interesting to see that he planted. And it ties back to what we said on what I said on Friday night and it goes like this pretty simply remember Lucifer lost faith in God. If I have faith in God's wisdom power and love. And his promise that he will take care of me. I do not have to carry the burden of caring for myself. So make sense to me and then you remember how the moment the moment you distrust God he said I'm going to I'm going to take care of myself OK if I am see it in God's hands I don't have to care for myself that frees my time up I can now work for other people. Now there's there's also some interesting things and I don't have time to go into all this I will point out that timing is an important issue Jesus worked in a carpenter shop until he was thirty I presume that that was gainful employment I think simple but there did come a day when he hung up his hammer. And in a society that equated wealth with righteousness it had to be the most frustrating thing in the world that this this an educated homeless carpenter X. carpenter I children nobody is going around preaching and drawing big crowds and feeding them free lunches that it really frustrates OK How could he do that well hang on to that will picture let's go on. Anyway Cosmo sort orphanage was passed by the General Conference and they began to work on that. He got to a point were he needed money just I'm skipping part of the star but he needed money and he needed it really quickly in order to make this happen because it was it was a an issue it was snowballing out of control. And so he began training for America are. Oh OK I completely forgot this let me let me interject Hang on let me interject here is a statement this goes back to do with with kill as many comments in the last May conflict the controversy was saying those who are low God will see every earthly support cut off. OK Well you know ninety five That way you know it's like yeah I need to call in and use a sick day today because they passed this debt the creepy thing I don't want to get killed so I have the day off because I'm sick you know I mean that's this is not going to roll out that way OK at that point in time you're not going to have a nine to five or any other more weird hours of the you keep right here. And I used to look at the same about every little support being cut off in the home and that's that's that's going be a terrible time. And then I read into this statement it is safe to let go of yours you support and take the hand of him who lifted up and saved the sinking the cycle on the stormy sea Well that was some encouragement. It's going to be a terrible time but it's safe but you know something about this every earthly support just that story is kind of running you know as I said check this out punch it in the computer the computer things like so great. It shows up one more time we can never perfect a round full Christian experience until every support is removed and the salsa enters its affections about entire sections. And all of a sudden this terrible experience ends up. That's actually the goal. That's what we're trying to get now and when it it makes a fair amount of exacting when was it a good idea for Christians to depend on the world you know I mean or something what we're about that OK so sometimes these things kind of gets good on their heads that's that's sort of us trying to say OK so Kellogg makes this this motion they try to get the sense the orphanage going. Got the point that people were sending in orphans but there was nowhere for that was a problem they got to the point where he needed some money in it right now to begin praying and not to administer lady bill in a Mrs Haskell came along and she eventually gave a donation of thirty thousand dollars Who's the largest donation that the church ever received up to that point. And if you're confused on what inflation does to your money try building that for thirty thousand dollars. Because that was billed every six Dick was go with her thirty thousand there was an ad then as many that went into that building. I don't think a by the door to us was or wasn't a day. OK So that was good and that the orphanage got going at the same time Kellog was doing other things and got to be really quick about this was another whole nother story where. I'm going to skip the story of the nun and this patient eventually she died she'd spent six weeks of the century and she went back down to Chicago had it an operation which was not successful on her deathbed she told her father she was younger than the seventy she told the fathers of the dead as a memorial to me I want you to put up the money to bring a nurse from the senator in the Battle Creek down to Chicago to work though because there are no nurse anywhere in the world like those wonderful nurses that operate so there's not evidence right skill of the letter and says hey I need one here nurses and Kellogg's a letter and says That's nice but I'm busy and ignored the guy writes again and Peleg ignore that he writes again and tell a good that I think he wrote four times and now I get Norton he had his hands full it was busy doing those things and then the guy got in the really smart or lucky enough to let's get his wife write a letter. He'll have a sauce about his heart from us who can turn down mom so he marches over in the Senate hearing many rounds of endless Shauna's I'm not sure this is Emily or not and he says Emily we've got a non Adventist guy down Chicago wants they want our nurses to come down and work with the poor people and. This is the beginning of what was known as the visiting nurses program Kello the love that program because there were so many wild stories that came out of that because these ladies worked in an area known as the brewery which was so named because of the somewhat liquid dietary and. It's its other nickname was Hell's Halfacre but there were serious objections that because it was obviously larger than that so and you know. It was a tough area the cops would not go in there and these nurses were stopped many times on the streets there headed the wrong direction a police officer come. It's members and you know. They would point to a cross on their uniforms it's a good. Officer and a good. And they were great stories and kind of love those was he was a great storyteller and he could use those to raise funds he was a great fundraiser too. So the visiting nurses program took off and in eight hundred ninety two Kellogg allstar also serve the Christian help bands in the vendor of eight thousand nine hundred two you round up a bunch of workers a senator who says listen you get we got this orphanage is paid for but not have as we got the visiting nurses down Chicago is paid for by none of us we got all these doctors and nurses and and Senator and people are going to be able to do something in our own town so let's start a Christian help then this is the simplest and most highly applauded form of medical missionary work in the what's right everything else there's there's cautions there's no OK be careful here but don't do that or this is wrong or something like that Christian help and her as far as I have found so far her unvarying response is Yeah what a great idea go ahead do it yep loosen up next come on that make it happen just go OK here's an open work like this. There were variations or are perfectly acceptable but the original was a nine member band of workers one leader three young men who were called burden bearers their basic qualification was the could pack stuff around. You had. Two mothers helpers who were generally middle aged women who would visit door to door finding out what the needs in the community were you had. Two nurses and one by over and they would be given up no chunk of town the off from fourth street to street and you know whatever and their job was to go through and make contact with every home in there and see what they could help. A Christian help band is a highly technical thing it was a band of Christians who tried to help people. And. Within six months there were. Mass you're sixteen I believe it was Christian help bands form just in Battle Creek just a senator in works that's one hundred forty four people who are now spending between two and about five hours per week just helping you know fairly small city that a creek was not huge that begin to have an influence all this happened. Ninety two knots there's another thing that happened. Then for twenty two eighteen eighty two I would write in the review in hell the loud cry of the third angel has already begun in the revelation of the righteousness of Christ. The loud cry had begun nobody else knew that of course it had made the front page of The New York Times. And minutes were to be known or a fellow white had said so but the loud cry had begun. My premis is that Kellogg had a role. Jones away and their theology basically said you can depend on Jews this is righteous this by THINK YOU CAN TRUST JESUS Kellogg took that and said Oh if I can trust Jesus all do that I don't have to worry about myself I can help others. Hell I was not a theoretical believer. Oh three slides back. He combined faith and works he had faith if he was converted many happen if we're going to convert out many of us ready to mediate on the way then all great time to be converted kind of go OK So he's converted in Minneapolis he's exemplifying Isaiah fifty eight he's doing these things and oh wait says the loud cries began my contention is that there is a very direct connection between that was quite quickly for the history. About two months later two and half months later there was a general proposition eight hundred eighty three Dr Cohen gave a series of presentations at that joke of concession. Yet one from then and then Jones spoke those been reprint three times are good a trick to read those two Dr COLWELL give a series of talks. And has been schooled ahead here because we're going to be short on time or not care for. Every go. Some of you've already heard the story but you know it's fascinating to me that tell us talks at the General Conference of eight hundred ninety three were not reported in the General Conference bulletin which is the official record of everything because I don't got a session they were not recorded the only place you can find them is in this publication goes up to the top of this extra number one. And it took you know once at the when when three of his talks from that time period or from that occasion fell into my lap. Six years ago so he was going to something like that it took me about four months even verify that they were real OK I knew from the time frame it was a general conference but it wasn't the joke I was bored at so how could this be what's going on Eventually we found them they showed up in this was Cowan's publication wasn't a official Edmond's of occasion and so even the converse Archives did not have this series of presentations ACOA gave in his presentations there he said some really dynamite stuffs that's why I draw attention to them it was interesting it's written there we go what did he say that was so amazing amazing to me he started off talking about good works and discovered what is very rapidly commandos who are rich in this present age not to be hearty nor to trust in uncertain riches but in the living God who gives us richly all things to enjoy let them do good that they be rich in good works ready to give one to share storing up for themselves a good foundation of time to come that they may lay hold on eternal life was an interesting thing God gives us richly all things to enjoy but then he talks about giving it away how the world kind joy something when I give it away. That's the point it's not the things I'm enjoying. It's the giving way that a joy it's more bluster to give than to receive that's been proven when they are with psychological testing like a gazillion times now OK Jesus going to be to psychologists to their own game but that's. Yes that's. So cool I went on he quoted a bunch of versus all I wanted to do was say you know as Christians we should be doing good works that the man of God may be complete really cook for every good were those who believe in God should be careful to maintain good works whether people maintain good works Meaders it needs and fruit for his own special people zealous for good works there's actually a lot of one of passages talking about good works. And then he said this and this is where it started getting really fascinating to me he said for years and years we have been well able to furnish a home for the aged they didn't have a retirement plan in those days if you were an admin as Minister you got paid as long as you work when you stop working. Is that getting paid this is a logic to that but it didn't do a lot for the old it was OK for years and years we've been well able to furnish a home for the aged the infirm the homeless for poor widows who are not ministers aged pilgrims and helpless children members of our denomination all Tyner's in the cause who gave liberally of their property in the early days when the work was just beginning and it is faith in the truth which we profess has led them to put all their earnings into the cause instead of hoarding up a competency for themselves all these worthy and deserving ones who appeal to us and fraternal as well as humanitarian grounds we have neglected in a manner which has become a denominational discrete. Discipline note that is one sentence it's perfectly grammatical. Also notices another really great care there were here what is a competency what we call that today. That's your retirement fund. They did not save up the retirement fund they did not save up money competent for the remainder of their life that's how the word comes about didn't do that. But as it all nations we were neglecting them and he says this is a disgrace I'm ashamed of what my church has done. Well. He goes on we are so we have set ourselves up on a high pinnacle and say we are the god special people our cause is the Lord's cause we talk about ourselves as being the peculiar people and yet we are not doing as much Christian work in Christian work of a very important character as other denominations are doing again and he quotes now Ellen White has just a couple of slides here where I have L. White's words and read to see although it is right that more should be expected of us than of others now the question is whether seventy and most are going to lead in this work or is it going to be left for someone else to do the Lord has given us here is a very precious work to do it is not the whole of the thirteenth was message but it is a part of it you read in as if he ate how we can make our life. If the drugs I saw the hunger in satisfy the disorder then show that light rise and secure in the darkness is a new day Kellogg Basically I'm just going to summarize he said if you want to know what a loud cry looks like it's those promises at the end of a safety who will guide you continually feed you the heritage your father you write in high places the earth will be like the trees waters. Gardens waters and fail all those promises he says that's the outcry. And there are conditions if you'd rather see. Then that if you minister to those around you if you. The best was if. This is what he is seeing here two months after two and a half months after in light of the love has begun is he saying the love cry is dependent on God's people taking up medical which. He did say those words it's just my kind of some nations to get interesting position. In a way when the advocates of the law of God plant their feet firmly upon its principles living out in their daily lives the spirit of the commandments and exercise true benevolence what is benevolence good works boy you know you know you know all that is in the Latin Road just means being nice to people OK and exercise true benevolence to men then will they have power to move the world. And Kellogg's says we shall never have the moral power to move the world we shall never see the loud cry nor make the third angel's message go to any great extent we will never see it go so as to move the world at least until we carry out these truths in our daily lives. We cannot give more power to move the world until we get where we will do what the Scriptures and the testimonies say we must do we have not done it yet we have waited for outside people to come in and build our over orphans' home the Lord may be ready to start a loud cry but we are not ready we have not done our part the Lord is waiting for us to do something in the direction of good works if the loud cry has been begun by our people it must be because we have just begun to do a little in the way of letting our light shine but we have done so little in that way that it seems to me that before the local making a great noise in the world we will have to let our light shine a great deal brighter than we have ever yet done because the works come first the White must sign through these good works before we can be called the repairs the breach the restores the past to all for that promise comes after all these conditions is. An interesting position I think right here in nailed it on. The loud cry had just begun the church had just begun to do this combined ministry the Christ used Remember who talk about this morning. The combined ministry and had just started. Hell out in his presentations used one verse is really that I just love this I really got me he who has pity on the poor lends to the Lord and he kept a lage or pay back what he little age has given now. If I found myself in a hard way some point I will pick on Christie here and so I come to Christian I say Christie I have got a problem I need one hundred dollars could you lend me one hundred dollars you would say What are the experts. OK So she gives me the hundred dollars What has no change in my relationship to Kristi I know Oh Herb she lent it to me therefore I owe her US pity on the poor Lenz to the Lord. God is now that he wants medical missionary work to go forward so badly that he will go in debt to make it happen. You are what God actually owe you something. There you go OK. Looking at Elmwood statement the time of test is just upon us for the love of the third angel has already begun the revelation of the righteous the crisis in parting Redeemer this is the beginning of the light of the angel whose glory self-will the whole earth notice it was the beginning it was just the beginning she said we haven't really seen it yet it's just the beginning but noticed this other were great Here it is a revelation it is not a proclamation. We have tried to preach our way to the loud cry and it will never happen is a revelation of the righteousness of Christ there is proclamation that goes along with it right the proclamation is the explanation of the demonstration that was Kellogg's contribution and it didn't go into the. General Congress they were both and so for one hundred thirteen years nobody really knew it was there. Was music just amazing OK Well God's purposes own white now reading God's purpose in committing to Mina women the mission that he committed to Christ is to disentangle his followers small worldly policy and to give them a work identical with the work of Christ that. I would just like to point out the word identical is a very strong term. OK now I have to tell you there's a bunch of these statements and I just kind of. If you can read the gray stuff in between go for example going to hit the highlights and I got to think there's a we're never going. To work so OK let us remember is not by word and precept alone that we were real Christ character in act as was and were we shall reveal the world to world the character of the unseen I want to tell you that when the Gospel ministers medical mission workers are united there is placed in our churches the worst evil that can be placed in that indication how significant this is and is going to move on this this is amazing Christ ministers must stand in an altogether different position they must be evangelists they must be medical missionaries they must take hold of the work intelligently but it is of no use for them to think that they can do this while they drop the work which God has said should be connected with the gospel if they drop out the medical missionary work they need not think that they can carry forward their work successfully for they have only half the necessary facilities. We have tried to preach our way to the second coming that's not going to happen. OK I speak to every member of the church OK Now we're shifting here's the point. This was that was Kellogg's contribution our shifting to seeing Kellogg's slide into the other camp. This is eight hundred eighty two this is before the man was really converted again right OK But he'd been the medical director the sanitarium for six years at this point now it writes I speak every member of the church why do you delight in making your wicked speeches and indulging your wicked feelings against Dr Kellogg has he not sufficient burdens to carry would you crushing the earth with your sis suspicions pros excuse me prompted by Satan would you feel great pleasure in seeing the institute go down is this what you desire Hello caught more flack or anybody else in the denomination that's just good that way OK Dr Cohen has needed the sympathy and confidence of his brother and if the doctor fails in doing his duty and being an overcomer at last those brothers who have failed in their want of wisdom in discernment to help the man when he went to where he needed their help will be in a large measure responsible. You may remember there's a similar statement made about John's Wagner right so we remember that same thing Kellogg is like the third leg of that whole particular operation and we've ignored him because we've been focused simply on the theoretical gospel rather than the applied gospel. The Lord's conduct a go of his work it is a fact that our ministers are very slow to be consulted former snout was standing all the light which the Lord has given upon the subject this is cause Dr Coughlan's confidence in him. In defense of the ministry I would say that it was probably harder for them to be quote unquote health reformers in those days than anybody else the tended to be very action or and they didn't just live at home and have one real church or two little churches to care care for these guys where I can read evangelists this is a day in age when vegetarianism was not trendy to say the least. They didn't have refrigeration didn't have wonders. It's. OK to be a vegetarian or a blender I mean come on. And they were traveling What are the odds of them finding a consistent vegetarian diet there and so I think a lot of them just you know I can't do it consistently is not working and they kind of gave up and that really stressed Kellogg tremendously maybe too much but that's what happened and so there was this growing rift between Kellogg in the ministers can speak to the ministry sell their tardy work in health reform is created in Dr Kellogg a spirit of Christmas which is born down on them and then spring manner which the Lord does not sanction he is belittle the cost ministry in his regard ideas have placed the medical mission work above the ministry I have seen that in the censoring of Minister's remarks have been made which have not been to the honor and glory of God and this is basically a very simplified and ignore a superficial as I can make it right now there developed this this rift between the ministry and Kellog and Kellog started drifting off to one direction and the ministers actually kind of drifting the other direction and neither side was right no one was consciously trying to drag these guys back together. But even while he was defending Kellogg there was danger of him you know he was drifting right so it was a messy situation. I have light from the Lord that Dr Kellogg needs to be guarded he is leaving a wrong impression in mind he has made a mistake in supposing the medical mission work has an importance above every other work medical mission work has its place but it has been made disproportionately important it's remember the previous comment his work seemed to be disproportionately large she defended that as it was the way as opposed to you guys are doing. But this is different this is disproportionately important now physical health was rising above the level of spiritual else in Kellogg's mind that's a serious error had Dr cause brother and stood with him in the first of his experience in connection with health reform the present condition of things would not now was you know it's so amazing what our influence can do down the road and you don't know that until you. Although there may be unworthy ones connected with the ministry yet no one can ignore the ministry without ignoring Christ Dr Something is that you were represented to me as being in danger of standing apart from our people feeling that you are a complete whole do not I beg of you instill into the minds of the students ideas that will cause them to lose confidence in God's going to ministers but this you are most certainly doing whether you are aware of it or not the work done for those who come to you for instruction is not complete unless they are educated to work in connection with the church. You know the brother impose one of our biggest challenges. Because the last time I checked the brother we're not yet perfect. How do I work with people that are forty you know it's ridiculous. But they asked something about me you know we got to somehow find a balance of holding up the standard and holding up the goal of actually living up to every white. And we still got to find a way to work together and Kellogg was losing that well along came the fire. February eighteenth one thousand nine hundred two I should say. Down lots of interesting stories out of that we won't go into trouble with that for right now. I've said here we've got to rebuild I've got a plan I just finished a book will sell this book and raise money to rebuild the Senate cerium the conference actually said it was a was it a grand idea I think is the knowledge it was you something like that and then they got to looking at the book and there can be some challenges of the book I don't there are readers living temple and it Kellogg express what as near as I know I've never read the book right I heard you two like one has not read the book because I was always the book. But. And in this day and age that extends a lot of other things I don't watch the You Tube videos you know I mean I'm not saying all of it is but. You know. Of the nature of this book which we'll talk about moment stay with that stuff that's the key that if the little bits and pieces that everybody quotes from the book is all I've ever read is the about the three paragraphs of people who look if that's the worst of the book which I assume that it is it's not strongly pantheistic it's pretty mild by today's curse OK but it was dangerous it was dangerous and there were problems that it did I guess it did have some pantheism which is the idea that God is everything and everything is. That's the simple definition of pantheism. Interestingly enough no no it's a statement here's one thousand or three there's a whole year after he'd written his pantheistic book you know why the still defending him she's not defending pantheism. She is defending a pantheist OK she wanted to hang on to this guy because she knew how valuable he was an architect and read that one. An interesting set of phraseology that she used coming out of this she spoke of the Alpha and the omega of apostasy she said that Dr Kellogg's book had in it the Elf says many will depart from the faith given the disabusing spirits and doctrines of those we have now before us the alpha of this danger the Omega will be of the most startling nature and omega are the Greek first letter and last letter of the alphabet alpha beta giveaway alphabet is comes from the first two letters alpha beta so she says hell of the book is The elf but there is no make it it's coming it will be a most startling nature. She says living temple contains the also of these theories I knew that the Omega would fall over a little while I trembled for our people. And the last one in the book Living temple there is Rep there is presented this with the alpha of deadly heresies the Omega will follow and will be received by those who are not willing to heed the warning God has given what is the warning God has given you no she never says exactly what she's referring to there if I had to pick I would summarize it very specifically and say. I think that's that's the one warning stay away from that stuff it's not going to help. As I am shown these special things of Satan science and how he deceived the holy angels I am afraid of the men who have entered into the study of the science that Satan carried into warfare in heaven Friday night Lucifer and have. Kellogg's picking up the same mantle now oh how I have longed to be or I should not be compelled to see the same science practiced on this earth by medical practitioners how my heart has been EGNOS as I've seen saws accepting the inducements held out to them to unite with those who are who are warring against God when they once accept the Big eight it seems impossible to break the skull to guess. What is she talking about what is that what what constitutes the once accepting the bait to be honest it's a little hard to make a will the stinking application of that in Kellogg's day. I would guess it basically means once you buy into the parent is the concept there's a much clearer application I can make in our day and that is that first contact with the supernatural world that comes to the mystical experience there's this you know from Adam is not adolescent and non-Christian sources all over the place they will tell you that that first contact just is is galvanising. Changes you don't read the book take not a particle of interest in spiritualistic theories say it is waiting to steal a march on our part everyone who be allows himself to be deceived by his hypnotism he begins to exert his power over them just as soon as they begin to investigate his theories and once again just like last night with the origin of sin God says there are some things that you can't explain. Don't try don't investigate his there is I know I know the whole concept of western academia is if only we know enough we can understand this and God says long before you know enough to understand it you know lose your soul go read a book suffer not yourselves open the lives of a book that is questionable there is a Hell yes hell each fascination in the literature of St Never feel you are strong enough to read if your books and reading them you are in healing the miasma of hell Well she was trying to get this the seriousness of this across to the General Conference officers and that she wrote to them twice I think maybe even three times and she basically said this. I read in my books Peter out of profits and great controversy the story of the first Great Apostasy history is being repeated and will be repeated read then and understand just talk about. Kellogg encapsulated in his good days the work of Christ. And in his bad phase work whose. So as we last through living temple you have united with the Prince of Darkness didn't say things like this about other people too much when you wrote that book you were not of the inspiration of God there was by your side the one who inspired Adam to look at God The false light you have been a spokesman repeating the words of accusation condemnation of the urge to Seaver Your science has been used to be done the sensible as of the few the judgment of others in a long night talks you presented your mind and plans and works and these have become their mind and plan and works in listening to your words these men have imbibed the very science of the temporal remember I said last night it was it was that Lucifer going around and planting seeds and coming back that's when the sheet speaks of more often than anything else in her account of the fall of Lucifer and talk about Kellogg and his deceptive tactics it's these long night talks and someone comes up thing else it is the same think Kellogg used these long night talks to make his plan and minds and whatever become their plan and minds and whatever same thing I don't know Chronobiology is a fascinating field you know how different the the body the brain works differently different times a day and if you were more susceptible to influence in long night also maybe just when we're tired or something but she says don't do it willing will be White got drug into one of those things and she was like miles away I forget how far and she had visions of moving right at that time in this conversation with Dr Kellogg and several ministers it went on till two o'clock in the morning and she was just in agony because she could see the devil and his angels in the room carrying on this work and she do's a sinner praying for her son again this whole matter has been presented to me you have worked as Lucifer worked in heavenly courts persuade his associates to unite with him it would have been better for Dr Kellogg if he had never been born if he continues to build himself up in his own magical arts of mind in influencing other minds. I have not one ray of hope regarding him unless he understands that through C ten agencies he is striving for power over human minds this has been show me. Do you understand him self what he was doing I don't honestly know if he confessed that he was doing nothing of the sort. What did he know I don't know it's it's off to jail. For I'll just be honest. I am researching for his book I'm writing I had a I had a real struggle. Do I read those letters. Got a bunch of those letters I read them or do I not. Eventually tell you what I decided I'm not defending this I'm just being honest I decided I would read them but I would always read Ellen waits letters in the rough time frame before I read that make sense and I will say this if I only read Callas letters. I believe and. He is very persuasive he has very persuasive it's just it was like he was a good liar. Dr Cohen has linked up with the great deceiver he has studied hypnotism and spiritualism for the purpose of bringing minds to endorse sentiments that want that mean the denial of the faith once delivered to the Saints I have seen Dr card exerting a hypnotic influence upon person to such times as the R.C.C. There was a helper Dr Khaled places himself in a position of one who was abused because he cannot carry everything with in other words he doesn't get everything he wants right the picking on me but he is still at work with all subtlety he works with such ingenuity to obtain sympathy that to many his words seem genuine and I can attest that reading his letters you would think he was the most abused guy in the world he was pure as the new blown snow flake it's kind of spooky. Though read the book and I'm not even sure about the letters. We need not the mysticism that is in this book Living double those were entertained these officers will soon find themselves in a position where the enemy can talk with them. And lead them away from what is mysticism. Dictionary definitions don't help me a whole lot. You can read them they're just. I'll give you my own for whatever it's worked OK mysticism I would describe it as the belief in and the practice of human control means to establish direct communication deity that makes sense. Stuff that I can do to get in touch with God. Now as Christians it's kind of a fine line there because I can pray. But this is not that kind of this is this is this is going beyond this is I want direct communication you know God says I speak to Moses face to face and prophets and dreams the rest you guys are about that you're a little further away I don't want that I want to be direct That's the concept of mysticism. Go on. Early You know why it's ministry she was accused of saying that she could just have a vision whatever she wanted to it always intrigued me I'd never had a reason before she vehemently denied that every time it came up it is utterly false that I have ever intimated I could have a vision when I please there is not a shade of truth in this I have never said I could sell myself in divisions want to please for this is simply impossible. But like you could have just said no. But thank you for making your point you know OK now. What's interesting to me Well let's go on with this statement here I have thought for years that if I could have my choice and please God as well I would rather die than have a vision for every vision places me in a great responsibility to bear testimonies reproof and of warning which is as ever which has ever been against my feelings so so here's Arizona wife and she says. When I die I'd be better. And everybody else is saying we're one of the mystical experience I think we're talking about two different things. The whole meditation mindfulness poet This this really torques me off is a thing which due to don't take the word mind soul and make it mean mind him to me that's just dull. But mysticism is a HUGE think. Going quickly you may remember the reapproach moments between Pope Francis and Copeland a while ago and then we got this Tony Palmer guy who claimed the Reformation All right it was all on the basis of the common basis of mysticism right Francis is the first Jesuit pope as a just what he has to use the the Ignatian in. What he called the disciplines right which is mystical which is designed to encourage him to seek this wrecked communion with God Copeland of course is a charismatic tongue speaking whatever guy. And this guy you know I probably should say this because it's being recorded. We look like. And then he conveniently dies three months later I mean it is just you know this is he was killed in an automobile or in a motorcycle and according to some reports other reports he left the hospital feeling just fine you know I've heard I don't know I don't pretend to know. But it's a weird thing that's put that way but the power of the mysticism aspect continues to grow. OK So we've got the pope we've got Copeland over here and they've got maybe Copeland's wife there and question that Tony Palmer and all those other nice people I don't know who they are but they're all charismatic Protestants and him from the United States OK and they're all there in the Vatican having a happy time but that's not all it's much more than that because mysticism transcends all denominations all belief systems So here we've got let's see. I assume the head lessons here are some form of probably Susi Islam. This would be a Hindu work there this would be our Krishna this I think is probably Orthodox. I don't know maybe you know maybe Catholic probably happy will cause them to something that are who they are there's only one guy in the whole picture that I can really relate to. How do I get out of here. Is probably Secret Service or something I don't nobody how much. But the this mystical tie transcends all this Francis here's the problem hanging out with these guys I don't really understand this work I mean it's like happy broken fusion hearing. But it's like. It doesn't matter what we believe because we all have the same mystical experience and they will say that exactly that's exactly what they say it's it's a great unifying thing quickly quickly quickly MARGARET I think. I tell you in the name of the Lord God of Israel the same as presenting his officers to minister to medical workers of our people will listen to these officers they will become impregnated with the same c tannic idea of a popular religion that will cause them to develop into gods and there will be no place in their lives for God or for Christ that's what pantheism is because God is everything in the everything everything is God and I'm part of everything and obviously I'm part of God and God is part of me and if I have gotten me telling me what to do or who knows who. This mysticism will get the whole room of the heart all ready for these miracles as it will come to work right in our midst interesting she puts a lot of emphasis on the. OK there is a time for silence some I would be E.G. Daniels and lily white W.B. press goes for the names or some thought the time and I haven't seen the words the General Conference OK So thought the time a come long ago to make a determined effort to break the spell expose a deception for years one and still another got to kill as many of stood for to claim ing that Dr Kelly was all right that he teaches the messages we believe that he believes testimonies but the same time a work of misrepresentation was going on and many of our people were becoming specially deceived and so they have been for years because they come on let's meet this thing let's deal with it but to those who urged immediate action I see. Said wait. Until Dr Kellogg himself and those closely allied with him take an open stand then be all prepared with matter ready to get I find this fascinating she was tactical right there's a time there's a place is the method we're going to we're going to pursue that we are in a war you don't just you know you don't always just say OK everybody let's tell her so that's a that's a good way to get killed there is there's a place for tactics and she said Wait is not the time. I was still in our brother must make no move until Dr collagen his associates are taken to decide to position to repudiate the testimonies when this was done we must or people the right sided take the affirmation the name of the Lord and the affirmative the Lord we had to move. We had to wait until those in error thought they could carry things against the ministers and church I was shown a course of action and had everything in readiness for such a movement and labor to defeat their deep laid plots. Deep Wade plots this is intentional This is not just misguided people doing unfortunate things this is this is people intending to destroy your church she said I had to wait Lucifer. Intent to take over the government of heaven. God did nothing to help the other angels until he was. Judas intended to sell his lord for thirty pieces so the disciples thought it was going out. We will hit the final days with I'm convinced command considerable levels of uncertainty and confusion just friends of the Dr were visiting our churches acting as spies to work up a sentiment favorable to his interests a work of deception was being carried on I said to those who would urge immediate action do not act hastily it will be better to wait until Dr cognizable shits take the position that they do not believe the testimonies this was done meetings were held in Battle Creek and which is decimals were presented in very objectional like the testimonies were practically repudiated and then they acted I'm just going to skip ahead that those whom we thought sown in the face should have failed to discern the specious deadly influence of the Science of Evil should alarm us as nothing else is alarmist but just because you are alarmed doesn't mean you raise your voice. We had to work but we had to wait it is something that cannot be treated as a small matter that men who have had so much light and such clear evidence the generous of the truth we hold should become unsettled and lead to accept spirituous experience regarding the personality of God. To skip that one. So here's kind of a some nation. We look to Friday night and loose rebellion. And this morning in Christ response Exactly. With a good. Which led to the beginning. And when the bad Kellog which led to the health of apostasy. The alpha process is obviously directly related to the make of the process in the beginning a loud cries directly related to. My premise here is that the four items on the top paint a picture of what we're going to see at some point hopefully in the near future this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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