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Seven Trumpets and the Role of Islam- Part 3

Jay Gallimore


Jay Gallimore

President of Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists


  • June 12, 2016
    3:30 PM
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Heavenly father we want to thank you for your word and for the Bible and for the faith that we have and that we have not believe cunningly devised fables we are grateful for that the presence of God will be here today being our teacher and our helper in Jesus name Amen. OK I wanted to pick up because we have some questions about the altar of. Incense whether it was in the holy place of the most holy place and so I put together my reasons and I don't have I don't want to spend a lot of time on this today because I need to get into the other but here are my reasons for the trumpets covering all of Christian history from the cross the second coming. Be. Actually covering all that time period so where is that alter. The Book of Revelation is historical or Protestant it's not futuristic some of the trumpet people who are interpreting trumpets even the average church are taking the trumpets and putting them all the way down in the. HOLY a holy place and that's why the question about the altar the seven churches the seven seals the seven trumpets are repeat in large principal of the same time period like Daniel two seven and a number three these are my reasons the same jury is prophetic with each of the three sections covering the ministry of Jesus and number four and that should be in consecutive order number four the trumpets along with the seven churches and seven seals are started and initiated in the holy place are the first compartment the sanctuary and the reason for that is they become they are given from the altar of incense. Five to pull the seven trumpets out and put them in the holy of holies with the seven last play IGS is to take them out of their contacts. And six all of Scripture puts the altar of incense and the holy place not the most holy place with the exception of Hebrews seven Hebrews not four is out of sync with the rest of Scripture on the placement of the altar of incense the reasons for this could be and I looked it up there's probably seven reasons that I found some of them are kind of far fetched I'll give you the two that I think are arm are reasonable in this perhaps a translating error there are once in a while translating that's why Avonex believe in thought inspiration and not in an errant see in other words the prophets were not gods pin they were his so were you know so that the the thought is what's inspired. This is the why I prefer Paul is making a theological statement not a location statement and I tend to favor this because on the day of atonement the altar of incense had the blood placed on it as well as on the mercy seat so on that one day it could be included in both compartments OK S.J. gallon more reason why I lean to that the other thing is you always measure the obscure in the light of the clear and what you don't do you take all the clear and try to make it in the light of the obscure. So so a number A is the Book of Revelation itself places it in the holy place in Chapters one to leaven you are in the holy place of the heavenly sanctuary the most holy place is not opened until it's mentioned and Revelation eleven nineteen there is no appearance of the altar of incense and the most holy place in chapters eleven nineteen through Chapter twenty two so the context of Revelation itself. Places the altar of incense in the holy place and so if I'm operating in that context and that's why I. Believe that's that's correct but if you have a different picture that's OK but that's where I'm headed All right let's get back into this the trouble sort of God in the two groups the first four are God's judgments on Imperial Rome I made that point yesterday and then the last three are grouped together for the three woes and they are God's judgments on the POS state Christian Rome not just papal wrong per se but apostate Christian wrong each is judged by something like itself yesterday we talk about the trumpets Aargh the judgments of God. That are already in the land. The first trumpet sounded and there came hail and fire mixed with blood and they were thrown to the earth and a third of the earth was burned up and a third of the trees were burned up and the green grass was burned up Revelation eight seven I used to wonder this I said how do we what's that you have to mourn in there so they put some more chairs in here so come on in gentlemen there's a few more chairs. In here. So I used to wonder what does this mean but again I'd forgotten that the Bible is its own interpreter and that we need to search Scripture and fill on this one day reading through here and I was looking at my marginally You know you have you have this marginal references and I looked awful all here's some old testament marginal references why I've not seen that before if you want to come in I've got a couple three more chairs I think left in here raise your hand there's one there and there's one right here. I'm sorry what was it. Oh OK. So I said to myself I'm going to look those up and to my delight and surprise I begin to find something interesting I went back and I found God's judge months and the kinds of terminology that he used and that old testament of that third is common mysterious What does that mean why does God say a third third third. So let's just go maybe take a look at some of these Old Testament symbols and here is it is an easy kill eleven verse fifteen you've got Israel and apostasy and this is these are God's judgments on a POS state Israel one third of us' shall watch die of pestilence and be consumed with the famine in your midst one third shall fall by the sword all around you and I will scatter another third to all the womens and I will draw out the sword after them so it shall be a reproach a taunt a lesson in astonishment to the nations that are around you were not executed judgments among you and anger and fear eous theory and fears rebuke I the LORD have spoken as I have five eleven to fifteen. So I looked at that let's see if there's a is there another chair somewhere they've got right there so if you slip right down there are. Some eyes reminded me make sure that my own OK's now. So I I said to myself Why is God using a third here and why this that maybe of us the reason why he's using a third in the first four trumpets because that third follows all the way through those first four trumpets a third a third a third third. And I and as I got to looking at it and thinking about it God's judgments on Israel and Jeremiah and easy cool were not judgments of finality they were judgments impartial. Meaning that Israel was not going to be totally obliterated. It was going to be given an opportunity again. So I said to myself that word third then is trying to tell us that the that these judgments are not the final judgments that's another reason why you can't put them with the seven last planes seven last plagues is not going to be any return out of those things when they get done they're going to be that are going to be finished. So these judgments are not final judgments they are partial judgments and so that's why I believe the third is used used there so let's go back to easy Kuligin thirty eight of these Gog and Magog were easy kills code words for Babylon you have to go to the background check on time do all about today and notice the language is equal as he predicts God's judgments on ancient Babylon and ancient Babylon was the enemy of whom. And so in the New Testament Babylon the new Babylon becomes the enemy of. God's people. OK So and that and the New Testament Babylon was another code word for the for Rome and I talk about that yesterday notices equal thirty eight twenty two listen to the language is almost identical with pestilence and with blood enter into while. Judgment with him Babylon Gog and Magog. And I shall reign on him and his troops and know many peoples who are with him a tarantula reign with wot else stones fire and brimstone listen to the language it's almost a Democrat all to. Do what it was used in the Revelation so in the Old Testament God is using very similar language. Against the enemies of Israel as he's using their All right let's let's go on a talked about yesterday about Pagans wrongs cruelty to the early Christians it was horrible I don't have to get in the details as you know about do you think those people prayed for your spiritual ancestors. You think they pled with God. You think God heard those prayers you may not have answered immediately but he does here and he becomes angry some people look at you know there's a lot of study today about the rise and fall of the Roman Empire and were given a huge. Series three volumes on the home people talk today about the fall of the Roman Empire still a big deal in a lot of people's minds. Well I think it was overthrown by the warring self and I think the Bible predicted it with John and this is to give the early Christians courage we may be going through suffering now but God has not forgotten us and God will bring down the engines on our enemies and he will not allow the Christian faith to be obliterated some of these Roman pagan emperors they were horrible I mean not I. Time to get into them but they were absolutely unbelievable in they would have wiped out Christianity if God had not intervened I believe he intervened with the barbarians we call them barbarians today I'm probably looking at a bunch of us in this room. Start asking you about your origins including my own We're all a bunch of mixtures in here. So at any rate this is a map of the Western Roman Empire and it shows this as at least seven here there we know there were probably ten and it was all done and said and it shows there their attacks on the Roman Empire here here you have the Angles Saxons up here moving into England that was Roman territory at one time you got the Franks. Operating here moving in against than you got the guy and I don't know if I can follow all of those are find them all but you can see some of these are pretty extensive there's the vandals by the way we'll talk more about them in just a little bit they lodge and in all of these people's came out of probably out of the. Plains we would say the plains are the steeps of central Europe and Asia and then they begin to move down as they multiplied became strong they begin to move in on the Roman Empire poles are looking for land. And. Then Chile we all know what happened as a result of that of those tribes moving in there. Or eight as time passed the barbarians could no longer be held back in three seventy six several dramatic tribes broke through the dam you frontier and other soon followed the first trumpet I believe is a good representation of of the Gospel under a Larry they are. The Magic tribe now this is an amazing thing how long has United States been a nation. OK you did the math since seven hundred seventy six two hundred how many years. Thirty forty years it's. Wrong the city of Rome had never been invaded. For eight hundred years nearly eight hundred years. You think that produced stability all across Europe and parts of Asia very powerful. Pictures what was known as the iron cane them so here now with the gossip moving in under a lariat for the first time in nearly eight hundred years the city of Rome was invaded and sacked Can you imagine Washington D.C. being invaded and sacked. You get my point. Alair it was a Roman Officer who rebelled against and gather the German guy. First they ravished Eastern Europe then they invaded Italy from the Alps and then he moved into southern Italy where he died and was buried with his loot but the Roman Empire still survived it was over that was for ten four hundred ten years after Christ and by this time you also got the development of something else going on in Europe in that still rise of the Christian Church and its medieval form is not totally medieval at this point but it's headed in that direction. Who is a lair and the Gosselaar it began his career under the Gothic So those are soldier again assumed in the Roman army a larynx first appearance was the leader of a mixed band of gossip and allied people who invaded thrice That's Greece in three ninety one and were stop a. Hundred ninety one eighty after Christ and were stopped by the half invited vandal German general or state is named still a CO Anyway what. Take any of yours Annunciation or. You can see what's happening the Roman Empire and some of it is wise. So. Anyway in three ninety four he led the Gothic force of twenty thousand that help eastern Roman emperor the. Thank you defeat the Frankish usurper are both asked. By this time you've got cost in the whole being the second capital coming up in the place here despite the sacrificing the around ten thousand as min A Lera Creasy blow recognition from the Emperor and four zero eight Western Emperor. Honor us that's a good close order the execution of this really interesting naming. Still a show. And his family and this guy here was a relative of these Gosse. Amid rumors that the general had made a deal with a lair Honoris then he incited the Roman population to massacre tens of thousands of wives and children of the god in the Roman military. Can you imagine that can you imagine having a certain nationality operating in our armed forces and they knew some heroic things for you. And then you treat them by murdering their wives and children that's the kind of stuff here is going on well what do you suppose a lariat Gulf about that in the gossip subsequently around thirty thousand gothic soldiers defected to a lair and join his march on wrong to avenge their murder families. And that's how wrong got sacked the first time they were mad it's continuing here on the air moving swiftly along Roman rose a vis the leader thereupon laid siege to Rome in four zero eight Eventually the Senate granted him a substantial subsidy in addition Alair it forced the Senate to liberate all forty thousand gothic slaves in Rome you know how they got their slaves in the Roman Empire. And battle so if they defeated an army the people they didn't kill and that'll all been became their slaves whole families and that's why you find so many slaves in the Roman Empire so these gothic families have been and slaves and so the Gothic said all edition you will release all of that slaves in Rome. So in four zero nine the Visigoths against surrounded Raum negotiation with down and the summer of four Tim we see drawn for the third time allies within the capital open the gates for him on August twenty four for three days his troops sacked the city all the Visigoths plundered drawn they treated its inhabitants humanely and burned on Lee a few buildings as a reference to that. All right so this we continue this the second angel sounded and something like a great mountain burning with fire was thrown down into the sea and a third of the sea became blood that's kind of an interesting picture let's go back and see if we can find that imagery. In the old test will go back to that and the third of the living creatures in the sea died a third of the ships were destroyed revelation a nine the second trumpet shows a great burning mountain thrown into the sea. The vandals from North Africa were the next major attack on Rome so you have the you have the Gosse and the next one you have are the vandals and they're going to come out of North Africa Germany are fifty one twenty four going back the Old Testament God is speaking I will repay who Babylon Now Rome is being repaid the new Babylon the pagan realm I am against you old destroying mountain who destroys the whole earth Listen to this I will make you what. A burnt out Mountain mounds in ancient times were pictured as the place that you rules from so you wanted a big high mountain so to speak are the imagery was of the house of the picture here is that God is going to make the enemies of his church a burned out mountain and throw them into the sea so that maybe perhaps suggest some kind of a military. Battle from the. See who were the vandals that's common our language is it not if you want to say somebody did something whatever you say they vandalized something the vandals were an Easter Magic tribe or group of tribes who were first heard of in southern Poland but later moved around Europe establishing kingdoms in Spain and later North Africa in the fifth century the vandals are believed to have migrated from southern Scandinavia by the maybe they were related to the Vikings I don't know but for thirty nine they established a kingdom which included the Roman province of Africa as well as Sicily Corsica Sardinia Malta and the Belle Erich islands they fended off several Roman attempts to recapture the African province and sacked the city of Rome and for fifty five I found this kind of interesting this is a reconstruction the Germanic Iron Age warriors garments representing a vandal man and his life as they say he has a Subi and not one seventy eight. Interesting that's why they probably looked back in those days kind of a picture of them they're all right let's go and see what happens this is the vandal Kingdom this is North Africa. That borders there with the Mediterranean and there's Sicily some of these other islands in the Mediterranean and they they occupy those and so they they became a seafaring nation and their ships would pillage all up and down the Roman Empire all over this area and the Romans finally got they've had enough of it. So the Romans got tired of it and they said we've got to do something about this and so they're going to try to do that OK from North Africa John sirup the leader of the vandals ravaged the coast of the Rome and for fifty five the vandal. Sakte roamed itself three the Roma side put a stop to this intolerable situation and they built a war fleet of one thousand one hundred thirteen ships so they built this flu fleet in itself in constant ople to the heart of the vandals However in serach of course knows this and using a favorable wind is serach at night towed many large wooden ships filled with combustibles Now this is a quote from history. In the of security of the night these destructive vessels were impelled against an unguarded and unsuspecting fleet of the Romans who were awakened by a sense of their instant danger their close and crowded order assisted the progress of the fire which was communicated with rapid and irresistible violence and the noise of the wind and the crackling of the flames you get a big fire going it creates at its own when storms the disconsolately cries of the soldiers and the Mariners who can neither command nor obey increase the horror of the nocturnal too long while they labored to extract themselves from the fire ships and to save at least a part of the Navy the galleys have been serious salt of them with temperate and disciplined valor and many of the Romans with scape the firy of the flames were destroyed are taken by the victorious vandals that's given history the Roman Empire page four ninety five and were Nonny eggs you can imagine the awfulness of that night. All right going on to the next Roma still standing though it's still not destroyed but it is getting weaker with each succeeding judgment. Then we go back to that secret. Yeah I think you in the third angel sounded and a great star fell from heaven burning like a torch it fell in a third of the rivers on the springs of the water the name of the star was wormwood and a third of the waters became warm were to many men died from the water because it was made while bitter. This third trumpet falls from heaven and pauses reverses the springs were the word wormwood can also be translated poison so it's a. Deadly kind of a thing as a a fourteen for twelve four and twelve says take up this taunt against two there it is again king of Babylon Now look at the new Babylon How have you fallen from heaven oh what. We usually used as a reference to Lucifer and only but as Lucifer how human agency works through. Who was working through Hitler wasn't the Lord. Who was the he became the face of the very demonic terrible power. It was a boast of Attila the Hun it's interesting how these things still work in our language most everybody know if you say it till the Hun people usually know that has a still carried on Vandals the same way still carried down into our language to have those pictures of it it was a boast of the till the Hun if you're from. Hungary ary you may have been related to his guy I don't know. May not be either. It was the most of the grass never grew on the spot that his horse had trod he was called the scourge of God was the name he appropriated to himself and inserted among his royal titles he was the scourge of his enemy and terror to the world this is only. Ethe sons of the times volume one page two sixty seven to sixty nine some have referred to Tila Don as the first terrorist and there's a good reason for that because he came up to a city and he'd say you know you guys you can either surrender and let me pillage everything I want to pillage or if you don't I'll kill every one of you and when I get down there want to be thing with a heap of ashes here any minute and he did it. He was just known for his viciousness and this is a this is an ancient picture of some of his hordes running in you wouldn't want to see them outside your city I guarantee you that. I would want to see them here's a picture I found in the Elias of anxious picture of Attila the Hun I found a La Barre Can you see how they painted him though look here he's got a horns pointed ears. For forty one for fifty three is called the scourge of Italy but never sacked wrong. Now this is an unknown than the evil artist conception of Attila the Hun and probably is a lot closer to what he looked like they were handsome people this is a poem about him here Laza till the great king of the Han's the son of. You can say it the ruler of the most courageous tribes enjoying such powers have been unheard of before he possessed the. Cynthiana Anzor Matic tribes alone and had terrorized the word both empires of the Roman world conquering their cities and place aided by other inch and treaties are into. Another words gifts bribes that the rest might not be open to plunder he excepted an annual tribute actually achieve all this with great success he died not of an enemy's will not betrayed by friends in the midst of his unscathed people happy and gay without any thrilling of pain who therefore would think that this death was a death which nobody considers to demand revenge he was a polygamous of course and so he married a new bride and he died of a massive stroke that night. Yes yes the dates on forty one forty three. Or five. They may be I just some might ask me that day a while ago and I was reading this and I may not have these in the sack or order but anyway. Oh really. I'm sorry at my years I was because I used to teach. Then. Well. You'll find that trees and green grass are often representative of people and I mean put that you can find in scripture thinking from book revelation even to often symbolic people sometimes are there some are of God's people. To. The Fourth Angel sounded and the third of the sun was struck a third of the moon and a third of the stars some of the third of them were darkened and a third of the day did not shine and likewise the night revelation eight twelve. So what does this mean well I went back I got to think about this little bit more I went back to Genesis one sixteen God made two great lights the greater light to do why. As the govern the words some translations are rule the day. And then he made the moon the lesser light to govern rule the night he made the stars also so these are pictured in a sense of having rulership over the day and rulership over the night so this is really the governing structure symbolic of the governing structure of of Rome. And this is where we find Adi Aish there and the Oster Grosse. He was born for thirty three died in for ninety three he was the first barbarian King of Italy the data which he soon powers for seventy six us a big date you'll find that just about ALL historians will use that as the date of the fall of the Roman Empire. And that's because he's going to obliterate the governing structures of wrong so about four seventy he entered Italy joined the Roman army and rose to a position of command after the overthrow of the Western Emperor Julius the POS by Roman general arrests you would you would think I would be able now to spot just don't have a good tongue for Latin and German R.D.S. or led his tribesmen in a revolt against arrestees to remade on his promise to give the tribal leaders land in Italy on August twenty three for seventy six or was prick. Cane by his troops and five days later arrestees was captured it was the acting in power and captured and executed in place Cynthia Italy Adi Acer then deposed and exile arrest this young son the Emperor from only yes a gust Julius so that becomes the end of the Roman Empire and here's something I think that it's very very interesting. The well let me go back I'm going to take care of this and come to that conclusion the fourth trumpet a third of the sun a moon in the stars were dark and Rome as a nation is extinguished in four seventy six declares the name an office of the Roman emperor is to be abolished Roman Western wrong collapses and ushers into the dark ages this is a huge deal. This transition of the Dark Ages was not not fun here's the Zeke you'll thirty two two and seven and another one of Israel's ancient enemies was not only Babylon but the king of the south and that was Egypt and listen to the language as God judges Egypt and easy kill thirty two two to seven Son of Man take up the limitation of the fro king of Egypt and when I extinguish you in the interesting I will cover the heavens and darken their stars I will cover the sun with a cloud and the moon shall not give its light I will set what over your land darkness over you and the fascinating parallels I think of your hassling Well when the last of the Barbarian Invasions it's been its force the face of Europe in Durant's form independent dramatic Kingdoms have been established on the ruins of the Roman Empire so if you have any ancestors from Europe and North Africa or wherever you are your ancestors are part of this. So let's look at this next point here because great judgments brings down the great iron empire the Lord turns out its lights How long did that take this may answer your other question that you raised or earlier because this is a little surprising to people. The downfall of the Imperial Rome for ten A.D. the invasion sacking of Rome of the gospel for fifty five the vandal sack was wrong they were ravaging the coats of coast of Italy for forty one for fifty three the Huns under Tilla Terrazas Italy but never sacked wrong and for seventy six audience or conquers the city of Rome abolishes the office of the Western Roman Emperor from four ten to four seventy six eighty takes how many years sixty six years. So. These were all in our active in I think that's the point I wanted to make it wasn't just real close some of the thinking everything just being real clean little pockets it's not that way these things are all working in interacting together and it's in a very short period of time does it take a sixty six years and the whole thing is all the picture yes it's one of it's here is a very clear. And you don't see it saying that in the first four No And it's also in a much shorter time period the last three way blows take a much longer time period to do accomplish. All right. For many of the nineteenth and early twentieth century commentators on the fall Rome mark the death knell of and of education literacy sophisticated architecture advance economic interaction and not the least the rule a written law the Dark Ages which followed. Were dark not only because written sources were few and far between the because life had become nasty brutish and short. You would want to I don't I'm amazed that people's fascination with Medieval Times is one most awful horrible periods of human history and yet our world today just like it's almost demonic people are just absolutely fascinated with medieval history. All right those are that's why overview of it and it's been the traditional Avenue this overview of it. Revelation eight thirteen I looked and I heard an angel flying through the mist of heaven saying with a loud voice Whoa whoa whoa to the inhabitants of the earth because the remaining blast of the Trumpet of the three angels who are about to sound. So we're warned at this point that what we have coming is a lot worse than what we had going so this is not going to be a very good trip so to speak if you want to look at it that way so what is coming here the next three Trumpets are very severe this in Revelation eight verse thirteen I heard an angel flying in mid heaven saying a loud voice Whoa whoa whoa to those who dwell on the earth because the remaining blast of the Trumpet of the three angels that are about to sound two of these three angels are linked together by what we call the symbol of the locus horses. So the symbols themselves link these two together the apostasy of religious rum is now a challenge so by the time you get to the Dark Ages the start of the dark ages you have the rise of the Roman Papacy but you not only have that going on you have Byzantine Christianity also going in apostasy sometimes we neglect Byzantine Rome and Byzantine Christianity we usually think of visiting Christianity in the words of what today of orthodox Christianity because that was where you have. Cost in the fold but you also have the rise of the papacy and it's not too long you still have a functioning Eastern Roman Empire is still functioning but the western one has now been. Basically a wiped out and the person that takes the place of the rest of Western Roman emperors is the pope's everybodys for milieu without not secular historians say the same thing I'm not saying anything out of school here for sure. But now you're find that the posse of Religious Wrong is going to be challenge to and these next two woes by the rise of the Muslims the rise of the Reformation the rise of Revelations remanent and the rise of atheism secularism you find all of those operating in your world today they're all operating and they're all operating very powerfully so we're going to find that so again we're getting down to very close to this change you will see that as we go along. All right we'll look at the locus from the bottomless pit this is Revelation nine This is New King James Version reading from then the fifth angel sounded so you you get the prologue that says Pay attention. The fifth angel sounded and I saw a star fallen from heaven to the earth to him was given the key to the bottomless pit Now if you look at that word a bottomless pit it's the word abyss and you will see it again where do you see it again you see it in Revelation chapter twenty and there's another angel there that has the key and that Angel locks up somebody and his demons and puts them in the bottomless pit this is interesting the contrast between those two an angel this an angel is given the key to the bottom of the pit if you look and Revelation chapter twenty if I'm not mistaken the angel has the key to the bottomless pit So in other words it's like this somebody is giving permission to this angle to open this bottomless pit and let these powers out and I would talk a little bit more about that as they go along and they open the bottomless pit verse two and smoke aroused out of the pit like the smoke of a great furnace so the sun and the air were darkened because of the smoke of the pit and then out of the smoke locusts came upon the earth and to them was given power as the Scorpions of the earth have power they were commanded not to harm the grass of the earth or any green thing or any tree but only those men who do not have the seal of God Now there's another one where some people say the seal of God This has to be right down in the end of time but the seal of God has always been the seal of God uses him of God when it was given in Exodus. And has always been Sabbath keepers all the way down through time we I believe that the walled I think there's substantial support for it can't absolute prove that Godly the wall didn't see as many of the wall didn't Caesar Sabbath keepers The other thing that often we see the popular thing is that the wall didn't see these were the disciples of Waldo and there are some some truth to that and I'm not discounting that but I think the wall didn't seize had a place in Europe long before Waldo ever appeared as you have the apostasy of Christianity where you have the rise of these princes of the church who exercise absolute power over the church you also have and you don't find them you have to look for them in history but you have a counter movement or a movement that did not go along with those and they did stay in contact and they were all over the Roman Empire and they were the faithful people of God down through the centuries many of those people were in northern Italy right under the nose of the papacy and eventually a lot of those people were the Goths who had been converted to Christianity some of them are Auster GA some of these dramatic tribes if you go to northern Italy northern Italy ethnic this sickly on say that right from an ethnic standpoint looks a bit different than Southern Italy there's a difference between the two of them. And you find in northern Italy a lot of resistance to the papacy a lot of those people eventually retreated into the walled in C. and mountains as we know them today and they also were on the other side of the Alps We call me Abba gin seas I just read an article the other day. Wondering why the Roman Catholic Church has never. For the horrors that it extracted are opposed on the average unseen the average and sees and all we know about these people I mean they utterly a radical added them from the earth all we know about them is from their enemies so the only thing you know about them is what the papal forces said about them. And they said all kinds of things that were not true probably some things that were true but my guess is that they were per a lot of those people are pretty faithful people and we believe there were some Sabbath keepers in among those groups and it wasn't just there there were other pockets in Europe where people were faithful to the Lord so the warden sees are not simply a late phenomenon they are phenomena that really carried the truth and the scriptures all the way down from the apostles their their ancestors we owe them a lot because many of them kept translating the scriptures down through all these dark ages and that's where you get your. Your modern translations. Maybe I should talk for a minute on thinking that time used to do that today to talk a little bit about these modern translations we have we have the what we call the Textus Receptus that is the Greek tax and that great Texas where the King James Version and the New King James Version were translated from. And then you have some of the other translations that we have around us some depend on that but there are some other Greek texts that came into place that that have some dubious I think some dubious. Or I want some dubious sources. Let me explain why not what I mean by that. What the Lord incidents and other Christians had and what we have today were like two thousand pieces of ancient scripture for the New Testament on the New Testament the Old Testament we got it from the Jews and it's pretty solid because we have we have the Dead Sea Scrolls today and we know that the translations that we have in the Old Testament are pretty solid. So you have two thousand of these and these are all used to produce the the Greek text for which we translate into English or to any other language the New Testament however. Constantine ordered. Some translations made and they were put on parchment which survives but you can't trust Constantine and you couldn't trust the Christian high Archy that he was giving power to at that point a few years ago they discovered two we think there are two that came from him his time. They discovered one of them in what people think is Mt Sinai I don't happen to think it is but that's a different subject for a different time. And there's a monastery there and they found this ancient manuscript that we think probably came from Constantine's time on parchment and then they found another one and the Vatican. And they said these are older than the two thousand manuscripts so the mindset in the scholarly world and I understand that is that if it's old or it must be more accurate. Not necessarily is right. So the question is where you trust two thousand manuscripts and fragrance fragments verses these two these two Francis take out the story of. The woman who was caught in adultery I think that story's true. And there's other things that just totally leaves out it has some other interesting things like it has Jacob worshipping. The top of his have a staff. Kind of interesting kind of thing. Where you might could understand why that might happen. So you will see in modern translations like the new I love the new international love to read it it's still got God's word there and there's still a lot there but you have to use a little bit of caution my suggestion if you want a really good picture of this read the interger duction to a New King James Bible and I'll give you a great history of this if you watch in the margins of a new international It may go ahead with the story of Mary our the woman caught in adultery in there but then it will put it in our talents and then it will refer you to the center are the. Yeah the notes and it will say the oldest manuscripts do not contain this. And the oldest main ships are referring to our son Atticus and the one from the Vatican. The. The New American Standard is not quite as blunt and brazen it'll put it in there in the regular thing and then don't put a footnote in it that says that some of the more reliable or old remains. Because just don't contain this. But it's not quite is for slight So anyway these new some of these new translations are dependent on that So anyway you need to take that I still use them on I love some of the way the way they they put that Mark when I read the New International It speaks a nice modern language I wish the New King James had been a little bit more careful with that and what they were trying to do but I think they could have done it still preserved it I'm not an expert expert on it I just know the general and I watch the footnotes and that's all I'm telling you to do is to watch the footnotes on it as you read I still use a man and not I like the New American Standard It's got some really good translation In fact some of these translations help us better understand the Gospel in Romans in a few of those place because the language is more clear and some of those All right let's continue got another few minutes here let's see how far we get the open the so the sun the air were darkened because the smoke of the pit the now the smoke locusts came upon the earth and to them was given power as scorpions of the earth have power they were commanded not to harm the grass of the earth or any green thing or any tree but only those who do not have the seal of God in their forehead and they were given a forum. To kill them I'm sorry and they were not given authority to kill them but to what. I'm never been stung by a scorpion I don't want to be people anybody here been stung by a scorpion Oh you have been one fun was it. All you know. Old. Man you. OK Like of all why. Is the whole OK Couldn't given a better description probably though if you had to choose between that and Dom and back rattlesnake. I figure you probably would. That's the picture here in those days men will seek death and will not find it they would desire to die and death will flee to them the shape of the locus was like orcas are horses prepare for battle there's your symbol on their heads were crowns of something like a goal and their faces were like the faces of men that hair like women's hair and their teeth were like lions teeth and they had breastplates like breastplates of iron and the sound of their weans were like the sound of chariots of many horses running to battle they had tails like scorpions they were stains in their tails their power to hurt them in five months and they had a as a king over them the angel the bottomless pit whose name in the Hebrew is added on. Me But in the Greek His name is a poly on. One what was passed still two more coming so what is this attack you find something very interesting happening around six hundred A D. in the dark ages now are really getting under way the power of the papacy has been the stablished in five thirty three got my day correct here for. Five Thirty Eight A D. and let me tell you how the power of the papacy was a stablished again it was the Eastern Roman Emperor Justinian and if you go to a Catholic Encyclopedia they cannot say enough good about Justinian he knew he was the most glorious emperor that ever existed the reason for that is this that Italy itself under which wrong. Was had been taken over by these Germanic tribes and some of these dramatic Try were Ariens and other words they did not believe in God the Father God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. And so they have been we call the Arion ism and and they they had this controversy going with the pope and. Some people just think because the pope believe in God the Father God the Son of a Holy Spirit it must be wrong listen not everything the wrong Cali church teaches is wrong it's been messed up with a lot of stuff but it's an amalgamation of truth and error which after that the Bible clearly define what truth is OK Coming back to do that so these these dramatic tribes they were keeping the pope under their thumb so he doesn't have the freedom to exercise his power over Christianity and what he wants to do when you've got just steam in the Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire sitting over in Constantinople today known as is Stan Bowl and he setting over there and he's wanting to bring some order out of all of this he's a brilliant man and he comes up with a Justinian's law he comes up with a code and in that law he made the Pope of Rome the. The what's the word of the head the Bishop of all ministers of the gospel so in one fell swoop he puts it into coded law that the pope is inch. Arge of zero ministers and all churches and any dissention any points of argument that he was the final arbitrator that's what it said it's pretty powerful stuff the only problem is the germ Well that's true too. How will you there's only one and that's the Lord Jesus. Right yeah yeah that was part of that going going is actually right so but these these powers are holding the pope under their thumb so you can make all the laws you want to in five thirty three but you don't have any power to carry them in effect it just is Dot It's not a reality on the ground. So he understands this so he sends his general. Like to say it right. By a bell sorry a spell sorry S. Thank you. He sends his general bile Sarrasin about five thousand troops and the first thing he does he goes over and tacks North Africa and the Vandals and wins knocks those guys out and then he turns around and lands his army at Naples and marches on Rome. And the Gospel Germanic tribes just vacate the city. The way the happen in by thirty eight eighty. And that took Justinian's law and made the pope the papal power that it is today. There were some more battles between Bell Belforest and the gossip of the Gaza last and but but there you go there you go now so that's happening in five thirty eight. The Papacy now is on the rise and now you see another phenomena in the Middle East and it's called the Muslim religion now say that with kindness Nowadays people can really misunderstand if you have a difference of opinion. But thank the Lord we live in a land that you can have a different religion if you want you can believe what you want to lead for that. People try to control people's minds but at any rate but this power came up but it did not it wasn't took over the Middle East it did not become a threat to the Christian world until later when it got energized with the people we call today Turks and I'll get into that as we go up go along with that kind of sets up the picture here and they were not given authority to kill them but to torment them five months so there torment was like the torment of a score OK read that now let me let me just fast forward so you're plunging into the dark ages now and it's getting worse and worse and worse out of the plains of Europe keep coming these different try one of those tribes was the Turks and some people say that they were related both to the what we call Iran today people of eastern Iran and they were also related to the Mongols. Kind of maybe a combination of eventually they ended up down and Asia Minor what we call Turkey today but Asia Minor was Byzantine territory Asia Minor was where the seven churches are from Asia Minor was Christian territory but the Turks I'm not trying to be offensive I'm just trying to give some history here. They were they became converted to the Muslim religion and when they became converted the Muslim religion they had all this energy and what you want to call it but they were going in and they were beginning to attack and take over they were basically to start with they were different try and they had their little different territories they have different names for him but they all had their little little kingdom so and they were all having this fight to get down if you you get down to. About twelve hundred dark ages are really in the pits at this point and they're beginning to make their way into what we call today Turkey but the at one of those people was a member name of zero. Zero S. M A N Oz man that later became. Corrupted and week in week the world begin to call it the Ottoman Empire. But he was he was right up next to the Byzantine came damn. Can all of you I should have meant to put this map on there and forgot to do it can you see in your mind constant ennoble when you see the Black Sea. And you know the past that goes through there got yes not far from constant Oh no Paul there's a port call Nicko media say that right so much to correct me don't I'm not embarrassed to be corrected I'm just not really good with a lot of these names but you know we're cautioned over it why there's a port there that's a very important port and and not too far from that is a town called. Bass for us and bass for us is were an important battle was fought. And the question is now days is when did that battle take place and that's been a topic of a great deal of discussion I'm going to come back to that let's look at let's look at the data here for just a second Tom we all riled Tom get back to it tomorrow a star falls the earth is the key to the bottom of spit when unlock the smoke in the locust come out obviously this is symbolic the locust sting like scorpions they look like horses prepare for battle faces look like men but the hair like women they make. Life miserable for five prophetic months and their king is the angel of an abyss called wot a poly on we know who that is alright so remember now that wrong comes in two phases the first is Western imperial Rome has been destroyed by the dramatic tribes of Europe The second is a POS state Christian wrong represented eat by Eastern Byzantine Rome and the papacy or Papal Italy both have the following in common both of these both have combined religion with the state and other words the religion used the state to enforce its religious teachings that is totally contrary to the New Testament and that's why the American experiment is so unique and wonderful. Congress shall make no law establishing or are prohibited in the free exercise thereof probably in the great statements ever made. Both terribly persecuted Bible believing Christians. In have freedom of conscience. Number one Western imperial Rome is punished destroyed by the barbarian tribes or for crumpets Religious Wrong is punished by the rise of a new powerful religious power. Engine Israel had many enemies how did God punish ancient Israel's enemies Optima confusing them and then they ended up destroying one another who is the star that falls from heaven. At the Bible give the answer how are you far from heaven or what. So this is not this is not a good power may come from heaven but it's a fallen coming from heaven. And Jesus said to them I saw Satan fall I quote from heaven. So the great Red Dragon was cast out that old serpent of all called The Devil and Satan who deceive the whole world he was cast out to the earth and his angels were cast out with him Satan did not come here alone. Maybe this is a good time to talk about that a little bit when Jesus you mean when Jesus was confronted by the Domani X. on the opposite so we're sure of the Lake of Galilee and the demons made a request you with a request was. Don't let it don't send us to the abyss let us go into the. Why do you think they did that. Around me. Well this is the biggest thing in the devil is evil angels this thing's kind of a theme that runs through here just a bit and I'm going to give you my thoughts on it and you can do your own study on it but the devil is not given a free reign to do anything he wants to do on this earth. He may have claimed that he has a right here but Christ contested that on Calvary's cross we're still in the village in the bit of the great controversy it's coming to a close but there are limits to what these demons will do can do do these demons how many of us would be alive if they were given free reign their prophet tells they'd kill the little birds then kill everything that represents the life that God has created I think God has a jail on earth. That's my thing he has a jail and these things go too far these demonic forces he puts them somewhere they don't want to go. Now you know the juju says that these things are held of the Day of Judgment. So for whatever reasons at this point in history God gives the key. To the fallen angel and says you cannot. Rocket. And when he unlocks it another huge movement comes out and God is allowing this to happen because his own church. Has gone into apostasy just like ancient Israel when ancient Israel would go into apostasy What would God do with drawl his protecting hand and then you've got. The Midianites and the Amolak lights and whoever makes life miserable so I think you see the same thing happening here you've got Christianity going into apostasy and God just withdraws his hand and allows another movement to come in to check the apostasy you know the the devil doesn't care high destroys the church he can destroy you of paganism or he can destroy you with a POS state Christianity he just wants to wipe out the truth from the earth so that's what I think you see going on here. Satan is always working to confuse true religion for instance paganism and its many forms is a corruption of the true religion that was given to him That's right that's what Paganism is and the papacy and Byzantine or Byzantine is a corruption of the faith that was given to the Apostles in the early church so the Suman are moves from the premise that the scriptures are the only standard by which religion or teaching can be tested. So and I'm saying this because I want to be clear I don't know where this will end up there's no intent here to be disrespectful to anyone's belief I don't believe in doing that I can disagree with you I can disagree with you strongly but I don't think we should be making fun of people now you know freedom of speech gives people the right to do that if they want but we're Christians and we're not here to mock or to make fun people have sincerely. Held religion we should be respectful but that doesn't mean in my respect that aka I'm should be silence that I can't speak what I think is the truth. And if we get to that place then we're in really sad situation so each person should be free to search for the truth that's the genius of the American experiment the focus of these great prophecies is the care of the Lord Jesus over his church tomorrow. I'm going to get into when that five months started and I've got some of the most exciting up to date stuff am really excited about it and I'm going to share it tomorrow around the time today. Yeah that five months you want to know when that starts and there's a debate. And I'll talk more about it tomorrow but I will tell you this again. The Lord has his hand over his church and I get done with as we get done with this you'll see that so powerfully US power has for prayer Father in heaven thank you again today for your love and your mercy for holding your hand over your church you remove the ancient pagan Roman Empire and then you begin to raise up our allow forces to be raised up to check the apostasy of Christianity your eye is not only on the sparrow. But it's also on your people love you and want to walk in the light of the Bible and thank you for that in Jesus' name amen. This media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio or.


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