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2. The Power of One Song

Annie Moretta



  • December 28, 2017
    2:45 PM
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This message was presented at the G.U.Y.Z. twenty seventeen conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona for other resources like this visit us online at W W W dot. Org. So money was any. Presenting the second seminar which is the power of one song and kind of what I do on the music committee is I help all cordon a song services. To helping out with backstage stuff so you people you don't see me unless I'm actually unless you're back there and it's been quite the experience says you seniority Caleb he's the one who heads our committee and you know it's been it's been a trip from one moment to the next and we just love working with with people like you guys and. So kind of what we're going to be covering in this session is the power of your local church ministry and how we've worked in the past how we have done our art types of so our song services and how we have used our principles different principles from the Bible to keep us moving forward in whatever we do my goal for the seminar is first to inspire you and hopefully that you may continue to gain more knowledge and kind of be able to assimilate your own experience with music to how you can use it for church and also I also want to show you how we have work to songs Riis's And for those of you who do not know me which I feel like it's a lot of you I mean undergraduate student at Andrews University I was a music major for. Until this semester and I switched for more pre-professional reasons but I loved it I was able to get more experience and and music I play violin and I've been involved in my church ministry in other churches wherever we go there's always someone who asks us to us I guess musicians if they see you with a violin and they know that you play the piano sure you guys have experiences in one way or another they ask you to sing the ask you to play they ask you to do all sorts of things. I grew up kind of playing involved in music my parents actually had a start out with piano and we kind of grew up in that environment where we didn't think that we could let it go. Didn't give us that time to really to really think about you know well maybe this is a time to let it go sort of thing they just wanted us to keep playing music as far as we could. I look flaying in orchestras I played in the growing up as you symphony so you know kind of experiencing that world in coming to this have a world and I really thought I wanted to do music and my first year of college music education but I quickly realized that there was probably not my calling because of the kind of outside experience that we get and sometimes competitive in some ways and what I love to do is I love to minister through music to people all around me and my passion has been sharing Christian music and sometimes like I am speaking today and before we begin how many of you guys were at the last seminar that killa gave. GURREY its OK Second question how many of you guys are currently involved in your local church ministry. How many of you guys are pianists. Singers. Goes string instrumentalists Let's go. And so I guess brass and the rest of the orchestra OK organ There you go. You got three organ OK so. Well to recap but first let's have a word of prayer. To your gracious and heavily father I want to thank you for a beautiful day given to us a beautiful day to learn about you to serve you in what we do I want to ask you please bless what we do I want to ask you please help us to learn more help us to hear your words and help us to do your will ultimately that's our goal we want to be here to minister for others Lord to share your passion sure your love for for all of us and to show what you have done for everyone here in this room and in this world Lord. Please help us to be more like you in our music help our music to reflect the music that you would like us to have and that we may have an effect of ministry to bring others to you I want to thank you for each and every one of the people who are here and that me please be my voice and please help me to only share your words and you need my pray. So for those of you who are not here or soon do quick recap and. You know even though there was a fifteen minute break is probably something that we needed to go back into and a lot of these things have to do with church ministry and kill of talked about his personal experience music how music has affected him in his life he also talked about Lucifer and say in this spirit of music improvising example of what can happen when we don't commit our music and our attitudes to be wholly submitted to God. He had then asked the question What is the main motivation for you to do music what is the motivation for me to do music is it to bring attention to myself is it so that I can show other people how good I am is it to show other people that I am just you know a person who who has all these talents and gifts or is it actually to bring others to Christ and that's the question that we have to constantly ask ourselves as a musician I I kind of experience the the whole idea that when you're up on stage when you're out fright it feels like everything is for show it feels like you know it's very easy to slip into that thing where it's like oh well I'm the one who's directing music I'm the one who's playing this I'm the one who's doing that and that's where we begin to have our big problems. Kind of going back to history and what I like to do and. I remember in orchestra we played these massive symphonies and there was just always so much work so much competition I'd go home practice for hours and hours a day and then it came to song service and it came to our local church and we practice the night before we practice right before church and it wasn't because we didn't have time it's more like oh well you know we can play that if I can play the hard stuff I can play the easy stuff and that was kind of. How I begin to think of it and it just kind of took some time it kind of took some learning and I had to realize that ministry in our local church is so important it's so so much of what we do is involved in not only just music but in the rest of the worship service it's involved in when people go home and maybe they don't remember the sermon maybe they don't remember exactly what the pastor said but they may remember that one song they may remember that one him that you saying for a song service and that is such a beautiful thing and we chose kind of this name because the power of one song is so evident you can almost always I don't know if you guys have had this experience I know I have I know the intricate power present in just one song it can affect you emotionally can fax you intellectually and it's been such an intricate part of the worship service Lucifer played a large role and directing and singing praises to God We know that from inspired Scripture and we know that there were problems we know that that was the beginning it was almost as if the first major sin was associated with music and it was as if you know that slipping of pride is so easily. You can so easily come into it and we always imagine what it would be like to listen to this type of heavenly music you know whenever you hear Mass orchestra Mass Choir combined under the leadership of conductor I usually hear the words This is what heaven must sound like this is what heaven you know if we were in heaven right now three heard the angels this must be it right now as probably the closest thing we do have to heavenly music we don't know but we do know that Lucifer took his position and used it as a pedestal for his own glory giving. Thus the beginning of the plight that we have today and this shows that you know it can be so sin can be so closely associated with music pride and how we deal with different things you know kind of going back to. One of the first biblical mentions of people singing in a group can be found in Exodus fifteen she gives her bibles would be great if you get to turn to there and see. Exodus fifteen. Stone with verse one. Now put verse one into their. So. In Exodus fifteen we find that Moses and the children of Israel saying what it says saying to the Lord and spoke saying I will sing to the Lord for He has triumphed gloriously the horse and its rider he has thrown into the sea the Lord is my strength and song and he has become my salvation he is my God I will praise him my father's God and I will exalt him I want to keep going the Lord is a man of war the Lord is his name Farris chariots in his army he has cast into the sea his children captains all also are drowned in the sea the deaths have covered them they sink to the bottom like a stone your right hand a lord has become glorious and power your right hand Old Lord has dashed the great enemy in pieces and the greatness of your excellence you have overthrown those who have rose against you you have sent forth your wrath it consume them like stubble. And it continues on and it's a praise it's really a think song of Thanksgiving a song of praise because God had done something so marvelous so amazing in the lives he actually part of the Red Sea He did something that no one else could have done no human power could have been done they couldn't even explain it you know even as a as old maybe this is some sort of world event that really God was not involved in it just the matter of what happened the events that happened were so bizarre and they had to know they knew that it was God who was there to save them and when we come to. To fall out of their souls they for Thanksgiving praise and glory to the one who had the power and chose to save them from their near destruction. Oftentimes we associate music with just using but when we sing from our own thinks giving when we sing from our own praise when we sing from our hearts that's when things begin to change that's when we begin to see really how amazing God is how amazing music is how much it can do and we're going to go to another example Second Chronicles five and then the Second Chronicles five we can do a quick recap it's the. The temple. As Solomon built the temple. They were beginning to furnish it they were beginning to put things in it and one of the first things that they put in was the ark of the covenant. And the Ark of the Covenant was so special so saying to fight it in verse thirteen twelve eleven actually let's turn eleven. And Second Chronicles five eleven says and it came to pass when the priest came out of the most holy place for all the priests who were present had sanctified themselves without keeping to their divisions and the Levites who were the singers all those of a stuffed human and judge with son my bag with their sons and their brother and stood at the east and the altar cloth in white linen having symbols stringed instruments and harps and with them one hundred twenty priests sounding with trumpets indeed it came to pass when the trumpeters and singers were as one to make one sound to be heard in praising and thanking the Lord and when they lifted up their voice with the trumpets and cymbals and the music and praise the Lord saying for he is good for his mercy interest forever that the House of the Lord was filled the house the house the Lord was filled with the cloud so that the priest cannot continue ministry because of the cloud for the glory of the Lord had filled the house with God. Now music I said earlier music can be associated very easily with pride music can also be associated with the presence of God with the presence of the Holy Spirit. It was as the Ark of the Covenant was being brought in we see the process of saying to the cation and dedication and how it was a company buy music from the Levites it's important to know that in verse fourteen that the glory of the Lord filled the temple to a degree that they couldn't even continue because of that association because of that process of sanctification with music. And we're also going to go to one more example actually tumour examples next example is David David of course you guys all know the Psalms and if you haven't read through the songs I would suggest read them you know put them to song we don't know what the songs are you know as of today but putting those songs into song are beautiful are an amazing way to bring the Word of God into your heart and so kind of David was in a position where he recognized the power of music he recognized the influence of music on our emotional well being and. And conflict encourage plate one page one fifty nine and we see that David's skillful playing upon the harp soup through trouble spirit of Saul as he listened to the unchanging story of the music it was an influence to dispel the gloom which has settled upon him and to bring his excited mind into a more rational happy state. In this situation we see that solve was really in a bad position he was dealing with I'm sure a bunch of internal conflict he was just not himself he was struggling with probably depression he was struggling with a whole bunch of mental problems and David King. And he knew he knew the power of one song he knew the power of music on our motional well being. And as we continue we kind of see that David played music to sooth and calm giving Sol peace of mind really God asks us to to be that ministry to bring music that suits that calms that brings peace into our hearts and into our lives and we're going to continue on and Christ Jesus finally our ultimate example he had an experience with music that was unparalleled we really don't know that much but we do know from an spired scripture that are inspired words and writings that music was a strong help to Christ in resisting temptation and keeping a happy spirit and helping others in the book evangelism page for ninety eight we see that. Ellen White says that when others are impatient fretful and complaining because self is not subdued begin to sing some of the songs of Zion while Christ was working at the carpenter's bench others would surround him trying to cause him to be impatient but he would begin to sing he would begin seeing some of the beautiful songs and before they realized what they were doing they had joined with him in singing influence as it were by the power of the Holy Spirit which was there that is such an amazing power you know to have a situation where maybe you don't know how to confront people maybe you don't know how to tell them can you please stop bugging me please stop you know being this type of person for Christ's knew what to do he knew that music was such a strong and powerful encouraged it to those who were around him and it had the ability to change their whole outlook and the fact that they had joined in some of the singing as if they just didn't know why. Else to do because it was just the power of the song that was their missiles one simple song song from the soul from the heart from an experience that had enough power to bring the Holy Spirit into the hearts of those who were around Jesus later in his life Jesus used to use music to handle the problems that life threw at him and in the next school and education one sixty six C. with the song Jesus and his further life met temptation often when a sharp stinging often when sharp seeing words were spoken often when the atmosphere around him was heavy with gloom with that dissatisfaction distress and oppressive fear was heard his song of faith and holy cheer. And I don't know for how many of you guys were Pathfinders but that that motto words keep the song in your heart it really has an amazing power to change your outlook on life change how we how we view ourselves how we view the people around us if we continue to use music as a way to minister to others we begin to understand really what this whole concept of God's love what it's a whole concept of His glory His whole concept of what he wants for us what he wants for others and Jesus provides such an amazing example we have so much to learn from the power of one song. Jesus associated music with many other things many other issues he knew that there were different aspects all there then the way we we often think about and. Also Ellen White was no stranger to the power of music James Weiss had a voice that she described as still very unclear and if you actually read I don't know some of the quotes appear we have them he uses this description for. And she also uses this as a description for. How she wants other people to sing and her councils and church music and she follows a scription as the preferred tone or the sound that musicians and the church service should have and she saw firsthand the effect that music had upon the hearts of the people. She describes one instance where Elder James begin singing the song you will hear the Lord coming or if you could have heard that song it's you will hear the Lord occurring you will hear the Lord are coming you will hear the Lord a coming in a few. Days in the fall the and the music while the music while the music shelved the chair and think through the. And if you hear that if you really look at the words it doesn't seem like it's something that's super powerful it doesn't seem like it so well it seems like he's repeating the same thing over and over again but. The members of the congregation would fall completely silent. And. In life incidents of dark or of Elder dreams he writes good reader certainly cannot see put it in the repetition of these simple lines and if he has never heard the sweet melody to which they were attached he would be at a loss to see how one voice could employ them as to call nearly a thousand persons in almost breathless silence but it is a fact that there was in those days a power in what was called Advent singing such as what was felt in no other it seemed to me that not a hand or foot moved in the crowd before me till I had finished the words of this lengthy melody Many wept. Many What at this simple little song and it wasn't because the music was amazing it wasn't because it was glorious It wasn't because there was a full orchestra there was a full choir. Singing and it wasn't because he had even the full organ it was just because he was singing that one song with such power was such a dedication and such an experience that they had really no other no other experience and they had they have this this coming and they had wanted something they had wanted something in life and they wanted to see Jesus come again that was their motivator and whatever they did that needs to be harmonious reader as to what we do as to how we approach music. And. It was one of those things that. Was such an encouragement as a music leader as someone who helps coordinate these music things sometimes you know we always want or we sometimes want a person who plays the best person who sings the best a person who maybe comes from the outside person to you know we think that we need to put in all this effort but in reality Jesus just asked us to give our hearts and singing to employ our experience with Jesus and to continue growing to continue using that experience of what we do. And so we're going to. Kind of I'm going to talk about my experience personally. I had. Back when I was actually here in Phoenix I was I was young I was in high school it was my first time I was actually coming for a conference and. I remember that we were all canvassing we were all working hard we were all struggling we were all tired really you know when you walk all day you really don't talk to people you talk to people at the door sometimes you slam the door in your face something of an amazing experience it depends really on the day and he really can't let you can't let your spirit fall down just because you've got a million door stamped slammed on your face but I remember that for some reason I was just feeling down I felt alone I felt like there was really nothing as to. As to that could cheer me up and I was like Lord I feel like I've just so far away from you right now I just feel like I'm dealing with all these problems I'm dealing with all these things I have no. Idea how to even you know deal with my own emotions and I don't remember that there is a speaker who was actually speaking for the worship and I don't remember what he said in all honesty I don't remember what he said. But I do remember one thing I remember that at the end of his talk at the end of his worship. He began singing What a Friend We Have in Jesus and he's just saying it acapella he's saying it all by himself because you don't really need you know a whole bunch of people singing up there and he can sing What a Friend We Have in Jesus it was such a reminder for me personally that I have a friend I have someone who who can bring me to a different emotional place who can bring me happiness who can bring me joy can bring me peace and you know maybe he would have said it maybe he would have said the words but I think it was really the bell of the music that came with those words came with that that. The words that came basically as a poem There you go the words that came as a poem and how they were used in song that was really really changed the way I began to look at music at begin to affects the the principles that I use the principles that we use and begin to really begin building our our whole concept on how we view music. So we're going to continue on and we're going to kind of start on the second section and so it's kind of a how to section and all lot of you guys have been involved in music and there have been a lot of successful music as song services that maybe a lot of you have been involved in. But I know there are so a lot of also churches a lot of places where you know it's not as clear it's not as set forth in stone it's not. Very very inspiring to some people and so we're just going to start out. By talking about song services and you know really when you organize song service team what's the first thing you guys think about for those of you do so when we hear organized song services you OK if you you what's the first thing you think about when you organize a song service. Being on time OK. OK involving the congregation anybody else singers sing is or your first first step you have your singers and your instrumentalists Yes. Exactly the messages. Background music. Sorry went to practice always a crazy one for that one. One of the first things I think about when I'm setting up these songs are verses is the song leader team and your leader has to be enthusiastic they have to be consecrated willing and humble Those are my kind of core requirements type of thing. You know even if they're not amazing singers it's really nice of their amazing singers but what we really want to actually emphasize is how we associate music with it it's not exactly how we present it all the time it's not exactly old let's give you the best singer because the best singer maybe up there Lucifer was up there he was up there say good and he was amazing everybody loved him but he wasn't humble he wasn't consecrated he wasn't you know I guess he wasn't sick. Those are of the those are the things that also we as song leaders need to think about I constantly have to pray and I have to say Lord humble me and he does he holds me a lot and he shows me that I need to commit myself to him I need to constantly commit my own character has to be morbid to what he wants me to be and so when we pick our song leaders we pick kind of the people who are willing who even if it's last minute we've had so many issues we've had issues all the time every time we pass or in the worst part in dealing with song leaders is dealing people who don't want to change they don't want to continue or they don't want to you know change of practice time they don't want to you know all maybe can you think for this song service instead and they're like well you asked us. For this song service so we don't want to do the other song service if you change your mind but as music leaders we have to constantly be adjusting we have to be you know finding the people who are willing to really help out we had issues actually with with people who needed switching this year and. We had a group that I just knew from the get go that they were so willing to do whatever we needed to them to do and that was such a blessing such an encouragement so if you are song leader yourself this is one of the great things that helps those who coordinate we need people who are willing first more than anything and. And in your constant daily devotion ask God to humble you ask God to change you know your perspective on life your perspective on music. So we choose here at U.I.C. we actually choose the song leader and the song leader chooses their team so they can be comfortable with who they want to sing with I'm sure that in local churches it changes other people sign people it's really helpful for assigning people when they want to be part of a team but they don't want to be a leader and so oftentimes will do that and will actually put groups together and you know use them because they're willing and it's not always that we ask one song leader all the time it's more the people who even sentence stuff. And so then the next thing we think about is pianists pianists are your second your second actually more than more than the song leaders but they have kind of an equal equal level of importance we. We choose our pianists in a way that that they also are willing kind of the same way that song leaders are chosen and. One of the most important things if you are pianists I know a lot of you probably know this. A lot of you probably you know have have dealt with different experiences but one of the big things is that you know we ask for people to follow oftentimes instead of always leading. Because we need a mixture of both and I know there are pianists who are used to leading and maybe that's the case for you but if you have a good leader it's always best to have you know a pianist who follows instead of leads and for us one of our big things one of our big struggles is dragging and it's kind of practical you know kind of the song slows down and they can slow and it gets slower by the end of it you're standing there you know I've seen a few words type of thing maybe you guys don't have this experience but. One of the things I say to my to my peoples if you feel like it's too slow maybe it's too slow. One of us mention our company music and so people who play as part of your music. And kind of this testimony's nine hundred forty four kind of brings us really well it says in the meetings held let a number be chosen to take part in the song service and will let the singing be accompanied with music instruments skillfully handled where not to oppose the use of instrumental work music in our work this part of the service is to be carefully conducted for the praise of God and song. And the singer. The instrumentalists. Are one of the harder things to deal with I come from a smaller I came from a smaller church and one of the big issues was that the instrumentals were not always really. And we began to kind of incorporate our own personal how we interacted with their. Own personal experience and we began to actually encourage people to even take lessons. We encourage young people to not just you know play violin play piano when you go to church play throughout the week that's how we as me just musicians grow and when you practice when you have your young people those of you who are maybe leaders when you have young people involved throughout the week for me have them growing that's the most important part you need growth you need people who. Want to continue learning and I can you know even I continue practicing for you know special music so I have I have been prepared for song services I kind of have my idea of where I need to I need to continue practicing I don't just pull out my violin I don't just saying when I am I'm acts at church and so kind of the week development will also help a lot of song services a lot of programs and music as well as the voice should be cultivated we have to learn from our mistakes move on and you know how I began to learn is by how asking what I could do better and I would ask people and i'm so you know they'd always say you know that was amazing that was beautiful but then if you have some people that you know you can trust in you know ask them what could I do better there's always something that we could do better and there's always something that you know maybe it's not exactly outward but we have to continue growing in our music we can't just be stagnant that will affect the rest of your worship service. The next thing we kind of go through is how we choose the music everything. Star everything the selected message is Volume Three everything that is connected in any way with religious worship should be dignified solemn and impressive those three words are quite. Quite kind of intimidating but when you think about it we can't just have cheese. Music really when there are often times where we think oh well this is this is you know well it says God in it says Jesus and it you know it has to do something with the church but it's not exactly dignified it's not exactly maybe not always solemn in the way we think it is it's not like it has to be you know super down or we have to just kind of drive through it but something that actually moves us to move forward and the next thing the senior should be able to sing with understanding now we're not talking about we're not going be talking about music as far as you know popular music we're asked me talking that much about. About you know what music is OK what music is not OK because it's right now that's not really what we're doing we're kind of providing a practical aspect as to how to deal with your own personal ministry how to deal with your church ministry and. So when I say these things right I see these principles I want you guys to actually take these kind of dig deeper dig deeper than what I'm saying dig deeper and into the words study this for yourself and you have to know what principles you have to apply you can't just keep going I can't keep going and just do whatever I feel like doing I have to go back to my principles that go back to the principles that God has given through to was through inspired writings through the Word of God through other people and. We choose our him in a way that will actually complement the service and so oftentimes here we actually have schemes and themes for each day and so we choose our things we choose usually the first song to be of the the way I was personally train was to. To have a song that will first rouse them and then the next song can be something that slower and if you need the third song you know you can change it up but you want to have a progression of. Longs you want to start for example sometimes we say we start with praise research with praise and then we go with Thanksgiving and then we go with how we are church or how we use that phrase how that Thanksgiving and kind of continue and. Those to me singing a part of divine worship said should select hymns with music appropriate to the occasion the funeral notes but cheerful yet solemn melodies I don't have that up there the voice can and should be modulating softened and so. The temple should be upbeat and beginning to rouse the singers and then I I really think that song services are such an important part as to what atmosphere you want to bring to your church. I personally have an experience when I was in high school I was singing with a choir and they had their or the church that we went to had their divine service first and then we went back to my own church and they had defiance or a second so I experience all of us if we had to divine services to sorry services and the first song service was such as it was such a small church in reality it was a really small church there weren't you know it was us singing but we really loved the music that we were singing it was the small church singing but they were seen with such power such gusto and you could feel the Holy Spirit there you could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and then I had to see this but I went to the other church and. We had I actually experienced something that I had never experienced before I don't know if you guys have felt some sort of. There's not really a word for it but it's almost as if you've been disconnected from your past life and. It's a culture shock really it becomes a culture shock I went to that church and I experienced something that was completely. Different I begin to you know feel like if the Holy Spirit was leaving and it wasn't really because I felt like you know he was leaving I still felt like he was there but as the music continued it felt like the music was cheap it felt like the music was just you know there to entertain to you know help the help the young people sing because they wanted more of an upbeat song or they wonder a song that was more popular but I be it personally began to experience as if I was leaving the presence of the Holy Spirit and that's one of the worst things you could have in your church service oftentimes you don't feel it you don't see it because you're in that experience but having that shift coming from one place immediately to the next I begin to see the effect really you begin to see almost as if there's you see the war that's waging in your own church and us as as music leaders as people who play music as instrumentalists as singers that is the last thing you want to do music is meant to be a ministry music is meant to be something that we encourage others we lead others to Christ and really that is one of the. Hardest things to deal with. I don't want practical note one of the other things I dealt with was volume and I'm not going to talk about you know instruments or anything like that one of the interesting things was that you could have some you know perfect instrumental sort of thing but if it's too loud if you can't think that's where you begin to have problems it's in. Oh what rights here about a lot of noise shocks the senses and perverts that which is conducted right might be a blessing that might be a blessing the powers of say ten agencies blend with the din and the noise to have a carnival. And that is a term with the Holy Spirit working those things which have been in the past will be in the future Satan will make music is there a way by the way. A snare by the way it is conducted. And. If you oftentimes people think well we don't have you know these drums for example we don't have drums here G.O.C. But if we notice that the music is too loud for you to personally think. It begins to affect actually the the way you you begin to have a worship service and you really can't make decisions on your own you begin to lose that whole thing to lose yourself to the music which is not what God wants he wants us to use our minds to use our hearts to use you know every capability that we have to glorify and honor God only be other problems that I've seen and dealt with personally is with volume has been. The confusion often times there's so much noise or so much going on at once that it becomes you know you become lost in it and I'm going to move on to the next one so the Holy Spirit is nothing to do with such confusion of noise and multitude of sounds as passed before me last January she experienced one herself Ellen White and works amid the dead and confusion of such music which properly conducted would be praising Laura to God and he mixes of fact like a poison sting of the serpent we can see you know how easily we can switch from one from one side to the next how easily we can begin to push the Holy Spirit out of our own worship services and on a more practical more you know sense that we see is loud music can really damage your hearing and as a musician I I have a violin teacher and she has this she has actually where cotton balls in our ears when we practice that's one of the worst things to lose it's because when you get older you already lose your hearing and. And we don't want in our church services to be causing other people to be losing their hearing just because for example we wanted to you know drown out whatever we do and more for personal benefit more for personal safety. It's one of those things that we have to be very mindful of when we're playing when you know your sound technicians are working the sound board and having them. You know deal with that and you know maybe you can bring these things up and what I do I pull out your plugs when there's too much going on because the first before anything I want to protect the ears God has given me there's one thing that has been going around I've actually been researching a little bit it's called The Hidden hearing loss and. And it's still being it's still rather new we don't know that much about it it can't be tested in the same way that regular hearing can be tested but one of the dangerous things is that it actually affects the way your mind is interpret NG there's those sound waves young people are beginning to actually have these problems with for example if you guys were all speaking and I was trying to listen to one person I can't understand that person the sound waves are hitting my ears but in the process of coming from my ears into my thinking and my processing we begin to have problems and that is what is kind of we're beginning to see more and more of that and I just want to encourage you know as as you go through your church services I really want to encourage you guys to protects your audiences hearing I want to protect the the church is hearing and help them to to be able to hear more music later on. Kind of going back to the him. If you have no themes we usually center the music around Jesus maybe we'd center around Jesus coming back or Jesus you know but there's always transition that way we can go while the people who are seeing can say oh well from here you go to hear from here you can go to here and kind of connect those three together because I don't think you know one of the worst things to have is to just put songs there because you know it's just like old We'll just sing we'll just have a thing but we know that music is such a powerful powerful instrument in our priest and our glory in our worship. If not you know centered around what the pastor wants and one of the things that I get asked is how to incorporate young people into the music you guys are all young people. But you guys could also you know learn about that and we have to learn how to develop our own talents develop our own you know ways and one of the challenges that I dealt with us a violinist was actually how to how to kind of incorporate what I was doing out in orchestra and out in my practice sessions and my performances how to incorporate that into my church services and I began to see that even though I wasn't playing the same stuff I was actually learning how to produce sound while I was learning how to bring you know the most out of my instrument I was learning how to. How to incorporate different types of of the way I played music and use that in church and so you know playing even for as a violinist really I can only talk is violent as titles three I sing and I play a little bit of piano but as a violinist For example you know you deal with a broader and singers and other instruments list for example I just using that really simple example brought home. I've noticed that some people and I've also done it to you know sick with the same type of thing but if you keep developing your talents outside of the church you learn to you know how to slow down how to speed up that Roboto how to make the music that you're playing more impactful how to almost play as if you how you see and. A little push yourself you have to push yourself to to continue working hard. And one of the other things is I've I've also heard is how to deal with talent versus commitment and oftentimes you know they'll put up the same three people up on stage and because they're the best people but you know you really want to incorporate the church. And the people who are around me the people who are willing and. Music should be a channel into the complete worship service not just the service itself that's one of the other points music should be as effective as possible to win souls you know oftentimes we think well you know music is good as it is why should we fix what's not broken what we think is not broken but there's always different ways that we could win souls to Christ and there is actually no evangelism. Page five eleven says in some instances much time was devoted to singing there is a long him before prayer along him after prayer and much singing interspersed all through the meeting thus golden moments were used on wisely and not one half the good was done that might have been realized that had these precious seasons been properly managed Sometimes we'll have instances where you know you sing a lot more a lot and then you have a little tiny sermon a little tiny thing but really music should be part of a whole it's not just going to be music oh and then the sermon it should complement the sermon it should provide a way to connect though to provide a way to have an experience so that the person who is sitting there the person who is hearing you can associate the music you saying with the sermon and they can have a complete message to take home to change to. Grow spiritually. And. There's another one. In the next called Brother you has a good she's actually talk about experience or now a letter and brother you has a good knowledge of music but it's education in music was of a character to suit the stage rather the solemn worship of God So in this one she's actually addressing the fact that sometimes we put music as a show we put music as a you know its own per. Small thing and we're just going to show how good we are how good the music is and singing is just as much of a worship of God in a religious meaning as speaking and any oddity or peculiarity cultivated attracts the attention of the people and to stories serious solemn impressions which should be the result of sacred music anything strange and eccentric and singing detracts from the seriousness and sacredness of religious services that personally is really scary. You know it also has to do for example the organization if you have people running up there and you know doing things last minute it actually detracts from your service and you know maybe you think oh auditee particular area maybe it's just you know some person sing off tonight or some like that but even the smaller things how we deal with you know the how we manage and how we plan our song services that should not hinder the message of the music. And you know in reality music brings us together there as I was working with a. During pathways actually with a saying with the director of music of pathways and I'm friends with their daughter and. He actually mentioned something very interesting and he noted that when we when the church is actually bringing together for example a choir when the churches bring together teams of songs or misses they begin to connect they had issues for us talk about one certain example they were having issues with one church they were having issues with you know people wanted to separate people wanted through their own thing and then they started a choir they started to the church choir singing at church and they saying for song services they sang for different things and those problems began to go away and you know the way that deal with music you deal with music in your church can also affect if your church stays together or not because the real character of music has to come from the heart it really has to come from our own humble humility we have to humble ourselves before Christ and you know that way we begin to see others not as oh they're on their side we're on our side but people begin to connect people begin to see each other as as other children of God. And you know one thing I want to clarify is you may think that we're trying to advocate you know have us all the song service that's far from the truth we're trying to convince you to use certain instruments or you may try to think we're trying to convince you to use certain instruments to stop the case in this point. But these matters these principles matter and they're the guy that we need to follow we need to constantly be thinking Is this something that will glorify God Number one is this. Thing that will bring others to Christ and not just bring others to Christ for the church service bring others to Christ for the week bring others to Christ so they will go home and there inspire they go home minister Oh there was a great service it was a great song serous they go home and they're convicted that's one of the hardest things when you get convicted but that causes us to continually grow and to move forward and to bring others to Christ. These principles are one of the things you guys need we all need to set sorry I could sit here I could tell you what's right what's wrong. In the face but we need to examine properly the principles of music ministry and is it true is it virtuous is it respectable Is it genuine is it honorable is it you know all these different things that we think about is it here to glorify and honor guard are our song services in place just to entertain or to truly connect people with God Is it just something to connect on an emotional level or is it something that we can connect with on an intellectual level is it something that we can use not only when we go when we also go home so that you know we just don't go home and sing well since we don't have the choir since we don't have all the instruments I don't want to take the song you know we can go home and we can sing these songs while we're work while we're at school or walking to different places and the inspires that one song can move us. And just one thing I want to show is in this one and it's very important to know that those things which have been in the past will be in the future Satan will make music a snare by the way in which it is conducted God calls upon his people who have the light before them you guys we all have the light before them in the Word and the testimony is to read and consider and take heed clear and definite instruction has been given an order that all me understand but the itching desire to originate something new results of St. Doctrines and largely to stories the influence of those who would be a power for good if they held firm the beginning of their confidence in the truth the Lord has given them God has given us the tools he's given us the resources to keep growing to keep moving forward to influence the people around us influence the church around us one example of how far we actually close I go to a church and. One of the pastors of the church has actually written on his wall or on the church walk he's part of our music committees not here this year but he sent me this news really nice to see something that was written out something that was practical and it's written here and says I'm going to village church village church and they have six musicals. To never forget your purpose first in there as a musician the purpose music draws worshippers into the atmosphere of heaven and prepares hearts for the receiving of the word power music has the power to subdue the soul awaken convictions and stir it is are for God God's people who raise their voices and praise join the angel choirs and praising God and pivotal music provides pivotal in the band the battle for the soul of old ground. Saint who works hard to change Adam and Eve songs of praise to hatred and curses their maker is still seeking to redo real our songs of praise You know oftentimes we rethink that old maybe we all know this maybe we all kind of understand this oh I get it I don't really have to think about it but Satan is constantly working and we have to be constantly working to to actually resist that to resist Satan coming and the devil and all these issues of the world coming into our church and affecting the way we deal with you know how to lead others to Christ. And. That's one of the most important things to know is that we have to continually grow we have to continually be. In the in the will of God and submitting ourselves to meeting our church we pray for pray for your music ministry pray for you know your church have other people pray for your music ministry. It's one of the most important things we need to we need prayer in everything but in worship in music it's one of the most important things to pray to submit to be willing to be humble and if we continually do this full continually be leading others to Christ and Christ will work in their hearts we don't have to you know always do a show we don't always have to do these things Christ the one who's working on their hearts using us as his instruments he's using us to to grow and to. Actually send forth the sound waves to their minds but he's putting the conviction in their heart use the one who's who's dealing with you know how they're thinking and the Holy Spirit is really what we need in our church services wherever we go at all times and so you know I just I just call you guys to continually pray for yourselves for myself for your music's music committee music groups music committees music leaders and you know that we may continue to lead others to Christ that are all to call to lead others to him. So. I think that's about our time for two minutes but well just finish with a word of prayer. Dear gracious Certainly father want to thank you for a wonderful wonderful day given to certain and I want to thank you for giving us these words and these testimonies Lord help us to continue studying them and saw something that I can cover here large. Something that we. Study for ourselves need to create these principles. Set forth the roles and the Grahams ground rules that you want to set forth to help us to be submitted help us to be willing to help us to be committed to you and thank you for the blessing of allowing us to be part of your and part of your work and that we may bring others to you and thank you for all these blessings. This message was recorded at the G Y C twenty seventeen conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona she Y.C. supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and soul winning Christian to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W dot she Y.C. Web dot org.


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