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1. Empty in Sychar: Sexual Integrity for Women

Keala Thompson


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries



  • December 28, 2017
    9:15 AM
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This message was presented at the G twenty seventeen conference arise in Phoenix Arizona for other resources like this visit us online at W.W.W. dot. Org. Good morning everyone. Good to see here this morning so this seminar isn't tied to the truth about sex and sexuality and it's really about love sex and relationships and actually it's kind of builds on each one builds on each other and soul you can jump in any time you can miss other ones and you're not going to be lost at all but it's still below that a sense that at the end when you go to different presentations are going to see that it's going to come more alive because of the previous presentations so and you know I saw guys out there as I'm in the peeking in this morning but they don't want to come in a chorus but I think it's important that men do know the sexual temptations of women and because it is different and also I think it's important that women understand the temptations are men because I believe is going to help you in your relationships with the opposite sex in your when you have boyfriends or girlfriends even when you get married a husband or wife is going to tremendously help you in the relationship if you do understand now when your struggles but also the struggles of the opposite sex or don't feel it is just only for men or just only for women but you're welcome as well so we're going to do is. When a saw with looking into by Would John chapter four please when to turn to John chapter four were thirteen and fourteen is opening texts John for over thirteen and fourteen and the first presentation is untied ode M.T.N. psych or sexual integrity for women and sexual integrity for women. Now men and women both struggle with section but just this struggle in different ways and it's an urban legend as says that women do Nash juggle with sexual purity so how can you believe the lie that the only ones a struggle with sexual immorality when for every man that commits adultery it is always another woman. And so we're going to do is we're going to see that men had different struggles women individuals and the danger of it is and it's worse for women because the sexual stuff was a women is not openly talked about in fact you hardly even hear about it out there what their struggle is and so we're going to look at the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy to see what is really said about the different struggle between men and women and so it makes it even more dangerous because a lot of women bring this sexual lust thing I call it emotional lusting into the marriages and it ruins in this story is a marriages. And a lot times they actually make it seem like it's the man's fault a lot of time is really their own fault because they have now come in this area so we're looking at this this morning and as we study the defense weaknesses of the different sexes going to find out there's an overlap of men and women and it's and because of today because the days we're living in the confusion are rows and because we're going on in this world so as we open God's word may we be open to the Holy Spirit his convictions of you study God's word together let us pray. Father as your word is open. We humbly knew in our hearts before you in the ass that you may be a teacher and then we ourselves can do nothing and learn nothing and so Lord open our hearts and our minds to hear what you mean to be speaking to us today is a home or prayer in Jesus name him in. John chapter four over thirteen fourteen is opening tax Now what did Jesus offer the Samaritan woman John chapter of for thirteen fourteen about was says. Jesus answered and said to her whoever drinks of this water will thirst was. Again right but whoever drinks of the water that should give him were never thirst. But the water that should give him we're becoming him a fountain a water springing up into everlasting life so Jews saw that this woman's her well all of her heart was empty and she was longing in their heart for something more and every time she tried to fill it it always felt more and more empty and so Jesus said to something else here I want to fill you with this watter that you're never going to thirst again never going to hunger for something else you will be satisfied what's going on in your life and look at verse fifteen was a woman's response to this offer the Bible says in verse fifteen the woman said to him Sir give me this water that may not thirst nor come here to draw in other words this woman was was with thirsting for this water she wanted something that actually was satisfied a deep longs of her heart a deep longings within a bones and she wanted that but before she has received this fulfillment What did Jesus first bring up another verse sixteen in eighteen now that a says you know this woman wants this water just offer it is living water discord satisfied a deep longing for a soul to deep longings over so many offered as water and she said yes I want this want to give me this walk in the words come like someone tell me about the truth and he said You tell the person yes tell me the truth and summer was a tell you tell me the truth what would you do if they told you tell you the truth what would you do you would do it. Tell them the truth going with him and right for giving us live you want to tell me the truth and this intellectual true but I want you to notice what Jesus did first before he was able to give her this truth this present truth that she wanted so badly he did something else Jesus said to her Here is the truth that he said. What he say. Goal call you and go call your husband and come here I want you to notice that he did before she could be receptive to what was really the truth she first had to deal with the past relationships and of brokenness and deal with her sexual and emotional integrity and that's why in order to US beef truly fulfilled in Christ on a stand present truth and truth we must first be sexual sins within a motion integrity within us and that's what God wants us to understand you see that's what Jesus wants us to experience of fulfillment in our hearts but he has a deal with the brokenness within our lives the hurting the pain the emotional longings of all so first and so this morning we're going to do is Satan has a strategy of attack for both men and women really look at the strategy attack that he has for women and so we're going to do is going to go back six thousand years ago to the first relationship and I'm going to go back to Genesis chapter three verse one this is where he began his attack against Eve it was back in the Garden of Eden so turn me to Genesis chapter three verse one of your BY was please what happened in the Garden of Eden Genesis chapter three verse one. The Bible says. Now this strategy of attack that Satan uses he uses certain method and we are looking at these four methods he uses to get women to fall it says here in verse one No the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field with the Lord God had made and he said to the woman has God indeed said you should not eat of every tree of the garden so the first thing here we have is that has a serpent and what is the serpent doing it's what it's Or is it doing it's talking it's speaking now can't animals speak. No So here we have a false medium or another as you have a false medium here where animal cannot speak as a serpent to speak its all the first method of attack of strategy of attack to Satan uses against women is he uses a false medium to get his message across that's the first step by the way there is a fly A but I guess unfortunately Oh. Thank you very much. It's some people willing to hand it out OK thank you very much more. OK there is a fly right there so this will help you out as a handout that kind of follows along thank you very much for helping appreciate it. So the first step now the second thing continues on in verse one is cited your bible it says so the first thing is that. There was a false Mino So the first strategy attack was there was a false medium that say to news and in a second strategy was that he said he said to the woman has God indeed said you should not eat of every tree of the garden OK so what if there was he put the second thing is that what did Satan put inside of her mind what are you trying to get easy to do to what two dollars to put a questioning in a mind right of her current condition so the first step is that there's a false media and that he uses to get to attacker and then the second thing is that he actually puts a a questioning or doubt in a mind to question her current situation that maybe there's something out there that is better than what I have currently have and so does my job so that's what Satan was doing Eve That's the second step strategy of attack and then what was the response of each to the serpent look at verse two and three the Bible says and the woman said to the serpent We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden but a fruit of the tree which isn't a missile garden God said You should not eat nor you should touch it lest you die you see evil leaving the her core values as you believed she was satisfied with everything she had to satisfy with God to satisfy with her life she was satisfied with her husband and she was satisfied with the emotional needs that she had in her life she was satisfied and content with the current situation now I want you to notice that Satan strategy was not this it is such that it was not hey Eve Over here you know and by the way the tree was a chalk tip OK but to her in a mind she had the mental breaks that is not a chatted up because she loved God right she loved the husband so to her wasn't even attractive at all so if. Sit there and say hey Eve This route is very attractive of course it was God made it's very beautiful you know it's very beautiful and here is a hate catch and and sure the catch is that eat it eat take a bite wishing eating it no so the first thing you have to do as he had to get into her mind and change your mind somehow to make it look now that the food is attractive right so that's the whole concept not see this is here's the temptation to sin you know you know that's why many people are they're not they're not a chalked it up to the temptation but he had to get into her mind and that's what his focus was so look at verse four if I was the third thing that Satan did first four and five says. Then the serpent said to the woman you and surely die for God knows that in the day you know of it your eyes will be open and you will be like why would God knowing what good and evil are in other words is the third strategy attack in other words she decided if I would a current situation but all of us and as you say to wants to make her believe that there's something out there that's better for her out there then what she's currently experiencing right because if she was eat the fruit should be like what a dog right should actually come to a higher spear a ha an experience unlike ever anything ever experienced before so if you're really good about her her new experience her emotional needs fulfilled like unlike any way before in their life and so second by the third strategy attack to kind of get out to the next fear to the next level and the tempted there. And so does see his main goal dissatisfied in that she's missing out on something. Something out there and when she finally saw believe this lies in a mind write and say it is goal was not to get her to externally sin he wanted to change her thoughts and feelings in a mind first and then the external sins were. Follow the make sense bring him in that's all he told that character which is our thoughts of feeding also anything we're going to take to heaven our character is out of a way says our thoughts and feelings were the thoughts and feelings that we wear on the outside or is on the inside saw Satan is focused on changing your thoughts and change in your feelings and he changes your thoughts any changes your feelings then he knows that the external acts of sin will follow and that's clearly say many men so he wants he wants a change of mind he's a strategy attached to get into the woman's mind and once he got it there then verse six comes you know us talk about this the fruit you know is just the food eating the food on the outside and that's all sin came in No it was a planned strategy attack to change her mind on the inside knowing that verse six will fall automatically and that's what happened in verse six and what happened in verse six the Bible says in verse six so when the woman saw that the tree was was good for food in other words this is the first time she actually sees that is now good. Before in a mine. And I interested in their food right but all of a sudden because a mind had been change she is now interested in the fruit investor let me say man and then he worked on the mind the plays or the I and. You know women struggle differently for men women have higher levels of estrogen mower to emotional side and so Satan's attack for women is to attack. Women with emotional lusting men have less estrogen you know God wired us differently we're created differently from God He gave us different hormones that work differently we're going to learn that him in the next seminar but women struggle with a different type of lusting It's called emotional lusting and so he got her to fall so that's what happened here in verse six and it says it continues on and says that it was pleasant to the eyes and a tree desirable to make one wise she took up its fruit and ate. Only out the what city I worked inside of her heart on the inside you see that's what Satan's goal was first of all let's recap first of all he used first of all an unrealistic medium that he is a false reality to the other two to get eve right to sin next sate important questions and ease mind concerning her current situation that she's not content with her situation or with a God where her marriage with everything else with her man and the next thing is the city lady to believe that she is missing out on something better out there maybe is something out there that was I'm missing out upon be like a god I feel like a god are going to feel good if there's something out there and then finally the last thing was that Satan brings the temptation of making the forbidden fruit look attractive and bring it before her and make it good for food and these are to make one wives as clearly we see him and him and. That's why women struggle with emotional loss and just like easy modern ease today stating knows today that if you would openly show women the forbidden fruit and say hey if modern Eve eat of this fruit many women when I eat of it especially their love with their husband or the or there with a boyfriend they would not eat of it so say to a strategy of attack is he wants to get to them. And how does it get them to fall on his plan a strategy attack that was used six thousand years ago is still used today with high success and I can tell you from personal experiences. That many many relationships fail because of this. And the sad thing is that you know not only does you know this topic they asked me to speak on this topic of the truth about sex and sexuality and and I thought about it so you know this is really good because how many churches actually have seminars at their local churches about the subject Re how many actually schools even talk about a right how many of these you know even the parents were even touched this issue but you think about it if churches are not talking about it if our schools are not touching if a parent is the want to deal with it then tell you tell me why do you think our young people are learning all about the subject of. The world from whom their friends media the Internet you think the Internet is the best place for young people to learn about this topic why because the church is so offering is so scared to touch this topic and yet many people many young people follow fall in because it is a little known talk about you know the men sins which is more obvious but to deal with the emotional lusting of the heart for women on what even here that even in the world you know that's not even considered wrong you know and so Satan had the seed us today so the first thing a city uses from the tap for modern ease is that first of all he uses an unreal realistic medium of false reality they get her to not be content with the current situation or relationship to today he used this fictional romance novels soap operas love stories or magic comedies behaving in an event that sitcoms and even does the movies have even for the hour and I know that one hurts people to hear her three say event. As a medium to Spore relationships wrecked marriages and ruined section integrity now Humi out care because this is the mirror this is to bring diskette this content into a woman's heart about her current situation and I know where they create a desire for castle building look at your handle Look at his quotation it says here. Thousands are today in the insane asylum whose minds became unbalanced by novel reading which results in air castle building and lovesick sentimental ism So in other words you create like an air castle building now what is this air castle Erik air meaning that is up there in the air is not we oh kind I could daydreaming they doing me about what or what is a castle OK castle but in the ME in a castle you have a king in a queen and you also have a prince and a white princess so a castle building spirit in spirit provinces that the princess and in his castle is a princess in his castle and this Q. and A Cinderella Princess are a season there it is in this castle false medium of this beautiful air. Castle and she's been mistreated soul she Asif is very this content with her situation right now and she's miserable and what she looking forward to she looking for that somewhere out there she could be made happy like a goddess right out there that somehow there's someone out there some Prince Charming is going to come right and he's alright on his white horse to take us sweeper up a feed and while off into the sunset can he say whole. To live happily ever after I am from Hawaii by the way. Isn't a true. City of a miserable wretched condition this prince shines in a calm right in His Son so beautiful. Notices it in exportation So say you have been injured by reading love stories or romances and your mind has been fascinated by imperious thoughts the imaginations become corrupt and the seem to have no power to control your thoughts day and night dreaming Castle being a bad exceedingly dangerous habits when once a status it is next to impossible to break up such habits and direct the thoughts of Pira wholly elevated themes we have to become a fee for scent and over your eyes ears and all your senses if you would control your mind or prevent brain and corrupt thoughts and staining your soul the power of grace alone can accomplish this most is desirable work when I see him in this day dreaming having a crush on someone and this thinking about them and they do mean imagine in a scenario where you going to meet up with them in your mind and imagine what it's like to be with that person you know you keep on thinking like that and thinking like that what's going to happen when you finally find the love of your life you think that habit that you created your whole childhood from a little child being brainwashed as a little child. Be swept up at your feet you think that habit and all through high school with all those crushes you had all those guys I think all of a sudden you get married poof is automatic going to disappear of a sudden. Or you think that that that emotion last thing will come back to haunt you even in your marriage and many times not even going to realize even that could be possible. If you just possibly say many men. That is totally possible and I've seen it and many women have told me and has destroyed many marriages. And yet no one even touches the motionless thing of the heart is always the men's side right is the physical last thing in a right is not true and yet is not dealt with and is the most is the most dangerous sin because it is not talked about and yet many marriages and many times is projected upon as if it's the man's fault she's in the rela and that's how the next forty seven from that spirit passes so powerful listen to what it says this is for the Lord to show me the women of this class have had a magination perverted by novel reading daydreaming and castle building living in an imaginary world you know we talk about our young people read Going to the Internet and you know electronics and their escaping into fantasy island that's their excuse you know that's electronic but people not only escape into this electronic fantasy world but they do it through actually true love stories you know Disney films Imagineer world. They do not take of the light burdens would lie in their path and seek to make a happy cheerful home for their husbands. They expect others to anticipate their wants and do for them while their liberty to find fault in the question as they please these women have a love sick sentimental ism constantly thinking they are not appreciated that their husbands would not give them all of the attention they deserve they magine themselves martyrs. For me if I heard that before poor victim me my husband this isn't in fact my husband the head of the home I just to submit myself to him and poor me for us all the suffering that I go through poor me. And they go through that wall poor me poor son there Ellen me I long for the day I can be like a goddess and some prince charming and sweet No my feet and then can and worship me and serve me like the goddess that I am right. Right up to the sunset together. To live happily ever after. To live happily ever after is that really what happens with martyr poor me. Within every woman there is a natural sinful nature that is bent toward sexual emotion purity and what is love stories do is that the speed up the process immediate other words you already have a bent for this as a woman you know even men to you know as downie women as men too because you know I care because I have it so when I was younger like in high school you know I had this question is a girl and she like soap operas you know guys we don't like soap operas OK we just kind of man that's so boring right but because I want to have a kind of conversation with her and you know has an attack of ah I saw her forcing myself to watch the soap operas. So I am a lot to this soap opera and all but after a while. I got some food after a while. Oh can we still have estrogen and have S should invite the way Ray but it takes a little while to warm up and so like after I got into it even after the crush is over I'm like wow still is watching the soap opera. Because they got so sucked in right and so we have it within us and so that that bent is there and so when you watch these other things like you know like soap opera you watch these Disney films right what happens is speeds up the process it makes the intensity stronger within you a desire to want to do it even much more and so that's the danger of these false mediums the next step is that he poured a question in a mind concerning her present situation she may start comparing a boyfriend or husband with every other man you know she not this is the satisfy with her husband you know come home from work he comes from work he does kind of watches the T.V. and I got to do all the chores one powerful working all day you know why can't I have someone who actually shared a work with me I mean this kind of the thoughts are coming in within a mine and questioning. Everything that she could be. And then the next third step is that the two women to believe that they're missing out on something better than light there's something out there then the somewhere out there that maybe could treat me like a woman someone out there that could feel the emotional longings of my soul and my my heart maybe the guy at work and then finally see dissatisfied and now say thing comes after her mind is chained and she longed for something else right her mind changed before they're forbidden fruit here he eat it is true said no thank you now all of a sudden they're forbidden fruit they would make a like a goddess and the sooner rather dreams come true office set in now looks a chucked it. And saw it she looks at this forbidden fruit and Satan brings this for him he brings someone to you who looks handsome or cute because he can make you laugh. He brings someone to you forbidden fruit pleasant to your mind someone who is caring and is able to satisfy your emotional needs unlike anything before he makes thoroughly makes a fair bit of food to be desired to make you wise someone who brings you makes you very very intellectually stimulating a spiritually fulfilling that you've always longed for. So sitting works through all these things you know as at this point you know he has so looking back he has this these novels it brings to life he brings these movies into your life and they bring these men into life Ray and at this point he stated he sees many Christians in their walk with God because you know where Damon I'd be committing right and external act but they could still be emotionally lusting in the heart for another man right he magine. Your husband when you're married. Trying to get intimate with you transparent and in Rio trying to actually feel the emotion needs of your heart and connect and fulfill his emotional needs and yet you're out there somewhere else. Fantasizing daydreaming even about good memories with maybe a crush from the past just as an excuse just so that you can fulfill your motion knees and if you only motion needs a fulfilled from another man whether it's a real and imaginary in the your wife's mind don't you think that would affect your relationships and all along your husband could be frustrated discouraged not realizing that. The struggling and taking a blame maybe for everything that's happened in their life at a girl came with me to said after that you know you saw to everything you said issue because I fantasize about men you know people come people come into my life and I meet them and I could be the guy for the first time and already magine ing what it's like to be married to him if he's you know a really nice guy you know. And yet this is not a single story because. Many women told me the same thing. So what we're going to do is when to go back and turn to me to Matthew twenty four Firth thirty seven Matthew twenty four thirty seven bring into the days of today Matthew twenty four thirty seven how are the last days be like right before Jesus comes back again Matthew twenty four verse thirty seven. Can Obama says as how was it like before when it would be like when Jesus comes back in the back again the Bible says but as the days annoy were so also with the coming of the Son of Man be so in other ways in other words how it is today was like how it was in the days of nor right so the next question is how was it like in a daze and nor So let's go back to Genesis Chapter six verse fire just look at a few texts in Genesis of the six verse five. And how was it back then because we know how it was back then there were no hard like today and better able to deal with the struggles that we face today both women and men. The Bible says in verse five than the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every intent of the what thoughts of his heart was only what evil continually So in other words the thoughts back then in those days the thoughts were only evil continually and I was those evil thoughts evil imaginations right evil lusting right evil daydreaming castle building Love Sick sentimental ism that was going on back then and Jesus said what it was back then a noise there is going to be here and the last days here in itis of America what is even in this world today that's why the struggle today is back to one of the thoughts only evil lusting emotional lusting of the heart. Now what does God want to do with all imaginations and thoughts into second Corinthians Chapter ten verse five second create in chapter ten verse five the Bible says. Casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God and bring in into captivity every thought into the beat is a crisis what is event so in other words what dollars a day was the cast on your castle building imagination and any want to break down. Your evil thoughts within your mind and break it down I want to what you what is amen he not God is not only concerned with your actions but he wanted concern which are inside your thoughts your imaginations and he wants that to be purified to be clean if you really want your relationship to work is come to a point you know to say that marriages today are falling apart in the getting divorces but you know that number would be way more higher. If people would in shack up together you know why the reason why the shack and together in the not getting married because this saw afraid of commitment and getting a divorce or it is so afraid or like getting hurt they did Oh if you count the citizens of those who live together broke up and actually as a marriage there be way more divorces there was shown those who actually a marriage those again marry believe in is a two Sion and I actually want to make it work for you follow me and so if you can't the reality of what's really gonna going on in this world the make up situation even of marriage and divorce is way more hard and it is today. And so many times these marriages are broken relationships are hurting because this is the secret sin that is not being dealt with but we love it we need to deal with every secret sin when you see a man and God has called you to be a light to dissuade I want to be alone how about YOU him in so that John chapter four does go back to the woman at the well John chapter four verse twenty to twenty nine this see how it ends here John chapter four verse twenty eight and twenty nine The Bible says. The woman why did the Samaritan woman believe Jesus was across the bow says the woman then left the water pot went away into the city and said to demand concious man who told me all things that I ever did Could this be the crises in other words she told people about the Christ that here was a person who is able to understand everything in about I knew what her emotional needs were but also was able to fully satisfy them. And other words Jesus is the only one who knows everything about you and he is the only one who actually can fulfill all your disappointments in your life no one on this earth can satisfy what is amen only Christ can surely satisfy you in your heart you know well must first be filled with Jesus Christ for as well as event and then you can be safe to go out and have it fulfilled by a husband. So I know what a boyfriend. Fiance but he must first be filled with Jesus Christ you know a lot of people long out there who long for something more than they currently have they have many relationships addicted to love and relationships but they're not satisfy it something they feel is missing in their life and they can't put their finger on and that's why they jump to these movies because they long for something more that they're not satisfied with the current situation and looking to be treated like a goddess somehow unlike a boyfriend or in this other guy is more nicer and more you know he's he must more spiritual or if it was my emotional need to look. To all these different guys but only Jesus Christ can truly give us the living water I want to have the men. That's what God wants he wants you to be satisfied you have to be satisfied with it and even you satisfy you know the women I know who are satisfied but they didn't understand the strategies attack of attack to say he has against women so all this time this relationship in a marriage a struggle and a committed Christians but all this time did in realize that there are reminiscing and fantasizing and Cassaday Jamie about even pass boyfriends in the past who in their whom they love growing up they think that that was wrong. And yet there was a very thing that separate emotionally do it in a valley or a barrier between them and their parents does that make sense to you this morning let's kill it clearly me so many men. And yet I see this all over the place God wants to bring healing you know at the cross when Jesus died. When a soldier told the side of Jesus with a spear all came to streams. Out of the cross one stream came up blood another stream came out was water. So that the cross in a cross is so beautiful because the cross of videos there's no other place in his native bed it reveals how much God loves you that at the cross of Calvary what is a man so the cross of Calvary the water just this water this woman were thirsting for it came out of the side of Jesus and if it could fulfill the deep longing emotional needs of your own heart within your soul what is event you must go to the cross and across the sea the love of God how much he loves you too to die for you you see the love of God on the cross and you drink from that water every day it's good to spend a thought for our every day we're told right the plane the life of Christ especially the closing scenes was represents the cross the thing about the closing scenes in the love of God and how much Jesus loves you on the cross of Calvary and you drink of that water coming from your side that are quench your thirst and longings of your soul and only Jesus can fulfill that longing and you saw I want the whole bunch of the men. God wants us us to be sexually pure not only in our actions but also in our imaginations and in our thoughts and that's going to only happen if we make some commitments to them you know for every con a fit there is a true what is even so yes there is a con if it's here or there the con the fits of the Satan has with this false medium the con if it being dissatisfied with your life and you know some Prince Charming to come it is a con if it is for every con and the fact that there is a counterfeit that means there must be a chewer in order to as found as found in the Word of God It is Jesus Christ that is event so in the Word of God according to their nine verse six Jesus Christ is the true prince of peace what is a man. And this prisoner piece the true prince Jesus who in Revelation nine hundred eleven is riding on a white horse turning him into some even say what is a and is riding on his white horse to come here to save us out of our pitiful condition and Galatians up to one verse for an evil world and then he takes us in Revelation twenty one verse three to wired up together into the eternal sunset of Revelation twenty two verse five to reign together for ever and ever after while a beautiful love story what is the event that is a true story what Jesus wants to do with you and your life. We must serenity and so I have covered the challenges and leave with you. By the way the if you have any questions I'm going to open up a little bit at the end you could ask a question and then I would do a little Q. and A because we have a little bit time at the end OK so you have a question can write it down and you can share in our try as best to answer them so the company challenges this and is based upon better promises or God's promises to us because we're told inspiration at our promises are like ropes of sand right you cannot do anything with them so the first thing is that covenant number one covenant to ask God to speak to you of His love for you what is event because love is powerful love can break addictions love is very powerful. To cut into asked Jesus to reveal to you that he is your only true prince charming when you see event three covenant to start reading all romance novels from watching all soap operas of math the comedy movies are man's comedy sitcoms and Disney movies it's OK having him in event. So he's still hurt even though and I know. Covered in to capture we're you rehearse scenario thoughts and bring them to the beat inside of Jesus Christ so he say amen six company to escape from the imaginary world back into the real world what is a event that's a God once for all of us here you know a six it takes they say it takes three weeks in order to overcome. An addiction and it takes up to six weeks overcome a sexual habit or the addiction and so here's some things and I recommend no face the more that I recommend face and experience healing for your past hurts In other words you know I believe the emotional lasting a lot of times of the heart that's a symptom and I says we need to reason Fung cause to effect justice in effect there's a root cause over here that's causing this problem. Now. I give an example we have a school. If you're interested in we have flyers here we have a booth here and so there is an exhibition hall but we have a school and. We deal a motion healing dealing with root causes and we just finished a school in Hawaii and we create a safe place so this a couple came up and it was a it was a gay couple to two women and we deal with helping people experience healing from the emotional wounds so we help their experience healing go dicta to heavy drugs in a crystal meth ice so heavy drugs alcohol you know from the first day because we combined the physical healing emotional healing from the first day they were all cleaned off all drugs they got clean all the way through didn't fall has been about a month and a half two months later they haven't fallen back yet and I just heard a week ago that and we did touched really the issue we did has the issue about the sexual sin of a gay lifestyle because our dealing with the emotion something happened in the past in the healing from and we dealt with that and the experience of healing you could tell they experience healing about a week ago one of my colleagues was met them at the church and they told them here that the couple or a gay couple decided on their own to break up their relationships. And they broke it off and he cited to actually seek relationships with men individually on their own. Because he dealing with the root cause he deal with the root causes whatever sex abuse whatever happened to them in the past have been sexual abuse their bad relationships or whatever with the parents or ex boyfriends or whatever it is they hear from that pain and hurt. Then these external senses of they will fall away because they make sense you dealing with the root cause and that's why a lot of these emotional lusting of the heart has a deal with it something happened in the past you have to deal with those together go back experience healing you know. Even Jesus way he could he go to say OK here's a present truth here's about was study right here is a study you need to learn but he went back to her brokenness offer Pastor Wright give me the truth book in it's of a past and there were broken S. re what five husband you got married you got divorced are you seeking for love married of are all these brokenness but you deal with that brokenness and heal from that and then he says OK now you're ready and his external sins before the way that's what it is to deal with the root cause that's the first thing second thing so. The first thing second thing really think upon the love that God has for you specially on the cross. And the way it says love. The biases Galatians five or six. Faith which works how does faith work faith with works by what love in other words without love can it work there's no beating what is in men and I say is love is the agent but with sin is expelled from the heart what is Event love is age in other words without love does love you can have big Jovi addictions being a man a man in this way you need to have God's love that's why you look at God's love that's where you need to focus upon God's love in a thoughtful hour every day especially the close in scenes of God's Love three and if you change a lifestyle your diet you know it's going to totally help you overcome your you know the emotional lusting of your hormones even more so and then the last thing allow God to take you through suffering this is a means to bring victory in your life I want victory how about you what he said he met OK We have some time here and song I'm going to ask isn't when you want to come up maybe ask a question here and I want to say to you can ask a question and do my best to kind of answer and maybe have questions about anything that you have or said there or anything in this coming can ask a question I can share. And when bored enough it's OK. It all makes sense to you. Ha. It's called Healing brain. It's a tool five. And we have another question making this the other from here and I can restate in any other question it's come down to you would be on the same level. Yes go ahead. OK a chain your diet OK that's a good you know the next seven and then go more into specific and but it talks about certain foods that inflame the passions even more so and so that's why you can't separate the body from the mind in the mind from the body is connected that's why Jesus is knowing Jesus he actually. You know people are sick and I hear I hear people say you know Jesus healed the physical before he healed the spiritual emotional but you know that's not true because so maybe line and ground paralyze and he wouldn't say rise up and walk but he say your sins be what forgiven you in other words he dealt with the emotional pain of bitterness anger resentment right unforgiveness hatred he dealt with those negative emotions and the sins of those on forgiveness and bitterness he would be here with them from that as he would then with the emotional level then they're able to rise up and walk what is amen because the negative emotions kill the body know that you know that people get angry when they get a heart attack or have to be home angry right the negative emotions affects the body and so the hearts failing them for fear fear actually can create a heart attack right so there's a lot of things a connection the emotion of I saw it die down either the negative emotion the fight the body but your body affects the mine as well and also the passions so good question. Now. That's a good or that's a whole sermon Yeah that's a very powerful question and fear is based upon the Bible says God has not given us a spirit of fear but by the power out of what love and I saw my answer is the whole sermon saw but the opposite the three opposites of fear one of the opposite is the middle one was love so. Love and fear cannot co-exist so when you have love there's no fear but we have fear there can be no love. And that's including the relationship so we have a relationship and you're afraid of your boyfriend you may love your boyfriend at one time in beginning but he continues to beat you up after a while that fear of being that person were eventually going to kill the love you have for it that makes sense or you go for the manipulative and obscene emotionally abusive throw you a verbal abuse it or you that fear of being heard or seen a wrong thing to a friend you re is going to eventually kill the love that you have and fear and love can exist score exists so we have God's love perfect love casts. Fear that makes sense right so that's how you overcome fear you have to focus want to get across everything points to the cross or the points of God's love as a solution for everything out there because word has a solution for every single problem we have in this world. Cup so we had like in their hands a coming out I think I saw his hand for a sky. Can sorry I did his warning if if fear he said again fear how do you do how do you move forward if ever fear of being hurt again or of. Yeah so we become basically basically saying that you're living a life base upon fear and how to get away from that. Question. Yeah so. We deal with you have to look at abuse first we study abuse and then what is abuse and then from there you have to we go back to because we go to the the Bible how everyone has been abused but it's sexual abuse physical abuse domestic violence and we actually deal with spiritual abuse which is actually another unspoken thing that kills a lot of people in our church but all abuse it always struggle with a low self-worth that's all ours so we have to deal with that and heal from that and help them to deal with a little south where there's always a pattern with everything that works and we help in the soul that how wants a person is worth based upon the cross of Calvary again. As basic Ansari and as we actually have Pope presentations on the whole subject but it's come like a big picture you can do like a summary of. A thirty second summary of self-worth. And it's about thirty seconds. That I could make a quick quick kind of healing session here thirty seconds. You know. I think at this point some look at so so you want to know a summary of how to heal from a low self-worth from whatever abuse you have psychological abuse from your parents you know of abuse for your relationships or sexual abuse from someone or even domestic violence so this Bible comes you believe this by was worth. How do you think a body for I thing you would pay for it how do you pay for his Bible. Forty dollars. And when else forty five forty five in one out there fifty. I got it for twenty five dollars like in Canada so that's of better price at that time for thank you for you God is good kind of falling apart I just thought it was kind of is falling apart and. So now savor that forty dollars but what if I said. This Bible was given to me by my dad who passed away how do you think is by Will worth to me now forty dollars maybe I paid for it whatever but how do you think is worth to me now. Now is like priceless so it is priceless. So how much something is worth is based upon how much someone is willing to pay for it. When next question to be. Was anyone who is willing to pay anything for. Well before that. How much is Jesus worth a. Million dollars two million. Ten million dollars is always worth to you. Lies how many if you put a price can you put a person Jesus on these were billions is it worth more than the billions you hear is right he's a creator god now without question is has anyone ever paid a price for you. When I question how much so you are. How much you worth it is based upon like this Bible how much someone is willing to I. Pay for you so your worth is based upon how much someone is willing to pay for you I mean that's question is has there been anyone who has ever paid anything for you has or what he paid for YOU million dollars two million dollars. His life is God's life worth. Priceless In other words if God's life is priceless and you have been abused feel like you are worth nothing then realize that he gave his life for you in other words he exchanges life for you meaning that you worth the price of God What you say Amen that's how much you're worth to God That's how beautiful you are to God the Son was your worth that's all precious you are the guy so don't ever doubt I want you worth to God or the same in effect on the cross of Calvary when he had to choose between you when he saw you and it is being you or himself who do you choose you right so on the cross of Calvary when he chose you know he is really saying. You are worth more I. Thank God. That's how precious you are to God so how can we have a dollar how much we're worth. To God when you want Reno that you walk around with a holy bonus. Worth I'm priceless and eyes of God that gives me faith that gives me confidence because I was you were. All to help and. If you're innocent in all school come to our booth We have flyers for the schools and have a brochure. My wife in the back there you can sign up for her and whisper it on a mailing list so when on next school is a coming up and our next segment our. Presentation starts in fifteen minutes is going to be on men sex or take you away for men but is open for women too in fact you know I highly recommend it because it's going to help in a relationship so thank you let's let's pray Father thank You for this time and we pray that you may take the lessons that you taught us and apply it into our lives and they realize how much you truly love us is up for and you just name. Names. This message was recorded at the G Y C twenty seven team conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona. G Y C S A pretty Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ entered and so many Christians to download were purchased other resources like this visit us online at W.W.W. dot she Y.C. Web dot org.


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