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Timeline of Forgiveness

Peter Chung


Peter Chung

Gospel worker evangelist: Revelation of Hope Ministries.  History and Government teacher: San Gabriel Academy.


  • November 17, 2017
    7:00 PM
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Father our Father God in heaven Father we thank you for the preciousness of life we thank you for breath in our lands in the heart that. And Father we thank you that you saw. To worship with you in the Sabbath in spirit in truth and father much has been invested by this church for this church family to gain a blessing so I pray and plead that I be a blessing than a curse to people I see fill me with your Holy Spirit that you use me a broken sinful man preach a beautiful glorious message and so father may your people see your love may your people see your redemption through the study of this prophecy that we know all too well. May we carry this message through all the world. We live in a very divisive WORLD TODAY a world that is very very very partisan political e this nation is very divisive ethnically and racially this nation is very divisive even within the Church it has become very very. All sorts of theological issues all sorts of different interpretations all sorts of different ideas have been conflicting from Progressive Conservative to present true church seems to be a church full of factions that time. Where there is a solution because with every problem God has a solution and so the serving the Lord this one across the game a solution to the disunity in the church today and that's what she rides in early rise page fifty three Paragraph two inspiration States there are many precious truths contained in the Word of God what it is what present what do we need present through that the flock means. Now I have seen the dangers of the messengers running off an important point to present truth that war parts are just that are not calculated to what the flock unite the flock air sanctify the source of what is present truth to unite the flock and sanctify the soul so we need to know what present truth is amen and what is present to Satan when we take every possible advantage of the cause but such subjects as the sanctuary in connection with twenty three hundred days the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus so present truth value not the flock is the same she wary twenty three hundred days the commandments of God and faith of Jesus are perfectly calculate exclaimed the past Adam woman and show one our present position is established the faith of the doubt and give certainty to the glorious future these are these are frequently seen where the principle subject and which the messengers should do well so one of the components to bring unity to the flock those present true is the twenty three hundred a prophecy as if there were going to learn. To the twenty three hundred a prophecy now question where is the twenty three hundred a prophecy found in what chapter and what verse Daniel chapter a verse fourteen the Bible says unto two thousand three hundred days then the century war is shall be cleansed and we know that a day equals a year in Bible prophecy number fourteen thirty four and is equal chapter for verse six so that twenty three hundred days is three hundred years now who was given this prophecy obvious answer it was the prophet Daniel and when Daniel was given this prophecy something happened when he was given the prophecy the Bible says the day on Saturday verse twenty seven when Daniel was given the prophecy of the twenty three hundred days that he fainted that he became weak. You see Daniel concluded that the same sure he was a literal temple it was deeply disturbed that it would take another twenty three hundred years because Daniel was in captivity in Babylon that he thought that Israel would be in captivity under Balam for another twenty three hundred years now how do you like it when you anticipate me you'll be free all for example for me I counted the days for Thanksgiving vacation not that I hate my job but I just need to rest as a schoolteacher you work about fourteen fifteen even sixteen hours a day sometimes just preparing to do everything so I was counting the days when things really break would happen and suppose I was the perpetual loop that that happened over and over again for another year and out felt pretty bad when it would probably fail is that correct you see Daniel had a similar experience except he with a far more difficult situation because he was anticipating liberty and going back to his homeland to worship freely and so Daniel was really bothered any fainted when he was given this prophecy it was highly the stor So what did Daniel do when he was disturbed you see I made this mistake as well when we're bothered and were disturbed we often go to our friend we often go to a family member we often go to a loved one we go to everybody else but one that didn't give us a solution to all our problems which is God. More on question and fallible man than infallible God and Danio when he was deeply disturbed What did he do he went to God And so the Bible says in their own chapter nine verse two and three the Bible says in the first day of his reign I dare you understood by books the number of the years were of the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah the prophet that he would accomplish seventy years in the desolation of Jerusalem so Danny was anticipating that the seventy years would finish were the Jewish nation will be free from baboons yoke as Jeremiah prophesied And so Daniel was anticipating that but when he got to twenty three hundred they prophesy that he is twenty three hundred years he thought all know God is adding to our punishment. Another twenty three hundred years to the seventy years but when Danny was deeply the storm those of Daniel did the Bible says and I sent my face on to the Lord God to sit by while prayer and supplication and fasting and sackcloth and ashes you see oftentimes when we are in trouble we don't go to God we go to that but Daniel went to God in prayer prayers oftentimes the third or fourth option in our lives is that Kirk we often try this that option and then when that doesn't work we then go to God But then we want to the habit of going to God first and so Daniel Pearl to get an understanding of the prophecy because he wanted to know because it wait a minute has God change his mind so how did God respond that Daniel's prayer and while I was speaking and praying in confessing my sin and the sinner my people Israel in presenting myself before the Lord my God for the holy mountain of my God So Daniel pray but not only did he pray but he prayed also for as church you see the Bible says that Daniel was a righteous man he was a just a man there is no recorded since about Daniel Daniel was faithful in the time of day on chapter one when they can as are saw through the people wine and Babylonian food he was faithful he was favorable in all sorts of persecution and faithful when kingdoms changed over he was faithful till the end he was not in apostasy but yet he confessed the sense of not only himself but also the people in other words he identified with the weaknesses and the broken this of a broken church often times I've been guilty of this when I first started to be revived in the age of twenty five that's when I truly became a some of that this I was born in the sense that a shirt I'm a fourth generation something of this but they did twenty five something quick this fear of God went into me and I started to learn about these three messages and then I start to feel that all these people are all a problem and on the solution I've been there. And God has to lead me for a very painful experiences and to humble me and to break me to realize that Peter you're nothing you are part of that broken body you're not separate from that group and so Daniel identified with the brokenness of the church the Bible says He was a righteous and just man but he confessed the sins of the church as the sins of himself if we were truly want to change on the church we need to identify with the brokenness of the church itself we have to identify it is not their problem it's my problem it's not their fault. You see I did a wedding. A few weeks ago second time I did this and I'm a single guy so I really don't know what. The wife when there's one thing that I've learned study about Genesis chapter one you see when Adam and Eve were confronted by God after you in the fruit who did Adam way are you sure in Adam said it is you that gave me the woman so in other words Adam was blaming God. And so then have a time as an easy time blaming right it's happened in the garden but you know what God does even though it's not his fault he takes responsibility for our failures and so God takes the blame for our sins by sending G.'s the die for us so to we should be Christ like we should also take the blame for the sins of one another is not only their problem. It's not their fault it's our fault and also God The seeking to do and that's what Daniel learned that he confessed the sins of not only the church but also himself and so. How did God respond to Daniel's prayer the Bible says I was speaking in prayer and even the man Gabriel whom I had seen in the vision at the beginning being caused to fly swiftly touch me about the time of the evening operation and the informing and talked with me and said Oh Dariel I am now come forth to give the skill and understanding notice the sequence Daniel recognize a problem he did not understand the prophecy he also identified himself with the broken this of this church and when he identified with themselves the brokenness of the church and he prayed God gave him wisdom and understanding if you want to know the solution for the church or house we should pray and also identify with the broken this one another and then God will give us the solution as he did by sending Gabriel so in downtown tonight verse twenty four twenty five God revealed that the starting point of this twenty three hundred prophecy was the restoration of the Jewish nation and God revealed that this would have been in the beginning of what's called for fifty seven B.C. this is fulfilled with the Korea already circs these were the Jewish nation will be restored demonstrating God's mercy and forgiveness to a Hebrew nation and although it was saved in deep apostasy God was seeking the restore the nation and give them mercy probation and so the timeline is it begins for fifty seven B.C. and in order for us to understand the significance of that decree that the Jewish nation was restored in four fifty seven B.C. we have to understand the history leading up to history teacher. And he will love history. Please don't fall asleep like some like it. And so. What have been leading up to for fifty seven B.C. why did Israel go into battle in captivity and what is the significance of what happened with the decree what art is there now this is the condition of God's people leading up to the Babylonian captivity notice. God people from the political and religious leaders of the common people worship bell. Worshipping Idol we worship Wiles that they will worship stone and Gore we worship the people is that correct we were to people while it's their worst a bell and condone child sacrifice a germ attack the previous twelve fourteen can you imagine a church your church condoning child sacrifices that was God's church at that time that's pretty messed up. How many of you want to be in a church or child sacrifices we want to get out of there is that correct but it gets worse and Jeremiah Chapter twenty three Bertha limper fourteen the priest in the religious leaders committed adultery and was like you know the Sodom and Gomorrah where L.T. out the window progressive relative more out were in the apex of it in this area is that correct and second problem chapter thirty three first fourteen and sixteen it gets even worse even though Israel was rejecting God's love God sent prophets the messengers to come and to minister and to tell the people of the loving God that seeking to lead them to repentance but what it is wont to do they kill the prophets they rejected them and so what did God reluctantly do when God showed all this love finally cornered second problem Chapter thirty six eighteen and twenty violent God was put in the choice of the people rejected his loving protection would draw and allows the Babylonians to hold them in captivity you see as a school teacher I go through this every day I had a student senior I teach seniors and juniors they need to pass my class in order graduate. What. There's a student that turned into zero work nine throughout the semester parents call me saying what can you do for me I want my son to the way. I accept that late word never turn it. I gave him execrated provisions never turned in this I even gave him an open book test that if he fill out the open book test packet in two hours that I would have them passed the test he only filled one third of the whole. I did everything I can for him to pass that. But by his choice he did not graduate Likewise God to Israel every opportunity not to be about money captive the but they did not get or did not receive God's provision for mercy and forgiveness to receive a restoration of void is that painful and so Israel was in captivity and the Bible says In Jeremiah twenty nine that God told the prophet Jeremiah that is will be taken captive for seventy years now bear in mind this is a church that kills children the priests and the pastors are committing adultery in all sorts of devious manner they all worship stealing our money political instability it sounds like the United States of America doesn't it when those inspired of that messed up broken situation thinking that they're beyond hope notice what God did through the prophet Jeremiah the Bible says this For thus saith the Lord that after seventy years be accomplished at Babylon I will visit you and perform my good work towards you in causing you to return to this place for I know the thoughts that I think towards you say at the LORD thoughts of peace and not of needful to give you an expected N. then sell you call upon me and he shall go and pray and to me and I will hearken unto you and each will see me and find me and we shall search for Me with all your heart and I will be found of you said the Lord and will turn away your captivity and I will gather you from the nations and from all the places whether I have driven you said the Lord I will bring you again into the place whence I cause you to be carried away captive in other words God said I am going to forgive you and restore your way in other words. Four fifty seven B.C. that decree show that God forgave Israel for all the apostasy child sacrifices and I'll worship in every bad thing that we think is really terrible God forgave is also my nation my love I forgive you come back home you see me as admin this we know about the law we focus on the close of probation we focus on the seven last place and therefore when we get discouraged and we fall into sin the on what happens oftentimes and happens a lot with Bible workers and people that preach the Word of God and when they fall into what happens they give up and they go straight into the world worse off than they come in why is that is because we don't realize that God is seeking to forgive and forget our sins and so forth it isn't P.C. mark the beginning of the timeline of forgiveness that God is seeking to forgive a wretched poor miserable sinful people to come back home with them that's why I live by page one thirty four paragraph horses This is the privilege of all who comply with the conditions and know for themselves that pardon is what really how many of you like free life for you really extend it for how many sins and every sin including child sacrifice including sodomy including every apostle yet there is none are so simple that they cannot find through purity and righteousness and Jesus who died for them he is waiting to strip them of their garments stain and polluted with sin and the put upon them the white robes our righteousness he bids them. And not die our sins are great but we have a greater sin there and the greater forgiven who is you know systemwide says that present truth is what we need always the present truth message of this time and also the Bible says the day when Chapter nine verse five in verse nine the Bible says we have sinned and have committed in the quicky and have done wickedly and have rebelled even by departing from High Priestess and from by judgments. To the Lord our God belongs mercy then forgiveness though we have rebelled against him so the present true message of that time of Daniel was that Jesus is seeking to forgive his people so if we confess and turn away from our sense of what is the next point of the twenty three hundred prophecy we go now to eighty twenty seven and what happened in eighty twenty seven that was of special significance notice what the Bible says in John chapter one verse twenty nine and eighty twenty seven we see John the Baptist declared Jesus as the Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world as Jesus began his earthly ministry demonstrating that God gave all for humanity to make individual this is the Accept His mercy and forgiveness of God So in the twenty seven mark the beginning of Jesus began his ministry here on earth and was the present truth message of that time John chapter one verse twenty not the next day dance the Jesus come on to work and said Behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world and what is the message that was the clear marked up from one percent the Bible says and saying that time is for fill and the Kingdom of God is that hand in other words they knew about the twenty three hundred day prophecy they knew about the seventy weeks prophecy that Jesus would come during this time so that Thomas at hand meant the prophecy and Daniel the seventy weeks prophecy and then connected with the process of Daniel the Bible says repaired you and believe. And what is repentance connected to what is repentance that turn away from our and what does God do when we turn away from our says he forgives So the message is God To See Him to forgive sins at the present time and was the next point in the timeline we have eighty thirty one and eighty thirty one we have the year that Jesus died for our sins and the Bible says and Romans Chapter five or eight through eleven the Bible says for God commanded his love towards us in that while we were yet what. Present tense sinners even though we're wretched even though we reject Him even though we mock him even though we say we don't want God God freely gave all of Heaven in the form of Jesus down as a gift to us so that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us now much more being now justified by his blood we shall be saved from RAF through him that were just occasionally as though that you have never so when you come to God and ask for forgiveness I know for us Adam this is very hard for us to believe this because I've been there if I said I feel really guilty and therefore I want to pass out extra low tracks to make me feel better or I want an opera more doors to make me feel better that's how I was in ministry but God says When we come to a much more then being justified by is why we so be saved from wrath or him God seems to forgive us at the moment we're declared perfect when we come to him or if we weren't enemies we were reconciled to God by the death of us much more be reconciled we shall be saved by His life and not only so but we also joy in God through our Lord Jesus Christ whom we have now received the Atonement and so when he thirty one the present truth message of that time was that Jesus paid the debt to be the sin there the fulfillment of the prophecy was that there was going to be a messiah and Jesus came to live the perfect life and die and pay the penalty for our sins took responsibility for us even though it was not his fault Jesus said I will make it my fault. For you know America's astronomical debt is that correct Jesus paid on that he paid for that sin for humanity past present and future at eighty three in one. And was the present true message at that time. No is what Jesus said while he was dying in Luke Chapter twenty three verse thirty four and so when Jesus was dying this is a message of forgiveness an eighty thirty one knows what he said Then said Jesus Father forgive them for they do not know what they do and they part of those women and cast lots so in Jesus dying breath he said for years and you know how people responded to that notice Matthew chapter twenty simplicity for there was a century and there's a pagan Roman Empire soldier that was brutal most likely and he was the one responsible in overseeing the crucifixion of Jesus and when he heard those words in the Bible says that the point seven percent before and when the Centurion and there that were with them watching Jesus saw an earthquake and those things that were done they feared well and say this was truly the Son of God Jesus made believers in this diagram the message of forgiveness but now only that what happened when Jesus is death and resurrection How was Jesus' prayer for his enemies still being answered after he was resurrected knows that the Bible says In actual perceived. We know that the priest in the fairs is response for Jesus that is are correct they were responsible in collaborating with the Roman authorities in killing Jesus and so we see here one member of the Roman Empire the state being forgiven and accepting Jesus now notice members of the church the Bible says and the Word of God increase and the numbers of the disciples multiplied into some way only in a great company of Chris were obedient to the. One Jesus prayed for to know what they're doing God's word does not come that Boyd and that killed Jesus were also forgiven and they accepted Jesus and became obedient to them what was the present truth message preached at this time by the disciples notice this the Bible says and he said unto them thus it is written and does the behold cries the suffer and to rise from the dead the third day and that rock ten pence and remission of sins that means forgiveness of sins shall be preached in all his name among all nations be ye I drew from and the are witnesses of these things so we have here four fifty seven B. C.. God forgave apostate Israel by giving that the creed to restore the Jewish nation back from a church that was evil you have and twenty seven eighty you had John the Baptist declaring Behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world and the message was repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand and this is a free gift it may be thirty one who had Jesus dying on the cross and again Jesus giving the message Father forgive them for they do not know what they're doing and then the samples give this message to repentance and remission to all the world that Jesus. Forget ours and then we go what causes us to repent this is the fear of the seven last place that causes us to repent is the fear of the second resurrection and burning a long time is that causes us to repair the Bible gives us an answer Romans chapter two verse more or despises than the riches that is going to send forbearance and long suffering not knowing that the water god the goodness of God brings us through. It is the goodness of God It is God seeking the forgive and forget ourselves in this God seeking to justify us and if we believe that he forgives our sins that is the goodness that leads to repent and often times long staying something like myself we're so focused on the son the law and probation closing and the seven last plagues and we're so focused on these things and we often forget that Jesus is there to see to forgive us by His goodness not by the fear of the judgment and what type of message that that Peter preach during this time the Bible says in Ashoka troopers thirty eight M. Peter said unto them Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of friggin is a sin and usually see the gift of the Holy Ghost and I chapter three verse nineteen repent and be converted and that your sins may be blotted out or delete it. And the tires of refreshing still come from the presence of the Lord so the mess is a friggin This came with much power during this time from eighty thirty one to eighty thirty four in that between that time period and so what was the impact of declaring to the church and the nation that Jesus seeking to forgive and forget our sins knows all about us is that chapter two verse forty one forty seven the Bible says and they that I quietly receive his word were baptized and the same day they were added on to them about three thousand. Praising God I have a favor with all the people in the Lord as to the church how much I think we should focus on do you forgive me if we get our sins on the budget in connection with prophecy you see what we're doing right now this is what the journey that I'm in we preach just snippets of the big picture some people focus on in time and then. Some people focus is on the doctrines some people just focus on the love of God But when we connect all of them together that's when the power happens and the thousand we baptize I say that brings unity to the. Present through twenty three on the day the century where the commands of God and the peace that will unite them Satan is that by that he has the vide of the commands of God from the feet that Jesus through the twenty three hundred days and the sanctuary he's divided into different factions and so that's what we're born against each other. Put together let no man. And so as this mess was preached between eighty thirty one the next phase is eighty thirty four and here it is a sad episode in eighty forty four is when the Jewish leadership rejected the Gospel and killed Stephen and Israel as a corporate nation completely divorced themselves to God and made their final decision you know what probation closes brothers and sisters we think probation closes by events but probation closes by this probation closes when we make our final decision. Or nothing would change our minds you see those ever see the sun in last place and what the Bible says about them why the provision closed they repented not of their sins in other words nothing to change their mind and so God is pleading with us God is seeking to show his love and God is seeking to win our hearts when our hearts are still soft but when we make our final decision God respects and Israel made their final decision and as predicted in down chapter numbers twenty six and twenty seven as Israel divorce themselves they got and made their final decision the city of Jerusalem would often be destroyed in eighty seven the by the Roman Empire but Stephen in a thirty four at his dying breath said something very very very interesting while eighty thirty four was fulfilling right when Stephen was being Stone knows what Stephen's Bible says and they stoned Stephen calling upon God and say or Jesus would see my spirit in a kneel down and cry with a loud voice or a loud cry or lay not this sand to their charge and when he had said this he fell with Stephen's final breath Steven prayed a prayer for you a message of justification life in the timeline of freedom. You know what's more the Stevens persecutors it looked hopeless perceives that current the Jewish nation was angry they were gnashing of teeth they were blaspheming the Holy Ghost they were throwing rocks at them and Stephen was crying this prayer in a looked hopeless in the eyes of humanity it looked like they were beyond redemption you see the Bible says things hoped for the evidence of things not seen so in the midst of hopelessness we should have hope that God's will be fulfilled even though it looks like it's hopeless that's a person even though it's a perfect that in the midst of the hopeless present condition Stephen still had hope that God would be full and so there was someone very significant. What's the one thing still if I was actually out there said Richard and Kathleen out of the city and still want to end the witnesses laid down their Aquos our young man whose name was solved the prayer was answered as one of Stephen's murderers in the leading destroyer of the church Saul became Paul the greatest builder of the Christian church and the champion of a message called justification by. You know why Paul wrote so much about justification for doing this he experienced it and so can you imagine. This is how bad Paul was I mean forget that he killed fellow Christians in the store the church he was an actual actor in the fulfillment of a negative prophecy a closing probation upon his own people that's pretty bad you were actually a actor you're actually an initiator you were actually a part of the prophecy of closing probation upon your own church your ad fault but yet he was forgiven and the greatest destroyer of the Christian church became the greatest builder of the Christian church there is nothing too difficult for God to forgive and once we preach this message of all the world and Jesus will come in the clouds so this whole thing from four fifty seven B.C. to eighty thirty four is part of twenty three hundred play prophecy call the seventy week now known as what Jesus said about seventy the Bible says then can Peter do and said war on my brother sin against me and I forgive him tell seven times Jesus said unto him I say not and to be until seven times until seventy times seven or four ninety is like a subliminal pain that once Cosima forgive Israel in this timeline of where there is one more day in this timeline forgiveness we have established for fifty seven. The creeper is thrilled Judah to be restored to their lands God was forgiving Israel for their apostasies of the growth and more out the return in restoring their land then you have eighty twenty seven you have John the Baptist and the disciples preaching the message that the time is a repent be. For you. And you have eighty thirty one where Jesus actually died for our sins and pay the debt and the message was that forgiveness is calm and this message was preached to all of Israel repent of your sins blotted out and have remission of forgiveness of sins then you have eighty thirty four was he even was being stoned he said lay not that charge over them then even though an actor of that execution became one of the Great This belongs to the church and he with the message of the Holy Spirit preached the message that Jesus forgive and forget our sin we have one more day in the timeline for the. Eighteen forty. Two thousand three hundred days then the sanctuary shall be cleansed what is essential. Chapter it was one of the Bible says and now of things which we have spoken this is the psalm we have such an high priest who is set on the right hand of the throne and that is the end I have a minister of the sanctuary and of the true tavern app Oh what a lord pitch and not so the Senshi war is not the Jewish temple but it is a heavenly temple a heavenly sanctuary but this sanctuary in heaven was taht by the sanctuary and earth in the Old Testament and what happened when the earthly same sure was close because in order for us to know how the heavenly century was cleanse we need to have an understanding of how the Urkel essential word what you see in summary when someone sinned in the Hebrew economy the Center brings the lamb or doesn't it clean animal to the outer court of the sanctuary places his hand on the head of the animal confesses this and slays it with his own sacrifice signify that it is us that killed Jesus the Lamb of God to take away the sins were responsible for the death of Jesus but that's only the first part five as well because Chapter forty three to thirty three and John chapter one verse twenty nine. Now once that blood was shed of that animal then that blood was transported to a curtain between two rooms inside the sanctuary you have the holy and the most holy place and the plan of sacrifice is placed in front of the very own the sanctuary and live because Chapter four verse six In other words once someone sent the blood of that confession is now placed in the curtain so there is a record of that sin is that correct and it's accumulated Can you imagine how that sanctuary smelled in the desert throughout the year bugs and mosquitoes and everything like that I'm sure was pretty nice it's pretty that I think God was trying to teach through the object lesson some el house thinking and how Reeve is now dirty sin this and so every time we confess our sins the record of our sins is now transporting the cumulated to the records of heaven in the heavenly Saint this like the century where on earth every sin that we confess is now accumulated there but as it accumulates throughout the year God is a God of order and the god is a God of cleanliness her and so on the seventh month on the day that day of atonement the children of Israel were to pick their souls and search their heart to see if their sins are confessed and place believe that their sins are forgiven and so what happens there is this the blood that accumulates throughout the year that curtain was now clean and cleanse and all the records a sin was now blotted out you see God is not only seeking to forgive our sins but he goes deeper he wants to forget our sins we hold grudges. Not only seeking to forgive but to forget. And when we model that in our churches it will be ready to close most of the world and so this Day of Atonement Jesus gave a model of forgiving and forgetting arse's Can we talk about this judgment our this time of valuation this investigative judgement like oh it's a fearful thing. Oh it's terrible that I met admin this that are so scared of the investigative judgment but do you know what the judges of the investigative judgment think are the chapter five or step above so for we must all appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ that everyone may receive a thing done in his body according to that he had done whether be good or bad so the judge is Jesus and what is this just saying that you know judges here politically you know what there's a seek to do judges or voted in the state and local level and criminal justice judges are seeking to place as many bad guys behind bars and his sentence them were tough sentences so they could get reelected is that correct this judge is different one of the guys he bottles of the Lord is our what Judge the Lords are largely of are going boarders are and he will say. This judge is going to declare us not guilty why are we fraid of this investigative judgment so what are we to do in this court what are we to do in the judgment north of the Bible says I'm probably twenty person or thing he that covered this in shall not prosper Buso confesses and for sake it then Michelle Have mercy it doesn't do well to hold on to that sin and ask for forgiveness we want to really want to get rid of that sense that forgive and once we do this it into for years and to forget. And so what does the judge do what the judge do when we confess and forsake our sins goes about in the song thirty five years to the Bible says God has forgiven the iniquity of our people that has covered their sins. You know the Bible says that love covers a multitude of sins but I was of the particular type that love covers a multitude of sins you see I believe the purpose of marriage is this marriage is meant for our salvation because a husband and wife sees every flaw possible your naked of everything your soul your body your motives every law is clearly saying Well God is trying to teach it just like God sees us as wretched miserable poor and blind and they get to cover us. So to husband and wife should cover one another with their life and that's what God is seeking to do he's seeking to cover us he's not seeking to expose us of our sins he's seeking to cover us because he's seeking to take personal responsibility for the damage in the mess we are in the one thing that I hate is taking blame for something that I did not do I hate it I praise God I'm not God and because God is willing to take the boy for our mess he became the mess for us he became sin for us that knew no sin so that we could be free from sin and so this message of forgiveness is that Jesus seeking to cover and to forgive and forget our sin so the Bible says and first on top of one percent of the Bible says that if we walk in the light as he is in the life we have fellowship one with another and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from how many sins. If we say that we have no sin we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in as if we confess our sin is faithful and just to forgive our sins and to cleanse us of all unrighteousness you see there is one in the Bible they committed this since he was a politician he was a leader he was David the Bible says in James shattered to verse ten that you break one of the commands you break them all but you look at the story of David and this since he what did he do accessories to murder he stole he committed good Kultury he lied I mean for us I mean he deserved ultimate condemnation. But the Bible says the song is that the one person one two three a bottle says the chief musician the song of David who may have been the prophet King unto him after he had gone into Bathsheba knows what David said how mercy upon me or God according to the loving kindness according to the multitude of my tender mercies who are out there transgressions wash me for away from my iniquity and cleanse me from my saying knowledge my transgressions and my sin this ever before me David confesses it and God forgave even though he deserved death you know the difference in the David that's all this David knowledged that he injured the heart of God and confess that Saul was just worried about his own personal position it was all about me they was all about God but there is another component it was forgiven but there was a response to that forgiveness. And here's David while he was in this dying breath and first chapter one verse one through four and the Bible says that David was cold and his friends brought the most beautiful woman in Judea to Key him warm a young virgin and she was very beautiful and the bottom of the earth and the downs it was very fair or beautiful and cherished the King and Mr onto it but they kidding knew her not in other words they did not commit that sin that will upon them before which is that of women seeking victory over that the fruit of forgiveness is and so as we confess our sins in the same jury in eight hundred forty four Jesus is the clarity that he seems to forgive and forget our sins and we accept their forgiveness and accept their righteous as the righteous is not only illegal that the liberation that were perfect but God is now working in the US that we are not because we're on our way to salvation is because we love God. Because we demonstrate our love through our action is that correct it is a human relationship in human relationships we demonstrate our love through action and so because David was forgiven notice how God views David that the Bible says in first in chapter fourteen for say the Bible says. And write they came away from the House of David and gave it the end yet that has not then as my servant David who kept my commandments and whom follow me with all their heart and to do that only which was right to mine eyes wait a minute what happened we read that David come in multiple sends him obey the commandments he and all the rifle pointed to the Lord but what changed for. God gave him a new heart and God covered his life with Jesus' life and so when God sees David's life he does not see that murder or thief or adulterer he sees one that keeps the commandments and falls with all this art because jesus life is a place of David and the record of David says is now also forgotten and blotted out in heaven because Jesus is sitting there for again for yet ourselves as the Bible says Nazia forty three personally five the Bible says I even I am He that blotted out by transgressions for my own sake and will not remember since and so the God of remembers everything the God that sees the entire picture of everything of existence the atoms that are small motor spinning the eyes in the numbers of our hair that had the vastness positon Henri of all the knowledge in the universe goddesses into free yet our sense. That we as human beings we remember every bad thing that happens. When our creators seem to forget so when eight hundred forty four. Jesus now began the work of the records of since being blotted out for fifty seven. Years Israel and Judah and restores the land of the Jewish nation back to restoring the temple even though they agree this. Eighty twenty seven John the Baptist declares be all the Lamb of God Take it the ways the sins of the world the lamb is come to forgive our sins eighty twenty seven Jesus died for our sins and with his dying breath says Father forgive them for they do not know what they're doing and that message impacts your own century and the priests and many were built into the faith then that message to all the known world at that time that Jesus died and resurrected the third day and now is seeking to forgive our sins. Thirty four as the probation of the Jewish nation falls even with those last breath says father lay not that charge against them forgive them and out of that terrible episode came the destroyer of the Christian church become the greatest builder and the message of justification by faith that Jesus you know forgive our sins as the clear Great Power eight hundred forty four to two thousand three hundred then the sanctuary shall be cleansed Jesus is seeking to not only forgive our sins but to forget. The plot them out and that is why the Bible says of Revelation fourteen for six and seven and I saw another angel find the message heaven having the everlasting Gospel preached to them that dwell on the earth that every nation and kindred and tongue and people. Loud Voice. Fear God and give glory to Him for every hour of this judgment has come. And worship Him that made heaven the earth and the sea and the fountains why you know in my earlier days I thought how can the judgment be the everlasting loss the judgment is the everlasting Gospel this because Jesus is the judge and Jesus is seeking to blot out the sins the represents in the century work to forgive and forget our sins so therefore the judgment is good news saying that Jesus own the wipeouts and forever this is a message to preach to ascend world this is the present truth the friggin this is is present truth for this time the message that do you truly believe that Jesus actually if we give her sins and lay hold and accept it is the message for this time and once we preach this with power we are ready for Jesus the come in we say we have to get ready for Jesus to go get ready get ready get ready know how we get ready. And accept that Jesus forgives us. That's how we get ready and that's when the situation says Crofton Kings page three nineteen program. Have you read or chosen your own way have you wandered far from GA Have you sought to feast upon the fruits of transgression only to find them turn to ashes upon your lips and now your live plants for them and your hopes. The you said all alone and desolate that voice which was long been speaking to you are but to which you would not listen comes to you this clear are rising and apart for this is not your rest because it is polluted destroy you even with a sore destruction were turned to your father's house he invites you saying return to me. Come unto me here and your soul shall live and I will make an everlasting covenant with you even the sure. Do not listen that I am a suggestion to stay away from cries until you have made yourself better until you are good enough to come to God If you wait until then you will NEVER ONCE Satan points to you your filthy garments repeat the promise of the Savior that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out tell the enemy that the brother Jesus commands is from also made the prayer of David your own purge me when his self and I shall Queenie wash me and I shall be wider. Snell this is the time line the forgiveness this is unto two thousand three hundred days then the Saints where shall be cleanse the whole twenty three hundred a prophecy is the message of the Gospel the everlasting gospel that Jesus is seeking to forgive and to forget our sin I don't know about you but this makes my heart melt are you struggling here today rose. Are you discouraged here today do you feel that as things are happening before our eyes as prophecies being fulfilled as we sing in time of us been fulfilled do you feel that you cannot make it happen oh it is Jesus. Because he's going to forgive us. We can make it brother. Because it's not us but it's Jesus working for the everlasting Gospel is that Jesus that justify us to forgive us so if you are discouraged DON'T BE THERE IS HOPE. Has made every provision for us to be our Father and God in heaven. Are we thank you that even in the twenty three hundred a prophecy there is the Gospel we thank you that in their report of the twenty three hundred a prophecy you seek to forgive us and follow the name of Jesus just that there is anyone struggling here today with Tao with insecurity or strongly with temptation recent Boller may have the assurance and the security that the goodness of your love war bring into repentance. And brothers and sisters that their heads about in the eyes are close is there someone here today is a father today I want to accept your goodness I want to accept your forgiveness Lord I believe help my unbelief. Activate the measure of faith them our heart because I'm so weak hold me I have the confidence that you forgive my sins if that's your desire I simply ask that we kneel for the experience of that you desire only father I am the Ewing because these messages are for me as a father I thank you that even my broken journey your revealing your love to me that I could share with your people here today and father here today we are kneeling because we are weak flesh is so weak father and the flip of a hand we can be all crazy as a father here today knowing our weakness and knowing that Jesus identifies with our weakness now we are here to gain a greater appreciation a greater understanding understanding a greater acceptance of your forgiveness as a Father help us today to have a more glimpse of your love to accept your forgiveness and your love that we truly believe that you will forgive our sins Lord we believe. Help us although we feel hopeless that hope in the Word of God you will forgive us Father we thank you the promise that you will forgive our sins and justify us as though we have never seen a father today I ask for more power and more love to those that are her those that are doubting that they me and that I. Surrender to the. This week array in Jesus' name in. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon or leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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