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Romans- Part 4

Jay Gallimore


Jay Gallimore

President of Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists




  • June 19, 2017
    11:00 AM


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Our gracious Heavenly Father thank You for the book of Romans thank you for the Holy Spirit inspired the Apostle Paul so write it and to give it to us and even though it was written under another language we thank you for the translations that make it so very clear for us and we pray this afternoon as we term minds and hearts toward you that you will be our real teacher in our help or in Jesus' name amen. All right we left chapter 5 yesterday and we got ready to start on the part about the 2nd Adam or the last Adam as it's called and this is. My professor good. So this is a very. Neat area and it's an area sometimes that has been and can be misunderstood but let's start with verse 12 therefore and you're following in your lesson I should get my lesson opened up here so that I am not too far off verse 12 therefore just as 1 man's. 1 man sin entered through 1 man sin entered the world and death through sin and thus death spread to all men because all have sinned I talked about yesterday about original sin because our own Catholic friends believe that we're all guilty for Adam's sin as evidence we don't believe that we believe though that sin did enter the world through how many people do 1 per person. By the way why does he not say it entered through 1 woman. I want you to think about that a little bit no where they say. It's not too far off. Is. It. Is it fair to say that when Adam when Satan took Eve down he had not yet conquered the world and conquered a piece of it but he had not conquered the world. At that point so he had to take Adam down and the world doesn't come out of the dominion of Satan until he takes down Adam That's why you don't have a 2nd he you have a 2nd Adam and the reason for that is not because let me hasten to put the disclaimers and here in case I get in trouble. I'm married to a wonderful woman I have a daughter and I love them both as a son to. God loves his daughter sister much see loves his sons OK we all clear on that OK and value is saying God's eyes OK that's not the issue with our issues here because God made Adam the leader. He put him in charge so the only way the Satan could take dominion of the world is but taking down Adam so but he Adam is not going to be sorry ladies and this and this particular incidents is still with me Adam is not me quite is easy to get as he. Yes you're OK with some people agree that it's OK. Very. Well. Let me just follow my logic here. OK Just follow my logic here just a little bit when you go to the 1st chapter of Joe who shows up to meet with the sons of God Satan the Bible calls him Satan as in calling Lucifer Satan and Satan is not welcome and he's not rejected but he's asked the question What is the question that God asked Satan. Exactly where did you come from where are you doing here Satan is ready for that because he knows this using presence is going to be challenged by God Himself and so what does Satan respond you members response. To and fro on the WOT on the Earth Well that's what administrators do. Am I right all right sorry Pastor. I'm not I don't want everything going on in this camp meeting but you'll see me riding my old car you'll see me popping up here and I'm popping up there and I'm checking on this I had Jim Mitchell answering to me got a lot of people doing a lot of stuff and I'm not doing all that stuff because that's not my job. My job is to make sure that everybody else is that it's all running well. Yeah I show up at the juniors I show up the crater row I show up at all the divisions I show up at the conference office and I don't ever give anybody necessarily a schedule with me now that I'm trying to surprise anybody but I'm just doing my job that's why I'm all over everywhere so if you ask me where I came from I came from camp meeting if you ask me what I'm doing there I came from camp meeting and I'm walking and riding my golf cart all over can't mean. They're the 1 that comes closest to that would be Jim Mitchell And then the next 1 would be Craig Harris those who have management responsibilities most everybody else is focused on whatever they're focused on so God doesn't argue with Lucifer he challenges him though arts are Satan he challenges he says Oh and this tells you that there was an own going argument between God and Satan and ongoing argument it's found in the word consider Have you considered that means that there's been consideration before you understand there's been a debate before and have you considered my servant Joe now right there you've got a problem because Satan claims the world as he is that we are Saul has to be his servants and now God's claiming in Satan's domain that he's got a servant and then he delicious tis blameless sees all those wonderful things and you know the rest of the story. So. Satan took that that legal if you please in a sense only Scott letting clément for a while so that that legally for a while in order that he can now represent us and heaven now if you listen to Steve Bor sermons 1 of his sermons noted and well done that in Revelation Chapter 12 when Satan was cast out that was caught like a 2nd casting out in the sense Jesus rested from Satan the Dominion Now listen to the temptation the wilderness Satan says he's desperate and he says I'll give you all of this if you just fall down and worship me well Jesus wasn't that stupid in a worship demand suggests that you are so Satan would lose nothing in that what he was trying to do is give Jesus an easy way out and Jesus said No I'll not take the easy way out I will not get the earth back by worshipping you I will get their worth back by you're a bitch. And that's exactly what happened at the cross the resurrection Satan lost the right to represent planet Earth now who represents planet Earth is Christ and the Christ represents it because he's the 2nd Adam now coming back to this this whole thing now let me let me give. Let me put this let me level the ground here is to the. New level the ground the promise of a deliverer of a 2nd Adam if you please was made to who 1st know eat your seed will crush the head. Of the serpent So Jesus comes. Let me add this. Lean. Leadership is influence 1 person said nothing less nothing more you should his influence nothing less nothing more so just keep at the moment or there when Jesus comes back as a 2nd Adam and I'm on delve into that just a moment he comes back as a 2nd Adam but he also comes back as the seed of the woman and why is that important because it reflects what got God's divine creation order the force in and the creation order before Sen gave Adam and Eve 2 different spheres of influence and leadership Adams was to be the manager if you were put it that way of the family and of the earth he was to oversee the earth and Eve was to be his copartner and wife says she was not taken from his feet or his head she was taken from over his heart because she was needed to be his head or his foot in that a beautiful picture she was to be his CO partner but her influence would be most seen. Children the next generation there's an old saying that says the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world so. And that's why Paul we missed what Paul says and 1st Timothy Chapter 2 when Paul says that the woman would be nice if she's faithful do you say but childbirth is just reflecting Genesis he's not saying that that's a legal listing thing he simply saying if she's faithful to her duty if she shows faithfulness she's going to have great influence. You know where do the kids go 1st to their fathers are to their mothers. I know we're Mongo I can speak for yours. And they're grown. Now doesn't mean we don't have a good relationship we don't have love but you know who they call for. And usually if I want some influence with me guess who they go to. That's that's leadership may not have quite the types of Jesus comes as a 2nd Adam and as the seed of the woman OK. You know. That. Well. You know we live in a simple society we live in a society that has turned a lot of things upside down we have men who have abandoned their wives and their families for a lost a lot of that. We have women who have been left as both mother and father of families. I was just listening this morning to the reports from the divisions and from 1 of the divisions will the younger divisions that take prayer request and the leader of the division says most the prayer requests are for their fathers and because. That's because men have abandon their responsibilities to their wives they've abandoned their leadership positions to their wives and when I say leadership I'm not talking about dictatorial leadership I'm talking about the leadership this described in its sieges chapter 5 where pictures crisis the head of the church and so the man is to be the head of his home what did Christ do for his church he gave his life for a stroke so a man should be ready to lay down his life for his family because he's their leader that doesn't mean it isn't leadership responsibilities but it's servant leadership good leaders want to make sure that the people that are under them under their management or under their leadership he wants to make sure they bloom and blossom he wants them to grow is not there to stifle them he's not there to say Bob above I'm the leader did you not get that you know he's there to say what can I do to be a blessing to you and what doors can I open what you know so I wish we were producing those kinds of men in the Christian culture and in the Christian schools but we do live in a society that's got a lot of confusion the confusion is everywhere. And we also have to adapt to the world that we're in some women don't have any choice but we also need women sometimes in and professions aren't we glad to have women doctors. God never meant for women not to have educated mind so I gave them a mind we're not. Applying the here or here we're not in some religions where you know we want the wife to stay home barefoot and the other. No but that doesn't mean that she should abandon the most important response though that God gives her and that is if God gives her children that's her God given those beautiful responsibility you know that's under the leadership with her husband and with her husband God does have distinct roles but those distinctions are not shouldn't be at war with 1 another we live in a world that's got gender wars going on all the time and and the world that we live in constitutes in value by either how much money you have in the bank are what kind of position that you hold the gods realm does not look at value that way the what makes us valuable is not how smart we are are how charismatic we are what makes us valuable not how much money we have in the bank. Or how much education we have or what was ition we hold what makes us all valuable is that we're God's child we're his son we're his daughter that's where value should be found but our world has got that mixed up so they're trying to figure out how to make everything just and fair for everybody so anyway I don't want to get into a lot of that except to say as Christians we need to try to apply that principle but we don't need to apply it with wisdom L.-Y. was very wise she said young women should be taught a educated for a job or some country why live in an uncertain world even if she marries a fine Christian husband where he gets killed or if he dies he is a disease she has no way to support herself and her children no use of practicality here. So young women should be prepared to be able to step in the workplace and do whatever they might have to do some day even though it may not be the ideal sometimes men today in the society can't earn enough money to keep the family together so sometimes you have a woman having to step in and earn money kinds of things so. We need to be careful or not Judge Mental and this but there is an ideal that we get from Eden and it's a beautiful ideal but we live in a broken world a sinful world and I would be 1st to tell any young woman get your education or get your training whatever you need that before you have a family that you've got something you can fall back on if you need it and then we may need you may get those kids raised some day and we may need you. And and some kind of work and so forth and a good husband is saying amen I want to see my wife bloom and blossom OK I got that a little bit out of the way but not totally. Because I come back to Adam here for just a moment and how is it that Adam then. I mean what happens here when Adam falls Adam is evil is deceit. And I'm sure a little bit that before he she's she's just flat out. What snookered is the word I was 1 of the YEAH SHE Yes she was just so snookered into it she was deceived and God looked at that maybe a still sin not my point but Adam was not to see. Been that. Well I think that's fair that's fair. She made some choices they were not sin it was not sin to leave her husband's side it was a smart but it wasn't sin it wasn't sin to go and look at the tree was a smart but it was a sin but she put herself on tip Taishan ground at that moment and there in is the danger now tip Taishan is not temptation unless it's attractive and I write another words you know if you're trying to attract me with chocolate mint ice cream. That has has some attraction Yeah if you're trying to attract me with 92 percent chocolate. You get my point. In. A little bit 1 so I won't hurt. So much shit that a minute. Come back your point and it's a very good point so she's on temptations ground at that moment she steps Satan and is able to spin a very attractive alternative to God's command and that's what he did and she bought it that's why I said the deception doesn't excuse her but she bought into it the difference was that when she showed up in front of Adam Adam basically says. How could you do this let's just let me eat it and will die together he's not he's not bad he's not buying into a spin he's making a clear choice that I would rather die and then be without you and there we go. You know. Are they helpful but doesn't like the choice out of the. We we don't know I 10 we there's a tendency for us to think that he would not of they would not have bought it. Women are giving women I know some I say you're stereotyping you know a little bit. But women are. At together they could have resisted probably. A woman is design and we all know women are different men are different from women that's not bad that's good God made us to complement 1 another not to compete with 1 another so a woman is more emotionally to. That's why she makes a better mother I mean washing makes a good mother because she she feels the the emotions and so a man is more I'm still talking about not everything's 100 percent OK just put the disclaimers in there a man is more stand back and get more objective he's not as a motion light pole in the something so he knew no Adam was going to sit there and say. Yeah right or as Eve might be more inclined to say really be you know in the emotion starts hitting. And then the next thing you know emotion is informing your decision instead of your head and forming yours and that's why God put man and woman together we actually need each other very much. A woman needs a man's decisiveness and his or objectiveness and a man needs his wife sensitive easy so that she has an understanding of that so I think together they would have been probably fine but Satan catches her by himself the other thing is a saint may have waited for that opportunity we don't know everything they may have wondered about that tree many times but never saw a 1 it's only when she's there alone cost savings already figured out the deal he figured out that he's not going to get Adam on on that kind of a deal but he knows how much Adam loves his wife OK now we're talking about something very Now we're talking about very very powerful influence and I say to women you have a lot of influence be careful how you use it. Now had a man or 2 saying amen that. This true. Well you know that men have emotions no question about that but my point is that saying that already figured that out so if he can get Eva herself he will then use her as his conduit to get Adam because he knows Adam could slip the serpent in the face and say Go jump in a lake I don't want anything to do with you but Eve beautiful even and he loves this woman. Oh this Satan knew would be very very difficult for. You know. How. Weren't. This the past and. We're getting into an area of it starts being speculation and I want to be very careful about that a lot of the great controversy probably would have continued to rage in the world but not with as much effect at this if you only get half the equation but you don't get the other half. Then the offset is much stronger we don't have any offset both of our parents fail and so death has passed now call us we're not guilty for their sin but we feel the that it's so that every child born into the world is not automatically a sinner but it's not a matter of if they will sin. It's only a matter of when and that's because the Fall of what is done to all of us. It will still cost the death of Christ it will still cost the death of Christ but we might have had a a stronger thing but anyway evil in this point is God's best opportunity I don't believe in the perfection of evil because evil is never perfect but there is you know what I mean by that no other words it's worst case scenario let me go back to this so if if the 2nd Adam at 1st Adam is fallen the only way that you can get the human race back is to get another Adam so where are you going to get that Adam you're not going to get it from and there's some conditions for this 1st of all all of us came from Adam and I write the 1st Adam we're all related to him and so the whole human race comes from that 1st mother and her side I laugh at these scientists that study this genetic stuff you know they came up 1st of all and I said you know we discovered the whole human race came from 1 mother. And before the creationists could say Yes Didn't we tell you so you know they add the Senate's but it wasn't even really. And then a few years ago they discover you know what we discovered we discovered the whole human race came from 1 father. And before we could say yeah we told you so that's what it was and Adam. Yes it was just like the Bible said it was that Adam and that he became so here's a condition you have to have you have to have somebody from which the whole human race comes from to be the father of the human race you have to have somebody and you also have to have somebody that's human the only place you can go to find the 1st condition. Is the Godhead. Because they made us all the place to go and then you cannot do this because an angel does not create us so when Jesus became a baby in Bethlehem's Manger evil he'll condition ever to now he can see only human being on the planet in history or the future that could be that 2nd ad on the Bible they use as the last Adam if he fails the human race is lost we don't understand sometimes how much we owe the Savior and He did not come into it like Adam came to Adam came with both hands free and in front of Him Jesus has both hands tied behind his back. So let's let's look at this 2nd Adam while Time goes fast as. But this is important to nail all of this down so when you read the New Testament you hear the Apostle Paul refer to these things the Apostle Paul is not anti woman he's just simply reflecting the realities of the creation and how that should work among us and and our own relations with each other OK let's look at verse I know got to the lesson you want to follow along that what I need to move through here so we know how desperate to all men look at verse 13 front till the last sin was in the world but sin was not imputed when there was no law or is he saying there he says if you don't know to do right then God doesn't compute it to you in the nose to do right and does it not to him it is sin so he's not imputing it unless you know so there wasn't until there was a horrible understanding of the law got of course we know that some of the law is written in our heart at least. Nevertheless verse 14 nevertheless death rain from Adam to Moses he says even though people were ignorant they're still dying and death is the. Wages of sin. So sin still will kill you even if you do it in ignorance so the whole human race is a need of the 2nd Adam no less deferent to Adam to Moses even over those who have not sinned according to the likeness of the transcription of Adam who is a type of Him who was to come verse 15 raise your hand you have a question verse 15 but the free gift is not like the offense for if by 1 man's often that's Adam's many died much more by the grace of God and the gift of grace by the 1 man Jesus Christ a bounded to many. Who are 60 and the gift is not like that which came through the 1 who sin for the judgment which came from 1 offense resulted in condemnation but the free gift which came from many offenses resulted in justification let me explain what what he's saying here if I hadn't a pure glass of water in front of you how easy would it be to pollute that glass of water about 1 second right I just reached down grab a little dirt and sprinkle it in there and you will not drink it am I right unless you're about the 1st to death for something different than 1 right now that's pure water right and you have confidence that it is. You know let me ask you a question to get that pure enough for you to drink it what do I have to go through to do that. It's a lot more work to unpolluted. That is to pollute it and that's what he's saying he says look at the marvel of this he says 1 man's act gave us all death and sorrow but 1 man's other act was so powerful that it reversed it. In that powerful That's what the 2nd Adam means to us do you and to me all right let me let me go on. Down through here. Look at verse 17 4th by 1 man's Of since chapter 5 looking at verse 17 chapter 5 of Romans 7 verse 7517 for if by 1 man's offense death reign through the 1 much more those who receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness will reign in life through 1 Jesus Christ I'm going to go ahead here therefore as to 1 mans of finance judgment came to all men resulting in condemnation even so through 1 man's righteous act the free gift came to all men resulting in justification of life and I want to stop right there because there is there is some little bit some misunderstanding here that can be misunderstood when Jesus died on cowards cross he died for every 1 now there are some this is that when Jesus down carries cross he automatically justified everybody we have not normally we that's called Universal justification and the argument is that in universal justification you have to reject God in order to be a loss but you're born saved. Well it doesn't take out to us because they would argue that you know you have a choice to reject it sometimes I tell so I went on we were talking about this as this really counts of antics here and in a sense but it's it's a problem let me give you the other side of it or did Christ provide justification for everyone and that you must be willing to receive it now that's where I lean and that's where the churches lean and I think that's where we've always lean and and the reason for that is because I don't have the exact text in the book of John it says as many as received in he gave power to become the sons of. So in other words there's a choice that I have to be willing to receive what Jesus has put in the bank for me if you please so he and that's and that's what we're taught the other 1 is is doesn't mean that they're not nice people are nice people but of people that have that. New point but it doesn't line up with the rest of scripture that's my point so a justification is provided for every human being it's in the bank that you have to receive Christ in order to have it if you and you don't automatically have it and then you have to figure out how to reject it now some people say it's hard to be say no it's easy to be say and hard to be lost start with the Bible sets by the way. Wrong is the way and narrow you know. And by was very clear that being saved is difficult it's not dependent on your works is dependent on your surrender you understand I've got to be willing to utterly so render. As some people say why do you ask people to quit smoking before they're baptised and you know to. Do some of the other things well it test people surrender that's what it does Aaron. Yes it's 100 percent available for all of us. But it doesn't it doesn't instill OS That's right. It was a whole human race. It was God already had a plan in case you see God takes a bigger risk when he makes 3 human beings at that's a big risk he could have just kept the universe to himself enjoy the stars and all of this creation and said on Don't think I want to create children that can have a free will and can do what they want to do there is risk in that in the risk is that if we do that we're going to lose a lot of children and then I might even you to lose you Jesus to try to rescue them. But they counted the costs before they created and that's why I said that's when the plan of salvation is all done and finished the marvelous accomplishment which is incredible will be that God will have a universe this both free and send less That's an incredible accomplishment we're never be slaves I mean how many of you want robots for children you know they're there they're creating robots today if you every see all this robot stuff that they're creating is some is pretty scary stuff but the reason they want to create robots is they want slaves and the slaves will do whatever. They program into it we don't want children that way do we when your child looks at you and puts his arm around us as I love you daddy you want that to say that's not a tape recorder by the way. That's coming from the heart of that child that's what that's what love is all about God shares as Universe but he shares it a great risk a huge. All right. So if you if you in fact even in the text here the free gift comes to all men and the result is justification with the assumption of course that a person in braces that receives it 1st 1000 for 1 man's disobedience many were made sinners so also by 1 man's obedience many will be made righteous they will be made righteous but what's the IF but now if his they have faith in the 1 man you have to have faith in Him You have to choose to have faith that you don't have faith in Him then you won't you won't get the the righteousness Moreover the law in or that of the offense Mayo bound in other words belong enter not to make sin a bound but to help people understand how awful sin was so they can get a remedy but we're sin abounded because of the law coming in the law comes in sin becomes clear it's sin and abounds in the mines but what does God do when he so he brings the law to help us understand what sin is better and we say a home no and then he brings in what Grace so where sin of bounds grace much more abounds that's why the law and grace are working together. To save us in all of this verse 21 so that as sin reigned in death even so Grace might rang through righteousness to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord a very very powerful area Herald. For the much more chapter Well said Well said and there's there's some wonderful depths here and this and I tell people sometimes we have to be careful that that we don't become too theological even Solomon said something to that effect I don't remember the exact quote of it. But we become so my new shop that we can't see the forest for the trees the great truth is here we lost our 1st Adam and the joy is that God provided another Adam for us and because of that Adam's suffering and death and resurrection his experience now can become our experience in that good news so just because it's just just like the 1st Adam passed death to all of us and we're all dying because of it this 2nd Adam if I put my faith in Him He will give me his experience with springs us into Chapter 6 What is that experience that we have with him still with me I know it's a warm and here in it too warm in here so I want to know that when it's got to be got to be better. Maybe we the out window open over there. That see if that works anything is is our air come out of that thing now that shut it down. In 83 that's why OK let's do our best All right we don't we got another 30 minutes here verse chapter 6 What should we say then another words what should we say in light of the fact that hallelujah we have a 2nd Adam. Who lease. Runs. Wow now I never thought about that dear that he said what is wonderful is that the 1st Adam will be saved by the 2nd Adam and if we're in the 2nd Adam we get to save 2 and that good news so he saves the human race at least those that want to be saved he saves the human race All right thank you for that I never had that thought before but it's a beautiful thought What shall we say then shall we continue in sin that got us into all this trouble and sorrow and heartache so we continue and send that grace may abound and then uses that certainly not like the old King James God forbid. Sordidly not know Grace wasn't given to us to continue in sin why didn't some of our evangelical friends read this grace is not given to us in order to be a license to sin grace is given to us to deliver us from sin to deliver me from breaking God's fall to the living given victory in my life Jesus wants us to have victory the victory in my life is not what saves me it's my faith in Jesus that saves me and it's my faith in Jesus they give me victory we've got to keep that straight our life and our mine. So how shall we who died to sin Oh that's a strong word livin it any longer verse 3 are do you not know that as many of us as were bad guys did to Jesus were baptized into His death how do you die with Christ how do you die with Christ that's important to understand that let me tell you why we just read that the law came in and when the law came in sin did what. We could send our language the recognition of sin and we say oh no and then Grace came in well that's parallel to the dying business how do we die so here I am and there's God's law and I look at that law and I say oh no. Oh no. I have got real real trouble or so what I do is I repent in sackcloth and ashes. And when I do that I die repentance means I turn from my sins and they're right so to die means to repent to die means that I turn my back on it to dive says I my beloved you whatever sin you were but I don't love you anymore I don't ever see you in my life again in front of those 10 commandments I die because that law has 1 sentence for centers 1 just like that snake that crawls toward your toddler you have 1 sentence for that poisonous snake once and this. Killer that that. That thing has got to die because it'll keep killing us I mean it will just keep perpetuating this mess that we've got it's got to die so when I see the law now I don't only see the law in its that way I am seeing it also in the Son of God and I see what it cost him and that brings me to repent. And I'd die. Now listen to the next verse this is an exercise therefore because we had this death therefore we were buried with him through Bab his him in to death now we all understand that that Islam is the death of the resurrection Abas got that right away the best way to celebrate the resurrection is not every spring time I mean that's fine if you want to do that nothing wrong with that that's a good thing but but the way we really celebrate the resurrection according to the New Testament is you go out and you win a soul and then when that soul is bad cause we're saying hallelujah we're celebrating the resurrection but we are buried with Christ and he's as bad as him to help illustrate that so we're buried now that we're buried is important when you bury something you put it out of sight because it becomes rotten is not a good word to say you want it to. Go away forever you bury or you can't afford to have it above ground because as debt and that's what this whole self needs to do it's got to be is all I got to be repented of it must only Douay it's got to be buried. That is that's a good question. I think what he's saying is that I really constitute my commitment what we're really talking about is a commitment here. And so he wakes up every morning and he says I buried that thing with Christ and I'm never going to dig it up. I am going to stay dead if you'll if you'll hang on just a minute I'm going to answer that question even better it's a very good question I'm going to answer I'm getting to it so I get to verse 11 I'm going to answer it OK Still with my state Stay right here verse verse 4 Therefore we are buried with him through baptism into death and so forth now look at verse 5 I have a lawyer for verse 5 for if. We have been united together in the likeness of his death certainly our love that word there certainly we also be and the likeness of his resurrection so when I die in return to then I am heart broken I believe this life and I said I want this thing dead a 10 Commandments have killed us old man and I have buried it through repentance with Christ God doesn't leave me dead he doesn't leave you dead he reaches down and touches you with his finger and resurrection. So you go through the likeness of the death you shall also certainly come up in the likeness of his resurrection and let me tell you a profound truth we may be all dying in this room culture all as I said earlier old age possible. But when you give your life to Christ you form a new. And if you look at I think is desire of Ages 388 that union means that your life and I can't explain it don't ask me about explain cause nobody can explain it's just revealed to us is just the truth. That life is united with crimes your life is hidden price it is verb I've heard too of that union that you come up in the morning of the resolution this is not just merely symbolic it's not merely symbolic there's a union I heard. The song last night by. So beautiful just before our minister preached. Yeah yeah. And he said when the time comes to die we're what the rest of us give me. Your me Jesus give me Jesus now don't let me ever be separated from. So all the time comes to die I have my say. That's why for Christians we don't want to double who love life we should never be afraid to die. We're not afraid to die because we have a new with Christ so what Christ when through as a 2nd Adam we go through not only spiritually but we go through literally so that when we die we are still united with Christ even death we don't know anything we were asleep but we're still united with Christ and when he says wake up we wake up because our His life has become our life certainly we should be united with Him in His resurrection. In. Him. We can become So you know I was in that but we are also he enters stands I'm a come back to his question here just a moment that he asked me to get to that just a moment but it deposit Paul says in cautions it is Christ in the hope of glory that's not theory there's a reality please. Yes I wish I had time to take you to John chapter 4 because I mean John Chapter 14 is so clear there. I'm just going to give it to you. In a quick version Jesus says to his disciples of the ones get ready go to his father so they're obviously 2 different people but then he says if you've seen me you. Have not been so long with you that you don't know me that's mysterious language I any way you cut it he said I'm going to my father to different people but if you see me you see the father you don't even need me to show you the father as you've seen me you've got the father powerful and then he has the same thing with the Holy Spirit he says out now you can count with me I do this in some sermon so some of you may hurt me do this but you can count with me this is John Chapter 14 verse 16 count how many people I have here or persons or beings I I made. I will pray the Father 9 me to have and he will send another now how many do I have is nonsensical to make the other 1 of the 1st 2 as as just totally and completely nonsensical they can't be there's 3. And another means another like the 1st 2 can't be any other way that verse is the revelation of what often is called the Trinity or the Godhead and in the scripture now now listen when Jesus does though I'll say news now there's 3 different beings there I'll send you another and then he turns right around and he says I will not leave you or I'm sending this person to take place my place I will not leave you orphans and listen to this mysterious language is powerful I will. Even though there are 3 personalities 3 different beings they are 1 no 1 can explain the Oneness and the people that try to explain the Oneness either reject the revelation of the 3 or they get into areas they have no business getting into Ellen White says trying to explain the nature of God silence is golden and we should just accept the revelation your mind can't understand or grasp it so here's the joy and you brought it up so nicely that if the Holy Spirit comes into my life he also brings the living Christ so the living Christ can be at the right hand of God as he says in class in chapter 3 and at the same time in chapter 1 he can be in me and the fact that he's in the is my hope of glory which means that union with Christ by means of the Holy Spirit is absolutely is simply to our salvation with the lessons. In the note on Christ so. So anyway thank you for bringing that up and I and I'm committed to people who get off on the Godhead try to explain stuff they have no business trying to explain and they end up denying the very revelation itself. I mean can you comprehend a being who can be all over the world at the same time and every language and speaking to every person on their own personal needs all of the same time I am you know there is no mathematician the world that can and can can even get anywhere near with a mathematical formula that can understand how 1 B. can do that at its best because God is beyond our comprehension we cannot comprehend him he there is a great mystery there that we should rejoice in but God reveals to us the truth not only is your question so I'm coming down the track here I'm watching the clock it's all right here we go. So I and then he talks about how you know this has a have to many and you can you can get the picture there but look at verse 11 Look at verse 11 Likewise you also reckon yourselves to be dead to sin I like the New American Standard Version translation is still better says consider yourselves to be dead reckon yourselves to be dead indeed to sin but alive to God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord the word reckon means you callin to yourself Now if you consider yourself what does he actually say here well you're all man that old selfish man he died but he's not dead dead. He's not dead dead yet and because he's not dead dead he's still a problem. Yeah now I use this illustration of people who used it so you may have heard it some more knob happily give it to everyone Stuart but unlike Hollywood station Be careful now I don't have a chalkboard up here I don't know how ya do to us if this were to see if this was the safest thing is working our good all right all right here we go I'm no artist and I don't need to be to get this across all right that's the heart I think you can figure that out so in our heart our affections there are there's 2 things this is a throne OK what do you do from a throne. Your rule you give orders am I right that's what you do right here you're giving orders all the time no but who force you to come to this I don't see little kids oh no. He's having too much 5 he's had too much. Ice in the known to the no not OK I don't see the little kids in the by pull in here so you you you said now I'm going to that class I'm I made an executive decision I'm going to that class you could've gone to some other class you've done anything else wave you want to you came on your own that's an executive decision you're doing that all the time you're making choices by the way as I told 1 person 1 time. I'll say that I'll say that for me so there's a throne in everybody's life when you are born guess who sets all nets throng. Mr Self I'm all right he says on that throw Mr selfishness so you give orders but Mr selfishness gives orders based on selfishness is that correct. OK And Mr selfishness always going to break God's law because God's law is based on. Self lessness That's right that's why you shall not steal you go right down there all based on unselfish love but selfishness will do makes decisions based on self and but let me tell you something that the facade of the man is a tyrant at some point in your life you're going to recognize the fact that if you leave that guy on your throne giving orders he'll kill you he'll kill you and the other problem is you've got you can't just get rid of this guy because you're in ately selfish yourself so what do you do you see Jesus the mighty warrior and you say Jesus please get this guy out of my why Jesus Abi go attitude now there's something else in your heart this is a jail. So what is Jesus knew he comes in and he takes us all to yourself off the throne and he throws him in here well he's in jail now who sits on your throne. YOU JESUS have made a union you made a pact together and he says let me control you like cause you have none too good with it now right and so this is where the rubber really meets the road are you will you turn your life over to Christ I mean are you really ready I mean that's a tough question you've got to get right down to their inner core of who we are and say Jesus I'm willing to trust you with my life you make the decisions for now a good person to read about that is George Mueller read George menas life you want somebody to live where man was really surrender the Lord and we can be that way by the grace of God So now who sits on my throne giving orders. Jesus sits on my throne giving orders but the old man is not there dead because he's where and the reason jealous cause you are me we're not dead yet literally dead so as long as we're literally live he's there he's going to be in jail now I don't know about your old man I think I know about my old man I'm talking about that selfish man and I want to tell you that what you want to do with this guy is not to feed him. You want to starve him to death. What you want to do is get into the place there is karma toasts. There he is there it is can't respond because as long as he's got breath and as long as he's got life he's going to try to help Does he like being in jail now he wants to be in charge so what's he going to do so he is down here in jail and this is miserable and Jesus is on the throne and he's saying to those of I'd sure like to get back on that throne. As always says to you remember you have a choice All right so he says to you 8. You remember me me. Mirror those good times we used to have when our was a job. Remember that and it goes down that road and you say yeah out by the way sin does have its pleasures. Are would be attractive but its pleasures that don't last that's the problem with the end it bites like a snake choice says he says. Well you remember. Well by the way who has the key. Who has the key to the jail you did exactly right why doesn't Jesus have the key. Take away your choice you have the key so he says look look look we just a couple of good time we could have but you just on lockdown so in a moment of weakness and hip Taishan you reach of the young lock the door and he jumps out of there and the 1st place he goes is right to the Mr decision maker and I remember this is a parable so you understand that he grabs Jesus off the throne and throws Jesus in the jail and he climbs back on the throne and he says that you're gonna give him the orders now that good Dom we had doubts go for it. But Jesus is not dead either and then you start hearing the voice of Jesus are you really happy you did that how do you feel about that oh lord what it had been love you so. You got the key or Jesus please forgive pulley. This is done grab that oh god throws him in the jail lot you want this guy you don't want to feed him that's why in the Avenues tourch manual there's a thing called Christian standards they're not there to be legal listed there help you to get started on the path of putting the old man down now he read a Romans chapter I'm not Romans for I don't have time in there to reach Chapter 12 Hebrews Jesus talks about crucifying Christ afresh. He talks about in the word there is really to continue in rebellion continually willful sin that you can find yourself in a place where there is no more mercy. No because God has got a checklist and so you just cross the line No it's just because you come a place a yard your heart and you put Jesus in the jail and you let Jesus get weak and you let the old man get strong and he takes over your life again Jesus dies out of your life and he doesn't come back now listen Jesus doesn't give up easily how many people have you known that gave the Lord their life in their heart and then they left the Lord and became who and then somewhere along the way you may look at him and said boy he has not lived he just somewhere along the way the Spirit of God in the Lord Jesus grab them back I was a story by. Happen and they'll know why I stay you know she get these visions how would you like to be a prophet not don't lie I would line up for that job I mean the credit gifts a nice gift but I would line up for that job Perceval she she had a vision about this man's life and she set down and wrote his whole life and what would happen everything in the Senate to him he was mad Ellen why he saw it was for Mel Why is he going through an old trunk let you know just left the Lord went down terrible road and then somewhere 25 years later the Lord got a hold of his heart and said and a repented and gave his heart to the Lord and when they was going through that old tried and found that an open letter he totally forgot about from now on why it was all yellowed now he opened it and he begin to read the story of his life for the last 25 years. He could have been spared all of that thank God that he doesn't give up easily. I mean the reason I know he doesn't give up easily he doesn't go to the cross to suffer that kind of suffering this is say oh I'm to make without now. He will pursue you and pursue you and pursue you. Until you make an ear revokable says you and decision to keep him in the jail will not let go. That's why Paul says I'd die every day I put a model parable he's saying Old Man I'm not feeding you today no you're not getting any food today you're not getting any bad television you're not getting any bad things you're not getting a bad thoughts any bad thoughts come through I'm kicking them out you're not getting fed today I hope Yep I'm telling you right now I hope you get real we cause I really don't want to hear from you again that makes sense that's why we have Christian standards not a little list of checklists but to help us by the grace of God not to the that old man for I am buried with Christ I die and I'm buried with Christ and if I am buried with Christ certainly I shall be also in the likeness of us who are action hears the call of Chapter 6 we're called to live the resurrected life let's pray Father in heaven thank you for this marvelous chapter. For what it means to us and I just pray that as we leave here today that each 1 of us will be determined by your grace and power that will plead with you Jesus help me not to feed that old man now may not set anything before my eyes I ought not to set before my eyes help me not to hear stuff out not to hear help me not to choose Heavenly Father to do or think things I ought not to think him a strength father not to strengthen that old man that may he ever be dead in my life and may I live precious Heavenly Father may we live the life of the resurrected Jesus in His wonderful name. This media was brought to you by audiotapes a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon Please Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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