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Romans- Part 5

Jay Gallimore


Jay Gallimore

President of Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists




  • June 19, 2017
    12:00 PM


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Our Heavenly Father as we open your word we pray that the Holy Spirit will be here and be our teacher and their eyes be all for Christ we understand what he's done for us opposed to grass the joy. Your love. In Jesus wonderful name Amen. Chapter 7 the 1st part is 1 of the most misunderstood parts of fact I've heard it even with Adventists say sweet kind less people miss understand this allegory that Paul is using And here's So let me just go ahead and start let me read it and then I want to try to help clarify Actually it's a very clear picture or do you not verse 1 chapter 7 are do you not know brother in 4 I speak to those who know the law that the law has dominion over a man as long as he lives for a woman who has a husband I'm not going to the divorce issue Mary marriage thing I'm just going to focus on the illustration for a woman who has a husband is bound by the law to her husband as long as he lives but if the husband dies she is released from the law of her husband. So then if while her husband lives she marries another man she will be called an adulterous but if her husband dies she's free from that law so that she's no adulterous though she is married another man therefore because of this therefore my brother in you also have become dead to the law through the body of Christ that you may be married to another to him who was raised from the dead that we should bear fruit to God for when we were in the flesh the central passions which were roused by the law were at work in our members to bear fruit to death but now we have been delivered from the law having died to that where which we were held by so that we should serve in the newness of the latter and not the in the newness of the Spirit and not the onus of the letter of your 7th Avenue as you bound to run into a friend somebody somewhere that's quoted that text to you that says that we have been delivered from the law the livered from the law so what does he mean by this story I'm going to put the story and this is a parable What did I say it was OK when I say this was a parable or right and what do you do with parables is designed to teach 1 basic point all right there was there was a lady and she married my trying to get up with each other was a lady she married this man and all went well for just a little while but after a while she found out that he was just a terrible guy. He made her life miserable he the verbal abused her or he physically abused her and she didn't know what kind of work he did but she was just really miserable and every once while he going along business trip. And when you go a long business trip she said. That's nice and so I do this there was my go on the phone would have his lonely long business trip she went down the local park and she ran into another man there who was so nice he was so nice so kind Everything was appropriate he was appropriate never made any kind of inappropriate anything but he was just so nice and on the way home something said to her wouldn't be nice if you were married do you hear him and all of a sudden another voice said but the law says OK so she put it out of her mind her husband come back and life is miserable and he leave and she go down the park and she'd run into the sky and they talk have a nice visit together and on the way home she'd say 1 of the wonderful if I could and then another voice would come in and say but the last says that oh this 1 I don't want nothing everybody was nice. You know they were nobody had any wrong kinds of anything there are times you go home after leaving that she'd hear that voice but the law says so what time her husband after he left a long business trip and he was gone for quite a long time and she went out pick up the new morning newspaper and I could say she turned on the Internet looked at the morning news but anyway I like the newspaper for this 1 better so she was out she picked up what I say this was. Just 1 make sure that you understood that. Your pick up and morning newspaper my wife doesn't like this illustration but you understand why in a minute. You are picked up more newspapers she opens it up and on the headlines it says the Tory is criminal executed by the state. So what's this all about it should begin to read it and she read her husband's own name and she all most smiled. When I say this was you know. So she almost smiled and they cause she felt a little guilty about that and so anyway and the course of time she met she went down to the park again and this man was so nice and they had become such nice friends and on the way home she was saying to herself wouldn't it be nice if I could be married to him and suddenly there's no voice there's no voice that says about the law in the course of time they became good friends and they they got married and then he told her something well I say this was. This is there something out and tell you I actually am the king and I've been in disguise so I was somehow looking for a wife and but I'm the king and I have to pay something else. I put your husband to death. That's a part my wife doesn't like now I know what you're thinking and don't think that. When I tell you this was it and I he said your husband's horrible and in murder a lot of people done law horrible things and we had been on his case for a long time didn't know anything about you but finally we caught him men and we put He's a notorious criminal so they got married now before ladies forgive I'm stereotyping just a little bit for the story Segun case that OK forgive me beef before was he was married to this terrible guy that was ruining her life was a still mills to cook. Was are still that yes your husband should help us remember this is a parent. I know you may appreciate me making sure that was clear. This so are there still mills to cook in the house to clean all that is a still chores to be done that's my point yeah there's still the obligations between the husband and wife that normally go in life and now she's married to this new place and she is so happy she's so very happy. And when she does the dishes this time she's happy doing the dishes why she's happy doing the dishes is a big difference isn't there between who you're married to. Let me ask you a question and this is what I asked my friend it's the duties didn't change did they so here's the punchline the law never changes it doesn't matter who was she's married to this scoundrel or whether she's married to this prince the law never changes and here's Paul's punchline now you'll get it I think my parable on Calvary's cross Jesus took the old men that we're all married to at birth. And he killed them all cowards cross so we could be married to him. And and he'd kill that old man because our own man needs to die I mean he needs to be really erratic So now we don't serve in the. And the letter of the law before when she was married to this old scoundrel how did she serve when she washing dishes was a fine terrible sin just will scream and rage and when she washes the dishes over here she gets kisses. So now she serves not according to the letter but according to The Spirit because the law never changed. And that's Paul's point when you know Christ he comes with us to death the old man so that we might be married to him use the marriage as an illustration and you've got the whole picture OK here's a question. OK I appreciate the testimony I just want to be careful I don't get into a lot of that but yours I want coming from but my point is that I want to help us understand what Paul says because what Paul is saying there is that you're not delivered from the law in the sense that you don't have to obey it anymore you delivered from whom you're married to because the law kills the old man Christ killed him on Calvary's cross so that we could be free to be married to another now let's listen to that text again don't forget that was a parable please. Look at verse 6 now but now we've been delivered from the law how then how then are we delivered from the law what delivers us from the law how does he deliver us from the law he lives from law by killing yellow man now we're free am I right so you don't hear the voice anymore but the law says no we're free now to marry Christ because he killed the old carnal nature and we're free to belong to him so that's what it means to be delivered from the law were delivered from the law having died to what we were held by so that we should serve in the newness of the Spirit and not in the old Innes of the letter do you understand that now the questions on the. So that's what Jesus did for us all covered calls a wonderful think what he did for all of us on Calvary's cross I open that door cause that keeps a little breeze but we do get a little Next a noise with it OK in about. Oh OK yeah yeah yeah. This this old carnal nature holds us hostage in a sense because he doesn't let us go and the only way we can get loose from him is for him to die so that's why the battles between Christ and the old nature OK let's. Let's go on down here looking of our 7 What shall we say then is the last san so you can't have it both ways you can't be delivered from the law and I don't have to obey it any more that's a conclusion that a lot of people may I delivered from the lawn I have to be at anymore and then turn around and say this is the law since they certainly not know the law never changes it governs everything it governs both marriages that govern the marriage of the old man and he governs the marriage of the new Christ that we are married to so to speak certainly not on contrary I would not have known sin except through the law for I would not have known covetousness by the words that a quote from 10 Commandments so we're talking about context here's the 10 commandments. I would not have known covetousness except the law said You shall not covet but sin that's an old man taking opportunity by the commandment produced in me all manner of evil desire for apart from the law sin was dead why is sin dead apart from the Long. There's there's there's an chairs over here you can just come on and your yeah there's some chairs over there to your. Why you're fine we're glad to have you just come on in. Why why is sin dead apart from the law. Because I would known was sin was unless the law all told me what it was. So sin make I mean the Law God makes sin jump up and that's where repentance comes it you're my how you die you bury you die you bury and turn to God while the law has an enormous power to drive us into the arms of grace and. All right verse. Verse 9 I was I was alive once without the law but when the commandment came sin revived and I died exactly or for everybody so I want to go on here to the next part verse 10 and the commandment which was to bring what life I found to brain oh so why did God give the 10 commandments to start with this will be able flashback what I've already talked about earlier why did God give the thing to memes to start with. He was. The law brings life in other words without the Law life doesn't exists. So the law makes order memory talk about that another meeting I talk about that the law brings order without order you die organization is life and so here is that text very powerful text the law brings life that's what he says looking at again at verse verse 9 I was alive I mean 10 and the commandment which was to bring life why does it now bring death because the law is correcting the disorder so why do you go get surgery for some kind of like say cancer why do we go get surgery for cancer that's right is bringing disorder so you've got to get rid of the disorder so the surgeon goes in and does what he does that's what the law does the law is here to say look if you bring disorder and the universe you bring sin in the universe the law is going to do something about it and the reason the laws will do something about it is because the law is trying to preserve life. That's how crucial this is most people don't get it most people live in this hour OK God made 10 rules so I guess I have to keep them no God made 10 rules so you can live so the universe can live and everything about calories Cross is to bring mankind back into harmony with that so that life can exist in the universe no law no the lie. That's why there's justice that's why we can use or read those words the wrath of God That's Rich you read the words about justice is not the cause God is just arbitrarily angry you know I don't like that J. Gallo margins don't like you know the shape of his nose or whatever it is God's not that way that's not the issue here. You're not just making God mad because it's you the fact is that if God lets you and me exist in a sinful condition we will become the seeds that destroy the universe like cannot exist with sinners. And what we're going through right now is a process in the universe that would a limb in a sense of the universe eliminate sin from the universe and 2 ways. Either we become converted and changed and transformed or justice in order to preserve the universe is going to eliminate us those are the 2 choices and that's not because gods mean it's just because God cannot preserve life yes to make a tough choice here it's not that he was if he if he hated you he would have never since Sunday Calvary's cross if he wanted us to die he would have never emptied heaven in order to transform us and forgive us our sins he would have never done it but he did it because he does love us but he will not allow life to come to say Sion in the universe he's going to preserve the universe the devil is not going to be allowed to take of the universe the devil is I'm sorry I know he's really bright he knows what 2 plus 2 equals 4 really well but he's really really dumb because he cannot sustain the universe. And his principles destroy the universe that's why I said the great controversy between Christ and Satan is between the principles of the devil. Which is selfish principles versus the unselfish principles of Jesus and if we're going to be converted by the grace of God then we need to start living an unselfish life now and that's what Jesus does when he comes into my heart he starts helping me by the grace of God to live an unselfish life and when you leave it on selfish life your life will come into harmony with God's to and commandments now making sense. We have a wonderful God He set the universe up it runs by law and he set it up so he could maintain order divine order in it and he loves us so much wants to bring us back into harmony bring our hearts our factions all back into harmony with the universe when that happens the Law God is a pleasure grateful for the law. OK Still with me all right in city hands waving around up there so let's let's go on that that's such a key verse really and all of Scripture this problem as 1 of the parallels to go with it but let me go to verse 11 for sin taking occasion about the commandment deceived me and it killed me therefore the law is holy and the commandment is holy and just and good I don't see how anybody can read the book of Romans hardly and come away and say God's law doesn't really matter I can decide the day the Law God at will and still be saved that's not what he's saying at all and you cannot be saved by keeping the law but you cannot be saved by ignoring the law either. It's yeah there no fence sitters you're going to either inside the fence or outside the fence and if you're outside the fence I'm sorry all right then Paul goes through I'm going to want to paraphrase a little bit here and then I want to jump over to Chapter 11. Because I want to get into the Jewish thing and I hope I've got enough time to do it verily. Paul talks about this struggle he goes through these those things I would do I don't do those things I would do don't you know you know the thing in the verse 24 he says Oh wretched man that I am who will deliver me from this body of death now go back to 1st 22. He talks about the struggle in his life. He says For I delight in the law of God What law do I have here that's the 10 Commandments I delight in them and the law of God according to the inward man but verse 23 I see another law what laws the. It's the last sin you can look at it is the carnal off you and put it that I see another law in my members warring against the law of my mind bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members as the carnal nature so he says I know the law of God and it's good I delight in it I mean I'm basically a good man not I don't want but there's another law that's at war with the law of God and these 2 are fighting by the way the law of God's commandments cannot win this war can't win it they fight cannot win but how to live there's another law and notice the answer to the all wretched man that I am who will deliver me. Notice verse 8 Chapter 8 I'm sorry verse 1 chapter 8 verse 1 there is therefore no now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus you want to stand up and say hallelujah. I may have that clashing but if I am in Christ there's no condemnation that's why that I love that part of we already covered in Chapter 5 and this grace and which we stand is not an own and off again relationship it's not once saved always saved but how Louis it's not I don't wake up this moment and think I'm going to be lost in the next month I hope I'm going to know this grace in which I stand and so if I'm in Christ there's no condemnation in the good news no condemnation now now listen look at verse verse he goes on who walk according to the flesh not according to the flesh but according to the Spirit now if I got this constant war how am I going to walk according to the spirit and not walk according to The Flash How's that going to happen Paul just talked about that war what's the next verse and he gives us the 3rd law verse 2 for the long of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death so there is another law introduced in my life and that law is the living Christ by the Holy Spirit so the tin Commandments and the carnal nature they fight and I cry out wretched man that I am Lord I need some help and he says I'm coming and a rise in with the 3rd Law The Law of the spirit of the Lord Jesus the spirit of life and he teams up with God's 10 Commandments and together they put that other guy and kill him that's what the conversion process is all about it's getting the selfish nature. Are to go we have such a mighty savior. So now I can walk according to. Walk and I walk according the spirit I've got powerful allies with me. I got powerful help with me. Now Chapter 8 is 1 of most wonderful chapters I love this chapter you can never plumb the depths of it ever have and I say sweet guys ever have a Jehovah's Witness or your Baptist friends or some other friends come up to you and tell you that while I am I'm under the Spirit now I don't need the law you are having My tell you that. I always have a text for them and this is my text and I want to give it to you it's. Its verse 7 the before River 7 Look at verse 4 all of this happens that the righteous requirement of the law my be fulfilled in us you do not walk according to the flesh with according this fair the whole plan of salvation is so that the righteous requirements of the law can be fulfilled to me why does God want them fulfilled in me he also wants me in harmony with the universe he wants me to live forever he doesn't want me to die that's why he wants the righteous requirements of the law lived in the end if you love the Lord Jesus and He is YOUR KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS by the way he's a wonderful King he's a wonderful husband he's a wonderful leader whatever. Symbol you want to use you cannot you can't find someone better than Jesus can't fund someone better so you're you're 9 with him now notice here's mine here's my text you can reverse 6 for yourself or 7 for the carnal mind is in the tea against God for it is not subject to the law of God neither indeed Candy so I let them go down the road they share everything they want to share with me and then I said well what tell me about this tax. And they read it and they don't see any problem with it at 1st until I asked this question if the carnal mind remember they're saying I don't need the law because I'm spiritual now got to our living by the spirit and I said so if the carnal mind is not subject to the Law God What is the Spiritual Mind subject to the best so than English there ain't nowhere to go. Because the car I'm on in the spiritual mind are opposites. So if the carnal mind is not subject to the law of God That means that the spiritual mind is subject to the law OK. And. I've heard it I've heard it both ways is he converted or unconverted I don't know I think I had the same struggles when I was unconverted as when I was am converted because the old man still not dead dead. If you can take the truth is we have to have that 3rd law in our life I have to I have somewhere along a line I'm going to be converted and have that 3rd law in my life and I do have the 3rd law in my life then that 3rd law is going to give me the victory to be able to walk in the spirit and to have the righteous requirements of the law fulfilled in my life so the real issue here is how do I get that 3rd law the law the spirit of the life as it is and Jesus Well I get that when I'm converted him by Christ in my life yes. I'm. I think it's a that's fair in Palmy Paul is trying to help us to understand what's going on here so he's the 1 that calls the law that the law. Of the commandment which I delight in and then he calls the law sin and then a wretched man that I am these 2 guys are fighting and then what's the solution and so laws solution is what I call the 3rd law which is and he calls it a law the law the spirit of life as it is in Christ Jesus so the only way I get that 3rd law is when the living Christ comes into my heart in life that's the only way I get that 3rd law now that happened before the cross because they anticipated the cross so when people surrender their life to Christ he also worked in them with that same wall. So you get that 3rd law when the living Christ is by. Your welcomes good question all right I don't want to go too far too fast that I. Hear All right let me go down I'm trying to skip allow new forgive me if you have to follow in your lessons there as you go home. I want to look down at verse 15 and we get into the spirit of God here 1st 15 for you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear but you receive the spirit of adoption by who whom we cry out Abba Father so Paul is using all kinds of illustration he uses the marriage illustration now is used in the child father illustration and he says Now what if once you've been adopted Well how do I get adopted. If I receive Christ and put my faith in him he becomes my elder brother I'm adopted into the family of God and and when I do that now I may call my Heavenly Father Abba other way on why it says the title The Jesus that the Father in heaven the Lord in heaven by the way he's not just our father he's also the creator if you please he's the judge he's he's a many many things the counselor is but the title that she says in deer's The Heavenly Father to us is the title Father and it was the title that Jesus yes our father and this is not a father that is arbitrary many people had fallen that weren't so good fathers but this heavenly Father this father is a wonderful father who really loves us who really cares about us and so once you're adopted into the family by means of Christ then you may call the God of Heaven the creator of the universe you may call him your father and that beautiful you're part of the family that's why I love that song we are part of the family of God We sing that song and so our heavenly Father makes that clear yes yes yes. And there's a great mystery here Christ became the Son of God Yes When he came to this world but there's a sense that he was a Son of God from all eternity now that trips some people up because of Sol then there was a time when Christ didn't know you have to look at that that word be got means unique in 1 of a kind. And so there is a special relationship between the Father and the son that they have represented to us as a father son so that we could understand something of what it meant for the God the Father to give up the war Jesus to the human race. There are roles but there's uniqueness is there that we can't understand and but we separate the lation and the revelation is that the relation between the Father and the Lord Jesus is like the relation between a father and a son. Let me explain that for my father. They're not they're not lesser gods. But there's a relationship that helps us to understand for our purposes what they called it before I don't know but for our purposes they represent as a father son. If you have only 1 son I'm talking of fathers and you have 1 son and you start hearing the bidding of war drums what you start to think what do you start. Exactly right I give my son so that. There's something special between God the Father and God the Son and there's something special between God the Father God the Son of God the Holy Spirit that special is we don't can't totally we define it in the terms they give us but they're but they are you know in the beginning was the word in the Word was WITH God and the word was. Very very powerful state. You know Abba. My God my God why have you said that that whole such we don't have time to go there but the plunge that debt is when I see that account risk cross I stand back and I say I worship our worship because we we cannot understand the depths of what that now that's what took the life of Christ I mean the other stuff was horrible the beatings will horrible and all that thing. When he crosses that cry. Derelicts station and he says mind. You 1st it was in that moment that Christ drunk the penalty. Of the 2nd that they did not open a been to the portals of the 2 that was God's wrath if you please. Let me go there for a moment because I don't want to leave that out I'm glad you brought it. It helps us to understand the whole essence of the Gospel were God sacrificed himself in Christ to his own justice and satisfy. I want to flash back to Abraham and Isaac for a 2nd do you think there was suffering going on between. Going up that mount more I would just Abraham and Isaac you think they were suffering in yours grief and pain what do you think happened what kind of grief and pain when Abraham says Isaac God told me to sacrifice you you're the sacrifice you think there is suffering there. Are 6 probably 18 years always got his whole life in front of him he could have easily pushed his father away and ran it in half the allow himself to be bound to that to that altar that shows the dedication of this young man and then what about his father what kind of suffering I often asked this question tell me who suffered the most I don't think we can say I think they both suffered terribly and we go to calories Cross who suffered the most I don't think we can say they both suffered terrible and the suffering was for you and me. So. You know. It's pretty deep. I think that's why our 3 turn into we will look at the sacrifice the father made with his son and we will say what love is this and you will never be able to plumb the depths of you will ever be able to understand the why but the 2 of them understand. But we we now who are the we can now call the God of the universe father and he loves us like He loves us. Why would we turn that down I will return it that. I want to leave Chapter 8 to you Can I speak a little bit about the Jewish connection changing gears here for just a little bit I want have to paraphrase real quick here but then I'll get down to the essence of it but Romans 910 and 11 Romans 9 starts as Paul changes whole years here and he talks about how he is burden for his own Jewish people and this is quite a statement he says I would like to my I would rather myself be a cursed from Christ if it could be for the saving of my own people that's quite a statement and then he goes down through Pharaoh and talks about Pharaoh's heart the hard nothink I've talked about that before we're not talking about predestination here we're talking about God choosing a really stubborn guy and putting him on the throne and then letting it work out the way it did I'm not going get into that very much but then as you get deeper into this. And then he if you look at verse look at verse 30 of chapter 9. Maybe I should go back just to go back and look at Chapter Verse 30 Chapter 9 What shall we say then that the Gentiles who did not pursue neuritis PNAS have attained to righteousness and how do they attain it the faith even the righteousness of faith they put their trust in God but Israel pursuing a law of righteousness has not attained to the law of righteousness why because they did not seek it by faith but as it were by the works of the law for they stumbled at the stumbling stone who is the stumbling stone is Christ and then and then he goes down if you look at verse 1 of chapter 10 brother and my heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is that they may be say. Verse 3 for they being ignorant of God's righteousness and the seeking to establish their own righteousness have not submitted to the righteousness of God For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believed I was Christ the end of the law. Christ in the law. He's the living while he's the total sum mation of the law he is both the ceremonial law and he's the moral law he's all of it so when you have Christ you don't need the other because you've got the living Christ and he did it by the way is not in contradiction with his law never in contradiction with his law crisis the end he put your faith in Him Now I'm skipping down here just a little bit more. And I want to go to Chapter 11 still with me Ursula chapter 11 verse 1 and I say then has God cast away his teeth will talk about the Jewish people what is Paul's answer certainly not now question answered many of our evangelical friends will say see yes that's right because that's what Israel is all about the nation of Israel now make something very clear I'm not being negative about the nation of Israel I'm only talking about the theological issues here but I want to say this clearly and kindly the nation of Israel is not the fulfillment of those promise the only way the promises can be fulfilled to the Jewish people is if they pursue righteousness by they in Christ. That's the only way just they're no different than the Gentiles you the only way you can be saved is by faith in Christ and that's the are so going back to the land of Israel forming a Jewish nation is not the fulfillment of those promises. First 2 has got God has not cast away his people to me for new or do you not know what the Scripture says of a lodger how he pleads with God and then then God answers in verse 4 I've reserved to myself 7000 men who not bow the knee to bail leave your that's a room and by the way 7000 is a remnant leave your finger there and go back to chapter 9 and look at verse 27 Isaiah cries out concerning Israel though the number of the chill of this will be as the center of the sea the rim of that will be saved he will finish the work and cut it short and righteousness because the Lord will make a short work upon the earth us a hallelujah to that. And then he says we were going like Saddam to morrow if the Lord not left us to see over in Chapter 11 he says he reminds us that God told a lie John I still have 7000 that have not bow the knee does God have a ruminant among the Jewish the yes or that is yes. He's talking about the Jewish people but will become more inclusive before we're done looking at verse 5 even so then at this present time that was in Paul's day there is a ribbon and according to the election of grace by the way whose whose example as a of that whose Exhibit A of that remnant Paul the use a Jew in the juice but how did Paul become a ruminant not his saying not be staying as a fair See he became a remnant when he took Christ. Hang on young here's what I'm saying let me just say clearly that there is a that God's purpose is NO NO failure the Jewish nation may fail him and he will still have a Jewish women in the India. Yeah I know I know which is it but you'll hang on with me it'll it'll come clear as I get down to the end of it here but right now I'm focusing on this remnant of the Jewish people so God's purposes know neither failure nor delay God's going to have his way with this whole thing old H.M.'s richer senior anybody remember him. I was a long time ago as a young pastor and we had a group of us like us sit down with him and talk he was in his well into his eighty's and we just sat around big circle around him and he was just sharing with us and he told us he says to you do you young creatures he said let me tell you something he says you keep your eye on 2 things as we go through the through to the end of time to things you keep your eye on the pope and you keep your eye on the Jews and let me tell you how accurate he was in a sense because if you flash back to if you flash back to the Dark Ages when the reasons for the Crusades was a try to get rid of the Jews not just the Muslims what was war to what was that all about their 6000000 Jews turn into horrible deaths because of Hitler and Hitler told the rot is no secret either he told the Roman Catholic Church he says what you wouldn't do I will do he was a Roman Catholic to the days died and he was never excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church if you want to really really good book read the book Hitler's pope by John Cornwall John Cornwall was a starch Roman Catholic who didn't believe the charges that the Vatican was pro Nazi during World War 2 And he went and he says I want to prove it and he came back and said it was worse than what they said it was if you don't have that book you should get it it's called Hitler's pope by John Cornwall it was Pope. At any rate the Jews have been an issue why are the Jews an issue because God reached over and took them out and carved them out and made them his firstborn and when he brought them out he says there's 2 things the the blessings and the cursus if you follow me you get the blessings and all the world will know that I am God. And if you disobey me you will get the curses and all the world will know that I am God the world the the Jewish people are God's exhibit to the world of who he is and what he is and just as he refused to allow Pharaoh to kill his firstborn he refused to let Hitler do it either. And he were refused to let the Muslims do it either he's not going to let anybody do it and fact he's going to do something that's going to amaze the world before Jesus comes among Jewish people there's going to be a great turning to the Messiah and they're going to see that Jesus and many of them are already doing that and they're saying he was ours all alone they're the firstborn this Messiah was our Messiah he is our Messiah this is the rule returning to the Lord you know that wass the 1 or 2. You just slide. The whole early Christian church was Jewish and fact Paul says to the Gentile Christians I think the Thessalonians he says to them he says he says you should imitate the churches and you dear Will the churches the Judea were Jewish. In fact I'm going to tell you something else the work will not be finished without the input of the Jewish people by the way when the Jewish people recognize Jesus as their Messiah What do you think happens with Sabbath where you think happens with pork. Do they have any problem with that. Now I have not let that it's Kate my notice. He's the brains behind whatever good happens out of there. Or in some people's eyes the worst. That's right that's right and the daughter is a converted Jew knows a husband is Jewish. Just way that's going to play out I can't tell you how I don't know how but listen to her I'm going. To listen what the Bible say I think we've got enough time to maybe finish this up at least to whet your appetite enough Look at verse 8 chapter 11 verse 8. God has given them a spirit of stupor eyes that they should not see in ears that they should not hear to this very day but look at verse 11 chapter 11 verse 11 I say then have they stumbled that they should fall now is talking about falling permanently have they stumbled that they should fall permanently certainly not God forbid why because God's not going to allow his promises to you know why him or could not when Hitler was going to be destroyed German Nazi ism was going to be destroyed because God was not going to allow him he would wipe out every Jewish person on the face of the or if he had done that God's prophecies would have failed and Gonzaga let his prophecies fail he's already said these people are a special people for Will are whoa they will demonstrate to the world who I am. If you look at human history these people should have been merged into and disappear from human history but they were not they did not they still kept their uniqueness to this day. But through their fall to provoke them to jealousy salvation has come to the Gentiles all woe So even though they end the rejection of Jesus that opened the door for people like you and me to find a savior I don't know about your ancestors the my ancestors are probably over there in England running around the woods with the Druids and you doing human sacrifices now that honest. And I think of for the Gospel. I'm grateful for the salvation is coming now now listen to this look at verse 12 now if their fall Jewish fall is richest for the world and their failure riches for the Gentiles how much more there for. You get it another words if the if the Jewish people are rejected are reject the Savior and they fall but sometime later they come back if this if even their fault the site has said there are symbol God is going to use them for Will our whoa so they follow God uses that to do what he unleashes his grace in his goodness to the Gentile world if that if if there fall could result in something good and wonderful for all the rest of us what would be there to putting back in the Christ what would that be like I'll tell you it would be the coming of Jesus. Let me give you the rest of a look at look at verse. 13 now I'm once I'm a skip 1314 you can figure that out I'm going to put 15 with 12 here we go. For if they're Jewish people being cast out is the reconciling of the world what will there except in speedy but life from. The Dead tell me when are the dead resurrected when do the dead get life I think what Paul is saying is that when you see this great mighty revival among the Jewish people and they discover Christ not all Jews the many of them this could be a mighty move in the end of time when they discover Christ the result of that is going to be the coming of Jesus and the resurrection of the dead now it gives you about the wild olive tree on so I will take time to go through that because of the time factors on what I want to finish up here in just a moment but Paul in the next year versus the picture says Olive Tree cultivated our tree and al of that branches have been broken off because of God's justice and while the olive trees not cultivated ones their branches have been broken off and grafted into contrary to nature into the cultivated olive tree normally you you do it the other way around and. So but these wild these wild olive branches are the Gentiles how are they grafted into this cultivated olive tree by faith and other words they have faith in Christ there in their their grafted in how are these cultivated olive branches broken off. Because of unbelief because of lack of faith of the broken on now Paul says if you could take a while olive branch by faith and grafted into that tree in the going to be even easier to take a the cultivated olive tree branch and graft it back into the tree. And then he says. All Israel will be saved now that we're all Israel means everybody that's in the tree and who's in the tree Jews and Gentiles have been grafted in to the tree and we become Israel because the olive tree the has the roots of the prophets and the patriarchs and the Apostles it's it's it's the tree that God has been growing all along in his garden is a cultivated olive tree and when God is done he's going to have grafted into that he'll have some that were never broken articles he always had believed Jewish people he's going to have Jewish people that were broken off because their unbelief and then at maybe in the end of time they can be grafted back and he's going to have Gentiles who are while our 3 and they're going to be grafted into that and then all Israel will be saved in that good news a city had let me let me finish let me let me run down this because I want to finish here just a moment now let me come back to the world we're living in the moment this whole issue with the nation of Israel who props up the Nation of Israel the United States of America. Much of the world thinks us weird they don't get it they don't they they they don't get it why the United States of America is so passionate about Israel you've got a 1200000000 Muslims and you've got 6 to 8000000 Jews in that nation and and the United States just dares the rest of the world to touch them and they say oh that doesn't make any sense that's not your self interest it would be better in your self interest to discard the Jewish people and go with all the Muslim world he calls the so many more of us besides we own so much oil you probably heard that argument before. So most of the world does they look at this and they say doesn't make any sense and they don't get it. They don't get the fact the United States of America was raised up as a great Bible believing people a biblical people and the 1 reason that God raised us up was to destroy a Naziism and wipe it out of the earth and they don't understand that Bible believing people believe that God still has a purpose for the Jewish people now I'm not saying the political solution is the solution is not I've already told you that it's not so we're protecting this you know and they got all the evangelicals they're saying are rumor way back. Nearly got the wrote the book The Late Great Planet Earth. And they were saying Jimmy Carter came along you know and so forth and they had the Jewish wars and the Jewish people they captured all this territory and then Jimmy Carter came along and they said they all said at that point C C This is this is the full panel Bible prophecy the Jews are taking over the law and then Jimmy Carter comes by and gives it back. And they count went quiet at that point. Because that's not the full whom what happens if the nation of Israel causes the United States a lot of pain and suffering how quickly with the American public figure out that it's not in their best interests to protect the Jewish nation any longer how long would that take about overnight this nation runs on popular whatever let's say that run some attain Asli with a lot of Jewish people. Coming to face to face with the Messiah. And they're bracing Jesus as the Messiah so you've got this great movement and now this great nation of the United States is now being dominated by the papacy and the papacy for 1200 years has aided the Jewish people I heard. I was out out West and in the Seattle area all Washington I was listening I was out working my camper 1 morning and I was listening to Keene radio talk show and 1 of the guys came up there and they were it was Martin Luther's birthday or whatever and they were just downing Martin Luther saying he hated Jews he said some pretty awful things about Jews but I thought to myself You guys are you guys didn't do your homework where do you think what do you think Martin Luther learned to hate Jews. He learned to hate it in the monastery he just reflecting the culture of his time he learned from the Roman Catholic Church and so this nation's being dominated by that you put all that together and you could have a scenario where over night and listen to be carefully you've got a huge movement of Jewish people becoming Christians you've got the Gentile administering an essence beginning to merge with that movement at the same time you've got a nation now that's turned to hate Jews. And history will repeat itself. Why did the early Roman and why did the Roman Empire persecute the Christians because they considered Christians to be Jews. They hated them. They hated the Jews the Romans had felt like they had a right to hate the Jews because of what they went through in 8070 and all of that kind of thing you can see what they did to Jewish people how they banned them in fact it's even picked up in the scriptures. Who is the couple there. That Paul liked so much they were tent makers with him a call on Purcell are they they were they were booted out of Rome and that's why they ended up joining Paul because Rome was angry at the Jewish people so you could have a situation and this nation in the end of time or the whole world already the rest the world hates Jews the owner the only 1 that stands up for basically and the United Nations is the United States of America you can you do the new stuff yourself do the history research the whole world now turns against Jewish people and they come up with that thing and now many Jews are Christians avatars of Christians and they look at avenues and they say why are you keep the Sabbath you know only pork you're Jew. And the mark of the beast you wonder how and a separate area and anger can grow the mark of the beast can very well be connected to and to us and. In the end. But the promises that when that Jewish revival is interjected into the final movement of our sister ie the gospel will be finished Jesus will come the dead will be resurrected and all Israel will be saved God's promises know of no defeat and they know no delay. I don't have I got about 1 more minute you have a question before I can OK. Well. Yes there is I believe that I'm very clear I believe that the average church fulfills the conditions are keeping the commandments of God the testimony of Jesus and the faith of Jesus see only church that does it has a story it is God's room of people doesn't make us any better but we're to be his instruments in the end of time and what God is going to do is a lot of Jewish people will be converted and they're going to interject into that and that's going to poor energy into it the world will turn angry but at the same time there's going to be a reaping around the world listen there's nobody going to be able to declare the unchangeableness of a law God like a Jewish Christian. Yeah yeah. That's right and so in the end all Israel will be saved Lord I just want to be part of Israel the true Israel the part that's grafted into that tree that's the part and aren't you glad that God doesn't care about ethnicity the only reason he picked up Israel was the show is power and to be able to reach the rest of us even there failure here used to reach us and then he in the success what is that going to be the coming of the war the resurrection of the Aspire heads. Precious Father in heaven you're so good to us thank you for the wonderful book of Rawlins and as all these dear friends of mine they study this May they become masters of it and they be able to explain it to other people and may it do I work in my heart and each 1 of their hearts because Father dear we want to be part of that real Israel that really Israel that has faith in Jesus and what he's done for us in Jesus wonderful name Amen. 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