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Session 1: Importance in the Sanctuary

Clayton Leinneweber


Clayton Leinneweber

Director for Messiah's Mansion




  • October 10, 2009
    2:00 PM
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him a loving father which art in heaven we want to thank you so much that you have taken care mislead have you have brought all these people here from home from places only to be on this campus this weekend now I thank you for the messages that are being presented in the different classes that are going on right now Isaiah asked that your Holy Spirit will not only be in this room to guide and direct what is said and done here but also be in the other rooms to give that the people that are there than in the lectures given the words to say and exactly happen present the message and that those that are listening finding something out help them grow spiritually in Christ name we pray amen okay as you'll see that the topic is a mammoth sanctuary now the sanctuary is and is in a way something that I got him I got mixed up with backend early nineteen nineties discount to give you guys a little update because owner show you how important a sanctuary really is okay I mean the sanctuary is so important that you should know for yourself how you can give the reason for you believe this thanks for crisis doing right now heavens about you should not rest until he understand the topic for yourself these are quotes and all recently little while that's want to share with you that the sanctuary was just an idea and just so you do so you get an idea how it began it was back in nineteen ninety four is when the sanctuary the past that I was working with set up just the furniture anyone out to him the desert where there was a temporary pathfinder jamboree so there was that three thousand Pathfinders and gathered around the furniture that he had there had a white world where they were using the curtain today we so I wrote an passive aggressive and high Priest Dorman and I was the center of the Lamb and we went through the process of what took place in the sanctuary generation people City Hall there were were listening and paying attention to what was going on so therefore when I solve this what power the same way as over the young people and that's when I decided that I would like to do a full-scale model of sanctuaries with the church there we get a full scale model now listen carefully and this activism means something to you today when we set it up we built it and Delmar when we set it up it wasn't long and people were just discovered it was they were very interested in the sanctuary but they were just basically interested in the historical part of the sanctuary want to see a full scale model the sanctuary that's interesting to them there was a whole lot other interest than we found were set up house back in nineteen ninety five I used it with the church for two and half years and we went to Washington DC set up on the Mall in Washington DC and it wasn't long after that definitive Fredericktown and then we basically actually I got called away moved Oklahoma and the century continued on with the church for a couple more years than it was in use for three years is set in the trailer and I got wind of that and I was at the school in Oklahoma and I was asking the passive as working with I'd like to have the sanctuary so I can use it the way we intended for the news and so the Lord work it out this several miracles took place to put it into my possession and in so when that when the Lord work it out I set it up for the first time about six years ago the very first exhibit that I set the thing up this pastor comes to eight seventy one Sweeney says Klingons say some things about this car unlocks astronomers car any this picture of the candlesticks and sets inside his car and pulled out another developer Vincent said that it will these big pictures out of his car and he says for the last three years every Sunday for church had been certain amount there had been talk about the sanctuary was very interesting to me because I happen to know of the sanctuary message was something that the Adventist church talks about and that's not something this will commonly talk about another churches so this got excited me the fact that somebody else was saying the sanctuary and so what I did was this money so I do with this I had to talk to me either several people actually came up to me so the very same thing at that exhibit either the sixty exhibits very same things happening today everywhere I go people and tell me how this type most recent women were in Myrtle Beach Myrtle Beach this exhibit was plan two years ago they canceled and postponed to this year and there was somebody else wanting these days they call the pastor and they were thinking about the possibility of switching dates and then a for valid processes now were many candidates that we have in Myrtle Beach money and so what happened was this their Myrtle Beach this particular week is the feast of the tabernacle 's anesthesia Tabernacles is the seven seas that you find in the sanctuary there is seven feasts the last one comes right at the day of atonement of course were limited atonement today so that these the Tabernacles is yet one to be celebrated in the future okay this fulfillment is yet to be beaten to come in the place so here you have this particular exhibit fell exactly on the very days this week 's therefore hundreds of people are coming to Myrtle Beach and they are coming there because they want to celebrate the feast of weeks on site these claims easily these ephemera they're coming to celebrate the feast of Tabernacles and while we've been there they about two thirds of people have come to the exhibit has been named and coming because they came because of the timing and we have there in Myrtle Beach that's God 's hand by way because these people are traveling from all over the world now the nice things I should say to this exhibit an item and so therefore I say this that God designed us to be in Myrtle Beach at this very very time that slid a century has been ever since we began and would than sixty exhibits within the Jamaica within the Hawaii within the Canada we do about ten or twelve year the resort John is very important as I want to turn your Bibles to Revelation chapter ten of us look at Revelation chapter ten is nothing like seeing prophecies unfold before your eyes for their if you look at verse basically this is this is a time where the little book Daniel sees a little book in the Angels fan members members this prophecy and he says go take a little book cases would be in your mouth is going to be sweet in the stomach is only one to me better and so he goes up and assess your verse verse ten I took the little book out of the angel 's hand I hated on and it was in my mouth sweet as honey and as soon as I had eaten and my belly was better for we know that was dealing with the disappointment in eighteen forty four you see there were people around the world it really thought crisis coming eighteen forty four making it a newspaper scene for you real quickly here there was no church seven evidence church these were people made up from all the other churches they were going around and different people around the world were proclaiming the very same thing at the very same time Christ is coming in eighteen forty four this was a cry was heard everybody thought he was going to come he was very exciting they thought Christ was going to come in eighteen forty four they believe that they live that way they put everything up on the soldiers things they close their businesses they thought crisis coming in eighteen forty four they did not come fast white was better because they expected and he didn't come so therefore that made an bitterness on now the next verse I want you to read the next verse with me because this I think is prophecy has now been fulfilled and he said to me thou must prophesy again before many people nations tongues and Kings using at this point now now must prophesy again so I just want to remember what I just told it took place in the early eighteen hundreds for ten years they were prophesying that price was wanted nineteen forty four people really believed it it was a movement in all the churches there rightly I began to move again that's exactly what I wanted values happening today using before Christ live in the holy and the most holy place he wanted make sure people knew he was moving from the hole in the most holy place easily have it again today whenever you have him again today people are now studying the sanctuary and all the charges no matter where I go for pastors in the last exhibit I was at Fort called the churches as we had just finished studying the sanctuary and now remembering our church and come see the exhibit while you're here Myrtle Beach is and I'm getting at everywhere I have gone this is been the case homeschoolers come they say that in our homeschool we are taking about the sanctuary the sites right movement is getting larger and larger component is getting to be a big swell again like it was in the early eighteen hundreds for my Italian today is this the sanctuary message is a message that God is in moving I say this because I know the exhibit awaits them you know I have two sanctuaries now two of them is not a name because when I'm done I'll give you a land on surgery a couple couple miracles that you can see what apartment you I want you to see the importance of the sanctuary okay when we first began the ministry we need ourselves a fifteen passenger van so that we could travel from place to place I'm taking in people with me right and so I was talking to my wife about the minivan and we had it was an old man it had rust all over it it was transmission was going out air-conditioned in work and we are evaporated travel about three thousand miles across the desert house on my wife as we were going off to sleep I said you know that this this family does represent God 's ministry very well we lay ourselves a new man to do this industry they were doing you know that I went to sleep in the next morning I got up at a phone call and when I answered the phone some analyzes this you need to so fifteen passenger well well my wife I and he says this he says I have just sold some property into the past escrow I'm missing is some amazing images of a man that's how we got the first band we have in the sanctuary these are the miracles of God has done because you know why imagine this with me a man vehicle is running on the freeway a hundred miles an hour and has a rope dangling behind it and you reach out and grab onto the rope and you have a good hold of it and what's can happen to you and your e-mail along is an that's what's happening to me it's not me run in the ministry essentially got us started take control of it and the people around the world are studying a number the unit you need to know Christ was the foundation of the Jewish economy the whole system of types and symbols was a compacted prophecy of the gospel a presentation in which are bound up the promises a redemption has asked apostles first known page fourteen you see the sanction of the sanctuary has symbols and types it's a compact of prophecy okay now Marino into the subject of the sanctuary was the key to unlock the mysteries of the disappointment in eighteen forty four it opens to view a complete system of truth connected and harmonious showing that God 's hand was directed in the greater than movement and revealing present duty as it brought to light the position work of his people as the great controversy as a few more memory this one here because it's in here I think you need to ring very seriously about those who share the benefits of the savers mediation should from nothing to interfere with their duty to perfect holiness in the fear of God to hear you have you have on Jesus standing in the most holy place easing he's mediating force their pain now if you want to share in that we should let anything get in your way preparing yourself finish reading this again interfere with their duty to prefer perfect holiness in the fear of God 's goes on to say the precious hours instead of being given to pleasure to display or gain seeking should be devoted to an earnest prayerful study of the word of truth Saul sounds good so far right away we believe all this right the reader the subject of the sanctuary and the investigative judgment should be clearly understood by the people of God are okay right you're okay with this isoform this study to the sanctuary and investigated yet to be clearly understood by the people got out my question to you is this who are the people of God have you heard the Bible verse that says that Jesus says other sheep I have and where were they say another folds what does that mean they are the machine of the falls what is me other churches correct so here we have a statement and that all white rice the great controversy she says that's the subject of the sanctuary and investigating judgment should be clearly understood by the people of God so wouldn't it make sense that God would make sure those people on the other churches knew the sanctuary so that's what I'm telling alas three and a half before half years asked if I'd have now I have been hearing that the other two you are studying the sanctuary to make sense because he's not ready to move again before you move in the hauling the most telling the let people know and everybody's attention was drawn to the sanctuary the movement from the hall in the most holy they focus that Oracle can be destroyed by fire because it wasn't moving in the most holy place and again we have that same time they can place now the world is sinusitis sanctuary because were about ready to make another move he's already moved from the most holy place to get his people Maria couple more sentences in this one here all need initially the people got all need a knowledge for themselves it doesn't matter what I know it matters what you know young men doesn't matter what I know that is what you know young lady it matters what we know this is his sister all need and knowledge for themselves in a position and great aunts are the work of their great high priest well that's also find it again right we know we have Christ as ivory stripe but we are know ourselves for ourselves what he is doing now this is the part that I want to listen carefully because I believe everyone here knows some of these things I'm referring to I believe everyone here wants to do for God was asking them to listen carefully the subject of the sanctuary is what we read this this verses of this chapter is about this is all new knowledge for themselves positions at hand work of the great high priest otherwise it will be impossible okay you see why this is so important it's something is to be impossible otherwise it will be impossible for something to happen and listen to the rest the sentence for them to exercise the faith which of these so this time it will be impossible for them to exercise the faith citizens of this time or to occupy the position which God designed them to fail in only twenty you have a supposition that is designed to fill the subject of the sites are now become very important to you is impossible for you to do that without the knowledge of the sanctuary out later today will become it further into this evening here is more information about how the sanctuary is so important connected with the present truth and I believe that you will see as we go through today that the sanctuary should be your study every individual has a soul to lose or to save meaning your own all who have received the life upon the subject are to bear testimony of the great truth which God has committed to them the same train heaven is the very center of Christ's work in behalf of man it concerns every soul living upon the earth it opens to view the plan plan of redemption bringing us down to the very close of time in reviewing the triumphant triumph issues of the const unsigned I could lose my place and reveal the triumphs and issues of the contest between righteousness and sin it is of utmost importance that all should thoroughly investigate the subject and be able to give an answer to everyone that asked of them a reason of the hope that is in now region of the statement this is found in them gospel working on my layout was found in a and the great controversy okay and down this year is found in the EM testimonies to the Gospels both workers and ministers can now there is yet is the subject of the sanctuary should be the one that we understand if that's the site is that society that when you knows we can fulfill the position that God is designed to subdue if that subject is a subject in which helps us have the faith that we need for such a time as this if that subjects are important who do you think would not want the subject to be her site not worried your statement about Satan 's counsel when Elaine Novello wine gives us one of these council meetings he has of his angels that the people of that approach the perils of last naysaying hold on his consultation with his angel that severe most successful plan overthrowing their faith remember the faith is what we needed right these trying to overthrow the faith he sees at the popular churches already lulled to sleep by the deceptive powers by pleasing sophistries and lying wonders he can continue to hold them under his control therefore he directs his anger the Lady Bears mayors especially for those who are looking for the second heaven of Christ and endangering to keep all the commands of God listen the bar here says the great deceiver we must watch those who are calling the attention of the people to the Savage over he goes on to say they will be many disputed claims along the he can stop it goes on to say in the same light that reveals the true Sabbath reveals also administration of Christ in the heavenly sanctuary and shows that the last work for man's salvation is now the now going forward hold the minds of the people in darkness that work is ended and we just appear the world and the church also use your plan this plan is to watch for those were calling their attention to this Commandments of God became he wants to trip them up he wants anathema he wants and not even had anything new with sanctuary because the sanctuary tells people you know there's something beyond the cross do you realize most religion today will stop it across and is likely in some cases we stop at the cross as well make it through the cross was at the beginning of the service of the same technology as you become able to thank you a service that's not what is this his classes four okay this isolators was the sign when you had Sandy would bring your offering continued to come over to the north side where you would place the offering and placed her hand on Atalanta and what the symbols will start to roll in the Senate how was symbolically leave them in the little lamb then it would sell the land and then at this point the center would leave Apennines more working with the priest he would leave them the phrase window and the priest would take the online and place it here and offering hereupon the office I heard voices and see and move into the holy place Nagaland died on the north side that's across if you stop there you have the rest of the things taking place in the sanctuary and the sanctuaries designed this away now if you haven't seen it you will you see the signs we has a beginning point and it has an ending point dealing with time okay it's a time prophecy okay you will notice that as you move inside the sanctuary you can follow the footprints of Christ as you move on through the sanctuary right would not let that the next lesson what I want to show it at this point is if you stop at the cross you forget the rest that was taking place so what Christ don't annul in place didn't matter is a wedding day when the most likely handling today doesn't really matter because that's we stopped at the cross Ellis was examined what Christ did at the cross is equally important what price it is Rossi is also one he is doing in their heavenly sanctuary above and the holy place is equally important the cross by the way was very important you cannot you cannot say the cross was not important if Christ were not died on the cross none of us would ever have an opportunity of eternal life that's very important right but the work these are in the heavenly sanctuary is this is equally important as you see there is inside the freezer is one of the administered in the sanctuary because the sanctuary itself was the sample were heaven was the symbol of heaven and so the priest on earth are they representing Christ and is administered in one of the most holy place the priest will carry the sand in the form of the blood and recorded there in the sanctuary thank you very much for that now we have and will be on the cross we can stay at the cross in my experience either United we could be that way as well easily could be that way by not listening to the Holy Spirit as we travel into the sanctuary and our experience with .net slogan talk about the next session anyways let's move to the next point here I had to share with you there are two statements that I think are similar one you find annexes twenty five eight okay okay what is I five eight e-mail my memory let them make their sites that I might dwell among them that's a common that's a very popular course again is another popular mercy find any finders in Psalm seventy seven thirteen seventy seven thirteen says this I know God is where in the sanctuary now to take down the New Testament that now you have in the New Testament you have Jesus talking to his disciples okay he's just already believe and he's told on one of my father and so when I go there he you know where I'm going and you know the way once Hamas says we don't know where you're going how we know the way Jesus looks at him he says this is I am the way right was John fourteen six act I am the way I am the truth and I am alive do you know that the New Testament verse for some seventy seven thirteen songs are in their thirties as is my whale God is in the sanctuary okay lots of ways in the sanctuary I met adversities as I am the way that driven the life you and examine the sanctuary unify nearest three entrances to another room this one here is that gays this is the entrance and from the date after going to the courtyard that's the way and he says I am the way okay then you have another door here in its and it's another door between the next room in the next room as soon as you come inside the next room you find the place where God has the read write and bread as a symbol right symbolizing the blood of Christ but is also similar what the word of God thank you so here you have the word right just as I am the way I am the truth this is the next door you go through the door truth is worried I am also want life I am the way the truth and the life in the next one is the mail as you live in the most holy place and that's where we will have eternal life remember I might have to share this thought would usually get the idea when God created Adam and Eve they were created in such a way they were his image it is like trying to Sammy was created in the light 's finest and an Genesis and in the end is like this and you find this that when they send they lost something do they not immediately when they say and what they really I a lot that allows us right now watch for a similar okay they lost their clothes okay so immediately they found they were neck kittens and problem right they needed to fix it so they grab Findley 's and they fixed the problem no it didn't fix the problem because they lost something special character and what they trying to say they could not fix look at what Christ that is what we finally happen minority they say they do they are given from God will close on animal rights no as Lancaster Bandon character anyway blindness when they sin they lost God 's character after they tried to fix it themselves they couldn't fix it so that when they do God gives them the skin of an animal one we find there's an animal that represents Christ only would download that the land isn't it interesting to take the skins of an animal that Lamb has its is covering right that's the symbol of its character he takes that character who represents Christ now he puts it up on how many things that I will fix it again I'm willing to give my son 's character again you see in that illustration in the very beginning God opened up our eyes that there was something that he was going to do for mankind and they couldn't do a thing that's very interesting and is never important questions I to understand that you cannot fix the problem here's another example Moses on Mount Sinai God gives Moses the ten Commandments he takes he writes it and God writes and stone mining gives it to Moses Moses comes out of the ten Commandments and down there there there dance around the golden calf and immediately as most of those commandments he throws them down and write some on the ground right so here you have the big mass of broken out let's examine this is the second is another illustration without is going to easily brought the King Commandments when they broken that was God 's character and he received the moment when Moses is told by God I want you to go get some more stones and some of the few dollars dollars I got told him and Moses takes that second set of stones back up to where God was and he rewrote it remember the ten Commandments you find in Exodus chapter twenty and samosas ten Commandments thoughts focused on Mount Sinai when they first got the Mount Sinai right he spoke to them soliciting dynamics they knew the ten Commandments God inspired and made holy men of old to be able to to make is that the sanctuary God gave them blessings men were inspired to write the Bible when trying to say is God told Moses chisel out the stones again but this is another illustration you cannot do that that is what was lost was what was placed in our hearts what was lost was God 's law got another put it back there again he says bring me up your stony heart and I will rewrite my law upon your heart again noting that illustration is the New Testament New Testament you have Iran the rich young ruler he comes to Jesus and he asked you to them I await this question is asked a lot in fact we may be asking ourselves what is legally be safe to thought about it we want to do something to fix the problem we can regenerate young ruler comes diseases is what must I do to be saved and he says well what do they talk about the blog right for general says I have been doing that from my youth up so here you have a young man it's in the church that had been taken the laws of God and by them and then Jesus left that will sell it to having him to the bar is think about what he he was as wealthy as CNN of the elements is all right me explain something to you when you keep the law yourself it's not part of who you are is not a part of you see when God writes in your heart he becomes who you are the rich young ruler had been seated in the law from his youth up to leave a but it wasn't really who he was so he walked away sorrowfully can you imagine feeling why it makes is common on this issue if you assault what he had intended to the memories you do the disciples together I put in one of his disciples this one here wouldn't want to see what it taken can you imagine how beautiful that illustrates what Amanda hey I gave up those things I can do God 's work and wanted on the site so here's another example dealing with what we have lost we cannot did wiki passive fix it for us okay so now knowing this move into the next phase can not exist Jesus is on this earth can not Jesus is also remember when he first started his ministry he walks over to Herod 's Temple and he goes advanced upon these their and they're selling these things inside the temple right and he says this take these things outnumber you chase out the money changers and take season but this is what I want to remember this is Mrs. John John John chapter two he says taking things out of my father 's house those were his father 's house so who is Jesus father God so if you say his father 's house as he talked about his father Joseph believed on in the battling father thirty saying he's using that illustration is that sanctuary there being God 's house okay I was mixing Jesus is not readily this is the same as verse the finest in the fourteen chapter John he says in my father 's house are many mansions BC what Jesus is telling you is this the sanctuary is Glasshouse now you find and in the book of Jeremiah seventeen it says this that God is in his glorious high throne from the beginning and have easy the sanctuary has existed three Canadian law but wait a second essay tracing diamonds a great man from San right true that Matthew question has God ever had to change the new member time and lots changing eleven changed the so what makes what's so different now about God because sin is coming nothing think this through if you are in heaven and you never have seen anything about Senegal you never experienced it be ongoing and there's no need for forgiveness is there is no need for mercy either but when sin came in use all more of God is all the side of God mercy justice forgiveness judgments you see these things about God you see God never change so you see here this part here the structure that represents the father 's house there is far around the represents earth so what we find taking place when Winston came in God now put into motion a plan to redeem man back and it still involves what involvement beginning mileage universe this is found in Isaiah sixty six now it says that from one new loan to the next right once out of the next to all flesh come to worship before me so let's not lose Lancaster again what the changed about the deal that we get to heaven we are told as an inspiration that we will learn through how often in heaven often the retarded you are like an eternity now watch what you think the Angels they automatically know everything they also need to learn though that is still single-story guys from one new moon to the next for the Sabbath the next so visualize the sanctuary and what about more details next lesson but made alive in the sanctuary is a place where God houses and on the Sabbath everybody's got to come and worship before God that's what the place prior to the second everything with God would take time to teach that isn't change either what I'm trying to share with you is this the Saints was important because that's God 's house on about it a step further you find in the book of Corinthians chapters three first sixteen Emily three sixty and second and first Corinthians six nineteen and also second Corinthians thirteen five I like to bring these three authors more to talk about this but these things at three or very special because it says that you are a temple that was nice you are terrible what is it exits with Iranian made me essentially why I can dwell are not easy to chapter twenty eight that chapter is very important to read and understand that chapter refers to Lucifer refers to how he was created and what it was like okay here we have Lulu Lucifer who was created yes I'm sure as well what I'm trying to get is this the same toys one important because it is the house of God and you are the house of God and I am the house of God using Lasso important facet it is very important not to mention that I just read to you earlier but went one and L Weiss is that you and I should know for ourselves about what I freeze is doing right now in the heavenly sanctuary now there's a couple more things I wanted it to our times nearly after the session begins on enhancing your active okay if you have any question about there being heavenly sanctuary to try to make bring your mind at rest okay the first of all you can find out that John describes heavenly sanctuary in the Bible he describes the rooms he describes the furniture that's John describing the sanctuary so they should not be any doubt in your mind there's every sanctuary okay now you will also notice a revelation it talks about a sanctuary that doesn't come a time that Saddam pledged to follow-up on this earth and it refers to an out of Temple of Heaven flying an Angel to Missouri where they came from out of Dublin Avenue zero there is a heavenly sanctuary and it's still there today because the place enough on you see my point outlet that will have a flight of an angel enforces play upon the earth using his vile upon the heavenly sanctuary does exist you realize that it says in Psalm 's one oh two nineteen says this that God is in his heavenly sanctuary and he looks down and he behold the earth so where's the sanctuary him him him Rosenthal came as a wonderful chapter one of a book I should say you read a book of Hebrews Hebrews goes in depth and access is exactly making the comparison was the one that Moses built in one easy it's not the same one there are two women so we have to better described in the heavenly sanctuary and we have the replacing choice to there is one verse found in the book of Exodus chapters fifteen or seventeen Texas fifteen seventeen is a time when they were come out of Egypt this is when they came across the Red Sea theater at the Red Sea and then kept on both sides of them are our mountains and my friends Red Sea and then you find that the Army is coming back to take them back to Egypt okay God led them by the way God led them don't come on in your finest woman God led them from Egypt anyway he was leaving the cane okay he was leaving there and when they still got led them to that point in time individual individual or worried they were to be taken back into captivity God then does a miracle any breeze across the Red Sea wedding rings across the Red Sea even what the place the cloudless and then the Army runs through God destroys the Army right verse seventeen now comes in the place this is a song is called the song of Moses and in that song he says this that God you have delivered us that is that God you are in a sanctuary that thy hands have established but this is why bring this one out to you realize this is before they came to Mount Sinai and the for God gave the plans to build the first earthly sanctuary is essentially all vital and gardening dear allies in the Garden of Eden I told him the nomination they put the skins meow on the Lamb that was slain from how far back foundation of the world being you find also that beyond that after they came out of the they were they were taken on the bargaining they were still in Angels placed there to guard the gardening right and it would bring their offering right to there and it was sacrifice the life PC lamb represented Christ in they were doing the services long before they got down to the time they came out of Egypt because that was a great plan the great plan to show us the separating the guts undo from sentiment now there are some important things to remember very important facts remember we just wanted to review what we went through so far that before we go on the next session we are example guts and let them make new things that I may dwell among them the temples that we are referred to in the book of Corinthians healing I R place where God lives okay and by the way you know that in the Ezekiel twenty eight when it talks about losing me in a sanctuary he says he is defiled his sanctuary and he is going to be brought to ashes did you know that you have an example of God 's going to do with the sanctuary that is defiled you are the temple of God what you do in your body reflects who's in the most holy place you out as a viable Texan will get into the next session it deals with Lucifer sitting on your throne dealing with the same shortcoming we got out and in just a few minutes but in recap you are and I are working I am for sanctuaries sometimes my mind was faster than my voice but anyway what I want to share with you is my well need across is this the sanctuary is very important topic and if you want to live in the last days and you want to be in the position God has given you living and you need to understand for yourself it's not something that you can just say well I know about it but here's the real thing you have an opportunity didn't only avoid the things I and when but what about your neighbors to see that she may not have any other folds there is people do these call about never calling another angel 's message is that since I was right because come out right they also need to know about the sanctuary because the verse that we read in an angry controversy says this that all God 's people need to know for themselves but for father in heaven as we have dispensed justice just a moment of time I pray Lord that the information that was given will help us all to understand the importance of your sanctuary are I satisfied a person here will not only known for themselves but a burning desire to make sure somebody else knows about it open up the windows of heaven father to let your Holy Spirit just fill each one of us here the father not just here in this lecture a bit all over this campus where the elections are going on what an important day this is on your wonderful seven-day in Christ name we pray amen this media was brought in by audio errors a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe are you much more so than please visit www. .com universal .org


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