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Session 3: Present Truth in the Sanctuary

Clayton Leinneweber


Clayton Leinneweber

Director for Messiah's Mansion




  • October 10, 2009
    4:00 PM
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my loving father something that we are discussing is holy ground and information that we are covering the armor is very sacred to you this talk about your plan of salvation talk about how United take us from this sinful dark world and Pakistan I just pray father that she will open our hearts that anything is said and done here will have been to your honor and glory and we will have a closer walk with you because I pray this in your son 's holy name and Al Qaeda subject to talk about at this point is a very very controversial subject okay this Saudi government to deal with today is this so important to you that it could it could represent that you are in the kingdom are not in the kingdom now if you notice in the last couple of seminar so we went through already we talked about the path back to God 's wrath you and I need to be on a path that's making ourselves correct for instance your dirty and you need cleaned up that way to clean you up is the filter you through the sanctuary system when come on everybody and come on in you need to be filtered through the sanctuary I like the Latin under this if you have not water mix together you want pure water to drink drank so you felt it right the energy filter net and yes you want to drink at CTC AlterNet the filter into the day you get to the point where it can be drowned that's where the part is about feeling dirty was sent and you need to be filtered and the sanctuaries the filter system okay that's the filter system now I member told the Lucifer used to satisfy the father he used to have a place in the most holy place back on the way to bring that picture up now he's in the most holy place now Lucifer used to be right there I remembered that the condition and you want to end up in heel one and out right here okay you can get there and less you get cleaned up now you live before eighteen forty four you'll lived before you live after eighteen forty four you live in the time the day of atonement is actually taking place right now that's what you live you see God move in the beginning it would be alive in this day and so he's these shows in his vessels to be ready for this day you see God does not take any pleasure in the destruction of the wicked he doesn't so he's want everybody so he has a chosen race a chosen generation and generation which is going to finish that last stand for God the last stand one is it that God rephrase this what is it that you would not do for God that's the question you ask easy to guide for you right right you decide Leo why don't you live right now is simple another way you know how it studies showing you how you don't know you see Jesus came and he died in a time when the world is really wicked right but he's also got a chosen generation a slim and in the worst conditions of the world and we make all kinds of excuses to keep hanging on the sand so this is what there's truth is so important for today in fact this truth is what we call it what oh what calls present truth present truth is what you need when you right now it's printed truth right now I wish that I got you got understand this we we will never be in the kingdom if we don't do a goddess called us to do you are called to be the chosen generation the early army of youth do not know the Army 's needs but maybe rightly trained right so apparently there's some things that maybe you don't know yet right you need to be trained now overtaken in illustration member member Don Daniel David David King King David he wanted to be the one who built a sanctuary from the right they'll think this through it was built essentially forgot down with them after we thought right Apple when David was a betting game was also man-of-war we can't look at David for the day David led David was a letdown asking the right way around telling people they doing doing but yet David and was still considered right with God is we were in the last day where the mayor last part of time this is the time that we are living so here's the thing David wanted to build the Temple management processes we can build the German war that game and throws a fit as a not what you do he doesn't thought that he gets a plan somebody gathers material now explain something to you guys have you ever heard of a hundred forty four thousand do you know they are I hope they're going to be you because a hundred forty four thousand dollars a live just before Christ comes they're the ones that take Satan and lease them out they will send anymore that once I get all that went against the estate that the throne of the heart empty itself so therefore there's something you need to guard now need to Gardenhire David your men of war you can build me the Temple be seen as one template was not built in which one was no one in heaven center Ezekiel simple describes a secret temple being built I look at that being hunted forty four thousand BC UNI are called to build the Temple with Holy Spirit will dwell right now that group a receives the Holy Spirit that group this one is finished work you can imagine God has a plan at the Marian in the worst conditions of world history his people and understand them put aside all evil things out of reach David one the building is a man-of-war which I is you could easily end up being the issues that would let you perform because you have done too many things in the past twenty minute speech clear all you young to me probably right done some things in your life that you want to clear out all share this with you I believe that I even at my age can still be part of report four thousand trained for that not that I'm anxious to go through anything necessarily but I want to stand for God I once every young people refilling your mind up with things you should be as you do that I still miss God has called you to stand in the last day he's called you to live a life your is called to put aside all the worldly things don't make excuses for the worldly things anymore you see I don't know how is wanting to but I know someday you can amaze me just like using now I threw that in for free now we'll get to the eye cannot help it encourage young people stop it to stop it in your heart and not the player of the around what is serious business revisiting here and he has scholarly writings of early writings I would recommend this book to anybody early rising very good book for the entire people I saw the necessity of messengers especially watching and checking all fanaticism wherever they might see it rise so he needs messengers to stand firm and the watch for the fanaticism that only when they need them okay Satan is pressing in on every side is a natural ease president ever side LS we watch for him to have our eyes open to his devices snares can have on the whole armor of God not in the best all rebels looks whenever whole armor of God leads you back to where God become alarmed by his okay this group but people need to have on the whole armor of God Satan is trying to get on every side they can watch for the fanaticism and goes on to say here or the fiery darts of the wicked will hit us that awaits we will fall there are many precious truths contained in the word of God but it is precious truth at the flock needs now okay is present truth at the flock leads now I have seen the dangers of messages that you're going on from the important points of present truth to do well upon subjects that are not calculated to unite the flaw and sanctify the soul is over she said it is important for our staff have present truth now okay but there are some that are going on the messages that are calculated to unite us all right member we need to have the run experience right now what I'm trying to tell you is a family someday him him in a room just like the setting right here will be a one accord is something happen it will happen guys you'll see happen unless for some reason we don't take the talents God has given us in this generation and he has to tarry a little wrong but that generated generations ships eight the uniting of a group and help on Holy Spirit okay that's good happen just before the work is finished now they are those who are not dealing with those messages tagged saint will have one here take every possible advantage to enter the costs because you're not dealing with present through these going take those advantages to slowdown the work of God that I did not happen listen to the next sentence but such subjects as the sanctuary in connection with the twenty three hundred days the Commandments of God and the faith of Jesus are perfectly calculated to explain the passband and movement and show what our present position is established the faith of the doubting it did certainty to the glorious futures these I have seen frequently seen for principal subjects on which the messengers should dwell present through guys and this is early writings sixty three the sanctuary is designed to help you finish the work busy right now as your city right now right here right now I guarantee it is a God okay there you cannot tell me there's not a God and I noticed that what are you doing these setting here between Angels and you have Jesus standing right there was blood upon the mercy seat seven-time just like they did on the earthly sanctuary when that blood was placed there up on the mercy seat seven times that was that that's the blood of Jesus in other words understand this up to the cross we were dealing with within the infield from across that's dealing with his footprints on the courtyard upon her but when Jesus dies and goes to heaven to signify the father we talked about on the last session thereupon I think the table showbread but then you move from there into the most holy place that you find it I recently bought an emergency seven times you know there's still when you go back and look where the blood was shed annually examined that when Jesus was going through you'll notice that they took in the bike took a wet right now this is what they did to Jesus the one who created them okay and he was dying so that they can have everlasting life okay they took away any something they and what with bones and blasts the inmate would think they took that with him they rent out big chunks of his flask any black right as one-time emergency then just do that they made fun of him right all yet again how yet will tell you crown of thorns on his head again to his body blades right there's twice his blood was shed versus then member Jesus in the cities and villages in the state would heal everybody in the beginning everybody to heal those hands were always doing good right they took those hands in a strip somehow and they pierced his hands and mail them to be someone there's no tomorrow will enjoy as there's three or four times upon the mercy seat you see them into another nail into his legs together right anything is to see now his body is got two more wounded in the ninth is now five and six right on the mercy seat the Bible goes on to say that this settlement on the bumpers what would be that seventh one the Christ carries in his body today and I was severe in the sign of Christ but you notice what happened what flew out of that what came out of that hole with his body okay blood and water okay now blind in the SSI so I think it was not supposed to be dead when the they said there's no way he can die already crucifixion took place there all the time that's how they got rid of people is an example that was fun trying to tell you is the Romans did not kill Christ's Utes center as he settled my cross in the garden extremities always across that way to send the man who never send key that noodles in became sent directly to the two goats the essay you have Christ you could not tell the difference between the goats at the cast lots until the difference between Satan and Christ as how Babson was that's what killed seven times the blood is placed upon the mercy seat seven times Jesus by his gun piercings for so here we are today here we are today and the varying the time and we were told the subject of a sanctuary in connection with lots of the twenty three hundred days and ten Commandments hands where they can manage that I hear in the faith of Jesus now go back to the statement that I read the beginning and typing altogether here for you now the subject of the saints went investigative judgment should be clearly understood by the people of God all your knowledge for themselves in position and work of their great high priest otherwise it will be what members impossible for them to exercise the one thing you see we need to have the faith of Jesus and are the other similar Satan is trying to destroy our faith you see you believe God is infeasible network right now you believe it and you should not rest until you are right with God yes you standing here interceding for you and I Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit enemy that's a good question the Holy Spirit business to see how this all fits together you have the Holy Spirit who is on this earth member when Jesus go to the father is in the missing you Governor Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit has been here to lead and guide us in all truths can see how the Holy Spirit praying for you the price like you said in Romans matters we pray the Holy Spirit frame right and what you have up their place in the blood on the mercy for those prayers Jesus okay said I it says blood is the reason why we can be forgiven our sins I is in the blood is replaced there is those there seen the blood place that now they asked this question do not see now how you can be saved you got all three working in your behalf all three are working your behalf and on the day of atonement we thought it would come that this is what they were in in fact there are seven feast days that you find in the Scriptures the seven feast days and you find are calculated exactly as well to let you see what we are in time the sanctuary calculates just as we do where I'm time as sort of the sanctuary Hazel does this these days in fact you will find that these days the very first one of these days there was actually for an hour in the early part of the year every in the later part of the year I once bring in one fall now the fourth network they came first they were they were really closely connected each other very and timelines you have the first one called the Passover and now the Passover began crucifixion thank you and the past that we have the Passover that its fulfillment in Christ crucifixion in fact the issue look at the acts of this class I Leviticus which describes these particular on feast days you'll find out that they are given the exact days they were before before Leon Lamb was killed as he was selected and want into your home four days fired Louisville game and then I was attempting that on the fourteenth day they kill the Lambright then on the fifteenth day they started another feast so you have a fourteenth and now you have a fifteen that was called the feast of unleavened bread the feast of unleavened bread when for seven days okay the first day was to be a ceremonial Sabbath day and the next day which is the fifteenth the next day in a feasible of a red was another feast who is another metal in your last firstfruits that's where they waive the offering and front of the d'Arc of having the vote the mail there they waited there thinking God in advance for the harvesting that I have those can be fifty or seven weeks later fifty days later okay which is called Pentecost okay so now these for feast these four fees have already met the fulfillment you have Jesus as the Passover a few days before Jesus is to be killed using characters talking to his friends and he says it's better for one man to die in the whole nation the Bears right that the processing do you know I was not wanted I see something here in case some of you are in a doubtful mind on some things and in the Scriptures I want to give you some hope you see Lucifer knew through these prophecies what would take place to Christ none day when Jesus being crucified to have this he would not say he was working for Christman who said I do notice things all men say including keep him from prophesying missing even though they know that just a few days before or he was killed at the lamb was selected path this is the one who says it is better for him to die the nomination the parish that Jesus is the necessity is walk no more openly among the Jews leasing the land was brought into the home that Jesus was taken and crucified at the time that the land was to be slang easier environment Saint Gonzales either the zero dinner then the next day Jesus delays in its own right that starts the week of the whole weeklong feast of Tabernacles the first day was a Sabbath right now as I started to get that year that saw the landed upon the weekly Sabbath okay so here you have Jesus later the two resting on the south then the next day is called the wave offering Jesus comes out of his room on Sunday right click on the great somebody some of the group made a run back and forth and Mary comes out there right and during that time and marries their marriage is looking for Jesus sees Jesus is always Jesus saw she sees Jesus 's face he said the person their caretaking and she goes where they take Jesus and Jesus speaks and she realizes Jesus right and so Jesus and Mary is right subsided memory was that she loved him this was later this was for her so she immediately runs Boise to say normally by I am not yet ascended to my father to the Wayne Opry had taken place just to go to heaven any stand before God while appraiser down on this earthly sanctuary standing there with a wave offering the landmark and was designed to thank them for the harvest right to hear you have the Passover everybody coming to the Temple so on the way that simple they went on their fields they gather the grain and already harvested the first friends about of the fields I could need yet until they presented it to the father through the hoop recently presented in the sanctuary and in way that they are granted eminent management of the next thing that they're going to do it all back home after seven weeks ago work the fields benefiting seven weeks ago to come back again and again and bring a whole bunch of grain they do now for harvesting okay so this was a thank offering before they got okay that is weighted that make it in advance when Jesus goes to heaven presents himself to the father as the first fruits of the is you know he's only one of his nine easy is the only one I really has no NCM analysis can come back to life at one point or another in time before that's all said and done Jesus stand before God thanking them and expect new novel harvest later by the way that now the harvest of the human eye okay that's that's so that those that met the fulfillment including the Passover right passed over that of the anemone and the Passover was at the end of the fifty days and during that fifty days that they are the Holy Spirit is poured out upon the people all those those of the spring the spring face value at three in the fall the first one of course is the trumpets feast of trumpets now this other trumpets were busy ten days before them atonement they are tall Missouri series are yet have all your sins not patrons it is because this is something you and I need to understand all essentially transitive the century because the day of atonement is when all is an enemy for okay so now you want to send an estimate can be forgiven so they Wimbledon topics domain blow the trumpet in a forthright respect to gather around naked with their friends and families are making things right and it draws tens of action of the day of atonement they stand there on the outside to the trumpet was the more limited always kind I ten days prior to that now you'll find that just eluded a dominating forty four that there was a group of people that ran around the world doing similar things the trumpets were blind for ten years from eighteen thirty three to eighteen forty three which also wounded forty four you will find that the message of Christ Lilienthal emotionally place they thought was going to be the claimant with second coming right to ten days prior to the date of the common beginning in heaven for ten years prior to that the trumpets blew then the next thing you find is the day of atonement the day of atonement is the day with you and I live in and that they knew when the David Owen began but they didn't they don't know they did not know when it was over so you and I will not know either they were common so except there is one indication we will because it's this way after the sensors put down and the blood is placed on the mercy seat and he finished he makes a statement those that are righteous the righteous daughters got to get an idea an example and thought about US in the comfort of Lord God you want to be saved you don't want a diaper you said it except Jesus as your sacrifice you leave major way in there and there is there is your Jesus placed about upon the mercy seat for the sins of your asking merit in the book of life and that's a good reason to record your asking to be forgiven for those cents okay now on this day on this day God looks at this sense that you are asking the forgiveness for remember the day of atonement has nothing to do with the wicked okay these are those who are asking you why I don't want to die in the as well I want to be in heaven these another thing I want to be forgiven now the question is Jesus that wasn't enough for all those sends everybody has done okay that's the question so here you have there you have the books are open right the sins of a record I've added to require now we look at God looks at the certain that his place thereupon the mercy seat and he looks at around there there in the books he looks at you and I and you no longer sees you who do you think he sees he sees Christ right so here we have the example the example of what something placement very God 's will look at you and I and how easily do it I don't know but even if they would exhibit of you to take your sanity library in the depths of the sea is a dangerous and as far as the east is from the West now those are the Bible analogy when it was sent if you're going east how far you need to go east before you actually going West on the hereby niche you're never going to go West five hundred K with that is that foreign FES anything from you is limited part is an environment that's listening right was John Satan revelation is a minimizing site so I'm trying to say is a good swimmers and having when I swam down to the policy and grab your sans apology with it anymore what I'm trying to get at is this what's taking place in the heavenly sanctuary is that the sins are blotted out taking completely away from you and I the problem is this is a very controversial at the because that means you will live someday without a mediator missing but you know that's not the end of the story one of the mediators know that there's more to take place on this earth has sanctuary tells you about it because at least two thirds of the righteous family righteously all right that means he won't set again when he come on guys when he created us right when he grew this world he said that he said the animals be fruitful multiply right I still don't this man if Obama won the lottery family bless those things it's a less than a right I went trying to say is this when he speaks something he will take place event the member that actually says this it will happen okay so now the work is finished to see if the communist way says this the sensors gone the revelation refers in his latest census chastity are okay he goes from here in a long place my bets with the priest in earth to when he finished working with all in place but the blood upon the horns and he starts school cleanup that essentially right set that took place limits on purpose but the revelation described this way that inside of that rumor for a seven Angels along with four beasts okay these four reasons they give to the Angels were lots without any plan of the temple of heaven for the mouth on here it hasn't come yet and your lies and the files and import about his art you know the work is finished and everything I that's when you know okay now comes the time of trouble called Jacob Steinberg from you have no mediator to go anymore you see what you do your mind is focused on trusting hanger I having faith that he will do this with a as an illustration this illustration is found also in early writings from Helen White has his vision and she's envisioning the walk on that pathway came there in the wagons they are the possessions in the wagons and they had a big 's clip on this one side and on the set-aside to have this big White rock bank on the site and there on this pathway to the path is big enough there right along but the past little by little gets narrower and narrower as I do gets narrower than expected talk among themselves they wait a second were this the wagons and on the buildup of the rock is pushing the wagons off the cliff as we get closer start so they decided leave the wagons drank so they figure they gather some stuff out the legacies still have that similar possessions I panicked at the horses unleashed them and they put him on a horse to nod along the pathways to watch along and are going up this path and he gets narrower still as it is narrowly start a thing when you think the horses started to get the point where you start this way we might fall off the class so they take the horses middle Atlas invented word that they cut the things they have horse they fall down to the cabin below in a misleading or the horses and has a march along the walking path is still getting narrower and so they say you know the better take our shoes off leaving our shoes might make us we fall on this narrow ledge and so they take issues are that it was a long they said you know what we need to get rid of our socks as well and I take the socks and it was this coordinate notice that was hanging down and they started to use that core to cuddle hold them up as a walk along the ledge times alleged seems to disappear but it held little bit to grab onto the walking pretty soon they came to the point where she says she saw her husband James why he was standing there right there at the point where the legs just disappears as you can see a little further this green grassy area but between their and address here and there was nothing there was nothing for them to hang on to it all except the accord that was hanging down the side of the court was bigger than ever core group was there as they got closer down this path and also sizable body and James White sitting there any sweating you specifying she said the main secrecy remains Elizabeth seem to be double in size as you is agonizing over what was taking place he seen the green grass and add this cord anyone includes the court and in the message comes out it's got the most car and so the rest of the journey he did with the court without his feet nothing along the line anyone ever you LOI says this he slung over to that green pasture and he was there okay on the green that my friends illustrates your walk right now the problem is this a license at every step of the way were they left things people say where you are today you still have the wagon and let the wagon go based on the horse have you taken off your shoes and socks at are you hanging onto the court until he saw if you're not practicing now the faith that it takes to go through today the rate is said you were not in that point where our life is threatened by we still have time sensors are placed down are you practicing now and I was told to do something are you practicing now to hang on that my friends is the message the most holy place get rid of everything that separates you from God and pretty soon all you have is God himself at all that's what you have to be before Christ comes that's an important four thousand mobile to stand without a meeting and brothers and sisters that's what you're called to do otherwise you could of been born three four hundred years ago the know you're going today God knew when you were unable got plans for you to be a part of finish the work for him so the present truth present truth is perfectly calculated to unite the flock is what you're teaching is it in harmony with those things that are perfect better consider present is your teaching in harmony with the sanctuary twenty three hundred days faith of Jesus and the ten Commandments that's present truth there is where used in high speed focusing our time on the view that annoy yourself you see statements are ready for you and I need to understand for ourselves how can we give it reason for we believe if we don't understand it ourselves indicates that we should not rest until we understand ourselves so I hope that what you guys do is this not a mullet schools are represented here are several points here and I'm Southwest is here so I don't know the other schools are not commentators if there was ever a time groups to get together and study it's now you can do this you can find yourself on Saturday night run into the pizza parlor run into bowling and golf in all his stuff are you can find yourself understanding the statements he says not we shouldn't waste any precious hour now this is a tall order I know this is how it's want to have to happen group should be together saying the sanctuary to understand so if you're if there's not one one of your school be the one that starts at the rate understanding yourself our guarantee will if you study no I know that because it's like I told you the ministry that I'm dealing with is that is the sanctuary and I can tell you honestly right now that there's the sanctuary is existing today not because of me okay I didn't do it it's been all given to me God keeps giving me more and I believe this message has to go out to the world and I believe that there will be groups of people bring in this message around the fact I believe there'll be seven of the sanctuary from around the world within a couple years in a lively that because when I was talking to my life that we needed another trailer if I had a second sanctuary could I wanted a second sanction because I kept having to work on it and has a lot of work to keep it up I mean the repairs in the winter months and I'd like to had to lose I have raised that way if one gets messed up I can switch without have nowhere to how looks right and so my plan was to have another trailer but not another truck physics aflatoxin is really expensive and so as I went the rest that night we had been talking about it the next morning I had a phone call in on analyzes man comes to meanies I says to me this he says that I have this trailer on the tree business planning business and it just frozen my trees he says I can have the straight earning more money get rid of it do you want God told me then I'm on the right track in a lot I do have two sanctuaries today I needed because what happened was this is wonderful why and it was a place and grants Pass Oregon the one of the sanctuary I couldn't do both at the same time but it felt that the trip across all why and then the time is in the end and Oregon I couldn't do both of them so I told my wife give it a hard job need to call one of them and tell that we can't do there's in fact we were we were mental organ because the one that was going to Hawaii someone came up to me when I was in Chattanooga last year member last year I was in Chattanooga that was the biggest exhibit I've had a short period of time ever in the sanctuary by the way and a man came up to me he seen the crowds in the very first day member of the crowds wonder why cannot the police shut down the parking lot because these are yet too many people in the parking lot what medicine he is a parking lot in the morning to look into the crowds got it he seen the crown he looked at me says we should be asking what what could he do to help what was good and ready go to Hawaii in the regular go to go to grants pass and I didn't have enough tour guides and ask him I think that I knew the man hasn't would you heal your life learn the tour I could use more tour guide said asking for money regular reason because I made a commitment with the when I started the sanctuary said this if you want me in this ministry I'm a businessman I know all about the funds I know what I have to do to pay my bills I said if you want me in his ministry this is your ministry not my ability yours I'm not going to get up and ask for money and this man looks at Meaney says can I help you with it trip to Hawaii I needed to pay for the truck when Hawaii and he looks at me since I'll pay for that forty rights arty knew God was ready in this then the time comes my wife is fasting and praying that she did not want to call you one concept is saying Carolyn there's no way we can do both look at the calendar in fact I told her that I said look at the success of a couple days as a luck the only way we can do this it would build a second sanctuary was you started he dismisses that's the way we have to do it that's when we got to do and so for the next three months I worked ninety hours a week I provided to get it ready to go to why now on my way back from California when we reviewed making this decision the year before we had left and there was a storm that came through and for the sanctuary I just finished repairing and I was needing to repair it again at a group of young people that were going to go in the summer I canceled the first exhibit pitiless it was messed up I couldn't go with it but I always young people are very already given a summer to help me find so there will I bring related to buying and sorry now have some scholarships after they were leaving and I have now used up all the money in the bank all the money of the bookstore on paper and all my personal money and driving to the next exhibit in the Lord is yours there's no money I don't go I finished that year I have fifty thousand dollars in the bank after I paid every bill that right while at fifty thousand dollars because that's the year he says the second sanctuary is that I take off at least five hundred milliseconds sanctuary and I said wait a minute that means I need to let everything I do second that it that I needed trailer goes across the waters not just a regular trailing side of my container right but I can't just have a container I have the wheels of the web how many of them place the place they want and if you read the container you have only a few days to use it may take it away they bring it back when you're loaded again so I need in my own container and so I was looking seventeen thousand dollars was fighting for the combination and I said no candidate can do it can't do it traveled back I got my card I'm in the semi my wife's and my son and were looking online she finds this trailer and Houston this container she finds this guy that has the containment and he wants a container 's analysis of wills were in Houston chassis and so he wanted five thousand dollars for the two of them and I said after looking at seventy one meters at yeah right but as I was thinking on the road I just spent five thousand dollars and finished the sanctuary that's too fast monies going too fast I was worried lower I just spent five thousand dollars and I don't even not have enough money to finish the sanctuary and I have no more exhibits between now and then about what I have Hasidim even when I get there and we get the mala mailbox open it up in this letter comes on a mailbox this guy writes a letter to me he says was great about year year two years ago I thought you might need this five thousand brothers and sisters the sanctuary is not anything I'm doing I work at a self-supporting school I cannot afford to put my kids in college ministry it just started I'm a businessman I work our businesses I can go back to work and put my kids to college I just started a ministry floor would like to do I quit the ministry noted a couple times a year ago I stay with the working down in I want my kids in college Eleanor colleges I can put them in there with a salary I have is that if you want me in this ministry need to take care my kids needs that year Southwestern I had three of my student three my kids in college two of them got full scholarships for four years God is good I have an eight -year-old that was in that truck was traveling back home school as were gone long time and I said to my wife he's not getting were not making any headway with him in school he's just not getting it so I said we need to put them in school is a great and so we call the principle that knew about what we're doing and when the schools and she says yes will take him on those conditions on with the conditions you have but we even taken out when you leave psychosis and someday he's leaving the school on getting into the shower is the phone rings my wife it may take in the school and she answers the phone as I was one of the shower and I do a lot of thinking in the shower any guys are many things that and I was thank you large I remember four years ago thinking if I'm missing the ministry I can afford my kids in school by campaigns were not be just like God has somebody on that phone say I'll take care of your youngest son schooling that I was waiting right side of the shower analyzes never guess who called my son somebody who said they don't pay for Corey Schooling she says your right so last year 's schools play in this year within the next rate and somebody the same processes really appreciate your ministry can we take care of the year again for him I'm trying to say is this guys he's put me in my work is for you and yours to someday he's coming this comings very soon you cannot out give God so try it yourself down just try seaweed us think this through when that court 's only thing you have a hang onto and is no more there's no more ledge you got rid of all your possessions right the decretals you can buy or sell right we depend on the I know you guys in school they went to college voluntary something there's only one thing that I know you then take the school now the teacher then I can say this can get away with this only one thing you're taken to heaven with you is your character 's auto care all of the school you doing that is to help you use your talents from God that's what that's all about it's not to get the bigger wagon to carry more stuff let's will lose anyways if anyone present truth is this crisis is in the heavenly sanctuary and he's about to come in right now is the time you should be studying that's the message solemn appeal to you you're not studying the sanctuary find someone who is an study with them it might mean you don't do some things you're doing right now okay it's okay study the sanctuary okay pay attention were in the in the time and you my friend have been called for such a time as this that critical with Neil and ask God to help us this day our loving father in heaven I understand that this message that I have given today could've been better preached and better done this if I knew more myself as a father I know there's much more I need to know and I know father those in this room the field is more than they need to know as well and I just pray father that as we have discussed the importance of the sanctuary and the message of the truth because there are those that don't understand that you are about to come they don't realize how they need to live in the last days Lord we understand how perfectly taught you later these messages are so they can see your footsteps in the sanctuary so I pray father that you open our hearts and our minds as we leave this room that will never be the same in our study with you again that everyone of us here will be that beacon fire that will light up the world around us that we will stand in our law and we'll give the warning of the soon return and that we will given a everybody the opportunity to ask you to forgive them of their sins this is the prayer father comes from my heart my print not one person this I will not one will be left behind in Christ same I pray these things in this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more to know more about our universe is like the more certain and visit www. on universe .org


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