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16 - Why You Should Volunteer for GYC

Carl Brugger


Every movement is made up of people - and GYC is no different! Year after year thousands of young people come together to attend the GYC Conference but it’s behind the scenes where the action really takes place! The backbone of organizations like GYC is made up of volunteers. Without the quiet, unseen work of these volunteers throughout the year, the yearly conference would never happen. In this episode of the GYC Beyond Podcast Esther Louw interviews Carl Brugger, a long-term GYC volunteer with a passion for using his talents to serve Jesus.


  • September 2, 2018
    11:30 AM


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Every movement is made up of people and she way C. is no different year after year thousands of young people come together to attend the conference but it's behind the scenes where the action really takes place the backbone of organizations like to a city is made up of volunteers without the quiet unseen work of these militaries throughout the year the yearly conference would never happen Hi this is a solo in this episode at the G Y C P on podcast I have a discussion with Carl Berger a long term G Y C volunteer with a passion for using his talents to search Jesus. Hi Carl welcome to that you were sleeping on podcast or just really grateful to have you here for those who don't know who you are you are actually someone who is antiquated you AC and you make everything that happens online whether it's you know to put the podcast online or register for that you are see Convention you make all of that happen so we want to talk to you a day a little bit about what you do for Dubai see what life looks like as a volunteer and also about your own experience serving God through programming and. So start off with can you share is a little bit about your testimony and how you came to know Jesus yes I was raising avenues for family my parents did a great job bringing my sister and myself learning to their new Bible and the doctrines of our church and it wasn't until I was about 16 years old or so that I started to transit to learn to gain the personal relationship God. Up until that point I had a had a good understanding of the doctrines and and good knowledge of the church but I was lacking in the personal the personal relationship so in your teen years as you just coming into making choices you make one of the best choices you could have made really and to have a personal experience in Jesus now at that point was about the same time that you were getting interested in computer programming How did that interest take off in your life no it wasn't actually so at that time I had attended a family camp and I had this into some messages that I had had prompted the thought process about the benefits of having a personal relationship but I I didn't really have an interest in programming or until I got into college actually I've always had a technologically we tracked mind very mechanical minded type person I remember that from a very young age my father was overseas in the Army and my mother would. Take V.C.R. V.H.S. tapes of us kids and send them to my dad and she said Times would have difficulty getting the system set up and running but it was something that even at the age of about 3 I was able to set it up in the recordings. Yes 3 years on Earth so I've always I've always had a knack for those sorts of things and when I started college I wanted to do something ingenue related to night started pursuing mechanical engineering in the key into the drafting but those degrees weren't offered at Indiana University it was kind of a family tradition for us to for my family to attend Indiana University with 3rd generation graduates from the school and so while it's Indiana University I entered into the computer science program and I took a few classes and I really enjoyed what I was doing so I continued to with that but that tracked started working for the school newspaper and met a friend there who spent a lot of time help me my skills and web development and in just web development general and that's where a lot of my interest came from for web development that's really cool so you know so a lot of people I know who do read the bill and think Peter programming it was like a passion since they were like the level of the fear was later choice that came into your life right at that key moment. Where you shake your life around you've got this relationship with Jesus and you're studying computer programming. How did you start volunteering Thank you I think when I lived in Colorado I had a good friend Brendan Schrader at that time in my life he was the V.P. of communications for G Y C and he knew that I was studying Web development and asked me if I could take on some small projects for him I don't remember exactly what they were I think it had to do with them cutting P.D.F. files up and making them into H.T.M.L. pages. So I did some of those and at that time I hadn't attended at U.I.C. I didn't intend to my 1st 2 I see to attend she would see 2099 of all. Did you attend because you were voluntary No I didn't it. I had a desire to attend to you I see I had for the last 3 years the 3 years prior to that I had to listen to all the G. Y.C. means that were broadcasted online and that created a burning desire for me to go to G. Y.C. I firmly believed in the G. Y.C. mission and message and I wanted to experience it myself in person so you've already started started their little things and then you called us what was your impression and where things came it was it was amazing that was the pride the the 1st and last year that I actually attended all of the meetings which. I was thoroughly Plus by them all right so you mentioned that over the last year that you attended all the meetings what happened from there yeah from there so at that point Brandon asked me to do some more weapon work for him. And I got a lot more involved in the communications department and the website to pass a T The following year I started volunteering with the registration team as a registration assistant know the guys that you the 1st people you see when you walk into the convention center and I got a taste for the registration system and the registration process and really enjoyed that. And that was also the same year that she was he was building a new website and so she was the $2010.00 I was backstage of the meeting hall. Transferring all the audio files and yeah I remember how many of them there were myself and I go we're transferring the audio files to the new new website so there's a lot of hours spent backstage and this need to snippets of the message well we're busy working because we want to launch this at the end it's you see. I mean why do you have volunteers doesn't an organization like that have enough people that can get things going and we see the piece on stage every single year and they've obviously doing a great job. Why did you need to volunteer for to AC you want to believe the amount of work it takes to put on a convention of that size there are. Probably hundreds of volunteers who put in thousands of hours of time preparing for the convention to actually take place taking the time the spent before the conference preparing the schedule and the programming and putting together the contracts for the just tickle who has specks of it and even down to the registration part of it preparing for the preparing to build the system that's going to to allow you to register for the event and then ascertain all of your phone calls and e-mails and everything that is in the meantime as you're trying to trying to go through that process so it takes a lot of work to put on a conference like this I remember my 1st time at U.I.C. to me I just looked like everything was just going smoothly it wasn't a problem in the war. But you're talking about a lot of little details here like sometimes you're just writing up P.D.F. documents other times you working on a registration system or answering. That anything ever goes wrong in this yes many times we have a lot of stories of the. Hiccups that happened backstage and off off sites and stuff that. We do our best to smooth it over or make things continue as as they should We had some interesting stories I remember one year in Houston that's years ago are we had we had a issue with the registration system where it was not allowing us to print the name badges that pick up when you come to the to the deaths. And it was a bit of a stressful time for the French station volunteers trying to get there waiting for the guys to get it all set up of working and then also hoping that the people who were attendees are going to come in that they are going to be too stressed out about it and it was probably about a $2.00 to $3.00 hour wait before we're able to open registration but as the people as you guys were lining up outside. The registration booth they were they were singing hymns and that just that. That it was an inspiring moment for me to see the. That the difference of a secular environment to a Christian admin's environment because a lot of people were there waiting for something happen something they pay for they are going to be very happy about it yeah but seeing that. You could go through a. Hardship it's not a big hardship it is a hardship like that and still have a smile on your face and a song in your heart. Was it was encouraging What do you do this or you've been here now is that since 2009 for us I mean this is coming up to like 89 years. And keep going. I do it because of those 1st few years that I listen to G Y C on line in that 1st year I got to attend the meetings in person I remember the blessing that it was to me and the way that it encouraged me and challenged me to to become an involved member of my church in my community and to and how it inspired me to to have a personal relationship with God and to work and building the. Relationship continually And so I do it because I remember what it did for me and I want to provide an opportunity for other people to experience times while giving back right that's beautiful I mean I think that's what pretty much everyone here volunteers or do I think is during the we've talked about it you know the reason why do you receive these volunteers is because this is so much going on at a conference and so much planning that goes behind the scenes and if it's not natural sometimes to want to do something that doesn't get recognized. How has volunteering for G.I.C. ultimately enriched your spiritual life and what advice would you give to somebody who's thinking about getting involved in a ministry near them to get back to us he definitely has in risk my spiritual life I volunteer again and I think a lot of that is happened because of because of the experience of giving to something sacrificially and in the sense that I haven't been able to listen to the attend the conference as a traditional attendee been able to to sacrificially give of my time. And talents in those areas has I think that that type of experience just draws you closer to God because God Jesus when he was on this earth he does what he did he gave of his time and of of His Divine healing powers and all to to bless the people that were around him ultimately I hear you saying you're blessed. By following Christ footsteps of service drain of small things that need to be done to make it and turn back to someone's life. That's really powerful and just to wrap up this is just a short interview to find out you know what does it look like to be with us a volunteer and for you you are a programmer I am and say you are using your talents and the God given you to do that and everyone has their own unique guess. What do you ultimately think someone should do sitting where you were maybe back in 2009 what steps should they take if they want to get more involved in either G. Y.C. or some other ministry where they can utilize their talents be willing I guess it takes a lot of people to put together a conference like this and a lot of the people who volunteer myself included started volunteering by volunteering to volunteer. Taking initiative to buy take initiative Yes And like I said Brandon knew me but I went out on my own and volunteer to be part of the registration team connect with the volunteer team at U.I.C. talk to. The day we have usually we have a booth that says volunteer on it go up there put your name on them that's your name your contact information tell us a little bit about yourself what's your passions are what's what talents you have we do have the Web development and programming and many other areas and you may think that you don't have anything in particular that isn't of use but there's a lot of just brute force or blood. Of hard work that just needs to be done and it doesn't take a skilled person to society due to it to sit at a desk in and in and greet people with a smile and check them in print off a badge and give it to them so there's a there's a lot of ways to serve but you had to do it just just get out there in. Volunteer if you can't find the booth that says volunteers or maybe one of the pair had a time how can someone sign up people majoring in tea with you. When you register for G Y C after you completed your payment you get your profile page there is a button on there to apply as a volunteer in the year form it shows you all of the different opportunities that you can volunteer for whether you want to be a greeter on the registration team and just fill out what's what you're interested in and if it's not on that list still contact us because there are other opportunities that we could talk about how can they contact us yes you can contact us at volunteers' at G Y C Where does she write thank you so much for sharing with us the bad things that we've done over the years behind the scenes often goes unnoticed I just hope that the city's fire people like yourself like myself who want to get back to just get out there and taking. Thank you for taking part in thinking that you have a special word of thanks to copper and to all the volunteers who give their time for a cause close to their hearts may you also be inspired for service.


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