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True Education- Part 1

Ralph Martin



  • March 1, 1975
    5:00 AM
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All right I'll tell you what I would like to have you folks. Have for your book to read now we're not going to follow it just the way it is because the way it's it's given but we want all of you to read the book education how many of you have the book education I wonder how many of you have the only decent. You know what I mean but the older there is the bigger book and I'll tell you something very interesting about this book and if you don't have this then you if you can get with someone that does have it I'll tell you why you may not know this but all all of the original books that Ellen G. White put out in their original form all are not only in captors what they have subtopics I mean they have general headings captors are under general headings and the book education is different from all the other books that she has written because in the original in the original book he outlined it herself did you know that you'll find it's a little as a side a little statements and this is all the way through the book education is very interesting you'll find these and if you will really go I read this book through many times before I thought it had been a real event and then I began to realize that these little statements on the index of the original book where the question that she wanted us to find the answer to I'll give you an example in the 1st chapter is the source a name of true education and then there are 13 statements on the side of that 1st chapter the one is what is education and then the next is that stores and the next is. The true higher education and then education and even then God's purpose for man then Martin this and restored love the basis of education the revelation of God nature's teaching insufficient the standard of truth individuality has died and these are the things that we should get out of this 1st chapter now as I said we're not going to study the 1st chapter as it is but I hope all of you during this course will read the book education through and read. Through carefully and if you don't have one of the books that has this in it I think you would really get much more out of it if you could get hold of a book and write in your own in your own. Margin these statements because they give you what you're supposed to find and it will get education and L N T Y herself is the one that that outline this book so that we would know just what it's talking about write our next today is Isaiah 55. We're going to start with a 6 verse was a 55 beginning with a 6 verse Seek ye the Lord while He may be found call a fall on him while he is near Let the wicked forsake his way and the UN righteous man his thoughts and let him return on to the Lord for you will have mercy upon him and to our God for He will abundantly pardon. For my thoughts are not your thoughts neither are your ways my ways that the Lord for as the heavens are higher than they are so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts and your thoughts and I think I gave you the illustration yesterday as to why no 2 people reading the same thing may get exactly the same thought do you remember the illustration I gave or did I give it I've given so many lately and I may not have used this did I tell you anything I say anything to you about dogs yesterday or didn't when we had a class or I did well with you is a celebration if I say a word to you that word is going to form a picture in your mind the way we think this is how we communicate with each other I say something and you immediately see a picture this the spirit Kafirs spirit probably called us slices of thought and the sayings like in the MOM I am so when I say the word gold every person here would get a different picture you know why you think about Different know someone think about a pekinese and some blood of St Bernard and somebody about a collie and somebody else a German police dogs and so I immediately you get a picture in your mind of something now the reason no we don't think like God does and that God doesn't think like we do is that we have been so educated in the wrong way that when a word comes to my mind immediately I have thought about it and when I say education to you you wouldn't think at all like God thinks when he says education and when he when he speaks about education we called all of us have been entirely Roman educated agree with that or don't promote a very earnest years we have had the wrong kind of education so when I think of education I mean really I look and hear somebody with a cap on the ground here somebody graduating from college or somebody with a Ph D. now there's nothing wrong with the start but they do not at all. Oh they do not at all give the picture that God gives when he says education and soul during this class and as we study this class we're going to try to get our minds so when we say something about education who starts are we going are we going to be following dots don't you see the difference I read to you in the class in the orientation class that there were 2 kinds of education there was worldly education which was to be which was to be used for this world and there was one other education Christian education or education for eternity and so during this class in the principles of education we're going to try to really think the vocabulary that has to do with education and as we rethink that vocabulary then we're going to think who saw we're going thank God So now we think now just to give you an illustration of that I'm going to read from volume made of the testimonies page 314. There is the science of Christianity to be mastered what now Christianity and education and redemption and life are also an almost turn. On in the book education on page 15. Is the restoration of God's original plan or is riginal image and man and this is to restore in man the image of his maker. To bring him back to the perfection in which he is QUEST created to promote the development of body mind and soul that the divine purpose in his creation might be realized this was to be the work of redemption this is the object of education the great object along. Then what 3 What 3 words there are synonymous education Life and Redemption there are all the same because we will always live I hope no 2 Redemption is a process by which we get live and it's the it's the restore the process and education is just another name for the way we get redemption and our training for Lyme and now back to the statement that I started to read page 314 of the book of volume 8 of the testimonies there is the science of Christianity to be mastered to be like the thing is important we master the science of Christianity. And the science as much deeper broader higher than any human science as the heavens are higher than the Earth the mind is to be disciplined educated trained. For we are to do service for God in ways that are not in harmony with inborn inclination. There are hereditary and cultivated tendencies tendencies to evil that must be overcome often the training and education of a lifetime must be discarded must be less often the training and education of a lifetime must be flat discarded now but look at all I have and look what it cost me. Look how much time life spent getting it a hoax of guts or something and be a better should be discarded What do you think and why did why did you think it has to be discarded because when we hear these words that have to do with education we get the wrong picture not us we get a picture that isn't God's picture at all it's a picture of man's ideas and this is why it says often the training and education of a life must be discarded that 1 May become a learner in the school of Christ become a whole what is necessary in order for us to become a learner school of crimes we have to discard many times the education and training of a lifetime well and that isn't easy if you know it says that in the last days that the lips of children will be open your book claim the mysteries that have been hidden from the minds of men. All right I'll give you that statement. It's in fundamentals of Christian education. For 73 this is talking about the Bible in our schools and it says great crews have lain on a heated an unseen since the day of Pentecost when it. Blew the time somebody began degrees proves that great truths that have lain and heeded in and seen since the day of Pentecost are to shine from God's word in their native purity. To those who truly love God the Holy Spirit will be revealed truth that a faded from the mind and will also reveal trees that are entirely new they will start into action forces that cannot be refreshed. The lips of children will be opened or proclaim the mysteries that have been hidden from the minds of their ideas those children are going on or send mysteries that the men don't understand. Well God will show them but what is a block from out. What is the whole previous education that's exactly right you see there's a lot of psychology and I don't use laws of psychology very much but it says The mind tends to act again in the way or matter which is active before in any well defined exertion of its energies now that's a pretty big mouthful or doesn't it that means that once I begin to think down the track What do I do I just follow that track and whenever I say whatever I read something it goes down that track so you and I have fought along certain lines so long that when I hear something my mind immediately goes down that track because it's easier it's already made. And children who have preconceived ideas are going to learn lots of things that you and I may never learn but thank the Lord he is able to blot out some of these things and if you and are willing to discard the training and education of a lifetime God's going to be just some wonderful things and we're going to have to do work for a god that is not in harmony it says within born inclination somebody says well you know we should just learn to do the things we like to do well and that isn't the way my Bible reads and it was very frothy reads to me the Lord always asking me to do the things that I don't really want to do if you ever had any experience but thank the Lord when we surrender our lives to Him We like to do them we want to do we're going to have to change our whole thought process because we have been educated. In the wrong way now. In the book education I want to get into the end of the thought that we were studying the other day because this is the basis of our understanding of. Education. I read the statement. That was in the. Book Christian and the Christian educator and August 18th 97 and this was a statement now as never before we need to understand the true science of education of us through science and education if we fail to understand this we shall never have a place in the kingdom of God I think a lot of people are going to be are going to fail to get heaven because of wrong education. It's absolutely essential to understand the true science of education this is life eternal that they might know the the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou assent if this is the price of heaven. Shall not our education be conducted along these lines along the lines of what knowing. You say. It's really important that we get our education from the one who has lived all her. Because education is going to give us life what kind of life do we have a life now well original statement that. Says something a little different. This is from the book not a blessing. In my book it's 96 it's in the court in the index is 61 so you can put that reference down this little gem God is the fountain of life is one we can have life only as we are in communion with him separated from God existence may be ours for a little time but we do not have line so what is God given us here a little period called an existence and as soon as we come to our knowledge of God into communion with Him We come in contact with what is life and we have live only as we are in communion in contact with God He is a source of line. Separated from Him You see we have thought. We have no life we only have that. All right now. On page. 14 of the book education. It's it says this in order to understand what is comprehended in the work of education we need to consider both the nature of man and the purpose of God in creating him but he doesn't stand that. The Nature of Man Now this is really important because we have to know what man is like what he's capable of what man was made for and we have to know why God created him now We went back and we. We studied some of the things about the beginning of creation I want to review that with you we studied about the 1st being that God created it who is that. Lucifer and if you remember something about Lucifer what kind of a being was it. Was it. That's good he was as. As near as possible like God as he could make it and I'll give you that reference that's the comment on is equal. In the description of Lucifer in the 20th chapter of his if you will. The wrong book Isaiah No wonder I can find. Lucifer before his fall was a covering cherub. Distinguished for his excellence distinguished by his excellence God made him good and beautiful. As near as possible like himself. That's for B.C. 1163 it's a comment on his eco 28 God made him good and beautiful as far as nearest possible like him self and we also. Discussed the fact that there was something made before Lucifer was made well as the sanctuary How do you know it was a sign to rights to talk aloud around the little hard of hearing and I know you have to talk out if I hear you and besides you need learn all about anyway I was the reason how do you know who you are how do you know was created before what was the reasons. He was part of the living for nature of the sanctuary he was recovering Param and so folks this makes something very significant the 1st thing God ever created when he started to create was a sanctuary as we study education as we study God relation to man we're going to realize as we never realized before that God has always had just one problem and that's the human race before he ever started to create anything in the universe he created the place where sin was going to be taken care of and we'd also discussed and I want to go over that again we discussed why it was and why it was possible for beings to sin I've had people say why in the world didn't God make us so we couldn't chance Well I tell you I'm glad God didn't like it so we can change. Because of you the natives that way we would have we wouldn't a been capable of any development at all we would have been animals we'd been chief or something like that at least if we'd have been. Beings with minds we would had no possibility of development you remember the statement that I read and this was in the watchman magazine it's in 1906 I copy this no fly leaf of my Bible at all it was such a wonderful statement because this made something very clear to me that I had understood somewhat before but this just brought it out into real clear lines watchman May 1906 why did God allow all this of fear all if they were full and they could be man might be free and that's a question to this there can be but one answer it was because he knew the worthlessness of all forced obedience and that the freedom to sin was absolutely necessary to the possibility of righteousness and what's God knew is that to have forced obedience was to stop all development and we discussed a little bit about children you know we wouldn't any of us want to have handicapped children those of us who have to learn we do we would want child that would just like a vegetable to see a child that is normal isn't as much problem as a child that is not only normal but intelligent intelligent children are more problem anybody else they think too much and you have a hard time disciplining them but in spite of all that I don't want to handicap child because I want them to develop and you see the higher the intelligence the more they have an opportunity of development and so God made beings with a with the power of choice and he knew that someday someone would decide not to do His will and so he made arrangements for he didn't plan for it but he knew what was coming. So he made arrangements for All right now back to this to creation Lucifer was the 1st being that was created he was created as a part of the sanctuary the sanctuary was the place where God had ordained that he should take care of sin now we probably won't get into that in this study on education but you'll have some studies on or you have had some studies on the sanctuary now after Lucifer was created the angels were created and then the universe was created and I don't know what involves the universe but I've read a little about it and this universe is so is so extensive it has such infinite. Size it's beyond our comprehension I read a statement not long ago that came out of the scientific Niagara scene that they had discovered a 1000000 island universes and island universes the galaxy which is like our galaxy or larger our galaxy is that part of the universe which is. Which is why has a swaddling band called the Milky Way Then you ever see the Milky Way Well the Milky Way is the swaddling band around this galaxy of ours it's an island universe it's 3000 light years thick probably proximity and 6000 light years across none of you know what a light year is. Well light travels 186000 miles a 2nd. In other words it doesn't go it doesn't go in circles it goes straight but it could go around this earth. Over 7 times in one second and like year is how fast light would travel in one year but that was a little distance and this and this galaxy of ours is our stellar system as it's called is 3000 light years they can 6000 light years across and this is one of a 1000000 they've already found and as they get their larger telescopes they're still looking and they're and they're sure that beyond this they're still more you know I tell you this because God is a god of this universe and this little world of ours is called this little speck of the world it's such a it's not it's not a speck of dust compared to the earth as what we are to the rest of the universe I tell you all this because it makes us realize how important it is that God has the relation to this earth that he has all right we go along with creation and creation was completed and the time came somewhere in the chronology of time that all the works were created the crew of the universe was created and it came time to create this world because in the present plan and providence of God This world was to be the last of his creation and when he made the announcement of the creation of man in heaven the Son of God Did I read the statement to you will read it again it played it for the right page 145. Early writings page 145 now if there are any questions you have I don't mind your stopping me and if we we have a plain. Satan was once an honored this is $145.00 of early writings Satan was once an honored angel in heaven next to Christ or was it. Next to Christ his countenance like those of the other Angels was mild and expressive of happened as his forehead was high and broad showing great intelligence his firm was perfect his very noble and majestic in fact he was what kind of a being that we already find out he was the highest being that God could create as nearly as near as possible like him self but when God said to his son let us make man in Our image Satan was jealous of Jesus. He wished to be consulted concerning the formation of Man what they want what they want to what do they want to have counsel about the form of family man and because he was not he was failed with envy jealousy and hatred. He desired to receive the highest honors in heaven next to God already these are very significant statements and as we get into the end of the study of the nature of man remember studying the nature of man and God's purpose in creating him we begin to realize that Lucifer understood some things that we haven't understood when the announcement of the creation of man was made Lucifer said I want to be consulted regarding this and because he wasn't consulted and he couldn't be consulted that he wanted to enter the councils of God Now if you want to do tional you want to read additional on if you read the chapter in desire I mean and pay traction prophets the 1st chapter. Read the chapter in great controversy the origin of evil and you read the 1st chapters of the of the book story of redemption giving you this if you want to go in and read into this because we can only spend a little time in fact I just want to say this right here. If you don't do some outside research if you don't do some studying on your own you're not going to get too much out of any class read some statements and I just repeat them here there's a real danger folks so we're living in a time when we're going to be deceived. And I quoted the statement I read the statement I'll quote it now from Education Page 231 the mind that depends on the judgment of others is certain sooner or later to be misled. US and perhaps I should read this statement out just by aggressor men because I think this is important I read from great controversy. And it was a chapter. The Scriptures a safeguard. And it was on page $598.00. It's ignorance will not excuse young or old or release them from the punishment due for the transgression of God's loan because there is in their hands a faithful present Taishan of that law and its principles and claims it is not enough to have good intentions but there's lot of religion in the world today based on wishful thinking that you know that Jerry Harry and Leslie I wish was this Wish I Was that well it's alright it will give you just as much satisfaction as it will wishing you had a horse to ride and you don't have one which is don't get you anywhere Christianity is not wishful thinking a lot of people think it is a science of salvation there are certain things that you do and you get certain results because they are based on on all the evil unchangeable laws it is not enough to have good intentions it is not enough to do what a man thinks is right or what the minister tells him is right. His son will sell vacation is a stake and he shall search and he should search the scriptures for himself however strong may be his convictions however confident he may be that is minister knows what is truth that is this is not his foundation he has a chart pointing out every way mark on the high heaven were journey and he ought not to guess at anything or not to us because we all should be as and. It is the 1st and highest duty of every rational being to learn from the scripture what is truth and then to walk in the light and encourage others to follow his example we should day by day study the Bible diligently we should know what plan they by day well you know if somebody will say Well but you know I can you know I can just. Study over a few days and catch up but you can catch up just as well as you can eat every few days and catch up I'm sure there's nobody here has any problem at all missing meals at least if your normal person we have managed to get there on time and we managed to eat our share Did you ever go to the table and say Well I think I'll just smell it today I want to eat that's good do you think we ever do this spiritually we're just smelling today that's all you're doing plant you're smelling you're not going to get it to use that it yourself or you can watch you somebody else eat now I I'm talking today really what I have what I'm giving will be of no value to you unless you go to the source and read these things and study them and get them for yourself any more than it will somebody eating for you it is the 1st and highest duty of every rational being to learn from the Scriptures what is truth and then to walk in the light and encourage others to follow his example we should be by days study the Bible diligently weighing every thought and comparing Scripture with Scripture with divine help we are to form our opinions for ourselves as we are to answer for ourselves before God. All right now back to the thought we were talking about being deceived and there's a real danger will be deceived because Satan is in the business of deceiving people. And we were discussing about the fact Lucifer rebelled in heaven because he wasn't called into council regarding the creation of man and he couldn't be called into into the councils of God regarding He couldn't be called into the councils of God and there was a real good reason why you couldn't do you know why. Well there were things in the council that he that he couldn't deal with. And I read this statement I would read it again this is the last comment on the book of Hebrews and this is one of the most tremendous statements of the the well these are all tremendous statements but this one is really a special one as far as I'm concerned. It's Volume 7 of the commentary page and I and 34 so last comment on the book of Hebrews let those who are oppressed under a sense of see and remember that there is hope for them the salvation of the human race has ever been to the councils of heaven and what ever since God is existed when they've had a council they've been discussing what can you imagine. You know as we get into this study and I'm sure you already know this in your study answer I'm not telling you this anything you don't know you and I do not have any reason in the world for planning our lives God has planned our life and every circumstance of our lives from the days of because. All we have to do just find with a plan did they have time to do more years they had returned revealing they have carefully outlined in detail their very thing is very they have made arrangements for every soul to be saved if they want to be seen nobody will have any excuse because we have been surrounded by pre-determined circumstances you say well this is predestination Well not exactly in the ordinary sense of the term God. Hasn't decided whether we're going to be lost or not he knows whether we're going to be lost or not but you know who's now understand where we are if he gave us the power of choice and he permitted this whole terrible experiment or sin they come because he wanted people have the power of choice he's not going to take it away from us now he's going to carry it right through to its end or I don't know what the statement says it says the covenant of Mercy was made before the SAF our nation of the world it has existed from all eternity it is existed from life. And it is it is it is based in here around what the sanctuary that was the 1st created thing. So surely as there was never a time when God was not so surely there would never was a moment when it was the delight of the turtle mind of manifest His grace to humanity free that statement if you have the commentary this is 7 B.. If you have the commentary and it's a large form I tell you I just like to read this statement last night while these are the things that make us think as God thinks it makes our mind think like God. All right now back to what we were talking about Lucifer wanted to enter the councils of God you say why couldn't you 1st of all he was a created being and he wasn't he was it wasn't intended that he could enter the Council of God He wanted to enter the Council of God He wanted to become a member of the god in it he wanted to be like right because he saw something about the human race that he didn't like. Well we go on with the story. Lucifer rebelled he went out and he began to telling tales how unjust God was and how that they had lost their freedom and all kinds of things you know and the Angels began to sympathize with him and Lucifer finally came to the place I'm serious thought he had probably more angels and he did and he was called into the council and God counsel with him and it says in great controversy that Lucifer came to the place where he recognized you'll find this in the chapter I'm not going to give you where it is you can do some of this research yourself. It says in the To and the chapter the origin of evil little Lucifer came to the place where he recognized that he was wrong and if he had been willing to confess his wrong just think what he would have escaped. But when he realized what he would have to do it affected what the any of his pride and he couldn't admit he wouldn't admit that he was wrong so he went on with these rebellion and he finally came the place where he said he would never again given me to the Son of God And so as a result God said you're going to have to leave Heaven we're going to have to put you out of heaven and Lucifer says I'll fight for my place here because he had some followers and so all heaven was marshaled in the companies getting ready for a battle and I assist question I'll ask it again and you know the answer was this is a real battle was it yes it was a real battle and why did it have to be a real real battle. So people could take sides before you fight you have decide which side you're going to finally go to and so all haven't had to choose up they had to decide which side they were going to be on and so heaven was marshaled in the colonies on one side the Son of God and on the other side was Lucifer and his followers and they had a battle and what was the result yes. What do you think. Now is talk a little louder I can't quite hear you. Well are do spirit do spiritual beings have power do they have hands do they have do they we don't understand the kind of bodies but are they real be. One sure. Because they have stature because we were made a little lower than heart. And angels have hands they have faces angels were made in the image of God. They were real beings and well I doubt if an intellectual battle would have filled another heaven do you think it would I never got into a into argument with anybody that threw him out of the room did you. And they were cast out of heaven on earth bodily That's right all right who else then. That's right that's right and the reason God now could God have just of passed them all out could the woman what could some of them had said Well. One said I didn't really intend to fight against you but when they did when they decided what side they were going to fight on and what happened then they were thrown out was rendering anybody could say and I read from the book story of redemption you remember well this is this is what this is what story redemption said I read it just like it is just like it is you know sometimes we want to we rationalize too much on the same because but these were real things it said on page 19 a story of redemption then there was a war in heaven there was. A little war. The Son of God The Prince of heaven and his loyal angels in the gauge didn't conflict was conflict with the arch rebel and mostly united with him the Son of God and True long will angels prevailed and Satan and his sympathizers were expelled from heaven they were a lot. Like spelled. They were expelled all the heavenly host acknowledge and adored the God of justice not attain a rebellion was left in Heaven always again wasn't what was left there. I wasn't a painter and I didn't God Cut the same clean and the rebellious ones went out of heaven and older stayed in heaven or not rebellious always again peaceful and harmonious as before angels in heaven mourned the fate of those who had been their companions and happiness and bless their loss was felt in heaven now the father consulted the son in regard to it once hearing out their purpose to make man to inhabit the earth and this is very significant remember that there's a whole chain reaction in heaven the rebellion the casting out all took place before man was created man was created after Lucifer was cast out of heaven now we will remember we're studying 2 things we want to get those because we're going where we want to get those 2 things we're studying the nature of man and what are else are we study. God's purpose in creating him all right now we come to the creation of man and I read this statement from the Bible Commentary Volume one page $1081.00 it's the 3rd paragraph it's also the 1st paragraph in the book Sons and Daughters of God This very same statement if you want that reference all Heaven took a deep and joyful interest in the creation of the world a man a human being for a new and distinct order there was. A new and distinct order they were made in the image of God and it was the creator's design that they should populate they are all just remember that we as human beings on this earth are different from any other beings in the universe for a new order a big. There some people believe that the only human beings have the power of reproduction I'm not sure that that's true I I would rather think it is but I've never found the statement I do know that God made the human race with the power of reproduction and there's a very significant reason why he didn't make them that way you have any idea why God made the human race so that people would be born into it. Well to repopulate this this is right but there's something else that's really more significant than that as I as I look at the picture. Believe and. Understand God that's good but there's one real significant thing and I want to think about this because we're going to discuss it in just a little more detail later. All right. The statement was volume one of the commentary Volume one page 1081 there's another issue and this we should think of as a real significant thing God knew that his son was really going to become a member of the human race and he had to come into this race just like every other human being comes it was necessary to have a situation so God could become a human being just like every human being becomes a human being and so there's something real significant in all this but I don't want to get too but involved in that we're going to discuss just a little bit about all about that later all right now the 1st thing out of that man was different from other every other man in the universe whatever the difference was but we know that man has the power of reproduction and this is a very important thing because it makes a man very much like Geim as this sister says it also put human beings in a situation where they could understand more about God than anyone else because they had children I God has children. This is why it's so important in our family relationship that we understand our relationship with our family because remember that the. Ruling god of this universe is also a family. There's a father and there's a son and there's a Holy Ghost you see there are 3 members of God's family in his original family he's going to have a lot more some of these days or he is getting a lot more but now back to the other thing the 1st thing that that man was different and the next was and I read just a statement or 2 here from the book education. It says when Adam came from the creator's hand he bore in his physical mental and spiritual nature a likeness to his Maker. All his faculties were capable of development their capacity and vigor were continual a to increase vast was the scope offered for their exercise glorious to feel open to their research face to face heart to heart communion with his maker was his high privilege How do you remain loyal to God All this would have been his forever through eternal ages he would have continued to give you new treasures of knowledge to discover for a springs of happiness to obtain clear and you had a clearer conception of the wisdom the power and the love of God more and more fully Would he have fulfilled the object of His creation more and more fully have reflected the creator's glory and then was made a little lower than angels the papal ball I'll be tired all continual development. Now when I went to school back as a boy and all they used to tell us that they didn't think that we used 50 percent of our mental capacity Well a few years ago the movie failed came out and they they said they didn't think that we used one percent of our mental capacity. I want to tell you folks I don't believe we used a millionth part of our mental capacity I mean that because this 1st chapter in education says higher than the highest human thought can reach is. Ideal for its children godliness God likeness is a goal to be reached I can understand anything about the mind very much oh now I just understand by face that God has given us a mind that is capable and I'll read the statement on page 124 and what I have to hurry through this 124 is a very interesting statement. This tells about. 124 the book education all that I was reading I was sorry that was the book education I was paid 15 man created for fellowship with God can only in such fellowship find real life in development I don't understand that view that man was created for what fellowship with God and it said he who is sincere in teachable spirit studies God words seeking to comprehend its truth will be brought in touch with its author and 6 by set and except by his own choice there is no limit to the possibilities of these development now what would you say of when God says there is no limit to the possibilities of our development and then on page 172 is this statement. It says. The. The scriptures it tells us it is Christ in you the hope of glory a knowledge of this mystery furnishes a key to every other yet open so the soul the treasures of the universe the possibilities are infinite development a lot do you know what that means. Remember that without God man is lower than mean jewels I mean one is creation you understand he was created lower than angels but he was created for what kind of development and I've used this illustration it's a real crude illustration if some of you can come up with a better one I wish you'd tell me about it you see if you had a balloon and this balloon would never quit distracting and never burst how big would it get or would be the limit to its size. Well what would limit its size I mean the universe Yes but what would limit the size push to put into it was sure. And man was made to put thought in God And so what's the limit of our expansion as much as we want to let God. You see I you know we have a wonderful mind here and I have a lot of friends I have thousands and thousands of friends all over the country and you know what when I get a new friend it doesn't make me lose the older every time I get a new friend it doesn't change my relationship miles friends and you know what I'm going to some of these days folks I'm going to get to know everybody an issue. That's right I like to know people don't do well we've got time have we now it's time to have. You know a boy came to me one day and he said Brother Martin I worry that So what are you worried about is that I'm just worried that if I'm saved the time will come when I can't learn anything more I said forget it. If you have any imagination see there are a lot of things I want to do I want to go through the sun sometimes it makes it hot. Where you say that's kind of silly one No the sun is Nirvana's God is and if I would burn in God's presence I would burn this on the only sin and I'm not trying to be foolish you understand I'm just saying folks we have no limit to what we can attain to in this life and think folks here we're going to begin and then we're going to just expand for all the time to think what God has given us the privilege of being Now this this is the nature of man he has made lower than the angels but he is made capable of what what kind of development and when to develop is a big enough for you are that is nature that God making So he's capable of accomplishing whatever purpose he has you see Lucifer he was kind of like a pipe you know things run through a pipe but they don't they don't swell at least we don't like them because they burst or something like that you know we have that problem when they freeze you know but man was made like that he was just made so he could just expand all right now we want to go back yes. Well that was the education paid 172 are now the last thing is we were going to study God's purpose in creating man now there are 2 purposes God have that were given there are probably more but to especially want to deal with your memory readed I read in this and the. Story of redemption that when Adam in a day when Lucifer say under this cast out of heaven what was their own heaven. That was a vacancy that was all there was about there was a void in heaven Well now there's something very interesting and this is paid volume 7 of the commentary. I guess a page here in just a minutes 949 Volume 7 and 497 D.C. 949. Her plan will triumph for the vacancies made in heaven by the fall of Satan and his angels will be filled by the Redeem the Lord and what is one of the purposes God created Man Now this was not the original purpose this was a secondary purpose because this purpose only became necessary one little one Satan was cast out of heaven there was a vacancy there and so God created the earth to fill a vacancy in heaven but God couldn't feel that vacancy in heaven until what what did he have to do 1st he had to test people he could take somebody there have seen again he's not going to have seen in heaven any more he had there once Joy He had a test man and so man was put on probation all right but there is that another reason and I read in Education Page 124 that man was created for what. There's another interesting statement in the book Sons and Daughters of God. It's and. Page 34 like you put this down for your in your notes so you can look this up to sons and daughters of God is a beautiful book you have read it this is a book I think one of the most wonderful morning watchable to say ever been put out. This says how man can be a counterpart of Jesus Christ and what is beyond human comprehension man was made for a special relationship with God now. The statement that said Really points this out is a great controversy. Page 484. And I just love this statement. Because it just tells us what God wants to do for us as a human and human beings for 84 great controversy Satan is efforts to deceive and tempt our race. Had sought to frustrate the Divine Plan and man's creation what is the home of the devil trying to do it was time to keep man full from fulfilling his destiny Satan is ever to deceive and tempt our race adult to frustrate the devil to the Divine Plan and man's creation but Christ Now I ask that this plan be carried into effect as the as man had never fallen he asked various people not only pardon and justification full and complete but to share in His glory and see the point is strong and well good you know that human beings were created for the express purpose. Of sharing this room God We talked about this gray universe is great expanse of space full of worlds and stones were there teeming in numerable hopes and in the center is God and God in his for knowledge and his wisdom decided that he would be called the new sinless coming he would create a special race of beings and he would demonstrate through them his ability to save people from sin and it was going to be a terrific cost to God. But I want to know for the greatest privilege that could ever come to any person that came into this universe is to be born into this little planet or you know what I was a boy growing up my father was a preacher and he used to scare me to death you know he would preach about Christ coming and all these things and and I used to think I didn't understand so many things I just didn't have the comprehension I should have had and I used to just say well why would I ever born in this planet I was not born on some of these other planets where they never say in which you know when I began to understand and God began to help me to understand what he's trying to do was what a wonderful privilege to be born into this planet or. Because we can have a special relationship with God we were born to be really related to him to this little planet of ours is a battleground of AVI turning in this book Sons and Daughters of God Here's another reference I think that you that you'll like and it's this just spells it right out this is on page $200.00. And 42. We put this out I haven't timed it touches very much but you put this down your referenced bottom line dollars page $242.00 the fall in the world is the battlefield for the greatest conflict the heavenly universe and earthly powers have ever witnessed it was appointed as the cedar on which would be fought out the grand struggle between good and evil between heaven and hell and every human being X. a part in this conflict no one can stand on neutral ground man must either accept or reject the world Redeemer or witnesses either for or against Christ Christ calls upon all those who stand under his banner to engage in the conflict as faithful soldiers the same inherit the crown of life they have been adopted as sons and daughters of God Christ has left them that is sure left him his assured promise that grainy it will be the reward in heaven for the of those super take of humiliation and suffering for the true state the cross of Calvary challenges and will finally event which every earthly and hellish out in the crawls all influence setters from it all influence goals for if it is a great letter of attraction for and of Christ gave up his life for the human race this sacrifice was offered for the purpose of restoring man to his original perfection a more. It was offered to give him an entire transformation of character making him more than a conqueror those who in the strength of Christ overcome the great enemy of God in man will occupy a position in the heavenly court of loving Joe who are never fall out in the book education. I want to read another statement and this is this is a really the climax of this whole thing and this is next after the teacher sent from God. It's on page you started on please 73 and it tells it how how God fit his son here in this teacher that he said that he was the. He was the one told him to reveal humanity you reveal God to him out again and he says all the great men of Earth were clean from his ideals they were shy and they were going in the from the shining of his glory but he was the 1st perfect ideal Now this statement to reveal its ideal message Christ live as the all the truths that are perfect to show what every human being might become. What through the indwelling of humanity by divinity all who received him would become for the scribes came. To this world folks to demonstrate what an ideal human being could become and he came to show what every human being would become if they permitted the Holy Spirit to work in our lives this is why we should spend a thoughtful hour each day in contemplation of what Electra is our ideal and there's something else that really just stretches my mind beyond imagination and that's this when the family of God were planning to create a human range because remember the human race of in their problem Lay knew that man was going to be that the one who would stand and they knew that the plan of salvation would be all worked out around the Son of Man around the human race and he planned a race of beings with the ability to develop so that when the Son of God came to this earth and became a human being as a human being he could get back to his father through all the need to be still human being does he have human nature today we always have human nature will always be a human being and when Christ fever this earth and was born into this earth he was the son of Mary but he was also the Son of God Now let me just say this much about the nature of Christ Christ was not exactly like we are he didn't have a human father human mother he had a human mother and like God was the father his birth when he came into this earth was the same as our birth when we are born again. You and I are human beings but we can be born by the spirits and that's called a new birth and then we have who is our Father God is our Father and then we become we belong to the same race as these floats are human beings with God is our Father and we are capable of what kind of development infinite development because the whole. Genius of the Gospel is Christ in you. Right to you to hold you see folks when the plan of salvation is completed and human beings take their place on the throne of God they're going to always be human beings they're always going to be seen that race that is the connecting link between the creator or and the creator or between the creator and the crew and created beings were created beings but we're born a tribe and children of God are still natural births and we will have the privilege of being the teachers through all eternity of all the universe telling them all of the wonderful love of God because they can't understand they can't understand because we have experienced it so you see we have a lot to grow into don't you think we have a last commentary last statement a commentary is a very wonderful statement also. It's this is modern 7 My night is the last statement of God in 7 the commentary many seem to have the idea that this world and the heavenly Mankins constitute the universe of God not souls. The Redeemed strong will range from World War and lunar we're going to be space travelers we're not going to have to be worth all going to be astronauts you know we're not going to have to have a. Special machine to travel and that's so that's entirely too slow to see an angel came to this earth in a matter of just a few minutes I don't know how much less than that but it's over 100000 light it's over it's over 100 light years all right and they travel it in a in a matter of an angel travel in a matter of minutes that prevents travelling so we'd have to travel fast travel around the universe and let the redeemed stronger going to range from last world a world and much of our time will be employed in searching out the mysteries of redemption do you know that as we as we have the privilege of traveling throughout this universe for all eternity the farther we go the more we see the more we're going to realize how much we cost because the Creator of All Worlds came to this earth and became a man and we have life. And throughout the whole stress of eternity this subject will continually be open to their minds the privileges of those who overcome by the blood of the Lamb in the word of their testimony are beyond comprehension so I just want to say that to have been born into this clients is the greatest privilege that could ever come to. And you see you and I are going to decide whether we're jewels being polished for the Kingdom of God or whether we're just saying and polishing that you. Know that right we're all that either going to be do your We're just going to be saying Polish. I want to be more the sand to. All right. The next class well we're going to study and I'll give you something that you can do a little research in the next the next study is going to be. To study the object of our creation in a little different way. The object of our creation and the object of education the object of redemption is what do we say alleged This is life eternal that they might know the only true God our next study in education is going to be how we can come to know God better because this is the 1st thing we have to learn education is divine there's no God so and I don't want to take all the time I asked hope I can get through a little early I had an extreme lack of hearsay but I just used up all the time each day and I want to give you folks a chance to express yourself or ask questions because we're in this we're in this class we're just one purpose to learn the science of salvation and to learn to learn the true science of education and we might fulfill our destiny was our destiny to share the throne and the glory of God Our primary purpose was what. That we were to have a special relationship with God and we're going to have an inspired a fan argue that unless. 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