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True Education- Part 2

Ralph Martin



  • March 1, 1975
    6:00 AM
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Isn't it a wonderful thing than our That God made us with minds that are capable of never ceasing to develop business of it it's unbelievable. You see mannish made manner than the angels but with the capability are they relation to God You see there are many things we could talk about that and and I want you to know that what we study here is going to be writ relatively unimportant in the overall picture of your life is only what we are inspired to get for selves you understand. I have only one purpose in this to crass and that is not to tell you how out of saying yes. Read to to have only Spirit inspire you to go to the sources so you can get truths that are unbelievable Then I read to you folks that their great lane unheeded nonsense as they Pentecost it I read that statement to you. That are going to come from the Word of God This may be purity Cruisin the been completely lost sight of. And says children are going to get them or less become children what do you say and so it is what you get here that's going to really be the important thing is what you are inspired to get I know something else that that someone. I appreciate what. What is your name. Randy Randy Raftery say what Randy says because this is the thing that has really done well for me than anything else to realize that God made human beings with the capability of doing just unbelievable things not because of what's in us but because of the of the ability to have human beings have God in them you see were different from they just you know when Lucifer and his angels fail they still retain their light. And probably they would live forever if God didn't destroy them but human beings without God are mediately began to disintegrate and rot and man and mean it when last is right you know there was a beautiful right around man maybe I should just mention a little bit of this here because I think this is really important there's a chapter in volume 8. Just to show you just to show you what we're talking about and I don't make this is page 255 and it's a chapter called is central knowledge. Now these are these chapters that I'm giving you if you would take time I know you're busy but if you take time to do some research on these because I'm just giving you a few key thoughts and I do hope before this class is over you will all have read carefully through the book education we're going to touch it now and then but we're not following the brook I find if we just follow our book we can in China and find a good stereotype we want to reach out and get many thoughts and if this is different from any class that you have been and don't be surprised because I'm teaching this different I've ever taught before because I'm learning new things all the time and I want to incorporate those things in well when Nancy and before a man said he had a right surrounding him and I read this this is page 255. Not a date but further in terms of Syria not a crown wrist but upon the minds of our 1st parents to obscure their perception of the character of God They were perfectly conformed to the rule of God for covering a beautiful right the right of God surrounded them. I was once around them. A beautiful life a lot of gods around them I'm hoping some artist some time ago added when even the Garden of Eden and Piper and I arrived on the stead of making them all more pornographic figures you know have a hint if they they were sure of the result he'd been to far right. And this was this clear and perfect right here ruminated everything they approach the new price light you had your burden priceless. And when even at night you see if you have perished anything why you alone unaided the darkness there was no night there was no life there was no darkness but there's something about that that is that's really more important than that is says Nature was their lesson broke in the Garden of Eden an existence of God was demonstrated his attributes are revealed in the objects of nature that surrounded them on page 16 education and page 18 of Christ object lessons as if statement nature in its. In its original condition in this perfection was an expression of the fault of God everything in creation was an expression of the heart of God We as human beings were an expression of Adam God And so everywhere a man looked what would he see. God's thoughts. Now but notice what it says here. It says but when they listen to the tempter and sinned against God by right the garments of heavenly innocence departed from them. The prime diverse heavenly life they could no longer design the character of God in the works of his hands. So he was not only a right of of illumination but it was light of one ounce of desert and when this light shone on nature this right in that I am that Sharon had made them desert God in everything and nature but one man said he lost this light but you know the light has been returned. And Malakai the last chapter says when the Sun of Righteousness shall arise with healing in his way. You see Jesus took the place of that life page 161 of desire Veda says right has always been simple God's principles. But you see so one man say and he lost much more than Satan did because Satan has he is right he's still an angel of light but we're not very bright beings all real and that don't you there isn't anything right about us became darkness and so man when he lost his relation to God then. That's the thing that we need to understand is that that man capable of a special relationship with God is capable also of a terrible day gradation when Satan matters. Because man rules God can become so great without God and Satan in Him we can become the Bible. And you know when G. when Jesus comes back to the earth they're going to be just 2 classes of people one class to reflect the image of Jesus fully and you know what the other class is going to be like. See if I can find that statement that it's right here in the in the last part. And I won't take any time but what I can I'll give you the reference lately I was elated later I was unkind to yours oh here it is this is page 974 about himself and I want you to notice so you see you have that man is real because on it says the forces of darkness were the night was human agents who have given themselves into the control of Satan and the same scenes that were exhibited at the trial rejection crucifixion of Christ will be revived this is 7 B.C. $974.00. Through you read a satanic influences man will be transformed into fiends in the hut. And those who were created in the image of God who were formed to honor and grow fire their Creator were come to have become the habitation of dragons and Satan will see in an apostate raised his masterpiece of evil goals men who reflect his own and. So when probation Kailash. The human race will either be totally filled with the Spirit of God and will reflect Jesus and age or will be given over to evil spirits and will become themes and reflect the very image of saying. This is what we're facing. You and I this is our destiny either to to accept Christ to let him work in us and become transformed in his image or we will be transformed if we. Really should make much choice we shouldn't have to hazard a very much on that choice should we but you see you don't have to you don't have to choose just to serve Satan because we're already under his control we have to choose to serve Christ right now this makes us realize how man is different with God He is capable of receiving right in for the development without him he is going to reach the depths. The very image of Satan himself right now anything else that someone would live their. Lives. Well. That's a hard question we we aren't given very much information about the angels and we don't want to get into speculation but we know this I read the statement to us on page 21 of desire of age is that angels grew the hearts of men do not read that statement. And that they bring their lost into a fellowship with Christ which is closer than they themselves can know angels are working with us to bring us to Christ and then they stand back and they see what is coming to a relation with him that they can come into. Man was made for that close fellowship is around 430 but you meant want to get this in your book on page 18 of testimonies to ministers this is a real this is a real tremendous statement this is tied to this is it not talking about divine experiments. The large eases making experiments on human hearts through the exhibition of his mercy and abundant grace he is affecting transformation so amazing that Satan with all his triumph and boasting with all his confederacy of evil united against God in the laws of his government stands viewing them as a fortress impregnable to his office treason delusion they are to him and in comprehensible mystery. The angels of God Serafin charity carry of them the powers commission to cooperate with human agencies look on with astonishment and joy that Fallon's man wants children of wrath are through the training of Christ developing characters after the divine ability. To be sons and daughters of God to act in important part in the occupations and pleasures of that. So you see this now I can tell you very much about angels I just know that angels cannot are not capable of the development of man. And while they were created greater yet man because of the relation with God and because of this special. Could have because of his special creation and making him put a particularly. Able to have God in him in a special way you understand what I mean it's God in man and makes him great is not man him self because he is lower the name Bill and you know we are we discussed a little about that at the beginning Lucifer run of the end of the councils or rod and he couldn't 1st of all the characters of God were all concerning the human race and secondly he was an angel. But did you know. That. Then just. When you went up on Mount Sinai had the privilege of entering the city council got. The original statement this Additionally the quote God wants Manda do this is page 11 or 3 volume one of the commentary ran B.B.C. 11 all 3 most of the visible leader of the Israelites was admitted into the secret councils of the most high. In the hot. Now members of course was the representative and when Jesus was about to go through his final trial when. Just before or after his his final. Great test in the garden of grass amany and then on the cross he was taken up and he went up on the mountain and there he was transfigured Who was it there that encouraged him and strengthened him. Why do you suppose 2 people from this earth were there to help do this. That's right and let me tell you folks there was a lot at stake with Moses and Elijah. Because Moses and Elijah had burped going to heaven on the supposition or on the on the fact that Jesus was going to be victorious in these battles Satan because if Jesus had failed and gone back to heaven before he finished the plan of salvation. Moses and allies you could mistake because they went there because of the righteousness of Christ so they had a lot of state do you think. And of course as it was said they had encouragement to give him because they had had when I was in the lodge of been through some pretty hard. Drives But who gave them strength to go through Jesus but he was up in heaven then and now he was down here is a man and alive and Moses came here to give strength to Jesus when he as a man to help him go through his trial. All right now and bring out a different metaphor because I want to get started because we want to take the rest of it because I have some things we want to discuss today. Something else someone has. That was run that I give to you at one B.C. level no 3. Let's remember in order to understand what is comprehended in the world and the work of education we need to study the nature of man I do you all understand what God's trying to do human beings are destined to be the. They are there to follow Jesus as being members of a new race of beings the connecting link between God and the creation Jesus is a man he was the 1st being that belong to that race and he's given us power to become members of his family. We're not going to be God we're going to be what children of God we're going to be divine human beings Bible tells about all time Paul talks about being partakers a lot of the divine nature you see Christ's birth when he was born as a baby was the same as our new verse he was born as the daughter of Mary but the Son of God rebel are where the human father human matter but when we remember aren't then God is are fucked. So you see our birth now is what Jesus' birth was back there and so when re become when we are really born again then we. Have the power that Jesus had to live without sin and that's what God's going to demonstrate and that's why we should understand the destiny that we have we can reach a goal higher than we know can we when we know what God is trying to do limit is. Why now. There's something else that I'd like to study with it today and that is you know sometimes we think rarely if we're just say that's wonderful when that is wonderful but I want you to know is there something more important than just being saved. Because as radical as it is to be saved it is essential. That we realize that God has surrounded best with circumstances now God controls the circumstances of our lives I don't know how many of you here Sabbath. Probably some of the a but anyway we discussed this God controls the circumstances of our lives and he was planned from eternity there were circumstances I'm going to reach we can develop to the highest extent provided we use our talents and on page 39 the birth fundamentals of Christian education is the statement that I'd like to share with you. The youth should be learners for the next world provide. Perseverance in the acquisition of knowledge control ruled by the fear and love of God will give them an increased power for good in this life and those who have made the most of their privileges to reach the highest attainment here will take these valuable acquisitions with them into the future life. The capability to appreciate the Growler is that I have not seen nor hear heard will be proportionate to the attainment reached in the coloration of the Faculties in this life not educated just what has it. It was probably the people who had pretty strong right now listen again this last sentence the capability now was capable of a name. That means all the facts of this together Billy the clue for better days to appreciate it the greater is that I have not seen that here heard what I believe her parish in the to the attainments reste in the cultivation of the faculties and that's why. I say Karen. A. We've already discussed that when we read about education we're going to have to find a find a fire and inspired writings and you are really good I read a picture and we talk about higher education and we're going to get into this discussion on higher education higher education can begin in the kindergarten. Has to be well issued of knowledge but then right when we're talking about education in Robsart it really talking about that education Well let me read the statement again I should I want to read this happened because I want to get acquainted with it now as never before we need to understand the true science of education if we fail to understand this we shall never have a place in the kingdom of God. This is rife eternal that they might know or the the only true God and Jesus Christ who now is sent their life eternal as they'll have no God and to know Jesus Christ because it's through Jesus Christ we know God if this is the price of heaven if the surprise of heaven to the whole God shall not our education be conducted along these lines. Then education in its truest sense is to have a right and expanding knowledge of God. And the more we know or God And this is a personal experiment of knowledge about the more we know God the more we're going to like him. All right now. I read another statement in the girls read read with that and this is Christ object lessons page 363. Lanka class Object Lesson 363. Fundamental death. No 49. Now this is a this is Christ object lessons page $363.00. Regional individually be held responsible for doing one jot less than we have ability to do. The Lord measures with exactness every possibility for service the other news capabilities are as much brought into account as those are in truth for all that we might become through the right use of our talents God holds us responsible. We shall be judged according to what we ought to have done but did not accomplish because we did not use our powers to grow if I god. Even if we do not lose our souls we shall realize in eternity the result of our unused talent. That I ever knowledge and ability that we might have gained and did not there will be an eternal law. Now I explained I was talking to. And I explained this way I am a beggar and you know what the 1st thing you always bit was 1st thing you always make when you're building a house of our nation. Now you can burn a house with highs you want to on the foundation of the good earth you can barely bring the validation. Stand the foundation determines the size of your house in this life rebelling or Foundation which is character character building those clothes when Jesus comes. There is on those groups of the 6 the volume 5 that. When Jesus comes our character one rule dire when Jesus comes our character is fixed returning now there is no that of God and what kind of development. Friends on a development but it's big on what. I found then sure. Now I can explain this and maybe you can explain it but that's all right at this planet plainly says if we don't develop and use our talents here to the ground of God if he did he can't develop every one of our talents what's going to happen. Now we're not going to any of us be pining for heaven I'm sure of that but we're going to realize one. That we could win that I've got to know that now don't you. Now. This doesn't mean how much knowledge we have it's the use of our one talent is putting them into practice this is and so all. In a very short time both. Were all of us going to be full time service for God If we won't work for you. Promise to take care of us yes. That I just read this row. All right in front of that was that was read I say well I'm sorry I'll tell you I'll give you the references brought in 5 I think is for 66 but let me see for sure because I don't want to give you the wrong way I figure he when I was $66.00 he said essential for $66.00 per 5 T. get straight pretty soon Rajan 5 page or $66.00 it is a solemn thing to die but a far more solemn thing the lives. We go to a funeral we should be crying for the one is dead. We should be weeping for the ones are still alive. Because when a person dies. The devil can bother many more. And if if their lives are hid with Christ in God they're there all right he says it's a solemn thing to die but it's a far more solemn thing to live every thought and word of our allies will meet us again that we make ourselves in probationary time that we must remain to all eternity. This brings this illusion to the body that makes no change in the character the coming of Christ does not change our characters it only fixes them forever beyond all change. Now. I don't want to I don't want to get into technicalities on they say no. The development is is. Infinite. But we do think our capabilities here is now want to share the capabilities we have we taken the what you see this is the ideal environment to develop characters Likewise there's no place else in the universe you can do it. We have the ideal environment because there are people already help. And when Jesus comes it says he separated the girls from the sheep. That's the point of chapter Matthew and he put the ghost of a left hand a sheep on the right and he said those on the right come you blessed of my Father inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation the world for I was hungry gave me meat I was thirsty and you gave Midrin I was naked in your clothes me I was inside I was sick in you Mr Donaghy I was in prison and you visited me. And these are the things we can do to demonstrate the character of Christ here. Bless your heart when we get to Heaven always will be good. Now I'm glad there are a day or 2. But you understand that this is a perfect environment to develop and demonstrate the character of God everybody to receive people in need help when I say a word of encouragement to Jesus came to demonstrate the character of God From his earliest years he was possessed about one purpose he lives to bless others and so we're not you're not here take this class so you get a grade in fact I might even give you a grade anyway at the large and give your grades I'm just going to say you attended see. What you got out of it will depend on what happens to. And I don't have any I don't have any control over that you want that one of us it is it is what you learn here is going on today but if some principles are in planet that will enable us to develop then with accomplish something and so this is the environment in which created beings are developing a character like Christ or the indwelling of Christ and there's no other there's no other environment in the universe like this. And I'm glad it's not going to be that way forever but we were born here we're living here and we have the opportunity of developing a character here that will just make us have the privilege of being the teachers of the universe for all eternity I just read where that the inhabitants of the universe are looking to us to understand the character of Christ. All right now. Now there's another principle that I want I said we're going to study about the source of education but there's something else that I want to study with you today and that is this principle that it isn't what you learn that's important it's what you impart that's important. You do not really know anything until you give it that you know that. I was talking to a man yesterday and he said I've been trying to find somebody to teach me how to get bible study. They sure hard you know something that somebody else does know you tell him about. It you know when you start telling people what you know what's going to happen. You're going to start getting something else. And whatever you folks write in this class will be of no value to you and they should begin to tell somebody else about if you've learned something good. You're not here to read it. Nature tells us that we don't hoard what happens when they hoard. Oh sure it goes putrid goes rotten. And this is a principle God never intended in education we should go and listen and listen in this and then listen and listen he intended we should hear something important and hear something in politics and he intended us to graduate a lot faster than we do so that we're no longer learners but we're teachers in fact let me let you into a little secret did you know that. That when we get under the new covenant we're not supposed to have anybody teach us. Is that a shocker to. The term when they the Hebrews. Or Isaiah through our agenda are 31 the the one and one just a copy that I return to Hebrews and read it I want you know just want to say yes because this is really important to you I want to bring that real right to be out of the New Covenant only history rather sad we Bruce. And that at least after. Hebrews 8 and let's start reading with the verse of the whole world the days come said the Lord that I will make a new covenant with the House of Israel and with the House of Judah not according to the covenant which I made with their fathers when I took them by the hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt because they continued not my covenant that I regard them not to the Lord for this is a covenant that I will make without make with the House of vigil after those days that the Lord are I will put my labs in their minds who will. Be going to do it. God is going to do and I read put my hours in their mind and write them in their hot hearts this is how distraught hearts through our minds to our hearts just like our food goes in the right mouth in the rush stomachs and into our bodies this is a process that goes through our minds of our hearts. All right and our readers I'm a God and they should be to be a people and they shall not teach every man his neighbor and every man his brother same nor the Lord. For they should all know before release of the great people are the new covenant we should be preaching the each other we should all be preaching to people who don't know it. Now want to say. There's really not teach every man is Brother there are many and they were saying no the Lord although with Melissa the greatest. She there's a real danger we might still be able to overcome and. Well there are there is a time coming when there's nobody left but that but when we do that we don't have to teach each other you understand we can tell each other our experience but I want you to know that the time is here when we should not be students but we should be teachers all of us. Well let me let me read you something else this is very interesting you know there's a chapter in. In Christ and a class and called the talents and I as this this chap this statement I read about but. Realizing our are not having all that we should have is in the chapter the talents but there's a there's a section in here called talents multiplied by you and I run I want to read a little of this to us that I have to read this chapter on the talents but read especially the part multiplied by use. Page 353 of Christ object lessons talents used our talents multiplied if we're going to find unused talents when we get to heaven it's because we haven't done we haven't used them all right success is not the result of chance or a destiny. It is the out working of God's own Providence the reward of faith and this creation of virtue and Persia very happy. The Lord desires us to get use every gift we have and if we do this we shall have greater gifts to use. He does not supernaturally and hour us with the qualifications we have we lack but while we use that which we have he will work with us to increase and strengthen every faculty. By every whole hearted earnest sacrifice for the Master's service our powers will increase while we yield ourselves as instruments for the Holy Spirit working the grace of God works in us. To deny all inclinations. Doura come powerful propensities and the 4 new habits you would you like to forget some of the older ventures reforms of new habits. You see it's the old habits that destroy the new nature hates a vacuum you have about the way Jesus talked about this person that had the devil cast out and the devil went out and wandered around and came back and found the house was empty and swept and garnished and he came back and brought 7 other devils with him and entered that man the last stand of what. You see we don't need it empty spaces in. We need to replace the old propensities with what you have the OR world things that we've done to please ourselves our lives and we've done it have we let's begin to do what form habits and use our talents and once in service that's what we're that's what we're here for right now no one else's is as we cherish and obey the promptings of the spirit on hearts are in large receive more and more of these power. And to do murder and better work dormant energies around and palsied faculties receive new life as we have as we begin to put into practice the things we know we begin to do things we begin to impart when you have a little knowledge begin to impart it right away don't wait till you know what I call. And if you know when you begin to explain something it will become amazingly clear to you. People say well how do you remember I will say it was only one way or another you know higher level. I give them and I love to give them and in all that when I am here giving things the class things come the law my I never thought of or one of the things is why you are giving that you get it and why you are prepared to give it. Now I want you to notice this next paragraph because this should be a real encouragement the humbleness the humble rocker who will be didn't respond to the call of God may be sure of receiving divine assistance. If you go out and if you begin to talk to people it's amazing what will come to your mind if you're talking how you've had this experience and the Lord will bring the same to your mind but he's not going to bring it to you until you begin to do it did you begin to use them. To accept so great and holy responsibility is itself elevating to the character it calls into action the highest mental and spiritual powers and strength in the Purifiers of my in the heart where there's what I begin to impart these truths that God gives me all right now through faith in the power of God It is when run your full House strongly weak man may become how prolific how decided that his efforts how prolific of great results are beginnings really remember in our lives when the homebrew and tell us really knows. Our seeking brilliance Eleuthera further knowledge will find out her heavenly treasure awaiting this woman. To see if I or you get out of this class is what I give you is all about right you forget it a little while. And this is true of all classes if you begin to share with other people. The you do tell people I have found something wonderful today do tell people. This will give you something every day is a real special girl who shared with people. This is how we encouraged we did you know the Lord has a book up there specially for that if you know that. Or let's read about it for the Malakoff. You see I have a problem with this with this now what I'm going to talk about this the Lord just opens up from I'm going to as these things come. Now to God the 3rd chapter and the 16th 1st then they that feared their marriage spake often wonder what other they did heart. And the LORD hearkened and heard it and a book of remembrance is written before him for them that feared the Lord that's all these things. They're just going to break up there for people that are in party and having other people what wonderful truth they have learned and these are really mind set the Lord in that day when I make up my view. And I will spare them as a man spare his own sons that serve them Now notice what the next verse says very unsure of the return and Brazilian between the righteous American for him the service God and him the service if not how you don't know the difference between what I'm talking about. What are we sharing what's in our mind. And so it isn't enough to know what we must in part now you understand this is the 1st principle of edge of our crew education as soon as I return some proof of I'm going to do. I'm going to share it with someone and as I begin to explain the problem happened what a lot of me open up to something to me that I never thought of the fore. And the hairy pleasure of having to says well open up to all that now Jesus tells about that now really knows what this says the murder one tries to explain the word of God to others with a love for souls the plainer it becomes to himself yeah. Yeah. There. Body soul and spirit to God will be costly receiving a new endowment of spiritual physical mental and spiritual power struggle there the whole paragraph the wonderful paragraph that's right all right and also what this says in fact you've got me finding some be looking for these jams. Dold memorize something and that you're going to use it. To do your destroying your mind. But memorize and what. And give it back on the Regis statement little bit that will shock you it shocked me I'll tell you when I read it the may run tries to explain the word of God to others. The with a lot of firsts or rules the plainer it becomes to himself the man we knew or knowledge an exercise our power where our knowledge and power we shall have. This is place 354 in this chapter. The talents talents may look right by use every effort made for Christ will react in brushing up on ourselves you know we're teaching never went to school and we're trying to prove that the principle is this you don't have to worry about what you learn you begin to help other people and if you begin to get things other people do things for other people you think you're not going to get something or you're going to get more than anyone you know is getting more out this class and anybody. Who you think is right here I am. I don't rock too but you see I can only I can only Barbaria see. And when you start having a helper. Well that means that you know when that happens when your mother or. When you're full. And you see if you're following you don't bother ever did you ever try to put some water in a 4 player. And see if. You see as we as we begin to inquire how I. Describe it was tell us about these are razors and and this chapter about the 5 nuns and who is a real lesson the 10 there's a there's a section the whole chapter and they give you them to eat. And I want to read a little bit from this this is page 369 this is right on the I don't the past 369 years I have ages the disciples were channels of communication between Christ and the people. Who should be a great encouragement to his disciples today Christ is a great center of the source of all strength is disciples are to receive their surprise from him the most intelligent the most spiritually minded can be stolen only or they receive out of themselves they can supply nothing for the needs of the solved really can impart only that which we receive from Christ and we can receive our own way and as we have a part to others you know why there isn't any more incentive to study the day or night we don't get on. And the more we impart the bore we feel guilty for a long. Rock group maybe constantly. Being rude to crafting risk being empowering our now I want you to. I want you to notice this. Who are often the worker for cry they will realize your personal responsibility who are then dangerous they were written upon the organization instead of relying upon him who is the source of all grain I work for an institution and then they have opened here and they're all getting at that your argument dry up and that. Will happen when part personally you care for it all with an organization or in the group that if the person requires the building were great in the faith and trust in human wisdom or numbers in the work of God successful work or cry depends not too much on number of their talent as upon the poor and the purpose the truth simplicity of aren't dependent. Personal responsibility is must be borne personal duties must be taken up personal efforts must be made for those who do not know Christ in the places shifting your responsibility upon someone whom you think were richly endowed then you Rob. There were say well I will find somebody that again. If someone is interested enough to ask you you tell them personally you know me more to them than anybody you go. Out. And let me play with Bratz you have to say was more important to that person in the past or so that the pastor says that you know that because if you do ever they will. Run the pastor comes well they kind of get turned off when they say well he's get paid to do it son I know people I talk to them and I used to do that I don't do that anymore because I find that sometimes you lose them in a sense is. That somebody is interested enough to ask you questions when you have stirred their interest you can do more for them and anyone else in the world. And you know. And you're going to get a great lesson Don't miss that back. Now. To Prince Reza really part of them our want to deal with something else now we said we were going to talk about the source of education. And I'm going to turn 1st of all to the book as occasion. The 1st paragraph of look at education on page 13 it tells about our aid ideas of a declaration to take too narrow and too low range the or agree with that every thought too small an education. There is need of a broader scope a hiring. Puro diffusion means more than the rule of a court heard in the course of study it means more than the preparation for the life that now is it has to do with the whole being with what. And where the where period of existence of a man. Who is going to live. As long as God if we just submit to His death of them and through and are alive to him. God began a long time before we did but we can laugh with long weekend I'm glad of that. As we should have the lives that are measured with the life of God and there were not studying here. Here and make so much an hour or to be acceptable or to have a play or have a have playing we're not interested in the things. We're interested in the education that will last for a lot. Eternity and our service to our place in heaven remember that our place and haven't had nothing to do with our place in the earth you're on it then I don't. I can have a hot position in the 7th Day Adventists the nomination and fill might have a low place in heaven you understand if that person operation the god I'm not trying to categorize people but you see the janitor may stand higher in heaven then than the president. Has nothing to do with as they can all it has to do with out personal relation with God and our and our willingness to let him work through and being from if he had his way out all right. It prepares the Doura student for the drawing of service in this world and for the higher joy of light or service in the world to come the source of such an education is brought to view and these words of Holy Writ pointing to the infinite won in him or he had all the traitors of wisdom and knowledge we have counsel and understanding now here too Here's a paragraph that I want to get because it's really important there are a lot of people who think they need to read certain books because there are some beautiful thoughts in them when I want to know what what God says inspired writings about the writings of people the world has had its great teachers man of great in the leg giant intellect and extensive research men whose utterances have stimulated thought and open to view vast fields of knowledge and these men have been honored as guides and benefactors of their race but there is one who stands higher than that we can trace a line to rural features as far back as human records and stand about the law it runs before them as the moon the stars of our solar system shine by the reflected light of the from so far as their teachings is true through the world's great man reflects the writers of the Sun of Righteousness every green must stop every flash of intellect is from the light of the worm. This is a few case and I'm on page 13 and 14 write the beginning of the book so we don't have to go to these sources there were a truth that is important for us the more is is inspired sources not them there may be technical books that we need to study I'm not going about but we don't need to go there for the crews that have to do with. Our personal growth and development our relation to God. Now it says in these days much is said concerning the nature of the fortunes of higher education the true higher education is that imparted by him with whom is wisdom and strength out of whose mouth come of knowledge and understanding whose up. This God and through Christ who know not to give God all true knowledge and real development have their stores where ever we turn in the physical or mental or the spiritual realm and whatever we behold apart from the brightest in this knowledge is revealed whatever line of investigation we pursue with a sincere purpose to arrive at truth we are brought in touch with them I once seen my intelligence that is working in and through all the mind of man is brought into communion with the mind of God the finite was Invent the effect of such communion on body mind and soul is beyond estimate now. The great. Instrument for the understanding of God is a viable now I'm using a lot of the Spirit of Prophecy is in simple language we use Druidry in the Bible and we all need to sell the Bible Merah the Bible is the Word of God and the Word of God when it's taken into our minds and into our hearts and obeyed it's through the mind through the body that through the Word of God that we are transformed Now we talked about I mention this that Christianity is not wishful thinking it's not desire it's not hoping it's a science it's the science of salvation. And in order for us to have spiritual life we must have spiritual food. And we may not enjoy reading the Bible the Spirit of Prophecy and I know from personal experience because I've had many ups and downs in my experience and there was a time when I wasn't having the experience that I should have but I knew I was going to have to get it and I prayed in the Lord just amazed said land of the ME you start studying hours and studying and I started reading my Bible I started diligently reading my Bible 2 hours a day. And you know it was 6 months before I really am going to. It was 6 months before I really began to open up to me now I hadn't I'd known the Bible before that but we all have spirits good spiritual declares a new understand what I mean we shouldn't have them and I don't want to say more I don't want you to have any but if we are not if we're not feeding on the Word of God we're going to have spiritual declension and we have to take time to do it I will believe that but the rest of it I I want to deal with something that I want is real important connection with that and I know what you're all going to say. What are you going to say. Not. You know no time on I'm going all through it. Well I'm going to tell you we do have time. We're going to have to put some priorities on things. I know. All right I want to hear something real special in the few minutes we have left. I'm going to I'm going to share some texts with you that to me are these are the I have been a real blessing you know I've had a lovely experience I had this is just illustrate what I'm talking about we have to have priorities 7 years ago I was living in Idaho and and I was in the contracting business and and my family was growing up and I bought an organ. And I said Now I want somebody to learn to play that organ. And you know. Any of my fam it my wife could a place you didn't practice and I had 2 daughters in the sun and they'd all taken piano lessons and organ lessons but they never played and I used to when I want to know if you play. And so one of day one day you know what I said all right I'm going to learn. Can you imagine that I'm not musically inclined so you know when I did I got up every morning and I got some very system for organ called the pointer system I maybe some of you sing it it's a simple system and I practice there very morning 2 hours I get up early and go to work and I practice every morning for 6 months. And I was going so I could play a little bit just for my own benefit you understand I wasn't cut out to be a concert or that. And I was playing there one morning and the North spoke to me there's already talk of you as if you put out into your mind so definite that you know got talking. And here's what he said he said I wasn't trying to prove anyway. Well I mean what I was trying to prove was going to prove if I can play they can play understand that this going to was going to show them up and then this was a large side of me just as plain and distinct. What are you wasting your time doing that or you're not going to come up with anything. When to be a tragedy if you spend all this time playing and misshapen. If you take the time studying knowing about me. When you get to heaven I like to play a let's play the organ without a practice. And I said are alarmed. I know I've had it. I close the argument there because one sense. But I do take time with a lot of the morning. Books This is the time when we start with the. So I want to give you some by real favorite texts 1st one is in job. Those 7. Verses 17 and 18. What is man that Thou shouldst magnify him. That we always study the god what the man has magnified man has a given him a destiny beyond anything that anyone else in the universe and what is man the Dow shouldst magnify him that's our sure to set time hard upon him you know the family of God has a love affair with the family ever and there the aggressors and they're the ones that are pushing it I want to know about. What is man that Thou shouldst what. Magnify him that thou shouldst set down hard upon him that 1000 of his visit him every morning. Do you know you have an appointment with God every morning. The God said I'll visit you every moment. That will serve read. And shouldst the 1000 is there with the American morning and try him every moment now you know the last why don't you. Well I want you to know if we're going to be tried every moment we better be. Around when he does not visit us because this is a preparation for. And I want to promise every one of you if you ask the Lord before you go to bed the wake you up. In time to have your relation with him he will wake you up in the morning. And I say. Yes you should. What that. It is that's right. That when. My. When I. Was still with you. And started for the day or the next he would wait. I agree that we should follow the laws of nature and this is this is this is right we should go to bed at night I have no question about my focus physically impossible sometimes. I tell you I've had people keep me up all hours of the night and I've been I've traveled a lot and I tell you when you've got people just you can get you can get excited I mean you they just they want to know they want to talk to the I've been up till 121 and 2 o'clock in the morning talking with people not because I wanted to but I want you to know the Lord is able to supply our needs and I have gone to bed at 2 o'clock in the morning and wake up at 4 in. I could tell you hundreds of experiences both I just know this I don't know anything about your personal lives are not interested in getting involved in your own personal circumstances but God will give you time to commune with him and you won't lose anything. Is he able to give us strength now if you sit up at a party somewhere in your own pleasure he'll let you sweat or that you understand what I mean if it's for our own selfish benefit but if we do it and we can't help it I mean it's something that is that we should do the Lord will we'll do that and he'll wake us up and I I tell you the Lord I could tell you over and over again The Lord is wake me up early in the morning and he wakes me up a Depending on what the. The relay what the importance of it is. And I'm not going to tell take time tell personal experiences but I've been wake up at 1 o'clock many many times. And I say Well Lord isn't this a little bit early. But you know I never lost anything and I've had some tremendous experience. I trust I. Will I will mention that just a minute there's another voice that I'd like to share with you and this is the 50th Psalm. And this is a roast that's particularly for Jesus. But you know every verse that was written Richie's this is written rules. For us. Something of diverse for the Lord has given me the time of the learned that I should know how to speak a word in season to him a little weary he wake enough morning by morning. When I say some I'm sorry or might I seem to have my my tongue and my my mind are really according to this report of the Isaiah 50 verse for. The Lord God has given me the time of the learned that I shall know how to speak a word in season to him that is weary he waits and that morning my morning he wake in the minor ear to hear the learn now I can spend a lot of time on this our time is running out but folks I just know that we need to get with the Lord in the morning. And. We were told that just as as the as the man a false for the blessing of God comes at him out of blessing if you want that reference I give it to you so you can get it with the rest of the list. 149 my book but I think Page recorded actors want to want to put that down my paid my book and page calling the index Christ has given us no promise of help and bearing today the burden of tomorrow. He has said My grace is sufficient for the but like the man a given in the wilderness his graces be still daily for the days need like the homes of Israel in their Pilgrim lives we may find morning by morning the bread of heaven for the days supply. And let me find it. One day alone is hours and during this day we are to live for God for this one day we are in a place in the solemn service all our purposes and plans casting all our Carol for him for he care for us if you will seek the Lord and be converted every day to be what. When I thought I was converted 50 years ago. Well. Not quite but I did have but that isn't enough. You and I should must be converted every day. And we must get a man every day and you know when the children vision had to get a man. In the morning there is a very great mass and they had to get it before sunrise because it melted when the sun came up. And there's nothing very in something else very interesting they all went out together manna and oh and it was they probably got it by families I haven't been able to quite figure this out but that's what it would infer and then they are brought together you know what they did they divided up and then they shared it equally. But if you didn't go out and get it you didn't get it. Had to have some to share. And this is what we should do we should all have our man and then in the morning we should share with each other and we'll all get an equal blessing and this is wonderful now one more verse and this is the one that's really special to me and this is this is a song this time $110.00. And I had a I had this I had a real specially strange regarding this I was holding some meetings. And I was having a hard time because I didn't want to go there and I didn't think I was getting very I was really getting through very much and and I was praying I said Lord help me to get something and the Lord with me up about 3 o'clock that morning and he brought this verse to me and I had read it all I had read this word over and over again it never made any sense and suddenly the thing did you ever read a verse and then suddenly it comes alive and here you see something that you just wonder why not see that before when I was in those this VERSE Psalm 110 verse 3 die people shall be willing when the day of the high power. Shall Be what you think that's pretty close. Die people shall be willing in the day of I power in the beauties of holiness from the womb of the morning. From the hut now we're dealing with medical people here and you've all had. No You know what we're talking about womb is the organ in which conception takes place this is where the child begins its where it reaches it carries its development is carried on until the time until birth. Now the Lord likens our spiritual birth to a physical birth he says that we will have. We will be willing in the day of these power. In the beauty of holiness from the womb of the morning and you see. As you're quite a few of you here I've been around when children are born as far as I know there are 3 ways that children are born or 3 ways that a child comes out of the womb one way they came out come out stillborn you know what that is. They're dead when they're born they come out premature you've all seen premies have you what you have to do with them. You put them in an incomplete or you know and keep Mormon take a lot of good care of them till they get the place where they can take care of themselves and then the other way they come out is mature normal babies and then they can take care of themselves you know so folks you and I are going to come out of the room with a morning in one of these ways we're going to come out stillborn. Or premature. Or full term. And if we're premature somebody's going after nurses all day. Has ever come out premature in the morning. Or did you ever come out stillborn you didn't have anything at all. Folks this time you and I realized that we should come out in the morning House. Full term and if you ask Adil way can you in time to do it and this is when we're going to get acquainted with him particularly this is when this is when Jesus comes to commune with us and God comes to him in this they come together they work together. And I have one more statement and this is the this is in closing and this is one that is real special to. This is Volume 3 page 363. And 364. By the M 33 T 363364 when you are rise in the morning do you feel your helplessness. And your need of strength from God and do you humbly hardly make known your Wants to your heavenly father when in the morning if so angels Mark your prayers and if these prayers have not gone forth out of Fame lips that your honest with God you're not playing games with him when you are in danger of unconsciously doing wrong and exerting an influence that will lead others to do wrong your guardian angel will be by your side. Prompting you to a better course using your words for you and influencing your actions. Now this is during the day you see if we have done what. If we've asked God at the beginning of the day to be with us during that day and to keep us and guard us and keep us our guardian angel will be by our side doing what. Choosing our words for us them prompting us to a better course of action now know this if you feel in no danger and if you offer no prayer for help and strength to resist temptation as you will be sure to go straight then if you had that experience do. And your neglect of duty will be marked in the Book of God in heaven and you will be found wanting in the trying day all right. Our next clash Wednesday we're going to talk about. The most important. Next thing about education I'll give you a preview on it now we didn't get into this very much this was a source of education or those are what is our knowledge come from an education. From God through His word through his communications to us our next study is going to be the result of a education do you know what the result of education is to know the voice of God to know the voice of God it's gone beyond divine guidance. And so if you have a you'll be looking up something and maybe you'll have something to share with us that time all right our time is gone who would like to pray to college. All right. Let's design their minds the such a nature that they may be affixed with your mind my mentioning the word and that of you and. We pray that you will come to this evening in our. Class that we will remember to ask you to. Guide us in the stitches. That we may begin or those of the beginning that we may continue to learn to know your voice and then we know that because you have given us the desire to ask. That you desire in person or you will help to know your voice. Know your instruction for. The Lord as you go the instruction. We pray we will support it we will learn how to share it with. You know the way that we begin there grow to retain till we can help others waiting in ready to know your voice to come to take it easy. 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