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True Education- Part 3

Ralph Martin



  • March 1, 1975
    7:00 AM
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I text this morning this afternoon is the 46 chapter of Isaiah. Isaiah 46 verses 9 and 10 remember the former things of old for I am God and there is none else I am God and there is none like me declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times of things that are not yet done saying my counsel shall stand and I will do all my pleasure. Do you think it would really affect our lives and our relation to God and to Christ. If we really knew and really believed that God had made a record of our lives before we ever came into existence. You think such a thing could actually be possible. Well turn with me if you have your Bibles I hope you all have your Bibles. And turn with me to the Book of Daniel and I'd like to read something to you that's very interesting Daniel the tense chapter. Now you know 10 and it's the 21st verse. Daniel 1021 but I will show the that which is noted in the scripture of true now when Daniel came when this when Gabriel came. You will. You'll find this in the. Same chapter the 11th verse and he said to be this is the angel Gabriel you go back and you'll find that. That this is his talking to then you will and he said and in the old Daniel a man greatly beloved understand the words that I speak under the and stand upright for under the am I now say and and when he had spoken he this word and to be I stood trembling and then he went on and he said that he had come to give him knowledge that 14 1st now I am come to make the understand what shall be fed by people in the latter days for yet the vision is for many days now this is the interpretation of the vision that was given in Daniel 8 Daniel didn't receive any more visions after that now the 21st verse says and I will show the that which is noted in the scriptures of true in the scripture of truth and there is none that hold us with me in these things but Michael your prince. Here they Joe Gabriel was come to tale Danial about some things are going to happen and to interpret his dream and he says I'm going to show you something this in the Scripture is true. Now is that the Bible. Well how is it that nobody knows what's in that book but Michael and Gabriel. All right. Broke a record it's a book in heaven that he was brought he brought some things out of and I want you to know that there's a lot that there's there are just things in that book that would be unbelievable if you turn turn with me now to another verse and this is 139. Solved. Some 130. 9. 139 stop and start reading with the 14th verse I will pray is the 4 I am fearfully and wonderfully made marvelous our guy works and that my soul know was right well by a substance was not hid from the one I was made in secret and curiously wrought in the last part of the earth by and eyes did see my substance yet being an part of the and in Bible all my members were written which in continuous were fashioned when as yet there was none of them. And what does that say. It was says all about my members was written in that book before they were one. For I never came into being. Psalm 139 verses 14 to 16. Well you know there are a lot of things do you remember that I want turn to read the 5th be good something for you look up Moses was praying one time and and he said that his tears were all in the book. All right now region other. Rage another statement of this is from the Bible commentary. And we're just trying to get our mind stimulated a little better I want you to think about this because this this brings things into real into real focus and all. Bible Commentary let me get my reference here. Well it's. It's on The Book of Job I'll give you the reference. If volume 33 B.C. 1141 I read this once before. Nothing can happen any part of the universe without the knowledge of Him who is on the press and. Not a single event of human life is unknown to our maker while Satan is constantly devising evil the Lord our God overrules also that will not harm his obedient trusting children the same power that controls of boisterous ways of the oceans can hold in check all the power of rebellion and of crime God says to the one as to the other thus far shall thout go and no farther now which is known as this this is this is what I did 31141 What lesson of humility in faith may we not learn as we trace the dealings of God with these creatures the Lord can do so little for the children of man because they are so full of pride and vainglory they exalt self magnifying their own strength that learning and wisdom it is necessary for God to disappoint their hopes and frustrate their plans that they may learn to trust in Him alone. When we make our own plans what is God have to do to. Us to frustrate them in order for us to know what. That he has planned for. All our powers are from God and we can do nothing independent of the strength which he has given us where is the man or woman that got our child that God does not sustain where is the desolate place which God does not feel worries the want that anybody that any but God can supply now then I know the question that every one of us will have in our minds you mean to tell me that God has really outlined the history of this world before it was ever made that would take a lot of time when that. With it. Well as God had time to do. As God had time to outline everything in this world. You remember when we were studying the nature of man and God's purpose and creating him that we found that. Who was the 1st created being. Lucifer that we found something was created before lives for what that thank you or a sanctuary and the sanctuary is God's place that he ordained from eternity the sailors would be taken care of the sanctuary has a special relation to human beings. Because that's where the site where that's where the Atonement is to takes place for us now Christ the tone was made on earth he took care of that but his atonement for us and his giving to us the power that we need is in the sanctuary. Now I read this statement I don't know whether it got through to all of us or not but I want to read it again this is the last comment on the book of Hebrews and if you want to think that God has had time to do all this. There's this commentary. 7 B.C. 934 Let those who are oppressed under a sense of sin remember that there is hope for them. The salvation of the human race has ever been the object of the councils of heaven. And why. There's ever been the obvious the Council of them. Then Has there been a lot of time spent. And who literally who is in the councils. Who are in the councils of God. The Father the Son and the Holy Ghost. And the counsels of God to have all what has been regarding life. And salvation of the human race. Let's remember that the human race has always been God's problem the only problem we've ever had. Course he had Lucifer he couldn't do I think a little lose a bird Lucifer were rebelled and he couldn't help Lucifer. Goes Lucifer rebelled under conditions in which there was no hope of these ever returning in the. Light of God's presence but there was room there was hope for the human race they send without all the knowledge of her head and God's plan and his his councils from all the Turner They have been regarding the salvation the human race do you think that they have. Had time then to plan a lot. To see the very fact that we're here. Is proof of the fact that God has a plan that we should be here some people think that the people are just accidents no they're not and. Nobody is born an accident of that did that. Because every child that's born is the result of God's providence and God's power. There is no life without him. And that fact that we're here today and that every human being is here today is the fact that God gave them life and he has a purpose for. Now and then he read a few statements in the spirit browser regarding God's plan of life I have I have many of them but I'll just read a few 1st one is page 126. I mean to 26 I'm sorry to 26 Education education to 26. God's plan of life has a place for every human being and what. Each is to improve his talents to the utmost. And faithfulness in doing this be the gift few or many entitles one the one to honor. In God's plan there is no place for selfish rivalry. None of you could ever take my place. And I can't take it. Now there is only one way and it will never take my place. You know how that what that is. If I fail to do my work God is going to have somebody else. And if you read every Have you ever read in the Bible where it says Take heed that no land they cry a crown. Full of somebody takes my crown one of the done. And I've done my work because the crown of the world. And their very one of us have a crown and we're going to get that crown of the we frustrate God's plan for us. But God and let the work go on done. And in his providence if I fail yes of this that they're dealing. With I'm glad that he is not going to take my place unless. Unless I think of that. Page 178th of this book education there's another statement. Middle paragraph the history of nations that one after another have occupied their allotted time and place on consciously witnessing to the truth of which they themselves know knew not speaks to us to every nation and to every individual of today God has a son and a place in his great plan. To every What. Every nation and every individual god has signed up. Up place and his great plan. Today a man a nation's or been measured by the plummet in the hand of him who makes no mistake all are by their own choice deciding their destiny and God is rule overruling all for the accomplishment of his purpose. And I are inclined to be too concerned and worry too much about God's plan is it going to be done is God we're going to be finished Yes there's we're going to be finished it's going to be finished on time and it's going to be finished in his own way and the only thing that I really need to be concerned about am I going to find my place and his plan so I can do my work. You see it's real simple when everybody in the world does his work what's going to happen. It's going to all be done it's going home be over it's just that simple. Now. There are there as I said there are many statements on divine guidance and I'll give you. Give you just I mean on the plan for our lives and I give you just a few of them I have I have a good many here let's. Let's turn the ministry of healing I'm sure you all of Quaid with this statement. Ministry of healing page 479. Well let's go let's go back to the. Well this read this from this is that this is all that was no one I was thinking about. For 79 desire of the ministry of healing this is also the desire of a just to wait if you want them both of them say exactly the same thing Christ in his life on earth made no plans for him. He accepted God's plans for him and they abide they are the father unfolded his plan. When it crashed it is introduction. Every day so should we depend upon God that our lives may be the simple outworking of his will as we commit our ways to him he world direct our steps. Too many and planning for a brilliant future make an utter failure let God plan for you. Wouldn't it be so simple if I just knew that I didn't have to plan my life and direct everything in my life when the real thing. When. We don't have to plan things right. Now until we come to a place where we can let God's plan for we go through chaos. And this not do you see it's not easy to lead God playing your life you know what it does to you. It makes you think you don't know about things. And after all we don't amount then if there's got planned or. If you ever felt that you just were not accomplishing very much and if you just had a little better job you'd just do a little better way dear felt well I'm just at the bottom of the political if I could just get up a little higher I'd be doing so much. You see there's an answer to all these things on page 476 of ministry of healing let those who feel that their work is not appreciated and who crave a position of greater responsibility consider that promotion cometh not neither from the east nor from the West nor from the south but God is judged he put up what he put down one and set it up another every man has his play and in the turn all plan of it every man has his place in the eternal plan of heaven whether we feel that place depends upon our own faithfulness and co-operating with. Him 7 as a very interesting statement about people having their place. But in 7. I give you the faith right now. He's 25. With intense interest God is looking on this world. He has noted become pasty of human beings for service. Looking down the ages he has counted his workers. Count of these on. Both men and women and has prepared the way before them saying I will send my messengers to them and they still see green light shining amid the dollar. One to the service of God they would use their talents to the glory of his name. Looking down the ages whether it's God that. He has he has. Prepared his workers. Well listen let's turn to the book of Jeremiah this is a very interesting 1st because this is typical remember God is no respecter of persons turn to the 1st chapter of Jeremiah and let's see what God said about Jeremiah this was very. Jeremiah one verse 5 words for verse 5. Then the word of the Lord came out to me as saying before I formed the in the new the. And before they all came forth out of the womb I sanctified the end I ordained the prophet on the night. You know we talk a lot about genes and chromosomes and heredity and all this I want you to know for 20 God wants the job done he knows how to put them together. And he has put every one of you together just in the right way for a real rational one. Now the question is. What's the next question. You know what. Right what is the real question then if God has a place for so if he had if he had we have our plan and if we've been planning for me turn to for us to do work how is it that. We're going to find that that. Is not the real question. Now I read this statement from. About the science of through education I want to read just a little statement there and. This is this is the one that says Now as never before we need to understand the true science of education this is taken from the Christian educator and let's not try to have this reproduced because all of you need a copy of this. This whole statement. The paragraph the 3rd paragraph from the last 2nd paragraph and then says I must tell you from the light given me of God I know that much time and money are spent by the students in acquiring the knowledge that is chaff to them. For it does not enable them to help their fellow man to form characters that will fit them to unite with a with saints and angels of the higher school in the place of crowding youthful minds with a mass of things that are distasteful and that in many cases will never be of any use to them a practical education should be given. Time and money are spent in gaining useless knowledge. The mind should be carefully and wisely taught to develop on Bible truths the main object of education should be to gain a knowledge of how we can draw fire god who is we are by creation by redemption the result of education should be to unable to understand the voice of God. What's the result of education. You know the thing that really started me studying on his. Several years ago I was studying. And I ran across this statement and the book fundamentals are Christian education and it really shocked me out that I did just set me back and I thought well what where have I been and what's. Well I've been doing. Stage 347 fundamentals of Christian education. Many who are seeking efficiency for the exalted world's exalted work of God by preventing perfecting their education the schools of man will find that they have failed of learning that and learning the more important lessons that the Lord would teach them by neglecting to submit themselves to the impressions of the Holy Spirit. By not living in obedience to all God's requirements their spiritual efficiency has been weakened. They have lost what ability they had to do successful work for the lowered. By absenting themselves from the school of Christ they have forgotten the sound of the voice of the teacher teachers capitalized and he cannot direct their course. Here's somebody that's gone that's gone through school and the one thing they should have learned was was. To know the voice of God. I was talking to a young man one time and. He just he just got in his master's degree from the university and we were talking and I said Well by the way I said What did you major and he said guidance all I said you did I said that really interest me I've been interested in guidance for a long time I said I'm sure you know exactly what the Lord wants you to do so that has nothing to do with it I said what. I said You majored in guidance and God has nothing to do with it no no. He said we. Take tests with people and get find out just exactly what they're fitted to do and then we put them in the place where they are the best fitted and I said God has nothing to do with these are going oh my god. So much and. You know it's a funny thing God is never very many times ever ever let me do the things I really want to do. Now I've come to the place over and over in my life where I like to do what God wanted me to do but I didn't start out that way. In fact I'm I'm doing just what I want to do now. I enjoy teaching. But it didn't start that way when I finished school there were 3 things that I was not going to do. Now. I was a movie called Order. Number 2 I was a movie teacher. And number 3 there was a place I was going and that was a place called Fountain Head in Tennessee my sister gone there and I'd been there and I just did not like I didn't like it of all places and that and those were the 3 things that I had made up my mind I wasn't going to do you want to guess what happened when I wanted to call for to work 1st. And I want to teach the fountain head after that. And I've just got news for you don't any of you say you don't want you're not going doing things. I called I know you're going to do it because anything you say you don't are not going to do it's really dangerous. And I have since said a lot of things that I wouldn't do and you know what. I've done everyone that. Once said I was never going to Michigan you know I went to Michigan and the Lord kept me there like that. And leave leave me one thing another I said I've said I will never go to Wildwood. But you see I'm here. And as far as I know there's nothing I know of. Who and there's no use. For that what is this all have about guidance. All right this is that people have gone to school and when they got through school they were less capable of working for God than they were when they started because they had forgotten. The sound of the voice of the teacher. And he could not direct their steps. Now let's get a verse or 2 from the Bible. Let's go to the 32nd Sol. Now I'm sure you know a lot of verses on divine guidance in the Bible and I'll read a few of them I hope people will begin to study some of these things and do so do some real research because you're going to come up with some interesting things all right page. 32 verses 89 says I will instruct the and teach the in the way. Which goal I will guide be with mine I. Talking. God is talking the Lord is talking I will guide of the word what. Would you know what the eyes of the Lord are. But. Now you have talked a little louder I can hear you. Well yes the Holy Spirit had to do with the eyes of God but. For what it was represent. What our eyes. There were to see where are. There what you see with an eye and as God see different from what we do. Why does he see. Why fewer He sees them are a thing and he has put he's read everything that's necessary sorry for us to know what he has done to us. And the eyes of God are represented by the prophecies he was given this by the bonobo live future that is given out given to us he says I will guide you with love. Mine eyes he's given us instructions so we know which way to go he's told us all about it. But you know if we don't know if we don't let him guide us with his eyes or if we don't follow the instruction he's given us his other ways the next verse says Be not as a horse or as the mule which have no understanding. The next verse says Be not as a horse or as the mule which have no understanding. And if you ever ride horses anybody around a horse do you know what to think splitters you put on a wild horse. One with a long shank on it you can just about twist their jaw you know. Followers and I don't want to have to put a sink bit on you. I want to guide you with one. Of my I don't be like the horse or the new which have no understanding you let me guide you the simple way of course I've had the cinch bet on me have you ever had it on you. Not easy it's painful. When I'm glad he's willing to do that aren't you. But the time is coming and I hope it's closer than any of us think when we don't have to have bits on us anymore. When we're when we're guided by God in the way that he wants he wants to guy. Now. There's a there are many texts there is where there's another when in Jeremiah 11 chapter. That really tells us that we're not able. To direct ourselves. Jeremiah 10 vs 23 and 24 or the lead I know that the way of man is not in in self it is not in man that rocket to direct the steps. In the next verse and see how these things come into their LURD correct me but with judgement not in China hanger lest I bring me to nothing. We want to learned to follow the Lord willingly. Because if we don't we get into all kinds of problems in fact if we would let the Lord guide us and we would follow him without any question most of our problem was this affair did you know that. It's because God has to use hard methods on us and we have so many difficult. You'd like to guide us in easier way. All right. Now and. The book does Are they just. I want to read 2 statements for their best statements I know. On divine guidance I have quite a few of them and we'll try to get into some of them. Right before I read that I should read you the statement the ways God guides us because we're talking about divine guidance and this would probably fit coming their page 512 of Volume 5 of the testimonies. 5 identified with testimonies page 512. There are 3 ways in which the Lord reveals his will to us to guide us and to fit us to guide others there how may. Relates. How may we know his various from that of a stranger how shall we distinguish yet from the voice of a false shepherd God reveals His will to us in His Word the Holy Scriptures. How is one of the ways God leads us guides us through the Holy Scriptures his Rice is also revealed in his providential workings. And it will be revealed. And it will be recognized if we do not separate our souls from him by walking on our own graves doing according to our own wills and following the promptings of an unsigned to find heart until the senses have become so confused that eternal things are not disarmed in the voice of Satan is so disguised that is it is accepted as a voice of God This says that we will be we'll be guided by God If we listen to him but there's a danger that our minds will become confused and what might we do. We may confuse God's voice with Satan's voice and the 1st paragraph in the book counsels to teachers. Page 11 the 1st paragraph gospels the teacher's higher education is an experimental knowledge of the plan of salvation and this knowledge is secured by earnest and diligent study the scriptures such an education will renew the mind and transform the character restoring the image of God in the soul. It will fortified the mind against the deceptive whisperings of the adversary what will. And what are we talking about. Higher education as an experimental knowledge of the plan of salvation what are we talking about. Well what is higher education. And it is an experimental not as a class outpatient It's knowing Jesus Christ is conversion is having a relationship to God this is true higher education our mind is in communion with the mind of God. Such an education will renew the mind and transform the character restoring the image of God in the soul that will certify the mind against the deceptive whisperings of the adversary and in a blast or understand the voice of God then through an education higher education is going to make us know how know what. To distinguish between the voice of Satan and what. Would you think. Of page 11 of Council speech or the 1st page all right now back to the statement another way in which God's voice is heard is through the appeals obvious Holy Spirit making impressions upon the hard which will be brought out in the character. If you have are in doubt upon any subject you must 1st consult the Scriptures. If you have truly begun the life of faith you have given yourself to the Lord to be holy he is and he has taken you to mold and fashion according to this purpose that you may be a vessel and honored our wants to get these 3 ways that God leads us was the 1st way. Or the by the Scriptures one of the 2nd way. By the Providence was the providential workings of God and was the 3rd way. By the impressions of the Holy Spirit upon our minds. But there's a wager in impressions because of what. Who else can give us impressions. But we're to distinguish between the 2 and that's what education is for. And if we just learn one thing in this class. It will have been worthwhile if we understand how to understand how to recognise a voice of God. Now I've been around a long time. And I've been an institution administration a long time and I've visited a lot of people I've travelled a lot and every time I get come to someone and talk to them you know what the 1st thing somebody asked me. Well Brother Martin what do you think gonna do. And when when I tell. You it's all I can do to find out what God wants me to do just. I have nothing left for anyone else. God never gave me the job of telling other people what to do. He did help me to help them understand how they can find God's knowledge knowledge. And that's what I'm really interested in and let's get this there 3 ways godly this what are they the Scriptures they're saying things I don't need to inquire about God about the guy. I remember my father telling a story one time he was holding meetings very fluent run. From high society came up attended the meetings and she was very interested till it came to the Sabbath. And then when she heard the Sabbath she didn't like that she was gone for a few meetings and then she came back and after a meeting she came up to my father and she said Ellen Martin I said what I would like to have you do. I would like to have you pray with me that God will give me a sign if I said keep the Sabbath. Well I'll never forget his answer it was a pretty It may sound pretty crude but I never forgot this it really impressed itself all on line and he said Sister do you want me to get down on my knees and say Lord did you mean what you said are we just joking. When God has said to do something do we have to question whether we should do it or not. And the Holy Spirit brings conviction to our mind in fact that you know that is very dangerous to pray about something. That we might want to do that the Lord has said not to do. Did you ever do you know of anybody that prayed and rather than do something the Lord told him not to do remember anybody in the Bible did that they know and you know were they on ended up. He ended up dying with the with those who had received witchcraft he became turn from a from a prophet of God to one that was possessed with the devil and he did it because he wanted to do what God told him not to do. You might be interested in this statement this page 109 of councils on help. In the face of the most positive commands of God Men and Women world follow their inclinations and then dare to pray over the matter to prevail upon God to allow them to go contrary to his expressed will. Satan comes to the side of such persons as he did the even Eden and impresses them. They have an exercise of mind in this they relate as a wonderful experience which the Lord has given them. This is pretty deadly coal is real deadly. If I know something that if God has told me to do something. The Bible it says is not we are neighbors it's us and man. If God says to do something then what does he mean. It means that we should do it and don't ever ask God to see really wants you to do what he's told you to do already. This is a real deadly thing we all understand on DOMA you don't have to ask divine guidance over something if you have 2 decisions to make one is something God told you to do and something God is NOT TOLD YOU DO You don't have any decisions to make. As to whether you should do one of the other you just have to decide what you're going to advance or not. But there are times that come when there are decisions to make when I have to do things that I can choose and both are good. And that's when I need special instruction. All right now back to the statement that I started to read. From the book desire of ages and this is page 363. 363 desire of ages. And all who are under the training of God is to be revealed a life that is not in harmony with the world its customs are its practices and everyone needs to have a personal experience in obtaining a knowledge of the will of God who does. Everyone. We must individually hear him speaking to the heart. God puts thoughts into our minds our heart of course is our it is a little deeper relationship in our mind runs our mentality and the other has to do with our with our real with our soul. Really must individually hear him speaking to the heart when every other voices hushed. One heart. And in quietness we wait before him. The silence of the soul makes more distinct the voice of God. We've got to decide 1st of all if we were right to do God's will that He reveals it to us and that we're willing to do as well and we must steal every other voice. That means we're not going to listen to our friend we're not going to listen to someone else we're not going to listen to a brother or sister or relative when it comes to our relation to God then we must make that decision. But let me go a little step farther if we're not already doing everything we know that God wants us to do don't ask us his will in divine guide don't ask in his will a divine guide. Are you following what I'm saying. There's a statement on page 700 or 476 of great controversy. But I just want to add before I finish this. There are 72 I'm sorry. For 72 great controversy and this is another statement as these states amid much in my own personal experience. Let not under see them sours with the belief that they can become holy while willfully violating one of God's requirements. Look folks we are not going to be getting closer to God we're not going to be developing character we're not going to be covered with the rashness of Christ if we're real fully doing what. Violating one of God's requirements that means we have to be in total harmony with Dawn. To be doing all we know that he's told us to do and of course he takes his grace to do that because a mission are the norm say in. Silences the witnessing voice of the spirit and separates the soul from God. It isn't how many sins we've committed it's important it's the 1st thing that we commit. That's the one the separation. And God will not hear anything but a prayer concerning that sin and I can pray about a lot of things but that one thing is a thing I'm going to have straight now because that's what I'm under conviction on Holy Spirit only convictions for one thing and the time. And that's what we must take care. And remember that every other verse is what hushed in a fine praying for God to guide me and I remember that I said something about somebody and he says to me now you go and straighten that out you've got to go straighten out before us going to more divine guidance. You follow step by step what the Holy Spirit teaches you understand what I'm talking about it's a step by step process whenever another voice is highest and in quietness we wait for him the silence of the soul makes more distinct the voice of God. There is right in the soul silence in the hall I have satisfied the conviction to the Holy Spirit you see the Holy Spirit what comes in 3 ways the 1st way the Holy Spirit comes so he when he is carnal who roll. Or live do you are a convict of say and are righteousness in a graduate if you want to know right just know if you have to 1st that are one. Within the 1st wave the large speaks to us is telling us we're sinners and then move and of course with that comes power with that kind of repentance and we confess that since and then he wrote Tell us one. What righteousness if you will show us what rushes is I've told my own personal experience and maybe sometime during this class I'll have have an opportunity to tell you I will have time to date some of my own experiences and God's guidance and I was telling 11 time telling about the experience where the Lord really spoken to my heart and he'd made it plain to me I was to do something and I have woman came to me after and she said Brother Martin do you mean that the Lord speaks to you I said yes he speaks to me as they speak to you he said No I sure didn't wrote ever talk to you he said no. I said the Lord ever tell you you were doing something that you shouldn't do. Is or ever told anyone you were doing 7 you should do. Who was that. I was only spirit. And when you said Alas there may be something else I'm going through a period in my life when I had a lot of things to straighten out. And after I had straightened out all these convictions then the Lord began to come in what to do. And vocally it's the same voice that brings conviction. That guides us. And the guidance comes when every other voices what. Is heist 668 of desire of a decision almost the same thing desired a to 668 just in a little different words but exactly the same thought. As Christ loved the law and humanity so we may do if we will take hold of the strong for strength. But we are not to place the responsibility of our duty upon others and right for them to tell us what to do we cannot depend for cows live on humanity now you know we need we need to have counsel we need to counsel with people that folks the final decision is ours we're all understand that the final decision is ours. Because we're going to answer for ourselves before God. We are not to place the responsibility of our duty upon others and wait for them to tell us what to do we cannot depend for counsel upon humanity the rugger teach us our duty just as willingly as he will teach somebody else. If we come to Him in faith he will. Speak his mysteries to us personally aren't you glad that. Our hearts well off and we burn within us as one draws nigh to commune with us as he did with Enoch but also decide to do nothing in any line that will this please God. Rule no rule after presenting their case before him just what course to pursue. Aren't you glad that that's a promise of God said that if we decide to do nothing in any line that will this please God we will watch. And folks don't do it then do you know all. Those who decide to do nothing in any line or will this please God Well what. Well now or after presenting their case before him just what course to pursue I want you to know that God is trying to communicate with us. And the result of educationist don't know what. The voice of God Now the. People here have gotten onto me a little bit about this divine guidance and and they said Well. In fact I've had people sell me as Tell Me Well that's the purpose of the prophets you know to guide us and I said well I didn't know about that I know prophets have special guidance there's no question and then I found the statement This isn't a real encouragement to me this is page 387 testimonies to ministers. We have a divine audience to which to present our request then let nothing prevent us from offering our participants in the name of Jesus believing with an unwavering faith that God hears us. And that he will answer us let us carry our difficulties to God humbling ourselves before him there is a great work to be done and while it is our privilege to counsel together we must be very sure in every matter to counsel we've God with whom. For he will never mislead us we are not to make fresh on the ones that mean to make flesh arm or not to listen to people we now we can counsel and people but then I send their decisions for you. If you are in the place where you really want it all God's will. Your Way Well if you're willing to just let him do it having his way with you. If we do depending chiefly upon human help human guidance I don't believe will steal either and our faith will die that this is a profit profit talking listen frequently I receive letters from individuals telling me of their troubles and perplexities and asking me to inquire of God as to what is their duty did you ever say I wish the prophet was here and I could go and ask probably what to do with never say that while I have a lot of time I was I go to Prophet that the prophet tell me what to do when all the prophets talking lesson. To there are for whom the Lord has given me no ride I have often replied I have not been appointed by God to do such a work as us to do. The Lord has invited you to bring your troubles to the one who understands every circumstance of your life for 87 I shall not dishonor my lord by encouraging people to come to me. For counsel when they have a standing invitation to go to the one who was able to carry them and all their burdens. Now the Prophet got messages for food. For the church. That's what the person and for individuals provided they she got a special testimony. But if the prophet were here today and you were to go to her and the Lord had shown you something special she would say I'm sorry I have no land I have nothing for you you go to the larger cell. And for divine guidance I had just as much contact with God as the prophet had for personal guidance. Education Page 127. God communicates to us. Through the Holy Spirit and through angels. And this is one of my very favorite statements. This is page 127 of the book education. And this is talking about how we can commune with God how we can listen to the people of all ages and this says this is around 27 education he may broaden this world in the atmosphere of heaven imparting there are souring and tempted runs faster hope and rowing's for holiness himself coming closer and still closer in the fellowship with the unseen Reich him of all who rock with God drawing nearer and nearer the threshold of the eternal are all unto a repair or shall open and he shall enter there he will find himself no stranger to vices that were agreed to him are the voices of the holy ones who are on scene or on earth his companions voices that hear you learn to distinguish and to love. We're going to recognize our guardian angels in heaven by their voices and before we get through we're going to have to I'm going to know that. One after the shaking the angels that are with those who are shaken out join those who are not shaken out and they're going to have to Guardian Angels one on each side. And when we get to heaven we're going to recognize them by their voices. Which Next time will be any good going with them out. 127 education. Raúl You'll find it in early writings the chapter the shaking that they left and I brought in 5 there's another statement Joshua in the angel if you read that chapter I'm not going to read all these to you have to be some of yourself. Find I find the chapter a drash remains Dylan the same as the Angels are going back and forth and putting the sea level God all those that are see really flows now they have an angel on each side of them. You see now I have a bad angel on one side a good angel on the other and they're whispering in my ears do you have that kind of problem when i'm glad then I have a good angel on the side aren't you rather than. Brother is another statement this is by this is page. This is via the I'm a. Right I'm not. A 16. It is impossible to give any idea of the experience of the people of God who should be alive upon earth when celestial glory a repetition the persecution to the pastor blended they were rockin the right proceeding from the throne of God was going to join in the last very small one of 2 things. The persecutions of the past are repeated blinded with love celestial idolizing about that you will find out though. They were wrong and the right proceeding from the throne of God by the means of the angels there were because most of communication between heaven and earth by what Margi glad of that we need to angels the guidance. That just one more thought. God has a plan for our lives. He's planned it from eternity our problem is to find that plan. All right now let me give you this one little thing. Right now you're all in God's plan with a group of men on that didn't know you were going to be here today nor You're going to like you're going to do now you may not have known some of you may here be here directly as a result of grand guides in front of you may have come from some other circumstance I don't know which were not. And this is my story and when I came to place the real I when I realized that Godhead. A plan for my life. And he'd push me around in all kinds of rage and I used to say if I really knew what God wanted to do nothing in the world could stop me I'd go through Iran or anything else why do what I do if I was doing what God wanted me to could do why sure nothing to stop it all right right now you're in God's plan. Just promise him you'll never make another move that he tells you a day. Then we can get out of it you see if the law or didn't want Jonah to go through the way or that he had a very ill airframe. Now you may be on a whale journey I hope you understand with your word God knows you're going to be in you're supposed to be here will stay with him until he tells you do something else where you say. Don't make another move until you know we want you to do it. Because we know right now or where God wants us he knew we were going to be it if you live down and so if he saw us here then we are right don't make any more moves until you know he is guiding. And he will make plain to you. And let's get acquainted with what our guardian angels what he's saying. Because if we don't get acquainted with him we'll never get there. We need that guide because if we do get there we're going to have we're going to recognize our voices. I've heard I've heard the Lord speak to me many times. And I don't I tend to some experience to some time time's gone out but I want to get one acquainted because the closer we get to the Lord the mirror we get to know his plan the more we get to know His will and His way the murder stings that Royce is going to be. And I want to come the place where there's no question what God wants me to do and then let us. Know Not at all the data or no little turning aside and that by the means of Angels are gone because of communication in heaven earth and the days are ahead because we may not be as far from persecution as we think we are that you know that. When God gets us to a place where we are really following his will and we have a relation with him when Jesus is really living in our hearts and we have a testimony of power something is going to happen pretty fast. Because the final movements will be like rapidly OK. Media was brought by. 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