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True Education- Part 6

Ralph Martin



  • March 1, 1975
    10:00 AM
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In its highest science education then lives are. Are wrong on this. And the work of education. To restore in man the image of the creator to bring him back to the perfection which he is was created to promote the development abide in mind and soul of the divine purpose in his creation might be realized this is the object of education. This is the great object of life and if you found that. That you are that your thought process is that your picture you're getting in your mind are changing any When you think about education. You know it's amazing what happens to people when they decide they're going to do what God says and carry out his program have you found that the things you read have an entirely different. Pattern. If we are if we're studying something just doesn't want to study it we're not planning to do anything about it it doesn't really make any impression on it it's when we start to do something about it there's something really happened. I hope we're all studying. From a backdrop of realising that we're in for the greatest changes in the shortest period of time that world ever seen do we all understand that. Everything is going to change rapidly one of these days it's going to change suddenly it's going to change unexpectedly one day and said we'll have solid ground under our feet the next day we'll have nothing to stand on. And we should be studying this thing with the all these sayings with an understanding of a preparation for what is coming. Now this isn't a class and posing event but it could well be. Because God has told us all of these things and the things that we need to know now and need to do now may not seem seem so important now. But they. Are going to be important if God said to do it much more important than we realize. Well. Let's recognize that from man's creation. His whole body was built for action. His whole process of drive is based on. Motion action exercise it's necessary to carry on a healthy function. You see we have billions and billions of miles of little blood vessels. We have a heart to pump the blood out. Through the arteries. Into the arterial old into the capillaries and then it reverses and has to come back and there's nothing to pump it back but all of the large veins. Are located very close or under large muscles. In close proximity to them and every time you. Use a muscle its muscle shortens contracts in length and gets larger and it acts as a pump and our veins all have valves in them so that the blood can only run one direction and the only way that we can ever get the blood back to our heart the way it should be is if we have exercises to help get it back no way getting it back except through the action of a muscle This is why it's real hard for people to get well when their invasion no you don't get a strength again begin to get some exercise. And this is one thing that we learned from the study of of anatomy. There's the ology that are a human being and every being as far as that's concerned every every every animal is made for. Movement Nexen Now this is just from just from a state physical standpoint but man was also made for action because it's through action that he gained his enjoyment his happiness man was made to do something. And whenever the time has come when man had nothing to do something very drastic and very serious happened to him when you think of. The wicked this place in the wake of this thing you know of in history of the world most people think of one. When you think of just wickedness Well what do you think up. So I think a lot Sodom Gomorra That's right do you think it's odd and Gomorrah this was a wicked blight do you know what made Solomon more the more isolated. Yes you're right the 17th chapter was a 16th chapter was the kill for the night verse. Behold this was the an equity of the highest sister Sodom pride for a list of bread and abundance of idleness. Always Saddam's say in. Tied for with the bread and what. Abundance of idleness. That's the 60 chapter of the zeal of the for United 1st. And this is the this was the problem they had it listen this same condition will always bring about the same situation this is what we can expect. Pride fullness of bread and abundance of idleness God made us to be busy he made us to have activity he made us for motion well. We discussed the the lessons God lesson books and then we had today we said we were going to study practical education. Useful Work which is the 1st of all the. Lesson books it's the one that we're to learn 1st it's the one that we're spend the most time when it's the one that's most effective in our lives you know it seems strange that we should have to work. From a certain standpoint I was just thinking the other day you know everything that we do in this life everything we make everything we enter into in labor will eventually will happen. What will happen there was in this world it would be destroying Here's a chapel beautiful chapel you know want to have missed out a sunny day and this the rubble we're doing work we're doing maintenance work we're doing all kinds of things here I've built a lot of houses I've built a lot of cabinets I've done a lot of work but you know what's going to happen all that we're. Gone I'll be gone well why should I do it then but I want us to get this don't ever forget it. Everything that every human being has ever made is going to be destroyed. But what happened to you while you were doing it you'll have forever. The things that are going to last are not what you do. It's what happens to you while you're doing it it's going to last you get that. It's the way you did it there's going to always be in the nerves and virus of your being. And so the important thing. When we're doing this useful work is that we get out of it the lessons God has for. You know some people never have the enjoyment of being satisfied that they have done a good job. They've done something worthwhile when God was finished making this earth he looked at it and he was happy he was completely satisfied because he had done right. He done a perfect job he rejoiced that everything was perfect and then we did it one of the greatest satisfactions in life is to accomplish something you know we've done a good work when I wanted to I want to tell you this that you and I can do nothing without the help of God. By the way we were we had to take we had a stable we're going to look up the anybody find I know one person found they brought it to me and if you know where they were what what that statement was and hey remember what we were discussing was it. The. We made the statement that everything in our lives is the result of what. Of whatever active ever present. God Everything we do every move we make is a result of God's power in our lives and this statement is on the same page. Of a statement that I've quoted many times and you've heard many times above the distractions of Earth concerts and throw all that same page as the top of the page I want you notice what it says says the mechanism of the human the human body can the $417.00 ministry of healing the mechanism of the human body cannot be fully understood it represents the mysteries that baffle the most intelligent it is not the result of a mechanism which once set in motion continues this work that the pulse beats and breath follows breath. In God we live and move and have our being the beating heart the throbbing pulse every nerve and muscle in the living in the living organism is kept in order and activity by the power of an ever present God. People many people say well I just wonder if God has left me know he has left you know how I know he has left. You're still alive if God really left us what would happen to us we just go back to dust. These women he's acting through us he's working through and he is working through every activity of our lives. That all I hope you folks bring with you book education we're going to use it quite a bit and there's a chapter in here that I want to study a little bit with you today it's called manual training it starts on page $214.00. Education Page $214.00 at the Creation labor was appointed as a blessing. It meant development. Power and happiness. The 1st statement. This book education it says that our ideas of education take too low and too narrow range it has more to do with more than just this life but it has to do with all of the. Life possible to man and that it says is the harmonious development of the hot. Physical mental and spiritual powers its development and its harmonious development of the physical mental and spiritual powers the condition of the earth through the curse of the end has brought a tinge in the conditions of labor. Yet though now attended with anxiety where innocent pain it is still a force of happiness and development it is the safeguard against temptation is discipline places attack on self-indulgence and promotes industry purity and firmness. That's it becomes a part of God's great plan for our recovery from the fall. Labor is a part of God's plan for what. For the recovery from the fall do you know why most people work. Less than. Most people who work so they can make some money so they can live and do the things they want to do. You know this earth is a queer place. It's different from any place else in the universe did you know that this little planet of ours is the only place in the universe where people buy or sell. You know I remember several years ago I was traveling up in Ohio and I came to Canton Ohio I had spent several years there and I was looking for a place I was all twisted up the interstate had changed things around and I came around the corner and here was a great big church I think maybe I told you this I don't know but anyway this was the 1st church I've ever seen with a big marquee just like a theater had a great big marquee across the front and in vague letters that said God has nothing to say. Did you know that before this earth finishes its history that God's people are going to have their final examination as to whether they're going to have a part in the finishing of God's work you know what that examination is it's to see if we can live on this earth without buying and selling. If all we are working for is to make money. There will be a thing to do after that. Before that time we had better come to the place where our work is for something more than just. Good temperamental. God never intended that man should work for selfish reasons. You see there's only one reason why people in this world buy it or sell I say what does that do have to do with labor it has a lot to do with labor because both labor is forced labor. And the reason that people buy and sell here is because everybody's a selfish their freight something's going to keep them out of something. And so we demand something for everything we do. But to see it isn't like that in God's plan of life. You see if I am selfish and I'm working for myself you know how many I have working for me myself that's all but if I am unselfish in everything everybody else runs out how many people would be working for me well that. Would be working for me. From working for everybody. And before we come to the end of this life we're going to have to learn that the real joy of labor is to labor because we can do something for someone now because we're going to get something more says of Jesus' life from his earliest years he was possessed of a one purpose event. He lived to bless others and I want to all the think right now that as we talk about practical labor as we talk about useful work we're not doing it because we're going to get so efficient so we can make lots of money that's not the purpose of it we're going to come to the place where we are doing work because the more youthful we are the more we can accomplish in good. And you know I found so many interesting ways of helping people so many ways of doing something for people because you can do something for them that helps them and then they are interested in. Something else we have to give them maybe I told you the story I don't I don't know if I did or not but anyway if I don't I will I don't mind telling again because nobody ever remembers what to say very much anyway so if I say it twice Well that will make much difference. I was out doing visit visitation from door to door out when I lived in Michigan and I came to a house and I went in that began to talk to the woman that I came there to give her something to read or to talk to an Albert spiritually and and I was trying to get around to it and she stopped me right in the middle of it and she said Mr M How to understood what you have to say. She says my refrigerator isn't working the milk sour I don't have thing to feed the baby. And she wasn't interest in the. Problem and I said well what's the matter with your refrigerator she said well I thought it came out to see about fixing it. And they said I had to put a new unit in it and I've forgotten how was I maybe $100.00 or something like that and they were poor people and he said what am I going to do well I said maybe I could do something to. Help you with your food ready she said What can you have fixed refrigerator and I said well I don't know I might be able to do. So I proceeded to take a refrigerator out and. I don't remember exactly what it was I think you had a hole and they have aberrated or you know a lot of people want to help the old fashioned refrigerators they want to help defrost my stick and I speak at them you know. And their time to let the gas out of them. And so. I don't know I don't remember exactly what I did I just remember the experience but anyway I took a little while I fixed a refrigerator and got to working and and after that I went back to visit some of the other folks and you know we had some real good contact now I don't know that all of you are going to be refrigerated next words I think every man should be able to fix refrigerators 3 of simple but there are a lot of things that women can do the blokes people are not interested in. In hearing what we have to say in any spiritual way as long as they have problems that are bothering them and the most wonderful thing about practical work there are so many ways you can help people if you can do practical things. This is why God made practical labor the 1st prerequisite because of what it does to us and what it does to everyone else. Because it helps us to develop. And remember this that this is the greatest agency. This is the greatest agency there is. In Character development is practical useful word because it gives stability and character practical work has the same relationship to our character that our spine does to our body it gives the ability to do it and this is why it's the 1st in the list on useful work. First of the books children should start out learning to work because when they work they're not doing it because paid they're doing it for a whole purpose. To keep busy and to realize that they are in this world to do some service children should be taught the work before they ever start school and then it should be continued right in there into their educational program you see when I was growing up they used to tell me about all the subjects I was taking that I took them simply for mental development what I never could see when they how they were developing me that very much mentally and I and there were a lot of things I didn't know then that I know now and they told me how much this made me think well actually I don't know whether that was made me think or not I wasn't conscious of it did but there are some things that make you think and the thing that makes people think more than anything else is useful work it makes logical thinkers it makes There's a reason from cause to effect because you see that nobody has to read the answer book to me if I have a problem in anything I don't care what it is if I'm doing building baking bread if you're cooking something anything you're doing you don't have to have an answer but folks to find out whether it's right or not before you get through you're going nowhere that would run out. On the result that. If I'm building a house nobody has to tell me whether I'm doing a good job or not if I'm laying a floor. Nobody has to tell me whether I'm doing a good job putting the boards together if I'm putting a loop on nobody has to tell me whether I made a mistake or not because the 1st time it rains on we'll find out. If I'm repairing the car nobody has to tell me whether I've done a good job or not you know a lot see anything you do in a practical line you are going to know immediately whether you are whether you are reasoning right or not whether you are thinking right or not because the result is right there in front and this is the reason why the Lord has given us practical labor as to how useful part of our education is gives us well let's see what the what the book says here. In this chapter. On base 220 A benefit the benefit of manual training is needed also by a professional man by what a man may have a brilliant mind he may be quick to catch ideas his knowledge and skill may secure for him admission do his job and calling yet he may still be far from possessing a fitness from need to for his duties an education derived from books leads to superficial thinking a lot of practical work in the Courage is close observation and independent thought rightly performed it tends to develop that practical wisdom which we call common thing and how do we get common sense practical labor and what is common sense in. That. Than. Anybody else has a definition I have lived if a nation live treats you I mean it you won't have the same one I do I have what you have on. Well you don't you're only using the word. Here's what here's your going to have an emergency. Say. To me common sense is just the ability to do the right thing at the right time no matter what situation you're in you find you know what did you ever notice that some people seem to have answers that other people don't. Common sense. People with common sense can do things they've never done before because they are able to apply what they've done under other circumstances to the circumstances and it comes from what practical it is. Now. It develops the ability to plan and execute to do what. Strengthens courage and perseverance and calls for the exercise of tact and skill. I got a letter not long ago and it was I thought it was very interesting it said. Wisdom is knowing what needs to be done. Here all is knowing how to do it. And virtue is doing it. That was pretty good. Once you know what needs to be done still know how to burden run through the room there are a lot of people who know how to do things and they just don't. And there's very much Rob want to do and if we do it. All right. I hope all of you will read this chapter. On manual training in the book education. On page 2 made it to 18 it says manual training is deserving of far more attention that it has received school should be established that in addition to the highest mental and moral culture shall provide the best possible facilities for physical development and industrial training instruction should be given in agriculture manufactures covering as many as possible of the useful trades also when household economy health care cookery sewing Hi Jenny grass making the treatment of the sick and kindred lines gardens workshops and treatment room should be provided and the work in every line should be under the direction of skilled instructors. The work should have a definite aim and should be thorough and I don't know any place in the world that you have an opportunity to learn as many things. As quickly as you do in a place like this but I want you to know that if. That's the burden is on you to learn it and not on someone teach we can learn as many things as we want to and aren't even under any circumstances if we just want to better the LEO was to be the architect this man belonged to the tribe of Judah tribe that God delighted to honor I here's another comment in Asian times a lard instructed Moses to build him a sanctuary the people were to provide the material and skilful man must be found to handle a precious material among the multitude worried Gyptian who had acted as overseers for such work and thoroughly understood how it should be done. Who was in the group that came out of Egypt Egypt ssion overseers and knew how to do this but they were Egyptians and they belong to that mix Lovat Do they were always complaining. They really never joined Israel you know and they knew how to do it. But the work was not depended on them the larger knighted with human agencies giving them wisdom to work skilfully. And here were 2 man who knew how to make break they knew how to do they knew how to help make the pyramids they knew how to do these things that they learned to do what they were in bondage in Egypt but they never had anything to do with gold and silver and this special workmanship that had to comprise the work of the sanctuary but what does the Lord do. He imparted to them skills so they could do this instantaneously. And they not only were able to do the work but it was so ingrained in doing that their children inherited the skills. Now if you noticed was that. Let the workman in the service of God today pray to Him for wisdom and keen foresight that they may do their work perfectly. Did you ever have a job to do the Janata. Were you ever in a place where you just couldn't do it there was no there was no way you could find out anything to do it. Why I believe the Lord is willing to give us wisdom to do that. I don't think is now you understand if we're negligent and careless and we don't do the best we can but if we really set our hearts to do God's will and we want practical skills and folk practical skills we're going to be more necessary in the days ahead than they've ever been before. I read to the folks. To the group I think I read to you this testimony about what was going to happen soon we need to recognize that the conditions were in now are not going to last forever. We're going to be under very difficult circumstances and if there was if there if it. Were not important for us to know these things God wouldn't tell us. We're going to have to do things like than you did in Babel and Joseph did in Egypt God is going to call people to do things and these statements that I read last night share them with you because I think they're very very interesting statements very important one of them is in the testimony to Mountain View. Regarding the work in Mountain View and was instead of September 10th 1906 he says because we are now settled here that was Mountain View we seem to think that we shall never be moved but there will come a time when there will be a great scattering a scattering that we do not now dream of. And it will be brought about in unexpected ways. Some of you will be taken away to remote regions but God will have a work for you there. Do you think that under the conditions that are ahead that if we can do things to help people practical things that it will give us favor with the people that we won't have any other way. And let's remember that this is a part of our spiritual training as well as. What we call spiritual. There is nothing in education that isn't spiritual has that right. Should useful work be a spiritual function and I could tell you story after story here today about when the Lord help me to do things I don't know how to do. I remember particular one time I was working on a commercial washing machine I had torn it down and I was changing it over so that. It was a combination. Extractor and washer and it didn't work and so I was making a washer out of it and I did something I don't I don't usually do I took the wires all off the motor and I I didn't. I didn't and then to find them I didn't put markers on the more they came from and I learned a lesson there and I've never done that since when I think wires off I put a tag on them so I know where they go. And there were 8 wires going to this motor and it was a reversing multiple speed motor. Just an ordinary motor hard enough to wire but and so I thought well I'll remember where these are and I took them off and little while I had 8 wires and was I confused. And I didn't know where anything went I had no schematic for it. The machine was bit was made in Dallas Texas and I was in Michigan and I don't know and the machine was probably 20 years old I don't know if there was even a schematic for it and I worked on it for. I don't know how long half a day I guess and I never could get it hooked up to work because it was complicated reversing variable speed motor it was you have to hold it up just right and I just came to the end I should've done a long time before I said it so I said well we need this we're doing the Lord's work and so I just got down there I said Lord I don't know what to do. I don't have a schematic where there's I don't know how to fix it I don't know what to do I need help. And I got up and you know some said to me you take that wire you put it right there. You take this one you put there and this when you put there only took 3 wires Ressam I didn't need it. Because I had taken off part of the mechanism easy and I turned it on it worked for. I know that I and I over and over again The Lord is help me to do things I wake up in the morning and to and I had a problem did you know that practical problems are just as important sometimes as what we call spiritual problems they have to be taken care of they have to be done much is involved in it and while we're doing when we're doing these things and learning how to do them. It says if anybody like if anyone like wisdom let anyone. Ask of God. And I want you to know that I believe that all of us are going to have to learn practical skills in a gravely accelerated pace in the days ahead I really believe that. And do you think it would be a blessing to a spiritually if we could just claim God's blessing in a practical way. These are things we can see. Remember what this said I want to read this again. And then I read this other statement because that's important. This statement that I just read from Exodus said this I want to read the last part of that that that's really important. I gave you the page on it is on the chapter $31.00 of the Exodus. Let the workmen in the service of God today pray for wisdom. And keen foresight and was. Given foresight that they may do their work perfectly do it how. It got us want us to do sloppy careless work he wants us to do it half. Remember this don't ever forget your work all the work that you're doing is going to be all done or anyway it. But the way you did it is going to be with you forever. If we thought about that would it make a difference now we did work. When Jesus was here what kind of work did he do. And how much of the this time on earth did he spend and practical work. The 1st 30 years of his life unbelievable the Son of God came to this world and his the 1st 30 years of his life he was demonstrating perfect workmanship. But during all that time what was he doing. He was developing a perfect character for us. You know Jesus came to this or just to develop a character for us nothing to sell. He had a character he didn't need it he was God He came to this earth for the specific purpose of developing a character that he could get stuffed. So we had to go through everything that every human being will ever have to go through so he can help us in every emergency that we ever had to go through. That's why I had to go through all the things he went through and he developed a skill for everyone. We asked him he can you know help. And what I want to really impress upon this is a simple fact both that we don't have as much time as we've had. And what we do we had better be about our business. And the Lord is going to see that we have time to do the things we need to do if we are diligent in earnest and if we see can 1st. Jesus said Seek 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and then what. All these things will be added unto you. Now the other statement I was going to raid this was in level in the messages paid to 95 the unabridged edition the time or come when God's people will have to move away from the cities and live in small companies by themselves now the reason that my wife and I are here now is because we have a burden to help people in and help train parents train their children and I have a version to help people become practical as well as spiritual are there all together and we intended to go out and help people that want to get out of the cities there are thousands and thousands of people that are going to have to get out of the cities. And talk we're not learning practical things just brushed that you know there are a lot of people that don't know what we know now and don't haven't studied what we're studying you understand that. And the things that we're learning we're learning to help other people who don't have the skills this is what God is calling us or those who have something that they can share with someone else. That doesn't mean we're just going out here and work ourselves there are thousands of families are going to have to move out of the cities and somebody is going to have to help in some way we can all come institutions we want to have to go different places and I believe that God has it planned so that they're going to be people that will move in with these people and help them in whatever their needs. I'm glad that God has made arrangements where we think having to argue. With you see what our responsibility is some of us who learn through education and learn these practical skills may be able to help hundreds of families in the days that are ahead and so it's important that we understand these things. The list goes on to say. If I have people regard God's instructions as a value they will move out of the cities so they will not be corrupted by its revolting sites and so that their children will not be corrupted by advices those who choose to remain in the cities my share the deceptive years that will come upon them. As page 295 of the unabridged Loma Linda messages. We just came back from California and while we were there they were trying to get a law exempting Adventist from the labor laws. They have passed 2 laws this year than in California and the neither of them did the example anyone for. Have exams in 4. Contests objectors. At that we tell you a very very soon. We're going to have to move out all advantaged are going to have to move out of the city to save themselves. And do you think that we can sit up comfortably and unconsciously and say well that's their problem. You see if if Jesus could remain in heaven. While we were lost. Jerry the statement. To the book ministry of healing is a very beautiful statement. See if I can find it. All right it is page 105. By the Jesus did not consider a heaven a place to be desired while we were lost. Does that challenge you. He left the heavenly cards for a life of reproach and insult and death and shame. He who was rich in Heaven's priceless treasure became too poor that through his poverty we might be rich. We are to follow in the path he tried he who becomes a child of God few and hence forth look upon himself as a leak in the chain let down to save the world a rod. Did you ever hear anything about a chain. I chained is the strong as well at its weakest link is irony. And if you and I are link in the chain. That's put out to save humanity. Is it important that our link be strong. You see I'm not interested in just telling you folks get out and do good will do a lot of work so you can learn to be skillful Yes I if you're going to be skillful but the reason for this is what I'm interested in that's what you're interested in why are we doing all this because we're not here just to save ourselves. We're here to help people and while we're an institution our business is to help to make this is the truth and successful in every way possible and when the Lord calls a somewhere else our business is to is to help people who need help. If it doesn't take people very long today if they want to live simply to make a living I my son in law and I and my daughter and my son in law and I made a trip when we were gone 3 months and now this time we worked 2 and a half weeks and we made enough to pay or expenses on the trip. And I was we work and we were and we were paid for this work we did a lot of other work we didn't get paid for and. We were able to help a lot of people that couldn't get couldn't have couldn't do anything we just visited last night a family that lives in this community different ways from here there are 2 women a mother and a daughter and son that's been. Had brain damage he's not normal have to have a girl and 2 little children those women are remodelling a house and I wish you'd look them tell you they did better they're doing a better job. Than A lot of men and this I was amazed. But they don't know how to do some of the work and they've been praying for somebody to come and help in this work and so I'm going to take a crew down there says my fall part gets back and help him hang. A couple of sliding glass doors. And while I was we were on this trip we came by a lister to see an out in. Missouri mountain girl Missouri place called Meadow Brook. And we didn't know why we got there just at that time but this group had been praying for somebody to help make the trusses so they could put their industrialize knowing that. When I came they looked and said Well how did you happen to be here I said Well this came so they called and when it happened I helped them make the trusses of it but they're building up. You know it's not only important to have our prayers answered it's important that the larger can help us answer somebody else's friend. He's is considered heaven not a place to be desired while one. We were long. But we're not going to want to go to heaven. As long as there are a lot of other people that aren't ready are we. With we if Jesus didn't want to stay up there while we were lost Is there any reason why we should want to go there. While other people are law. If we do there's something wrong with our visions and. Now I was getting through to you why it's important that we learn all these things and that we can learn them quickly and what the purpose is. Because when we do the final work remember now I'm not sure when this is coming but I I'm reasonably sure that the great final message is going to go after we can't buy or sell. Until all the work we'll do then will be preserved. But the more we know how to do the more we're able to help people I find every skill I have I can help somebody that I couldn't help in any other way. He who becomes a child of God should henceforth look as him upon himself as a lot. As a link in the chain let down to save the world one with Christ and His plan of mercy going forth with him to seek and to save that which is lost there's another statement that I want to read it time is about God and I think you'll be interested in this I have a lot of quotations here on practical education but there was one I was just looking at that was particularly that was particularly interesting to me. What desire of a just paid $72.00. The parents of Jesus were poor and depended upon their daily toil he was familiar with poverty self-denial and privation this experience was a safeguard to him in his industrious life there were no idle moments to invite him station. What to do does not have. No aimless hours open the way for corrupt associations no one aimless hours so far as possible he clung to the door to the tempter neither gain no pleasure applause nor St Your could induce him to consent to wrong one wrong act he was wise to do to discern evil and strong to resist. Jesus lived in a pattern peasant home and faithfully and cheerfully acted his part in the burdens of the household he had been the commander of heaven and angels had delighted to fulfil his word. Now he was a willing servant a loving obedient son he learned a trade and with his own hands worked in the carpenter shop with Joseph in the simple garb of a common laborer he walked the streets of the little town going to and fro going to and returning from his home or work he did not employ his divine power to lessen his burdens or to light this call well. As Jesus worked in childhood and youth and mind and body were developed he did not use his physical powers recklessly but in such a way as to keep them in health that he might do the best work in every line he was up he was perfect as a workman as he was perfect in character. By his own example he taught that it is our duty to be industrious and that our work should be performed with exactness and thoroughness that such labor is honorable. The exercise that teaches the hands to be useful and trains the young to bear their share of life burdens gives physical strength and develops every faculty all should find something to do that will be of be beneficial to themselves and helpful to others. God appointed work is a blessing and only the diligent worker finds the true glory and joy of life through. Only the diligent work. The approval of God rests with loving assurance upon children and youth who cheerfully take their part in the duties of the household sharing the burdens of father and mother such children will go out from the home to be useful members of society. Throughout his life on earth Jesus was an earnest and constant worker he expected back therefore he attempted much. He did what. He. Says a lot of people are afraid to started saying to do anything for fear of failure. Aren't you glad the G. did develop that perfect practical character force as well as a spiritual character. Do you think he's really willing to give us a feel. Then we'll ask him and. He's the character is built through action. I read that stream that from out of lashing characters bill to action are our bodies our problem this is a we have to fight all the time. But Jesus kept His body in perfect control Paul says I keep my body under. This says of the Apostle Paul that every day. His inclination was in conflict with his duty and if you have a problem. And if he ever know you ought to do something but you don't want to do it. Thank you glad that he's able to give us not only a skill to do it but he's a he's you'll give us the desire and the willingness to do it. Remember every good gift and every perfect get this some of the. Volume 7 of the commentary page 9127 B.C. 912 is this statement. And is talking particularly about what happened what we're facing today. The Apostle this is talking about the Apostle Paul the Apostle in his day considered I don't know a sin and those who indulge this evil today disgrace their profession. The custom of supporting men and women in idleness by private gives the church money encourages them and sinful habits and this course should be conscientiously avoided. As that. While it may it means that that we said that we should it would be much better for us to grout expecting to do want one now there are times it says that the that the labors where there is higher. And but there is a danger that we will use money that is consecrated to God to waste our time there's no danger that. Will any way out of God knows what the Says all bar that every man woman and child should be educated to do a practical work I do a useful work I should learn some trade. It may be Ted making or it may be business in other lines about all should be educated to use the members of their body to some purpose and God is ready and willing to increase the adaptability of all who will educate themselves to industrial and industrious and what is God less devout to do. He's pledged in self he is ready and willing to increase the daft ability the while. Now there's a that's another name for what. Common sense sure adaptability. He is willing to give us a daft about Woody and you know in a school you know what I hear the teacher saying all the time they're saying to me and I say do what I have never been in a situation before. I've never been to school just like this before. But the Lord is if he calls a 3rd he's promised to give us what adaptability. We need to realize we need to go to Lord now other people and help with other people to help us with scales somebody is on the able to help us to do things but remember their responsibility as ours and we should be going to the Lord for. More skill and understanding. And he's going to gravely accelerate the work as we enter the closing stage. And I'm glad that he has made every provision. For us to be like Him If we do not frustrate his will. If we do not frustrate His grace by our perverted will. Is Made all provision our next class we're going to study the 2nd book of nature or the 3rd 2nd and 3rd it will be the Scriptures and nature so if you rather do some research on it the more you study the more you're going to get out of it. 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