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True Education- Part 11

Ralph Martin



  • March 1, 1975
    3:00 PM
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Our study today is going to be called the testing process. The testing process and I'm going to deal with 2 places particularly. The 1st one is in. Volume One of the testimonies and it's a chapter of the lay of the sea in search and I. I want to read to you the process that the Lord is putting us through. Starting on page 186 the volume of the testimonies I was shown that's a testimony to the lay of the sea and supplies to God's people at the present time and the reason it has not accomplished a greater work is because of the hardness of their hearts. But God has given the message time to do its work the heart must be purified from sins which have so long shot out Jesus this fearful message will do its work now we studied lastly. Our last class. What subject heading your grammar. We studied the why the 10 virgins are wise in the foolish virgins and what was the real problem with the foolish virgins. Well there were several But what was the what was it that brought all this thing out. Yes but. Try All right what are you going to say. That reveals a character right where we're going to say. They didn't know there was anything wrong with a video that's the tragedy of it but somewhere along they missed it you understand and God is not going to let anyone be to see that if they want to be honest with themselves but we have to see God but the question saying these are all right but the thing that I was was particular thinking about in my own in the question I asked there was a time of delay. You know. At a certain time we all do real well but when time goes on what happens we are inclined to be careless now. This young lady back here was telling us about. Asking God in the morning why is it is important to ask him in the morning. That's on our minds and we're thinking about it but during the day what happens there all these other things come in you know and there are other things we get involved in well isn't it wonderful to know that he'll take care of it if we ask him and committer live to him. Now this is a this is the thing about the the foolish virgins there was a delay. And they got tired of waiting and got involved in something else did you ever read the statement of great controversy that we must have a faith that will. Stand in spite of weariness delay and hugger. And when you put them all together you have a real combination. We're going to have to have a faith that will not fail in weariness delay and hunger and that's a real combination but the problem with the with the forest very gins Now all that she said was true but it was the delay that brought it out there probably was a time when they were very much alive but continuing on and on now they tell us why the Lord left that delay take place. It said God has given the message time to do its work the heart must be purified from sins which have so long shut out Jesus this fearful message will do its work when it was 1st presented it led to close examination of heart failure confessed and the people of God were stirred everywhere nearly all believe that this message would end in the loud cry of the 3rd angel but as they fail to see the powerful work accomplished in a short time many lost the effect of the message. I saw that this message would not accomplish its work in a few short months it is designed to arouse the people of God to discover to them their black backsliding is and to lead to zealously repentance that they may be favored with the presence of Jesus and the fitted for the loud cry of the 3rd angel as the message effected the heart it led to deep humility humility before God angels were sent in every direction to prepare unbelieving hearts for the truth. The cause of God began to rise in the pieces people work waited with their position in the Council of the true witness had been firmly he the God would have brought priest people in greater power yet the efforts made sense the message has been given have been blessed of God and many sort of the been brought from there in darkness to rejoice in the Truth God will prove his people Jesus bears patiently with them and does not spew them out of his mouth in a moment said the angel God is weighing his people if the message had been as of short duration as many of us supposed there would have been no time for them to develop character and what was the time continued for. For the developed character character development takes time. And the furnished margins did not use the time to develop their character they became science tracked and what should have been a blessing to them became. A very dangerous situation. Many moved from feeling not from principle and faith from what. Are we affected any by our feelings. Should we be. Fan exam nothing to do with our relations alone now the Lord will give us peace in a joyful feeling but we don't serve him because we feel like it. There was a fellow working with some boys one time and and they were out hoeing the garden and I was very interested he was trying to get them to work and after a while one little boy says well I just don't want to work I don't feel like it. And he said I know. He says that's the difference when a boy and a man. Boys do things because they feel like it men do it because it has to be done and there are a lot of boys never grown up and a lot of girls would never grown up we do it why. We feel like it is only one reason for doing anything that's because it's right because God says to the. Love and loyalty to Christ is the spring of all true devotion. All right let's see what else it says. It wrought upon their feelings and excited their fears but God did not accomplish but he did not accomplish the work which God designs that design that it should God reads the heart list is people should be deceived in regard to themselves he gives them time for the excitement to where all. And then proves them to see if they will obey the counsel of the true witness the great decisions of life are not made in meetings. Now we make decisions made but that's not when the realizations are made. The real decisions of life are made. In a garden somewhere. In the quietness of our own hearts. And those are the decisions a stick because many times the others are even though it is an emotional situation we make decisions and many times we make mass decisions you know what I'm talking about. And but it's the decision we make in our personal relation to the Lord that's what really counts so God who gives time for what for all outside influences the excitement to wear off. And then seize Now here's the here's that paragraph that I want you to listen to very closely God leads his people on step by step out. He brings them up to different points calculated to manifest what is in the heart and what's he trying to feel watching trying to get us to know what's in our hearts that we don't know are none of us do. Peter don't know his heart here where you're certain clearly and honestly everybody would everybody made. But for sake you. And everybody may deny it but I'll never do it and if you are later what they do. Now he was sincere but what was the problem. He didn't know his heart so what is the Lord trying to do in all of this what's he trying to do. He's trying to get us to see our hearts. Not somebody else that they have but we see our hearts. Because we don't really know you know we say I would do that I wouldn't do such a thing I've been driving the car and I'd see somebody do something real foolish you know and I'm and I just want to I thought I don't I want to yell at them and pretty soon I find myself doing the same thing and you know and these were is like when. You drive up to an intersection you don't see anybody coming so you pull off the left side and somebody comes along wants to turn and you're on the wrong side and somebody else does it you get real upset about it you know. The way that we just we unconsciously do all these things I mean and so the Lord is trying to teach us what. Once in a harm's way. He brings them up to different points calculate the manifest what is in the heart some and do it one point but fall off the next and every advanced point the heart is tested and tried a little closer if the Prefer face people of God find their hearts opposed to this straight work now what in the world is it that brings this trade work how do I how there's a lower test us where there's a use for. A Use the circumstances and people involved in the circumstances. It's people we have problems with various Elvis circumstances by themselves. There's something in us that just rebelled against certain people is that either it just it just doesn't we just we just didn't know we had those feelings all right it says. Said the angel God will bring his work closer and closer to test and prove every want to be Spiegel some are willing to receive one point but when God brings them to another testing point they shrink from it and stand back because they find it straight strikes directly at some cherry Stein. And we're starting Jeremiah and they had all kinds of vials they made eyelids a wooden stone and and all kinds of things they put up those in their gross Well if you talk to those people they would have told you that they didn't really worship those idols. They were just representation. Of a God that was living this is what any idol worship or whatever they don't read it don't believe in that God is power but that's a representation. And can we have idols that represent something in our hearts very easily. They prize something higher than the truth and their hearts are not prepared to receive Jesus the individuals are tested and proved to link the time. To see if they will sacrifice their He I was and he had the counsel of the true what they're there what. They were tested. And proved for a length of time. To see if they would sacrifice their idols and heed the counsel to witness if any will not be purified through obeying the truth and overcome their selfishness their pride. And Evocations they also have the charge they are joined to their idols let them alone. And they pass on to their work leaving these with their sinful traits the dude to the control of evil angels. You see God doesn't leave us. He never leaves us. But there comes a time when something has happened in my heart through continued. Failure to obey that I'm no longer capable. Of responding Did you ever read the statement that sin destroys both the desire and the capacity. So to play with sin is deadly whatever home it is in. A set. Is. It's in 2 or 3 places listen if I can find it if you like to have the reference I think I can find it here. It's in education page 29. It's also. It's also in the. Prophets in Kings Place 233. So that's enough it says. And while Christ opens heaven the man the life which he imparts or opens the heart of man to heaven. To not only shuts us away from God but destroys in the human soul both the desire and the capacity for knowing him you see sin is the sins terrible thing isn't it and when we see this sin does not affect us until we know it's see him. And then it's just like a high voltage line when the insulation comes off you better leave it alone because it electrocutes you and that's what a sin is that we know it's a sin it becomes a corrosive element in our lives and we have to either overcome it or what happens. It destroys us. All right now. That's a pretty tragic statement that the time comes in this testing process and is this time coming to all of us really is it are we getting close to the time when people are going make their final decision no question about it. And so we're going to have to deal with sin in our lives not not of people's lives we're going to play with it in our own lives and there's a lot going to make it plain to us. That there's a good there's a have power to give us the tree over this new question so it's a matter of our submitting Now those who is the one we have an idol the Lord brings around over and over and over again. To this test and it says Finally the time comes when he says one. They're joined and I don't there's no more there's no more you can do about him self was done ever they didn't do and he says leave them alone and they pass on to their work leaving them to hot to the control of Evil Angels this is a pretty tragic situation on tell you that right now I mean there is no worse now here is the other side those who come up to every point and stand every test and overcome be the price what it may have heeded the counsel of the true witness. And they will receive the latter rain and be prepared for translation. Now that the the Latter Rain is the preparation for translation and the preparation for the Latter Rain is one. It's the former rain which is falling now the former Rain God proves his people in this world this is the fitting up place to appear in his presence here in this world in these last days persons will show what power affects their hearts and controls their actions. If it is the power of divine truth that will lead to good works it will elevate the receiver and make him noble hearted and jealous like his divine and generous like his divine lowered but if Evil Angels control the heart it will be seen in various ways the pride of the fruit will be selfishness covered just missed pride and evil passions. The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked professors of religion are not willing to closely examine to see whether they are in the faith and it is a fearful fact that many are leaning on a false hope some lean upon an old experience which they had years ago when brought down to this heart searching time when all should have a daily experience they have nothing to relate. Young and old God is now testing you. You are deciding your own eternal destiny your pride your love the fall of affections of the world your vain and empty conversations your selfishness all are put in the scale in the way to be evil is fearfully against you so you see God is is testing us on all these different things now there's another chapter and I hope you'll already destroyed after it's about 10 pages and it's in Volume 4 page 83 and it's one that is the most interesting chapters it's a personal testimony and it's called the testing process. And I've read it many many times and I'll tell you there are some very very interesting things in it it's. It's written to a brother G.. But now you know the Lord has written the use and it could be that. It should have Brother am on it I don't know for brother sister so and so. And this man was taken from the farm to Battle Creek and became a leader in God's cause just to show what it says that. This is the toward the end of the of the chapter I just read this to show you the background of it it says Dear Brother God in His Providence brought you from your farm to bear the test and trials which you could not have where you were. So what was God doing he was taking him from a quiet situation to a situation where he would have trials and tests that he wouldn't have got there. And God leads us on how. Step by step and so on but if somebody says well why in the world. Did I ever have hair I never had so many trials in my life where I thank the Lord because you're finding out what was in your heart. I remember I had some friends there they're still my friends and they were going to go to certain places I was there and they were coming where I was this was an institution and. They didn't come and so finally I they got in touch with me and said well we're going to another place and I said well that's all right I have no burden of bike you go wherever you want to go or are you sure the Lord is leading you there and I said all no question about it I said well if you're sure then and that's all right because you're going to get whatever you need wherever the Lord leads you he knows exactly what we need and so I went by to see them about a couple months 3 months later and they were really down they were just having a hard time and I said what's the problem they said well we should never come here well I said but you said the Lord was made in India well they said we've decided the devil was leading us here and I said You better get your signal straight now in the 1st place I would never admit that the devil could ever meet me anywhere if we want to serve God I don't believe the law if the if we do then the Lord has some lessons for us to learn and I said well what makes you think the Lord is leading you know what I said we never had so many Probably more and I live what I said Praise the Lord when they couldn't say anything to praise their god. Most people are looking for a place. Where they can get along the easiest possible in their area they are we looking for the are we always looking for a situation where everything smooth out and I don't have difficulties. Well. If we are we're not ready for heaven the Lord brings us in the circumstance that this is he lived he brought this man from the farm to bear the chaos and trials which you could not have or you were he has given you some testimonies or reproof which you professedly accepted but you are but your spirit was continually caved under the rebuke. No he admitted that it was all right but he still didn't accept it you were like those who work nor would Jesus after he brought close practical truths to bear upon them you have not taken hold in faith to correct that the thanks marked out in your character you have not humbled your proud spirit before God. You have stood what you have stood it will fare against the Spirit of God as revealed in reproof your carnal absolute heart is not subject to control and whether all these things make you realize. You know what I think I know we should all read the testimony is true we should start right at the beginning said the testimonies are for the church are something we all really need to read the Course we need to read our Bibles we need to read over a need to read the testimonies because these special testimonies. Will make us know as we're reading them that God is particular about things in individual lives. And if God was was interested enough in an individual to give a prophet a vision to give them instruction about something in our lives then he is pretty interested in our individual cases in there and they were put in the testimony is. Because it says that some of these men were written for other people and the Lord may have been looking at me just as much as he did by the G. when he when he wrote that testimony and he put it in there just for me or now that's the background I want you to notice what it says and here. I'm reading on page 84 now our heavenly Father sees the hearts of men and he knows their characters better than they themselves know them. The things that some have susceptibilities and powers which directed in the right channel might be used to His glory to aid in the advancement of these work he puts these persons on trial on what. And here's why it is Providence's brings them into different positions and under a variety of circumstances testing them that they may reveal what is in their heart and the weak points in their character which have been concealed from their own knowledge now who does all this who doesn't. Then. Look closely it would change our attitude toward life. If we would recognize God's directions in the every day our fares of lives but we just don't admit that we think some got involved in that somebody is going to something do it well they are Remember that God does not let anything touch us without a lot without his permission. And he goes through the trial with us if we are suffering is suffering with us. You see it's a lack of understanding of God testing the training process that keeps us from getting the character development we need to understand it because we dodge these things and we and we say well if it weren't for that I wouldn't do this well if it weren't for that but if I were someone out there is like that we would. Then. Why. Did I read that good. Well I got I can read in several places. Read one right here in page 480. 9. Ministry of healing the Father's presence and circle Christ. And nothing touched him but that with infinite love permitted for the blessing of the world then who did he go through if the if God's presence encircled Christ then everything that touched him went through. Through the fallen. You think that God didn't suffer one crisis. Do you think that a father seeing his son on the cross who is suffering less than the sun. All right here Raj his source of comfort and it is it is for us he who is in viewed with the spirit of Christ abides in Christ what ever comes to him comes from the Savior who surrounds him with his presence. Nothing can touch him except by our large permission. All our sufferings and sorrows all our temptations and trials all our sadness and grief all our persecutions and privations in short all things work together for our good and not only are we are suffering but he is putting up with us and suffering with us just to give us another opportunity but remember it's deadly not to learn the lesson because sin destroys our capacity to know God and after a while we come to a place where we're not we're no longer. Susceptible to. You know there is says the same to the same low. Abides in the sea is in the spiritual world as in the physical world here who lives in darkness low enough will lose the power of sight. In Mammoth Cave out there in Kentucky their face that of live down in that darkness or long that they no longer have eyes there they have little Ambriel. Optic nerves in their in their beheads but their eyes are no longer develop they don't see my lies. Those that have used them for so long. All right well let's go and see what this says it says. To man whom God designs shall feel responsible position he and mercy reveals their hidden defects that they may look within and examine critically the complicated emotions and exercises of their own hearts he wants us to know what the complicated emotions are he wants us to understand what's going on in our hearts and detect that which is wrong that they may modify their disposition then refine their manners. The Lord in His providence brings man where he can test them more powers and reveal their motives of action that they may improve what is right in themselves and put away that which is wrong God would have a service become acquainted with the marrow machinery of their own hearts with a heart. You know is so easy for us to just close our eyes and say all of us. Doesn't amount to anything God wants us to become acquainted with the one that. The moral machinery of our heart why do I do certain things under certain circumstances and this is what when I come to that realization then I'm going to begin to realize that I can't do anything about have you all realize that you can't do anything about. But thank God he can give me his righteousness right now. And he can look upon these I have never seen and if I accept and then he can give me his life that will enable me to. Live he will live in the the life that will be in harmony with His will and harmony with His word. In order to bring this about he also. Permits the fire of affliction to say our land that they will become purified but who may abide the day of His coming and who shall stand when he appears. For he is like a refiner spiral and like a fuller soul this is now a kayak. And he shall sit as a refined and purified of silver he shall purify the sons of Levi and purge them as gold and silver that they may offer and of all other the Lord and offering and righteousness you know the gold that people find today is all mixed with all kinds of Ally rocks. All kinds of base metals and what is the only thing that you can do to get the. The fuel metal. You heat it. And they. Will separate from the dross and the dross will come to the top because the gold is heavier and you can skim off and this is what it means he sits as a purifier of the sons of Levi that they be all for and offering a writer snus Now I've never purified goal but I've purified lead. And work the same way we used to doing plumbing we used to get old plumbing systems and and we break the lead out and it's dirty and nasty stuff and it doesn't look very much it doesn't look like anything but you put that in the pot and put a fire under it and all this stuff begin and you've just taken skim it off and scale it off and scale it off and after a while. You can see your reflection it. And this is what he's doing he's looking to let the fire get out and now to separate the draw until he can see what you see see its reflection. And that's what the purifying process is. The purification of the people of God cannot be accomplished with out there suffering now that's just a plain statement of fact. That purification cannot be accomplished without one. Without suffering because we are integrated with us then you know what I mean we're just it's a part of us. God permits the fires of affliction the consumer also to separate the worthless from the valuable that the pure metal may shine forth he passes us from one fire to another through what. Testing our true worth if we cannot bear these trials what will we do in the time of trouble. If prosperity or adversity discover a false pride or selfishness no heart what can we do when God tries every man's work as by fire and lays bare the secrets of all hearts true Grace is willing to be tried. If we are loath to be searched by the Lord condition is serious indeed that what. Well how does he get the law in there where is the wall. Well less than its in its in heaven but who is all. Jesus is the law says I am the Way the Truth and the life so when he comes then what does he bring living he brings along with him. And when we have him we have a lot we can have the law without him. And so that's how he gets it when he comes into our hearts why the law comes with him. God is the refiner and purifier of souls in the heat of the furnace the dross is separated from for ever from the true silver and gold of the Christian character Jesus watches the test you know what is needed to purify the precious metals that it may reflect the radiance of His Divine Love. God brings his people near him by close testing trials by showing them their own weaknesses and inability and by teaching them to lean upon him as their only help and safeguard do you know what the greatest problem we have when we have difficulties and we have trials and we have things happen because we're always going to get someone to sympathize with us. It's a very interesting statement in Christ object lessons. Page 146. One for. That I say well instead of the state of finding what's wrong and letting the Lord do something we go we don't turn it to hell or to him and recognize his don't we go find someone to sympathize with us. This is not an original when I know what this says 146 Christ object lessons when perplexities arise and difficult difficulties confront you look not for help the humanity trust always God. The practice of telling our difficulties to others only makes us weak and brings no strength to them. The lot. We spend our telling our troubles to people don't when they're really. Good Lay is appalled and the burden of our spiritual infirmities which they cannot relieve. We seek strength. Erling finite man when we have when we might have the strength of the infinite God You need not go to the ends of the earth for wisdom for God is near. It is not the capabilities you now for there is or ever will have that will give you success it is that which the Lord can do for you. Is what. We need to have far less confidence in what man can do and far more confidence in what God can do for every believing soul he longs to have you reach after him by if they need along if they have you expect great things for him he longs to give you understanding in temporal as well as spiritual matters in life. In temporal as well as spiritual matters. He can sharpen the intellect he can love. He can give tact and skill they have a problem of saying the wrong thing at the right time. Well he can give us tact is still. No saying you know every time you open your mouth. You what. You put your foot in it down well less than more truth than poetry that. Says we should ask God for tact and scale. Say Jesus never. Gave pain to a sensitive soul. You know what I want to you know this is this is one of the verses in the Bible that really fascinates me. Like I can turn do it. As this $65.00 the last chapter of the wolf in the land still feed together and the lion Salif straw like the bullock and he'll be the serpent of meat they fell not hurt nor destroy in all my hole in mound since the last. They fell. Not hurt or destroyed. If we ever would hurt anybody. We'll never make it. Because nobody will get hurt up there. That's why the law doesn't take us up there now you know we've heard people all the time they would say anything. They're saying today those up there. For you see down here where. We're all saints I heard a little definition for Saints you know what a saint is saying to somebody still trying. God bring people near him by close testing trials. By showing them they're all weakness and inability and by teaching them to lean upon him as their only help and safeguard. If if I have difficulties in trials and the Lord has brought me why I can learn some lessons and I go get somebody. To sympathize with me in that I begin to feel sorry for myself I was just setting it up for worst. Because I have a hard lesson yet. You know we're we're just really brutal footage from. You and. Then. Like that. Weird thing here it is hard it hurts but I still want all this draw. Because he's the one that has taken away and he can't take it away until we've learned our lesson over. You know I said this many times and I. It's kind of a silly statement I suppose but I hope the Lord brings me in contact with every person that I can get along with before probation closes. What is God going to do with sin. What's going to happen to say and then what happens then when God's glory is present there's really don't. It burns and now he's meeting it out to us a little of the time to burn it out. But if we won't let him be burned out what happens. When his glory is manifested in his power you see the destruction of the wicked is not an arbitrary act of God. I'm sure you all understand that God's presence destroys things and. And in the final analysis the final judgment the execution of the judgment. Of Christ and the angel step out between the father and centers. And his glory just the air. And it burns this earth right down to where there's no sin it's it's a. Liquid lake of fire. And it's the presence of God to destroy sinners and the slaves are right there close and they're in Raptor because there's nothing to burn and the presence of God that gives the the greatest joy they can ever come to any being is what destroys the wicked. The very same day. Because we have permitted through the Holy Spirit does the work of the Holy Spirit need to get out to us just as we can take it is promised not to give it give us any more than what and we can bear it and if we say will we say well are you promise that you're going to give any more and I can take that. There's a statement that's very very. It's really a startling statement I think I can find it. This is the last comment on the Cleeve death Jesus leaven 66 volumes through the commentary the death of Christ was to be the convincing everlasting argument that the law of God is as unchangeable as the strong. The agonies of the garden of get them on a the insult a mockery an abuse heaped upon God the horrors an ignominious the crucifixion furnished the faith and thrilling demonstration that God's justice wanted plenty of his does the work thoroughly Christ had to go through that because he was our substitute and and his films were actually our sins were actually of on him. The fact that his old purity from my end was not spared is an argument that will stand all eternity before saint and sinner before the universe of God to testify that he will not excuse the transgressor of his low. Every offense against God However loot is set down in the reckoning and when the Lord of Justice is taken in hand it will do the work for him penitent transgressors that was done to the divine suffer justice will strike big for God hatred and then is the intense and overwhelming. Why does God hates sand because of what it does to people. It's a thing that's a horrible thing because this is what makes all of discord all the difficulty all the friction all the trouble all of death everything in this world is out of order of the color sand is there any wonder God hates it because he hated because of what it does to people. And when it does to people he suffers with it. When we hates it and this is what's going to happen do you think that when we realized what sin is cost God and what it is costing us and what it's cost everybody that we all hate. This is our problem we don't have a plan. We play with it. Well let me finish this. God bring his people near him by close testing trials by showing them there will weakest net ability and by teaching them to lean upon him as their only help and safeguard then his object is a kind of place they are prepared to be used in every emergency to fill important positions of trust and to accomplish the grand purposes for which their powers were given them God Take man upon trial he proved them on the right hand and on the left and that's their educated trained and disciplined. Our Redeemer. Man's representative and head endured this testing process he suffered more than we get we can be called upon to suffer he brought affirmative and was in all points tempted as we are he did not suffer the also on his own account but because of our stance. And now relying upon the merits of our overcomer we can become victors in his name God's work of race finding and purifying must go on until his servants are so humbled thirded to self that when called into active service there I will be single to his glory he will then accept their effort they will not move rashly from the impulse they will not rush on imperil the Lord's cause being slaves to temptations and passions and following their own carnal mind set on fire by hate by Satan all how fearfully as a call to marred by man's perverse will announce a dude temper you see the devil this is to do things and then he says stuck to the people if you. Created to take my place to do this what is it. These are the people you created to take my place. And what does God say. Here on the spot. But thank God they're going to be some place some people are going to that are going to uphold the honor of God. Like that. I would yeah this is another whole chapter testing process and volume for. Well one more statement I was pointed to the providence of God among his people and was still at every trial made by the dead by the refining purifying process upon professed Christians proved to be brought the fine go does not always appear in every religious crisis some fall under temptation the teaching of God blows away a multitude like dry leaves prosperity multiplied a mass of professors adversity produce them out of the church as a class their spirits are not steadfast with God They go out because they are not for one tribulation or persecution arises because of the word many are offended you see this is a process that God is going to find out whether we're really in earnest or not. You see God is taking a chance. The people from this earth are going to become partakers of the divine nature they are going to be given can have conferred upon him the gift of AM mortality you know what immortality means. Means you can die. And if God were not real particular in the in the tri testing process and getting us ready so there was no question about it he would all have on his hands not some immortal sinners. So God is real particular. Now I don't want what we say to make a sound hard that God is doing this perversely you understand he's doing it because he has to do it His throne is a state and he's willing to suffer with us in order that the purifying process may take place that. Same thing I read all I raise the testing process is one more statement here you're all on here familiar with the statement This is in the book education and I think it's 151. All education 151 all who in this world render true service to God or man receive a prepare a Tory training in the schools are all. The way here the trust and the higher the service the closer the test and the more severe the discipline to the greater the little the greater work the Lord has for us to do the last. The greater the test is gone and so we should recognize then that whatever comes to us is one. It's an honor that goddess you have missed because we have such a tremendous work there yet. Well the testing process is valuable so we're starting with page. But I say 83 and the one in volume one was on 186 and 187 called and that was the latest in message and it tells about God leads his people on step by step that's also about the testing process and remember our next lesson I hope you'll all read this started with the section in ministry of healing through education a missionary training. And I'm convinced they only saying that well Avar cause us to be successful in the battle of life is that we become concerned with other people and helping them as long as we're just thinking about ourselves. We get bogged down in our own problems. When we can do things for other people we find people have so many more problems. And we begin to help them then our problems. Are great. I had the life to lead us in prayer today this media was brought by Audioboo a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through sermon audio and much more if you would like for about. Or you would like more sermon. W W W.


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