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Type II Diabetes, Addiction, & "The Loud Cry"

David Woosuk Lee MD



1. Present the Counterpoint Study: the first scientific evidence of Type 2 diabetes reversibility.

2. Explain how sugar and fat can cause the limbic system to go into hyperdrive, eventually spiraling into addiction. 

3. Identify physiological factors ("only by prayer and fasting") to help one effectively develop "the mind of Christ."

4. Examine the essential link between the Third Angel's Message and the Health Message-- resulting in "The Loud Cry" of the last days.


David Woosuk Lee MD

Medical Director, Arlington Internal Medicine Group & 

Health Ministry Director, Korean American SDA Association (KASDA)



  • October 26, 2018
    2:00 PM
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Dear Father in heaven thank you so much for bringing all of us here to Amman conference today we're going to talk about helping people with diabetes helping them to reverse please keep our mind sharp and open hearts that we can understand that only by your grace we can help others and they can be held in just name we pray Amen So initially when I was invited to a big I was very emotional So I want to talk about reversing diabetes and also going to addiction mechanism and then also talk about fasting and prayer is in fact that's not one of my moves. It's my of. Favorite topic to cover out cover little bit of diet how it's related to reverting unbalanced minds and at the end will connect the. Frontal Lobe and limbic system connection to the story of Gideon and then how these connected to the loud cry it was so $2011.00 that we understood for the 1st time scientifically that type 2 diabetes reversible and have you guys heard of that study $2011.00 counterpoints study it's pretty well known because the we considered that study to be the landmark study to scientifically prove that type 2 diabetes is reversible the 30 was done by Newcastle University in England that considered to be one of the top and chronology program in the world so what did they do they had 11 patients who are diabetic average length of about 10 years. And then 9 control patients were non-diabetic and they gave them $100.00 kilo calorie diet every day for a week so that in order to control the food intake what they gave is about 2 and have cost of a protein shake and little bit of solids like broccoli to prevent constipation and these patients receive that diet for 8 weeks I know I see your face here and it's not much calorie you know one serving of a haystack is about $340.00 calories so you're talking about getting 2 plates of hate that within $24.00 hours for 8 weeks and every time I didn't present sage and I've probably done this maybe 30 presentation on this topic everybody ask me this question has anyone died during the study praise God no one had died during the. Procedure so while they're eating 80702800 calorie diet there are monitoring number one their blood sugar number 2 glucose production from liver number 3 fat content in pancreas and when you look at the 1st thing it's a plasma glucose that you can tell the 1st week just one week 7 days about calorie restriction therapy the batting glucose has dropped in those illicit 11 patients were diabetic 2nd thing they measured the storage form of glucose coming out from the liver and you can tell there is much less a bookstore glucose for the as you're going into the calorie restriction diet there is now much. Storage of the glucose or the being transferred to the bad into the liver so there's much less reverse production of a gluconeogenesis coming from the liver after 1st week and that thirst light is the most important thing that it the fat content in the pancreas that they were measuring through M.R.I. Weekly was showing that their fat content in the pancreas were going down so the question is you know when you can want to confirm that type 2 diabetes reversible you have to prove by the level of insulin production without any help without taking any medicine or insulin shots right and that's what they did this is a normal profile of the 9th I bet it patients one day receive glucose infusion this is their insulin for the production profile usually when we receive I.V. fluid with glucose you're into level goes up response to the glue that's where healthy patients and it the letter spike it's the they use Arjan in one of the proteins I mean onus is just to confront the pancreas is not completely Dad let's say you had a diabetes for 30 years and your pancreas is no longer producing You're nearly type one diabetic patients that parents are going to be there at the end so that just to confront that your diabetic or your pancreas is not quite there yet that's normal pattern for healthy non-diabetic patients now that's what I thought was a tough So this is a baseline for private patients they're lying there in the hospital bed receiving I.V. fluid of a with a glucose rug and then there's no spike of insulin pattern there's no production of insulin coming from different groups however they're not type one diabetic patients nor the patients who are diabetic for many years with diabetes I mean the pancreas has completely failed they still generate a little bit of insulin when you C.P.R. them when you shock them with Arjun that's the pattern over normal diabetic patients with diabetes for about 10 years. So after 1st week of a near fasting diet you kind of see that little jump here they start to produce insulin after 4 weeks after a week and almost after 8 weeks of a calorie restriction diet these are the patients were diabetic for about average 11 years their insulin production pattern is identical to healthy patients which is the 1st time to fix evidence that type 2 diabetes to be reversible. Produced by Newcastle University in England and they called this study the counterpoint study because up to this point let's say your medical student and there's an exam type 2 but diabetes reversible and if you say yes they'll kick you out of the most school kids to that point or it was wise. But after the study came up we realized actually type 2 is reversible so how the low calorie intake reversed type 2 diabetes so would weight gain we hear about the bad he did her disease all the time and liver is not the only organ that collects the extra calories in the forms of glycogen and in fact triglyceride often impact pancreas collect those fatty stuff crucial So as with the infiltration of bad it substance like often try to destroy their implementations like a pulp out of your pancreas and often excessive pot formation with inflammation your beta cells are not going to function normally and it's not going to produce insulin now let's say you lose weight and take out those paddies of the triglycerides at that or from your pancreas and then your beta cells is able to perform again and produce insulin and that's the idea of how the weight loss with a calorie restriction you can reverse type 2 diabetes which I discovered So you know after the 2011 study came out it was so. It's a landmark study I mean it's a counterpoint it's like never There's no other study done shown this before so. In England I get I think it's called a and that's a chore and there's a joke yeah so they actually gave tons of money because the usual study was done only with $11.00 patients and they want to collect a lot more patients into bigger 30 and finally the 2nd study came up 2016 and again confirmed with a calorie restriction diet up to certain point type 2 diabetic patient you can reverse type today BT it was so well known when the 2016 data came out the New York Times the covered the story in figure was interesting for me because in 2011 I actually gave a presentation a bunch of the doctors in our health care system I was a medical director for diabetes education program and when I gave this presentation. Many of the doctors in the Dallas area they who were attending the president gave me 4 dates I was a little crazy you know and one of the doctor who happened to attend the seminar one day I was rounding or in the hospital readings of it Hey David I know your study or the New York Times in 2016 he remembered. You express flowcharting. Well you know for 7th Day Adventists this isn't a news you know since 980 S. we might have been reversing type 2 diabetes or calorie restriction you know there sanitariums in South Korea. These people literally you know when people come in they start patients with the very little except for like a little bit of honey when they're about to pass out they give them a little bit of a honey to keep them alive and then pass them for if you can it's very like Korean extreme Asian thing you know like bite you know you can do it kind of thing but I've seen that like these though. When I was in high school one of the famous natural healing and interim director came to entertain you versity I was in middle Chicago at the time and my sister who was in junior high volunteered Well my mom forced her to volunteer with my mom and they went to determine our together and my sister came back and she said I almost died. But there were people who literally came to that I mean our poor to see about a week later don't know we're leaving in insulin injections but I want to put this the quote here that after if you had diabetes for more than 2030 years and your own all intents and insulin therapy like let's say you're receiving 5 injections a day the chance of reversing the disease is very difficult but that they'd like the counterpoint study and shown if you're diabetes for 10 years let's say you're just taking 2 or 3 or all Asians maybe one long acting insulin shot easily I believe they can be reversed in fact. When I was a medical director for diabetes education program that patients there are newly diagnosed with diet I really don't come to our program and within 6 months I'll be able to bring down their Anyone see not quite below 5.7 but like below 5.6 without any medications by had them lose average about 44 pounds that's the. Average weight loss in the counterpoint studies the average weight loss to revert type diabetes was about 44 pounds so the point that I want to make this is that how do their heads and 7 day Evan new. How do reverse type 2 diabetes 30 years before counterpoints that it came on in many cases of sickness the very best remedy is the patient to back for a meal or 2 that the overworked organs have digestion I love the phrase the organ organs of the digestion because it includes not only just in tuxes and bones but also liver and pancreas exactly right may have an opportunity to read many times a short period of entire abstinence from food following by simple matter eating has led to recovery through nature's own recuperative after an abstemious diet for a month or 2 would convince me I love that phrase again month or 2 there was a counterpoint study they did it for 8 weeks and spirit of prophecy exactly described the after the milk diet for a month or 2 would convince many sufferers that the path of self-denial is a path to health ministry feeling page 235 I just want to briefly covered Asians and type of you now I'm working with a lot of well Koreans begin pastors and though I often get invited to talk them in when we are dealing with of my clinic I don't have a lot of Asian patients in Dallas area but when I go to the churches advantage churches either Koreans begin churches in 99 percent of them are Asian So I just want to cover that the diabetes for Asians and African-Americans and Caucasians are actually little different you know the pathophysiology for diabetes is pretty straightforward you develop into little resistance in your purples issues like muscles right and there's a decrease insulin production and we talk about the pancreas those 2 things come together you have diabetes Everybody Knows This one however in 2013 times for University showed that there is a ethnic difference depending whether you are Caucasian African-American or Asian your diabetes or not is not quite the same what I mean is that is that for African American population. They tend to develop diabetes not so much because of battle communication and your pancreas but because of their insulin resistance there are. Issues on the other hand you say Koreans Chinese and Japanese they tend to develop diabetes from accumulation of bad in their pen creates what I describe just no and then they'll cook Asians are kind of in-between and you know you think. You know they were very tight. Very skinny you know but unfortunately Asians actually quite a bit compared to their body proportions so even though they were very very Taipans you know to be fashionable but they're full of bad actually you know where. The So So this is what we've done is a 2015 this study was done by Harvard U.C. San Diego You see I mean these are top I be deprogrammed they realize that for Asian population we don't wait until their B.M.I. to be 25 you know you have 23 you've got to screen them because it is for them they don't have to accumulate a lot of fat to become diabetic and then soon after death study came out American Diabetes Association gave a new guideline you people Asian background your B.M.I. is 23 you got a check for diabetes so how does that work you know whenever. I don't need needed anymore but whenever I hear about these out there is very expensive meat from Japan. I forgot the name of the beef. Is it one of the reason that's so expensive is that it has a marble Mead it has a lot of you know weight that's kind of what Western lifestyle and diet does we kind of sit there and T.V. and then you know we tend to eat the food that accumulates without exercise but you know. I was here during internship in residence in California and when I went to talk to the I ponder how the cows are raised actually after cars are. Kept they're born about 6 months after day are taken into this feeding place and then they're given a lot of grain to have been cool really fast to like naturally average cow he takes about 3 years to become full grown cow but with the grain feeding and having them move around too much you can actually achieve the target weight of 80001200 pounds within about $12.00 to $18.00 months and that's kind of what we are doing when we are not actually starving and you know eating Western diet we're creating the Marvel meeting our pancreas right so and I really should I just want to cover about diabetes is Evan that helped make that in the most of you guys know the Dr Walter Willett is the director of the Harvard Medical School he teaches at medical school and their public health program and you know he textbooks are often used for our epidemiology etc And one of the chapters he described it had been in self study and when you both know from adventures health study from 1970 S. and eighty's that by doing 5 things nonsmoking avoiding weight gain regular exercise the consumption and vegetarian diet we can actually reduce our chance of becoming diabetic by 90 percent and that is from as an adult study that Harper school is using in the medical school to. And this is another study that came out from 2000 to add that is health 32 is that the red column is where you eat everything every day like you know the fork is cetera and the oranges where you you'd need less than once a week and the Brony is where you cut out the meat completely valued fish green is where you eat dairy products for fish and blue is where become big and you just begin dying right and when you do that this is a 7th Day Adventist we're just looking at you know before 2000 to that when a self study came out Edna's health studies were always comparing the admin is worse is not the news right but now we're really digging into church members you know almost 5 or 6 and then we realize that when we compare our church members to church members when we cut down their. Diet from meat eating to less meat eating cutting up fish and cutting our very products that are there buma actually goes down at the same time that I really problems goes down you know it's really hard to gain weight when you become bigger you know if nobody invite you over for dinner you sit there and have your just become isolated. Anyway so I believe that a lot of health was given to prevent and to reverse type 2 diabetes you know as most of us know this that you know it's so amazing oh our church was organized 863 May in only a few days later Ellen why Mr Selim why had this a special vision of health nurses and I truly believe that it was accused of God from God to your boss just so something this world doesn't have that we have and that is so instrument that we can use to spread our message the work of health reform is the Lord's means of lessening suffering in our world and for purifying his church you know let me just be a little bit of water here. So after I finish my of it and see I took a job in. Texas as a hospital I worked as a hospital for 3 years and the hospital built it to hire an outpatient center and they were looking for someone to run that all patients that are. Testing. So. So I was supervising the diabetes program and the end of. So the Dallas area is a I guess part of the like of Bible Belt press and they're very generous with their diet you know so like the hospital will have these are newly diagnosed diabetic patients and every time to patients come and they come to our clinic to learn how to eat healthy and reverse diabetes a soda so any given day when we 1st opened up the outpatient program maybe I was seeing average out doing maybe 4.5 to 5.5 new patients a day I mean just there all duly diagnosed diabetic patients at the time the data showed D.F.W. area had about 1000000 diabetic patients I mean a lot of diabetes patients and so they come in I have hand you know videos to watch a set and they come in. So often every 6 weeks or sometimes every 23 months and then afterwards I realize now we're managing over 2500 diabetic patients and I realize it's not really the problem will be insulin pancreas or lack of exercise at the end of the day so of mindgame that there's something about addiction that's really related to diabetic patients and so I start reading about addiction diabetes and the brain changes and that's something I like to really cover here. So in order to talk about addiction we have to talk about frontal lobe you know the frontal lobe obviously is the 2nd most popular administers health message of the cavalry after number one being haystack case that is number one. So. What is our frontal lobe you know everybody knows the frontal lobe is our brain so commenced in our and I'm their main 3 functions their number one is a future consequences like you know we know from 1700 marshmallow study from Stanford the kids are given a one marshmallow now if you wait 5 minutes you can get 2 marshmallows right and then what happened at the end of the study date followed the students what happened those kids who waited for 5 more minutes for 2 marshmallow they end up having higher degrees their average joe S.A.T. score was a $200.00 points higher and their B.M.I. was lower actually And then what's really interesting about the marshmallow study there's a 2 part to the arsenal a study this was actually done not by standpoint it was done by a university and oh by the way you are I'll be more than happy to share all my power points so if you guys want to part point just let me know I'll e-mail you guys every day so this was done 40 years later the guys who work for the Stanford University went to Kano and invited the so children who now became like me to 40 is right and use the functional M.R.I. to see is there any difference between the kids who just ate the marshmallow no or waited 5 minutes to you to Marshmallows there was a difference the kids who waited 5 more minutes they had a much stronger brain activity in their frontal lobe versus the kids who ate instantly had a much stronger activity in their limbic system so the frontal lobe is where we wait for the bigger reward longer we make a long term consequences calculations. 2nd thing with the frontal lobe does is a that's where we make a moral decisions this study was done this is actually review of a study from 2013 in the after does there are so many other study that came up in Spain what they do was that they collected all these brain scan studies done with moral issues and they found out when the super imposed oldest imaging studies the frontal lobes are where people use most of their brain to make a decision to do good or to do bad so that's a 2nd function of from too little and then their portion of the. Function of the frontal lobe is a frontal lobe is a where we control our emotions so that you know we can be angry but we do not act on our anger that's what the frontal of does so the other side is the limbic system what is the limbic system limbic system is located a Little Dorrit in our brain and they tend to deal with that. Fight or flight response appetite reproduction emotional response so if we. Do not have frontal lobe and just have a limbic system this is how we will be a window a church board meeting sometime you know. Praise God for the frontal of his kids civil in a way but limbic system is all it's not all bad you need a limbic system because a through the limbic system we have a biological survival mechanism meaning like when we're hungry we eat because we have a limbic system you know to limbic system we make our children and then that you motional response is a part of our board of beige on if someone has annoyed activity in their limbic system they're completely depressed that they cannot have no motivation they're not going to wake up in the morning so you need the limbic system but the key thing is we have trouble limbic system that is a controlled by a higher power which is the front lawn. So briefly talking about the limbic system and motivation is that you know when we exercise we experience does try and they would drink water and as we drink water wouldn't a limbic system we have a brain so we were system where you generate dopamine right and it becomes a part of our experience a part of the more of our memories so next time when we're exercising so we can wait a little bit. And exercise for that the reward of all cold refreshing water right the motivation through the limbic system comes from most Olympic the pathway it actually starts in our limbic system that generates of dopamine that we feel pleasure impact in life what makes all of us happy those born your transmitter dopamine and the green oxytocin and Sarah Tony believe it or not they actually all come from limbic system you know it's our part of bowl biological motivational system to wake up in the morning you guys all remember the story of Peter you know you want to tell Gita don't go to Jerusalem for the 3rd time it's really good to stay here you know we can enjoy all those 4 neurotransmitters and be happy. And just. Get be I mean Satan you are not pensive to me for your non mind all of the things of God but the things of man and I think Jesus is trying to describe the limbic system here when we are mindful of things of men when we are only wanting to be satisfied of the things of this world we're just living based on the limbic system and those 4 Happy New Year transmitters there's something in the frontal lobe that we are supposed to respond from God and suppress our sometimes even our desire for satisfaction to do God's will so from the Bible this is what I believe audition is when the things of man becomes greater than the things of God. In fact the word addiction in Latin is at a coast which means a person in slavery for depth or depth. And though it's quite interesting like all the addiction specialists describe audition process of hijacking the limbic system is hijacking your frontal lobe and then the rest of the brain in fact that's what happened if you look at the just in your pathway of the dopamine or to pathway it starts from the limbic system which generates the dopamine and controls a frontal lobe in the rest of the brain so once you become dull slave of the limbic system and those 4 happen your transmitters absolutely you'll be hijacked you know you guys will remember this in 2013 there was 0 controversy to be politically correct or not to consider whether obesity is a considered to be disease or not and and during the time very important article came up from in 08 and he was written by Dr Nora Volkow have you guys heard of or been very famous Roche is the director of national in sort of health on the drug abuse and she's so proud number one person when it comes to addiction and this is a very article and that's a picture of it and she describes what addiction is light you have to so delicious This is not there's a verger it's a regular burger that hijacks your hyper Dalmas which is part of your limbic system and then once the limbic system is hijacked it hijacks to I mean controlled by the food that he controls the frontal lobe same thing with the drugs because directly to your limbic system the reward system and then that hijacks of brawn to move and this is not admin has helped most of by the way I don't think Nora Dr Volkow is administering she just put the health message for us right here in the picture so the limbic system takes over and then after. Is a frontal lobe becomes a slave. Joy So what is the addiction when the limbic system gets greater than frontal lobe you know what's really so interesting about this is a step to Christ actually describes this you know as Governor Christ was a originally written you know the very 1st chapter of steps Christ was not there the 1st chapter of love of God was actually added up to $888.00 experience so the very 1st payment of all regional steps to Christ started like this man was originally in DA would normal powers and well balanced mind well balanced mind he was perfect you need mean and you know harmony with God he thought were pure He seems Holy See I don't know the actual brains get in Adam but he was kind of like this this is Adam's brains can hit a very strong frontal lobe and the higher nature was controlling the limbic system had a very balanced mind but after sin entered what happened before does so you know this is how the Adam was acting with a future consequence and moral decision were controlling his biological survival mechanism but after sin and through what happened this is a very 2nd paragraph of chapter 2 of steps price but through disobedience his powers are perverted and selfishness took the place of love his nature became so we can through transgression that he was impossible for him in his own strength to resist the power of evil to me that just described the symptoms of addiction right there that he's the limbic system becomes a source of his motivation has normally been able to control these are emotions cravings etc So addiction is a result of all unbalanced mind. You know I believe the purpose of health message and 3 angels message is to reverse that cycle to train the limbic system taking of the frontal lobe back to the where frontal lobe is controlled in the limbic system and that is the only way we can overcome and we just get little blue water. In fact ministry of healing describes the result the body is to be brought into subjection the higher power of the well being our tool I believe the higher power even every time spirit of property described is our frontal of the passions you know from our limbic system are to be controlled by the will we'll talk about the Will issues at the end which is itself to be under the control of God That's God's grace the king the power of the reason sanctified by divine grace that's the power that we do not have that God gives to us to bear sway in our lives that's a sanctification that's how we overcome addiction sir but that here unfortunately we do not have the power but that power comes by the experimental knowledge of God and of Jesus Christ whom he has sent transforms men into the image of God So by the experiment of knowledge of God our frontal lobes are again able to control our limbic system in the image of God gives Amanda mastery of himself bring every impulse and passion of the old born nature under the control of the higher powers of the mind in the beautiful that sent a vacation through the experiment knowledge of God the God create that's not you wouldn't notice that the gift of God that we can renew receive from God when you know works in our frontal lobe then we'll be able to control ourselves and that's the purpose of gospel. The very essence of gospel restoration what kind of restoration that grace the power of the Holy Spirit working in our frontal lobe to control our lives because of them so how does the addiction develops you know my patients are. After about maybe a 3rd or 4th visit many of them actually decide to give up meat even in Texas I mean that is really hard it's like trying to stop breeding you know sometimes for some of our patients in Texas but you know they also giving up steak chicken doable but chooses is impossible Have you guys heard from anybody you know you know why because a cheese is like a crack cocaine there's no coding to L.A. Times not according to me. In fact it was in 1900 we found dug in their e product in cheese there's 001 likes of some skull Qasim orphan and dead you know in fact in this study they concentrate that in Cuba to the laboratory mice they act like heroin addict I mean abandon their children to have more cheese. The question is why would God put heroin substance in milk I mean I look at this picture and think how cool is a God for her to do that well there's a biological survival mechanism that we talked about you know when a baby is born by drinking moms milk their limbic system generates dopamine and from that experience they create a life long lasting of bonding with their mom. You know I'm not saying moms are drug dealers but the Colonel he is kind of like that in a way biologically if I want to tell you story does when my son who's of 5 years old he was about 6 months old at the time when I was holding him you know when I was in medical school both my parents were killed same time in a motor vehicle accident so whenever I like seeing my children I I kind of feel I think about my dad all live you know so I was holding my son 6 months old and I was thinking wow this this almost been for my dad to hold me. And suddenly he was looking at me I was looking at him and I was just so you know to so. That's kind of a you for you and then suddenly he launches and then try to get milk from me I was so shocked you know that I had just pushed him away you know and. Since then our relationship has never been the same. You know it is because I wasn't able to satisfy his limbic system. Anyway. But I would just want to briefly just review all of you guys know this happens health message and dairy products you know let me ask this question who drinks milk in nature after their window which animal known. Impact when you look at the Harvard study they came out 2016 when you replaced all dairy products in the pages of the Nazi. The chance of their having cardiovascular disease goes down by 24 percent. This is 0 study from Universe in North Carolina last year that they looked at the patients who drink milk when you drink a one cup of milk every day that increases your chance of having a cognitive decline by 10 percent. You know we already talked about their product with Evan is health so there we progress are natural and on healthy and also so addictive and that that is why health message was given to us to give us this warning that she should never be introduced into the dummy you know like our I go to a Dallas. Or worth Korean administration and we have a large group group and they are mostly like high school and college children or students and then I try to give this presentation on their product as if they have a pizza dinner like once a month they never invited me again you know but that's OK. But you know not only I find addiction mechanism in the spirit of prophecy but also I find in a book of Romans you know. When I was growing up my mom. She'll pray she my parents had a very typical marriage my mother was one you sell them to the newest in our family and my father was of church period he was a War 2 And he grew up very hard and he don't like the fact that my mom was going to church and especially going to 7000 to church there are too many don't do this don't do that and my dad didn't like that at all but my mother was a like a woman of prayer and so we had a disk very old inexpensive house in Chicago and oh whenever my mom will wake up in the morning initial Crain the morning and her prayer will become a like morning alarm clock and I'll hear a prayer and I'll wake up and when I was in junior high school I'll wake up and I'll read a Bible every day south finish the Bible once a year but whenever I come to the Book of Romans it was a solo painful you know as a mine of junior high and high school even when I went to Enders You know I had the ology professor you know their lecturing book of Romans and he was also ome like oh just very last you know just so it wasn't clear to me but when I started studying addiction medicine then I understood it when I start reading Illinois writings and then I understood see Romans 7 is trying to describe are 2 different types of law there's a law of God and there's a lot of sin and these are be just describes it in a very clear manner is that the law of self-serving is the law of self-destruction you know when we follow the law of the limbic system you know when we live our lives just based on direct satisfaction on those happy new neurotransmitters we are following the law of place and at the end it's a destruction however when we follow the law of self-sacrifice instead of going after dissatisfaction. But going after God the creation the moving of the Holy Spirit we actually follow the law preservation the true love God so what is of flesh in the book of Romans and the way I described the lore passions have their seed in the body so it's a part of our body like limbic system right work through it the worst pleasure of fleshly or carnal laws embrace the BOR corrupt nature the pleasure of the self cannot act contrary to the will of God So this paragraph describes exactly the function and location of the limbic system but it also shows you how our body was created such a way that our frontal lobe has the power to control our limbic system but with sin we lose their power through disobedience steps Christ to a page 17 Our frontal lobe became weak and then our brain became unregulated and that's what almost 7 describes a flush and then results of our light become so lost in the last self-serving ultimately dull loss of self destruction in fact in 2000 victory in Cambridge University gave this review of what addiction mechanism is simply the result is that there's a connection between frontal lobe and limbic system from to straight all connection the network when there is a very weak connection between frontal lobe in the mix system the result of these patients are most likely to become more addicted you know it's so much easier to. Preach of the a logically or you know scientifically but though it is really hard to tell people to give up their addiction you know it's very hard I remember this one of my own health seminars that I don't with my wife Michelle always want me to point out that this is my wife here and at the time she was pregnant with our 2nd child she really wants pointed out so and though. I invited. Our clinic hospital patients etc and all but 70 people came to our church to receive health message and also to help healthy cooking and also the message the pastor gave all a good sermon so we put it like maybe for our presentation and one of the patient of mine who came she's very sharp Jewish lady who retired from New York area and she came she became a she came to Texas became my patient and came to the seminar and she told me that Dr Lee I will go with the everything you said at the church you know I love the message you gave from the Bible the importance of the law. The health message and also the cooking was great but she said. Well you know some of your church members didn't look that healthy percent. And then at the time I was going to tell it to those on look on healthy looking church members recently converted from Judaism but what actually report that came over. Is a God's grace actually held me down I was able to say. You know it is so it is so much easier to give presentations but you know we all have our own struggles. And it's a battle that we provide but we just have to lean on Cheetos and receive his power does the only way without cost create There's no point you know what had been as we understood this addiction mechanism for many many years in fact the early writing describes the Satan's brain and the this paragraph describes the bra which was once all normal I particularly noticed his forehead commenced from his eyes to receive you know it shows at how his frontal lobe which I guess shrunken for thousands I don't know millions of years rejecting God sprays you know we call this Bronco Lopes and your own. And what is the result of that he said I will ascend above the heights of the clubs I'll be like the most high he's following the law of self-preservation. And here comes the Cheetos to show the law of self-sacrifice this is the mind of Christ you know he was born with the body of Adam after certain he says the form of bondservant here is clearly so certain to brokenness but fortunately he was born of the Holy Spirit from day one right or knew by the part of grace he was able to overcome you know when though my family 1st came from Korea I was a 13 years old and before that I never had a nacho cheese my whole life and go on fortune at the time to Chicago central Korean church they do were healthy but they still love shoes and so we had a potluck dinner was actually dinner and I remember eating that not to choose for the 1st time it was oh it was just say wow and i'd that moment I understood why my family wanted to come to America you know so this is what American dream is you know. But that's exactly what happens with addiction this is a 2000 something universe in Michigan like when we like something and then we keep doing it are actually brain pathway changes and the connection between wanting to do things to actually doing it in figure to really get a shorter and shorter impact this change you habit formation we call it from MIT study shows it actually happens within our limbic system is our actually born nature to generate our habits and after does when we're stimulated. By to taste or smell the all the senses visual stimulus and then the memories triggered and through the memory we didn't experience or create craving and after that we do this over and over because you know though the world especially through the power of Satan is trying to make this world very very stressful you know I gave this one presentation on a stress and the health message is that if you look at it a lot of the health is a cone or acting all the stresses that we're getting from this world that's what a lot of health is right so when we experience so a stress the 1st part of the brain actually shows Stone is a prefrontal you know we realize the prefrontal lot is a part of the frontal lobe that's most important part of our brain it happened to be the most delicate Also So God created such a way when we are stressed out which causes the brain at repeat not purposely kept the front prefrontal lobe to going to like a sleep so that it's not damaged by distress but through the stress during the time when we are experiencing stress we actually become very limbic because there's nor prefrontal little frontal of controlling our limbic system and that's what happens with the stress with the cue we get into this habits for what I'm doing I do not understand what I'll do that I do not practice but what I hate that I do and then after a while we develop tolerance toward the things that used to make us happy you know you know economics they call the law of diminishing Marj of no utility in medicine what happen is up your butt down regulation of doping in receptor so the 1st ball of notches was great but the 2nd time it's not as good and 3rd time as cetera but because we have developed a habit. And because we experience distress so next time when we experience the stress the habit comes up from the limbic system and we go from or not to choose yet we do not experience the satisfaction and that's what Solomon went through vanity of vanities So what is of final destination of the addiction with the brain damage we become more impulsive we lose judgment and we start thinking pollution all dogs and we lose empathy and ultimately would lose will power that is the final destination of addiction you know we all know this I'll call trains your brain but also 2016 Australian study shows if you consume heavy concentration of sugar which is a you know alcohol is a different form of sugar we actually shrinks our brain Also it only takes the top weeks and with the addiction oftentimes we experience frontal lobe suppression and we become impulsive and then we make poor decisions I don't know you guys heard this news there's a couple in Korea South Korea where both of them are so addicted to the computer program or a computer game that their implant baby just died of starvation the saddest thing of all was Doug they're actually playing a game that actually of these the animals in the computer game and they both end up going to. Jail but you know that's the final destination of the addiction the loss of judgment and loss of will power. A little too much of this and this is where most of our patients are and we are sometimes your promises and resolutions are like ropes up said steps price page 47 well wretched man that I am who will deliver me from the audio. This is them for study they came out on. It's trying to answer that question medically you know right now medical community we can literally transplant everything far longs organs right but one thing we cannot give to our patients is a willpower that's why addiction is such a profit big problem so is the diabetes the loss of willpower so Stanford University will try to come up with a solution to people will power to these patients but there are 2 severely depressed patients they've gone through everything what they did there was a day open up their. Brain and they did a intracranial implantation So these are like electrodes very very tiny electrodes and there are trying to hit that location between its call interior singular cortex which is the highest level of the limbic system but it's also the pathway between the frontal lobe and limbic system and after day located that place and gave a little bit of the electric shock to this depressed patient they just want to die no willpower no desire to live and this is a I have a video of a dove. The sound is not the best but the gentleman who says it was like a positive thing like push harder push harder than pretty shot or they've only done 2 cases of this but the idea is this that this gentleman who saw depressed would nor will power no desire to live with this power that is outside opium he was able to experience the will power again and I believe this is all what 3 angels messages all above trying to keep us something that we do not have you know it's interesting that he was a 19 fifties we found out they Schumann nervous system is like the electrical system this is a Reader's Digest right so in 1000 fifties medical community science of found does that our nervous system is electrical system. But so mouth Spirit of Prophecy we knew long time ago that brain nervous system is the electrical current and I often wonder why why did God wanted to give us this information and more to that is this we remember the story of the woman who bled for 12 years. The. Minister of healing to spite of the healing process when she touched she just an electric current passing through every fiber of her being in fact Spirit of Prophecy over and over described the effect of the power of the Holy Spirit in our body as electrical response in fact the latter rain experience would be like that is like the gentleman who doesn't doesn't have the will power but he experienced something that is outside of them and able to do things he cannot do by himself men these a power outside of and beyond himself to restore him to the likeness of God his garbage is to 96 it is only by the experience of God's grace we can overcome ourselves you know no matter how hard we try to even you be clone ourselves and we fight each other to do something we're not going to be able to achieve anything so what is the true course of the will it is the power of choice you know often when I was a young boy. That I used to do tech window which is all you know the my master you often tell me that if you have what you know willpower you can break the bridge I said no that's just too much you know and but this Oriental thinking is. There are you know will power in in Europe to achieve greater things that's not true we can only choose to serve God or serve our selves when we desire to serve God that power comes from outside and help us to do it. And one neat This is interesting for me for steps of Christ and minister appealing use this phrase through the right exercise of the will I used to believe this like if I just so have all clean life if I just do all the things right then I can do everything I know it's the right exercise the will is so simply saying I want to serve you Jesus help me and when I do that I can live the life of faith because the power comes from him there's no power in me and same phrase again through the right exercise of the you will in a minute minister be only 176 a lightbulb victory over epic tight and lost when we desire to be set free from sin and in our great need cry out for all power out and and above ourselves the powers of the soul are imbued with the divine energy of the Holy Spirit and they obey the thick Kates of the will in fulfilling the will of God These are be just for $6.00 to $6.00 or need when that happens we do not walk according to the flesh but according to the spirit I just want to conclude. The one more idea. I believe that 13 joules message and when help message true health ministers come together the loud cry will happen. We all know the story of Gideon 32000 soldiers came to fight but it caught only chose 300 why do you know why because those 300 soldiers they prioritized responding to God's call more den satisfying their hunger and desires with water derp very frontal lobe oriented people and that does not happen overnight health message does not save us but health messages prepares us for the latter rain and those 300 were preparing themselves. To receive the calling the result of the 3 angles message and a true help as it came together the result was a loud cry this message got 30 message is the burden of our work it is to be proclaimed with a loud cry and he's to go to the whole world in both home and foreign fields the presentation of health principles must be united with did it here is a 13 goals message but not to be independent of it or in any other way take its place it is only $1.30 message in the Revelation 14 is mixed with the true health most of the Revelation 18 the loud cry will happen and for this reason temperance finds its place in the work of preparation for a crisis 2nd coming desire of H one N one. Prayer and yeah. Finish with the presentation if you have any comments or questions I'm always happy to. Shared the power points and also communicate with you guys in emails here this year and let's pray in a finish that presently your Father in heaven thank you so much for bringing all of us to him and conference we desire to be those $300.00 to be prepared for the all pouring of the Holy Spirit the final power that we can do the things we can only dream of desirable we do not have power alone but we believe your promise. Give us the power. To overcome ourselves to have the mind of Christ to become your servant we choose to serve YOU TODAY in just a we pray on this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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