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Structuring Efficient Short-term Overseas Medical Missionary Trips

Brad Emde OD



1. To encourage attendees to participate in short-term overseas medical mission trips.

2. To show examples of how to structure a short-term overseas medical missionary clinic.

3. To show the value of a vision clinic to break down barriers in overseas medical missionary work.


Brad Emde OD

Optometrist practicing and Owner of East View Eye Care in Greeneville, TN



  • October 26, 2018
    2:00 PM
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Your family Father we thank you for your many blessings we thank you for the opportunity to meet together and uplift one another and may we share and. Encourage one another to do service in your vineyard wherever it is whether it's at our own office or school or church or overseas and so we ask that your holy spirit be here be with me and give me clarity of thought and speak through me and you know my prayer and then so amen the theme for this year is call to service is to encourage each of us as doctors dentist I doctors I surgeons nurses pastors any lay person to be involved in medical evangelism in all its many forms whether it's medical care vision care dental care community health teams providing services to community needs health and lifestyle seminars praying with patients on our own clinics or whatever capacity that you're in it's a call to service but this lecture is designed to help one answer the call to service specifically overseas and so we're going to give some examples later of how one could go about structuring an efficient yet effective overseas mission clinic in a variety of different settings so I have to thank Dr Denis Benedict because he's to blame for all of my trips and. In this lecture even because he's the one several years ago back in 2000 well he started on me probably in 2012 for a couple of years at least. Ribbing me a little bit trying to get me to go on overseas mission trips and finally I said OK Dennis you know it's one of those that you kind of dread to see him come into you know what are you going to say asset or identity I said I'll make a deal with you I will go if you will go. With me so the next one that you go on you call me and if I can do it I will so he did and long story short we end up going to Coast Region 2014 and had a great time in sense then I have been to Peru in Mongolia in Moldova in shortly to Kenya so how many in the room have gone on overseas mission trips medical mission trips good so all of you could be up here saying the same thing that I have and what you've probably learned is that moment to mission trips are alike you will think OK I've kind of got my grasp on this and so after I went on my 1st one without Dennis. Which would have been my 2nd trip I'm like well at least I have a little idea of what we did down there and it did help me a lot but then you got to change it because it wasn't the same in so. But these are learning objectives here today and that is 1st I want to encourage all of you and all of you that might be listening wherever you are hearing this around the world to participate in short term overseas medical mission trips and we're going to dive into why secondly to show examples of how to structure a short term overseas medical missionary clinic and then to show the value of vision specifically to break down barriers in overseas medical missionary work so let's dive into number one to encourage everyone to go so we have to ask ourselves 3 questions 3 and 3 why questions so the 1st is why short term overseas then the 2nd one is why overseas and the 3rd is why medical mission so why short term some people are called to serve full time somewhere in the world which is fantastic. And but they have to be supported in some way for living expenses so the organization needs to sponsor them or they're going to have to work over there a little bit on the side or something to be able to live and provide or have somebody a church or somebody has a sponsor them maybe a grant or a foundation so short term trips are something that it really allows everyone to experience serving others outside your normal environment in a way that you can normally save up enough money to finance it yourself you know so I know what you've done you know with some of your savings there in your practice and you're like OK I'm just going to dedicate that to mission work and you know there's ways that you can kind of plan ahead and short term isn't so expensive as going for 3 years or something like that in then it allows you also to have that fire for overseas missions but yet when you come back you help finance those that are over there because you love missions now and so you're going to help people that you can't go full time that are full time because they need our help in so then why overseas so why overseas I'm going to dive into this no matter what your profession whether you're a doctor a nurse dentist minister teacher it doesn't matter you are cold to serve those people that God puts in your path right where you are right in your office right in your clinic your school your church wherever that might be for me in Greenville Tennessee or might be in Indian Wells California or Quito sprue So why overseas we're going to I'm going to give you about 8 or 9 points why overseas one you get to see the world. This is my wife and that is I slaw on her shoulder and so you know we have had a few decades underneath our belts and I never thought that I would ever hold a salon or see one in the wild and let alone have one around my neck while I'm refracting a patient in the middle of the Amazon jungle in a little clinic down the Amazon River in Peru so if you would have told me that a little baby slaw would be hanging on to my neck watching me change lenses in front of a patient I was taught you're crazy if you would have told me that 20 years ago when I says it's coming out of optometry school I was taught you're crazy there's no way I'm going to be doing that and yet I did it and look how interested he is. He's checking out he's probably correcting me and thinking No that wrong but. In the end if you have told me that I'd be hiking around much of peach you with my kid I would've thought you're crazy OK we got to spend a day there on the way home if you would have told me that Dennis and I would be feeding. 2 cans with food my mouth and letting him pluck the food right out of my mouth in Costa Rica I thought you would be crazy if you had told me that I'd be riding a double hump Bactrim camel in Mongolia I would have thought you were crazy versus the single hump you know the dromedaries that we have here and or watching a sunset walking among the big errors in Mongolia you know you just don't see things or how about walking the Great Wall of China near Beijing on the way back from Mongolia at our layover that we had there so you see the world. This also allows you to see and learn new cultures and taste new foods and things like that so luckily you just ate hopefully but this is Moldavian food Moldovan food if you ever have a chance to eat it eat it it is so good they fed us so well when we are in Moldova you get to taste all these things all the way around the world why overseas also it forces you to learn at least in part a new language some Bazza know that's hello in Mongolian boon as the one day in Romanian preview hello and Russian and of course quality or DOS which is better one or 2 you make new friends when you go overseas so these were 2 ladies among Bollea that were just I couldn't help myself and they were they were cracking up and so was I and beautiful little children in Moldova. Angelo with some. Ladies that I believe these are the ones that fixed some of our food for us at one of the churches sweet sweet ladies you get to work with teams that you would never work with otherwise So here's a here's our eye care team in Mongolia you know that that it is written organization that organized that trip couple years ago you know we had $120.00 volunteers on that trip from all over the world and if you notice standing next to me is Dr Jake a provocateur from eyes for India and I would never have gotten an opportunity to work with him there's Peter Blackburn over here he's a retina specialist out of Kentucky and his daughters are there Sydney and Sophie. Over here and his wife Linda there he's a retired optician John sole who's over here he's a technician and he helped us and then from our home church Kevin and his the A Finley's not pictured here but their daughter's here Kayla and Kiran also helped in the vision clinics and and we we you get to meet people and work beside people from all over the world or Knopper to unity and then our students that we took to us to Moldova here and here that's Judah brass and that is. Miguel Perez and their friends that they made which later in the week came up probably some of these right here even for the altar call that are so shit pastor made and it's because of these relationships and encouraging you know if you just make friends and we still are in contact with people all over the world and so there broadens your overall knowledge to so why overseas you want yourself and your family and if you're to take your kids or anything you want them to have a broad perspective of the world you want them to be able to go into a Buddhist temple in see a Buddhist monk in how they worship. Because in just to give you some perspective here notice the gold legs right here OK he's down here that's a full grown sized man and those are the legs right there so he is looking up at this and this is an Mongolia and you see this and you get to show your kids the prayer wheels of turn and you know you've heard of that that's the prayer wheels turning in you you get exposed to different religions you understand when you go to other parts of the world that Christian based nations are more privileged God has blessed those nations versus the pagan nations and when nations turn away from God The whole nation suffers you see this when you travel the world and those of you that have gone you you know this so it actually cements your own religious experience and your conversations with your patients I just talked about that experience right there that I just said about the traveling I was speaking to a patient of mine about how it helps me know that Christianity is the best choice in the world specifically of course 7th Avenue Scrushy HANNITY But. Of the major religions number 6 so there's why overseas because there's far more poverty in other countries than in the United States now there is poverty here we have in Greenville we get all the eye doctors that are willing to donate eye exams every year and free vision clinics right in our hometown we do that and but they're the poor overseas are much more poor than we are in so testimonies for the church volume 7 Ellen White says Never does the Gospel put on an aspect of greater loveliness than what it when it is brought to the most needy and destitute regions then it is that. Then it is that its light shines forth with the clearest radiance and greatest power most destitute regions you know and many of you have gone to more destitute regions than I have gone in so that's where our message is most valuable Yes OK Page 26 yes thank you so the greater the need the greater the impact and then why over seas because Number 7 it increases your faith it makes you rely on God for things that you can't do we are so self-sufficient here in the United States and in most places in the world that are well developed and God performs miracles for us every day but you're more likely to realize the blatant miracles that God does for you overseas because of your own need of help over there and I will give you an example. And I might even talk about this well I'll talk to you about this later here in the lecture I've got actually pictures that will help so faith is believing that God will do what he says he's going to do right so there's many definitions of faith but this is the basic one that I have heard and this is my favorite It means that I am going to believe that God is going to do for me and others what he said he's going to do and what the Bible says he's going to do and when you see it firsthand this faith in God grows it grows for you it grows for your family and it grows for any kids that are on your trip or others in your in your team. So let me give an example so we have a real nice autorefractor about a 8 or so 1000 dollar a refractor that we take it's a portable you can see it right here well it's never given me problems ever before Intel we went to Mongolia and we started seeing hundreds of patients so this thing was you know running out of battery and we had to keep it plugged in and there we are haven't it was overheating basically OK and so I didn't realize this I'm seeing patients and Kevin finally has his daughter are in this room and he's trying to reboot this thing 20 times in the 2nd so he told me at the end of the day Brant I don't we this is really slowing us down what's going on with this thing I'm like whoa it's got to be overheating or something so the 2nd day we got to clinic and he tried to turn it on and the thing when even turned on and we're like oh no because it's not that you couldn't do it without it but man that means you're not going to see as many patients and that means all those patients that you didn't see are not going to see any hope of love or what we came to do for them OK And so you just hate to turn people away in so we stop right there in we just that was about 4 or 5 of us whoever is near 0 does that to me or let's have a quick prayer and so we we prayed specifically that this this auto refractor would work in would not give us trouble and that we could use it all the rest of the week in so after that it worked all day and Kevin only had to reboot it one time he only had to reboot it one time the whole rest of the week and on Friday he didn't have to reboot it at all and then when we got to Moldova it never gave us any trouble at all so his work ever sends them OK so that's a miracle because we were needing it God knew we were needing it we didn't have another one. There's a there's a principle in the Bible that I've learned and that is in Ellen White says this too and that is is that God wants to work with humanity together with human effort divine effort combine in so when Jesus his 1st miracle if you remember he turn the water to wine but what do you tell him to do 1st fill the water jars right so fill the water jars then I will do the miracle in fact I won't do the miracle and tell you actually pour it out and when you pour it then I'll do the miracle when did the water separate you remember when they stepped in across the it was a pejorative the Reds Jordan and so when they had that faith and exercised it said OK and then then it was open Jesus could have flicked away the stone at the tomb right he didn't he says roll the tomb stone away and then. I will do the miracle for you so when we go on mission trips we want to do everything in our power logically learn from each other and when you've done what you can do. Now you can expect a miracle it's not presumption at that point OK so this same principle is what I tell my patients if you're an alcoholic and you find yourself at the bar on Saturday night you're like well God never delivered me from the bar he can he could transplant me over here yeah that's true but but don't place yourself in the bar if you're an alcoholic you know don't go where you do do your part and he will help strengthen you love what was it Dr Adams said today earlier you know every every temptation it doesn't matter what you're doing you sit down to eat. You know I'm walking through the valley of the shadow of death right now Lord I need your help that's every day that doesn't that's a video game addict when he sits down in front of his video game that is us when we sit down to eat that is us when we start to gossip it's us when everything you we're told a reliance on God this is what overseas medical mission does for us it teaches that and that is a lesson that we need in most of us learn this and that's why you come back and you hear everybody that comes back and south was more blessed than the people I went to help because it reminded you of your reliance on God That's why you're blessed in that and when you realize that in your weakness you're strong then you've got something when you get home that you're going to benefit that you can share with others it's very very valuable to go overseas as a result of that this is the one. In Moldova and we you know we try to estimate what powers we're going to take with us on when we go on vision clinic trips because you don't know like I knew Asians because they're more near-sighted right than than say like United States or in South America and so instead of taking a lot more plus powers we were going to emphasize a little bit more and Dennis and I talk about this too so every time I go on a mission trip we're downstairs in the basement at my building with my with some of my staff and we're filling some of the boxes and bags and things like that before we do anything we pray. And we're like Lord you know exactly how I'm going to see you know exactly what I'm going to need help help us grab and fill these bags with what we're going to need over there and so you just do what you can do and so in Moldova we were running out of plus powers OK so we had 2 churches left I believe and so that morning we prayed Let's see starting to run low and plus powers trying to figure out what powers we still had available from the 1200 pairs we brought and so we're trying to figure this out and so we prayed that we'd have patience that day with more minus prescriptions and guess what that particular region right there had mostly minus prescription patients which we hadn't seen all week Go figure you know God's in control. Then I see this lady in this is the store I want to tell you earlier she has a corner you know not not a big deal but you know if they get worse they can block the cornea and you can lose vision in very very common in Peru not as common in Moldova but this lady had bad ones in we were there and it's 414 degrees every morning and it's cold and there's snow everywhere and so I wanted her to have protection specifically sunglasses which we didn't take sunglasses with us that time in so. She needs a butt but if I get her and if we ever do take sunglasses there Plano sunglasses or maybe a bifocal with a little reading area down there and that we don't take any other prescription reading glasses in the distance and as far as I know as Dayo you know we don't get any of those or I don't remember seeing any at least in so I remember specifically in the basement I'm like OK I'm not going close to the equator I'm pulling all of the sunglasses out so I had all my text everything I said Pull pull ever all the sunglasses out and so they did and. I saw a couple that has snuck through and I'm like oh that's OK Just leave it in so I get over there in the so this lady's a plus 200 in the distance and that means up close she's going to need like a plus $400.00 plus for 50 or something like that for reading you know Monaco physio and she's a pharmacist but she's actually working dispensing glasses of this trip instead of medicine and so I'm not. Any sunglasses left because I'm like you know having sunglasses and she's like yeah she has we have one left but the problem is that it's a it's a distance vision only and out of the $1200.00 pairs that we brought it's a plus to. Distance vision only which is exactly what I wanted for this lady when I came back and I told the story to my staff they're like no way we pulled all the sunglasses out now I knew they had missed one or 2 because I had seen them in the bags packing when I was so but I'm like you know what God knew what he was doing God knows what he's doing because I prayed for that so I don't know if he did it in the basement but my building or if he had an angel just kind of drop it there behind our backs whatever the case. This lady had exactly the power that she needed that we don't even make as they are Association when we go so faith is contagious too this is number 8 why overseas because faith is contagious and encourages believers in church members in that part of the world to do the same thing and give an example so every clinic we started with prayer which most of you do is well I'm sure and so the volunteers are there the translators are they are some of them are non Advena stomach of them are non-Christian and they would tell us what encouraged meant we were to them because the people they don't in other parts of the world they don't get humanitarian aid I mean they don't they don't mentally get it it's that they can't wrap their head around that especially in an atheistic communistic kind of background because that's not so it let me give you an example Roussillon. Tell told us the story of his grandmother I think it was that went to the emergency room and if you don't have money in Moldova when you go them urgency room for emergency they won't treat you so the grandmother I think can't remember she had a stroke or she tripped and hit her head or something she had to go to the E.R. And they said you have money issues and I don't have money with me now by the way they all have insurance. But you have to money on top of the insurance and so she was I don't have money with me but my family's coming and they will pay you when they get here and they're like we will treat you when your family gets here she ended up dying in the emergency room waiting room because the family couldn't get there fast enough this is the mindset they don't have and it really frustrated Dr provoker Dick a provocateur from eyes for India because he was all over the world to help people and there's this mindset of why would you help the other ophthalmologist the other I surgeons in there they're like we don't get paid extra if we had if we did 20 extra surgeries today or last you know he does hundreds and a day but I mean you know we don't get paid extra why should we do this they don't wrap their head around why like a Christian nation like the United States for example or you know Great Britain or something so it's contagious and so. We were at one village in Moldova and the mayor stopped the clinic so he came in and he stops the clinic after he looks around and and I saw him in everything and he stands up and he said I was just given a book on salvation that is non Adventist he says I was given a book on salvation and here's what he said to everybody all the all the people waiting everything he said we've seen salvation today in these people. He says these people are specialist in their field but every one of us is a specialist in our own field we should be using our talents to serve others like these people have served us today guess what he just got he just got the admin is tell from message and he's preaching it to everybody for us because he saw us isn't that neat and so when they when you see it overseas and they get it and then the local conference people get it and then when you come back and you give the reports at your church or wherever then you encourage others to get it and then it's you can have an influence and so people are watching you so so why overseas as well is because yes it's really neat that we do the free version clinics our local town and all that but when you go overseas people are curious people are kind of interested Oh you oh you went to Mongolia that's not a place that you normally go or you went to Peru or you know and thought OK that's interesting and so on my website. Easterby I.Q. dot com You go there and on the I have a mission tab so I have like you know OK meet meet the doctor our services stuff like that on a normal website but I have a forgot where you can call it Mission Trip our mission efforts or something like that and it goes in and I have a little blog there with pictures of these trips and in that blog I've got links to it is written Maranatha you know people of Peru project these other organizations and I think 20 point in so in that little blog they Greenville have us to Cademy I got links in there to all these different organizations that help on this trip or organize this trip so now it's a is what why are we on this earth we're on this earth to save souls we have a message if you're some of them and us you have a message for the world and that's our purpose it's not to see 50 patients a day it's we have a message to the world that just pays the bills and helps finance our primary. Job and that's to spread the gospel and so when you can get a link to the is other things and then they can start seeing and see all these programs on the it is written website and all these other things then there you just made planted seeds that are going to sprout when everything hits the fan later I don't know if it's next year or 10 years on a when but when it does these seeds are going to sprout and it's our job to be planters of the seed waters of the seed in and Jesus is going to reap the harvest and we are going to be right there to to cry in joy when we see that and then they ask multiple that this is so where you go and this year I want you know if I don't have something planned it's going out well this year I'm not doing any service in the Lord for the Lord you know that they that's how they would take it I'm like all of it or you know where am I get what am I going to do this year and they my patience encouraged me to go because I should go right dentist that's what he kept telling me so why medical mission so Jesus says Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and not glorify yourself that's not why I have it on the website is a glorify your Father which is in heaven Matthew 516. Counsels on health through 37 precious life has been given me concerning our sanitarium workers these workers are to stand in moral dignity before God physicians make a mistake when they confine themselves exclusively to the routine of sanitary morte because or hospital work or office work because they consider their presence essential to the welfare of the institution every physician should see the necessity of exerting all the influence the Lord has given him in his A wide of a sphere is possible he is required to let his light shine before men that they may see his good works and glorify the Father who is in heaven this is a requirement that we've got men and women doesn't matter if you're a 7th Avenue and you're not a you're not a physician you still have that requirement by the way we all all are required for that OK so there's no question that strictly humanitarian aid is greatly needed all over the world even here in the United States but true complete health involves more than physical wellbeing it involves emotional wellbeing and in spiritual wellbeing many times organizations go on humanitarian aid trips but they neglect the emotional and especially they neglect the spiritual aspects of health going on a medical mission trip involves all 3 aspects of health and it does here too when a man does you know local clinics as well the work of God So this comes from 9 testimonies 117 the work of God in this earth can never be finished can never be finished. In tell the men and women comprising our church membership rally to the work and unite their efforts with those of ministers and church officers to if you're not if they're not rallying together it's not going to get done is what she's saying so why are we still here because we're not doing as a people what we should be doing OK if we were doing exactly what we should be doing in the Gospel went to the world Jesus would come back and we're told that over and over just going to come air this many times Ellen White says that continuing on the same reference the salvation of sinners requires requires earnest personal labor we are to bear to them the Word of life not to wait for them to come to us Oh that I could speak Words to men and women that would arouse them to diligent action the moments now granted to us are you we are standing upon the very borders of the eternal world we have no time to lose you don't have time to go to a 2 hour movie you don't have time to waste 3 hours on a video game you don't have time to waste time going to a sports arena for 6 hours or whatever let's let's know where we are in earth's history the job that we have to do and let's stop waiting to do it in and waiting for a different generation of the US to come by and do it OK continuing. That last comment was not in the way every moment is golden and altogether too precious to be devoted merely to self-serving This is why. The atomosphere Association kind of was tried to shift a little bit and try to get more into if we're going to spend the time let's spend it in in edifying each other at a convention like amen and that's why we've teamed up with a man. So who will seek God earnestly and draw strength draw from him strength and grace to be as faithful workers in the missionary field you know this comes from the review and herald May 912 Many have no faith in God and have lost confidence and man but they appreciate the acts of sympathy and helpfulness but they do appreciate acts of simple sympathy and helpfulness as they see one with no inducement of earthly praise or compensation coming to their homes ministering to the sick feeding the hungry clothing the naked comforting the sad and tenderly pointing all to him of whose love and pity the human worker is but a messenger as they see this their hearts are touched gratitude springs up and faith is kindled they see that God cares for them in His word is open and as his word sorry is opened they are prepared to listen. Manuscript 581001 says The world must have an antidote for sin as the medical missionary work as the medical missionary works intelligently to relieve suffering and save life hearts are softened those who are helped are filled with gratitude and as the medical missionary works upon the body God works upon the heart Now what does heart equal when you know some of the mind so God is working on their mind when you're helping them and he's planting all kind of things in their mind as you're working with them and. Atheist in San Antonio when we're down there for your best pathway to hell and he was talking about how you don't believe in God and I just said you know I was dogged him with things I told him I said one of your proofs one of your best proofs that there is a god is that there's over 1200 volunteers that have taken time out of their work to pay for a plane ticket to fly here and help you there's no reason that they would do that to pay to help people it's only through the power of God that anybody would do that because if you're of the world that is not what you would do OK you're not going to spend your money doing that or your time this gratitude as well is they is they think about this positive experience that they've had with you as a minister of the gospel and you know all the aspects you remember the University of Wisconsin joy resentment versus joy study that they did a few years back and they took middle aged women and they were going to get a flu shot and before they gave the flu shot they said to this group they said we want you to think for 7 minutes of. Something that just brings joy to your heart the birth of your baby you know your wedding day well you know whatever the other group they said now we want you to think for 7 minutes on something that just irks you in the end just like a speeding ticket you didn't you weren't speeding or just makes you mad every time you think about it we just want you to think about those things that something you resent OK That's all I asked them just think about that and then they gave the whole group all both groups the flu shot 6 months later they bring these ladies back and they check the specific antibody titer to that flu vaccine and the group that had the joy thoughts had 50 percent more antibodies from 6 months ago then the group who had the thoughts of resentment so that means today your immune system could be affected from what you thought 6 months ago that's powerful so that means that about 6 months ago and we're in Moldova right now possibly the women at least not in hear anything about men in that study but maybe the women in Moldova because they had a positive thought for 7 minutes that I was there have better health now. Just based on that you see what I'm saying now that's a lot of extrapolation and I understand that but that's you get the idea put joy in somebody is life when when the biggest compliment we get my office is when patients tell me you know every time I come in here if I'm not in a good mood I'm always in a good mood when we leave and I get that all the time and you probably do too that's medical missionary work even if I didn't pray with them even if I didn't have a 20 minute conversation about the Sabbath or anything my staff knows this every week when we pray we dedicate our next week to being showing God's love to the community OK that's what we do when I hire somebody I don't ask him anything about their religion I don't ask him into a legal OK once they have the job once they're hired then I go to them and say By the way I'm a Christian sometimes Christian and I say we we pray at our staff meetings we like to pray for our patients my staff brings these prairie quests more than I do my staff collects them. Do I need to make accommodations for you Are you OK with that Luckily I live in the Bible Belt and so it's so everybody on my staff is on board with this even if they don't go to church even if they haven't they're not religious per se or anything like that they are on board with it because this is contagious and those people that are the least religious in my office many times have the most prayer requests and they are right they remember and they they gather these and they bring them and it's really neat to see this is this is what we need to be doing. This is medical missionary 239 medical missionary work brings to humanity the gospel of the release from suffering disease remember remember this. Who present of this disease is this ease so if that means you're suffering from something you've got disease so she says the gospel brings release from suffering it is the pioneer work of the Gospel it is the gospel practiced the compassion of Christ revealed of this work there is great need and the world is open for it God grant that the importance of medical missionary work should be understood and that new fields may be immediately entered the gospel is good news it's the good news that Jesus can release us from the bondage of sin OK it's it's really good news and we're going to talk about this a little bit in my next lecture in the next hour so again this is from manuscript 151908 the mission of Christ was to heal the sick encourage the hopeless bind up the brokenhearted the this work of restoration is to be carried on among the needy suffering ones of humanity God calls us not only for your benevolence but your cheerful countenance your hopeful words the grasp of your hand relieve some of God's afflicted ones some are sick and hope has departed bring the sunlight to them there are souls who have lost their courage to speak to them pray for them there are those who need the bread of life read to them from the Word of God There is a soul sickness that no bomb can reach no medicine heal pray for these and bring them to Jesus Christ. In in all your work Christ will be present to make impressions upon human hearts this is the kind of medical missionary work to be done bringing the sunshine of the Sun of Righteousness into the room of the sick and suffering and that's that's what I try to encourage my staff to do this the education push page through and on in our life here earthly in our life here earthly sin restricted though it is the greatest joy and the highest education are in service and in the future state meaning heaven untrammeled by the limitations of sinful humanity it is in service that our greatest joy in our highest education will be found in service witnessing as ever we witness learning a new the riches of the glory of this mystery which is Christ in you the hope of glory collections one point 7 This is why it Greenville advents the town and the school board has kind of rallied behind the idea of mission trips because my wife and I were convicted of this several years ago in if this is where your greatest joy is what do I want for my children I want happiness for my children I want them to experience the joy in service OK so I don't care what they do in life is long is they are doing it with an attitude of serving others so if you are an optometrist great if you are a ditch digger great but if you're an optometrist or ditch digger and you go to work just to get a paycheck one it's a waste of your witness. And secondly you're not going to have joy if you're working for a paycheck you're not going to be happy OK even if it's a big paycheck which kind of helps a little bit right OK But ultimately the look at Hollywood I mean they're committing suicide left and right they're not happy they don't have this attitude of greatest joy and that's why this is what Jesus is trying to tell us is that he says Foxes have holes I have no place to rest my head OK but simulate me because you're going to be happy and I will take care of you that's OK That's a little long answer to this you know why why question the 3 questions but we we covered OK short term overseas medical mission of now let's go on to how to structure these. Mark family tells of this fantastic His friend told him of this fantastic beatitude which applies to every day but it especially applies in my opinion on overseas mission trips you know what the beatitude is Blessed is He who is flexible for he shall not break. Which I think is very very good and so nothing is going to go as planned on a mission trip I should say nothing but many things do not go as planned as you know and so. There's physical needs and so this was when we went to Peru and there is Dr cos Benson right here in so he and his father in law and so we had 2 physicians and they were and we had a. Couple of nurses and they were doing. A medical clinic on this side of the room and then on this side was there I am right there and I'm doing a vision clinic over there and so we basically would go into whatever little community center that you know we could find and we just put down right in the middle you take half I take half I put my charts over their heads my visual acuity charts and so here they are in counseling so Dr Stiles yeah I forgot his and then. There I am and so you can see so here they are and there's our charts way up there over their heads because we need a little bit of distance and we just put our people behind them and this was in Mongolia when we had the dental team with us and they had the doctor or that was in charge of the dental or there's my oldest daughter Katie Jane and there's Kayla and Lee Dr Jake Oprah Bachar and Dr Peter Blackburn exam patients the local hospital and Elizabeth Chung Sol is the child was in our rotation of the vision clinic too because what they did is the day off of all the medical clinics the Vision team would come in and so we would go to like all 6 churches and she was assigned to rotate with us really sweet and then. Here's this. You know that sinking feeling in your office when you've got patients piling up and charts on the door and it's like oh you know and you know and then this person here has like extra stuff that you've got to take care of and they have not only glaucoma but my killer degeneration cataracts all that like OK there's another 20 minutes and I'm just going to be high so you've got to get used to that feeling big time when you've got a whole room in the line goes outside and you know how it is on a on an overseas mission clinic it's stressful and you've got to kind of put that out of your mind and. So it's like all of these people are watching you so you're on stage but you pray in our prayer at the beginning we know we're going to be on stage just like you're on stage in your office every day. We are on stage and people are watching and they are going to watch how you react and your family's watching and you know how much you failed with your family just like I have failed of mine so but that's why you pray all the more because when you sense your need. In my weakness I'm strong and so they can be busy so you go and you while we were doing the vision clinics the other the other aspect of overseas missions which we did which I thought at least on this trip was really good as we did they contacted the local pastors contacted the mayor of the villages that we went to and said we're going to have a team of American teenagers coming what can they do for the village for the town and the mayor is like oh and they would come up with they would give us in contact in the with the people in need and in different things around the city that these teams could do while I was doing the exams. So they were visiting shut ins and helping visit the homeless shelters chopping wood just visiting the neglected elderly and they were going to go back to. And. I think scrubbing the floors at one of the local community halls delivering food so we got physical needs mental and emotional needs and so in Mongolia how we did this was when I go I will pray a lot of times with my patients on the mission trips but what's really good is to get the local people the local the local Bible workers from the local churches there and while they're sitting there then they come and they pray and talk and invite them to their different meetings all that because they're waiting in line anyhow and so then they can ask them any special things I can pray with you today and that that means a lot from they can speak their own language but then those Bible workers anything special like that then they'll come and tell me and I can have a special prayer with them if needed as well in what we did here at this church the local church set up an outside little tent because otherwise they'd have to be standing all these people in the sun they just sent this tent and so in that tent were chairs and Bible workers and so they would just talk and mingle mingle among men so they met your spiritual needs and emotional needs. And so here's an example of one that needed special prayer you know a couple more and then of course John Bradshaw in the evening would do the evangelistic series and I think 1100 people maybe were in that auditorium and here's our this is back in Moldova in Pastor Alex Soria. Did our evangelism meetings that night and that's Roussillon the conference the union secretary Moldova was a translator for him and at the end of the week this is what it's all about because a lot of these kids from the B.B.S. programs that we did and even the adults that went to Pastor Alex's meetings came forward gave their hearts to Christ and you you see this and then you get addicted to the overseas missions because then when you see this as Angela likes to say. You know we're crying there because we're like OK we actually made a difference just like you on your mission trips and sometimes we don't see the difference sometimes you won't see the difference until we're gathered up in the clouds the 2nd Coming but God gives us sometimes anough to see to keep us going not to get prideful but they keep us going and his intellect to save the tears were coming down it wasn't like oh it just a tearing up a little bit it was tears like dripping off your chin tears OK it was powerful still makes me tear up when I think about it here's our B.B.S. programs in Peru and so there's many ways to do mission trips and more B.B.S. programs in Moldova the kids were involved. So you can here's the thing that you definitely want to do when you go on overseas medical mission clinic and it's extremely helpful to team up with organizations who've done it before have been in that country before and have contacts so examples or it is written off a quiet hour there's many more that you can go with. Was our helper for our Moldova trip in Mongolia but he had he knew Roussillon and he knew all the contacts he knew what our needs would be and so he was able to guide us in Marin opposite helping us go to Kenya and Dennis and I went with quiet hour in. You just have to have these local contacts and you have to have organizations that are very organized like these are and they have the contacts and they know what is safe there it's just really important so team up with them. And transportation they know they know who to contact for all of that So here's how we structured these like Coast Rica we had to I doctors in Peru we had one eye doctor 2 physicians Mongolia 120 of all specialties in Moldova just me. And so here is how we set up in Moldova this is the eye exam form that I was telling some of you about earlier and so we have a little history station then the refracting station where that little machine I was telling you about the auto refractor was then we checked there their visual acuity both in the distance and up close now up close is optional and I'll tell you that obviously helps us but it's optional. Because you can't tell when their age is filled out. How are you going to but the reason you want near visual acuity is because it creates another contact point for the smile that they'll see in you OK So if they're waiting in line and there's 50 people in line it's really nice to have somebody go and check near visual acuity because it it gives them another point of positive contact does that make sense so if you have an extra person on your team just do it if they do it wrong doesn't matter you you don't need that information necessary and so that you think about these things as you do it so 11 I always have these black sheets that Angel has sewn together in it helps keep their pupils bigger to get for that well Shalen spot refractor to get a better reading and so we always put Kevin in Kevin Finley in a dark room or he builds these little cages with my sheets like this in Mongolia so every place you go in the hard part about Mongolia was every day it's stressful because every day you've got to come to a brand new little building who knows how big it is and set up a clinic in 20 minutes with the good flow and the appropriate physical needs and all the tables and all that and it's stressful but the Lord provides so. We use a tumbling each chart where you know they can just match it and you can do that anywhere in the world pretty quick without a translator. And but here's Katie Jane and she's creating another contact point to bring the sunshine of the Sun of Righteousness into the room so here's this right waiting room in there and she's there going around the circle and she's got a smile on her face and it's a little piece of data so this is what I take it's basic you can buy a little lens ometer straight from China on e Bay for 99 bucks you can I take my direct scope I take a trans woman ater and I take a variety of Flipper bars and a lens cloth and I take a 20 diopter. Might be IO lens and I take some retinas could be bars there I have my retina scope with me as well if I need it but it's it's I don't really use it that much because it's usually too bright in the room anyhow and hand sanitizer highly recommend and some Globes so that if you have some it has a conductive Eidos or something you can go up and help them and try to take some so this is my fancy slit lamp you know so here's that's the only reason I bring my B.-I Owens is because it's 20 doctors of power and then I put that on the slip setting and you've got a you've got a poor man's slit lamp but it works and it works like. You can easily diagnose nuclear cataracts with that. And long lines of people so this line here I am right there this line goes all the way up stairs and there's another 50 people in the sanctuary upstairs waiting on me and so I'm like so I don't want to turn these people away you just don't you saw them I'm thinking in Moldova it was a little bit tricky because you had to speak Russian and Roumanian and you didn't know which And so I finally said you know what I'm going to get to translators and as he's getting the history from her I'm going to do my job on her tell tell my translator what to tell or and then by the time I'm over here so I had to exam lanes going and I would get up and walk back and forth and that made all the difference so that's something I learned that men and now I'm not taking the time to pray with a patient but I'm making a bigger impact I'm letting other people pray so there's a tradeoff there but if I sense a need that doesn't mean that I can't stop and make a special prayer if somebody bring somebody to me like that so here's all of our glasses that we bring and I want to tell you. One thing here one thing I've learned as well OK I've got a rep as is when you pack up glasses Let's say you take a 1000 pairs of glasses I have learned you don't put those all in one suitcase OK because you will get stopped in customs in so I have gone to many places and I will now separate them in bags of like 12 to 20 and those don't get stopped. And so when we have our team going now if you're the only person going you don't have to put in a couple suitcases or ship it ahead or whatever but. You. You know you get 60 bags and take 1200 pairs of glasses and nothing is in you can go into the country the Welsh Allan spot looks like a camera so that they sense that you've got something expensive they're going to want to tax you to get it in the country OK so that's what we did and I even put when I went to Mongolia I even put in the bag I didn't put just Plus two's in one bag I put the whole spectrum in the bag now when we got over there then what happened is we had all these piles but I knew we were going have a little bit extra time over there and so we had a big team if we took a couple hours and then report them in stacks in the appropriate powers that way if anything's confiscated you have all the powers you still need if you want to just think ahead and try to think in and when you do the most you can do then it's then you can boldly ask God and I have said this because I've been stopped going to Peru and in my God this is your problem I'm here I've done everything I know to do it's on you it's not on me and when you can say that just stand back and watch the miracle happen OK so I encourage you to all go we didn't get through all the slides but overseas medical mission trips and little tidbits like this on how to set up the clinic and in what not it's very powerful there's no wrong way to do it there's there's just a lack of workers to do it and so any of you that can go I encourage you to go let's have a word of prayer. There heavily Father we thank you for your many blessings and we thank you for the opportunity to meet together we ask that you help us to fervor you in whatever capacity that you call us to whether it's here in our homes or whether it's overseas and we thank you for going to zation Zz like as they oh and Amen and all the other organizations like it is written there and often more that are there for. Our benefit and we can all work together so we ask that you bless each of these entities and bless the rest of our time your Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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