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19 - How to Overcome an Ice Cream Addiction

Doug Batchelor


Sin tends to be addictive. If you don’t believe me, just try and stop falling for your greatest weakness. Some of us are addicted to gossiping about others, some of us are addicted to alcohol or pornography, and some of us are addicted to ice-cream. Join Esther Louw and Pastor Doug Batchelor in this episode of the GYC Beyond Podcast. Pastor Doug opens up about his long-term addiction with ice-cream and the lessons he learned that enabled him to finally overcome.


Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.


  • October 21, 2018
    11:00 AM


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Sin tends to be addictive if you don't believe me just try and stop falling for your greatest weakness some of us are addicted to gossiping about others some of us are addicted to alcohol. And some of us addicted to ice cream high this is Esther joining me in this episode of the G.O.C. beyond podcast is Pastor Doug Batchelor from amazing facts ministries pastor Doug opens up about his long term addiction with ice cream and the lessons he learned that enabled him to finally overcome listen in on an amusing and inspiring conversation. I pastor Doug in Welcome to the do you receive me on podcast or happy to have you here today I'm set this morning we're going to be talking about how to overcome an ice cream addiction. Can you tell us a little bit about how you started struggling with addiction I ski. Well last year goes way back as far back as I can remember in Southern California they used to have these ice cream trucks that would come to our neighborhood and they wouldn't play this song funny thing is a song that they played was its Little Brown Jug with the whiskey song in their bells and all the kids would run out into the the street and and I still vividly remember doing everything I could to talk my grandmother out of a little change so I could get a rainbow rock at one of the orange cream popsicles or something and it was a big treat but it was just posed to be occasional. And then you know when I went to live with my mother in New York City my mom and dad divorced and I was living alone with mom and the only time we ever spent together sometimes as a treat a couple 3 times a week we eat ice cream watch T.V. so for me it started to represent. This is a really pleasant time. But then it. It started getting worse all right how bad did it get well it's quite another scene it didn't happen all at once and there were times when you know I wasn't eating a lot of ice cream in military school I was always trying to get extra ice cream sandwiches and living with my father some people have a milkman they would book The Little Book every day our milkman would also deliver ice cream Oh and I started to where I would eat a whole pint of the Nell ice cream by myself easily as a teenager mix it with arm she's really good and and then it just stayed with me even after becoming a Christian I thought oh no what's wrong with ice cream you know I was dealing with somebody other things you know drugs and yeah and I gave up drinking and smoking and I thought I scream Well you know and I saw a lot of other people that were in the church doing much worse things and I thought well I'm a vegetarian and so I had just all kinds of rationalizations and I would say Well God's taking us to a land of milk and honey. And so I was very happy to find out Hakan DOS made of milk and honey I know a brand OK yeah I was told Honey vanilla and so you know I just it got to where. I'm embarrassed to say but you know nothing it's not that I was saying if anyone eats ice cream it's a sin but it did become an addiction for me and it was a sin. I would living up in the hills where half a mile from the nearest store have to have it almost every day I would drive a half an hour to town spend $4.00 on a plane to try and race home I tell them to triple wrap it so it wouldn't melt Reese home and eat it and I thought man I just spent I just felt like $10.00 on an ice cream. And I realize that a problem but I couldn't stop OK so now you realize he had a problem what did you do to try and stop it and why was it hard Well there was a period I just need to mention this there was a period of time where realized I had a problem but I tried to rationalize. And I think everybody does that with some similar addiction they say well it's not that bad or look at what everyone else is doing but so much was and I said well you know look I mean in office I scream but I'm $140.00 pounds OK you know so it's not hurting me I go to the doctor and and he said no you plus Troels fine but. I knew that this is how I had to have it every day what really convicted me that it was a bad thing when I read in the Bible where whether you eat or drink do all to the glory of God and I read where it says their god is their belly and it's like something I had to have an anything that controls you. Jesus said Since will not have dominion over you and it like to control my schedule I'm embarrassed to tell you and I've publicly confessed this. When traveling now this lasted. We're talking 30 years OK so it's hard to condense all the different dynamics of it I go to the store and I had one of my church members that worked in the supermarket and she'd always commented all the ice cream in my cart and I tried to hide from her when I would go to the market and she always seemed into the cash register. Pastor Doug you sure you know a lot of ice cream or I'd stop for a little while and I think I'm doing good but then I I'd find myself pushing my cart down the ice cream aisle there's nothing else I needed there but I just want is going to look and see if it's on sale if it's on sale it must be God's will for me to to have it it's all a hog and us 2 for $5.00 what a blessing thank you. And so I just you can rationalize it God is you know he's winking and. But I just knew that it was bad I would travel out of town and our secretary would say do you need a rental car the meeting place is right by the airport you can just take a shuttle as a no I need a rental car so I get something to eat and I would get around a car and the only reason I needed that rental car is so I could drive to the market and get ice cream. And I thought to myself wow here you paid for rental car plus paid for the ice cream is that ice cream cost you $30.00. And I said really coming under conviction but I mean I'm talking it had to be every day for years. At a time so I started cutting back but at times it was an entire pint every night. When I was young half a gallon of ice cream so I mean this is serious I sometimes option so. And then I'd say what you know I don't do the other things and I exercise and I only eat 2 meals a day and I was such a hypocrite I mean here I'm a vegetarian I would even eat cheese OK and I brag about that but. I was sneaking off and I was a junk food junkie with ice cream every night so I became really convicted and for a while I'd stop for a while and you know I I backslid and I notice that I started feeling a lot better if I could go a few days without ice cream I didn't feel congested My him no matter I wasn't clear in my throat and then I'd backslide and start again it's all just once just a treat notice him but boy soon as you do it once it's hard to stop. So you're at the point where you're trying to change and your backside in a little bit and you're quitting for a couple days maybe the time how did you finally get past this addiction Well it's simple it's hard at some point I had to say this isn't just a this isn't just a thing that's not good it was a sin for me and I needed to confess it and once you confess your sins to God You basically give the Holy Spirit permission to increase conviction and to give you power. Now that power must be combined with. Human effort right and there's a great quote in signs of the Times February 14th 1988 it says divine power combined with human effort will give to all perfect and entire victory every believing mind will be filled with conscious power the language of the soul will be I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and I can one of the Lord just to take it away. Which is if it would be great but it doesn't always work that way I found that when I was being tempted if I would stop in and pray. And then cooperate with the Lord don't push the cart down the ice cream I'll don't hear it it is soon as I started to give in a little bit look to see if it was on sale and to sit there and stare at it then I fall. And so whatever your sin is Bible says flee temptation and so as soon as I made up my mind I just have to say no and I have to say never again because I knew once I started you know I haven't and since I I got the victory and which has been probably 10 years until I have had ice cream one time all right and the big test for me wondering if I had the victory came at 45000 feet. I had been bumped up to business class on an overseas flight which was really nice Yeah and I'm all by myself and I ate a wonderful they had a veggie meal for me and i'm felt feeling boy look a blessed lamb and then they came by with a cart and they were given a vanilla hug and Doss yours. And I thought oh who will know I'm all by myself just once you deserve it and I said No dive once you start again here it's downhill and so when I was able to say no at that point I thought praise the Lord now I have no temptation it's gone OK so if we could just kind of take these steps that you took and put them maybe a list format What was that So the 1st thing that you found you needed to do was confess to be honest with yourself that it's OK it's and it has them in you know where you are and it's a change OK it's not bringing glory to God it's costing money and it's not good for my health. I see you have to just be honest that this is a problem that God wants you to stop right and then then what's the next step you need to get on your knees and say Lord I can't do this without you and you just confess your weakness and say where you please help me. And then beyond that. You need to if it's if it's a problem like smoking throw away your cigarettes Yeah if it's ice cream throw it away in other words if you have anything within range that is in your gates you know the Bible talks about within your gates get out take the 1st step promises draw near to God and he'll draw near to you so if you have any get rid of it all right and then and then whenever temptation comes pray and ask God say Lord I know this is in your will I'm powerless without you use your human power and he gives you supernatural strength so what if you're in the position where someone else listening might have ice cream addiction you can't stop thinking about ice cream. And it's just plays on their minds every single day and so they give and how do you get past this constant thinking something wanting and. I see a one says we cease doing evil we learn to do good no baby is born crying for ice cream. We learn these cravings which mean you you are more OK so every time you say no to a temptation you strengthen that decision process in your brain and the next time you say no it gets easier and pretty soon it's as Resist the devil he'll flee from you pretty soon it stops coming but I had the same problem smoking you know it was almost on a bearable thinking about it thinking about it but I keep saying no no no no no and the voice of temptation will get quieter until pretty soon you don't hear it anymore all right what about if you know that you should credit you have all the reasons for why it's bad and it's not helping you but you actually don't want to I don't want to. Sometimes here I didn't quit smoking because I was coughing and I enjoyed it but I was convicted this this was wrong. And that would probably be true with many temptations sin has pleasure in some people don't want to turn away from something pleasurable but you need to think that the pleasure of having a clean conscience before God is worth so much more that it's a choice OK yeah and for me just a side note yeah is I didn't realize I was allergic to milk. And so for the 1st time in my life I grew up and they were just put milk in me since I was born I finally gave up my scream and for the 1st time in my life I started breathing like I guess I was supposed to breathe and I didn't even know what it felt like Wow So it's I just felt so much better I went to the doctor I'm 62 now I went to the doctor a little recently Sidibe your blood works really good he asked me said Are you of the things that I am now I really am not at but it actually makes a difference in your health and so you'll always reap the benefits mentally physically when you turn away from sin How about that idea I was like motivation isn't always necessary to just get rid of something entirely Can't you just have a little bit of ice cream every once in a while well I should probably confess at this point everyone that's close to me knows that I won't eat ice cream ice cream any more it's really going on then they'll give me some rice dream frozen dessert or something like that and so on occasion I will have some of that but you know it's not something I do once a week or it's just an occasion I just it doesn't have a hold on me nothing's like the real thing you know. I've just found that I've been able to do something like that in moderation Yeah and I would never tell a person that you know having a legacy that I scream was a sin and it was for me some people shopping is not a sin but it does for some people because Magic did. Always there was a line between something being an addiction and a problem in your life and something just being a little bit out of control well if it's if it's not bring glory to GOD IF IT'S WAY seen your time your health your resources then you need to give it over to him it's essential not have dominion if it's something that reigns in your life and that you're putting it before Christ. If you you know one of the ways you know an alcoholic is this schedule their life around their alcohol alcohol controls your schedule I scream used to control my schedule. If it's taking time that you know really belongs to God who can pick you the Holy Spirit will show you all right OK So let's say that someone has gone through this process that you've gone through their managed to get rid of their addiction to ice cream and then someone gives them some ice cream and and they have a little bit and then it all starts all over again you know is that something to be discouraged over and can they get out and try again or is that the end of it Mark Twain said quitting smoking is easy I've done it a 100 times and I didn't really share with you how many times I had quit and United scream and that I back sled and I got worse and on this going to do it every other day. You know you fall off the wagon get back up and you know just keep going at it I mean it's like learning to walk how many times to babies fall yeah if they've got to just keep getting back up so don't get discouraged. But at some point we want to say I have complete victory. And don't make excuses for send because the devil will always give you an excuse and a rationalization so the Lord you can set me free I want to have complete victory and he can do it for you OK well as because out we just talked basically about ice cream but it's really emblematic of a lot of bigger things that people are struggling with every single day what is a word of encouragement that you would give to someone who is really trying to get pass addiction and they just can't seem to make any headway at all Greater is He that is in you that he that is in the world you believe that don't believe that the devil is better at tempting new than Jesus is it delivering you and you know our little talk about ice cream today is it's true but it's also somewhat of an allegory for fighting against the lead him to. And and you know the Lord's help me with drinking smoking habits and I've arrived but he can help you get the victory over whatever your struggles are whatever it is for a person who can give you complete victory I thank you so much for sharing with us today we appreciate it thank us. Thank you for joining us in this short and sweet conversation we are grateful for Pastor Doug's for dissipation and appreciate his time with us to hear more episodes don't forget to follow us on i Tunes or go to the Web The dot au R G slash beyond to find out more.


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