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20 - How to be a Part of Total Member Involvement

Kyle Allen


What do Adventist world radio and Total Member Involvement have in common? The answer is: a lot more than you think! Total Member Involvement, also known as TMI, is an initiative by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists to encourage evangelistic participation and action from a grassroots level. Adventist World Radio is a piece of the puzzle that makes up the bigger picture. To discover exactly how, join the conversation with Esther Louw and Kyle Allen.


Kyle Allen

Vice President for Adventist World Radio. 


  • November 18, 2018
    9:15 AM


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What avin a small radio and total number of old men have in common the answer is a lot more than you think total member involvement also known as T.M.I. is an initiative by the General Conference as they haven't is to encourage eventually sick participation and action from the grassroots level of around the world who haven't is what radio is a piece of the puzzle that makes up the bigger picture and well I will let you discover exactly how as you listen to this episode of the G Y C Beyond podcast Hi this is Esther low in conversation with Kyle Alan. Welcome to the tea recipe on podcast and think he's so much for coming here to share with us they want to buy that a little bit about who you are what do you currently do you think you Esther I am currently serving as the vice president for having his world radio which is a ministry of the General Conference it's the radio arm of the administers you've got you know television which is hope channel and red 8 are we are is the is the radio of radio ministry of the church live finished working for a a sign for the last 4 years that I really enjoyed that that ministry and I have enjoyed interacting with you I see as well through that experience but Lord lead me to to work with a D.V.R. It's a great blessing to see how God is moving around the world so what is your experience through A.B. are with the concept T.M.I. or total member involvement. So total member involvement is the it's you know we we say T.M.I. and we think of it oh what is that you know it's an initiative of the General Conference and sometimes that sounds like some you know something up there in the sky we're not really sure what to be missing but really it's it's the idea that every member of the church is called to be involved in evangelism that all of us have a role to play in helping hasten our Lord's return. We're told in the spirit of prophecy in one of my favorite quotes that I often mentioned in talking to people about A.S.I. but it's really not I mean A.S.I. is about laypeople getting involved in ministry right so this quote is from testimonies Volume 9 page 116 and and Ellen White says that the work of God on this earth will never be finished until the members of the church unite with church officers and pastors to finish the work. So it's really clear the work of God on this earth will never be finished enough if you stop right there and be kind of a you know not a good quote Just direction quote but it continues and it says until. The church members the men and women she actually says the men and women comprising our church membership unite with our church officers and pastors to finish the work so we know that the work will not be finished until all of us are involved and the the vision of T.M.I. is that every corner of the church from the General Conference to the various divisions around the world every union and conference and really where the rubber meets the road is every local church yeah that's taking that vision of saying how can we get every single member volved in doing something for God So that's really what it's about how does a degree or like and you yourself lay into this because I know from a self often church become the church every week and we have this idea that it's optional to get involved OK like you can sit in a church pew if you don't feel like you've got a lot of talents or you just don't really want to take it further and some special people do things like get bible studies or preach. You have well. Maybe I'll back up and the 1st printing question regarding a W.R. So a W R Is advocates world radio yeah as the radio arm of the church was started back in 1071 as a way to reach the hardest to reach places on the earth you know there's many countries where missionaries cannot go right you know it's illegal or it's you know dangerous quite frankly and so the story goes even beyond earlier than 1901 of course because radio pioneered by him S. Richards who wanted to reach the world through technology to spread the 3 angels messages through through technology and back then radio was was the thing I mean there was no national media little Facebook there was not even television at 1st it was radio right I mean maybe there was Morse code before that but we didn't you but but but so a W.R. The mission was to take radio and use it as a means to spread the gospel to all the areas of the Earth started with shortwave which right if you're not familiar with radio shortwave is a is a is a type of broadcast that can go very far and you can broadcast from one location literally thousands of miles into all corners of the whole continent example started with shortwave and through the years has developed into over a 1000 radio stations the church runs on operates around the world F.M. AM another type that's coming out now is called D.A.B. or digital audio broadcast and still short way from still operate a huge shortwave station in Guam which reaches most of Asia with the Gospel and so so that's that's a W.R. and so you asked how does that connect with T.M.I. and just a few years ago Duane McKee Elad when he who was who's been a servant in the church for a long time he has served in. Number of positions but he's really in of Angeles and he loves to see people give their hearts to Jesus and has a great vision for that he was the director of Service will and personal ministries for the G.C. OK now when he was called to be our he was also the team by director or the Special Assistant elder Wilson for T.M.I. OK so he took that passion with him to a W.R. and he said how can we how can we use the radio broadcasting is amazing it's wonderful but how can we connect the dots how can we how can we help people who have been listening to our broadcasts. Not only just listen but eventually make a decision for for the Lord and to follow his truth and so so Duane in thinking about this and praying about this and working with the aid to be our team they decided to incorporate T.M.I. into into the mission of a D.V.R. to say how can we lead people from broadcast to baptism so that's our that's our kind of our motto now right right so so for example in an area where you're wanting to have an evangelist stick effort radio is being broadcast you have health programs family programs and prophecy programs that all point people to our message and you lead people you kind of prepare the soil so to speak for evangelistic efforts and and T.M.I. of course the idea that we involve everyone in a vandalism one of those ways is to help people learn how to preach Yes And so we have held meetings all over the world where people can preach evangelistic meetings. So like what just happened in Africa. They had a 1000 meetings 10001000 meetings across an idea. Across the country of Zambia and a lot of these were preached by lay people. Elders You know there's not you know one pastor will have you know 20 something churches So these are lay people preaching some of them very young people. We also had people coming from us and from Europe and so I was actually there in Lusaka and I preached a series myself this was just like. Well just over a month ago. And to prepare the soil I was broadcasting so preparing are preparing people for the meetings telling people about you know messages prophetic messages health messages getting people ready to make decisions so the radio prepared the soil we had the evangelist effort and then by God's grace we had over 800000 baptisms 800000 in the country so yeah if I could just say one other thing I know I'm talking a lot you know but we have we were there in in this pool we had a mass baptism Olympic sized pool the pool was I mean crystal clear was nice and blue at the beginning you know like a nice pool would be but there were so many people I've never seen this many people at a baptism I mean this is like a sea of people and I was in there and we were baptizing for probably 2 hours literally $35.00 pastors just and we're not talking a long time in between I mean you know they would say the vows and baptized I'm serious to say that at the end of that 2 hours that water had gone from beautiful blue to very very dark brown. And so we said you know what we didn't care it was it was a joyous day because it was a symbol of all those sins being washed away and I and and thousands of people gave their hearts to Jesus that day that's amazing so it's. Yes So so that's that's kind of a model that we want to to to promote that as far as a D.V.R. is concerned radio and only radio but Internet podcast because we're not just doing radio now we do not try as other types of ways of getting the message out through audio all of these different avenues can be a means to help lead people to make a decision for Christ and if what about your own experience you said that you preach in the sucka What did that experience do for you and how do you view team I differently. Well. 2 questions and yeah let's just start off with your experience you know I've been a pastor now for almost 10 years which is scary to remember going to you I see my 1st U.I.C. was in 2004 now 2003 in Ann Arbor and I still think of myself as a young adult but I'm about to reach the the threshold here this year but. The 10 years being a pastor and I've done a few evangelist meetings during my time as a pastor but you know it's been a few years actually since I've done one and I really felt convicted earlier this year that I really needed to do another evangelist meeting. And there's something about being in ministry where you can go through the motions to be honest like especially if you're you know in administrative roles or even as a pastor preaching week after week you can still go through those motions and and I think the Lord knew that I needed the experience of being there in Zambia and preaching. It really deeply impressed my heart again Esther as to the beauty of our anthem his message Yeah and and the way that God has given us these beautiful truce in the Bible that are so clear and when people hear them it's just like you can see the the light coming out of their mind and their heart and and so night after night I was actually preaching in an outdoor like under the stars literally I would look up and see the stars. And to see the people come forward you know night after night we had about 70 I can't remember the final number that we had between 70 and 80 decisions just it at my site and then all the sites combined you know you know worse was into the 00s but it was just such a blessing to be able to preach our message again and I would encourage anybody out there who's listening you may never a preacher an evangelist meeting but if you have the opportunity even if you don't think of yourself as a preacher God can use you it just takes a long hard yeah and my 2nd part of that question was you know how do you find friendly Oh right I think that everybody everybody has a calling. You know I think that if we're going to say how do I view it differently after having been in Africa you know there were some people that came from Europe and Europe is a tough place right now for evangelism. But there were some people that came and they were really transformed by being there and reaching out and the funny thing was actually there was it there was a. Lady who came she was a wife of one of our as I leaders in Europe. She did not plan on preaching. She actually said I will go but I will not preach. And her husband's I would say you know I just want you to come in and support me fine but long story short there was an opening there was a site that did not have a speaker and speaker had to go home. For a family emergency. And we didn't have any other speakers and and we asked if she would be willing to take it 1st she said no but then she felt convicted by the Holy Spirit. To preach and you know she gave her testimony at the end. And she was the like the enemy had tried to discourage her so bad like even from you know giving her nightmares and she was she was really scared and didn't feel like she she could do it but in the end she was so. The Lord really gave her the strength and it was a life transforming experience for her to preach our message and to stand up and and share and she never thought that she was a preacher if you never thought she had the gift of being able to share and God empowered her so so what that taught me Mr is that there are people who really like they may not think that they can do it but as they surrender their will to God is there open to his leaving. God can do incredible things. Through someone who simply wants to save or here and you see. You know and I've seen that time and time again and ministry and millions and it just really reminded me that's a really good and I do that you know it doesn't matter. If you don't feel like you have a talent that as you step out in faith God supplies that difference perhaps they talked a bit about what a to be ours doing with T.M.I. and then yourself personally. And you mention that to my in General Conference initiative what does that mean like can i be part of a team I cannot be part of it in North America or Europe or elsewhere what does that mean so I know when some people hear that something as a general conference initiative it sounds it sounds so high up there I had a guy who could never be involved in that G C initiative. But but really all it is is it's a vision it's casting a vision for what the church really should be doing and elder Wilson really believes that every one of our church members need to be out there doing evangelism and so whether it's from the General Conference the division the union the conference the local church it's really it's really about every single person being involved and and it's here in North America too it's not just overseas so there are so many opportunities for people to get involved I think I think of your best pathway to health that's a wonderful ministry that has has I know you guys of interviewed on this podcast in a previous broadcast. They have they've done incredible things I think of of engaging people from all walks of life both medical and nonmedical into doing something for Christ. And you and I see you've had done various mission projects as well all of these are T.M.I. OK even even I would say at your local church let's say you have a global outreach you know where you go and you distribute literature and you're in your town that's T.M.I. You go to a nursing home and you sing for the residents that's T.M.I. You go and give a Bible study that's T.M.I. You go help the neighbor next door that's to my the idea is that all of us total member involvement it's not just some of us it's total and our involvements all of us are doing our part because again like we like we heard from that statement right there is a prophecy. The work of God will never be finished until the men and women comprising all of our church members unite together to finish the work OK And like I was I think at this earlier it's you know we have this idea often that only special people the ministry right but it's really the calling that we all have yes and so taking part in T.M.I. is just lovely exercise that calling exactly right and I really I really believe this is so important for G Y C to to to emphasize too because you know young adults in our generation they need something to live for more than just a career Yeah something to live for more than just this life it's not about I mean it's good to have a good career and to be able to support yourself and all these things but that's not what life is about life is about the mission that we've been given to take the Gospel to the world in this generation what greater calling Could any of us have Yeah and and the the amazing thing is it's all of our calling like we all share in this amazing calling a 7th Day Adventists and there is no higher mission than any of us going to have then to to be a part of this great movement to take the 3 angels messages to the world in this generation and every one of you every one of us is called to be a part of that that's a great way to kind of close off the fire you've done you have. A website that people can go to define them why about teen Why are there he said you preached in the south if someone wants to have that opportunity is there anything coming out Absolutely thanks for thanks for mentioning that So it's very exciting next year in 2019 we have a some very exciting opportunities coming up so the focus 421000 is the nation of India OK And India is an incredible place as you know as you might have heard there's over one point I'm going to get it wrong I don't want to say the exact number it's one point something 1000000000 people. That live in India. It is a massive place and by God's grace the church has said can we do 4000 meetings across India and 294-4000 evangelising meetings held by laypeople both in India and from coming from the outside so elder Wilson is going to be doing a series in Calcutta you've heard of that yeah huge city there in north eastern India we're also going to have a T.M.I. focus in the city of Chennai which is more towards the south there are probably a couple other locations we will have some opportunities for people to come and preach in India next summer OK in addition to India the General Conference used Department has set a tremendous vision for 21000 they have said what if we can have 100000 young adult led evangelistic meetings across the world 101-001-0000 extension 0 I would just say powerful I mean what if we had G Y C All of the young adults what if we had all of these people from all over the world preaching evangelists in meetings during 21000 I mean we we would see amazing things happen live and the even if each of those campaigns only got one back to the not be 100000 I mean and and you know you think about. In Zambia we had a 1000 meanings 18 doesn't matter thems looked God can do exceedingly abundantly you know above all that we could ask or imagine so I would just encourage anyone who wants to know what there's a lot of things that are still being plans that are still being laid in the works so stay tuned the website to find out more on T.M.I. is T.M.I. dot ad been a start or T.M.I. dot advantageous dot org So that'll be that OK the hub for finding out information about 21000 and I'm sure that we'll have more information coming out through the various social media channels energy Y C o 8 this year so we will look forward to what God will do next year that sounds really exciting and I hope that everyone listening he gets excited too about total member involvement to me each of us plays a role in acclaim because in that thank you so much for being a part of this conversation today and they're sharing with us thank you for having me thank you for spending your time with us we hope that you have been inspired to join a global movement seeking to make an eternal difference once again to hear more episodes simply follow us on i Tunes or go to Web dot O.-R. 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