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  • February 9, 2019
    9:30 AM

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There are so many supernatural visions and images in the Book of Revelation and sometimes it feels like heaven is doing its own thing and life here on earth is doing its separate thing is there a connection between heaven and earth is have been aware of the sufferings of living on earth find out on a special episode of universe. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to enter the Bible based conversation or my principal contemporary and thought provoking. Now here's your host just until within the next. You have been through a tour de force in the Book of Revelation we've gone through has been we've talked about 144000 we now we have going through all the earth's history in the wars and what not and all throughout this throughout all these things we're wondering is this heaven aware of what's happening on Earth and a simple question is yes but to what degree in this episode we're looking at the 7 trumpets and the ramifications here on earth so we have a word of prayer and is written pray for us and we delve into chapters 8 through $1011.00 seeing how much time we have will get into all those verses or the spread. Thank you God in heaven that you are very interested and very involved not only with the affairs of this world but would matters to each of us as individuals be with us now as we study this important topic we pray in Jesus' name amen amen amen So Jonathan let's go through Chapter 8 of Revelation Chapter 8 and I'll start from the 1st choose. And I want to reverse one so the 1st one is and feel left out going to read all all those sources yeah sure I know. When he opened the 7th seal there was silence in heaven for about half an hour and I thought of 7 angels will stand before God and to them were given 7 trumpets then another angel having a golden censor came and stood at the altar he was given much incense that he should offer it with the prayers of all the saints upon the Golden altar which was before the throne and the smoke of the incense with the prayers of the saints ascended before God from the Angels hand then the angel took the sensor filled it with fire from the altar and threw it to the earth and there were noises thunderings lightnings and an earthquake so the 7 angels who had the 7 trumpets prepared themselves to sound OK. And what's going on here give us some context so we have a reference twice in the Bible up until this point in Chapter 5 about the elders the 24 elders having the prayers of the scenes OK then we go to chapter 6 and we see that the Saints are there in the 5th seal basically crying out to God for a vengeance on their blood for those who they suffered at their hands persecution in martyrdom and then we come here and he's now with the intercession of Christ there's this kind of taller in jail with the incense in his priestly role once his intercession combines with the prayers of the saints we get a response and we know that this is a response from God because when we look at verse 5 It tells us that there were noises thunderings lightnings in an earthquake and we know that thunderings and lightnings as we looked at in Chapter 5 in a previous. But so actually come from the throne and leading from his throne so we get a sense that here's their prayers Here's the intercession and now we're getting a response from heaven so what we get through the trumpets is God now responding to the prayers of the saints which is essentially catalyzed by the intercession of Christ in heaven let's take a step back here and I really love how you know if we're if we're not careful sometimes revelation seems like a spaghetti mess of just different things going on yes so we should take a step back this is very organized especially if you take the imagery of the sanctuary you know here Jesus was on earth and the Lord died and he resurrected and he goes up stairs the same jury and in the holy place there are these 3 pieces 3 items of furniture and Jesus goes for the 1st item in there and this is the golden candlesticks and there are 7 of them and here this is where you see the 7 churches 7 some candles then Jesus moves to the table to show bread and you see the where the image of where Jesus is is crowned King this is taking place right before the 7 candlesticks So this is right on the opposite side and then you have Jesus moving over to the golden altar of incense and sit in verse where is that verse 3. And here Jesus is praying in a school that Jesus is kind of almost putting on a different hat not a literal hat but Jesus is a priest in with the 77 churches where he is King at the table of showbread and now he is high priest at the gold or golden altar of incense and he interceding on on behalf of saints I love John and I think it's powerful the fact that there is a connection between heaven and earth I mean we we talk about this a lot but think about what that means that means that right now as I'm praying in my mind you know Lord help me that or whatever it is I'm trying so there's not a so how does that if he does need to help you. A lot you know but this prayer is heard in heaven and there is a response from the throne of God That blows my mind I mean that's just incredible you know for me for me to go along with that. You know when Jesus came for the 1st time you felt the presence of God with humanity I mean you know you thought it would be obvious for us of a man heaven and earth have never been closer to each other than when Jesus came but here we find heaven and earth are no wider apart today than they were then and what strikes me about about verse 3 the beauty of verse 3 is number one it says here that there is an angel that has much incense in other words the picture that I get is. Heaven does not want the in the sense of this angel to run out there's a lot of incense so that it lasts a long time and number 2 it says that this incense which is intercession or prayer is offered with the prayer of the saints in other words what the Saints are doing and what the angel is doing is essentially the same thing so when we pray today when we when we have a conversation with God today when we intersect and commune with God What we are essentially doing is the very same thing that crisis doing and so in our Christian experience we are experiencing Christ's likeness and this is what it means to live the life of righteousness by faith to do exactly what Jesus is doing but to do it in our in our current context and so you have this very close intimacy that takes place between heaven and earth the Christian and Christ the sinner and the Savior taking place in Revelation This is especially important because the context of this intercession is the crying of the saint who did not receive immediate satisfaction for what happened and what it really tells me is that justice from God is not immediate but it's always imminent right and you have this idea that we suffer things and sometimes we don't even get an answer before we die there is some injustice that seems to persist our entire lives but the Bible says even all these souls who are crying underneath the altar you know how long the Lord before you avenge us the recognition is that yes it's not going to be immediate but it is imminent and God is in the process of addressing that and I think it gives us comfort because we've all been wronged and we've all suffered in the sense because we chose to do the right thing or because the world is just a sinful place and I think that's really important to know of why the intercession of Christ is so critical because sometimes we only think about it our Lord intercede on behalf of my mother with cancer or you know be. Half of my child that's suffering the sickness or you know was born with a certain challenge or whatever but I think more than miracles there's also the miracle of Justice and the fact that God eventually writes things and he gets it right when court systems and lawyers and appeal courts and all these things don't get it right God will get it right now to a degree you have already answered it by what you want me to say even clearer so Jesus is is in a sense at a sacred desk of the altar of incense as our High Priest and all these prayers come up to him and he's praying with his prayers and mingling his blood with our prayers and he's speaking to God Yes And then right after that 7 trumpets happen so connect why why trumpets so we look at the churches and the 7 candlesticks we look at the seals and how God is in control for house trumpets and altar of incense connected the connection here is I think what's about to happen the trumpets are now God's going to respond God is going to move God's going to God's going to intersect with humanity but what's critical for us to understand as we enter into the topic of the trumpets Is that what debates what sort of around and what ushers in the rest of the of the vision deal with the 7 trumpets is this thing of the instance the prayer and notice there when it talks about much incense and then it says a lot of fire I forgot what the what the actual word there is but it says that it was filled with with fire and with a lot of fire when it was thrown down to the 1st 5 to the earth you know actual took the sensor and filled with are filled with fire so this is all dealing with preparation and God is preparing and humanity is preparing we need to be prepared for the moving of God You know so at our house for example our heating bill is super duper duper duper high I mean we pay so much we pay more to heat the house than we pay to buy that house and. I know equation. It is from Michigan we've got to move and so and so what we need to pray to God and so we need God to intervene and and so what we did is we had to essentially we had to heat our house with wood with fire and you know what happens is that through the night the fire the wood is going to is going to become cold and where it's going to eventually die out and so every single night my job is to fill the fireplace with wood we can't just put one log or 2 logs in there we have to I mean we have to stuff it and I get a stick and I hit the wood in there and and I want that thing jam packed to prepare for the evening the cold weather that's approaching and so here you have heaven and earth are preparing for the working of God and saying like look the events that are before us require you to be prayed up require you to have the incense filled with with with you know the incense right the the the wood the altar requires you to be filled with wood what's about to confront is a long term or a heavy cold front that is coming and you to make sure that this is ready and so incense is preparations for the trumpets so this is not literal incense and incense as not some symbol of something supernatural This is sowing showing the efficacy of Jesus prayer right now and the vastness Yes and looking at the fact that the efficacy of their prayers is only rooted and grounded in his ethic his right as one who is interceding for them and that is what brings the trumpets which were a part of the daily life of an Israelite you know where you blow the trumpet as an announcement to get attention to make people aware there's a festival. In a particular holy time worship time so here is the fact that he will make these trumpets is literally getting the attention in making announcements for something that's going to call people to God or something that's happening around God and what's come. From him that's the expectation what comes to mind for me for trumpets is all is also the announcements for the festivals and whatnot but also in times of trouble trouble when when when enemies were coming or where you were people under crisis you know you're not going to blow a flute you're not going to blow a little recorder you know are real people are these trumpets be strong pits clay or they're allowed their peers their piercing and it's an alarm it's a siren and this trumpet is coming from earth to heaven and asking God to intervene in the history of God's people and that's what he's been doing here in chapter 8 and 9 he you see the unfolding of God's response to these prayers these prayers of of the need that we have for him to come in and make a difference and so this is what's taking place as it unfolds we see God moving on behalf of his people I just think it's beautiful to notice God cares and we have that connection with Him through Jesus at the altar if we see these elements of destruction and a lot of activity going on but this isn't reserved for God's people this is reserved for the enemies of God and for God to intervene in humanity's suffering and come back from the break we're going to look at the some of the elements of these trumpets and then move on to chapter 10 and talking about this special movement that emerges in earth's history after the break. Has impressed been a blessing to you Do you have questions or comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to while there join us like us comes up next I'll handle again is in 1st Bible no spaces now back to the discussion. OK welcome back we're going to go into numbers numbers 10 numbers 10 and what verse do you prefer to read numbers 10 versus 9. In speaking numbers 10 versus 9 through 9 and 10 are actually dealing with what the significance or the meaning of the trumpets are and says there verse 9 when you go to war in your land against the enemy who oppresses you then you shall sound in alarm with the trumpet and you will be remembered before the Lord your God and you will be saved from your enemies also in the day of gladness in your appointed feast in the beginning of your months you will blow the trumpets over burnt offering and over the sacrifices of your peace offerings and they shall be a memorial for you before your God I am the LORD your God And so here we have the significance of trumpets number one in verse 9 it says you're going to go to war there's going to come a time when you go to war and and there's going to be enemies in your land that oppress you and so he says during those times the times of war the times of oppression the times where you are confronting your enemies he says blow the trumpet and in blowing the trumpet you have the assurance that you will be remembered you will be remembered by God and then it says along with being remembered you will be saved and so you have this element of hey God I'm confronting in the enemy I'm in a time of war I'm being oppressed I'm going to blow the trumpet and this is a sign that you're going to save me you're going to respond God says yes we're going to do that and then in verse 10 it says that the trumpets are going to serve as a memorial for you before your God that I am the LORD your God So the trumpet was also designed to remind us that God is our God that the Lord is our God and what does that mean that the Lord is our God in the context you're saying that I am the God who saves you that I am your savior that I am here to take care of your enemy take care of those who oppress you that I'm here to fight your wars for you and so this is what the trumpet was designed to remind it was it was to serve as a reminder that God is in control of our lives and he will save us. It's a far cry and also memorial Yeah if I can give us an OPS us it's as if I mean these are the real 2 tenants of the of the exercise of prayer I mean these are cries to God and they're reminders that God will intervene in our lives reminders to us as well in the midst of prayer you have to say I didn't have the trumpet this well in Jericho you know they were walking on the city and when they blew the trumpets you know it started the whole judgment on Jericho God was helping his people take down the enemy of his people so when these 7 trumpets sound throughout Christian history what is actually going on now we don't have time to actually get into each of the 7 trumpets But generically throughout Christian history what's happening is that it's a well you can see as you read the trumpets in Chapter 8 Chapter 9 you see that there is there's an intensifying of a series of events in verse 7 you have the 1st trumpet and then it's you know the earth is attacked the grass the trees etc These things are attacked they're affected then you go to the 2nd From been verse 8 now the seas are affected then you go to verse 10 then you have the waters are affected then you have the 4th drop in the verse 12 the heavens are affected in other words the whole world is being affected by what is taking place in these in these a few verses and it is in this context that that judgment is taking place in other words judgment is taking place in all points in history and everything is being judged so nothing is escaping the judgement of God you have judgment in place all over the place and judgment I love you no adjustment is not some you know I always think of a British guy as like a white. You know. You'd see it with a British accent but here judgment is the imagery is as are biblical judges this is easy hooting Gideon and Samson they're making will right what was once wrong and these are warriors who are going in finding against the enemy and so this is this is these these 3 sevens these 3 so. Tents really show that God is in the midst of us and God is in control and God is answering our prayers this is the 3 elements of Jesus and throughout history I mean Jesus hasn't been on Earth for about 2000 years but this is the 3 messages that he's with us on this he's answering our prayers and that he's in control you know what I wrote I'm like in the end of chapter 9 it talks about here that the rest of mankind who were not killed by these plagues did not repent of the works of their hands and so on and then in verse 21 and they did not repent so there is an element of God trying to bring people to repentance through his judgment so it's not just to punish but he really wants people to be saved and even those demon worshippers you know he wants people to be saved and notice it's not just people it's the ones that oppressed his people so it's like God wants to vindicate you in such a way to actually save your oppressors you know that's his ultimate goal because he sees them as spiritually oppressed which is almost this like perpetuated trauma it's like the devil is oppressing these people in these people killed to oppress my people I'm a deliver you I'm going to vent you and I'm going to do it in such a way to bring these people back in as well because ultimate goal is to take everyone from Satan we think that would allow some of his people to suffer and tells them to wait and endure the suffering so that they can be the means by which the oppressor is. I mean I think I think that that's potentially true because you know Gandhi used to say that you don't show you don't show an oppressive men his oppression by fighting him back right you show him your oppression by showing him the wounds right of which you suffered you know and it shows greater power in self-control that I'm not like you and I think that in many ways Peter says that when we suffer persecution right 1st Peter that we shouldn't act as if some strange things come upon us right but we must do it in praise and thanksgiving to God throughout the situation and you find that in the 7 churches. Saying you will experience persecution Yes you will die but don't worry it's not a 2nd you'll be fine the boy said and he says it's only 10 days right so God has put a limit on what he will allow because if you look in Egypt right they were oppressed for a certain period of time and there were plagues that God could have just put the 10th plague 1st and brought Pharaoh from the very beginning cycle are going to kill your firstborn in this like that's make them go so why wait we not only repentance Exactly and I think that's the point is that sometimes our whole goal is driven by pain but I've always believed that because of the cross following Jesus means I can't live my life to avoid pain I have to live my life to avoid disobedience and the fact that I must maintain faith in God and recognize that if I center my life in saying well that's going to hurt so let me walk away from you say that again in a tweet a boy like you know so we don't live your life to avoid pain live your life to avoid disobedience and I think that's critical because that's really the theme of Revelation Absolutely that's the theme of Scripture you know that's it was scripture verse verse 7 of Chapter 10 OK. It says but in the days of the sounding of the 7th angel when he's about to sound the ministry of God would be finished and so forth so it talks year now about the mystery of God which goes along with what Sebastian says there is a mystery in Christianity there's a mystery in Christ likeness and that mystery is significant that that God does something mysterious when he saves humanity the mystery is that some selfish individual would live not to avoid you know suffering which is the natural thing to do but would live to a void disobedience that's the unnatural thing to do and this is the mystery that you know to what you're saying this is the mystery that the Bible's talking about I mean Paul. Rings out in cautions wantonness 7 real quick here and God just chose to make known how great among the Gentiles are the riches of the glory of this mystery which is Christ in you the hope of glory so God is developing in His people through their you know they are faithful to him in this process he he brings them to Christ likeness and this mystery according to Revelation here this revelation of God's character through his people will be seen in his people but think about how how crazy that is. The idea that my oppression could be a gift from going to lead to the very foundation of all my prayers because who cares right if I got answers my prayer for you know my house or my furnace or my heating bill to go down or you're going to. Get What You See It may very well be that heating bill is the key to a crisis like this is like the fact that I'm going through this is transforming my character so much that the very difficulties of life become a gift from Christ some of the most precious gifts Let's go back to the text here and I don't want to take away from specials point but you guys jump the gun in verse 7 in the back. And wonder where these guys are going to go let's go to chapter 10 and there's a little interlude here we've talked about the trumpets we talk about how God is being our judge and answering these trumpet calls and then we get to the story in chapter 10 verse one I saw another mighty angel coming down from heaven clothed with the cloud his rainbow was on his head his face was like the sun his feet like pillars of fire he had a little book open innocent and he has right foot on the scene left foot on the land and he cried with a loud voice as when a lion roars and when he cried out 7 sunders are there voices and if you guys know the narrative he tries to write these thunders down God says don't do that then in verse 6. Of the 5 the angel whom I saw standing on the sea in the Landry's of his have been to have been swore by him lives forever and ever who created heaven and the things that are in it the earth and the things that are in the sea and things that aren't there there should be the delay no longer but in the days of the sounding the 7th angel when he's about the sound in this where you guys mention the ministry of God to be finished as he declared to serve as a prophet why in the world is going on why is the story placed here well I think it's this a powerful connection here to the Book of Daniel and you know Daniel revelation totally intertwined you need to understand one to understand the other through this and so here you see a connection of this angel Daniel chapter 12th comes into mind here to angels then. He's he's swearing he's you know raising his arm and and and he now he brings out this connection and says that there will be. There will be time to time no delay in the longer of time no longer so this points to the fact that all the at the time of the of this. Of this trumpet there will be there will be no more new time prophecy given to us knowing this means that we are now in the last days we know that the time prophecies of Daniel the end there is wrapping up it's wrapping up yet ready and so this is this connection that we see here very clear this this passage just read it's just screaming read Daniel study DANIEL No Daniel. Timeline of the trumpets this is coming about in this in this in the late 1718 hundreds about a group a movement of people going to take the Book of Daniel seriously looking at the time prophecies and this is the 2nd great awakening that took takes over the world and takes the Book of Daniel and its prophecies and time prophecy Seriously what is going on in verse 9 and 10 where here John eats the little book and he takes it it's bitter in his mouth or it's bitterness stomach but skins mountain What's that experience you look at this is a clear reference to easy and we see is E.Q. given the similar illustration of eating the book which is representative of taking a message to heart and eating this particular book we notice that as these people except this particular message there's a dual experience kind of involved in that that sometimes taking a message may be sweet initially but as we digest it it gets a little bit more bitter and we see that with John the Baptist's who this is the crisis of the Son of God and he dies alone in prison and he starts questioning are you the Christ which shows that his very message which was sweet to him initially became a little bit bitter as time went on these things are more of this is the Messiah Why is he not saving me why is this not impacting my personal situation and I think that's what works. The scene here Revolution 10 is some group of people this movement you're referencing accepting a particular message that was going to be initially very sweet and exciting with a whole bunch of fervor but eventually become very disappointing and proceeds on earth has all these problems that are emerging and suffering is emerging on these questions to see questions that are emerging and studying that then the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation comes up with these answers that resolves all these questions about human suffering about the existence of God and how God intervenes in human history these are big questions and they've been answered in the Book of Revelation we've done a cursory study hopefully I've been blessed on a we have been we'll see you next week hearing. You've been listening to N.P.R. It's a Bible based conversation with Kelly Williams Israel Ramos Jared Thomas Sebastian Braxton C.Q. doco and your host Justin can invest is brought to you by the hope channel television that changes nights but this and more inspiring episodes visit inverse dot com T.V. dot find us on social media has to invest until next time this isn't 1st.


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